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Announcing the new JA on F1 2012 book: “The Year of Living Dangerously”
Posted By: James Allen  |  19 Nov 2012   |  1:26 pm GMT  |  98 comments

I’m delighted to announce that we will be publishing the new review of the year: JA on F1 2012 – The Year of Living Dangerously” on December 7th.

But from today you can pre-order your copy by clicking on this link JA on F1 Book

The book is a large format paperback, 248 pages with 8 pages of stunning colour photos by Darren Heath and costs just £10.99. All copies ordered through the JA on F1 website will be signed personally by me and sent out on December 7th.

This is the fourth year we have produced this book and, as it’s a limited edition print run, it usually sells out quickly so pre-ordering is recommended.

As always we’ve listened carefully to reader feedback from last year’s book so, for those of you who have been with me the whole way through this year – or even the last four years – I hope you will find this a cool collectable. We produce one every year so you can build the series. It’s a great way to look back at the key stories which shaped the season.

Featuring a mixture of original posts from the JA on F1 site plus extensive new retrospective content, it offers unique behind the scene insights into the tumultuous 2012 season, which saw eight different race winners and a tense fight for the world drivers’ championship.

It’s been a wonderful season of F1 and the JA on F1 2012 book shows the arc of the key stories of the year – a “year of living dangerously” in events both on and off the track.

We chart all the exciting stories of the year: the developments that led Lewis Hamilton to quit McLaren for Mercedes, the crashes involving Romain Grosjean and Pastor Maldonado, the power struggle behind the scenes leading to a new Concorde Agreement, it’s all in here.

There is plenty of thoughtful analysis on all areas of the sport, including the risks of too many pay drivers and the lengths teams will go to, when the going gets tough in a championship battle.

And readers will find plenty of behind the scenes colour on the everyday soap opera of life in F1 from a reliable witness who lives it 24/7.

With a foreword by outgoing BBC F1 presenter Jake Humphrey this book is a great way to commemorate an unforgettable season.

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Is it still possible to get this book (2012) ?

I hope I’m not too late…



My arrived today…

MUST resist reading until xmas day…

Looks good James 🙂


Thanks, I’m looking forward to getting it again!

But I was just wondering why Hamilton was chosen as the cover photo?


Thank you so much! I’ll try.


Hi, James

I want to get it, but how can I order if I’m from Vietnam – the country that isn’t on the country list of the delivering?

Please, let me know James. Thanks!


Try Customer.services@grandprixlegends.com

If they cannot help you, then there is always the Amazon option but book will be unsigned.


Well, I’ve ordered mine. Can’t wait to get my hands on it. It’s has proven to be a brilliant read in the past.

I got last years and managed a month ago to buy the 2010 book [just reading it now].

So happy that this year’s book is a lot cheaper. The last 2 cost me 10 quid plus 20 quid for postage [in Australian dollars that equates to nearly $50].

For this year’s book, the postage has been reduced by 50%.

Thanks James!!


James, the 10 people who got into the top ten of your competition will get the book ?


Yes, that’s correct. We’ll send it to you


Who’s hands were they in the picture??


That`s great ! Thank You.


Hey James Allen, how much editing do you have to do to the book after the final race? I would guess the tone of reporting any of the season’s races would change a little once there is a title winner.


Some. It’s quite a careful operation in anticipation of the fine round. Was easier last year when it was all done in October, but then there was less demand for the book because the story of the season wasn’t so compelling


Interesting, thanks for the reply.

Maybe you should write four or five different complete books as the season progresses, and just release whichever is relevant once we have a champion. I’ve heard writing books is really, really easy.

Ps, love your work, I have The Edge Of Greatness, and the Nigel book, which I got second hand for $8 in 1999. I saw it recently in a motoring bookshop in Sydney for $85! The website was excellent again all year, really balanced and informative. But man, I wish you were still doing the TV commentary too…


Any chance we can pre-order to the States, James?





Stupid question, but I don’t suppose there are any copies of last year’s book available for purchase still?


It sold out but there may be the odd one in warehouse. One or two people have asked so I’ll check with distributor




Just ordered one James. I only discovered this site last year & already it’s one of my favourites. Might even try to track down a few previous years books.

It has been a great year for F1. I think Raikkonen’s comeback and Lotus ‘ reprise is a big one too.I hope the book answers some questions about Hamilton and Mclaren and possibly even some comments of mine which were spot on especially regarding Hamilton & his move. (ok only some ha)

Best of luck with this & judging by some of the comments already, it should prove successful. Cheers


Haunting imagery – I must have this book


Ordered.. I have been waiting some what patiently for the pre-ordering to be annouced. Looking forward to a good read.


Ordered mine last evening. Really enjoyed your first three editions James and no doubt, this will be great reading as well.

Hopefully this one will arrive before Xmas to Australia as last years didn’t. Maybe it(you) got too popular!!

The cover and title is a surprise (i wouldn’t have picked that) however i am sure it fits with the content. Good luck with it.


I have all your books and my only complain is that you are improving the books by the year and the first one, which was the last great season of my favorite driver, Rubens Barrichello, is obviously the most ‘dry’ one in terms of “new” content.

Anyway, thanks a lot for giving us this opportunity. I’ll order it ASAP.


Fantastic James and Well done! I will buy myself a xmas present most definately:) James how can i bribe you to sign my Edge of Greatness book…….TOP READ by a TOP AUTHOR!!!!!


Ordered – looking forward to it as a daily follower of your blog. Xmas present to self… 🙂


I do enjoy your coverage and annual book. However, Vettel should be on the cover. An extraordinary achievment this season.


Hi James,

Perfect timing, that’s the christmas reading sorted!


Brilliant cover James, and great to have a forward from Jake Humphrey before he leaves the sport.

Can’t wait to get my copy from the Shell Roadtrip competition! Thanks again! And it’s being published on my birthday and all! Awesome 🙂


Just ordered the book out here in Canada. Shipping was a bit steep at £8.50 and I’ll probably end up paying import duty on it. Probably would have been cheaper on amazon, but having it signed by JA is worth the extra cost and hassle

Will by first JA book and my second Darren Heath book; the first being the ‘Art of Racing’.

Looking forward to it.


I’ll have to get this. Too goo a collectors item and something to read when I’m old and in a home haha!!!

I bought 2010 and 2011 but decided against 2009 at the time. Regret that now as don’t have the set!


For some reason never got round to buying it last year. Probably because not a really interesting season. Ordered this one though. Looking forward to it.

James, mentioned before by someone, but would be interested in iPad editions (especially interactive ones where you could have interviews etc). No rush.


Just ordered it. Unfortunately I didn’t get the previous ones (despite checking-in regularly since the site was launched) but better late than never I suppose, and the way this season went, it’s a no-brainer.

I’m looking forward to it!


Ordered immediately to add to the ever expanding motorsport library. May there be many more years of J.A. signed copies to come. Thank you for all the hard work throughout this season.



Thanks for your support


Hi James,

Sorry this is totally unrelated. I read your biography of Schumacher recently. It was a great read and it gave the human side of my childhood hero. I would be really interested to read a similar work on Alonso. Are you planning anything in future?


He’d be the one if I were to do anything, but no plans


I’ve also read the Schumacher biography recently, I’d be over the moon if you did one on Alonso.

I’ve looked high and low for an in-depth book on Alonso but had no success.


A complex and misunderstood person, like Schumacher and Mansell with whom I’ve done several successful books.

Problem with books, though, is that they are so time consuming to produce and I’m very time poor!


A quick question James – when Schumi announced his return in Dec 2009 I remember you saying that ‘a new chapter will need to be written in the biography I wrote of him, The Edge of Greatness.’ I presume there are no plans to write this chapter, and indeed is this not the most damning indictment of Schumi’s comeback, that indeed there was not enough of note to justify a new chapter, let alone a new book?

It could be argued that the biggest news story of the whole 3 years of Schumi’s comeback actually had very little to do with the great man – Lewis Hamilton signing as his replacement – certainly the biggest F1 story of 2012, as you have acknowledged by making it your cover story.


Wait another couple of years until Alonso finishes his career, but then, if anyone, you should be the first to write it. And translate in into Spanish.

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