A special auction to reflect a special Formula 1 season
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Posted By: James Allen  |  13 Nov 2012   |  3:31 pm GMT  |  28 comments

Formula 1 has experienced a first this year with six world champions on the grid and Red Bull’s Wings for Life charity has organised a very special auction to reflect this unique feat.

The charity, which funds worldwide research into spinal injury, has managed to get each active title winner – Michael Schumacher, Fernando Alonso, Kimi Raikkonen, Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button and Red Bull’s very own reigning champion Sebastian Vettel – to donate worn and signed race suits, along with other signed donations such as prints and race gloves, which will be put to auction to fans by Bonhams as part of prestigious London auction house’s annual sale of Collectors’ Motor Cars and Automobilia.

Also included in the auction will be the special Wings for Life-branded nosecone from the 2008 RB4 that charity ambassador David Coulthard competed his final F1 race in at Interlagos, with the piece sporting the authentic war wounds from the Scot’s first-lap collision with Williams’s Kazuki Nakajima.

In terms of the cost of the respective lots, Schumacher’s race suit from this season, his last in F1, has been given the highest value and is estimated to be worth between £3,000 and £4,000.

Each lot in the auction will go to the highest bidder with would-be buyers able to join the auction online, by telephone, or in person on December 3.

Wings for Life ambassador Vettel said: “It’s been one of the most competitive seasons for Formula One drivers but we’re all willing to come together to support a great cause which means something to everyone involved with motorsports.

“I’m proud to have donated my race suit and gloves worn during the first race of this season in Melbourne.”

McLaren’s Hamilton added: “It’s fantastic that all the championship winning drivers are getting behind Wings for Life’s Formula One auction.

“We’ve all been in near misses and scrapes and we know that spinal injury can be tragic. I hope my signed race suit and gloves raise good money for Wings for Life’s important research.”

To find out more information about the charity auction you can visit the Wings for Life website, with details of how to enter the bid available via Bonhams.


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It’s a great initiative, however such a same it is out of reach for most of the fans. Does anyone know if it is possible to buy replicas? Even if it’s not original, it would be cool on the living room wall, or wear them for karting.


Is the Kimi suit a “real ” one – it is described as a replica – the other suits are listed as being worn at a particular GP?


Not to lessen the generosity of the drivers in this but are the driver suits actually the drivers’ property? I was under the impression that all the equipment,despite having the drivers name and size, were up to the teams to give away? Well done to the Wings for Life Charity and ja on f1. I reckon the Raikkonen suit will get the highest bid:)


Great to see the drivers giving to such a worthy cause.

I would think the winning drivers suit for 2012 ( Vettel) would be worth a lot more than the others, but perhaps an iconic figure like Schumi with all the 2012 “war damage”on the suit is what people want.


P.S – if they write.. “leave me alone I know what I’m doing ” – in gold paint on Kimis suit- I will bid on it ! -Lol


then it would be the most-wanted one!


And five of the six have won races this year to boot. Would be great if the donated suits were also from wins? Thanks, James, for headlining the effort being made.


It IS a very worthy cause and I DO hope lots of money is raised but it is nonetheless a shame that many interested and charitable fans cannot afford to support this particular endeavour.

I always think a combination of highest bid auctions and lucky dip or raffle-type sales are fairest and increase profile, profit and support.


Great cause, but unfortunately I couldn’t bid on any of these race suits. I’m taller than all these drivers and a wee bit larger in girth as well! If only Montoya’s was up there!


haha I LOLed at that


Froilan Gonzales or Gerry Marshall, perhaps, for you then!


There could be two winners of the Gerry Marshall.


Apologies, that’s Gonzalez.


Great cause. Hope it’s a super

success. Maybe F1 could promote

a charity at each GP they go to

throughout the world. That would

really make a significant impression

on people.



What a worthy gesture by you Mr Allen

to display on your site such a worthy happening

Sir, you are ” Champion “just as much as those

champions who will donate their gear.

Well done Sir,


……and the winner of the next competition is….. 😉

Only joking, good charity, good coverage by JA


Good on them!


All for a very good cause & the more money raised the better.

Just a shame us normal folk dont have that sort of money to allow us to bid 🙁


I think you and Werewolf (#7) are a bit short-sighted and bordering on selfish here.

James’ piece clearly states “along with other signed donations such as prints and race gloves”, which are sure to be much, much cheaper.

Not to sell these items to the highest bidder is to deny the charity much-needed funds.

Shame on you.

Life is all about choices. Someone who pays, say, £1,200 for a family holiday (I guess that’s ‘normal’ for a lot of working families) might feel it worth sacrificing next year’s two weeks in the sun to bid to own something special from F1.

Or have your holiday and just moan that you’re being excluded.


I don’t think Oli’s comment was short sighted or selfish at all. What did you choose to have this moan then Richard?


The fact we can’t means more for the charity..:)


Michael’s race suit for 4000? madness, i’d have thought it’d be in the £100,000 mark.

Perhaps if he’d got a couple more wins this season it’d be worth more 🙁 poor michael, can’t even retire on his old kit


It would have been if he was dead.


Maybe if it was unwashed it would be worth more.


trust me, you want it washed! 2hrs can be a long time… and when you gotta go, you gotta go!

Mark in Australia

Washed? These boys don’t sweat these days. They are super human fit!!! Not to say they don’t work hard in the cockpit!!

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