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Posted By: James Allen  |  20 Oct 2012   |  10:03 am GMT  |  109 comments

During his first Formula 1 career Kimi Raikkonen’s dislike for sponsor and media engagements was almost as well-chronicled as his achievements on the track.

But second time round, and with perhaps a greater freedom and desire to go in his own direction, the 2007 world champion has become involved in something very different with a clothing company from his homeland in Finland.

Makia Clothing has signed the Lotus driver to be the ‘face’ of its new motorsport range and to launch the partnership has got the 33-year-old to star in a viral video campaign.

The first teaser clip played on the fact that the Finn’s F1 future for 2013 isn’t completely confirmed by asking ‘what will Kimi do next?’ with a promise that a new contract would be revealed this week.

The contract in question was his deal to be the face of Makia’s new racing range, but rather than announce the signing via a dry press release, the company got Raikkonen to do some more acting in a spoof kidnap plot in which he is taken by some heavies, wearing black hood and all, to a remote caravan where he is blackmailed to sign up for Makia before being sent on foot back to Monaco.

With 420,000 views on YouTube already the clip has already clearly found an audience, with Raikkonen’s fan base one of the largest in F1.

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I dont use this often but…. OMG! … re=related

He sure has a fanbase! 😀


Kimi has done many TV ads in the past …

Johnnie Walker


Mercedes , several including

DNA TV , several including


Why did the ad make him out to be a ”female dog”….It takes kimi 7 seconds to agree to a deal cos of some rude photos. The stand off should have been for a week or so where Kimi has a beard and everyones had enough…….just put snippets like 2 days later….4 days later…..etc.

Max Mosley had the guts to go to court. Personally, out of principal, i would never allow myself to be extorted by a guy with square glasses….


Let’s time travel to the past and look at this cute one. Mika was trying to help. Maybe if Nico and Michael drank some of the can contents we’d have more podiums.


James what did I say? only praise…

But my post never made it through.


No idea, there’s nothing in Spam, so whatever it was we didn’t get it

We got this though!


Good video…i thought it would be a Lotus extension contract….But its typical of Kimi to do whatever he likes…cheers


I’m over Kimi Raikkonen. He has his talent, which is measurable but nowhere better than Hakkinen and frankly when comparing the two, Hakkinen’s personality was much more likable and he still spoke his mind. When Kimi first left I hope he returned, but his constant portrayal of F1 not really being important to him gets old. He’d put much more effort into speaking if there was an open bar at the press conference for podiums. Your not that important to us either Kimi…so the feeling is mutual.

Slow Hand Luke's Brother

I tend to think that Kimi is just a shy person, the interviews with one word answers are not a deliberate, or calculated way to come across as “cool” its just how he is and his apparent fondness for a few drinks when out on the town would just be, any normal shy persons, way of dealing with that, to them, uncomfortable situation.

Nothing to be ashamed about, lots of people are shy and find conversation with strangers/ interviewers (in his case) fraught and stressful.

The man has a huge talent to drive motorcars very quickly, that is not disputed but I do think the Kimi fans tend to over egg his every word like it was the coolest thing ever said, its not, he is just not good at getting across to others what exactly he is trying to say.

Love the add though…………..


I’m a big Kimi fan.. But I have to agree with you in so far I hope he stops saying he’s not that interested in F1 it just destabilises his fans and makes those that aren’t question his motivation all over again.. On track there is no doubting his motivation & there never was..! ( it was just motivation in the form of a contract and Mega dollars which was missing when he left Ferrari).


He put more effort than any drivers on the grid in eliminating BS and provide straight to the points answers.

Those who prefer BS will dislike him.

And for your information, unlike you, kimi doesn’t even bother to look on your comments, he does what he wants.


+ 1

he could have a lot to say about his ferrari days, but he hasn’t said one word.


This brings to mind another viral which was made in Finland, and is in the same vein of black Finnish humour (it’s also just about topical…):


Known only to Kimi fans, Kimi is actually smiling in the photo above.


Depending on the product and its price, you do not actually have to like the ad. You just have to remember the the ad (and the product / brand it represents).

This is in adverting 101.

Some of the ads you find very annoying are also the most memorable.

Where this sits in the scheme of things is a question for the viewer to decide.


In this ad, it was shown that Kimi had been doing some only-for-mature-audience acts as revelaed in the photo album. There was a Ferrari suit in it – won’t they be offended? But to agree to do such an ad is what Kimi is all about! He does not care what others think of him which makes him more magnetic than he actually wants to be!

I think if you remove the home-base support for every driver to neutralize the nationality effect (Finland for Kimi, Spain for Alonso, Germany for Vettel/Schumi and UK for Lewis) – Kimi could be the dircer with the biggest fan base. He definitely is least controversial of all of the above mentioned and so does not have many fans who dislike him unlike for other drivers.



Finland 5 M people,

Spain 46 M,

UK 62 M

Germany 82 M…


i am from India, and KR has been my favorite driver since he started in F1..and I have met a lot of Kimi fans around the world…so yes I do feel he has a good fanbase outside his country.


Party on Iceman,.on the rocks!

“In the land of ice and snow,

where Koskenkorva flows,

we didn´t bow under oppression,

we fought and we died,

redeemed in blood”

Now, that´s Finnish sisu,

on and off the track,

always and f****n forever!

Lyricks by Stratovarius from

“The Land Of Ice And Snow”


Only KIMI woulda approve a script like this. There must be more coming soon. The only rebel in F1 is KIMI! His honesty speaks loads for me.


Brillant PR stunt and Kimi doesn’t even need to utter a single word! Only he can pull it so well, awesome!

Glad he is back in F1.

James, did your boy like it? Haha.


I’m waiting to see Kimi and the Dudesons get hooked up! Finland rocks!


What about the lotus contract? No announcement?


That video is ‘crap’!


Kimi is a great guy, what a legend!

He’s his own man and doesn’t take crap from anyone, I think that’s why his fanbase is huge (a fanbase I would number myself in).


I am waiting to see Kimi in a pair of those little square sunglasses. 🙂


was the max mosley in one of those photos

DanWilliams from Aust

I thought the same thing!


Now that is one funny comment. Can’t believe I didn’t come up with this one!

Well done! 25 points to you.


maaaybe… ;D


Kimi with colsed lips says thousands more words, than other drivers, Webber, Button, Alonso, PDR (corporate drivers). Lewis and his new management company would like to meet same targets, but Lewis just bublles too much.. I guess he picked that up from SantanderAlonso..


I object to your describing Webber as a corporate driver in the sense that his comments to media are too corporate/safe. I think he’s reasonably genuine and authentic, though of course not like Kimi!


Yeah, I’ve-got-a-good-right-hook Webber. Only one of his kind too!


I love it. This style of marketing is definitely borrowed from the skateboarding/extreme sports/rock music world than from the kind of products you would normally expect to be associated with F1.


Great stunt. The idea is clever but the execution was okay. What was that spit like? There was something a bit Romain Grosjean about it haha. I’m Irish and I can tell you he’d have been slapped for that if he did that here. We take pride in our spitting. Btw their clothes are good I’ve got some.

DanWilliams from Aust

The spit was perfect for the vid. Added to the humour of it. If he did that in real life, I’d definitley make fun of him!


Kimi is the best thing in f1 all other drivers are robots. He doesn’t conform to the stereotypical driver that’s why people love him, and his answers to stupid mieda question are legendary.

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