Schumacher sees why Vettel would want ‘fresh challenge’ at Ferrari
Posted By: James Allen  |  18 Oct 2012   |  8:55 am GMT  |  272 comments

Michael Schumacher said yesterday that he would understand why Sebastian Vettel might want to move to Ferrari to compete with Fernando Alonso at some point in the next few years, as has been mooted recently.

In an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport at the launch of a new watch he has developed with Swiss luxury brand Audemars Piguet, Schumacher said that at a certain point in the career of all drivers there comes a need to challenge yourself anew.

Asked whether he sees Vettel moving to Ferrari alongside Alonso he replied, “There’s a lot of talk about it. I think that everyone, as I experienced myself at a certain point, feels the need for a fresh challenge; he too will have that, if he takes a decision in that sense.”

Schumacher said that he would definitely stop racing after the Brazilian Grand Prix and had no intention of driving any other type of racing car in competition again, “I’m stopping here for good,” he said, adding that he had no regrets over his the second career in F1 from 2010 to today, which has been useful because it taught him ‘how to lose’

“If I look in the rear view mirror of my life, I see myself happy and smiling,” he said. “I’ve had two distinct careers; one where I won everything and the second in which I learned what it means to lose. Yes I’ve learned how to lose. But this has made me more mature and also more patient, my age is part of that. Now I can look back globally on what I have done and I’m satisfied.

“I have no regrets, just joy for what I’ve achieved. And now life, from here onwards, will offer me plenty of new opportunities. I can’t wait.”

This is the closest Schumacher will come to admitting that in his first career he did things which crossed the line of acceptability because he couldn’t stand the idea of losing and makes clear that he accepts it and has come to terms with it; the three most notorious being the collisions with Damon Hill at the final round in 1994 and with Jacques Villeneuve at the final round of 1997, as well as Rascasse-gate in 2006, where he parked the car in qualifying at Monaco in order to stop rivals beating him to pole position.

These things will always be on his record; he is the only driver to have been disqualified from FIA championship records, for example, for what happened at Jerez in 1997. But his record of seven world titles and 91 wins is there for all time. Perhaps only now is he able to realise what that all means.

It stands in stark contrast to that other seven times champion, Lance Armstrong, who is seeing all his achievements and his entire sporting persona pulled down because of his systematic use of doping in cycling. Schumacher may have committed the odd professional foul along the way, but he is still the colossus of our sport.

Schumacher rules out running his own F1 team and says, rather unconvincingly, that he’s going to dedicate his competitive urge to horses and Western-style competitions with his wife Corinna.

Time will tell whether this is enough for Schumacher, who has always been very adept at using his personal brand. It’s hard to see him letting that slip away in retirement.

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To use a quip from another sport, Schumacher was the “Dirtiest Player in the Game”. I don’t think there is any other sport, other than professional wrestling, where a participant has been so despicable and loved at the same time.

The barbarities he pulled in ’94 and ’97 are not simple “professional fouls”. The equivalent in football would be Pelé running up to the Czech goalkeeper in the 1962 World Cup finals and kicking him repeatedly in the balls, while his team mates score and the ref saying that he’s been a naughty boy and will have to sit out the awards ceremony.

Despite all this, he’s still probably the best racing driver to have ever lived, which makes his actions and subsequent return to F1 all the more bemusing.


Lame duck (politics), an elected official who is approaching the end of his or her tenure, and especially an official whose successor has already been elected.

Ref: Wikipedia


Niki Lauda walked away when he saw the writing on the wall; this is Michael Schumacher’s ‘Lauda moment’, but I guess he wants to do his ‘Lap of Honour’ first.

The purveyors of Schumacher Memorabilia could have done without the whole Mercedes episode.


James –

First of all, I hope this post makes it through; I always seem to be going into your junk mail for the last few months….

Having said that, I do believe that what are usually extremely well thought out, unbiased articles, always end up with silly argy-bargy between the readers.

i cannot understand people calling Schumacher all kinds of names including cheat, and disregarding the phenomenal achievements that he has, while being a very humble and honest person. (Tell me one time when he was not humble or when he was not honest and think twice before making up a list to make sure you dont sound petty.)

It should be noted that being humble does not mean being a pushover on track.

Like someone here said, all he did was worth a few yellow cards in soccer, and also every F1 driver before him did the same thing. So why are people so upset with him?? He was the best for 2 decades, and one of the best ever.

Given that he is only 43, I bet a majority of the readers here are older than him, which begs question about what have they achieved despite living longer in this world?

I bet no more than a handful of those who wish to bring him down through silly posts, are/were even remotely good at their job. But if you then couple with all other achievements, (like the generosity during his donations for tsunami releaf in 2005), I bet no one here can boast of a record thats remotely worthy of being compared.

So why do people think they are qualified to rubbish such stellar achievements as well as slander a person like Schumacher?

Really people here should look at themselves, at what harm they have caused and so on before even getting out of bed, let alone defame anyone else.

Oh and for all those who uttered the word cowardly, it is cowardly to call someone a coward on internet message boards.



Not everyone is born or has the good fortune to be in Schumachers shoes, in fact turn another corner and Schumacher himself could have ended up a bus driver.

Everyone is open to critic its not an exclusive right of the famous we can all be judged and assessed by our peers in any walk of life – we all eat, sleep and…er…yeah.

If you want to hold MS so high thats fine, but it does not make some of his more cowardly indiscreations any less cowardly. No one hates the man, we don’t know him but we can look on and judge him amongst ourselves, nothing wrong with that.


Schumacher won all he could in his first career. In his second career, he has won the hearts of F1 fans who had bitter acrimony against him.

So, all in all a successful career for Michael Schumacher the ‘Colossus of F1’.

We shall miss the legend…


Dear James, I would have not put Amstrong name on an article about Michael Schumacher. That was way out of order.

Amstrong was cheating every single time he was getting on his bicycle to race and apparently he was forcing other cyclists to do the same on order to support him.

Here we are talking of some sort of “organized crime”.

Michael Schumacher did just commetted a few foul worth a red card.

This two men cannot share the same article on your blog.


Hence why I talk about the complete contrast between the two

Read the article before commenting, perhaps ?


Yes I have red about “the stark contrast” between the two.

Yet once you write something like that, you still relate the two and Schumacher dos not deserve that.


I remember Newey commenting at one point that the regulations seemed to be being changed to suite Ferrari at one point (or saying something to that effect) and being slated in the forums for it. But I wonder if he has not made it a point of principle for himself NOT to go to Ferrari…?


Sending Gascogne solo sailing over the Atlantic surely is part of a Caterham severance package, or do they just hope he will disappear…


He’s a lame duck – go now and get a young driver who wants to be in the Mercedes and who can show what he can do.

Get someone in there who is desperate to win – and not a quack!


“I’ve had two distinct careers; one where I won everything and the second in which I learned what it means to lose. Yes I’ve learned how to lose. But this has made me more mature and also more patient, my age is part of that. Now I can look back globally on what I have done and I’m satisfied.”

I used to hate him for the things he did. Now that he’s admitted his wrongs, I forgive him 😀

It takes a BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG man to admit wrongs like he does, especially of his calibre.


It takes an even BIIIIIIIIIIIIIGER man to NOT do anything wrong, to begin with!



I’d like to Thank MS for all the years of utter joy in watching him drive.

I can tell you having been to every single Melbourne GP there was no one visibly faster into turn 6 at Albert park than him and it was a thrill to watch every lap.

That and Spain 1996 will stay with me forever.

F1 won’t be the same for me without him at least for a while and I wish he had the motivation for one more year because he was looking good this year despite a car that eats its tyres and a lot of bad luck.

There’s still 4 to go I hope to see that jump on the podium one more time


There is some twittering that the FIA have received a proposal to re-name Rascasse (turn 17 at Monaco): “Schumacher”.

I think a permanent notice would suffice:

“Parking Space Reserved”.


Despite what personal feelings anyone has about Schumi, winning the driver’s championship seven times with two different teams and 91 races overall is truly amazing. Add to that his longevity of 20 years in the sport. James, I believe there are drivers who win because they drive the best car, like Vettel and Red Bull today. Then there are the truly great drivers, like Schumacher, Senna, Prost, Lauda, Alonso, and Button who are successful despite the equipment. We’ll see if Hamilton and Vettel reach the pinnacle during the rest of their careers.


Button– bahahaha… You gotta be kidding


Not necessarily disagreeing, but why do you rank Button alongside the others (especially ahead of Vettel and Hamilton)? One of the main charges against him throughout his career is that he only managed to perform when the car was perfect for him.

All the time you have to leave the space!

I reckon Vettel would easily give Alonso a run for his money at Ferrari easily!

Jenson was told he was crazy to go against Lewis yet he took it to him every season together and the opinion of gaps was viewed far further apart than what Vettel and Alonso is looking like in the public opinion.

Vettel is actually very good in a bad car, this season is proof enough, though he already showed it while at Toro Rosso.

Only because of other drivers like Narain driving into him while going for a podium at Malaysia, him losing his temper with Button at Germany or race ending mechanical issues at Valencia made it look worse than he actually did. Really he was still better than Webber was in the first half of the season while he was having a good start to the season.

I count easily 45 points lost which could of been easily avoided, either not losing his temper in a easy situation, or just plain luck that had nothing to do with Vettel’s ability.

With all that avoided he would of still been leading Alonso by 1 point at the halfway stage, not 44 points

If it was a matter of talent or speed I would of been worried that Vettel was lacking something, but since it actually wasn’t I don’t think Vettel will have trouble matching Alonso at Ferrari as I believe it’s just the case Ferrari only focusing on him all season.

Vettel is the only driver to be in the top 6 all through this year, so even on a rough half of the season he dug deep and got on with it and silenced a fair amount of people.

The real scary thing is that he makes Webber look ordinary most of the time, will he do the same to Alonso? The Schumacher fans acted confident against Rosberg and look what happend, same with the Lewis fans when Button came in, look what happend… see the pattern?

The ones that the media portrayed to be the stronger actually turned out to be weaker than first thought! One is leaving McLaren, the other is retiring…


This Jenson thing is not fair – Jenson had nothing to lose – get beaten , it was Lewis’s team – beat Lewis good job.

He would never be judged negatively – Hamilton was the star. In fact next year against Perez will be the one that tells a story.


Truth OR Lies

It’s not me

It is Fernando Alonso – The greatest driver in the history of Formula 1


One is leaving mclaren ?

Mclaren have really not shown any interest to win the WDC with lewis this season. Despite starting the season with quickest car Mclaren messed up with pit stops, Refuelling, and reliability issues on lewis car.

Lewis drove really superbly this season even better than 2007 /2008. (2Nd best driver this season – 1 Alonso)

Lewis v/s Jenson – No Contest, get real people.

Lewis is miles quicker than jenson. For some reason mclaren showed interest in jenson beating lewis rather than winning WDC in 2012

Lewis deserves WDC this season alongside alonso for his amazing driving

Mclaren have no desire to win WDC despite having quick car 2012 – So well done lewis for leaving Mclaren

Mercedes move is big risk and gamble for lewis. However i hope 2014 rule changes will help mercedes to build a quick car

Having said all this iam massive alonso Fan. however i have no troubles in accepting lewis driving was amazing this season and he is quick / exciting to watch.


Lewis to Mercedes will be an interesting combo to watch. However Lewis to Ferrari would have been better. A pitty Alonso vetoed this move.


Not really F1fan123

Ferrari prefer vettel over lewis

I still firnly believe alonso have no problems driving alongside lewis

Mclaren have messed the team totally in 2007

Both Alonso and lewis really like racing each other

Alonso has no need to veto lewis joining ferrari

LDM recent article make this clear

I love to see both lewis and alonso driving for the same team as well


I’m surprised that many thinks RedBull car is fast and not Vettel. Gary Anderson did analysis earlier in the year and showed that RB actually went backwards compared to last year when all other teams went forward. That’s how slow RB were.

Ferrari-Alonso has been similar to the level as RB-Vettel. i.e. making the best of what is available.

I think Vettel is easily a good match against Alonso on same equipment. If Vettel likes the set up, he will be way faster especially on qaulifying. Remember, he is only 25 years old, there is more room for this kid to grow. He is just gonna get better and better.

Alonso has stop congratulating Vettel nowadays as he knows the records Vettel holds is way ahead of Alonso. haha…


Records mean nothing more than numbers / stats

We all know schumacher is great (records). However when pitted against nico schumacher proved to be slower

You answered my question as well – (If vettel likes the set up). Fernando do not have any like / dislike towards Set up or Car characteristics Fernando can wrestle any car in the grid and produce results. Only other driver who is capable of the doing this to a lesser extent is lewis hamilton not vettel

F2012 is simply a mighty Howler.

F10 is the only car decent car which ferrari provided to alonso

Iam suprised you say RBR are slower than ferrari. Much of the pundits including gary anderson analysis after singapore / japan clearly shows RBR have improved the car

Until singapore Mclaren had the edge over RBR. However after singapore till korea RBR easily pulled away from mclaren (Nearest challenger). iam sure RBR will have quickest car between korea and brazil easily.

When did ferrari took pole in dry track conditions last time ? Singapore 2010 (Magical lap from alonso to beat vettel for pole)

When did ferrari provided alonso a car which has 0.5 to 1 sec advantage in both quali and race trim ?

Who scored brilliant wins and converted half chances into victory this season ?

Who struggled with only one victory and lesser points despite having better car than alonso from australia till singapore (For 2nd win inherited from lewis)

If webber have 7-9 score against vettel driving same car. Iam more than cent % confident fernando will outscore vettel easily driving a same car (Not RB8 v/s F2012)


Fernando is that you?


Good story to say the least

There is no way vettel is going to match alonso

When did vettel performed superbly this season ? only when RBR pulled away from the pack since singapore. (Since singapore three victories inherited one from lewis. Prior to that webber easily outpaced vettel)

From Australia to monza (RBR was quick maybe on par with mclaren)webber did fared much better than vettel.

Malaysia – Called narain as cucumber despite his mistake

Germany – Called lewis Idiot after the race when lewis unlapped himself, went off track and overtook button and then asked for rules clarification after the race. Drove ragged after button beaten him during the pitstops)

Monza – pushed alonso off the track and showed his antics

Above all earlier in the season when RBR struggled for consistency vettel was easily beaten by webber

Vettel fans may dream of him to beat alonso.

No can match Fernando for his pace, consistency and Hardwork.


And don’t forget that Fernando might have beaten Vettel at Spa too, and adding to your list:

Singapore – Nearly caused a collision with dangerous driving at the restart.


Well put Simmo

Yes Fernando could have easily finished on podium. He was already P3 in SPA going into Turn 1.

Vettel was very lucky in Spa to finish second

Grosjean took Lewis, Alonso and Saubers out of the race easily going into Turn 1

Vettel did overtook some slow cars in front him to finish 2nd. Nothing spectacular.

I agree with you about singapore vettel nearly took out Button as well.

There is imply nothing to get excited about vettel’s driving this season.

Webber made him look like Ordinary this season quite Often (Latest P1 in Korea) as well.

It was simply too good to watch vettel face when webber beat vettel for pole in korea


“When did vettel performed superbly this season?…Prior to that webber easily outpaced vettel)”

I guess in your world view, Spa did not happen…



Excellent analysis.


Vettel, Hamilton, Alonso, Raikonnen? All massive names. But all four still very much in the shadow of the man that is Michael Schumacher. His name is still synonymous with the might and brute force of the racing driver. The racing driver today has been tamed by the ever censoring forces of the FIA.

So perhaps Michael Schumacher – the last great racing driver.


I’m in awe of this man’s humility. Schumacher is so much more likeable since he’s become mortal. This story has taught me a lot about only rewarding winning. There are 23 other drivers on the grid each year who don’t win. They put in huge amounts of effort and work.


Agree, plus he’s still competitive – be interesting to see Lewis’ margin in qualie against Nico next year, particularly in Japan and Monaco. For me it’s a shame he isn’t staying on at Mercedes for another year.

Val from montreal

My personal opinion as to why Schumacher has become more “likable” in his second carreer is for the simple reason that he has’nt won a race as of yet ….If he was driving at a top team and would be fighting for the championship in 2012 , MSC would be even more hated in the eyes of most fans …..and not more liked !! Its easier to like someone who is not a genuine threat than compared to someone who actually IS a threat …. Its human nature … MSC had nothing to prove coming back , he was offered a drive back in to Formula 1 and he took it ….. He tried his best and has no regrets ..The few times these last 3 years that Schumacher had a car capable of his abilities , he did not dissapoint …. Canada 2011 and Monza 2011 comes to

mind ….. Edge of your seat TV ratings explosion !! Go Michael Schumacher !!!


Just on the Lance Armstrong thing, Darren Heath @f1photographer wrote a piece on his blog suggesting “Schumacher was no better than Lance Armstrong” 26th September.

Of course the conclusion to the US authority findings were made public week or so later.

I think prefer the “stark contrast to..Lance Armstrong” position here than the opinion written by @f1photgrapher. Goes to show I guess – stick to what you do best 🙂


I yield to no-on in my admiration for Darren, but on the subject of Schumacher we disagree!


Oh yeah, he’s invented a watch?

This is PR-speak for somebody paid him a lot of money to put his name on a watch design of theirs.

It reminds me of that line from Remo Williams: “Watches are a confidence trick, invented by the Swiss.”


Well it’s a curious thing about motor racing when one person dominates. I do like most drivers including Vettel and Schumacher. The sport thrives when there are battles. And not battles like 2012 where the best tyre preserver wins but when two teams have fantastic cars and a standout driver who go head to head all season. If Schumacher was being brought to the brink every season, he would be hailed as king. Good article nonetheless, it’s always nice to hear people make humbled comments.


By the way James, love the Schumi Lance comparison.

I have to say, that whole period of sport in early 2000s was amazing if you loved watching F1 and cycling. We knew that what Schumi and Ferrari were doing was simply perfection. And the things that were happening on the stages simply gave you chills. Even then most suspected Lance was doped, but so were many others. And while it’s not an excuse, to us viewers at home watching – we certainly got drama and excitement. Those moments when Lance would look back and Ian and his look would say, “hey, are you ready for what I’m about to unleash”. We expect that type of superhuman perfromance from our professional athletes. So do their sponsors, team managers, coaches. How are they supposed to deliver this day in – day out? I sometimes devilshly think to myself that if steroids are able to deliver that type of sports drama…maybe……


I do not like the comparison, because Lance really is a cheat. One might say that large parts of the field have been doped, but that does not mean that it was a level playing field. Lance and his team took doping to a whole new level and thus had a large and very unfair advantage above all others.

For me that is clearly not entertaining, just disgusting.

(I would argue that without doping Lance would not have one single TDF win, since other riders had clearly more talent. Before his hardcore doping regime Lance was rather mediocre. So in the end, those better riders have been robbed.)


Of course you are right.

But there is a small issue of you and I watching the race on a couch eating fish and chips and drinking a brew – not from within the peleton actually doing the sport.

That means that while to the riders it’s a sport, to us it’s entertainment. And we will only watch if it’s exciting and dramatic – entertaining. We won’t watch if it’s mediocre. Just think of a dull GP – what happens on the forum? That’s right, James has to approve 371 comments about how dull the race was.

If we won’t watch, sponsors won’t pay, and it snowballs.

I was never under some illusion that Lance was clean. I didn’t need USADA report to convince me of that. The USADA report is a bit disappointing becuase in the end his friends who were less successful in terms of financial gain told on him. I have to say, that’s a bit of a let down.

What I find a bit interesting about this whole Lance thing is that we used him to get entertained, to feel good. Others tried to Livestrong in his glow through yellow rubber bands – even though the charity does nothing for cancer research apparently. Corporations used him to sell us bikes, shirts, cars, anything they could. Shows used him to gain viewers. Papers used him to to sell more papers. UCI used him to popularize the sport. And he used them and us all right back to get the most money he could possibly get. If you take emotion out of it, he’s not exactly…how you say…”dumb”. People believe in something too good to be true, and then blame that something for their disappointment when it turns out not to be true. Isn’t that called hypocracy?

All I remember in those first few years of 2000 is that I was fully entertained by both F1 and TDF. I can’t say I look back at a single one of those stages or TTs and say that I regret watching it. It was all wonderful stuff to watch. I can’t say I regret watching all those steamrolling Schumi wins. “Ross, let’s do 4 stops (no yellow/safety car) for the win to see if it can be done.” Lovely stuff that was. Anyone who says they were not entertained by Lance…lies.


Actually Tim, I mentioned it because during those years there seemed to be a poll of most hated athletes in France and Lance and Schumi topped the list for 5 years straight.

I hear where you are coming from. It is the curse of getting older, seeing things for what they are and being disenchanted with pro sport of all flavors. It is the reality. For me football is at the top. Beside the fixes and diving, how can people love a sport that ends in a draw? It is the ultimate ripoff in my view. Imagine a GP where everyone comes in first. Would be last GP we watch.



my final word, believe it or not(lol). ALL polls are paid for. By someone. With an agenda. I was told this by a savvy, grizzled politician from Boston when I was 11 yrs old.

BTW, enjoyed reading your thoughts.




BTW Tim, if your name was Francois maybe I would believe you. French seemed yo like Lance as much sd Schumi based on various polls at the time.


“There are none so blind as those who will not see”.

Sebee – Short story:

Where: Front porch of my parents house

When: Summer of ’72

Who: Myself, 2 older brothers & 3 friends – all of us 18 to mid 20’s in age.

One friend was working on his PHD in phys-ed and sports med at UCLA. He said that while walking thru the gym one day he ran into 2 ML baseball players (well known to anyone who followed baseball). They were sitting on a bench in front of lockers and had some small boxes. They asked him his opinion of them. He recognized them as steroids (illegal drugs, without a doctor’s prescription). He told them so and they laughed and said everyone uses them.

I’ve many other true stories, but no time/space. This was 40 yrs ago. I’ve watched American sports in particular, and the global scene. So, with an extremely jaundiced eye, acquired thru personal experiences, I view competition with sceptisim, to say the least.

BTW, as much cheating as goes on in F1, one of the things I liked about it, truthfully, was the fact that at least these guys were putting their a$$e$ on the line. The ’60s & early ’70s were awful for the carnage, but you had the utmost respect for the drivers of that era, not so for the other athletes.

Sorry for the length of post. I do believe you when you say you were entertained.

I respectfully must state that, while I’ve no doubt you’re in the majority, part of the problem is being entertained by a cheapened product. Have you not noticed, we now pay more and get less. About everything. And we’re happy about We need to demand more for our money. Not accept less.




Maybe ruined is too strong a word. Tainted is a better word. Like tainted blood.


Sorry Tim, dont believe you. If you watched cycling during Lance era, you were entertained. Perhaps you have remorse now for buying into it. But back then you were entertained.

Just to be clear, I’m talking about entertainment only. Schumi and Lance can’t be compared on anything else really except how they entertained us.

The only pure sport is one you play with your kids for fun. Everything else is ruined be money and greed or marketing and PR departments. That’s my view.


I was not entertained by lance. Honest. The essence of any competition, be it ‘tween 2 people, or 2 teams, is God given talent and or hard work vs God given talent and or hard work. Simple.

When the competition is distorted by cheats, illegal drug use etc, it becomes meaningless. I shan’t spend my honest hard earned money nor the most precious commodity I possess, my time, on fakes, frauds and phonies.



I thought that Armstrong said he didn’t use any performance enhancing drugs. Therefore, shouldn’t it be “alleged systematic use of doping in cycling” since he testified that h didn’t use drugs.


Armstrong had the chance to fight the charges and all of a sudden he loses his nerve and pedals backwards. A coward and disgrace to those who “PLAY CLEAN”, WADA’S slogan (I wish they put some serious teeth behind those words).



he was lying


USADA think they have proved it.

So do most of the Worlds Press (they just jump on the bandwagon).

So do Adidas, who have pulled their sponsorship.

Armstrong has stood down from his own charity.

So far, he has admitted nothing.

Has he been found guilty without being properly tried?

Good cyclist though, drugs couldn’t have done all of it.


… and many of his team have out and out admitted it!


“Alleged” ? It was proven last week, and Armstrong did not appeal the verdict.


Like some of the other people posting comments here, I never thought I would live to see the day when I felt sorry for Michael Schumacher. He comes across as a much more rounded person this time around and I suspect that, despite the disappointments he has had, he has enjoyed this 3 year stint. I, too, cheered for him when he set the fastest qualifying lap at Monaco and felt slightly “emotional” when he achieved a podium finish at Valencia.

I hope he doesn’t leave Formula 1 completely. He has a wealth of experience which he could pass on to younger drivers.

Whatever he chooses to do, I wish him well.

Tom Haythornthwaite

I (a former huge Schumacher critic) would like to go on record as congratulating Michael for his courage to come back and his mature racing this time around. I wish him the very best in his next career(s).


Each time I read this sort of news about MSC retiring, it’s always with a heavy heart. Of course, the fact is that every person will have to stop doing what they do best, at some point in time.

I had missed two chances of meeting him face to face and may never get another to do so, ever.

Now that he can enjoy the “slower pace” of life with his family, let’s cast aside our different opinions of him and his racing past and wish him well.



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