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F1 set for 19 races next season as New Jersey is forced to postpone race
Posted By: James Allen  |  19 Oct 2012   |  4:17 pm GMT  |  89 comments

The 2013 F1 calendar looks set to feature just 19 races after organisers of the inaugural New Jersey Grand Prix were forced to postpone the race to 2014 due to delays over building.

F1 insiders suggest that the selling of the race to potential partners in the riverside track project has also proved difficult and that the organisers are regrouping in order to secure the funding to ensure a successful 2014 event.

“We are going to be racing at Port Imperial, unfortunately just not as soon as we hoped and expected,” said the promoter, Leo Hindery, Jr. “We promised Governor Christie, the Towns, the sport and its international fans the best possible experience, and unfortunately we need additional time to ensure that happens.

“We remain 100% committed to the Grand Prix of America at Port Imperial and the race could have no better partner and friend than the CEO of Formula One, Bernie Ecclestone,” said Mr. Hindery. “We benefit greatly from his experience and counsel and from his support.”

This news has been coming for some time. F1’s CEO Bernie Ecclestone had flagged up some problems last month and now says that the promoter ran out of time ahead of the June date next season, but he is keen to see the race take place in 2014. Much of the F1 community hopes that the race against the backdrop of the New York City skyline will make it onto the calendar,

“They’ve run out of time,” Ecclestone told the Guardian. “There’s all sorts of things, and they didn’t quite think it all through. They’ve had a wake-up call but the wake-up call came too late. They couldn’t get everything ready in time. That’s the bottom line.”

The 2014 calendar is also due to feature the inaugural Russian Grand Prix at Sochi, on a circuit built from the Winter Olympic facilities due to be used for the Games in February 2014.

F1 in the USA was however boosted this week with the news that NBC is to carry coverage of the Grands Prix.

NBC is one of the oldest and best established of the US TV networks and will offer some of the races on its main network and some on its free to air cable offering. This should open the sport up to the US audience.

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It's a shame, as I was really looking forward to this, even considering flying out for it.

There will be question marks as to if this will ever happen now, but I have my fingers crossed. This could be the breakthrough that F1 needs in the US.

(UK reader)


Yep - bunch of people I knew where going to fly out as well

I hope it happens - huge missed opportunity if it doesn't


I think there was never really a chance this was going to happen. If you look back at the beginning, you will see that Bernie announced NJ when Texas was unhappy about some issues with him. Of course Texas saw their chance slipping away and were then forced to continue. Now that Texas is complete, NJ's role in Bernie's eyes is over, at least for now.

Like or hate him, he's a genius at playing people off one another


Interesting thoughts Pete.


Um...the NBC deal is for 4 races to be on the NBC broadcast channel (free-to-air) which, hopefully won't mean we get the just the Austin & Montreal races live & 2 others tape delayed like we have the past few seasons on FOX. The remainder will be on NBC Sports which is a cable channel which not all cable providers offer as part of their basic package. Basically, the TV deal is much the same as we've had the past few improved coverage that we know of at this point.


Does this TV news mean that Murdoch is out of the F1 broadcast business in the USA from the USA Grand Prix forward, and that Comcast (GE, 50% owned and Caterham major sponsor) will be taking over?


I'm really disappointed... I live a couple of miles down the road, and was really looking forward to it in 2013. Friends and family were planning to come in... Oh well, just have to wait another year.

I can't say that I'm particularly excited about NBC showing the races. They have a reputation for c0cking up international sporting coverage (e.g. showing no live coverage of the paralympics, just a couple of 4 hours highlight specials and a 90 minute recap show). Also, I've come to enjoy David Hobbs' eccentricities and Steve Matchett's insights over the years, and I hope Will Buxton will move over to NBC.


Would be good if Hobbs and Matchett (and Buxton) moved with F1 from Speed to NBC to continue the coverage - like Brundle to BBC then Sky! - but I'm not sure what OTHER events they also cover for Speed (I only watch F1), and not sure if THOSE events are also moving over??

(Sorry James and Brits this as an inter-USA thing!)


Are NBC the jokers who butchered the Olympics Opening Ceremony and effectively raised a finger to all of the UK by cutting the tribute to victims of terrorism and war out all together?

I fear for the human race, sometimes.


No one really cares outside the UK about those events. Harsh but true. People tune into the opening ceremony for the flag waving and to see their own country enter the stadium.

NBC's coverage of the Olympics was controversial but most of all, it was highly successful in the States. It's their market and they cater for their audience.

English people should learn to be less sensitive. Remember how your media represents countries before major events even start.

Poland/Ukraine 2012 - Nations full of racists.

South Africa 2010 - Black people will rob you.

China 2008 - Evil Communist propaganda.

Yet they get all upset that the USA did not see the tribute to the industrial revolution. Boo hoo.


While we are on the subject of sweeping generalisations, this doesn't really reflect on the American audience in a positive way either...


No one really cares outside the UK about those events. Harsh but true. People tune into the opening ceremony for the flag waving and to see their own country enter the stadium.

NBC's coverage of the Olympics was controversial but most of all, it was highly successful in the States. It's their market and they cater for their audience.


Even in the States in was slated. However, won't waste too many words on you as it would be pointless but:

"it was highly successful in the States. It’s their market and they cater for their audience."

I could not agree more with the above, they certainly did cater for their audience if you are typical of their audience.

The rest of what you say is witless.


"No one really cares outside the UK about those events."

I strongly disagree with this statement because it's just arrogant and false.


Comcast is a cable/internet/digital phone provider, they are not a television network. NBC is a network that will pay broadcast rights fees etc and broadcast the races to comcast's (or any other carrier such as charter, cox, direct tv etc) customers via their cable network.


Comcast is the owner of NBC. They bought 51% and active control from GE about two years ago.

GE holds 49% of NBC as an investor. GE is also Caterham's biggest sponsor, but it's in kind. GE now has a large position in F1 audience involvement, this strengthens CVC Partners stock float case, so I'm sure Bernie sold NBC the TV rights for much less than Murdoch was paying.


SpeedTV will cover the races for the rest of the season, which I think is affiliated with Fox.

I'm not sure how much more exposure the NBC deal will give F1 in the states. Fox already showed 3 or 4 races in the middle of the season on free public networks, but often with a few hours delay, ad breaks and no real analysis pre or post race. (The races weren't shown in some cities as the local stations decided not to actually show the race, which will also apply to NBC.)

NBC says they'll show Canada and the last 3 races of the season on the public network, but that will put it in competition with NFL, NBA, NHL, Nascar and possibly world series games, plus MLS, and I haven't seen anything if they'll be live or delayed (I guess Canada and Austin will be live but Brazil would conflict with Meet the Press and Adu Dhabi will be middle of the night.)

The other races are on a cable/satellite channel which is usually part of a higher-tier package similar to how Speed is (though sometimes Speed is in a sports package.)

And yeah, not suprised by the NJ getting cancelled, but it does leave the summer schedule looking pretty threadbare.


Good point about the mid-summer schedule; I certainly would like an earlier season ending as I think this just drags on too long now. Tighten up the mid-season and reduce the summer break.

Unfortunately F1 TV coverage in the States pretty much sucks, with poor analysis and boring and often clueless announcers. There are also way too many commercial interruptions that destroy the flow of the race; I watch the BBC or Sky broadcasts on the internets.


Does this TV Broadcast news mean that Murdoch (Speed TV) is out and Comcast (50% GE owned and Caterham major sponsor) will be taking over all American coverage from the USA Grand Prix forward?


Speed has F1 coverage for the rest of this season so they will be covering Brazil as well, NBC takes over from there.

Comcast is a cable provider, and aside from being the pipe carrying NBC's broadcast into some peoples homes they have nothing to do with the coverage of the sport.


Never going to happen. Ever. Cant these people see they are being taken for a ride by Ecclestone, who wants nothing more out of them but headlines and a way to publicise the Grand Prix in Texas.

"Friend" LMAO. Bernie's pulling a fast one.


Any chance of Valencia coming back then. I would not complain, people always say how boring it is, but, I gota say, was not so boring this year was it.


It should be alternating with Barcelona as home of the Spanish GP

I think there will be 19 races next year


I read somewhere there is a possibility to get Turkey back. Would be nice ...


Love to know if you can get the NBC main network here in the uk. I know you get the CNBC business channel on cable.

I'm guessing NBC will want a knowledgeable pundit with a nice English voice to commentate .......




I'd guess Will Buxton, since US fans are already familiar with him as part of SPEED's broadcast team.


I'm sure it will be 20 races, by hook or by crook.

Not sure Bernie can't afford to lose momentum like this whilst trying to promote F1 finances on the up. CVC/BE and their new 2012 partners are about to attempt a dividend recapitalisation ( ie take out a mortgage on the next 5 years of F1 revenues, so any fall off in number of races will affect the perceived risk to the lenders greatly.

Surely we will just see Turkey back for 1 year.


I will miss the Speed coverage. I've been watching it for the last 10 years after growing up on BBC and ITV coverage. I'm hoping that the NBC who broadcasts F1 will be the one that covers Le Tour with excellent live coverage of all stages and not the one that butchered the Olympics with tape delayed frothy highlights this year.


Are you serious??? you will miss them? They are HORRIBLE,commercials every 2 laps,playing home made video clips during the races and besides the guy that worked for Benetton the other 2 are awful and all they know to say is "oh boy",please is time to get a decent broadcast. My self I watch the races online,have the audio of Sky and the tv on (but the mute ON!) to watch on HD and I can't believe how many commercials regular people watch and how much they miss from the race.


Yes I'm a Brit in USA and also fear for what will happen. I HATE it when Speed 'gave over' 4 races to Fox who just showed 1-1/2 hrs of the race with nothing before and after, you get the feeling they just throw it on without any care, just hoping it will get them a few more silly (F1 fan) viewers. Will NBC do the same?

Like they murdered the Olympics (Glad I was able to later download the BBC coverage!) when they skipped things that had nothing to do with USA, I think F1 badly needs at least one US Driver to peak their interest.


I can remember the day they held the press conference and took a shot at Austin by stating that they wouldn't need public money to host this race. My oh my how quickly "the worm turns" in F1.


The big unanswered question before we jump on the NBC is a good idea bandwagon, is whether or not the races will be broadcast live. Speed was brilliant at this.


Street circuits get a lot of hate, but I was particularly looking forward to this. Had planned on holidaying there to coincide with it.

Reckon the wife and I will be making another trip there the year after. Luckily NYC is an easy sell!


NBC is one of the oldest and best established of the US TV networks and will offer some of the races on its main network and some on its free to air cable offering. This should open the sport up to the US audience.

James, don’t accept the media hype on this. NBC is only going to air four races, the rest will be on cable channel NBC Sports, which is a premium channel for most cable and satellite operators in the USA, typically a package above (read more expensive) than where SpeedTV was sold in the past. So despite what say the reality is that it is closing down the potential market in the USA beyond what it previously was, with the exception of four races. As in recent years Fox had four free to air rather than on SPeedTV, over all it is worse, not better!


There are some people for whom Speed is part of the more expensive cable package, others NBC Sports is, others where both are. I get both as part of my basic package, so I'm lucky in this regard.

It's not a problem with NBC, but with the way cable companies are allowed to have local monopolies here in The States. But I don't want to derail the discussion with my opinions of how media regulations work here.


I'm an American viewer. For the past few years Speed (non basic cable) has indeed had *most* of the GPs, but their network parter FOX showed a few races on free to air network TV: Monaco, Canada, Silverstone, and maybe one more.

So exposure on Network and cable TV seems unchanged, just new channel numbers to set, and probably a new broadcast team (which will actually be a pity).

Of course they might beef up the broadcasts, but it's doubtful on NBC given their weekend schedule is already full of extremely popular sport, and two hours for a GP is probably enough for them.


For whatever reason, and a good guess is that it probably has to do with money for the "commercial rights holder" but this is not looking to be good news for the USA, IMHO. Having been an SCCA Formula Ford competitor from 1969 thru 2006 and an F-1 fan since the days of Clark G.Hill and Stewart I'll sorely miss the very professional efforts of Speed Channel, Bob Varsha, David Hobbs, Steve Machett and Co., (with the notable exception of Leigh Diffey's screaming at you 'style'). I sincerely doubt that NBC has the interest or the expertise to pull this off in anything like the positive and informative manner we've had for 17 years. Information has not been available on what the "plan" really is and the apparently high probability of not having ALL the GP's available live and in the same place (i.e. WHAT cable channels are the 'lesser' GP races going to be found on and when?. And what about all of the other F-1 related productions from SPEED? On this side of the pond, there are many lical cable companies and channels available and offerings vary widely. My days as a regular fan might be returning to reading what is available on J.A. and letting it go at that. Hopefully, won't be the case, but the continued availablity of F-1 live out West here in Rural America isn't looking good at the moment. Will look forward to sleeping in or hoping that SPEED will at least be able to do the live streaming of the video feed using the interenet as they have been doing. As if the 'commercial rights holders' would let that happen, eh? Too much to expect much different than has been happening to fans in the UK with the changes in broadcasting there. Someone must think there is a bigger market share to be gained even if they probably have no idea what the substance of the competition really is, methinks. Thanks for listening.


Good points well made. This season is the first in many years I have not watched all races live. We make this sport possible. We buy the sponsors cheaply made products, we shuffle along to races, we buy merchant, we live and breathe F1. That some people can't see the races live, FRA, is wrong at every step. I hope you guys over there find a solution (steal a sky feed!!)

Romeo - MEX in USA.

Mexico City was suppose to start renovations to be in the 2013 calendar until NJ showed up. Maybe is time to have Canada Mexico in the summer and Austin Brazil in the fall.


A race in Mexico would be good, but having it in the height of summer would run into the same problems as hosting Austin after Montreal. The end of the season, as part of a Texas-Mexico-Brazil southward swing would probably work better.

Romeo - MEX in USA.

I think you are confused, We are talking Mexico City not Cancun. The problem is altitude, "Mile and a half", not temperature. Right now exactly at noon is 67f degrees. 47f was the low. Mexico City in June 17, 2012 one week after Montreal the range was 59-68f. The average that day is 55-76f. The hottest day in June was 84 but they were only seven days that was over 80f and every single day low was 55f.


Any chance of bringing back Turkey or France for one year?


France is on its way back.


Hope the teams relax and enjoy the leasure of a mere 19 races next year - it will get busy thereafter when all the other sites add to the calendar... Thailand, Russia, Greece, London (... and yes, I am joking...)


Do you know whether NBC is only covering Port Imperial or also Austin?


NBC will cover all races in 2013. WHERE those are, remains to be seen!!! (No New Jersey; Will Austin survive? Who else can't pay Bernie's rates and has to drop out?...)!!



In another article on this subject that i read, said that bernie was lining up a mexican GP in New Jersey's stead. Do you know anything about this?


I would rather they race at Watkins Glen, Laguna Seca or Road America. We don't need anymore street tracks, we need classics.


I'd love to see F1 cars handle the Corkscrew!


That really would be amazing


The ridiculous London Grand Prix is also never going to happen - Ecclestone says because the British Government won't put up the millions of pounds necessary. Why should I - as a tax payer - stump up so that a rich little **** like him can make another fortune?


Because if the revenue it generates for the city!


Save it for the Daily Mail. I'd cut my finger off to see F1 in my city.


Sorry - you've missed my point - not that the race itself would be ridiculous but the suggestion that it might ever happen, (which just by chance coincided with the news about bribery of a German bank official).


Haha, ah, my bad man.

I agree it was a convenient smokescreen for Bernie then B*****d.


I didn't think they'd be ready to go next year. NBC can be great for F1 here, but they've done stupid things with their sports programming, like the Olympics. However from what they've said, they're showing all practice sessions, qualifying and the race live so it should be good. (As well as Canada, Abu Dhabi, Austin and Interlagos on the main network which is a boost for F1. I hope NBC handles this right, but there is a little bit of worry from me reguarding NBC.


I think in one way this is better. This is good news for Austin actually. I have a feeling that fans will prefer New Jersey to Austin. So a delay won't be bad.


James is there any update on the Mexican GP returning? The track there is fantastic!


Oh no, I'm having a shocker.


Another blow to F1 declining viewing figures.


I Don't think NBC sports network is free to air?

Several races were already on fox affiliate network stations and the remainder plus Qualy and FP carried on Speed via cable (in HD)... a dedicated motorsports/automobile channel - Moto GP/round the clock coverage of LeMans/Aussie V8/ etc... etc. Speed is going to now be a baseball channel.

This is most definitely not a good thing for F1 in the US or for motorsport fans.


Generally NBC botches things and I can't see them getting F1 right. Speed was good but those 4 races aired on CBS ruin everything. Luckily in Canada we pick up the Coulthard feed so its not so bad. For the American coverage to come close to the European coverage there will need to be an American driver. Then you will see the glory of US TV come to F1. Until then, they bid on F1 for the race in Sochi and the Olympics and perhaps with the prospect of 2 US races on the calendar it was a well calculated risk for the network.


In US it will be the 'same' as before - just most races on NBC Sports (Cable channel just like Speed) with 4 races on NBC (free-to-air just like Fox).

The only question is how much time will NBC Sports (and worse, NBC) give for F1 coverage??


"Cable channel just like Speed"

There isn't going to be a cable channel like Speed, or Speed itself anymore since it's becoming Fox-baseball network.

It will not be the same. Expect more (all?) time shifted races, less or no pre-race coverage. Coverage cut short so that mainstream/scheduled coverage can take place.


I will take a bet on 20 races with u James. Bernie wont let up now he has 20 this year.


Bring back Adelaide!!!


How about alternating between Albert Park and Adelaide.


Could it actually be 18 races next year? I was a bit surprised at the lack of coverage on the inclusion of Bahrain on the calendar. I don't particularly mind that it's on, but after all the fuss from earlier this year I was sure there would be a lot more talk about it. Are we going to have to deal with the whole "will it go ahead or not" thing again?


I'm sure that the run up to the race will be troubled again.

Recent criticism of UK Government for its stance on Bahrain GP compared with its stance on Ukraine Euro 2012 football was very interesting



Love the site.

No more close ups of Bernie though, please.



Just curious, has South Africa expressed any kind of interest in hosting a GP again?

If they could handle a World Cup, surely they could handle a single Grand Prix. Africa is the only continent that does not have a race at the moment.


Next to Antarctica.


OK wiseguy. I meant significantly inhabited continent. 🙂

Tornillo Amarillo

Every cloud has a silver lining, well, people from the East Cost could just visit Montreal in June!


Shame(but no surprise) we have to wait another year. I think F1 already has too many street circuits, but New Jersey does look interesting and quick.

Great news NBC will be showing F1 free to air,had a major network done this years ago F1 would have to be more popular than we hear it is in the US.

slightly off topic..

A question to all,(especially New Yorkers).

I'll be in NY on Nov25th..Brazil

Does anyone know of an F1 friendly bar in Manhattan?..the closer to the upper east side the better.

I'm told I'll have cable, but I'd like a back up plan.



NBC SportsNetwork is the ESPN of all the secondary sports that a minority of Americans care about. For major American F1 fans like me, the issue is very clear. Bernie gets major US network advertisers that Speed could never attract. NBC would be idiotic not to hire the Speed on-air talent. Varsha, Hobbs, Matchett and Buxton are as great and have great institutional knowledge.

As for the New Jersey race, I was shocked when I watched the simulation. It looks like the course is in a ghetto. Who cares if NYC is on the horizon? There is nothing interesting about this proposed course. It is the most boring circuit ever proposed. If they are going to race NY, they should build a circuit near Lime Rock Connecticut and let the hedge funders from the city and Greenwich have their local day in the sun. New Jersey is a complete joke. UBS is a major global sponsor of F1 and has a huge office in Stamford, Connecticut. All of the Wall Street firms would jump on this gig if it was held at a pedigreed site. They will prob go anywhere close, but NJ is a weak choice.


Isn't it crazy how a little while ago the US was not interested in F1 and all of a sudden NJ was an immediate go !- Bernie again. I can't say it's a big deal I think Austin looks awesome and the world can use another GP eleswhere -get Turkey back tht would be great. I would love to see one in Russia that would be awesome for the sport & there is no shortage of investors there Bernie!


I have this question in my head since some time already. Each time I see a photo of mister Ecclestone, I cannot stop wondering- do photographers deliberately pick moments when he has one eye closed or when his face is expressing everything but good will and peace?


Ecclestone has no sight in his right eye.


Really disappointed it is not going to happen. The track and the setting look great. Hope it does happen in 2014. Definitely one to go to. The Russian track looks terrible. Hopefully F1 returns to Istanbul Park.


OK so we're a grand prix down next year because of the incompetence of the promoter?


The poker king by default is Bernie.


James, what do you think to this idea, the grand prix of America, which would give states the right to bring the grand prix to any state year on year. Might even get the odd oval race which would be fascinating?


From what Im hearing NBC will have 5 hours of coverage each weekend & the content will be pretty much the same as has been on speed the past decade.

fp2, qualifying + race live with practically no build-up & very little post race.

those expecting nbc to improve things like the number/length of ad-breaks will be dissapointed as they will almost certainly have similar levels (just watch there indycar coverage for example).


Unfortunately, this looks like it will never get off the ground. And with Texas established by 2013, NJ will suffer for that. And where are the fans? Yes there are some fans in NJ/NY, but enough to support a motor racing event year on year forever? I think Texas is a much better place with more fans. The southern states just have more pedigree for car and bike racing.


They just need to return to Watkin Glen. This race twinned with Montreal makes the most sense.


This must be the first time in forty or so yeears that every race will be in a different country?


Speed channel used to be SpeedVision. The main guy there was/ is a F1 fan. Fox bought them out and that guy moved to Versus (tv). Versus got Indy car and did a good job of it. NBC bought Versus - now NBC Sports. I think they will do a good job of it. I'm hoping for 2 things: 1) promo the Hell out of the races. If you advertise enough out of anything, people will tune in. Look at what ESPN did for NASCAR. There were adverts for the NASCAR races a couple of times every hour. 2) Bring the crew over from Speed. Steve Machett, Bob Varsha & David Hobbs do a great job. They frequently catch on what's happening to the race even though the world feed might not be showing it. I remember Monaco 1996, they said half way through, Panis is putting in times fast enough to win this even though the cameras weren't picking him up. Besides the announcers at Speed, their producer and director are F1 fans as they really help the announcers on picking up key points. Hobbs, sadly though, might take this time to retire- he's getting up there in age. NBC Sports- advertise, advertise, advertise.

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