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Posted By: James Allen  |  11 Sep 2012   |  10:27 am GMT  |  4 comments

Here at JA on F1, we always get a kick out of sending fans to races, particularly if they have never had the chance to see F1 close up before.

And we always like to help them get closer to the sport.

The Ultimate F1 Road Trip to the Shell Belgian Grand Prix was an experience the four winners and their guests will never forget. They drove down from London to Spa Francorchamps, got to see behind the scenes in the Ferrari garage, drive an F1 simulator, saw Fernando Alonso, met Bernie Ecclestone at dinner on Saturday night and generally got a lot closer to the sport thanks to this unique competition, laid on by JA on F1 and Shell V Power.

Here’s a quick video, shot on Flip cameras by the winners, to give a flavour of the experience and below is the final guest blog from one of the winners.

We had a fantastic response to the competition with almost 2,500 responses. It seems to have been a success and you never know…we may do it again some time…

Megan Cruickshank, from Canada, was among the four lucky winners who each brought a guest on the trip. Here is her guest blog about an unusual activity the group took part in on the first day. You can see a clip of this “Punk Science” experience in the video.

Megan writes: Being confined for hours in a moving vehicle with people you’ve just met is not usually a promising start to a morning. But this was an exception in every way, as we were the very lucky winners of the Shell Road Trip to Spa contest and were about to travel in style to the Grand Prix.

The celebratory atmosphere in Car 1 was maintained by the trove of biscuits, chocolates and sweets we had brought for the journey. Our vehicle was fuelled by Shell V-Power, but its passengers were operating on high octane sugar-power. Our many instances of car dancing, loud singing and exuberant driving were looked on with wonder by the more thoughtful souls in Car 2. Driven by the intrepid force of nature that is Fiona, it became clear that Car 1 was the party car.

Once we settled into our tremendous hotel it was time to get serious. Very serious. We had been given the gift of a behind the scenes F1 experience (called “Punk Science”) and to appreciate it fully, we needed to understand the complex, high-tech world of performance fuels.

As with all scientific lectures, the appropriate venue for our enlightenment was the hotel bar.

Since our group was running low on chemical engineers, the workings of Shell V-Power were explained in terms more easily comprehensible to the lay person. However, the lab technicians keep a close watch on their fuel components so our hosts had to work with the materials at hand – namely fruit juices, a blender and some water pistols.

Mike Evans from Shell generously answered our questions and shared his enthusiasm. I’m not sure that we could now blend our own F1 fuels, but the concoction we created was fully edible and remarkably delicious.

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Behind the Scenes at the track
Behind the Scenes at the track
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Wow! I’m so happy for all of you. You can show your grand kids, in your old age, that you weren’t always sitting in a rocking chair.



Great to see people having fun and enjoying the trip.

I’m happy for them. It’s almost like when you see your favourite band live for the first time. You hear it on CD’s all the time and then suddenly there is a possibility to see it all live.


Good to see the party car again.


looks absolutely amazing! I like the 4-stroke demonstration haha!

Any videos of the laps they did in the simulator? Or the lap times, did the fastest one get an extra prize?

Following the trip on the website has made me so so jealous! I was so close to going along as well, but it makes me realise how lucky I was to be in with a chance for a truely amazing trip!

If another competition is being run like this I will certainly be entering again! I’ll have to spam everybody again 😛

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