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Singapore Grand Prix – Who was your Driver of the Day?
Posted By: James Allen  |  24 Sep 2012   |  4:53 pm GMT  |  124 comments

Sebastian Vettel took his second win of the season in the Singapore Grand Prix as Lewis Hamilton retired from the lead. There were plenty of strong performances throughout the field, so who was your driver of the day?

Sebastian Vettel

Dominated both Friday practice sessions and continued that form in third practice. Failed to replicate that form in qualifying and started third on the grid but made a good start and was soon past Pastor Maldonado for second on the first lap. Kept pace with leader Hamilton while building a gap over Jenson Button in third. Took the lead when Hamilton retired and controlled the race despite two safety car periods. It was his second win of the season and saw him reduce Fernando Alonso’s championship lead to 29 points.

Jenson Button

Finished second overall in Friday practice but was unhappy with the balance of the car. Qualified fourth, six tenths slower than team-mate Hamilton, but made a good start to get ahead of Maldonado. Went deeper into the race than Vettel and Hamilton before his first stop, but couldn’t make up any ground. Struggled to reduce Vettel’s lead but ensured a comfortable gap to Alonso in third to secure second – his fourth podium of the season.

Fernando Alonso

Struggled in Friday practice and admitted that he was surprised at how far off the pace his Ferrari was after only qualifying fifth. Failed to make any progress at the start, but benefited from the second safety car period and Hamilton’s retirement to rise up to third. Resisted pressure from Paul di Resta in fourth to record the 81st podium of his career which moves him outright third in the all-time list. Leads the championship by 29 points from Vettel.

Paul di Resta

Showed strong pace in Friday practice and followed that up with an impressive performance in qualifying to line up sixth. Made a clean start and kept pace with the leaders early on. Benefited from Hamilton and Maldonado’s retirement to rise up to fourth. Put pressure on Alonso in the closing stages before settling for fourth – the best result of his career.

Felipe Massa

Struggled to match his team-mate Alonso in practice and failed to improve in qualifying, getting knocked in Q2 to start 13th on the grid. Picked up a rear puncture, after someone hit him at the start, which dropped him to the back of the field. Running in clear air, he was one of the fastest runners on his return to the track. Made good progress through the field, including a bold move on Bruno Senna which resulted in him making contact with the Williams and the barriers, to fight his way into eighth place.

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Agreed. He was doing everything right. It was a mature, measured drive. And it is 'driver' of the day afterall. The fact that the car fell apart is a team issue.

None of the above were especially outstanding so won't be voting this time out.....



Hamilton had great pace and maintained the gap ahead of Vettel. But what surprised me was the way he carried himself after the gearbox failure. He was very professional about (no steering wheel toss lol).

His qualifying and drive were excellent. He's got my vote!


Hamilton... He did a splendid job in qualifying and in the race till he retired. It was a near perfect job from his side. Even after retiring he kept his cool...


Yup Lewis was bang on form, but just like Valencia (where Vettel did the same thing, dominating qually and the race up until retirement because of car issues) we're not able to vote for them because they didn't finish.

I'd suggest that the lack of steering wheel toss was because it was a calculated gamble by Mclaren after his car hit the wall in Q3. Thus Lewis was part of the decision process to roll the dice on the sticking with the current box. That explains; 1.) Why they team said they did all they could yesterday 2.) Lewis' calm reaction when it went. Perhaps with that in mind he shouldn't be driver of the day.. hmm.



Final note - this g-box was on its' SECOND race.

2012 Regs - 5 races per box.

Yeah, I think it's obvious what the cause was.

The team is never gonna say it publicly, nor should they. But please don't expect me to believe it.



To KRB: "The team has said...", apologies, but I give more credence to what I see, rather than what others, with a clear vested interest, tell me I saw. Speculation? No. Educated guess based on several pieces of data (car/driver as already mentioned) & almost 50yrs watching motoring-racing in general and F1 in particular. Yet you would have me give more weight to a statement put out by a pr/communication department? Seriously? Why? Talk about speculation.



Oh man ... you throw out some speculation, and then from that point treat that speculation as fact!! The team has said they had no prior warning about the gearbox, and had done a battery of NDT's on the car before the race, which didn't catch the issue.


I'm inclined to agree with you re: the g-box.

His shunt in Q3, innocuous, we were told, was indeed, the cause of the differential to break which in-turn resulted in the g-box failure. Certain parts of an F1 car are designed to withstand "lateral" force better than "vertical". Somewhat like an egg, held in the hand, easily crushed, or nigh impossible, depending on how it's held.

Hamilton couldn't blame the "team" for the shunt. The ENTIRE team, Hamilton included, took a calculated risk. And lost.

DOTD? Motorsport is man & machine vs man & machine. Part & parcel of F1 is the driver input re: the car (set-up, balance etc) and how well a driver can "drive around a problem" or nurse a car/tyres. But also JUDGEMENT!

Hamilton was not nor should he have been considered as an option for DOTD. Good call, James.



I can't believe 28 people have actually voted for Button.... perplexing. Totally get why he's shortlisted, he took the second step of the podium, but not DOTD in any sane persons' book.


I chose him simply because I believe that without the safety car he had the tyres and pace to catch Vettel. Considering how he qualified, it was an impressive showing. If voting for Lewis was allowed, he would have been my first pick on raw pace alone.


Hamilton would get my vote. Can't say that any of the drivers above drove any better than Hamilton did while he was still in the race. His race ended through no fault of his own.


+1, from an Alonso fan. Hamilton was very impressive from qualifying on.


How can it not be Filipe? Running dead last in the opening laps due to a puncture then gaining 16 places to finish eighth on a track notoriously hard to overtake.

The others in the list drove fine races, but all finished in the same order and effectively places that they started (accounting for Lewis and Pastors retirements).


Yes, Felipe was much more committed, but so would I be with a target on my back.

I think you have to take in to account the two safety car periods, which allowed a lot of artificial 'catching up'.


I suppose so, but even the overtakes them self were award-winning, especially that slide he had 🙂


Completely agree.


He did do a good job to climb back up to 8th, but wasn't he really just getting to where he should have been to begin with?


It's not like he screwed up and then came back through the field. He had a puncture, if any other driver had come from 24th to 8th everyone would be shouting how wonderful a drive it was. When Felipe does it, people still want to bash him.



Not a Massa fan here, but he certainly done a brilliant job, and he deserves no bashing just because he fell to the back of the pack through no fault of his own.


Yes! I agree, especially saving a crash and completing the overtake!


Yep agree that was the highlight of the race for me although I voted for PdR in the end


Bit of a tough one, but nobody outright impressed me in Singapore. Hamilton was driving the perfect race until his gearbox gave up, but none of Vettel, Button, Alonso or Di Resta made any improvement on their qualifying position, save for benefiting from Hamilton and Maldonado's mechanical woes.

I have to say Massa, simply for the bravery of some of those overtaking moves. Anyone ending up at the back of the field in a reasonably quick car is going to pass a lot of people, but Felipe was really giving it everything at times, scrapping for what was eventually 4 points.


all did very well. glad to see Massa included. I vote for him this race.


Hmm, Vettel was ahead of Maldonado when he retired... So repeating that Vettel did not gain position from the grid, as stated in the comment above, is plain wrong...


+1 to this; Massa showed he still has some racing left in him!


[QUOTE] Vettel...made a good start and was soon past Pastor Maldonado for second on the first lap.[/QUOTE]

I do agree with Massa having a great day. Avoiding a crash after touching Senna and getting all the way to 8th from last, was a very impressive performance. And such got my vote.


Massa. The only one of those listed who finished higher than their start postion less the retirements of the front row pair.

Massa on the other hand, had his best drive for two seasons at least from a distant last place because of the puncture, and made some good and exciting overtakes. His banzai move on Senna nearly cost him the race - Senna squeezed him but would have needed to be telepathic to know he was there but in the end no harm was done to either of them.


I understand that Massa coming back from dead last seems impressive... but who of note did he actually overtake on track? Yes, he got past Senna but I'm yet to be convinced that that was an impressive overtake and not an awkward slip-slide that somehow managed to get him in front of another car.

When you consider that Glock finished twelfth, was getting to eighth in a Ferrari really so impressive?

I think the most impressive thing about Massa's drive was the ability to nurse a set of the super softs for close to half a race. He basically defied common logic and pre-race notions of what those tyres were capable of.


Timo Glock


DiResta for me 🙂 On a track with longer straights I think he might have made things really hard for Fernando.


How about Timo Glock, finished 12th for Marussia and therefore the team now overtake Caterham in the constructors standing (at 10th place).


Hamilton for sure.


Massa's bold pass on Senna and his car control swings this one in his favour. He showed real spirit in coming from the back. I hope this is the Felipe we will see more often again. He has showed that he has what it takes to be a Ferrari driver, so I hope they keep him.

Good drive by Glock too, he deserves a mention for 12th, which might just be what Marussia needs to make a step forward next year, after a very difficult start this yeear.



Felipe Massa("Blood, Sweat & Tears")

Grid Start to Chequers: +5

Fought from last to 8th thru some

dodgy traffic on a dodgy street


P.S. If ever a driver deserved better

in their career, it is him.



"If ever a driver deserved better

in their career, it is him."

I couldn't agree more, whether or not he gets to keep his seat next season, I hope he has a strong finish to this season with more gutsy passes, a podium or two and maybe even a victory in Brazil if Ferrari can get the car right.


While I'm annoyed that he got 12th and popped Marussia ahead of Caterham, Glock must have put in a handy drive to get there. And, it has to be said, they looked handy this weekend, so it was a deserved result. Shame he was overlooked.


Yes, also considering he had a problem with the car he had to contend with for most of the race. In terms of potential impact on the team, his was a BIG result.


Felipe baby ...amazing


Felipe, Alonso is still faster than you, do you copy?


"Jean-Eric, Michael is faster than you..correction - he's in you"


Had to go with di Resta, great job on what seems to be an altogether improving driver. While he may not have improved upon his qualifying position, I do think he was punching well above his (rather his car's) weight.


Qualified sixth, finished fourth. Looks like an improvement upon his qualifying position to me...


An improvement due to two car's retiring in front of him. Still a good job altogether.


With a coincidence of two drivers retiring in front of him too!


Seb always gets killed on this stuff... Look how far down his teammate was compared to him... It shows how much he is driving beyond the cars limits.... He is top shelf.

Di Resta did great as well


Either Seb is simply amazing, or Webber is really weak... there's too big of a gap between the two and not only in this race. Mark consistenly burns his rears much quicker than Seb. He's always stopping first...wait, maybe RBR strategy is to explore through Mark how quick are new tyres before getting Seb to pit?


Bingo - we have a winner 🙂



He destroyed the filed on Q3. Even Mark Webber described it as a phenomenal lap. And on a race day, he was in control until the gearbox failure. The rest were second best.


AGREE with you.

He was faultless in the race and superb in quali. But luck snatch the points. Second is Massa. He really did nice. I enjoy watching him for the first time since ..... when?

The rest are pretty ordinary.


I think the unsung hero of Singapore is Timo Glock who, yes, had a bit of luck, came 12th, which for the back three is a masssive result. Given the immense reliability and competitiveness of the top nine at the moment, this is impressive in my books. He has kept his head down in the last three years and helped to push the team forward. Virgin could be on the cusp of getting their first points, their new set of updates have been pretty good.

Otherwise, I would probably put my vote on Massa for his great drive from last to pick up a handful of points, and for overtake of the year...!



Couldn't agree more.


My vote has to go to Massa on this one.

His climbing of positions from last to 8th in such a track... Wow! Memorable.

Vettel never posed a threat to Hamilton, same way as Button to Vettel (apart from the Safety Car incident). They seemed pretty much happy to finish the race in their current positions.

Alonso had a mix of lucks, as usual. When his performance started to shine, they copied Maldonado's strategy, and got stuck behind a lot of traffic, incapable to overtake Pastor. Then the never-ending Safety Cars first compromised his strategy (granting the leading drivers a "free" tyre change) and then secured it by allowing his "older" tyres finish the race.


James- I can't vote as you don't have the option for the obvious driver of the day...


Pole position.

Great opening lap even with PMal beside him

Controlled the race from the front

and held his cool in front of the media after the car failure when his natural response would have been to throw his toys.


Felipe had a very good speed from the first pit stop, and more importantly some more courage at overtaking then usual. Hope he continues in this form.

Rob Smedley was happy as well!!

How did SC affect Massa's race?


It's interesting that Di Resta wins the JA poll, yet I think Massa seemed the most appreciated. Methinks it's a bit of national bias here.. (and to clarify, I don't have strong feelings on either driver. It's just an observation).

.... (Now, James, will this website allow this comment to appear... it's been 'blocking me' at random)


Massa does deserve credit for the move of the day for saving that tankslapper when overtaking Senna, but Vettel also did a lot of overtaking after his first pit-stop when he emerged behind traffic, so he squeezes ahead in my book. Good drives from both Pastor and DiResta.

James any updates on the Hamilton saga, now that Bernie has said that he does not seem to be moving while a comment in your last you still felt he is on to Merc....


I don't get it. How can Seb be in 4th place, with less than half the votes of Felipe and fewer votes than Alonso? Felipe ended up 5 places behind his teammate. Seb did 9 places better (before the penalty) than his teammate in the same car. Alonso might have got everything out of his car, but who can say that Seb didn't? He was 9 sec clear of Jenson who had apparently the fastest car on the track.

To say that Jenson and Seb didn't gain any places other than by moving up through DNFs doesn't paint the whole picture. Both of them overtook Maldonado at turn 2 and they would have finished the race before him even if he didn't have a failure.


all good points! pretty much a number of good drives on a long, hot, bumpy, difficult nite race...

Bring Back Murray

No one really stood out during this race except Hamilton but I guess Alonso just keeps on going, grinding out those results..


Massa for me. He looked like he really wanted it and it was do or die.


Well, I think it IS do or die. It looks as it needs to be in order for him to manage scoring three whole points - and almost make it as the DOTD. While he team mate, who puts same car on podium, gets... I guess the 15 points will have to be enough reward.


Great drive by Felipe. It's great to see him perform. For me it's between Felipe and Paul. I gave it to Paul this time.


Who would have thought Felipe Massa before the race? Drove a good race after an unlucky start. The only driver out there who was actually doing anything. Overtaking, going at some descent speed, as well as catching slides which would normally end up as safety car, after being pushed into the barrier, and managing to complete the pass!

I was disappointed with Schumacher doing what he did in Spain again (but 10 places was a bit harsh, 5 would be better), and Webber, who was getting nowhere except when he was off the track, and Perez crashing into Hulkenberg (should've been a penalty).

Vettel lost my vote for that appalling restart after the first safety car, nearly sending Button into the back of him (should've been a penalty).

Unfortunate for Hulkenberg and Kobayashi, but in reality they were both at fault for that. Hulkenberg should have left space, but Kobayashi should've yeilded.

Overall, disappointing drive from everybody except Massa. The front runners did nothing. Sorry for Lewis and Pastor.


If the restart really had been that "appalling" then the drivers behind Button would have been stacking up into him too. Alas, that did not happen. I think it is pretty clear that Button timed his spin-up just as Vettel was putting heat into the brakes. It was just a confluence of timing.


Massa was the guy for me pushing the most and was most enjoyable to watch yesterday so il give it to him. Really enjoyed his onboards yesterday 🙂


None of the above. For me, Hamilton deserved it. You can hardly blame gear box failure on him. Like in Valencia, Vettel was driver of the day before he retired.

Our of the podium finishers - it's a toss up between Alonso & Vettel.


No-one driver stood out yesterday. Alonso managed to bag a handfull of points with JB and SV gaining places. Not the biggest Massa fan, but good to see him showing some determination after a torrid first lap. However Di Resta gets my vote, barely noticed during the race and bagged some good points.


Massa impressed me the most on sunday, i thought he may have cruised around after being around 80 seconds behind after his puncture on the first lap.

I was surprised to see (via live timings) him flying on the first stint, catching the leaders at 2 secs a lap at one point. Also watching his overtakes was great. He drove a great race and it was his best performance in ages!

For me his sheer determination during the race won my vote


Lewis for sure, no matter he finished or not, but i'd say Seb on 1,1 place.


1. ALO for first putting the Fiat 5th on the grid and then podium in race despite getting unlucky with the safetly car

2. Di Resta for impressive 4th

Interesting observation.

When you have had a race where Ferrari have used team orders (at that single occation every other year or so when midfielder Massa manages to put himself infront of ALO - typically at a critical stage of the drivers championship), you will always see a few posters giving speech s about moral and ethic. When other teams (with faster packages) do the exact same, those posters seem always to be on vacation - evidently at an isolated island in the ocean with no internet connection at all.

"Kimi is faster than you, do not hold him up!!"

In the case of ALO, he at least is a serious title contender, genuinly faster and will disappear in the distance as soon as he has safely passed. The "faster" Kimi on the other hand, manages to finish no less than 939 thousands (of a SEC) infront of his "slower" team mate.

Could it be the french accent that makes the difference?


And again and again and again...

If in 2010 the communication between Massa and his engineer hadn't been aired, nothing would have happened.

Had the communication with Kovalainen been aired in 2008, we all might have a different point of view.

In perspective:

Ron Dennis admitted they advise drivers about the respective pace of each other, and it's the driver who makes the call (what did they actually tell Kovalainen, we will never know).

Massa's engineer carefully words a sentence that, in itself, is not a team order but rather an advise on the pace of his fellow driver.


It's not the same. In Kimi and di Resta's cases it was because of strategies, or because Kimi can go on to fight cars ahead.

Compared to last few laps, 'move over and driver 1 win because we like him better', which is unnecessary and does not achieve better positions throughout the entire team.


Quattro the difference is with Ferrari it's always planned many laps ahead and strangely when Fernando passes Felipe finds pace. Kimi is the best passer of the whole field and nearly clipped Romain trying to pass him. When he was allowed passed him -he disappeared !. Kimis pace was better at the end and Romain tyres were going off..it wasn't "staged" like Ferrari. When The Lotus was too slow at Spa he let Schumacher through fairly !But when his tyres were better he was fearsome!.. There is no better racer in the field ( only Hamilton is his equal ) and he would not take a free pass from anyone unless he had the pace to do so.. & he did.. Could it be your ferrari / italian bias that allows you to make throw away comments here.


Even though I do not agree on much of what you wrote, one have to admire your enthusiasm for your driver :). Kind of reminds me of the days I was supporting Hill, against the "evil" Shoemaker.


You don't carve the soul out of another human being. That's what Ferrari did to Massa in Hockenheim. Publicly! It was classless. To one of the classiest people in F1. Shan't be forgotten.



Kimi is one of my fav drivers, but how true!!


you'd realize nico was blocking in front right?? looking at the times lap all the while, undoublt kimi was much faster than romain!!

They nearly crash on the restart when kimi was side by side of Romain, however Romain didn;t leave any space and nearly cause a shunt!!

thats 1 of the main reason the team decided to use team order, they should use it on bahrain when kimi was running on fsater strategy...however, they wasted it and cost kimi a win.


Hmm ok, did you read my post? I was talking about consistency - nothing about whether Lotus did right or wrong. By the way, go back and look at how Massa usually defends a position - more often than not it is almost suicide to try overtaking him for position...


A team asking someone to move over for 6th and a team taking away a driver's well deserved win are not the same thing.

Go peddle crazy somewhere else.


I think you are the crazy one.... Did Massa ever have a chance at the WDC that year? For the team it would have been the same number of points. And at 14-0 this year you know it was not the wrong decision. It may have been difficult but the team orders are team orders and they were both carried out to give their driver the best shot at the WDC.


Definitely much easier to do for a 6th place than a win, or even a podium. Lotus had to do that, any serious team would. If they were running 1-2, I think they'd have to do it as well ... Grosjean is out of the running, and Kimi can return the favour next year, etc.


You can say what you want about the Speed and performance of Massa the last couple of years, but seriously, that pass on Senna...wow...brought back memories of the other Senna doing passes like that. Still he should be sacked even if I dont think he will be, but that was some serious driving skills


Timo Glock. Dog of a car to 12th place.

Massa. Seat under pressure, overtake of the race, great recovery from first lap woe.

Di Resta. 4th place in the 5th or 6th best car. Not bad at all.


I'd like to say Hamilton but I gather it was actually his Dad driving under that white helmet.

Maybe that explains why he managed so many laps before imploding.

So, okay, Hamilton, but Hamilton Snr!


Even though he is not on the list, i am guessing because of his retirement, Hamilton was my driver of the day. 2nd was Felipe


It has to be Massa hands down he was something like 27 seconds off Petrov at the end of lap 2. Set the fastest lap of the race and started lapping consistently faster than the leaders! Absolutely incredible pace and some of those overtakes were very good.

Also I have no idea why James, you haven't included Glock on the list, after surviving a brush with the wall and racing on with the toe off on the right rear to finish 12th was amazing. That car had a great step forward ahead of the Caterhams and it doesn't have KERS. Alonso held off DiResta, but what Glock did was way more impressive. Deserves to be on the list at least


yep. pretty gutsy on a difficult course - even though there was something like 6 retirements.

but hey. gotta be in a position to do it. it happens. don't forget. Pic was right behind him AND Kovvi ran the entire race... so yeah. honorable mention at the very least!


None of the top 4 made anything particularly impressive, so my vote goes to Massa.


James, I cannot see how Alonso benefitted from the second SC, can you please elaborate?


Alonso was on older tyres than Di Resta behind him, but the second SC allowed him to preserve his tyres such that they weren't too bad at the end of the race.


I voted Paul Di Resta.

As an aside, Mark Webber needs to find a way out of his contract for 2013 and get another drive IMO.

RedBull are ruthlessly sacrificing his chance at the championship.

Their commitment to split strategies was never more apparent than in Singapore. The Red tyre was known to be a bad choice for RB after qualifying, yet they not only put MW on reds, they kept him on them during the first pit stop.

At Monza he was asked to stretch with one pit stop and spun dangerously on hopelessly worn tyres. Vettel was given two pit stops.

A drive at Mercedes or Williams would not see him treated this way. He would go in as the dominant driver in either team.

Mark now has some good individual trophies in the cabinet. Two monaco wins, two silverstone wins. Two Brazil wins.

From a career perspective, what will another year at Red Bull get him? One or two more wins?

At least at Merc or Williams, they would be trying to get him a championship, and not structuring each race to run him as the alternative, second best strategy.


"As an aside, Mark Webber needs to find a way out of his contract for 2013 and get another drive IMO."

You do not reckon he knew what the deal was when he signed? Come on. He got the cash he requested for services and not more to say as I read it.


Timo Glock


Felipe, incredible drive...driver of the day by a mile.

Stunning car control in the Senna move.


I believe it was Petrov who hit Massa after he had a massive lock-up into Turn 1. Massa said to the Brazilian press after the race that Petrov went and apologised to him after the race.

Tornillo Amarillo

Glock, he finished ahead of a Sauber, Force India and Caterham (and maybe got 10M with P12).

Vettel inherited what was left by Hamilton, but still a true champion if he wins this year WDC.

IMO Massa just shows the Ferrari is not a dog at all...


Voted Massa for trying real hard and making his passes stick especially at Turn 13 (Fullerton) on Bruno. Fantastic control with the sudden wobble.


Since it's driver of the day, not driver of the weekend, I voted Massa for going last to 8th, but di Resta and FI obviously were amazing too.

The others, they sort of did what we normally expect from them, right?


Hi James,

I would be interested to hear your thoughts on all the problems McLaren seem to be inflicting upon themselves. I find it frustrating that a team that is so fussy about details, could possibly be creating so many problems for themselves. I do wonder if changing personnel has introduced a break down in quality or quality procedures within the organisation.

Sorry for posting this in the wrong thread, but as a topic goes, quality procedures are something very critical to Formula 1 Teams. It is also an area that F1 contributes to other industries.


Looks like four different tech issues caused their retirements this year

RBR has had costly retirements too


Ditto Mr Squiggle,

James quick question if Mark had stayed out and stayed on the red tyre would he have done more or less laps than Massa did? I know Massa stayed on the last set for a long time and I think they were the reds and past Senna OK sideways but still. Redbulls don't have great top end speed so passing is not as easy for them. I would think track position would have been a better option. Or is it they don't look after their tyres? James?

ps Timo Glock, Massa, DiResta my votes


Marko's car was oversteery in quali so e's set to be hard on rear tyres and so it proved


Woah, didn't know Hulmut Marko was back in the wheel! Thanks for the update



His name is Helmet Marko not Hulmut(or Helmut)


+1 for ur comment. I think this shud explain the diff in speed betn Vettel and his teammate.

Congrats to Hulmut or Helmet for his F1 comeback. LOL!


Timo Glock!!!

Caterham will have to work very hard to regain that 10th place in the constructors.


Will need a race where there's plenty of DNF's


Yes and i think it will be imposible for them to snatch p10 baack from marrussia.As all the races are at normal track so it is very unlikely that so many cars will go out.And i am also predicting that marrussia will score their first point before caterham.


1. Daniel Riccardo (held off RB at the end)

2. Lewis Hamilton (unstoppable from beginning)

3. Felipe Massa (great drive up the field)


Has to be Timo Glock - good to see that Marussia team beat Caterham on pace, and to put the car twelfth as well. I read somewhere that Timo was swearing on the radio after they had strapped the upgrades onto the car, he was that happy about the handling improvement!


Massa's drive was a joy to watch. How he held on to the tank slapper when passing Senna, wow! Go Felipe!


Completely agree and it's so nice to see a man hounded all year by so many media and fans, retain the self belief and confidence to drive like that. His move on Senna was somehow very Ayron Senna like, you just knew he was going through, one way or the other.

It's ironic that only for the awful blunder of Ferraris pit stop at this race four years ago, while he was leading, Filippe would have been the 2008 World Champion.


Yep, it pains me to remember the 2008 pit blunder. Massa did a fantastic job that year, and lets hope he's still in red in 2013 and carrying on this form he has rediscovered.


James, any comment on the "meeting" that was announced by Jean Louis Moncet on french TV between MCL and Mercedes to handle the "LEWIS/ MSC situation" ??


No, but there were lots of mini-meetings involving the parties concerned throughout the weekend.


Paul Di Resta. Second time I've voted for him this season (Bahrain - another S Vettel victory coincidentally enough - was the other). Can't argue against being within sight of a podium in the Force India. That said, I wonder if Force India are coming good at the business end of the season, just like they did last year.

Good to see drives at the back of the field didn't go unnoticed either, with some people nominating Timo Glock. A good result for Timo; you reckon getting that 10th would be a real boon for Marussia if they manage it.


I agree, Di Resta impressed. You can make the case for Massa but I honestly believe any driver in the top 4 teams would have achieved the same result on this track in a similar situation if not a place or two better. Except MW - I wish he would perform better. I like Mark, seems like a good guy.


Yes I felt the same with Massa. I think MW is also capable of such a performance, but it does depend which MW turns up. There's been a "Dr Mark and Mr Webber" element to this season; up to and including his Silverstone win he looked as good as he did in 2010 - real title challenging material. Since then he's been outqualified by Vettel in every race bar Spa and hasn't finished higher than 6th. I know reliability issues have played their part, but it doesn't look like they tell the full story. As you say, its a shame because he's a good guy and a good driver.


If Vettel managers to pull this championship out of the bag. Surely we are witnessing one of the greatest drivers of all time.

It's early, but surely!


Why? RBR still leads the constructors standings. I don't think the RB8 is the fastest car at the moment (though we'll get a better read on that in Japan), but on balance it has still been the best car over the whole of the season. Not always the best at any given race, but never agonizingly off the pace (Monza was probably their worst race pace relative to others).


I do agree. I'm not the biggest Vettel fan, but you've got to admit. His wins this season have come when he hasn't had the fastest car. Bahrain, Lotus had the fastest race pace. Singapore, a bit lucky with Hamilton's DNF. Other than that he's been trailing all year, and hasn't been happy with the car on many occasions. Don't get me wrong I do agree with you that RBR have been there abouts on just about every occasion. But to come back from the deficit he was facing and maybe be winning the championship for the third time in a row is simply amazing. You don't see someone win three championships in a row in just five full seasons in f1.


Katy Perry cause she drove everybody's pulse racing.

Followed in the distance by Hamilton and Glock.


Felipe Massa - has to be the driver of the Singapore 2012 F1 - by a head and shoulders. Ferrari must ensure they give Massa more serious support with a car as quick as Alonso's and more fundamental credit. That drive clearly makes the point that they (Ferrari) simply have not been doing this.


Felipe Massa – has to be the driver of the Singapore 2012 F1 – by a head and shoulders. Ferrari must ensure they give Massa more serious support with a car as quick as Alonso’s and more fundamental credit. That drive clearly makes the point that they (Ferrari) simply have not been doing this

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