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New 20 race F1 calendar for 2013 breaks cover: questions over Korea and Singapore
Posted By: James Allen  |  21 Sep 2012   |  10:37 am GMT  |  60 comments

A provisional calendar for the 2013 F1 season has broken cover today in the Singapore paddock, with breaking the news this morning.

It is quite similar in composition and timing to this year’s calendar.

It features 20 races, including the inaugural New Jersey Grand Prix on June 16th, replacing Valencia, which will alternate with Barcelona as home of the Spanish GP.

New Jersey is still provisional, subject to an FIA track inspection, which will take place 60 days before the due date.

However the races in Korea and Singapore are also noted as provisional. Korea is known to have some financial issues and may well fall off the calendar before or after next year’s race.

Singapore’s contract is due for renewal and is the subject of negotiation at the moment. One possibility is that it continues on a rolling one year basis, which would probably suit Singapore more than F1’s commercial bosses, who like the security of long contracts not least when planning a flotation of the F1 business.

However Singapore is in a special position; like Monaco, it is one of only two races that do more for F1 than F1 does for the venue. Singapore is the gateway to Asia, which is vital for many of the major companies and sponsors in F1, in some cases the exposure in Asia is their main reason for being in the sport. And for that reason FOM and its major shareholder CVC will be very keen to maintain Singapore on the calendar.

There are some curious details, like the three week gap between Silverstone (on June 30) and Germany on July 21. This makes it two three week gaps within a two month period, which looks rather lopsided, when there are only two weekends off in period containing the final six races of the season.

As usual, the calendar requires ratification from the FIA World Motro Sport Council, which meets next month.

There is also the small matter of the teams not having entries for next season. Normally they are all paid up and entered by now, but the FIA sent back their entries in July, pushing the deadline back to the end of September as rules, rule making, the composition of the F1 Commission, the 2014 new generation engines and many other aspects of the running of the sport are debated and negotiated between FOM and the FIA, which wants a greater share of the financial revenues of the sport than it gets under the 100 year agreement. It’s all up in the air at the moment.

A new Concorde Agreement for eight years starting in 2013 is more or less ready for signature, all but two of the teams have commercial offers to compete and all but one of these have signed them, with Mercedes on the point of doing so.

But there is a lot more horse trading to be done behind the scenes as we count down to the September 30 deadline.

Provisional 2013 Formula 1 calendar

March 17 Australia (Melbourne)
March 24 Malaysia (Sepang)
April 14 China (Shanghai)
April 21 Bahrain (Sakhir)
May 12 Spain (Barcelona)
May 26 Monaco (Monte Carlo)
June 9 Canada (Montreal)
June 16 America (New Jersey) *
June 30 Britain (Silverstone)
July 21 Germany (Hockenheim)
July 28 Hungary (Hungaroring)
September 1 Belgium (Spa)
September 8 Italy (Monza)
September 22 Singapore (Marina Bay) *
October 6 Japan (Suzuka)
October 13 Korea (Yeongam) *
October 27 India (Buddh International Circuit)
November 3 Abu Dhabi (Yas Marina)
November 17 United States (Austin)
November 24 Brazil (Interlagos)

* subject to confirmation

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After meals, don’t sit down in front of the television, but take a leisurely walk first. In other words, I needed to keep the junk food out of the house and he had to be patient with my dietary needs. No unwanted stretch marks from not being prepared for a drastic physical change-too quickly.


Personally I think the seasons are getting too long the drivers don’t like it as much and the teams now have a very short space of time to develop their cars and as previously seen marussia and hrt struggled to even make the first race of the season with the car fully developed. Every one likes more races I can understand that but 2003 for example had just 16 races and yet was still one of the most exciting and unpredictable seasons seen to date. 8 drivers like 2012 won races, half of the teams (5/10) won races like last years 6/12 so just because its shorter doesn’t make it any less exciting



Do you know anything about an extention of Australia’s contract. Earlier this year i thought i heard news that Bernie could cut it off by 2015. Something to do with Bernie wanting a night race at Albert Park, (European Audience). Big discussions with costs of hosting such an event thus rejection of a night race by the Victorian Government.

It would be a real shame as i am a massive F1 fan, and love attending the Australian GP.




There is always that kind of talk around. Not sure of the status of the Melbourne contract at the moment. Any of our regulars out there know the deal?


I think it’s wrong for any country to have more than one GP. One of the US GP’s should be replaced with a French GP. Glad to see the Euro GP gone, for the same reason.


There are plenty of other countries that are in waiting and deserve a Formula 1 visit. Yes it’s great to see America back with a GP, but to have two join in two years is a bit over the top.

Jack Flash (Aust)

There’s some interesting gaps and consecutives in that calendar for 2013. Lots of week-apart double headers for the fly-aways to save logistically, and a sort of race-date slow-down mid Europe in Northern Hemisphere summertime. [see below]:

Provisional 2013 Formula 1 Calendar

———————————— GAP —

March 17 Australia (Melbourne)

+ 1 week

March 24 Malaysia (Sepang)

+ 3 week

April 14 China (Shanghai)

+ 1 week

April 21 Bahrain (Sakhir)

+ 3 week

May 12 Spain (Barcelona)

+ 2 week

May 26 Monaco (Monte Carlo)

+ 2 week

June 9 Canada (Montreal)

+ 1 week

June 16 America (New Jersey) *

+ 2 week

June 30 Britain (Silverstone)

+ 3 week

July 21 Germany (Hockenheim)

+ 1 week

July 28 Hungary (Hungaroring)

+ 5 week

September 1 Belgium (Spa)

+ 1 week

September 8 Italy (Monza)

+ 2 week

September 22 Singapore (Marina Bay) *

+ 2 week

October 6 Japan (Suzuka)

+ 1 week

October 13 Korea (Yeongam) *

+ 2 week

October 27 India (Buddh Intl Circuit)

+ 1 week

November 3 Abu Dhabi (Yas Marina)

+ 2 week

November 17 United States (Austin)

+ 1 week

November 24 Brazil (Interlagos)

* subject to confirmation


To me… the three week break between Britain and Germany rounds is a little conspicuous. Why? Especially since the 5 week break after Hungary is only a couple weeks away from that! That is a Month-and-a-half of no F1 racing mid-year. What’s next…. No F1 racing in NH-Summer at all? That’s bogus. JF


I wonder if this goes back to LDZ’s comment about people not wanting to stay in and watch races on summer afternoons. I do remember when I was living in the UK the F1 races interfered with a lot of social activities.


James do you think that there could be a reserve list of tracks if some of these races next year get cancelled ?

I would hate to see really big gaps in the calendar as i need my fix of F1 action. God help me when this season ends.

Kind Regards

Andrew Barker


Turkey is always there in the background and BE owns it so can be spruced up quite quickly!

Magny Cours did a good job of hosting the F1 Young Guns test


Singa should stay. Korea should go. NJ, does anybody really care??

A French GP is important…


I care about the GP of America. Who cares about France? As usual they haven’t the will to do anything.


See ya latter bridge to no-where!



The solution is simple:




Monte Carlo









are all we need


add Leguna Seca


You’re certainly not speaking for a we that includes me. AFAIC 20 isn’t enough.


Yeah, let’s add ten more dead boring city tracks just ’cause we can!

Or honestly to rake in the dough playing on patriotic feelings.

I prefer classic “unsafe” racing circuits with rich history over new ones.


Since several races have been affected by weather (rain), are there any moves to adjust the calendar taking it in consideration?


I received an email three days ago with super early bird tickets for Singapore 2013 so they seem to be reasonably confident it will be going ahead. I hope so. As a fan I don’t think the other tracks I’ve been to come close to Singapore for providing an amazing overall experience and I’m currently trying to talk my partner into coming back next year. Might have to settle for Melbourne if it’s not on the calendar.


Seen as though cost cutting is on the agenda these days. For logistical reasons, would it not make more sense to run the Malaysian and Singapore Grands Prix back-to-back; as the circuits are only about 200 miles apart?


Too close for repeat spectators perhaps? Although that would be an appealing week and a half trip for me…


I’m seriously confused that the Grand Prix of the USA should happen in Austin (on the “Circuit of the Americas” near the South American border), while the Grand Prix of America should happen in Jersey, which is nowhere near a border.


South America starts at the Panama-Colombia border. You could say the Latin America border, or just simply the Mexican border.


I am seriously confused by your geography. I think you’ll find Mexico is NOT in South America.


Austin was named already so Jersey had to come up with something else.


It would be a lot less confusing if they did the Grand Prix of America on the Circuit of Americas, and US Grand Prix in Jersey.

But I suppose US-GP was there first, on the Circuit of Americas, whereas the GP of America was only planned more recently so it had to be named something else, so it makes sense.


Get rid of Abu Dhabi for a GP in Mexico/Argentina and bring back the Red Bull Ring (formerly A1 Ring) and make it the European GP and we’re all set.

Such a shame Bahrain is on there. The whole political situation has ‘died down’ in the media but it will erupt again when the F1 comes about. Couldn’t they just race at the Qatar track they use in Moto GP? Much better track and looks great under lighting.


Qatar is a great track.


red bull ring is really great … youre able to see 95% of the track at most of the grandstand, and it’s a great coutry (would be the “homerace” for redbull, williams, somehow sauber and Torro Rosso – as all those teams have austrian “bosses 😉 “

but there is one problem – even DTM is limited to 25.000 spectators (always sold out quite fast – i was lucky the last to years 🙂 )

The track has an F1 licence (charly was there ..) but still problems with local government … a real pitty

greetings from Austria



Thanks for this article James.

Any information on which teams were/weren’t signed up yet?

Also, why not try Hong Kong as Asia’s ‘gateway’? It’s as good as Singapore in many aspects.


Yeah, that would be good for lots of smiley faces!!


I think it works the other way round. why not Hong Kong tries F1? You are right, it can be as good as Singapore in many aspects but the ultimate question needs to be answered – who to fund the race?


You can probably work it out, if you start at the back of the grid


Maybe Bernie left a gap in July for the LONDON F1 race he allegedly raved about? (Ha Ha – I AM joking!)


Just too long, way way too long a season. I like F1 season to be capped at no more than 18 races, and season ending no later than mid-october. Considering the fact they start testing in late to early Feb, that just a 2 months break for drivers and mechanics.


2 months is nearly as long as teachers holiday.


The F1 season starts on St. Patrick’s Day! Sounds like that’s going to be a good good day 😀


Hope they’ve got Sky in the pub!!

I don’t think BBC will be in motor racing of any kind next year.


I hope Setanta Ireland manage to continue to show every F1 race live! Pretty good that we can get it all with a standard package even on cable. Including practice sessions with James Allen’s commentary


Oh right….I thought Setanta went bust due to over-comittment. Still in Ireland then, but PPV?


how much longer does yas marina have left? That has to be the most boring race of them all.

I hope they find a suitable agreement for Singapore it really is a great venue


“all but two of the teams have commercial offers to compete…”

Which two teams don’t have commercial offers to compete?


They should just scrap Valencia entirely. Granted, this year it was entertaining – but only really due to the impressive drive from Alonso. I’d much rather see Barcelona on the calendar every year than have Valencia.

Is it a mistake that you’ve got Germany down as Hockenheim? Should be Nurburgring next year, shouldn’t it?


Nurburgring is in difficulties, so for the time being, it has been released as Hockenheim.


Thanks Simmo. Good to know, as I was planning on going to the German GP next year! Cheers


Groan! Bahrain is still there I see! Surely its time to let that one go….,


Bernie does not care about humans…only money


Groan for Abu Dhabi also….double groan.


I live down the road from the Yas track so I’m grateful for the live F1 spectator experience once a year, but I’ve never watched it on TV so have no idea how bad it may look that way. As an event its usually pretty good for us spectators, but it has been crying out for some sort of track layout redesign since day one.

Bahrain however has never been a good race to watch on TV, was a dreadful spectator experience the couple of times I went and then we have all the political issues as well…! But it really is all about the money isn’t it Bernie?


Unfortunately, they are not going to get rid of Abu Dhabi. It has the money and the architecture to it, and you’ve got to admit, it looks good.

Last Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was probably in the top 5 races of the season, with Vettel finally out.


The problems it had in April 2012 will still be there in April 2013, so it’s with some trepidation…


No European GP?? And why bother with Bahrain, it is the worst race of the year. Glad to see Australia is the opening race of the year still.


I know what you’re saying here, however, I count 7 European Grands Prix on the calander there.


How short sighted some of us are.

Korea is a must to continue with F1.

Soon they will by-pass Japan in car manufacture

fact, Hyunday produces a veihcle every ten (10)

second ready to drive away,in hi tech eletronics like LG,but in particular Samsung a world leader plus ship building and much more.

Singapore a island of three million people is

only good for Singapore no one else.

Bahrain,India so much poverty where is the logic.Take a trditional track like Imola it

attracs huge crowds be it super bikes or a

GT cars one have to ask the question soon


First off Singapore is a world class city of 6mio people– it ranks up there with great cities of NY, London and Paris. Second Korea being a car manufacturer still doesn’t give two hoots about the F1- reason is clear– no Korean driver, no Korean constructor, no Korean boasting right. Koreans couldn’t be bothered about anything which doesn’t boost their national ego- I live in Korea as a foreigner and speak first hand. Korea shld be dropped.


Twenty races is a nice round number. I don’t think that any more would be a good idea, nor reducing the number. Looks like Korea may drop off the calendar sometime soon. To be honest I won’t miss that race. Would be a real shame to lose Singapore however. I think it really contributes a lot to the season. The racing may not always be fantastic but it is now a major part of the season I think.


Hi all,

Tickets for the 2013 Singapore GP are already on sale for the three main grandstands.


I understood from a local businessman here in Singapore that there was a two year ‘cooling-off’ period during which Singapore may still host the GP even if they did not resign a contract with FOM. Is there any truth in this info?


I heard that too.


Korea is in my opinion the least inspiring track on the calendar, no great loss really, although it hasn’t really had any time to prove itself.

Singapore is a great track for seemingly everyone (fans, TV, teams, drivers, sponsors) so there would be an uproar if a deal couldn’t be done.

Are we really going to have two US grand prixs, so soon after it couldn’t make it at Indianapolis of all places?


Indianapolis was never the right place for F1. The other 3/4 of the oval dwarfed the F1 circus no matter how full the main grandstand, technologically advanced the cars or condescendingly elitist the pretty people in F1 are.

Living in Austin I want the race to be here forever but if you had to put $100 down on only NJ or only TX succeeding then you’d have to go with NJ. That said I still think TX is likely to be around longer than Indianapolis was. I’d be surprised if both races don’t exceed expectations. Luckily they are different beasts. NJ will be like Albert Park and can focus it’s efforts in one direction which will be beneficial.

CoTA will succeed as a business with or without F1. It’s research relevance and being a full time business park plus close proximity to two top tier Universities gives it many strategic options for future revenue.

The University of Texas at Austin campus is a 15~20 minutes drive from the circuit

General Motors, DOE, and other government and industry leaders have developed a new competition called Challenge X: Crossover to Sustainable Mobility. This ground-breaking, four-year competition will give engineering schools an opportunity to participate in hands-on research and development with leading-edge automotive propulsion, fuels, materials, and emissions-control technologies. The University of Texas is one of 17 teams chosen to participate in ChallengeX. The students at UT Austin have chosen the diesel, mild-hybrid vehicle architecture.

Texas A&M University is less than an hour away from the circuit in College Station.

The Formula SAE student design competition provides a unique educational opportunity and serves as a showcase for the abilities of students in mechanical engineering… and sponsored by Ford, GM, and DaimlerChrysler. The objective is for the students to design, construct, test, develop, and compete with small formula cars. The winner is determined based on three static engineering events and four dynamic events. Cars accelerate from 0-60 mph in slightly over 3 seconds and corner at 1.4g.

With a successful Mexican and Venezuelan currently driving plus the fact that Texas is full of petrol heads and it’s looking good for CoTA. Additionally it’s right in the middle of The Texas Triangle which “contains 5 of the 20 biggest cities in the US, and is home to more than 70% of all Texans (pop 13.8 million)”. That’s no more than a 3.5 hour drive from Dallas, 2.5 from Houston, and 1 hours from San Antonio.

If neither NJ or Austin are on the F1 calendar in 2020 then there really is a huge barrier to entry for F1 in the US.

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