JA on F1 Podcast #8: Hamilton’s move; life at Marussia and how the F1 cars move around the world
Posted By: James Allen  |  28 Sep 2012   |  7:57 pm GMT  |  116 comments

Welcome to the October edition of the JA on F1 podcast, brought to you by UBS.

This month we’ve been quick to react to the confirmation of Lewis Hamilton’s move to Mercedes – we analyse why Hamilton jumped from a sporting and business point of view with former McLaren Mercedes driver, turned driver manager Mark Blundell and study the timeline and behind the scenes details with Daily Telegraph F1 writer Tom Cary.

Plus with the recent death of pioneering F1 doctor Professor Sid Watkins, we have a moving tribute from “Senna” film-maker, fellow surgeon and close friend of the Prof, Manish Pandey.

With six flyway races in eight weeks, we get an amazing insight into how the teams move the cars and equipment around the world,from Caterham team manager Graham Watson, while F1 business expert Zak Brown tells us about why Singapore has renewed its F1 contract for five years and why it’s so important to F1.

And we speak to Marussia F1 Team boss Graeme Lowden about the challenges of staying alive at the back of the grid and why F1 urgently needs to get its act together on cost control or risk losing some teams.

No player? Download the podcast directly.

It will be available to download on iTunes, later tonight.

Running order

0.00 Introduction
1.42 Tom Cary of the Daily Telegraph on Hamilton’s Mercedes move
6.38 Former McLaren driver Mark Blundell on Hamilton
12.00 How Social media is changing Formula One, with expert Rachel Clarke
16.45 Manish Pandey on the late Professor Sid Watkins
23.16 Graham Watson, Caterham’s Team Manager on the logistics of moving F1 around the world
27.29 Zak Brown, CEO of sponsor agency JMI on Singapore and F1
32.27 Marussia team boss Graeme Lowden
38.27 Wrap up this edition

Total duration: 38.58

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I think that a McLaren will win next years drivers title, not sure if it will be Perez or JB but 99% certain that it will be a McLaren that takes it.

Adrian Newey Jnr

James – whilst losing the TV commentator role must have been a big personal blow to you, I think the job you have done with both the radio work and your blog have been absolutely first class. You’ve really lifted the quality and profile of F1 journalism.


This is a clear indication of how great the brand Hamilton is. Compare the number of responses to that brand with other brands in the sport and appreciate the variance.

He may not need to win any more races to keep that brand this great.


Hello James,

Is there any reason why my comments are not showing? I have asked this question several tumes and have never received an answer.


They are showing! I think a couple went to spam but were then cleared



A bit offtopic. Do you believe the Vettel to Ferrari in 2014 rumor?


It makes no sense, but Italian friends say there’s something to it


Hi James,

Some feedback on the structure of the podcasts, I feel that the ‘coming up…’ inserts cheapen the production. It reminds me of bad American TV where they spend more time saying what is coming up next in the show, than they do on the actual show. I don’t understand the need for it, it’s not as if your listeners can switch channels during the adverts a with TV.

Aside from that, great content as always – the whole site included. I always look forward to reading or hearing anything you publish.


Much has been said about the Lewis Mercedes saga, it’ll be interesting to observe what vibes will be in the last six races at the Mclaren camp. Good for Alonso?


What about JBs take on this ? Unfollowing Lewis on twitter smacks of someone who has taken Lewis’s decision quite personally? Does Jenson feel that Lewis does not want to be his team mate anymore? And that’s a factor in his decision I’d love to hear Jensons honest thoughts! What do u think james?


Well he’ll not have to worry about people asking him about Hamilton anymore in HIS interviews, well maybe once all this dies down anyway.


Great podcast! I am amazed F! allows contract talks during the season. The disruption within teams must effect the rest of the season. McLaren people must have resentment towards Lewis that may manifest itself during the course of the rest of the year. What is the F1 code of ethics on this topic?


An F1 code of ethics? That’s an oxymoron if ever there was one!


Its all publicity though



I would like to congratulate you on another great podcast, I especially appreciate the stories on Lewis’s move and the beloved Prof. Sid Watkins. Being from Canada where F1 isn’t as big as in Europe, your site is a great resource for intelligent insight into F1.

Having personally followed Lewis for a number of years, I find it difficult not to agree with Mr. Cary’s analysis of Lewis’s move. I agree that it is quite possible Lewis may have felt the need to move on in order to grow further as a man personally and professionally. We have to keep in mind at the end of the day Lewis is just another professional, his profession happens to be a Race Driver. Just like any professional, in any field what do you do when you have accomplished everything there is to accomplish, you seek out new challenges.

Some have called Lewis’s choice a mistake, I call it courages, he has given up working with a proven team to take a risk and join a relatively new program with Mercedes. I will not argue he may regret it someday, but that’s for him to find out in his own right.

Just my 2 two cents.

I just wanted to thank you for your dedication to credible and responsible journalism evident thourought your site, and look forward to following for years to come.


Thanks for your kind message. Glad you appreciate it!


Maybe my question has been covered elsewhere.

Why Perez? I don’t think he’s been that fast. His success might have more to do with strategy then with raw speed.

Also, I wonder if Button might get lazy, if he isn’t pushed by his teammate.


JB is probably in as good as a situation as any driver in F1. He is in the best car. Changes for 2013 are modest for car & tyres so in theory there should be good continuation …….in theory.

He is at “home” & the people who count at McLaren are well pleased. Of course, in part, this may be an response to the relative turmoil of what went before. JB should continue to make progress. Perez may be highly competitive. We don’t know yet….obviously! I’m sure JB won’t assume anything till the end of the winter tests.


Oh, and I don’t think Button will “gat lazy”, I think he’s far too motivated these days. And there’s no guarantee he’ll outperform Perez by a large margin anyway.


Could do, but Button may also blossom with confidence now he doesn’t have to deal with the constant questions about being the ‘slow’ driver in the team.

And with a car built to suit his style (which matches a lot more with Perez) he might enjoy the benefits.

Neither are much good in qualifying but you saw Spa – when the car suits him in particular, Button can pull it out of the bag.


It’s clearly a step down from Hamilton, but I think Perez has put himself at the front of the queue of the midfield drivers this year with his run of podiums. If you look at the other options (di Resta and Hulkenberg are the names most often mentioned as being in line for a top drive) there frankly aren’t a lot of options available that are clearly more worthwhile then Perez.


I agree Andrew. Yet wouldn’t Mark or Kimi (if available) have been better choices? Maybe Rosberg? And what about Kovalainen? His pace compared to Lewis wasn’t so bad, or was it? My memory needs an upgrade.

Also, did they have to decide this quickly?

Of course Perez’s presence might sell McLaren road cars in Latin America. Not too many customers in Finland.


As far as I know none of the options you mention were available from next year apart from Kovalainen, and although he started well at McLaren he faded badly over the two years (he finished seventh in the table when Lewis won his title in 2008).

Mark is signed up to Red Bull and doesn’t seem interested in moving on somewhere new at this stage of his career, Rosberg is contracted to Mercedes and Kimi to Lotus (and I can’t see him putting himself back into the McLaren machine at this stage of his career having left them before).

Perez does have the added bonus of commercial backing and opening a new market, but that doesn’t detract from his performances this year. Plus he’s young and theoretically will only get better.


Good one James. I specially liked the part on how social media has done a tremendous job in bringing fans closer to the drivers.

Unlike others, Fernando rocks on twitter too. Rarely he mentions anything about car and upgrades. It is always about fitness program and other funny stuff.

Twitter has shown fans the side of Fernando that media – who write in English – never did. He indeed is a cool person but again unlike JB does not show it in paddock when he is working.


I don’t believe this move is logical, it’s a big gamble for Lewis and really only directly benefits his management.

If Hamilton is true to his word that he just wants to win, then he has a strange way of showing it by going to a team that has yet to show real competitive consistency despite the money the marque and the illustrious lineup of team members.

On a gut level I think Lewis feels he’s exhausted all options for finding title winning consistency at Mclaren, maybe he was surprised at how competitive Button was and/or feels he is a threat to his comfort at Mclaren and so has seen greener grass somewhere else.

Comparisons were made with Schumacher going to an uncompetitive Ferrari and going on to win 5 titles. I don’t see that happening. MS built his own success at Benetton, then went on to build it at Ferrari and has created his own legendary status.

I just feel Lewis wants someone to hand him a fast car so that he can do what he believes he does best.

Lewis started his F1 career with an already very succesful team and even back then people were saying he would go on to win many titles in a short space with comparisons to Schumacher. I think if anything Lewis has seen Vettel take away his glory by being given the best car for 2 and a half years and winning two titles. Vettel is undoubtedly starting to silence his critics with some gutsy drives this year, but there is no denying that he stepped into a title winning car without ever having proved that he was what people were hyping him up to be and I think Lewis wants that kind of action too.

I’d be very happy to see him prove me wrong. It’s a shame he has such a partisan fanbase who believe the whole word is against him and every action is designed to conspire against his success. Being a Button fan, I am already feeling for Brawn and Rosberg fans. God forbid they should take anything away from Lewis’s glory.



LH has alienated everyone that counts at McLaren. They protected him for years, mainly from himself. Maybe RD finally saw everyone else in the management structure had had enough. RD was probably his last defence.

James, you probably know more, but when JB’s new contract takes him from £4.5m to £6.5m and McLaren offers LH 30% less from his £9.5m that takes them to approx parity in pay. Clearly JB’s settling-in at McLaren and his race results & points parity with LH was a suprise to just about everyone…..especially LH. Alonso was equal to LH in 2007 but LH was the rookie. Kovalainen offered no opposition (perhaps just how LH likes it). LH has been equalled by a driver he was supposed to thrash on track & surpassed off it.



Absolutely cannot see LH being a major force at Mercedes in devloping a winning car. Think he just wants the best car developed for him then handed to him then he can win ‘LH stylee’.

Also, Prost managed to cheese Ferrari off in 1991 in a matter of weeks. LH has managed to alienate the entire management at McLaren F1. But they protected him for years, mainly from himself. Finally they’ve had enough. They offered him the chance to stay, making this offer probably feeling certain his ego couldn’t handle the humiliation of being considered to be at parity with JB. Methinks there will be a sense of marked relief at Woking.



One interesting matter, once, that was I think several years ago, Lewis was asked – which driver would you prefer to be in one team with, and the answer was: N Rosberg! looks like he guessed his future? 🙂


They grew up together , it was always likely to happen


Hi James,

Great Podcast, I’ve always been a fan of yours!

My question revolves around an incident I witnessed a few races back. I was surprised when Ron Dennis was being interviewed during the race and he made what I feel to be unprofessional comments about Lewis’ attitude towards his upcoming contract negotiations. There has been recent discussion surrounding Martin Whitmarsh and his failings to get Lewis to re-sign for McLaren but might this decision have come from Ron’s inflexibility to recognize his protege’s demands – and is the blame being unfairly left at Martin’s door? I recognize that Martin is the “boss” but would Ron still be the decision maker?




Ron very clearly dislikes Lewis management. Also Ron is an admitted control freak – he even says it himself he keeps stepping up to tell Martin what to do and has to stop himself.

Martin Whitmarsh, whatever you think of him, has a pretty thankless task. Re-sign Ron’s legacy but offer him less money, and don’t be too nice to XIX management all while his boss sits around being angry.

At Mercedes Brawn had to wait for the Daimler board to sign off anything he wants so its a corporate culture wherever you go I suppose. The days of handshakes are long gone.


Thanks James,

I actually quite like both Martin Whitmarsh and Ron Dennis and I think they were in a tough position as they needed to have Lewis on Par with Jenson, and rightly so especially after Jenson’s performance last season.

Thank you for this Forum, it is nice to have a voice in this Sport we love.



Hi James,

Just wondered what your thoughts are regarding Lauda, Brawn and Hamilton as a team?

Lauda has at times been very critical of Hamiltons various “shortfalls”; do you think he has been brought on board partly as a mentoring role to Lewis?

I feel if Lewis could get his mindset right, with the backing of Brawn would have the potential to be right up there with the legends of F1. Please note I say potential. As a Hamilton fan, I have in the past been very frustrated by his on and off track indiscretions. I am hoping the move coupled with the team could be the making of Lewis. Hopefully!


Lauda didn’t have the best of times as Jaguar team principal, nor as consultant to Ferrari in early 1990s

He also has a high profile role on RTL TV in Germany, kind of EJ and DC combined!


Seems a bit off to knock a triple world champion, but I really doubt the wisdom of Nikki Lauda being involved at all.


Not knocking it, just saying he’s not had a happy history in team management, asnopposednto his racing career


seriously, James

no questions/comments about Schumacher AT ALL ?

the greatest, certainly the most successful, F1 driver of ALL TIME, is seemingly shown the door at Mercedes (even if his contract expired)

and there is no question/comment with regards to the background of the story, the implications or most interestingly, the future of Shoemaker ???


as you know, many of the readers of your blog seem to think it’s a fascinating topic

(Schumi to Sauber ? Schumi to Ferrari ? Schumi to retire altogether ? Schumi as brand-ambassador? Did Schumi overplay his cards in negotiations like Bild suggest ? Did Mercedes think he was no longer good enough, or did Brawn/Haug really just want to save their jobs ? …)

this is like writing a story about Rooney leaving ManU or Messi Barca, without asking WHY and where they are heading

I tend to get my F1 information from German sources and come here to get a different take on things

the English POV is always fascinating and you are clearly doing a stellar job

so congrats again

but covering this story ENTIRELY from an anglo-centric Hamilton/McLaren angle,


let’s just say

your loyal readers are yearning for the bigger picture

and what about the rather interesting side-story of Lauda joining Mercedes , as you mentioned ?

Lauda will not be involved in the day-to-day running of the team, BUT he is clearly employed as a supervisor for Brawn

there are reports of Mercedes losing faith in Brawn and plans of replacing him with the head of AMG

a massive gamble that would have been

and a move maybe too risky for the affable Haug

Lauda though has the gravitas to sack Brawn should results not be forthcoming next year

and now that Mercedes have signed the Concorde agreement, does that mean the AMG take-over is off the table ?

many questions

but surely, the entire F1 fan community is talking about ONE topic and one topic only

WITHER Schumacher ??

some “light-shedding” on this topic would be nice, James



Take a deep breath and relax. Right at the beginning of the podcast James says that the news broke just before they started recording. Surely squeezing the Hamilton portion of it into the podcast in time to go live is a great feat in it’s own right.

No one knows yet what Schu will be doing. So maybe best to wait till that news breaks then report / deliberate / hypothesize about.

There’s only ONE move for Schu to make and that’s retire from F1. If he’s struggled to match Rosberg, Alonso will sweep the pit floor with him. Going to Sauber will cast a dark and somber light on one of the most successful (on paper) racers of all time.

Time to hang up the F1 helmet. Celebrate what his achieved and leave him be. It is only going to get worse from here…


Sure we will get around to that next.

The news is Hamilton’s moving.

What Schumacher does next is currently speculation, so less urgent


“Hamilton moving” is THE news as long as Schumi finds another seat

if the move entails Schumacher’s RETIREMENT, as you seemed to expect in your original article, surely that is FAR bigger news

Hamilton merely moves from a team where he has not won anything for years, to a team where he is unlikely to drive for the tile next year either

the retirement of Schumacher would be the end of the most successful F1 driver of ALL TIME

that’s like Pele or Maradona hanging up their boots

the good news for Schumacher fans is that the lad has options, as his spokeswoman confirmed this weekend

in other words, if he wants to continue being an F1 driver, he WILL

we now also learn from Ross Brawn that they went for Hamilton eventually, because Schumi refused to make up his mind whether to stay or not; “Hamilton to Mercedes” therefore, was only possible because Mike was not prepared to commit to Mercedes

a version of events that corresponds to all the interviews with Haug and Zetsche in the past

not knowing what Schumacher would do, they HAD to go for Hamilton , once he was on the market

Ralf Schumacher now gave an interesting interview on TV, saying that BOTH Schumacher and Mercedes got what they wanted

adding something like “who’s saying, Michael is going to retire now ?”, followed with a big grin

one German source now indicates Schumi was tired of not having a competitive car and always taking the blame for this

with only one or two more years left in F1, he simply does not have the time to wait for Brawn to deliver

IF Schumacher ends up at Sauber, and the ball is now in his court, he might indeed get the odd win next year

Alonso said in Singapore that Schumacher would have won THREE races in a Sauber this year

we’ll see what happens

but James, please inform us when your sources come up with something

for really, to MANY of us, Schumacher’s future is the number ONE story in all of this

little side-note

Eddie Jordan now tells “Welt” that Mercedes should have allowed Schumacher to break the story FIRST, rather than issue a press release like they did



Would you say that Massa’s future in red suit quite much depends of the remaining races this year?


In Singapore it looked like they would keep Massa. I think they have an option on Di Resta or possibly Hulk, but I’m fairly sure it’s Di Resta

There are dome noises about this on Italy now things are starting to move, we’ll see


Remember how everyone (myself included) thought that Button’s move to McLaren, alongside Hamilton was a big gamble at best, or a huge mistake, at worst? Well, it was neither. Yes, Hamilton was (and is) quicker over a lap, and usually, over a race. But even now, well past the time when he had the ‘rookie’ label, he gets unsettled enough for a good performance from Button to swing the balance in his favour. Prost Vs Senna it ain’t, but it’s not Massa Vs Alonso, either.

The reason for writing the above is that since yesterday, I’ve had a really ‘rude’ question going around in my head:

What if Rosberg turns out to be faster than Hamilton?


Hamilton and Rosberg were teammates in GP2. Maybe, those results will answer your question. If Mercedes doesn’t come up with a good car it won’t matter.


I thought they were teammates when karting, not on anything more serious (or recent) than that.


That is the real question and I think Rosberg will step things up next year. What happens if Hamilton is slower than him? Well the British sports fans will have another reason to whine. Don’t worry they’ve had a lot of practice with failure in football, tennis, formula one… any sport worth anything basically. But it’s okay, cos they can always refer back to 2007 when a Spaniard “threw his toys out of the pram”, when ironically the majority of British fans are throwing their own toys by bashing McLaren, a great British team, for using Lewis, a great British wannabe. A car that is capable of winning a race generally every year apparently isn’t good enough for these fickle fans, who perhaps are more whiners than winners.


No you don’t owe me any explanation of where you’re from, but if you’re going to criticise a whole nation’s sporting fans in such a sweeping manner then you frankly don’t have any credibility if you’re not willing to state the basis on which that criticism is being made.

Needless to say, you clearly don’t know what a fact is. “Federer is past his best” is an opinion. “Federer is ranked the number one player in the world at the moment” is a fact. “Federer is number one in the world right now despite the fact he has stronger challengers to his throne than ever” is an opinion.

And needless to say, most commentators I have read have said that Murray’s win was nothing less than his talent deserved, like so: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/tennis/19553665

I can’t help but notice you didn’t provide any examples of “any article from knowledgeable sports writers or any tennis commentator” to support your “facts”.

Red Bull clearly had the fastest car in 2010, Vettel would have waltzed to the title if it wasn’t for unreliability. McLaren and Ferrari vied for second fastest car throughout 2010, with Ferrari a clear step ahead from Hockenheim onwards (McLaren only won one race in the second half of the season with either driver, the rain-effected Belgium grand prix).

“I would speak further but there is no point” – probably the only thing you’ve said that I agree with. You clearly don’t understand the difference between facts and opinions, go away and learn them before you try and use their definitions to try (and fail) to undermine other people’s arguments.


@Andrew M now even a person’s username comes under fire from you? Your link proves nothing, can a tennis player be classified as part of the supposed Big 4 when the top 3 have won 6, 8, 17 times the number of Opens he has? The article even mentions this debate. [mod] To think that your response was even shortened by the moderator shows a level of immaturity that goes beyond any words you can now say. Enjoy your next argument.


Enough -Mod


@ Cheesypoof (I’m supposed to take you seriously, really?)

I never said “Murray is better than Federer, Nadal and Djokovic”, just to imply that he only won that tournament because of the failings of others is nonsense, and isn’t reflected in any commentary on the subject that I have read. Like I said before, I’m not interested in what other people say is the generally held opinion.

And fine, if you don’t like the BBC article, try this one for size from the UP Open website, hope that is unbiased enough for you:


And yes, I was trying to undermine his argument (rather successfully I think) by challenging his opinions with opinions of my own, and undermining the fact that he was stating opinions as facts, a distinction he (and now you) are seemingly unaware of. Of course people are entitled to post their opinions, I never said otherwise, but if those opinions are (in my opinion) poorly expressed or with little backing (like his were about British sports and their fans) then I’m going to challenge them. Clearly as he brought nationality into the equation his nationality was relevant to the opinions he was making, and frankly the fact he declined to say where he was from speaks volumes.



Andrew M, I happen to be an avid tennis fan and since tennis was mentioned here, I have to agree with F1Fan, his opinion on Murray’s recent wins is accurate generally. The only fact you need to look at to know Federer is past his prime is his record in the last 3 years. Look at Murray’s record and you know he is clearly a class behind the top 3. This is just plainly obvious to any tennis fan. I suspect people don’t have time to bleat on about obvious conclusions in the hope of winning an argument. Isn’t it a poor point when talking about British fans to cite the BBC who cater primarily to those same fans?

You end your comment with a tactless statement about the user trying (and failing) “to undermine other people’s arguments”. Did you bother to look at the thread? It seems the user only posted his own opinion, and in fact you were the one to reply and try to undermine? Asking where a user is from? I think you might need to go away also and look up some definitions of your own. I think you should take a break from commenting and start watching more tennis!


“Yeah Andy Murray won finally, but guess what, he won one when Nadal was out injured, when Federer is past his prime and when Djokovic is in a slump.”

Nadal was injured, sure, but Murray can hardly be blamed for that. Federer is world no. 1 and just won Wimbledon, if he’s past his best now that doesn’t say much for the achievements of Nadal or Djokovic either. And Djokovic hardly looked “in a slump” in the final.

“He’s only had the second fastest car if not fastest since his debut.”

He certainly didn’t in 2009 and probably not 2010 either. He may have had the second fastest car in 2011 but it was no match for Red Bull in any case.

“Hamilton isn’t some poor kid wronged by being let down by a team… any driver would be lucky to have a seat at McLaren. Lets call it like it is.”

Fair enough, but this isn’t an isolated incident. McLaren have let Raikkonen, Alonso and Hamilton now move on to other teams (either mutually or less so). Hamilton is hardly unique in not wanting to stay at McLaren for various reasons.

And you may well be tired of “whining fans” but fair to say your posts come across as pretty whiny themselves.

And you still haven’t said where you’re from 🙂


I don’t owe you any explanation on where I am from, particularly since most of your rebuffs are pointless. I explained I was assessing facts not blaming the sportsmen but you come back with some nonsense about Murray being blamed for other players? You question whether Federer is past his prime, when it is obvious fact that he is. Simply because Nadal is injured and Djokovic dip in form he has been able to win recently but read any article from knowledgeable sports writers or any tennis commentator states the obvious. Hamilton didn’t have the second fastest car in 2010? You must laugh most at your own jokes.

I would speak further but there is no point, I already stated facts above and frankly you’ve not provided any actual facts in rebuttal. I’ll let you have the last word on comments and ‘win’ this discussion lol… but it would have been better if you had used facts to reply, rather than a lot of assumptions.


Hear hear Andrew… It’s all gone quiet @F1fan4life.. Hehe


Yes, British sports fans were really upset when Hamilton was beaten by his team mate for the first time, now remind me, where is Jenson Button from again?

Can’t think of any tennis success we’ve had this year, except that Olympic gold and maiden Grand Slam for Andy Murray…

Probably not a great move to slag off British sport when we’ve had arguably the best sporting summer in a generation.

Just out of interest, where do you come from?



Weird comments. And there was I thinking that this site was about F1. Perhaps you should go to PF1? I think you’d find the comments on there closer to your level.


It wouldn’t be a good move to slag them off, it’s just facts. Yeah Andy Murray won finally, but guess what, he won one when Nadal was out injured, when Federer is past his prime and when Djokovic is in a slump. Maybe the question should be what has he won in comparison to his competitors from Spain, Switzerland and Serbia respectively? The answer is he’s won a fraction of what these guys have. Its called perspective. Look at the majority of British fans whining about McLaren and crying out for Hamilton’s injustice. He’s only had the second fastest car if not fastest since his debut. Alonso and Schumacher have had far slower cars and they whine less than Hamilton and fans don’t build crap theories against their teams. For the record, I’m not slagging British sport, the results speak for themselves. I’m just tired of the whining fans. England won the world cup once… perhaps if it was always held there they’d win more? But oh well, Brazil Italy and Germany didn’t need that to win more. Hamilton isn’t some poor kid wronged by being let down by a team… any driver would be lucky to have a seat at McLaren. Lets call it like it is.


Seriously James – Hammi moving to Mercedes and Marussia / long haul HGVs in the same story !!!


Yes, very diverse and interesting. It’s not a story, it’s a podcast


Can’t wait to listen it to it on Monday. I listen to them on on 2 hour journey to university


Great.Tell your friends!


Next season is going to be brilliant. Looking forward to it. Gut tells me that Merc are going to step up next year. Lewis’s influence on the team will drive them forward.


The problem is, of course, everyone else is going to step up too.



OT, apologies, but C Sylt, fwiw, reporting ecclestone to scrap 2014 engines 1.6 turbo v6’s & remain with 2.4 v8’s.

Have you heard this? If true, Daimler would be a tad surprised.



The dissapointing thing about this whole process is that so many folks, including Lauda, have compromised their credibility by giving untrue and misleading comments instead of merely saying ‘no comment’ instead of saying that no one from Merc had talked to him about a job there.


James I would love a answer to this. Who is faster. Lewis or the super motivated razor sharp McLaren kimi of 2005 ish time. I reckon that kimi was as fast as anyone I’ve seen in my time in f1. I’m 23 now.


Good question. Not much in it there


James, a week or so ago Perez was asked a straight question, I think by yourself, have you had any approaches from the big teams? He answered emphatically: no.

How does that sit with the McLaren announcement, in your view?


Don’t believe anything you hear in F1 environment (of course I mean teams & drivers, no great sites like this, which brings great insight). Lying is the common rule.


Not by me, but yes he said that.

My info is McLaren were confident of getting him around Monza time.


Sorry to say but I knew I was right all along.

McLaren wanted Hamilton out. End of. The sponsors had had enough. HRT and Marussia were the only options open to the dumb kid on the downfall.

Step forward Mercedes. Two years left in F1 and then out. Schumacher said no, Brawn has already agreed to go, Rosberg will do another year. Who to fill the other car?


And guess what, he was dumb enough to say yes!

Welcome to Brand Beckham.


Well your wrong KP given that Mercedes just signed the 8 year Concorde agreement. As for the “dumb kid” – he is going to pocket £20m + he had more sponsorship freedom and gets to work with the Silver Arrows- rebuilding a legendary brand.. That sounds really stupid now doesn’t it.


Yes, in spite of repeatedly and publicly saying they wanted him to stay and making several incremental offers. Your insight truly is amazing.

Colombia Concalvez

Why such childish comment mate ?, Lewis was McLarens backbone, without Lewis McLaren are simply going ba kward, do you really think No Grip Button is gonna keep McL in the front of the pack ?, i know for sure he won’t where was he after China ?. Name me one WDC who was lapped by another WDC in the same car lol. And then Perez, Perez had some lucky podiums that’s all often outclassed by Kobayashi unless the tyre strategy works in his favour, to be honest i think Perez is overhyped, Perez never won a Championship in the lower Formulas and most of the time you won’t notice him just like Singapore, Hungry, Germany etc. I think Perez is only signed because of the world riched man is his sponsor


Love the non-intentional irony here! Berating another poster as childish then calling Jenson “No Grip Button”.

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