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JA on F1 Podcast #7: New F1 game, driving standards and celebrating mechanics
Posted By: James Allen  |  13 Sep 2012   |  9:39 am GMT  |  12 comments

Welcome to the JA on F1 podcast #7 for September, presented from the Williams F1 Team factory.

This is the busiest podcast we have put together yet. It features not only a sneak preview of the new F1 2012 game from Codemasters and an interview with its creator, but also a celebration of 25 years of the Mechanics’ Trust with contributions from my fellow Trustees Patrick Head, Sir Jackie Stewart and Jo Ramirez as well as former drivers Derek Warwick and John Watson.

Plus we speak to the next British driver aiming to follow in the footsteps of Lewis and Jenson – GP2 front runner James Calado. And Sky F1 commentator David Croft tells us why he and a group of engineers and journalists run around every F1 circuit the night before the race for charity.

It’s full of interesting insights, some strong views on the driving of Romain Grosjean and Pastor Maldonado, expert opinion on the rights and wrongs of cockpit canopies plus insights from Ramirez on the Senna/Prost feud and some thoughts on Lewis Hamilton at McLaren.

We think it’s a good listen, please send us your feedback.

This podcast is dedicated to the memory of Professor Sid Watkins, who was one of the longest standing Trustees.

No player? Download the podcast directly.


0.00 Introduction
1.38 Mechanics Trust founder Jackie Stewart
5.36 Former F1 driver John Watson
10.16 Former F1 driver Derek Warwick
13.30 Codemasters Creative Director Stephen Hood talks about new game F1 2012
18.58 Williams F1 co-founder Patrick Head
23.17 GP2 driver James Calado and Derek Walters of the Racing Steps Foundation
28.39 Sky commentator David Croft explains Run That Track
31.26 Former mechanic Jo Ramirez
37.30 A lap of the new Austin circuit, as driven in the Codemasters F1 2012 game
40.09 Wrap up

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Cost Cutting for 2013

James, within the current FOTA and FIA talks to cut costs do you know if anyone has proposed teams use 2012 cars in 2013? This would be a huge cost saving for the teams and would allow the smaller teams worried about the cost of the 2014 regulation changes, to redirect funds. From a fan perspective I don’t think there would be many who would object to another year with the current cars. Whilst the top teams have now emerged as leaders the racing is still very close and the smaller teams (bar the bottom 3) have chances for regular points. Surely this would be a logical way to short term opportunity for the teams to save money. There is nothing in the regulations to prohibit the move, so the teams could agree without the input from the FIA.

The teams acknowledge F1 is about entertainment and it would be hard to argue that this season hasn’t been entertaining.

Maybe some of the smaller teams are already considering it… Sauber for example, if the finish 5th this year could choose to take the additional prize money and use it to pay for 2014 engines.

Pirrelli could stop trying to develop new tyres for 2013 and simply produce the same tyres as this year.


Good idea. The cars won’t be that different anyway as the rules change very little for 2013, so most teams will “evolve”

But in most cases that still means a new chassis etc. They have to keep the 100+ people in the drawing office and 100s in fabrication busy.


Thanks. A most enjoyable 40 mins.


No one commented on Derek Warwick’s views about arse thrashing with bleeding!!!

What a whacky (oh stop it – Ed) idea. Good to hear someone not constrained by corporate PC shackles.


That was John Watson, not Warwick!


James, sincere congrats for this podcast in particular but also for the entire series of them. Higly interesting stuff and appealling format. Clear technical recording too. Congrats again.

On a different subject, do you think it could be possible that in your F1 Forums every wave of fresh commentaries answering to previous ones could have a distinct background colour, so as to be possible for us the readers to browse through the chapter to easily distinguish the newest replies from the older ones? Different color only for the new wave, then this same colour for the newest one, the until then new one passing then to have the white colour common to all ltheir previous.

Thanks for starting and promoting this space in which the F1 follower can get insightful information, vivid and even passionate debates but with a high standard of respect for the other, drivers included. This is the real place to follow and learn about F1.


Thanks. I’ll look into that. In meantime we are also going to start posting one or two of the stories in Spanish as a trial run, What do you think of that idea?


Hi James, this is really great news and a very pleasant surprise for avid readers as myself, being Spanish my first language. Thanks again!


I think is a good idea. Many Spanish-native speakers who cannot easily read/write English could follow you then.

Focusing Spain, even if I think that serious generalist newspapers deal correctly, though not extensively, with F1 innings nowadays (I can say nothing on sport ones, I must say I d’ont read them), I feel good stories in the web coming from knowledgeable persons like you will elevate the interest and discerniment of F1 followers.

Moreover, there is some British journalists who periodically write sport columns in serious generalist newspapers (John Carlin in ‘El Pais’ comes to my mind now) to give wider insights coming from abroad to football and other sports which are popular in Spain. Spanish F1 experts (Jaime Alguersuary, ‘El Mundo’, ‘El Periodico de Catalunya’; Joan Viladelprat – a former F1 engineer; Oriol Puigdemont, ‘El País’; etc.) have also columns/sections. May be you can try that way too.

I cannot give sound opinion on the impact of F1 stories in Spanish to Spanish-native speakers out of Spain, though my feeling is that they will be well received as well. Any thing which is documented, living, and far from partial/national biases will have always best followers there and anywhere.




I know Oriol well. He’s done well to come in for Manuel Serras


Great piece James, Ramirez’s remembrance of the Senna-Prost years at Mclaren is asolutely delicious. Also his and Derek Warwick’s appreciations about the incidents caused by the new drivers are totally straight to the point.

Great work once again, thanks.


I love the new format James, with the topics and interviews interlaced. It got me hooked on from the beginning to the end.

The interview Jo Ramirez was amazing. He is a great storyteller. I wished we’d hear more of him again.

Definitely one of your better podcasts.

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