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Hamilton strolls in Monza park as Alonso and Vettel clash
Posted By: James Allen  |  09 Sep 2012   |  3:40 pm GMT  |  318 comments

Lewis Hamilton was never threatened as he dominated a dramatic Italian GP in Monza ahead of inspired displays from Sergio Perez and Fernando Alonso.

It was Hamilton’s third win of the season and the 20th of his career as well as one of the most dominant. Once he’d got clear at the start, he was able to control the race on a one stop strategy and even a surprise late charge from Perez was containable.

“I was cruising,” admitted Hamilton. “The last 20 laps I had a 14 second gap. At the time Felipe was behind and even though I was cruising, he was going slower than me and then I heard that Fernando had overtook (sic), and it was Fernando who began to catch so then I pulled out a little bit more time and matched his time just to keep it relaxed and then this guy here [Pérez] started catching me at a second a lap. So probably the last four laps I started to push a little bit more, just to maintain a little bit more of the gap.

“I think Ferrari were as quick as us this weekend. At least as quick as us this weekend. I think if Fernando had better qualifying, I’m sure he would have been up there with me and made the race perhaps a little bit harder than it was. We need to stay on it to try to continue to compete with them.”

Perez fought his way through from 12th on the grid to second, while Alonso started 10th and ended up third. He survived a scare when Sebastian Vettel put him on the grass at over 300km/h as they battled mid way through the race. Vettel was given a drive through penalty, but the Spaniard is likely to pursue the discussion behind closed doors with his fell champion over the incident.

There was quite a bit of unreliability; Vettel suffered a repeat of the alternator failure which forced him to retire in Valencia and hit him again in practice in Monza. Jenson Button had a fuel pick up problem which robbed him of second place.

It was a day when Alonso put himself back in the driving seat of the World Championship as the season heads out of Europe as both Red Bulls failed to make the finish and the Ferrari driver saw his lead stretch to 37 points over Hamilton, who is now second.

McLaren closed the gap to Red Bull in the Constructor’s Championship to just 29 points.

The victory for Hamilton and McLaren in Ferrari’s back yard comes amid increasingly strong rumours that Hamilton is heading for Mercedes next season, leaving behind the team that brought him to F1 and took him to the 2008 title.

It had looked very much like a one-two result for McLaren as Jenson Button also drove a very strong race. But it was not to be as he pulled over with a fuel pick up issue in the closing stages in what could have put McLaren just 11 points from Red Bull. This is McLaren’s first hat-trick of victories since 2008 and will continue to be the team to beat for the remainder of the season, but if Alonso continues to move through the field as he did today it will take another streak of victories from Hamilton to overhaul him with the Spaniard’s consistency.

The leading cars were able to complete the race with just one stop and with more ease then was initially predicted. Perez used a set of the hard prime tyre in the opening phase of the Grand Prix and was able to use Sauber’s kindness on its tyres to cover 30 laps in the first stint and the remaining 23 laps on the option tyre, moving through the field in the process and closing towards Hamilton in the final few laps.

With Hamilton out of sight for much of the Grand Prix there was many battles behind, with Alonso making his way past four cars on the opening lap and then hunting down Vettel and Massa he looked set for a second place finish. And when Massa let the Championship leader through with 10 laps remaining the Brazilian came under pressure from Perez as the Brazilian’s first podium since 2010 began to slip away. Massa had a very good get away from the start line and went in to the first turn alongside Hamilton, but had to slot in to second. He held this position for the first phase of the race in his strongest showing of the season, but a superb drive by next year’s potential Ferrari driver Perez has not let off any pressure.

Behind, Kimi Raikkonen and the Mercedes duo had a fairly uneventful race as Mercedes made two stops and could not match the pace of those ahead. It had always been the plan for Mercedes to make an extra stop with their cars being harder on the tyres than the three leading teams.

Raikkonen stopped once on lap 17 and did 36 laps on a set of hard tyres, he was catching Massa at the end and finished just one second behind him. Another lap and he would have taken fourth. He now lies third in the championship on 141 points, one less than Hamilton; quite an astonishing comeback from two years in rallying.

The only major incident of the race, apart from Vettel and Alonso’s clash, came for Jean-Eric Vergne when his rear suspension failed under braking and he got air borne after spinning across the “sausage” kerbs at turn one.

One final point about the three drivers who stood on the podium today – they were the three “victims” of Romain Grosjean’s start line pile up last weekend in Spa. Funny how things turn around!

[Additional Reporting: Matt Meadows]

* Watch out for the UBS Race Strategy Report on Tuesday with a full analysis of how Sergio Perez’s strategy got him from 12th to 2nd.

ITALIAN GRAND PRIX, Monza, 53 laps

1. Hamilton McLaren 1h19:41.221
2. Perez Sauber + 4.356
3. Alonso Ferrari + 20.594
4. Massa Ferrari + 29.667
5. Raikkonen Lotus + 30.881
6. Schumacher Mercedes + 31.259
7. Rosberg Mercedes + 33.550
8. Di Resta Force India + 41.057
9. Kobayashi Sauber + 43.898
10. Senna Williams + 48.144
11. Maldonado Williams + 48.682
12. Ricciardo Toro Rosso + 50.316
13. d’Ambrosio Lotus + 1:15.861
14. Kovalainen Caterham + 1 lap
15. Petrov Caterham + 1 lap
16. Pic Marussia + 1 lap
17. Glock Marussia + 1 lap
18. De la Rosa HRT + 1 lap
19. Karthikeyan HRT + 1 lap
20. Webber Red Bull + 2 laps
21. Hulkenberg Force India + 3 laps
22. Vettel Red Bull + 6 laps

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You can, obviously, understand my satisfaction, as a Ferrari fan, that after Spa and problems yesterday Alonso managed to finish 3rd.

Also...in Spa both Alonso and Hamilton lost points- Vettel and Button were the once to benefit. It looks like this time it went back to how it was before Spa.

I do not wish anybody bad luck or anything...never...

I guess Kimi benefited the most over the course of the season.


A very good video comparing what happened between Alonso and Vettel this and last year: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ejUFPjaVQQ&feature=player_embedded


Watching that comparison I would have to agree with the decision - but Alonso should have got a warning last year.


James, I hadn't even noticed that about the podium being Grosjean's victims at Spa ... it is a funny old sport sometimes.

Congrats to all the drivers for making Turn 1 clean today. Feel bad for Button, that was a nailed-on 1-2 for McLaren. Ferrari were quick, but McLaren were just that bit quicker on race pace (though if Alonso were in front, it could've been different).

Ferrari actually won the weekend with 27 pts. I think they've only done that one other weekend this year.

As for the Vettel penalty, it was deserved (how could he be angry at Alonso last year when he gave him even less room this year?). Vettel's done a few squeeze moves before (see the start at last year's Japanese GP, which wasn't penalized - I'll assume it would be this year). But it seemed to me that Alonso gave Vettel a definite how-you-doing after he had passed him later, moving over on him pretty hard.

I don't know if that incident was investigated, as the broadcaster here (TSN in Canada) went to commercial when the Race Control messages were coming up. Every decent race action seemed to coincide with a commercial for me today (they show a small corner window, but that's it), which was supremely frustrating.

AlexD, as for Kimi, the stats (and specifically three stats) tell the tale of how he's up there in third, without having won to date: he's finished every race, he's scored points in 12 races, and finished top five in 9 races.

Stats to date


Wins: FA3,LH3,MW2,JB2,SV1,NR1,PM1



T5 Finishes (3+):


Pts Finishes (6+):


Longest podium streaks (2+):


Current podium streak: LH1,SP1,FA1

Longest T5 streaks (2+):



Current T5 streak:


Longest pts finish streaks (3+):


Current pts finish streak:


Retirements (not classified)(3+):


T8-DWC Race Finishes:


Grayzee (Australia)

you get a corner window!? WOW! In australia we get nothing for 2 min while the adds are on.....ad there are adds evry 6 or 7 mins!

Not happy! 🙁


"you get a corner window!?"

Haha, was just waiting for the "Luxury!" comment...


Yeah, the add set up on the Aussie broadcast is awful. They are long, frequent, and inevitably end up clashing with the pit stops etc. They also often at least partially cut the post race press conferences and sometimes drop them in their entirety.


Hello Aussies: we used to have broadcasts with full ad interruptions here in Canada too. The picture-in-picture was an upgrade from that and was implemented a couple of years ago now I think. It's an improvement, but for some action-packed races, it's inevitably going to interfere with some key on-track action.

TSN (the broadcaster) picks up the BBC feed, and we don't (YET!!) have an option for a subscription-based service. I've tried the VPN-type internet connections to UK servers for the full BBC broadcast, but bandwidth isn't typically sufficient to get good reception. And there's no functionality to "PVR" the internet feed.

JA previously posted on LdeM's questioning improvements to F1 (race length), but I still think broadcasting/internet standards could be far better, particularly outside UK/Europe. Huge potential there to attract new audiences despite time zone shifts, as well as maintain the hardcore fans. But F1 only recently woke up to high-def, so I don't hold out much hope.


In Australia we got ads every 5-6 laps and being a short race I think we saw about 60% of it.


That's a bit of a stretch. The ads aren't that many and they know their Motorsport, so they do their best to the ads before or after the action, so that we don't miss much. Still, no ads would be better.


It's because TSN had 32738 commercials today - it drove me nuts too. It is quite clear that the director for F1 on TSN is not a race fan/watcher and has no clue how a race naturally unfolds to fit commercials in it, even if they do the side-by-side. I love it when they completely forget about commercials for the first 45 mins of a race and then cram all of them in the last half, when all the action is happening. Or like how last week they sat there without commercials from the formation lap and throughout the first turn clean-up, and then as soon as they go back racing, BOOM commercial. Supremely frustrating indeed.


Yeah, F1 is an afterthought on TSN it seems. They can't wait to cut away from the F1 feed to either their sports highlights show (having run every hour thru the night) or their The Reporters show, which is just sports journo's talking. I like Speed, but can't watch them live b/c of the blackout, plus they have full-on commercials! Can't win!


Kimi isn't benefiting he is just driving very, very well, and maximizing the results of his car.


So is Alonso when novody is taking him out of the race


I agree. Also, not sure if anybody's considered this but wouldn't it be both brilliant and hilarious if Kimi can win the title without winning a race? Has that happened before?


No it hasn't happened before.

Rosberg won WDC in '82 with only one win, beating 5 drivers who had scored 2 wins each.


It's been won by a driver winning one race, but never a driver winning zero races.

I hope it doesn't happen. I feel it would somewhat devalue the championship.


Nope, never done before. There have been champions who have won only 1 race in the season though; Hawthorn in 1958 and Rosberg in 1982.

It would be cool if Kimi did it, but I think with Alonso's consistency of point scoring (bar the DNF obviously) at least one win would be needed


benefit by what??? a bad car with awesome driving??


Benefited from Grosjean takin Alonso and Hamilton out


Benefitted by not getting taken out or having blown tires or other reliability issues. Besides, the Lotus was fast as lightning in the middle part of the season - an elite driver would've won a lot of races during the summer in that car.


how it was before spa? Webber was 2nd going into Spa and he didn't really capitalise on anybody's retirements...


Webber was not taken out by Grosjean in Spa...so everything was in his hands in Spa and in Monza.


By the way, if you ask about the driver of the day....it is:

1.Perez - by far

2. Alonso


That drive should get him the ferrari seat next year.


Still Hamilton for me. He did all you could ask of a driver today. Then Perez (12th to 2nd), then Alonso (10th to 3rd).

Feel bad for Ricciardo ... lost fuel pick-up on the last corner of the last lap, losing out on the last points place. Really, if Ricciardo doesn't finish the season ahead of Vergne in the table this year, it will be an injustice. Same with De La Rosa over Karthikeyan, though Narain is only ahead courtesy of attrition at Monaco (when De La Rosa DNF'd).


Nicely done, Checo! 🙂


Agreed !

Perez surely deserves that Ferrari seat but I'm sure he won't sign a one year deal just to keep the seat warm for Vettel.

And even if a multi-year deal was offered, is he prepared to be a No 2 driver ?


Can't dispute Perez as no.1, but to my mind driving a controlled race from the start to the end means Hamilton deserves at least equal second to Alonso - in this race, I don't think Alonso out-drove his car. That Ferrari (at Monza at least) is on a par with the McLarens.

But that's quibbling - even as a Hamilton fan, I'm disappointed we were robbed of a battle for pole and the subsequent battle in the race.


That is exactly how I will vote.


Difficult call for me , Alonso's recovery on the firsts laps was very impressive. Stunning drive by Pérez though.


Of course it would never be Lewis Hamilton....despite not doing a single thing wrong!


Last year Vettel never won driver of the day despite winning multiple times in the same style as Hamilton did today. I think the perception is that to win under such circumstances is too easy for the driver (reality aside).


It is not about not doing anything wrong, but about dping something special. Would you be able to assume that Hamiton can win the race before the race started? Yes! Would you be able to assume that Perez will finish second? I doubt it....


He did a great job. But he started first!


Mercedes had two stops, but Kimi had only one stop according to my memory.


He didn't say Kimi made two..."Kimi Raikkonen and the Mercedes duo had a fairly uneventful race as Mercedes made two stops"


No, No and no. I don't buy this BS at all.

Dear SauberF1 team, we know you like Ferrari engines as well as Slim's money but stop playing so dirty.

Well done Lewis.


No idea what you're on about, mate.


You can add me to the list of people perplexed by this comment!


How did they play dirty?


why they playing dirty??


Could you elaborate on "playing so dirty"?


??? care to explain what you feel is BS ?


Di Resta should have been penalised; completely ruined Senna's race by pushing him off. Infact the Williams is so rubbish now that Senna was lucky Ricciardo mucked up the final lap, otherwise he wouldn't have got any points at all. Also I think Button could have challenged for the win if he was more lucky, but it was another great drive from Perez.


Ricciardo didn't muck up, his car did. Button himself said he couldn't have challenged for the win today (all things being normal).


Sorry, I didn't find out about Ricciardo's fuel pump pickup failure until much later. Personally I thought once Button had cleared Massa he would have at least got closer to Hamilton had he not retired. My point was that Senna was lucky today.


Mr Alonso took Di Resta of track too TutTutTut


Di Resta deserved a drive through. Dirty move that ruined the Williams team race.


Agreed, and Alonso should have been punished for pushing DiResta off on the first lap, exactly the same spot and pretty much the same situation Alonso and Vettel were in!! But of course, Alonso moans about everything when it doesn't suit him, and is beyond punishment from the FIA. He's always first on the radio (in english) when he wants a session stopped, or someone punished!!

Hell, he'll even screw a team over if a situation doesn't suit!!! Move over Massa, don't you dare get in his way!!!


I've just re-watched the race.

Alonso turned into Curva Grande and was ahead of Di Resta. Di Resta was not alongside and he caught the edge of the circuit.


Perez for president!

Has Perez ruined his chances for a Ferrari drive today?  On Ferrari's home, passing Ferrari of Alonso to reduce Alonso's point haul, would Luca approve?  Who cares?  We approve!

Can I vote these Santander trophies to be ugliest thing ever.  Uglier than an AMC Pacer!  Learn from Spa and Shell how to put your logo on a trophy tastefully.  Lucky Lewis has a big house with many fire places.  He can put three or four of these in each fire place to make a faux flame effect.


Completely agree! The trophy should be unique to the track, not a repainted Santander logo every other race.


Good point about the trophies, especially as they are so numerous, they should at least put a little thought into altering the design between GPs.

A GP win is a pretty unique thing for a driver, the trophies should reflect that uniqueness, not be carbon copies of each other in S, M & L sizes.


I don't think Sergio should go to Ferrari to play second fiddle. He's starting to look like number one driver material. I think that with a bit more experience, and with a top team (that will let him win), he might actually become a bona fide star of the sport some day.


Yeah.His second season in F1 and he is driving brilliantly.


I'm beginning to think Kubica is back in play for the #2 Ferrari.


Toleman fan, Who then? Warwick?

Obviously my thought is fun speculation, not factual info. But we know Kubica has nothing to lose, everything to prove, is Alonso's friend, Italian kart racing schooled, with previous links and perhaps agreement with Ferrari, and as of this weekend seems to have proven his ability to function in a race car.

Ferrari have Perez/Kubica/Massa as options. I think that the big money behind Perez will perhaps play a role. But I don't think Kubica is such a long shot.


You think wrong.


Well, well, well! Congrats to Lewis and Perez, amazing drive from him; he really does ace that prime to option 1 stop strategy! Has to be DOTD.

This race has been like a mirror to Spa! In Belgium, Hamilton and Alonso had woes that weren’t their fault and no scored while Button and Vettel maximised. In Italy, Button and Vettel suffered through no fault of their own, and Hamilton and Alonso reaped success. So these two races have in a way cancelled themselves out Championship wise, but with fewer races to go now. I really thought it was going to be 4 2nds in a row for Button at Monza…

Shame for McLaren though not getting a 1-2 as they could have made a much bigger dent into Red Bull in the Constructors’, especially with Red Bull not scoring.

Things are looking good for Alonso though with another consistently strong performance.


Radio Check..Fernando is faster than you, sorry wrong call..Perez is faster than both of you. As much as I like team orders I miss the race your heart out days of Senna and Prost. Many thanks to Mclaren for keeping their tradition and hence I will always have a soft sport for them. I feel the inter team battle is a good one. I don't expect Jenson to make things easy for Lewis and vice versa.


Is this guy for real. If you think mclaren don't use team orders your very foolish. Dc and mika, kimi and Montoya, and Lewis and Heikki have all used team orders. And now jenson is out of it completely now watch mclaren use them more this year. Also go see turkey 2010 when Lewis asked if I back off is jenson going to pass me and was told no Lewis no Lewis. Team orders.


I sense the the keyboard might have taken a good battering as you wrote that response. LOL! By the way I was cherry picking inter team battles, Senna and Prost and now Jenson and Lewis, Team orders have always existed to put it explicitly, its just that some are more obvious than others. I presume you are a grown up to understand that F1 is not the most ethical sport at times and is just actually a travelling circus in Bernie;s back pocket. For example I see Massa and feel sorry for him, better a driver at a smaller team at least having more control in the race because you never know when that call on the radio will come.

Besides Lewis went on to overtake Jenson, a driver than can override team orders, same as Senna and Prost days. Which Is way I enjoy watching Drivers like Perez having fun as a driver and not quickly leaping into the ring with the maestro, he will be another Pique, Massa etc...Once Alonsod a driver can only go to retire.


Good recovery by Alonso and great drive from Perez! Hamilton was untouchable today and it seems they have amazing car for the rest of the season but everything is still open.

Question for James:

Do you think that Vettels alternator problem was caused by the heat because it sure looks like it? It was almost the same temp as in Valencia and do you think they should be worried before Singapoure, cause despite the fact that it is night race it is still very hot and humid there at this time of the year? Tnx


Yes, caused by the heat, and heats up especially at low rev's (so the drive-through wouldn't have helped matters!). Unless Renault come up with a new solution, it's likely they'll go back to a prior model alternator for Singapore.

Val from montreal

Yup the Ferrari International Assistance does it again !! Screwing Vettel big time in this race !! Alonso needs 3 things to materialize to become wdc ... 1) Massa's role as lap dog ... 2) competitors such as Mclaren and Red Bull dnf'ing at the worst possible time ... 3 ) FIA 's help ... But it ok because what goes around comes around .... My money fir the title is on Hamilton and Vettel for the championship ..... Anybody but Montezemelo and santander-Alonso ...... Go michael !!


A true Alonso hater. LOLOL!!




Val, your claims are so outrageous that I'm beginning to think that you're just say these things just to get an reaction out of us. [mod]

I would like to address your 3 claims:
(1) Mass's role as a lap-dog.
Massa has had a horrible season so far. He's completely out of the World Driver's Championship. By being a team player, he's not only helping Alonso win the WDC by allowing Alonso to pass him, he's helping Farrari win the World Constructor's Championship. If Ferrari wins both Championships, he will probably get a new contract with Ferrari. So by helping Alonso, he's also helping himself.

(2) McLaren and Red Bull DNFing
This is very simple. Build a more reliable car! Ferrari has nothing to do with this. I'm sure that Vettel and Red Bull were jumping for joy when Alonso was taken out by Grosjean last week. Jenson Button and McLaren were jumping for joy too.

(3) FIA helping Ferrari
The blocking rule states, If the following driver has any part of his car along side you, you're not allowed to use the entire width of the track. If you go back and watch the 2011 Italian Grand Prix, you will see that Alonso left a car width between himself and the edge of the track. Vetreally have to put wheels off the track inorder to pass Alonso.
I would also like to point out that the FIA didn't really start enforcing the blockrule untilthe 2012 Bahrain Grand Prix when Rosberg blocked both Hamilton and Alonso off the track. After last week's crash with Grosjean, they are cracking down even more. Not only are they trying to send a message to the other drivers(Maldonado), they are also sending a message to the young GP2 and GP3 drivers that dangerous stuff like this will not tolerated.


"The blocking rule states, If the following driver has any part of his car along side you, you’re not allowed to use the entire width of the track"

That rule clarification applies only on the straights. The situation in corners is a little more ambiguous.

Vettel started moving across the track before Alonso was alongside, and I'm sure would argue that he was merely following his normal line for the corner.

Although I don't quite buy that reasoning, I do think Vettel might have been surprised by Alonso's closing speed, and the push off the track was not deliberate.

On a balance of probabilities, I think the penalty was merited but it's not 100% clear cut.


For sure, that wording from the FIA applies just to straights. But it's clear they need some sort of wording for fast corners like Curva Grande, while also allowing drivers to close out a potential passer into a corner. Good luck drafting that!


Good to see you agree with Val's, not so outrageous, first point then Matt!

It's Ferrari's Modus Operandi to have a subservient teammate, which is why I really can't see Perez wanting to go to Ferrari just to be Alonso's replacement lap dog and end up being an also ran for the rest of his career like Massa.


Just except that sometimes you get caught when you break the rules and today Vettel got caught! No assistance needed from the FIA as Vettel didn't finish and the penalty came after Alonso got through and was away... it was right that Massa drove for Alonso, he can't win the championship - of course Redbull never favour their drivers and after today Mclaren will. Now bore off


The penalty would have also helped Hamilton, Webber and Raikkonen in the championship battle, but unfortunately Vettel didn't finish so it made no difference in the end.


hahahaha - ok guys, you can take him back to the asylum now.


a shinning example that consistency is not required in the job description of a fan: the ferrari international assistance and a brazilian lapdog would logically preclude you being a michael fan given his own history, i would´ve thought.


I have to say, Alonso could have backed off. I enjoyed the fight and that penalty was a bit much. Everyone unwinds wide out of parabolica, especially late in the stint.


Well 2 actually depends on the other 2 teams not doing their job. At 330 kmph you can't run someone off the road like that.



Doesn't look like running someone off the track.


Sorry but I don't agree. Its now your job to see a car alongside you (0.30 and 0.31) and leave enough room.

Its similar to taking the corner even if there is another car there. He keeps moving left.

What Alonso did on Vetel last year was similar but not that bad. Besides you have new rules this year.


ah cheer up lol


Hi James,

Great drive from the first three. As for Vettel, I think he's learning how to play dirty from his own team: engine mapping car floor issues, other FIA warnings ... and now rally lessons to his adversaries. What do you think?

P.S. With reference to your article about Alex Zanardi, he won 2 golds and a silver medal.


When Hamilton pointed to the red on his helmet after the race I think he might be telling us where he'll be next year!! He's getting on well with Alonso too... The Mercedes stuff was a smoke screen. And that explains why Perez has been so nice about Sauber this weekend. It all adds up!


He'd changed the colours to an Italian tricoloure for this round that's all


I think Lewis was pointing to the Johnny Walker logo - "keep walking".


Talk is chap "Keep Walking".....Love it!


I thought he was pointing to the never seen before SILVER stripe...


Exactly my thoughts too.



impossible Alonso is a 1 man team ask Massa


Interesting comment, I wondered what he was pointing at on his helmet, but you may well be right here. Ham was also very polite on the podium in respect to Fernando. From thinking this would have been an impossible combination only a little while ago it is starting to look more feasible...... although i won't believe it till i see it! 😉

Maybe if Fernando wins the championship this year then he will be more relaxed next year with an equal no. 2. To be honest, he has already proven himself and probably has nothing to fear. Plus the only way ferrari can win the constructors again is with two top drivers.


So who is going to be Alonso's Test Driver? Massa fits the bill for a Driver's Championship. He must be on some sort of bonus drive cause he was driving the wheels off the car. Not like any other race!


Lewis was untouchable today but the driver of the day has to be Perez.

I feel Vettel was unfairly punished as he was merely hold his line when Alonso was try to pass from the outside. I somehow think that Alonso's radio message has tilted steward's decision to his favor.

By the way James, Kimi pitted only once on lap 17 and it was quite remarkable that he made his prime tyres held on the end with consistent lap times. I just hope Lotus development not falling behind in the remaining races as he still have a chance to win WDC even with a win!!


I'm only able to follow the races via commentary on the 'Net, but I distinctly recall reading one commenter writing that the Stewards said that Vettel's running Alonso off the track was obvious. Regardless, had there been any question, they would have not issued the penalty so soon after the infringement: They would have considered it further.

As to Alonso's radio message, I think that any driver who felt that he had been wrongly run off the track would call it to the attention of his team. He wouldn't keep silent about it.


James do you know what TV team worked at the Italian Grand Prix. Honestly, I think they did a terrible job! When Alonso was battling with Vettel (two championship leaders), they preferred to show Kimi racing Michael, Massa cruising in the third, and Hamilton leading with a sizable gap. Then when Alonso overtook Vettel, it wasn't until many laps later and the notice that the incident between Vettel and Alonso was under investigation that a replay of the overtake was shown. There were other instances when there were very close battles throughout the field and the TV team preferred to show either less intense battles or just drivers running in clear air. I don't understand that!


still better than the Sky coverage in the UK - simon lazenby and georgie thompson are colossal idiots. i dont know how they got the job... must have some shady photos of rupert murdoch. They completely spoil almost all the joy of watching F1.


It's the same production in every race, the director and editors are all the same, I know all this because I saw a behind the scenes of the FOM some the ago on Spanish TV.


Do you have a link? Would love to know how this all works.


Sorry... it was in the build up for this years Spanish GP, but I didn't watch it on the internet


It was FOM. I have to agree slightly there. Although, if it weren't for that we wouldn't have seen Vergne crash live!


I thought it is all one feed for all.


Oh, and they really put too much emphasis on how Ferrari handled Alonso's passing Massa - the incident didn't really require so much attention. It is like the TV crew thought it would make headlines. Sorry for the rant.


If I'm not mistaken it was handled by Bernie's crew and not by RAI TV


Di Resta got away by pushing Senna out. How's that for consistency.


And Alonso pushed Di Resta


no he didn't, watch it again


I agree. Obvious bias-ness from DC there too, when he said 'as we see a replay. Oh, he gave enough space.'


As much consistency as you handler, Nil. ¦¬)


😀 I set myself up for it.


McLaren's pace is scary!

Ferrari have to get their act together. Red Bull is imploding.

Perez is awesome. I would love to see the guy in a Ferrari next year. Massa did the perfect job of a wingman today but he does not take points off rivals often enough.


McLaren will be even better at the remaining circuits than at Monza. Ferrari don't seem to have the downforce, Red Bull have lost their way, as well as Mercedes, while Lotus have not found the key final ingredient to winning.

I think Lewis Hamilton will win the world championship.


Perez did put in an excellent race today, but I think his car had something to do with his performance, don't you? Look at Alonso earlier this year: great driver, un-competitive car, poor results.


I realised earlier that it's taken over three years for for the pecking order to revert to 2008's norm.

Brawn and Red Bull got a jump on their competitors by maximising the benefits of blown diffusers and the new regs, but now, pretty much for the first time since we're watching the McLaren Vs Ferrari show.

Form is temporary, class is permanent. Normal service has been resumed.


HAM: no surprises

ALO: good result for a bad day

And look at the championship, 3 race winner Hamilton is just barely ahead of "You Know Who" ...... !!


Iceman in stealth mode, love it 🙂


Raikkonen stopped once not twice.


If I had 10 guesses I still wouldn't have picked the podium lineup today.


I believe Kimi also drove just a one stop race, with about 35 laps on the hards after his early stop on the 18th or 19th lap.


Disappointed that Vettel got a penalty for exactly the same thing that Alonso didn't get one for last year. Inconsistent stewards decision yet again.

Also, terrible coverage of the podium ceremony on the world feed. Absolutely awful - we were constantly looking at the podium from a camera that was about a mile away - you couldn't see anything.

Glad that Niki Lauda was chosen for the podium though. After the embarrassing performance by Jacky Ickx last time out, I hope that the FIA is abandoning the idea of always having a racing driver from the host country perform this very important job.

If it were me, I'd put Jake Humphrey up there every week!


You're all quite right and also all appear to have the joy of Sky Sports...

German TV didn't even bother to remind us that there had been a rule clarification, so consequently I forgot. I now realise that the penalty was deserved.


I would like both podium interviews, and tv unilateral interviews.

I want to here what the drivers were thinking during certain parts of the race, rather than the celebrity interviewer asking questions that are practically meaning nothing.


The difference was that last year FA left a car's width for SV, but he chose to put two wheels on the grass. This year SV left NO room for FA. Additionally, the rules have been rewritten this year after the NR incident and so the stewards have to rule according to that new rule. There is no inconsistency.


looking at the replay from last year it's clear to see that there was room not to go off the track, this year not so much. Also new rules this year meaning a cars space must be left.

shame to see the red bulls struggling, hoped to see Webber doing well.


I think it's not too difficult to understand unless someone doesn't really want to.

Last year rules didn't penalise this behaviour. This year they do.


Regarding Alonso-Vetel battle, Anthony Davidson explained incident very nicely after the race, showing both duels (2011 and 2012) on slow motion:

- 2011: it is very clear that Alonso left enough space to Vetel, although Vetel touched the grass

- 2012: it is evident that Alonso was pushed to the grass


They analysed it on sky sports, alonso left way more space last year than vettel did today.

Also there was a rule clarification in Bahrain which all the drivers (including vettel) agreed to.


Both points are correct


Hi James,

I think abashrawi is correct.

The rule in the first place is not about turns.

If you say that Alonso overtook "on a straight and before any braking area" (the new rule) he would still be allowed to do one move and if he resumed to the racing line he would have to leave enough space. In my understanding Vettel was on a racing line all the time.

Otherwise we will see a lot of overtaking in chicanes because if you want to overtake you would only have to put your frontwing next to the car in front on the outside going into the chicane and he would have to let you through??? This was exactly the situation Alonso vs Vettel in the chicane before and Alonso did not complain then.

Or am I missing something?




I thought the rule clarification covers the straights and not "corners" and ""curves"?



So it's no longer the job of the overtaker to make sure there is and will be enough room - even if the driver in front is racing flat out on the racing line?


+1...these "celebrity interviews" are embarrassing, just spray the champagne & let a pro interview them after they towel off 🙂


Everybody says the same as last year but it wasn't. Alonso, yes squeezed the same, but they were already on their racing lines, whereas Vettel just completely cam across...


I meant to say last year they were already on their racing lines, whereas this year Vettel just completely came across.


Sorry but the rule regarding this issue changed since Bahrein grand prix, so you are wrong and the penalty is fair.


Sky perfectly showed how Alonso gave enough room to Vettel last year and Vettel didn´t in 2012. For your information the rule changed after Bahrein 2012.


The podium was made of SPA Grosjean' casualties so there might be an F1 God after all

James, do you think if Perez had stopped a couple of laps earlier he might have a go at Lewis?


Hamilton was cruising... had Perez caught up earlier he would have managed the gap more aggressively.


Incredibe.......I never thought about it. Spa casualties 🙂


Good race overall... It seems like a lot of teams still haven't optimized their cars while Sauber have. Looks like Mclaren have the fastest cars now with clear dominant pace in the last races. As for Vettel, his sloppy movement across the track was pathetic... Last year Alonso gave Vettel more respect despite Vettel having a dominant lead in the title. This move just shows the difference between the two... Vettel simply couldn't return the respect or fairness. I do hope Ferrari provide a truly top car for a couple of races at least.


I knew a penalty was coming for Vettel seeing that. Had there been a wall closed back in on the circuit at the point where Alonso went off, the accident could've been terrifying and leave him seriously injured. That's talking about in excess of 300kph. Noway Vettel could've gotten away with that, especially now that FIA decided to stamp down hard on any of this sort of driving since Grosjean's ban and Maldo's triple penalty within one race.


True, but there isn't a wall there. If there had been, I don't imagine that Vettel would have done it!

I do think that the penalty was fair though (I have revised my view from my earlier post after it was pointed out that the rules on this have been clarified since last year).


I think that there and at the final turn they should put a few metres of tarmac run off.


Good call, and where was Alonso's penalty on lap one for pushing Diresta onto the green stuff in a more aggressive way at the exact same point on lap one!!!


Alonso passed Di Resta through the first chicane, he was following Kobayashi as they turned into Curva Grande, and Di Resta was behind and ran a little wide, but it wasn't Alonso driving him off.


Hmm, can't agree that Alonso passed him in the chicane ... they were side-by-side heading out of Turn 2 into Curva Grande. Di Resta was beside Alonso at the start of Curva Grande (front wing ahead of rear wheels), and does have to bail out b/c Alonso crowds him slightly, whereupon he goes onto the grass a little, throws up some dust, etc.

But reg 20.4 speaks about 'deliberate' crowding, and to my mind that manoeuvre was not deliberate at all.


Amazing race, the top 3 did an amazing job, Hamilton controlling the race and Perez and Alonso charging from the back. Vettel penalty was right, he need to calm a little.


Alonso too he pushed Di Resta of track


About that Lotus / Raikkonen two-stop plan...


About that 'one more lap & Raikkonen would have overtaken Massa and finished fourth' thing...

He -was- catching Massa, and would indeed have taken him in maybe another lap or two - almost 2 seconds in the last lap, for a 1.2 second gap at the flag.

But he'd still have finished 5th, if not 6th. Schumacher was 0.3 seconds behind him at the flag, and had been catching him at more than a second a lap. And Rosberg was 2.5 seconds behind at the flag, and had taken 2.3 seconds out of the gap in the last lap.

Kimi was lucky the race ended when it did!


Last year's incidence was different than today's. Fernando left much more room last year than Sebastian did today. Last year Sebastian went out on the grass himself even when there was space. Anyway there was no rule then but there is a rule now.

In addition, looking back at what happened in Spa, the penalty is totally justified only if Stewards are consistent with their decision in future.


2011, Monza, Curva Grande, Alonso pushes Vettel off the track (while unsuccessfully defending against being overtaken on the outside). No penalty.

2012, Monza, Curva Grande, Vettel pushes Alonso off the track (and by doing so successfully defends against being overtaken on the outside). Drive-through penalty.

Absolutely ridiculously inconsistent stewarding (I wouldn't mind if both these - really similar - incidents had been awarded the same penalty), even if I don't like to see that sort of "defending".

I stopped watching the race after that, and I think I've never done that before in 15 years watching every F1 race.


The difference is that Vettel got trough, and Alonso didn't. Why? Because Alonso leaves a space - YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO LEAVE A SPACE!


I have observed that stewards consider the consequences while applying penalties. Hence no consistency. In 2011 Vettel successfully overtook hence no penalty for Ferdi. This time the move was not completed hence the penalty for the same crime.


Watch the two incidents again, Alonso left enough space for Vettel to stay on track, unlike what Vettel did to Alonso.



No two incidents are the same. Ever. These incidents are distinctly different in one key way; in 2011 Vettel was not forced off track with all 4 wheels all the way onto the gravel.


Video says it all.

You are also ignoring the fact the FIA stated they would clamp down on such behaviour stricter at the start of the season, mandating that you must leave a cars width.

What you people should be crying about is why di Resta was not given a penalty for pushing Senna onto the grass into della Roggia, or why Rosberg was not for pushing Hamilton (not Alonso) way off in Bahrain.


The rules on overtaking have changed for 2012 and I think Fernando touched on this post race.

What was inconsistent was how Di Restas blocking move on Senna today was on the same level as Vettel/Alonso

What my beef is why does every incident now have to be 'investigated' too much of a blame culture going on, cars that race at 200mph generally will come together at some point and the only thing to blame it on is racing. 4/5 years ago there was never so many incidents and penalties now everything is put under a microscope


Alonso left vettel loads of space last year. There was at least half a car of space. If you watched the sky sports coverage after the race they showed both incidents and it's clear he deserved the penalty, it was a very dangerous move and if it was grosjean or pastor everyone would be asking for a ban.

Also bear in mind that the rule clarification after Bahrain was put in for exactly these types of moves.


in between, there was a rule change...


Please allow me the opportunity to educate you:

After the two incidents in 2012 Bahrain Grand Prix with Nico Rosberg blocked both Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso off the track, Charley Whiting and the FIA made a clarification on the rule of blocking.

They basicly said, if the following driver has any part of his car along side you, you're not allowed to use the full width of the track.

The 3 reasons Alonso did not get a penalty last year are:

(1) The blocking rule was not clarified until this year. It was put into place because of Schumacher's illegally blocking Hamilton for several laps during the 2011 Italian Grand Prix.

(2) If you go back and watch the 2011 Italian Grand Prix, Alonso gave Vettel enough room for him to pass without going on the grass. Vettel chose to go with two wheels off the track inorder to pass Alonso.

(3) With all of the accidents this year, Charley Whiting and the FIA are cracking-down on dangerous driving. Gone are the days of Schumacher and Senna.

Not only are the drivers of GP2 and GP3 watching, but the world is watching. Alonso came very close to being decapitaing last week at Spa.

Welcome back to watching Formula 1!



Since the incident between Rosberg and Hamilton/Alonso Bahrein 2012, FIA has added some strict rules about defending position on track and leaving enough space for a competitor.

Furthermore, you watch these incidents both carefully and you will see that Alonso in 2011 just left enough room (a car width) for Vettel who for a very short time left 2 wheels from the track.

Today Vettel left absolutely no room for Alonso whatsoever so the latter had no chance but to leave the track with 4 wheels. With the new rules from the FIA a punishment was justified.


You cant compare it since the rule regarding this two overtakings changed the last Bahrein grand prix and it was very clear. Sure james could explain better than me......


You need to do a bit of reading around to understand why Vettel was penalised today... Start by looking at recent FIA directives about overtaking and defending safely.


Fully agree with you


I hope you stop watching again until you look up the meaning of the word 'similar'. Also try taking notice of rule changes every year... Unless there are no rules for whining.


So if you´ve been watching F1 for 15 years you should first know that now there is a rule about that and second that Alonso gave room to Vettel in 2011.


Coulthard yesterday remarked how no matter how quick Ferrari was, Fernando couldn't make it count when it mattered most at the end of quali. Like Alonso always says, points are scored on the Sunday. Oh well. Guess that's why David never won the title, then.

Forza Fernando! Forza Sergio! Forza Scuderia!


I doubt anyone could have made it count with a broken rear anti-sway bar. As it seems Couthard can't keep up, he should take notes. A sorry bit of blather.


Coulthard seems to me to be quite a bitter / jealous type, at least in terms of how he is on TV. I remember watching the Schumacher Monaco "pole" lap, and when Schumacher posts the fastest time Coulthard immediately says "let's congratulate the pole winner Mark Webber". It's almost as if a driver who spent several years in the best car in F1 but could never get the job done has something against those great drivers who he used to lose out to. Funny that.


Bear in mind also, that DC is still part of the Red Bull family. You'll be shocked how often his bias is heard.


Probably because he doesn't know what an anti roll bar is!


Well done on a great weekend Lewis.....However, he really needs to work on his Poker face! It cant be that easy to work out whats going on in that guys head. Same goes for Whitmarsh. Such an important win for Lewis and the team but Martin cant join him on the MONZA podium!.......Pretty sure he's off to Mercedes. Or judging by how 'happy' he looked, maybe he just knows he wont be at McLaren next year. Im sure the casino's love it when the McLaren boys come to play. No hiding what their holding...for reals!!


Well, happy is the word. Happy and proude of this mans achievments.

You almost get spoiled when you are served this kind of performance, GP after GP after GP. At the end you become speed-blinded and suffer from tunnel vision, confusing this with "normal" and get upset when seeing real ordinary races. Bravoo sir!

Well done to Perez, who was on different strategy than most others, and Massa solid finish.


Great win for Hamilton and McLaren. However from his radio com at the end of the race you get the feeling that he is set for Mercedes next year...

Perez and Fernando on the podium with Hamilton starting from 12th and 10th respectively. All 3 of them were out of the race at Spa from the 1st corner!

The fight between Vettel and Alonso was excellent to watch. Fernando was always going to come on top though. He had a faster car. Pity Vettel tried to drive him off the road and the race altogether. Great recovery from Fernando at that point. It looked for a moment he was going to end up facing back to front on the track.

Bring on Singapore!


Vettel? I was disgusted with his "move". How is that less severe than the GRO move last weekend, only requiring a drive-through? You could argue this was actually worse as it obviously was intentional and at much higher speed! He was deliberatly driving ALO, at high speed out of the track, while ALO was beside him! You would think he was going to get at least a stop-and-go or 10 places drop at next race! After all, that could end veeery badly had they touched while side to side.

And, a relevant question would be: Did VET know his car was "sick" at that stage in the race? I am sure radio traffic can easily disclose that. If yes, well then he had probably already discounted a possible penalty and was knowing exactly what he was doing...you do the math...

No, ALO never did such a thing to Vettel last year. He always left a cars width to the left - the same space VET acutally used to pass - on track.

Always when VET starts down the grid and manages to do a couple of overtakes, you will see post stating "...And they say VET cannot overtake". Only for someone else to respond "well, VET can certainly overtake, with a good car, but not comparable to the best". this race manifests that reply. VET should watch the race a couple of times, and learn how it is made, in style and with elegance. This is what I am talking about!!!


+1 I am with you, sick and tired of VET cheating, or trying to cheat, I guess he wants to copy what his contryman did in the past to win a championship, I am talking about Schumaher, what a cheat he was, crashing Hill aout of a Championship, then crash with Jacques Villenue to win, but Jacques was lucky to continue, then breaked-tested Montoya in Brasil, etc... many examples of Schumaher cheat, and now this Vettel wants to do the same... must be a country culture, I don't know.


The plan might have been for Raikkonen to do two stops, but he only made one in the race. As for being hard on the tyres, his second stint was the longest of the race, wasn't it? He stopped on lap 17 and did 38 on the hards and set his fastest lap of the race 25 laps into that stint according to Lotus' own report. Still kinda lucked into his finishing spot though I guess.

Amazing race from Perez. Kobayashi rather hindered by lack of long runs in practice? Shame, as weekend for Sauber might have been even better.


Perez and Kobayashi had different tire strategies. Perez is clearly the faster driver of them two, but kobi would probably have been further up had he had the same tire strategi. Sometimes a sucky quali can turn into a great race.


quali-podium stats

fet-web 7:6 - 4:2

msc-ros 7:6 - 1:2

per-kob 5:8 - 3:0

Undoubtedly because Kobayashi is slower.

It's obvious that shitty strategy due to lack of sponsorship could not be a reason.


luck?? vettel was behind him b4 retirement~~ only benefitted from button~~ and didn;t alonso also inherited the luck from team order and button as well with a super fast car~~~??


There's no way Kimi would have been able to keep Vettel behind if he hadn't retired, so there was benefit there as well as with Button's retirement obviously. In addition, if he'd gotten into a scrap, however short, with Vettel, it seems likely Schumacher would have had a shot, although that is more i the realms of "ifs".

So, yes, kinda lucked into the finishing spot, excellent drive notwithstanding. I mean, he was still doing decent times at the end of the race, as evidenced by the rate at which he was catching Massa on shot tyres. But the Lotus' "decent pace" just wasn't fast enough for more today and would have resulted in less without the retirements.


Magnificent race by Lewis today! Very comanding and was never in trouble from start to finish for the victory. The strange part was his reaction from the moment he parked the car under the podium... Very limited reaction!

Sergio Perez was the star of the show today... A very good young driver who has a great future ahead of him. Reminds me alot of Kimi when he started.

Fernando Alonso is the most special driver out there and he showed it once again. Yes it's true that today he had a very good car, but he had some top drivers ahead of him that were all driving for something. Alonso was unlucky yesterday in qualifying due to the mechanical fault and may have secured pole had he had been luckier. But that's what this sport entails...

Great race!


Lewis was amazing today.

Hope he stays in McLaren, they still can achieve a lot together.


+1 and move Whitmarsh

Bring Back Murray

If he goes to Mercedes all he'll be doing is cutting off his nose to spite his face.

Until a drive at Rebdull comes up - stay at McClaren

Bring Back Murray

Rebdull - I think I need an early night!


I honestly don't know what the stewards were doing today! I thought Senna cutting the 1st chicane while battling Rosberg should've been looked at, seemed clear to me. And then DiResta moved across on Senna (I think it was Senna) in the braking zone for turn 4 which also should've been investigated


How did Lotus fall off the pace .... are they falling behind in the development race .... from the championship point of view ...it will be a fight between Alonso vs Hamilton vs Vettel ...

Button is all but now off the championship contention...matter of time before i think Kimi and Webber may also fall of the radar unless and until they both pick up the pace dramatically...


Eh? Raikkonen is third in the championship one point behind Hamilton.

Where Lotus are not keeping up is in the latest advances in exhaust blowing


James, about the exhaust blowing -

Lotus stood back from that right from the beginning of the season, different solutions were on their main rivals even before the first race.

Why is it hurting them -now-?

And, do you think they are going to respond with an exhaust blowing solution of their own? Or do they not have the resources / sufficiently well calibrated design tools to make it work?


Because other have made big advances


Raikkonen is driving tremendously well but compared to Bahrain,Hungary where the car was geninunely fast ...he seemed to be driving in damage limitation mode in Spa,Monza...where it seemed the car lacked pace to the Ferrari,Mclaren and to one particular tire friendly Sauber.... if Red Bull was coming close to overtaking him ....hopefully i am wrong ...and Lotus come back with a bang in Suzuka ....but as of now Mclaren seems to be strung up really well ...Hamilton seems be the most serious contender ....while Kimi currrently is operating in stealth mode ...at the end of the day it matters who is leading in the standings after Brazilian GP ...


Spa and Monza are special tracks in the need for straight line speed etc

Wait and see what they are like in the next few tracks



Kimi had a one-stopper


Yes, sorry it was clumsily worded. The Merc drivers stopped twice


James as far as i'm aware Kimi only made one stop which is why he was able to get track position over Michael. Am I correct?


Yes a very early one, lap 17. So he did 36 laps on a set of hards


Yup,somthing was missing from Hamilton victory

parade,no punching with his fist through the

air, no standing on the nose of his car and saluting,he simply walked to be wieght in and

on the winners rostrom the body language said

it all, goodby McLaren, hello to whatever, as

Ross Brawn had a smile like a split watermelon.

Massa simply is a lost couse,he gave up after

second turn,Alonso?what can one say about him.

his motto, possible it will take some time

impossible just a bit longer. a champion

racer if there ever was one.


How do you know that Massa gave up? Did he tell you that?


Plus pointing on the red colour of his helmet prior to the podium. This silly season is far from over. Hamilton going to Ferrari would be interesting from the point of view on who would be the scuderia's no. 1. Mercedes makes so much more sense.

In any case, it would leave a spot open for Kimi at McLaren which would be great for next year around.



The two best drivers in the world, in one team, it would be joint number 1 if it happens.

Alonso has matured so much since their season together, it wouldn't faze him at all. Hamilton is too inconsistent.

Great weekend, then something happens at the next one.


"Great weekend, then something happens at the next one."

Last weekend Fernando nearly got killed & this week he made p3. It's called motor racing . Last weekend Hamilton too got wiped out but this weekend he won-can you accept it or would you & Fernando like a tissue ?

I was starting to see the Fernando of old again this weekend saying that the Ferrari was faster than the Mclaren both on Saturday & again Sunday- yet he was beaten by Lewis and Gob smacked by Perez - maybe he was just playing up to the Tifozi and he did drive good but he was not the fastest -close but not good enough sunshine! On the other hand both Perez & Lewis were very gracious on the podium. Far more mature in my opinion.


I hope you mean the two best drivers as in Kimi & Jenson 🙂

Can't stand neither Hamilton or Alonso...



Didn't he go up to a group for hugs inside the fence? Plus, it was a bit hot, so perhaps just drained?

I try to justify because I don't want Schumi out, and dint think Lewis at Mercedes is a good idea. Unless McLaren are losing Vodadone money as predicted by some.


Was it me or was Hamilton pointing at the red on his helmet when he won?


You might be onto something there.....


Hello James,

Lewis could still be at Mclaren, atleast he WANTS to be there.... why do I say that? Not based on a hunch or what I want to happen...

In his post race with Sky he said:

"It was going to be our strongest 1-2, specially in Italy, against the Reds.. 'but we have next year'.. err we have many more races to go"

See here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zg_bDjQjOv0

Time: 20 sec onwards!

Interesting, eh!


Martin Whitmarsh's language and tone said a lot afterwards. I've never bought into (or even cared) about the oft quoted favouritism of Button over Hamilton (a. he's the boss and is entitled to do it if he wants and b. if Button has managed to endear himself within the team in 2 years over someone there over a decade that in itself tells a tale)... but... this time he focused on Button's race, barely mentioned Lewis's and then talked about wanting drivers who are happy and motivated. I see a man who's frustrated and all but given up trying to woo an employee who always wants a bit more no matter what you offer. You only get so many attempts at biting a cherry before the owner loses in interest in giving it to you at all. I believe McLaren have put their final terms on the table and are now fed up of a driver management team who are more interested in the global marketing opportunities than the racing.

The more I think about it, it's incredulous that a racing driver's management team would seek to do anything other than get them the best racing seat. Lewis will look back from his mountain of money and wonder where it all went wrong.... I suspect his Dad can tell him.


i hope he does not end up like JV ... winning the championship in the 2 nd year of his career and then joining a team which never sprung a championship winning car....


Also considering Boullier's curious comments about not caring about WDC, Kimi could also be on the move. What do you think. Any rumours regarding this.


Is it me? but Lewis did not seem to be bouncing with joy after his dominant win ? When Jenson wins the paddock seems a happier place, his dad smiling wrapped in a Union Flag, Jenson's girlfriend jumping up and down and kissing all the team, and of course Jenson himself clad in orange T shirt smiling and laughing with everyone.


Perhaps he knows where he's going to be driving next year---or isn't going to be driving.


Probably why Lewis feels he needs to (rather than wants to) move. The team clearly favour Jenson. When Hamilton crashed out last week it didn't take the shine from MW and Jenson had won. This week I get the feeling they rather Jenson won (maybe that gives them better bargaining power - I don't know) as their was hardly any genuine joy in his demeanour for Hamilton.

Also, I think the BBC will do anything to put Hamilton down. If I was him I would always give one word answers to any BBC reporter.

By the way this is not an attack on Button. He is quality. They are both WDC, both quality. Hamilton is one of the top two/three with Alonso (and possibly) Vettel. That does not mean a driver of Jenson's quality will not beat Hamilton from time to time (even over a season - especially if Hamilton goes into self destruct mode).


Whitmarsh has aways been more reserved in his praise for Hamilton than Button, probably because Hamilton is Ron's protege and Button was his big signing. Ron himself was not afraid to show favourites (Mika over DC for example). As long as it doesn't effect Lewis's performances it shouldn't really be a problem, whatever other immaturity he shows it doesn't look like this is bothering him.


Can I join Jenson's team??


The way he is looking upwards in the photograph at the top of this page, it appears like he was remembering his recently deceased relative. Maybe that's the reason he was subdued.


Was Leiws's father or girlfriend at the race? It amazes me how people look for something to be critical of, when it comes to Lewis.

I guess that you missed the Canadian GP, with Lewis displaying the British flag after his win.


Did anyone else notice Fernando not shifting up to 7th gear when he was coming down into ascari on lap 4 in michaels slipstream. I don't no why he would stay in 6th and that cost him passing Michael a few laps sooner and cost him a few seconds. Maybe he didn't notice he didn't shift up to 7th


I thought that weird too, initially I thought they he was hitting the roof of 7 with KERS/DRS and thought "oh no this is going to be a long day" but later he had plenty of legs on the pit straight.


He probably got nervous pulling up on a 7 time champion.



Yes, probably as nervous as in Suzuka´s R130 back in 2006 😉


Alguersuari noted that in our 5 Live commentary


Great race. Good recovery from Perez and Alonso. Ugly move from Vettel that could have caused a serious accident. Kimi is now just 1 point behind Hamilton and in the fight for the championship with no wins, that´s incredible.


Did Massa get the 'Fernando is faster' message or did he just move over all on his own?


This time it was the "manage your tires" message.


Yes, more on a Mclaren / Red Bull style. Oh wait!, those teams do not work with team orders 🙂


Bit like Irvine having to manage his brakes all those years back...


Great race, delighted for Hamilton, Perez and Alonso - 3 of my favorite drivers on the podium all at once... Happy Days. 🙂

And I'm delighted Alonso has stretched his gap out to a more comfortbanle 37 points again 😀

Everybody keeps commenting on McLaren closing down the lead to Red Bull... but what about third place Ferrari now only been 17 points adrift of McLaren... meaning they have a fighting chance of catching up with Red Bull as well.

As Alonso said today there are still 175 points to fight for!


As several people have stated, Lewis did seem a bit subdued out of the car, not quite as bad as Abu Dhabi last year but not far off. Maybe he's just focused on the fact there's still a long way to go until he can seriously challenge Alonso. This season reminds me of 2005 a bit - Alonso doesn't have quite as big a buffer as he had over Kimi back then, but I think the chasing pack will just come up short of him, with Hamilton leading the way.

Also, surely McLaren have to back Lewis now. Although the gap between Button and Hamilton isn't insurmountable, the gap between Button and Alonso surely is. For Jenson to win the title he has to rely on both Red Bulls, Raikkonen, Hamilton (in equal cars) and Alonso (massively) falling of the pace or having terrible reliability. I admire McLaren's equal driver policy, but the time has come to draw a line under it for this year. They can start that again with Button and...whoever his teammate is...


Yeah, McLaren should back Lewis. Unlike before Belgium, Lewis' gap now to Fernando is less than Button's to Lewis. And it's two races on from then. It would be stupid for the team to forego the extra points (whether it's an extra 7,3,2, or 1) for Lewis. Lewis of course has to work to make sure the situation never arises, where Button's in front of him. But if he is, and they can't work a pit stop leapfrog, then they should lay down the law with Button, and tell him he could expect payback if he were ever in a similar situation in the future.

I understand the thinking that asking Jenson to do this would seriously demotivate him, which could do even more harm to the team's and even Lewis' chances. It's a tricky situation.


With 7 races left in 2006, Alonso was ahead by 17 pts, equivalent to 41-42 pts today.

(My rough math: 43=18, 40=16, so 17 in between)

Schumacher tied it up 5 races afterwards, with two to go. Alonso did have two DNF's (though Schumi's one was more dramatic), but also a win and three second's.

Alonso's in the catbird seat, but I don't know if he has the car to regularly podium like in 2006. All that can change in one race weekend of course, as we saw with McLaren starting in Germany.


True, and the points system today means that if Hamilton keeps winning he'll close Alonso down at a faster rate than 2005-06 because of the relative difference between first and second/third.

McLaren are clearly in a good place with their machinery, but I don't think their win on Sunday would have been as simple if Fernando hadn't had the roll-bar failure. Of course Hamilton was cruising at the front, so we'll never really know how much pace he would have been able to find if he really needed it. If Ferrari and Fernando find the sweet spot at even 1-2 of the remaining races (a wet race would be heaven sent for them), they can deal serious damage to anyone trying to close up on them.

Also, Red Bull are massive wildcards. Mark seems to have gone to pieces the last few races, while Sebastian has had bad luck and some sloppy qualifying sessions. But if they manage to go on a late season tear like in 2009-10, we could get a situation where Hamilton and Vettel are taking points off each other, which might give Alonso the breathing space he needs to get over the line.


I disagree - as apparently does Hamilton, who said last weekend that he didn't want team orders, and that if he's not quicker then he doesn't feel he deserves to win anyway.

What would really help win the championship is several McLaren 1-2s.


Lewis wasn't so averse to team orders in 2008 when McLaren moved Heikki out of the way at Hockenheim. I dare say if he was offered them in a race he'd take it.


Anyone else notice Button set a personal best sector one time when the yellows were out for Vergnes accident?

The officials were very quick to penalise Vanio in the first GP3 race for doing the same thing at the end of race one through Parabolica.


Unfortunatelly, I think Lewis will leave McLaren. Very subdued attitude today, the tapping on the red part of his helmet (although it could be that he was aiming for the Johnnie Walker logo suggesting "it was a walk in the park" or "i walked all over you"). Personally, I really hope he stays with McLaren, it will be very hard for me to support him if he races for Ferrari. Sure he will be a joy to watch but I'm a McLaren boy for life, been one since 1988. 🙂


Didn't Lewis jump onto the McLaren mechanics and was hi-five'ing everyone the second he got out the car? I didn't see anything untoward in his post race behaviour. And with the performance of the McLaren and its rich history, its gonna take a lot for a champion such as Hamilton to move to Mercedes. But like Kimi would say, let's wait and see. As for Lewis signing with Maranello, he would get his behind handed to him by Fernando and cement Alonso's legacy.

Vamos Fernando! Forza Ferrari!


Oh, com'on Hamilton! Stay with McLaren … You & Button are a charming driver line up!

Mercedes, re-sign Schumi for another two years.

Ferrari, sign up Perez.

And now get on with the racing! This is shaping up to be a spectacular Finale! Yay! Bring on Asia!!


DotD Sergio Perez, what a brilliant drive! I'm no Vettel fan but he didn't appear to force Alonso off the track so didn't deserve a drive through. Hamilton looked a bit flat after his win. If he's off to Mercedes, wonder who'll get his Mclaren seat!


Ironic that everybody on the podium are the three victims taken out at first corner at Spa!


Yes, and the two guys who finished at the front at Spa DNF'd. The races kinda cancel each other out.


I like the last comment. "Funny how things turn around!" Yes it is funny but they turned around with Grosjean on a ban, he is back next race! :0


lewis wants to win the championship,and after his last win he got a dnf,so he is not going to get carried away with a win.

also the red he pointed to on his helmet was for the mclaren red.the mclaren t-shirts are red,lewis mentions it in his quick interview on sky.

he also hinted he was staying at mclaren too.

he cant win championships at mercedes,so he wont be going there.


It will be interesting to see wether the balance in performance will change again when we go to the upcoming tracks where engine power will not be as important ass it was in Spa and Monza. In qualifying this weekend it was clear that you needed a Mercedes of Ferrari engine at these tracks. Only Kimi and Vettel seemed able to keep up a little with their Renault engines.

I'm sure both Lotus and Red Bull are happy that these races are over.


Question for James:

Do you think that Vettels alternator problem was caused by the heat because it sure looks like it? It was almost the same temp as in Valencia and do you think they should be worried before Singapoure, cause despite the fact that it is night race it is still very hot and humid there at this time of the year? Tnx


Looking that way, although other cars have it too. It's the packaging of the car and the alternator, within the RBR chassis


Mark's alternator seems to go alright. KERS not so good. Different chassis maybe 😉

Bring Back Murray

Next race is crucial for Hamilton. Absolutely crucial. So many false starts so far this season. Despite Alonso's continued brilliance the Ferrari has not been the fastest car all the way through. All we need is Hammy to put on a run now and take it to him. (whether he bothers to celebrate his wins or not is beside the point)


Very predictable win for Lewis. Ferrari &Fernando can say "we were as quick or quicker"/ would've/ could've p/off-Sorry mate! You were easily beaten today! If Lewis didn't give away his goodbye demeanor - Whitmarsh was as non-challant as I've ever seen him given such a great victory!!-- it's certainly over for Lewis & Mclaren!

James - like I keep saying when are Ferrari going to sign this boy. I think he will give anyone a run for their money with a good team & advise going his way !! Next new WC I said from earlier this year I'm not changing my opinion!.

Also I'm no Vettel fan but that penalty was very harsh indeed. Fernando complains and the Stewart's jump-! it stinks I tell you! Roles were reversed exactly same track last year Seb kept his mouth zipped and no one did anything- you can argue that interpretation has changed but really it hasn't!. More importantly Button actually hit clipped Hamilton into wall at Canada 2011 and whilst no penalty was awarded everyone was blaming Lewis the following car.. It's bizarre how F1 opinion morphs to suit certain people in certain situations.The rules need to be clarified and written in stone. None of this inconsistency its complete BS when it comes to which driver complains the best wins the outcome.

Finally it was nice to see Kimi get to 5th. But highlighted the need for improvements or say goodbye to title contention- I know he's 3rd, But the Lotus is drifting behind badly in pace. I'm just wondering if the aero changes for engine intake (gills) are having a negative effect without the ddrs devise operational- would be Interesting to know. If it weren't for Kimi Lotus would be same ad last year!


Yes fernando was easily beaten. I dont think anyone disputes this, especially when he said "you cant think about the win starting from 10th" Im guessing your taking his post qualifying quote where he said "its a shame cos we did a 24.1 on used hard tyres in Q2 so a 23.5 on fresh was possible" and using it as you see fit.

The roles were reversed but you choose to ignore the truth before you. Go check out all the videos that fans had to make to show biased people like you that last year was no comparison.

Fernando gave Sebastian the option to pass either side and he chose the outside. He gave him just under a car widths space and kept it at that. Alonso was along side Vettel and he ran him out of road. Looks even better on you tube!!!!

You dont remember vettel complaining during and after the 2011 race that he wants the stewards to look at the 'incident'. Seriously mate.


You mention Kimi would have overtaken Massa for fourth with one extra lap, but, truth being told, with one extra lap, Schumacher would have overtaken Kimi, so most likely he had ended up 5th anyway.


Lewis almost looked embarrassed to have won the race today. I hate to say it, but Eddie just might be right.

I hope not : everyone else out there knows a move away from McLaren would be a huge mistake :

Let's just hope Lewis comes round to realising it, albeit a little late.

Lewis ? : Don't listen to those guys in suits !


I think Lewis was underwhelmed despite winning the race.

This was because Button retired from the race. If he had stayed in it, he would have finished either 2nd or 3rd, which would have meant Alonso would have only finished 4th, and the gap would have narrowed more between Fernando and Lewis.

Adding to the blow of Button's DNF was of the retirements of both Red Bull drivers, meaning that McLaren could have stand to gain more points to close the gap to Red Bull even more in the Constructors Championship.

I believe he was thinking in the best interests of himself, but more so in the best interests of McLaren. If that is no indication of what Lewis is doing in the future, I don't know what is.


Well remarked about the "victims"!


After today results Ferrari will say hello Perez goodbye Massa for next year.

I don't think Massa has to worry he can always go back to Sauber I think Peter Sauber will give him one more year in the sport.



Overtaking was far too easy today, having two DRS zones at a race that barely requires one is ridiculous.


If the theories about Hamilton being on his way away from Mclaren (downbeat body language/lack of usual vicotory joy after parking his car post Monza race), turn out to true, I reckon he could become the biggest threat to Alonsos' WDC campaign. HAM has difficulties handling pressure. When pressure leaves, as I think will be the case if his future decision is taken and done with, he will be able to perform at his absolute best, both mentally and physically. Not that I am worried, as I am sure ALO can cover that and then some, but a confident HAM in a car potentially faster than the Ferrari could prove troublesome. Ferrari are afterall not known to be bulletproof, says the wise mr ABU. Of course, the question then becomes, will Mclaren support HAM for WDC if he is leaving...I guess only if Button would be completely out of it...which is too early to know in a season like this. Interesting times ahead!


So we are essentially back where we were in 2007-2008 with a stewarding panel who think it is their remit to play as much a part in the race result as the drivers. On the face of it you can't argue too strongly against the punishment for Vettel but as with those years it is impossible for the stewards to act consistently as they cannot cover every incident during the race. In this race there were similar incidents such as Di Resta putting Senna onto the grass and Alonso putting Di Resta on the grass which went unpunished. In the 00's it was Hamilton getting the rough treatment. This race wasn't actually as bad as some this year with the endless list of "to be investigated..." notices.

On the Vettel-Alonso pass, doesn't the car width rule only apply on a straight, not on a corner? Perhaps pedantic. If not then when is it acceptable to run a driver wide to the curve? Can you ever legitimately ude the full width of the track when exiting a chicane, for instance, if the car behind is overlapping slightly? Usually the car behind would be expected to back out of the move, is this no longer the case?

Are we now seeing the law of unintended consequences in action? Are more drivers going to attempt wall of death moves round the outside of corners expecting to be given space when the driver ahead legitimately feels he needs all of the road to get round the corner?

I find it funny watching ex drivers, especially the likes of Anthony Davis, ringing their hands about dangerous driving and what is and isn't acceptable. They all seem to view the past with rose tinted glasses as if they weren't at it themselves - taking risks and making mistakes - back in their day.


Hi James,

Do you think that it's a coincidence that Red Bull's Qualifying pace has vanished since they were caught with a system that could change their ride height by hand?


Ouch! A great drive from Perez which confirms he was not just lucky in Malaysia. Will probably open a can of warms in drivers market. Can Ferrari allow not to sign him and let him end up somewhere else? All respect for Massa but can anyone believe Perez is not at least a match for him? At the same time McLaren is in a situation where one of their drivers is at least openly talking to another team if nothing else. Whitmarsh will probably want to use a driver that is hot property at the moment as leverage. And if Hamilton ends up in Mercedes, Perez is probably the best option from those driving for the lower ranking teams, unless you want a driver of particular nationality. Not only that, but as with Ferrari, can McLaren miss a chance to sign a potential future star and let him go to the main competitor? If I was Lewis, if I haven't already done it, I would try to quickly make my mind up and put a pen to the paper, 'cause if he was using Mercedes to get a better deal out of McLaren he is risking the later getting fed up with him and going elsewhere anyway. And now there is quite a driver with potential on the market. Perez, if he is allowed to sign for a team other than Ferrari, should carefully look what is a better long term option and that may not necessarily be the red team.


James, did the FIA say why both Di Resta and Rosberg weren't penalized for "hip-checking" Senna off of the track. Do you have to be a contender in the Championships to get any justice?

The blocking rule states:

If the following driver has any part of his car along side you, you're not allowed to use the entire width of the track.


As has been mentioned above, the 'blocking rule' applies only to the straights.

Vettel was penalised for for deliberately forcing Alonso off the track ("Car 1 forced car 5 off the track at Turn 3 "), which is a separate part of the regulation.

Judging this a a lot more contentious, as it is often a matter of opinion rather than fact as to whether a driver is holding a line through a corner - and also if the following driver is going for a gap which was never there.

There is no way to write a rule which can be applied objectively like the one for blocking on a straight.


Senna didn't have much of the car alongside Di R


Even so, according to the rules, Di Resta should have left space for Senna, but he hit him and forced him out to the run off area instead. He ruined Senna's race and it is somewhat strange that incident was not even investigated. Senna was penalised in Valencia for less than that. Kobayashi was behind him there, more than Senna was behind Di Resta in Monza.


Do you have to be a championship contender for the stewards to penalize the other driver? As far as I can recall, DiResta did to Senna exactly what Vettel did to Alonso:

“Involved in an incident as defined by Article 16.1 of the FIA Formula One Sporting Regulations”

I am assuming that the infringement was “Forced a driver off the track.”

Either penalize all or clear all! I have no problem with either direction just be consistent.


No but you shud be driving a ferrari.

Mike from Colombia

James, could it be that Rosberg is on his way out of Mercedes?

I ask this for several reasons:

1) Rosberg cannot firmly considered to be a star if the future. He has had time to prove himself to be exceptional, but has never really stood out. Mercedes needs a STAR

2) Ross Brawn has made comments about needing Michael Schumacher for the big transition in 2013

3) There have been doubts over Mercedes commitment to F1 in the earlier oart of the season.

Could Brawn having Schumacher committed to the team for another two years be a way of protecting the team's survival? Surely, Mercedes would never dream of pulling the plug on the team when they have the responsibility of the reputation and legacy of a German icon like Schumacher on their shoulders.

Schumacher and Hamilton would create a massive spnsorship draw and give Mercedes to transition the teamm to be built around Hamilton in the future.

Ross Brawn is no fool and recognises Hamilton's talent. Schumacher is a team player? Could it be Brawn and Schumacher that are jointly selling the Mercedes opportunity to Hamilton?

Is this beyond the realms of possibility?


I thought the same, it would seem plausible, but I think Rosberg might already be contracted for next year.



He did a new contract earlier this year


This scenario sounds very plausible to me and would undoubtedly be an attractive proposition to Hamilton and a chance to really prove himself.


LH pointed to the 'RED' part on his helmet that was the red in the Italian flag, is this a clue?

Would you be happy if someone that throws the team under the bus at every opportunity just won?

Go home LH!


I oly managed the BBC coverage tonight but what a race. I'm sorry for Button and Vettel but the the one to watch is Kimi. 3rd in the championship. Such a great race with great drives from everyone. Its a shame D'Ambrosio had no KERS. I'd have liked to seen what he could do?

Gavin Pendergrast

Great race & good for the championship. I do like Alonso but another DNF would do the world for the run in to the end of the season. I would say though that I was disappointed in the TV coverage for one simple reason..... Just as the cars were heading into the first lap with DRS enabled and all still bunched up the producers showed about 5 replays of the start! I woke my family up (race starts at midnight in NZ)yelling at the TV to show me the racing not 5 different angles of a start that was uneventful. The first DRS lap is as exiting as the start in some races. Bring on streaming coverage where we can pick and chose what we want to watch.


I totally agree. One replay is enought, maybe two if something really interesting happened. But I want to watch the race live!


Hi James,

There definitely was something missing from Hamilton's victory. Maybe he's doing a Ronaldo and expressing his 'sadness'. In any case, I'm not a huge fan of Niki Lauda asking questions on the podium. I see it as a pointless publicity stunt. I much rather prefer it when the drivers are inside and asked questions by a qualified journalist such as yourself or the usual suspects. The questions after the race are always an interesting part of the weekend and Niki is doing a lousy job.



Good win for Lewis but he is always serious after a pole or a win. Why can't he enjoy the mOment a bit more. It is after all what he is trying to achieve every gp weekend...


Great drive by Perez, would of been interesting to see what Button would have done, would he of challenged for the win or play the team game and be rear gunner.

This serious/angry/brooding Lewis is pretty fast and consistant.


I does seem as if Lewis's relationship with his team has cooled.

Mercedes may have lured him away. We'll find out soon enough.

If this turns out to be the case who will partner jenson next year?

Di Resta? Hulkenburg? Kimi? Or maybe (long shot) Schumacher?!?!


So let the silly season get into swing... Hamilton to mercedes, rosberg to mclaren, perez to ferrari, massa to williams, maldona to nascar, kovalainen to sauber

seriously though. monza is a spectacular venue and the low downforce setup the teams have to use makes for some great action.

Tornillo Amarillo

James, what was Lewis showing on his helmet after the race?

Great race,dramatic failure from Red Bull (Renault) and dramatic save from Webber!


Doesn't the Union Jack have red too? 😀 😀 😀 😀


I believe it was the Grenada flag?


What's the real story within mclaren, some people are reporting Lewis and Jenson arn't getting on, there did look some friction at the press conference on Saturday


I beginning to wonder if the comments from Button almost every race about "I'm sure Lewis will be here next year, it's the best place for him" aren't some kind of poor attempt at reverse psychology


Mr. Button certainly has been very very vocal this year.


The Drivers who drove above their cars were:

1. Vetel (before his penalty and failure)

2. Raikkonen (was a sitting duck today)

3. Perez (starting 12th and almost wining)

4. Alonso (starting 10th and finishing third)

The Drivers who made the best of the machinery available:

1. Hamilton (untouchable)

2. Button (before his breakdown)

3. Massa (driving at par)

4. Schumacher (a bit of both the categories)

5. Rosberg

6. Senna (only other Renault Powered car in points besides Kimi).


Woah, let's not overreact folks. Lewis was pointing to the Italian flag on his helmet. You know, the same grand prix he just won. Maybe he was pointing to the green meaning he is going to Caterham next year? Please.

Also, why is everyone suddenly calling for Perez to fill the Ferrari seat? I liked the kid at the beginning of the season, and he has just grown on me more and more throughout the season. That said, I think a move to Ferrari is a mistake and that he'd want to stay with Sauber, which he's eluded to himself. Sauber seem to have a great car, and team, and I think he just needs a better second driver to help him develop it further.


This was written by Andrew Benson of the BBC:

"When Alonso went for the big move, around the outside of Curva Grande at 180 mph on lap 26, Vettel unceremoniously barged him on to the grass, the Ferrari bucking scarily as Alonso wrestled for control. It was a sure-fired penalty, in the context of a clarification on acceptable driving which was issued verbally to the drivers at the Spanish Grand Prix and then in written form in Canada.

The assumption was that Vettel was getting back for a similar situation, with roles being reversed, in last year's Italian Grand Prix. Vettel has brought it up at every opportunity, and this looked very much like revenge.

Vettel has the arrogence and self-belief that is required of all great drivers, but there is also sometimes a sense of entitlement about him which is less than appealing".

I don't usually copy what other people say, but I just couldn't say it better myself.


Congrats to Hamilton for a fine and faultless drive with a deserving win.

Alonso was expected to make up places and turd was the maximum. Massa and Nando (16.2 secs behind Perez) times fell incredibly fast during the last ten laps. But this wily old fox sure knows how to collect the points and deserving too.

CHECKO!!! the highlight for me, once he got passed Massa, Nando was a sitting duck with the blink of an eye. Perez would have won the race with two to three more laps, for sure. No one can beat Perez for tyre management not even Button. Checko was chopping 2 secs or more per lap like a concord upside down after the options came on.

Many close fights spiced up the race and incidents too.

Horner should not keep repeating Ferrari will fail sooner or later, shhhhhhh, look at what happened to both the Red Bulls.

Wow, Kimi is turd in the WDC standings, silently he's creeping up on the two leaders. Wonderful.

Oh yes, the drive through penalty for Vettel was rather unfair. More ranting will follow on Alonso's complain immediately after the incident. That's Nando for you as we all know, its habitual.

All in all I enjoyed the race and rate it 8.

SINGAPORE!!! A wet race? been waiting too long for it. I think the spray under the closely placed lights will be spectacular, it's been said.


A wet race in Singapore is equal to red flag. The first year there was a chance of ran and FIA said that it was impossible to race there with rain due to the reflects of the lights in the drops of rain.


I think the race would be instantly red flagged if it rained under those lights. Visibility would be literally zero.


Problem with that is, rain tends to be an on/off thing there. When it rains, it pours as in "redflag the race" thunderstorms. Singapore doesn't really do drizzle.


I think Lewis was pointing to the Johnnie Walker logo whose motto is to not give up and "keep walking".


James, I heard your commentary on Five Live for the first time today and I have to say you do a fine job of not only dramatizing the race (in a good way) but you also add substantial content that is lacking here in the US commentaries. I wasn't so sure about Jamie A. though- he's certainly no James Hunt.

On a different note, as a Hamilton fan, I hope he moves on as I don't see him patching his relationship with his team. His twitter-gate last week reflected that; as an old teacher used to say "Every human behavior is caused". I suspect he's had enough of the false equivalency (my view) in performance between he and JB projected by Whitmash and others in the team.


I've been feelin it since last year too Vinola & that's an apt description of the situation at Mclaren.

Mike from Colombia

I disagree about Algesuari. He seems like a very smart guy and makes very good calls on problems and driver incidents. He is almost never wrong.


I'm surprised how quick the penalty was decided on Vettel. It is quite confusing because Vettel was on the racing line through out when this incident occurred.

The rules says driver defending has to give a car's width after they've moved off the racing line and come back to it. But in Vettel's case, he never moved away from the racing line, so he was not even defending.

Alonso is simply so embarrassed that he could not do what Vettel did last year. So he had to summon his special Ferrari-FIA powers to penalize Vettel.


So you read 'the rules'....Did you read anything about the part that states if an attacking drivers front wing is past the defending drivers rear wheels he must be given a car widths space? Thats in the rule book 100%, go check and get back to me.

Well done with explaining how that penalty came about thou. A fascinating insight for all or us fortunate to read it. Im sure most of us thought Alonso was angry cos he nearly got killed last week and being squeezed onto the grass at 330kph while alongside Vettel was not his idea of being given racing room......but it seems it was just his pride that caused him to use his 'special powers' to penalise Seb.

Please could you post more info about these special powers that Alonso has? As fan ive got heaps of questions....How did he get them? Can he use them anytime? Could he beat superman in a fight? Please tell us more


I have discovered an interesting observation on the rule under which Vettel was punished, had it been in place at Suzuka in 1990 then Prost would have been penalised for the first corner crash!

If you don't believe me check on You Tube, Senna had his front wing beyond Prost's rear axle, and Prost did not leave a car's width.


LOL +1 brilliant reply and I would also like to know the answers to those questions, they've been bugging me for a while now.


So: stick the nose in and the driver in front going flat out on the racing line has to lift or risk a drive through?

And I thought DRS was artificial.


Look at the rules and answer yourself.


As we heard on vettel's team radio, his engineer advised him to stop the car rather than risk the engine. So does this mean an alternator failure can cause an engine to fail?


Here are some 'what if's' bearing in mind 'some say' Lewis's win will help hin re-sign for McClaren,if he had suffered Jenson's car woes thus 2 DNF's in a row would the balance now be tipped towards Merc ? what if Perez had won, would he be looking at Sauber ?!


Was Lewis not just pointing to his head to say that he kept cool under pressure? It seems very speculative to read more into it.

Loved this GP. Unexpected podium, (hamilton aside) drivers coming thought the field through great driving (alonso) and great strategising (Perez). Mechanical failures too. All of this without a safety car or rain to mix things up.

The only question was the need for DRS, not sure it was needed as a few overtakes looked a little ont the "easy" side to me.

Bring on Singapore!


Did anyone notice that the guys on the podium where the 3 drivers taken out by Grosjean at Spa.


Sorry this may have been asked before but if Sauber (or any team) thought that hard to medium was a fast one stop strategy why not put Kobayasi out in Q3 on hard tyres, accept he'll qualify 10th but go faster and further. If he'd done that and ran at the same pace as Perez he could have won.

Or if one of the bigger teams had the balls to go out in Q3 on the slower tyre, not push for pole but get as high up as poss and then reap the benifts on the day.


Cos they don't need Kamui anymore. All attention is going to Sergio. Kobayashi did his job well but he is alone and has no support from the team.


Another race, another contradictory penalty. Vettel gets a drive through instantly when Rosberg was apparently totally legal in Bahrain.

Only difference is, a title contender Ferrari was the "victim". Alonso needs to be careful when moaning over the radio as I remember him saying how Monza 06 wasn't a sport when he was on the receiving end of Ferrari politics.

But still, it will all get ignored and forgotten yet again and no moves will be made to tighten up F1 officiating to "sporting" levels.


I have not read every comment, but i have to give my 2 cents on what ive read about vettel running alonso off the road as he did ! Alonso had not just caught vettel and gone for a move, they were dog fighting for a couple of laps - therefore vettel knew he was there somewhere, being one of the 24 best drivers in the world and with the build up it is not unreasonable to ask was that 'moment' avoidable yes it was. Vettel should have had an eye in his mirrors, Alonso was way up the side of him when he moved over, which means the gap was there to start with, Alonso quite rightly believed he could have as Vettel should be expecting him.


Vettel was also penalised at last hockenheim GP as Button forced him out of the track.

Whiting also called the safety car out in Valencia to mix up things again at Vettel expense

Let's remember Vettel's penalty at Hungary 2010 and Hamilton's penalties while trying to overtake the lap-dog Massa (by the way this is the only thing he does well in an F1 car)

It's a long time Ferrari hasn't won a world championship and F1 is also desperate to keep the suspense till the last race always been like this. Red Bull and McLaren are far better than the Ferrari and that's why Whiting will continue to favour the latest

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