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Hamilton lights up Singapore with half second pole margin, Maldonado stars
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Posted By: James Allen  |  22 Sep 2012   |  6:12 pm GMT  |  84 comments

Lewis Hamilton continued McLaren’s recent qualifying dominance, making it four poles from four races for the Woking team and underlining his value to them as he set an untouchable lap to claim pole position in Singapore ahead of Pastor Maldonado and Sebastian Vettel.

Following Vettel’s dominance of all free practice sessions Hamilton set the bar at an unbeatable height in the final part of qualifying to claim his 5th pole of 2012 and his 3rd in four races, by almost half a second. It is his 24th career pole position, matching that of Niki Lauda and Nelson Piquet and the fifth of his season.

“I’m very happy with pole position. It’s been a good weekend so far, but there are no points for today, and it’s going to be a long, tough race, so I still need to be cautious. I hope we’ve done the work we need to do to put us in a strong position for tomorrow – the key will just be to stay out of trouble and look after the tyres,” said Hamilton.

Maldonado once again showed his prowess for qualifying on circuits lined with walls and barriers; he pulled out a sensational lap join Hamilton on the front-row. The Venezuelan is looking to score his first points since his race victory in Barcelona in May. Formula One drivers are most often compared to their team mates and for Bruno Senna his weekend of woes continued as he made heavy contact with the wall in Q2 and couldn’t continue in the session.

Vettel put his lack of pace in Q3 down to not extracting the full potential of the car, which had he done so may have made for a closer fight for pole but not necessarily meant the current World Champion would take his 4th pole of 2012. The track ‘rubbered in’ considerably since final practice and the surface fell in to the laps of the McLaren drivers as they were poised, in provisional first and second after their first Q3 runs.

The recent upgrades on the Ferrari car could not allow Fernando Alonso to fight for pole position and the championship leader will begin the race in fifth position, while team mate Felipe Massa begins in 13th. Alonso only took one run in Q3 and will have an extra set of options for the race, should he need them for Ferrari’s strategy.

From the outset it looked to be a battle between Hamilton and Vettel, with Vettel being the fastest prime runner in Q1 and Hamilton going fastest of all in Q2. Come Q3, Hamilton continued his trait of setting a very fast lap on the first run and letting the others chase his time, which turned out to not be possible.

During the second runs Hamilton set another lap time which was fast enough for pole, although not quicker than his initial benchmark. The Briton has coped extremely well in recent weeks with pressure surrounding his employer next year, and unlike in 2011 he has used it to re-ignite his season. He is currently sitting just 37 points behind Alonso in the Championship and if tomorrow’s result was to be based on qualifying that would be cut to just 22 points.

In the Constructors’ race, McLaren sit 29 points behind Red Bull and with Jenson Button starting 4th with Mark Webber in 7th this gap could be closed on a track that is notoriously difficult to overtake on.

Filling the gap between Alonso and Webber is Paul Di Resta in 6th. The Force India driver, along with team mate Nico Hulkenberg, has looked solid all weekend and could be set for a good haul of points tomorrow. For Hulkenberg, qualifying did not go as planned and he missed out on a place in the final shoot-out by 3/100ths of a second.

Completing the top ten are Romain Grosjean and the Mercedes pairing of Schumacher and Rosberg. Grosjean was very lucky in Q2 to spin and make contact with the wall but avoid any sufficient damage. He was able to have a run in Q3 where he once again came extremely close to the barrier. The Mercedes cars did not complete a full lap in Q3, leaving themselves with an open strategy for tomorrow. It’s the most sensible move for the team as they only scraped in to Q3 in ninth and tenth and having to start on a set of scrubbed super-softs would not have got them very far in to the Grand Prix with their high-degredation woes.

Further down the grid there was a transformation in emotions for Kamui Kobyashi, the Sauber driver heading out of qualifying at the earliest stage after choosing not to take a set of super-softs. Just three weeks ago he began the Belgian Grand Prix from second.

And on the final row of the grid Karthikeyan got the better of De La Rosa for the second race in succession and lapped nearly a second faster than his veteran team mate.

[Additional reporting: Matt Meadows]

SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX, Marina Bay, Qualifying
1. Lewis Hamilton McLaren 1m46.362s
2. Pastor Maldonado Williams 1m46.804s + 0.442
3. Sebastian Vettel Red Bull 1m46.905s + 0.543
4. Jenson Button McLaren 1m46.939s + 0.577
5. Fernando Alonso Ferrari 1m47.216s + 0.854
6. Paul di Resta Force India 1m47.241s + 0.879
7. Mark Webber Red Bull 1m47.475s + 1.113
8. Romain Grosjean Lotus 1m47.788s + 1.426
9. Michael Schumacher Mercedes no time
10. Nico Rosberg Mercedes no time

11. Nico Hulkenberg Force India 1m47.975s + 1.310
12. Kimi Raikkonen Lotus 1m48.261s + 1.596
13. Felipe Massa Ferrari 1m48.344s + 1.679
14. Sergio Perez Sauber 1m48.505s + 1.840
15. Daniel Ricciardo Toro Rosso 1m48.774s + 2.109
16. Jean-Eric Vergne Toro Rosso 1m48.849s + 2.184
17. Bruno Senna Williams no time

18. Kamui Kobayashi Sauber 1m49.933s + 2.245
19. Vitaly Petrov Caterham 1m50.846s + 3.158
20. Heikki Kovalainen Caterham 1m51.137s + 3.449
21. Timo Glock Marussia 1m51.370s + 3.682
22. Charles Pic Marussia 1m51.762s + 4.074
23. Narain Karthikeyan HRT 1m52.372s + 4.684
24. Pedro de la Rosa HRT 1m53.355s + 5.667

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Fernando migh be a little worried going forward after the gap to pole today. Wasn't good.

If mclaren let Lewis leave now they will be mad. If he wants 30 mill a year give it to him. He has made jenson look ordinary this weekend. Although as always Sunday is a different day.


Well Jenson is ordinary. The only reason he won the WC is because of the car Honda (yes Honda not brawn) gave him that year. Lewis needs McLaren more than they need him. They can get a young star who is nearly as good.


It just does not work that way with young stars. They need seasoning, just like the process Hamilton has gone through over the past three years. He was always incredibly fast but not really that great of a 'package' in reality. He'd loose as many points as he would win because he was so 'green'.

Now though, as of this year, Hamilton has really arrived as a F1 'package'. He is just as fast as ever but he is also patient, intelligent and measured. I think he is better thanhe has ever been and well on the verge of fulfilling his potential as the best of this gerneration.

McLaren cannot just plonk a fast young guy in the car and expect them to have the same experiences that Hamilton now has..


Irish con....The same could be said for Lewis if he doesn't listen to his father, and remain with.




Lets just hope Maldonado remembers to go with the lights and not before this time since he's close enough to see them again.


Is it absolutely certain that Maldonado's lap was all legit (i.e. he made every chicane?)? It's just very surprising that he beat out Vettel ... the whole weekend up to then had been the Hamilton-Vettel show.

One would think Pastor would be on his best behaviour, and want to haul in decent points, which he has a good chance to do. But I just think that Maldonado just acts/reacts in the car, w/o any view to the wider picture.


I think it's more of Vettel having a bad Q3 lap than Maldonado beating him. Vettel's Q2 lap was actually quicker than Maldonado's Q3 lap, so Maldonado should'nt be too comfotable more so that he's no the dirty side.


He's wild but not that stupid, he'll be careful ino the first bend as his team have warned him to be careful


Let's hope the hot head of Maldonado does n't take out any of the leading drivers. He has already given Hamilton one DNF this year to make his mark on affecting the outcome of this championship.


Actually he has done that twice to Lewis this year (Valencia & Spa).


Giampaolo Dall'Ara: "On the positive side we were able to identify where the problem comes from. Nevertheless we cannot solve it here."

Small team effect.


Again, It was a nightmare listening to Whitmarsh after another brilliant performance by Hamilton. What is it with this guy. He used the word 'great' to describe Button's position but only 'good' to describe Hamilton's! He also attributed Hamilton's success to 'good timing'.

Really tired of this. It's about time this guy realised he has the fastest (if not yet the best) driver in the world in his car. If Hamilton leaves I bet this guy has a lot to do with it.


Thats Twitmarsh for you!


Whitmarsh and Button deserve each other.

Who cares about so-called driver development of the car? Wouldn't you just rather focus your efforts on a driver who gets everything out of the car, regardless of what you put him in. Hamilton has failed to get absolutely everything out of his car once this season (Spa). Once.

With Button, that maybe happens once every second or third race. Yet because he tows the McLaren team line fairly well and is accessible to the press, he gets fawned over by Whitmarsh and media alike.

Urgh... Awful to think McLaren could be on the verge of having let first Alonso, now Hamilton slip through their fingers in the space of a few years. What's the point in building fast cars if you lack the ability to get - and look after - the right drivers in them.


Some comments from MW on the Formula 1 website:

“Lewis has been in fantastic form all weekend, and today he showed a tremendous turn of speed to take a superb pole position here in Singapore this evening.

Yesterday, too, he looked impressive, showing strong long-run pace in the free practice sessions.

Lewis will be looking to win, of course - and, as long as he gets a clean start, there’s no reason why he shouldn’t do just that."

Oh the negativity!


It's easy to write the correct thing or say it when you have time think it through, but Whitmarsh is at his most transparent when called on for an immediate response - that's alos usually when someone's response it most genuine...


Reading the selected quotes post-race today, which you state are the most genuine, one can only assume that MW nearly forgot JB was even in the team if we're to use your logic. He is very complimentary to Lewis throughout and then throws in a mention about Jenson at the end. If the reverse happened Hamilton fans would be calling for his head. It's ridiculous.


I got the same impression too. I think the deal is done!


On what channel did you see\hear these comments from MW? I was watching Sky and he said nothing like this... He was very happy with Lewis and said Jenson struggled with setup.

I don't get all this MW bashing. I just don't see in his interviews what a lot of others do, it seems to me like Hamilton fans are a paranoid bunch.

Anyway, should be a good race tomorrow although I don't think anyone but LH or SV have a look in at a win. That is unless PM causes havoc at turn 1 of course!


BBC, Liam, straight after qualy. Sorry but the Whitmarsh bashing is fair comment where this issue is concerned - it's not the first time.


Maybe the TV interviews didn't show you the full story?


I am no Hamilton, Button, or Mclaren fan but I heard it too and it was grim. The most understated comment of your driver taking pole by HALF A SECOND I ever heard, and theost positive spin puy on Button languishing down in 7th or wherever he ended up. He is a terrible manager no doubt about it.


Hamilton can be fast but only when he's not having problems with the press/girlfriend/dad/team/twitter. He is an extremely quick driver when all is going well but the slightest bit of off track turbulence and he's off the boil. Much the same as button, he needs the car to be 100% perfect to perform for him to drive without distractions. Same problems, different causes. Hamilton can be very fast without doubt but lacks the consistency of a driver like Alonso, and that is why Alonso is leading the championship in a slower car.


The problem with McLaren is that Lewis and Jenson like different car set ups so its always going to be a bit of compromise whilst they are both there. Jenson favours a car that understeers whereas Lewis is the opposite. How often do you see both of them absolutely happy with the car. If Lewis is determined to get all the money he wants and he does leave to go to Merecedes, then to maximize their chances McLaren should get another driver like Jenson who is good at saving his tyres and likes a car that understeers. That is why Sergio Perez would be such a good fit.

You hit the nail on the head with Lewis. To be honest, much as I absolutely love him and the drama and style he brings to F1 and hope he wins the championship again this year, he is a troubled genius and he isn't unreplaceable. He can't bankrupt the team with his wage demands and not expect that this will draw from other McLaren strengths that also need major dollars. His choice to me seems pretty obvious, take a pay cut and stay at a team with a proven track record as one of the best in the business or take the dollars to move to Mercedes where there is no guarantee of success and hardly any signs of improvement since they took over from Brawn.


You can be supremely consistent, but if you get sent back to the grid after winning pole by 0.5 sec's (Spain), or if you pick up a puncture that sends you to the back of the pack (Germany), or if a rookie takes you out before turn 1 thinking you're not there (Belgium), or a sophomore driver spears his car into the side of yours banzai-style (Valencia), there is nothing any F1 driver could do about it. Won't even get into the agonizingly slow pitstops.

Alonso is very consistent, granted, but he's only been really beat back by the lap 1 calamity at Spa.

LH, FA, and SV have been the most consistent drivers this year. Don't discount the consistency of any driver b/c of incidents out of their control.


dont forget Kimi!


Hamilton is fast and will probably win the Singapore Grand Prix. However, don't overlook those who have saved tires for this particular race.


I'd say the key is more on managing the tyre than just having an extra set. I think a well managed 2 stop will have an advantage over a three stop even with a extra set. It’s a relatively short circuit so many stops will expose you to traffic.


Yes, Hamilton clearly can't perform when there are problems with his team, three poles in 4 qualifying sessions and two wins in 3 races clearly demonstrate that...oh wait.

And as well as Alonso has driven, he's leading because McLaren threw away 40-odd points for Lewis, and Ferrari have had a competitive car at loads of races (Spain, Britain, Germany, Monza to name a few).


What? In what way has Lewis Hamilton not been consistent this year? His TEAM were inconsistent at the beginning of the season costing him 40+ points but that's not the same thing. This season has proven the exact opposite of what you claim!


Nonsense. If he was much the same as Button it would have been a Mclaren 1-2 today, and with Button on pole - Jensons future is after all secure at Mclaren. Lewis won the Ferrari home grand prix shortly after his Aunt died, and not long after a truly dreadful Belgian GP, and amid a flurry of fairly cynical media hype about his future at McLaren, which unlike Button is very uncertain. That's quite apart from the melee of blog tripe about him on here for example. Today he got pole in an utterly convincing manner, leaving his main rival Alonso (who is leading the championship more as a result of Mclaren throwing away wins than anything else) in the far distance.


agreed except the last line.


you mean rb


It's been obvious Whitmarsh's driver is Jenson. He sincerely believes Jenson is every bit as good as Lewis, despite the glaring statistical evidence against.

I'm sure this bias is a contributory reason for Lewis wanting out.

But I'm just guessing


You are so right. I don't know what's wrong with Whitmarsh. You can tell he doesn't care much for Hamilton. He is very transparent. I would love to see Mclaren and Mercedes switch team principals. I really want to see Lewis drive for a real team boss like Ross Brawn.


Am I right that you can cut the chicanes and still keep the lap time?

That is what it looked like with some of the Q1 laps... Perez for example...


Let me say straight where my focus is - Alonso winning the WDC.

So...I think Ferrari in Singapore is something like Red Bull in Monza. Alonso knows that he cannot win and so he will try to do everything possible to finish ahead of Vettel and maybe even Hamilton (Maldonado permits).

Hopefully next race Alonso can qualify a bit closer and increase his advantage.

But....the way I see it today, Hamilton is in a much stronger position to win the title...not Alono.


AlexD do you see fairies and pixies when you go for a walk in the woods as well.

179 - 142 = 37 points

That is two second places to Hamilton and zero points to Alonso in the next two races before they are even close.


I am not deciding the Championship that fast...I will be won in the next race, but including this GP, there are 175 points to grab and Ferrari doesn't have the car to take the majority of those.


No points awarded on Saturday. Table still shows Alonso with a 37 pt lead.

What does a 37 pt lead get Alonso? Well, even if Lewis was able to beat Alonso by an average of 8 pts at the next 6 races, that would still mean that Alonso would still be in with a shout at the final race (he'd be behind by 11 pts).

Before the season started, I said Lewis would need six wins to take the DWC. I still think that's the case.


Very true. Given the huge consistency of Alonso, I think he'll have more points than an average of 8pts per race and have a much much tighter end to the season 😀 😀

Looking forward to seeing Alonso v Hamilton duelling it out at the end.


Agree: I am a Ferrari fan.. rather than a specific driver.. the Mclaren is so fast now I think they will get the double this year. If Hamilton stays out of trouble, the title is his.


I'll second that.


While logically all you wrote is true, do not forget that this is how the situation has been all season - Ferrari has been behind the Mclaren more or less every race (Monza being a close call). Not looking good - yes. Hopeless or even close to - no. It all depends on how much HAM/VET manages to extract from that performance advantage.

I am also very disappointed at Ferrari. How can they be so far behind at this stage of season, especially considering that they have just had the benefit of three days of testing - precious testing time that RB and Mclaren have not have had yet...


I agree with you. It is disappointing that we are so far behind at this stage. P5 isn't what I expected, not when there's a championship at stake. Importantly we should be finishing ahead of both Lewis and Vettel. That is not gonna happen now (unless a miracle occurs, and which I doubt it will). Somehow, we need to re-discover ourselves and find purpose. DS.


Exactly my thoughts. Cheers Quattro 🙂


Every race? No way. The McLaren was nowhere at Silverstone. The Ferrari has been decent since Barcelona. I don't think they've ever been the outright best car at any race, but co-best at some events, Silverstone certainly being one.


Interesting how some drivers improve relative to the others on a street circuit where there actually *is danger.

There's been a lot of talk lately about making f1 safer and etc etc. But, ppl already have huge crashes and walk away.

This has caused some fans to say its already *too safe, with huge runoff areas and no penalty for running off track.

I would agree, and add that it has changed the racing itself. That its only on a circuit like this that the brave ones like Maldonado shine. The rest should be wearing skirts.


Thin line between shining and crashing. As good as Maldonado was in quali, I think if you had to put money on a driver crashing with nobody around them, Pastor would high on most people's list.

These guys are all fast and they're all brave. The best ones know how to manage the risk and the fearlessness just right.


If the deal with MB is not done yet, Lewis drove like he want to tell McLaren how much they should bid for him. He really blow JB away.

Quite a big surprise that Maldonado beat Vettel, the 1st seed from FP.

If Lewis survive the 1st lap from Pastor, whose I really worry about, then the race should be his.

From now on there should not be any big upgrade for any team. With the pace of McLaren, they really prove they are fast on any track configuration, hig mid low downforce. The chance of WDC for Lewis is looking much better.


My momma always said, "Maldonado was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."


with the odds on offer friday morning on Maldo springing a surprise...I was nearly tempted. But I thought: Fat Chance!!



Lewis kissed the wall in Q3. Will the team be allowed to make repairs under the parc ferme regulations?


Yes, if anything is broken.


How about his right rear tire? He has to start on that set, if it was the same one on which he set his best time in his previous Q3 attempt. So, is there a chance that the tire is damaged?


It wasn't the set with which he set his best time. But maybe it makes them go to the set of options they used in Q2.


This year is proving a nightmare to compare drivers and cars. One race the Sauber is the class of the field and the next weekend it's absolutely nowhere and its the Williams on the front row. I wonder what any of the top 5 drivers could do with either car. Maybe thats exactly what Kimi is doing with the Lotus? Who knows? I'm loving this season.


They say property is all about position, position, position.

This year where you finish in F1 is all about tyres, tyres, tyres.


That's rubbish mate. If u don't have the downforce and drive ability u will be no were


So how do you get that downforce and drive ability to the ground from the car?

Um Tyres!


Good job by Lewis. I hope that brush with the wall on his last run won’t come into play tomorrow.

For Maldonado’s sake, i hope he will not be too ambitious into the first corner, and indeed the race also. It’ll be nice for him to bring home some good points, never mind that the stewards will be keeping a very beady eye on him tomorrow, and will be looking for an opportunity to give him his comeuppance.

Regarding Lewis’s contract issue, can’t Witmarsh at least attempt to give an impression of being happy with Lewis’s pole? He looked utterly dejected. Things must really be abysmal at McLaren. For my own part, i believe Lewis’s relationship with Martin Whitmarsh, Jenson Button, some of his mechanics, and even Ron Dennis, has broken down irreparably. Hence, the frosty reception by Ron and Martin to Lewis’s win at Monza, and Lewis’s general demeanor at Monza and indeed Singapore.

It really is my impression that either Lewis has already signed for Mercedes, or is leaving for an undisclosed team; hence his words after the Monza victory thanking the team and the engineers for the wonderful opportunity he was given. Sounds like a parting farewell to me.

If he hasn’t signed for another team yet, he will be utterly stupid to stay at McLaren.

He will never be a No.1 driver there (at least not while Whitmarsh continues his unashamed favouritism for Button), he is being offered 2/3rds of his current salary to be on par with Button?, and will always be continuously undermined.

McLaren have a history of failing to manage very ambitious drivers – Senna, Montoya, Alonso, and Hamilton. Hell, they even problems with Kimi. It is as if there is an overiding obsession with controlling (from Ron, no doubt) drivers at all costs, and clipping the wings of drivers they see as overeaching there importance by any means necessary.

His current salary offer is not simply due to the economic climate, but an attempt by Ron to bring Lewis down a peg or two. If anything, McLaren probably have backers with the deepest pockets in the whole of the padock.

McLaren is certainly the best place for Button – he is not overly ambitious, toes the company line, and he plays the intra team politics quite well. If Lewis had any modicum of sense, he would leave; if he hasn’t done so already.


Totally agree though I've a bad feeling he'll end up staying at McLaren next year. I hope not.


Hamilton was booed on the podium at Monza which I think had alot to do with his demeanor after the race.


Why leave the team that offers him the best chance of winning the WDC?


Lewis does qualifying like nobody since Senna. The best Alonso can hope for is that Maldonado does his usual sophomore mistake to move up to the podium. I'm sure after all the penalties Pastor will be better behaved tomorrow so Ferrari's best chance is strategy and better pit stops. Lewis, Seb and Nando in that finishing order.

McLaren's car is on a different level from the others for 4 straight races now. We haven't seen that level of dominance from any team since Red Bull last year. It is quite possible for them to run the table for the rest of the year. Alonso can probably podium in all the remaining races but even if Lewis shares a couple of wins with Jenson, he will end the year tops in points.

Hamilton is worth whatever money he's asking from McLaren but you can see from his emotional expressions today and since Monza that he's already signed up for Mercedes. Wouldn't be the first time a reigning world champion moved to another team. I see more success from him in the coming years than McLaren unless Woking manages to sign up Vettel.


Vettel is a much better qualifier than Hamilton.


Can anyone tell me why Lewis had a new race engineer ? - Absolute stunning pole from Lewis, Without Lewis McLaren is going backward. Button can not carry the team on his shoulders when needed, did anybody noticed that Whitmarsh was not happy with Lewis's pole in the interview with Sky F1 he keeped mentioning Button telling how great Button did, it's McLaren need to take some action against Whitmarsh because he drags the team downwards. Good luck for tomorrow Lewis!


It wasn't Andy Latham? I thought the voice on team radio sounded different. Maybe it was Phil Prew?


Apparently his regular engineer's wife was due to give birth, so has flown home.


Well I dunno wot to think re Hamilton! Usually I don't waste much time thinking about him due to the fact I'm not his biggest fan/supporter. However, one thing that has been constant in my mind ever since he came onto the scene is the thought that "without Ron and McLaren, Lewis would be nothing. They've trained him, educated him, opened all the doors for him, organized his racing career/future, and the lower classes he raced in on the way up, given him toys/cars to play with that are as good as the best in the world or better, etc., etc., so I would have thought Lewis owes them a major debt of gratitude and should bend over backwards to show his apreciation and not quibble about how much money he gets, in fact he should be paying them for the privilage".

Just my thoughts, can't help it!



not a big fan of lewis either. But you can't ask him to drive for McLaren forever just because they have nurtured him


Again Hamilton proves his point.

But I'll say this Button is right in what he is doing, fighting for he's own place in history regardless of his position in this championship.

Hamilton has 24 poles in his career, this figure will grow (I believe he as passed Alonso) with only Schumacher having more on todays grid and may well add to his wins tally tommorrow.

When all is said and done thats what the history books will show and Button is competing in the same era.... you can't fault him.

if hamilton go's on to win this WDC it will be one of the best ever - no help from the team no help from his team mate.

I get it.

Tommorrow is a long race it'll be interesting to see how it go's I'm curious to see what Button does over the next few races.


... and from 9 fewer starts. 15 poles in a season will do that for ya, I guess!

Alonso has 22. Lewis' pole-winning percentage is actually better than Schumacher's (23.3% to 22.7%), though Vettel's is far better than either.


i stand corrected....

should have added the only thing that can stop lewis now is the car.....


Was going to point that out. Vettel is 1 pole away from being -- what is it second or third all time? Already!


this is a reall good point you make, makes me think back to the reason alonso said he left mclean. maybe there was more to it that what we all saw on the tv. if lewis does leave and i think that is a big if, because the team was favoring button over him, the irony would be lost on no one. james, your thoughts on this?


Face it guys Lewis is leaving, the body language tells you that. Who is replacing him my money is on either Perez or a certain Mr Kubica


Kubica? You're havin a laugh!


Why not, he is the best choice? He is rallying again and the arm is on the mend, infact i remember a lot of people said Lewis to Mercedes, your having a laugh? Looks more and more likely


What's with the body language?.. Even if Hamilton is leaving, can't he be happy for his guys in the team? For his fans even?..

This is what irks me about this guy. Too immature to see the bigger picture. He does himself no favours with onlooking teams sulking like that. Grow up already.


Yes, acting like a professional and getting the job done certainly shows great signs of immaturity.

Do you think Kimi is immature because he doesn't jump up and down and brandish the finger every time he secures a good result for his team?

And for the record, the behind-the-scenes camera on Sky showed that Lewis still has a good relationship with his engineers and the team, which is what really matters.

Tornillo Amarillo

Whitmarsh has to push Button for the Constructor's, but yes MW is somewhat pathetic.

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