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FIA confirms revised 2013 F1 calendar, but what is the cost of entry?
Posted By: James Allen  |  28 Sep 2012   |  7:06 pm GMT  |  33 comments

The FIA Motor Sport World Council met today and confirmed a 20 race world championship calendar, with some revisions from the version that was leaked in the Singapore paddock last week.

Germany and Spa both move a week earlier, which makes more sense and gives a better balance to the July, August and September dates.

Meanwhile New Jersey appears on the schedule, provisionally, despite some suggestions from Bernie Ecclestone this week that the event does not currently have a valid contract.

In other news from the WMSC, the FIA said that the discussions over the new Concorde Agreement have progressed to the point where it believes that the new 8 year agreement will be ready for signature by the end of October.

The FIA may be ready to sign it, but there are plenty of indications from teams that they are quite some way off being able to sign a new Concorde Agreement and there are still some big issues still to be resolved over the next few weeks and months.

Although a fax vote took place to ratify the 2013 Sporting and Technical regulations, the teams are vexed by several aspects of them; the cost control mechanism, the new Resource Restriction Agreement, is not part of these Sporting Regulations, for example.

Meanwhile in the 2013 regulations, the deadline for entries is listed as October 30th, but there is no indication of the entry fee. The latest suggestion was that teams would pay £308,000 to enter, plus a price per point scored. That looks like being around £3,000 per point, but nothing is confirmed. This would give the FIA something like $15million a year from the teams, to add to the increased payment from the commercial rights holder.

Also deeply worrying some of the midfield teams is the appearance of the list of parts that teams must design themselves, which normally lives in the Concorde Agreement. In the absence of a Concorde Agreement for 2013, there is one school of thought that this list appearing in the Sporting Regulations is a way of ensuring that it is observed for 2013, but some teams are worried that it might open the door to change and erosion with the result that cars which are more like “customer cars” might start appearing – McLaren able to do more of the Force India car than currently, for example.

This is something Ferrari are keen to see in F1, but teams like Williams fear would make them uncompetitive.

The teams feel in a vulnerable position at the moment, dependent on the financial deals negotiated with the commercial rights holder for financial survival in a tough market for sponsorship, but with a lot of regulatory issues to be resolved.

Meanwhile the commercial rights holder looks to be in a very powerful position, with increasing influence over the running of the sport.

F1 World Championship Calendar 2013
17/03 AUS Australia
24/03 MYS Malaysia
14/04 CHN China
21/04 BHR Bahrain
12/05 ESP Spain (Barcelona)
26/05 MCO Monaco
09/06 CAN Canada
16/06 USA Jersey (New York) *
30/06 GBR Great Britain
14/07 DEU Germany
28/07 HUN Hungary
25/08 BEL Belgium
08/09 ITA Italy
22/09 SGP Singapore
06/10 KOR Korea
13/10 JPN Japan
27/10 IND India
03/11 ARE Abu Dhabi
17/11 USA USA (Austin)
24/11 BRA Brazil

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James, do you have any info on the rumours that the 2014 engine regs are likely to be changed or scrapped?


Well there is the story that’s out there with some quotes from Bernie today.

I know that a lot of smaller teams are very unhappy about the costs.


Quick question, James: When FIA is pushing for costs to go down, why would they want to introduce new engine that’d drive costs up by four times of what they are today?

I know it’s part of the initiative to go green, but to me it seems like it’s the wrong time in the wrong economy environment to introduce such changes. Makes no sense to me.


Thank you James! =)


IMO they should keep it to the manufacturers themselves what they want to make.

A 1.6l T I4, V4, V6 or V12, whatever. Let them decide for themselves. I can see Ferrari wanting a V12, because they sell V12 cars. Renault could opt for the V6, because that is more inline with their roadcars. Mercedes a V10 or V12. Cosworth a V8. Why must everything be the same?

Just give them 100 litres of fuel and good luck. 😛


That is the question teams are asking at the moment

Renault are really pushing for it, there was a lot of momentum behind it last year. I think Audi/VW may have also indicated they might get involved if the engine rules changed like this. Then changed their mindsl


You think this was part of Bernie’s masterplan? Get Hamilton to Mercedes, secure their signature for 8 years and *then* push for the new engine regs to be dropped?


I should also add that the new 2013 regs are now devised in accordance with “The Code” and not the “CA”.

The tripartite agreement seems to have fallen into separate pieces.


The timing of the Hamilton move was nudged to cover/divert from the release of the new Regs and the Germans decision to charge Bernie.

I think Bernie is worried that the new engine is also in the LMS specs and that some teams may look at that series instead of F1 at some point. Obviously some major car manufacturers are already involved in LMS in a big way. (Particularly German ones) So the obvious thing for him to do is get it banned from F1.

Now that the teams influence on the rules has been severely curtailed, from being main instigators thereof with the joint working parties, reduced to a 50% reduced voice on the commission, Bernie will find it easier than ever to get the rules altered to suit his long term plans. However I would not be surprised if he retires if/when formally charged.


Maybe, but he’s been trying to do this for over a year and it’s not been any secret


Folks, ENJOY this year of F1! I have a feeling it’s going to be the BEST for a long time!! These future changes sound very turbulent for several teams, and manufacturers. Perhaps ‘going so green’ won’t turn out to be such a smart move. Let ‘FE’ be that trailblazer.


The sooner the FIA/teams/FOTA regain the commercial rights the better. F1 is a shambles. prov Calendars, not sure which teams are committed, why does Ferrari get miles more cash than anyone else whether they win or lose. You enter a competition without knowing the entrance fee? Joke, joke joke. Typical of the BE method of running things. Its pathetic!!!



If none of the teams sign up to the Concorde agreement would the sport then be worthless to the commercial rights holders?

Would they be free of Bernie and free to start a breakaway series? The commercial side of F1 makes no sustainable sense to me


seems Still having problems with the site..

Still can’t make replies to peoples comments.

And STILL get ‘you’ve already said that!’ when you try again, after the first entry fails! How annoying!


..Then, Sodds Law, it makes me look a fool by allowing my comments at a 4th attempt!


I’m sorry to see they’ve moved Spa earlier. Was planning on doing Spa and Monza as a Europe road trip


I did that this year, it was great…it’s a shame they’ve moved them further apart, I was planning on doing the same next year too. Bit more time to explore the Italian Lakes?


The teams are terrified of Bernie having total control of the rules and regulations but are just too cowardly to sit together long enough to agree things in their own interests.

You’d think some of these outfits backed by billion dollar ownership boards might understand business a bit better…


Why don’t they do the USA races back to back while they are there in June after the Canadian Grand Prix? Market it as a double bill, best of both worlds a street circuit and then a more open circuit. Save everyone the time, effort and money going back there later on the year.


I guess that since Brazil is still the last round on the calender, having Austin as the penultimate race helps the teams make it slightly cheaper? CAN-USA-USA, CAN-USA-USA-BRA, or CAN-USA … USA-BRA?

Or maybe they just don’t like the idea of having both races in the USA back-to-back in the height of the NASCAR and IndyCar seasons. The race in Jersey is attention-grabbing because… well, that’s what anything involving New York City does. It grabs attention. A second race in the US right after wouldn’t receive much notice. By spreading it out they have the more headline-worthy event (not a dig against Autin; it IS New York) to steal the attention during NASCAR season, and then a second, potentially championship-deciding event when NASCAR is over and done with for the year. It gives F1 the better chance of success/exposure in what is basically the last market it still receives (comparatively) little attention in.



Austin and New Jersey are not close.

Weatherwise it would be a bad decision.

Austin is very hot in summer and New Jersey and Montrel are extremely cold in winter.


Too hot in Texas?


This has been covered before.. (a) the 2 places are FAR apart. (It’s as easy to return to Europe as it is to travel from one to the other logistically) (b) Weather in Austin in summer is damned hot! The current dates make better sense for many reasons.


The proposed entry fee structure seems odd.

If teams receive prize money based on points scored, then charging an entry fee based on the same points doesn’t seem right.

An entry fee should be a standard fee across all teams.

If the FIA want to increase their income there are more palatable ways.


Yes I don’t get this either.


Like taxing their declared budgets(making them declare a budget first, offcourse)


Ita 2012. Why do they vote by fax?


Hand written signatures?


By fax it’s a ‘legally binding agreement in writing’


Still having problems with the site..

Still can’t make replies to peoples comments.

And STILL get ‘you’ve already said that!’ when you try again, after the first entry fails! How annoying!


It’s an Akismet issue we think.

Thanks for your patience


Regarded as a legal agreement ‘in writing’.


James my comments haven’t been posting recently, I’ve lost at least 3 but only noticed today. I’m hoping this one goes up anyway.

How big is McLaren’s link with Force India? They supply them with parts the same way Red Bull supply Caterham don’t they but is it any more than that?

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