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Webber hit with five place Spa grid penalty
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Posted By: James Allen  |  31 Aug 2012   |  9:37 pm GMT  |  39 comments

Mark Webber has once again hit bad luck with a forced gearbox change ahead of Saturday’s free practice session for the Belgian Grand Prix.

The Australian has had a problem with this before, as recently as the German Grand Prix. It meant that he qualified behind his team mate and other rivals and ended up taking just 4 points from the weekend.

As Webber is Alonso’s closest challenger for the world championship lead, 40 points behind the Spaniard, he needs to keep the pressure on with regular big points scores. This is a serious set back and he will have to work hard to recoup his chance of a podium, against what looks a very competitive field this weekend in Belgium.

McLaren and Lotus are expected to be right there on pace once the track dries out, as it is expected to do on Saturday.

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In 2012 there have been diff problems, kers issues, drs not opening, team not sending him out in time in Barcelona qualy, odd pit strategies, gearbox changes….not huge, dramatic problems, but enough to make getting on the podium difficult.

Makes ya think doesn’t it? Red bull must either be pretty incompetent on webbers side of the garage, or something is going on.


Well, you have to admit a string of gearbox penalties is kinder on Mark than ordering him to move over for Vettel during the race. (Which he’d ignore anyway.)


When was the last time Vettel took a penalty for replacing a gearbox

Nuff said


This is , in my opinion, rather a blatant admission by redbullracing management, that they believe Vettel cannot beat Webber in a fair fight and will do anything to put their goldenboy (top energy drink salesman) back in front.

Two consecutive five place grid penalties for something totally out of Mark’s control, give me a break.


When Webber is not sleeping he is changing gerboxes.


Yeah absolute BS..Mechanical Breaches should come off the constructors points not drivers.These kind of mechanical failures cost Raikkonen at least one maybe two WDC with Mclaren!! (2003/5)

I was thinking that maybe Webber drives differently etc.. but agree that 2 gearbox changes in such a short time doesn’t sound right !!and it’s not the first time that lead teams have thrown their support where the money comes from.. I’m starting to see the red team all over again – heaven help us if that is the case..Really hate it when a team is so smug with one driver that he “can do no wrong”


These are the qualy positions and amount of seconds/tenth the fastest Ferrari (I was kind enough to omit the times of the other Ferrari here) have been behind pole setter in 9/12 races in 2012: AUS 12th 1,5s – MAL 8th 1,3s – CHI 9th 1,5s – BAH 9th – MON 5th 0,6s – CAN 3rd 0,4s – EUR 11th 0,7s – HUN 6th 0.9s – BEL 6th 0,8s. Still that driver is nr1 in the standings 40 clear of the nearest rival. Money no, its called race kraft. The “red team” should build a statue of that driver at their headquarters so F1 lovers could go and admire…


Both Sauber drivers , Lotus have come from worse grid positions to be challenging for win. Ok they did not win but they are on 1/4-1/2 the budget Ferrari. The point is Ferrari have clung to one driver and not bothered with 2 good drivers.. So you can go down and worship one statue outside Ferrari. Whilst I will go down to Lotus or Mclaren with a grin on my face knowing that despite the brilliant effort of one driver- the constructors…btw I won’t be counting my chickens either cause with both Mclarens firing and both Lotus – both titles are very much possible


Weber knows he is not the golden boy…


As I told before, Webber was out of championship the minute he signed. He will continue having bad luck until Vettel is at safe distance and RB “legitimatly” can support only one driver for championship.


These gearbox penalties aren’t great. It’s a pity something less of a penalty couldn’t be sorted out although I suppose it’s not so bad at Spa.

James, Schumacher is a 6 time winner of Spa and not a 5 time winner as you keep saying in commentary.


Shocking. Not a conspiracy theorist but this stinks to put it mildly. I wish they would have have a fair playing field at Red Bull.


So Mark starts from 6th. He can make that work 😉


12th isn’t it?


I made the comment pre-quali.

Call it wishful thinking 🙂


And just to be safe Vettel will take a gearbox change as well right? What’s that? Vettel won’t at this crucial stage where his contract negotiations might be unbalanced by being behind webber? Strange that…

I normally HATE conspiracy theories but Red Bull don’t even seem to try with a new pattern that always impinges on their second driver around this time.

Cmon RBR fans – someone disabuse me of this notion and remind me of the occasions where seb took a gearbox penalty to marks benefit?


Yeah, 5 spots is too much. I think it should be converse to the number of races run. So in this case it would still be a large penalty, but a 4-place drop, not 5 (new gearbox had run 1 event; 5 events req’d – 1 = 4). Or have it come off the constructors points totals.

As for Vettel, since joining Red Bull, he had never been off the podium for 3 consecutive races, until this season (Esp, Mon, Can, Eur). He had also never gone seven races without winning, ’til this year (Esp, Mon, Can, Eur, GBr, Ger, Hun).


Seriously, c’mon this must be a joke ?

He just had a gearbox change.

Did they give Mark Sebs gearbox over the break ?


I thought the gearboxs were supposed to last for five races not two?

Ever since Webber signed a 2013 contract with Red Bull the wheels have fallen off.

Expect Vettel to do well on Sunday.


why do i see dr. marko hovering inn the shadows ?


With a handful of sand.

Tornillo Amarillo

Lucky Alonso again … and lucky Vettel, Hamilton and Kimi.

Button, Grosjean should be ahead of Alonso in Spa!


Not good for Webber….

However, I remember back in ’05 Raikkonen got 40 grid penalties that year for engine changes…. and lost the title due to it in my mind…


Four-Oh? Forty? I missed that.


+40, Loving the maths, or was it a typo ?

Though it must be said Seb has probably had the worse luck when it comes to car issues in the races…


Hmmm I’m never normally a Conspiracy Theorist, but now something’s starting to smell…



A little off topic. Could you inform us about the engine and gearbox allocations? I’ve tried the FIA site but I can’t find any info on that. Would be interesting to know how many new engines Alonso, Vettel, Hamilton and Raikkonen have on the bank. Thanks and thanks again for the excellent work!



This is just too fishy, nothing else to say


If you’re going to get a grid penalty, Spa’s probably the place to choose.

Relatively easy overtaking of slower cars, and a lot of flexibility in race strategy mean that it should hurt less than just about anywhere else.

A first stop anywhere between lap 5 and 20 on a two stopper (and up to lap 29 on a one stopper) look quite possible according to you r strategy calculator. Traffic really should not be a problem if the team are smart.


Sorry, I don’t believe luck of any sort had anything to do with it.

David Selway-Hoskins

As a fan of real racing, I am tired of ‘gearbox penalties’ affecting the racing experience.

I understand the need to reduce costs in F1 and the desire to design gearboxes which will last 5 races but mechanical failures are part and parcel of Formula 1 and it is a shame that they incur a further grid place penalty.

I want to see the two leading drivers in the championship go head to head down into La Source again and not miss out because some designer in Milton Keynes undersized a bearing!!

Go Mark

Bring Back Murray

Well said! +1


Look up lucky in the dictionary and you will not see a picture of Mark Webber.

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