Ultimate F1 Road Trip Competition: Winners Announced
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Posted By: James Allen  |  15 Aug 2012   |  5:29 pm GMT  |  21 comments

We have been running our best ever competition on JA on F1 for the last few weeks. And now it’s time to announce the winners.

Along with Shell, the title sponsor of the Belgian Grand Prix, we are organising the Ultimate F1 Road Trip, which will see four lucky winners plus guests drive down from London to Spa Francorchamps for the Belgian Grand Prix weekend. It’s all part of our ongoing commitment at JA on F1 to help bring the fans closer to the sport.

The prize includes grandstand seats, hospitality at the foot of Eau Rouge, F1’s most iconic corner and the chance to test your skills on the Shell Professional Simulator Experience, developed in collaboration with Ferrari: a state of the art driving simulator derived from the unit used in Maranello.

Entrants were asked to submit a 150 word write up of their favourite road trip and get friends and contacts to vote for them using social media tools like Facebook and Twitter to garner support.

We had over 2,300 responses, comprising entries and votes. You can see the post and responses Here

The top ten then had a telephone chat yesterday (Tuesday) with JA along with other judges and the final four have been selected.

They are:

Andrew Jacobs – Post No. 10

Rob Sinfield – Post No. 60

Anil – Post No. 119

Megan Cruickshank – Post No. 139

To the rest many thanks for taking part and for making this competition such a success. The others in the Top Ten who didn’t make the final four will each receive a signed copy of the JA on F1 2012 yearbook when it comes out in December.

We will be posting blogs, photos and a video from the winners during their Ultimate F1 Road Trip experience for the Belgian Grand Prix weekend here on JA on F1 and on JA on F1 Connect.

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Behind the Scenes at the track
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Bring Back Murray

Congrats to all.

I’ll have to work more on getting some mates before the next competition gets going



Formula1 newssite have been reporting news that Mercedes may curtain its involvement in F1, as Bernie is denying them a board seat. And hence they are holding out on the Concorde Agreement. Reports have indicated that mercedes withdrawing its name and ross brawn running the team, and mercedes giving limited support.

Look forward to your views

Anand, SK


Seriously jealous. That is all.


Congrats to all the winners & wish the best of luck next time to those who weren’t as lucky. Great contest James, and the timing really helps break up the 5 week downtime for the fans.


Well competitors,I feel as if we knew a long time since this 2 weeks 🙂

Maybe someday we`ll meet at some Grand Prix.



Frites with mayonnaise, Belgian beer, chocolates and a bit of F1 thrown in for good measure.

I’ll see you there James, first round is on me.





Are the rumours true that you are looking for à new friend?:-) i happen to know a couple of things about the fries, the beer and the chocolate, not too sure how important the F1-part is..:?:-)


congratulations to the winners, you will doubtlessly have a great trip!! enjoy 🙂


congrats to all the winners, i’ll try harder next time!


My sincere congratulations to the elected four, you will be envied!!!

Btw, did any of you four already have tickets for the Belgian grand prix that you now want to get rid off? I’m asking because I’m somewhat suffering from the Buemi/Alguersuari-syndrome now that all tickets are sold out…:-)


Congratulations to the winners! especially Megan, who knocked me out of the top 10 on the last day!!

I hope you have a fantastic time and look forward to hearing about the experience on here.

James, thanks again for a great competition.


As I said in our call yesterday, I`m grateful, that you’re trying to give fans the chance to be closer to the sport. No luck today, but I`ll try later 🙂 Good fun for the winners !


Congratulations to you all!

Disappointed that I didn’t get picked myself, but maybe next time.


Fantastic! So excited to go to Spa already

michael grievson



Congrats to Andrew Jacobs, Rob Sinfield, Anil and Megan Cruickshank

for hitting the jackpot — Well done guys fully deserved for the simple reason you have got lots of mates that obviously love you.

As for our JA on F1, you rock man, thanks a bunch for the numerous blessings you shower us with.

May God repay you!!!


This major road trip can only mean the race at Spa is going to be mind blowing.

The last time I recall fans tagging along with our JA on F1 ~ Silverstone 2011 ~ ended up being spectacular.


Well done guys! 🙂


Congratulations Andrew Jacobs, Rob Sinfield, Anil, Megan Cruickshank!

I made it into the top 10 and am very jealous that you guys won, but well done! Can’t wait to see the videos of the trip and I’m looking forward to getting my book at the end of the year 😀

Thanks again James for the opportunity! A brilliant trip!


Thanks to all who voted for us (now gushing: mum, dad for having me….:)…my agent, manager – only joking) Thank you so much James and Shell for this amazing prize.

James – Don’t know if you took me up on the Epernay suggestion – but whatever we get up to, we’ll be delighted to keep everyone up to date with pics, video and postings.

Having heard nothing by lunch I was convinced we’d not made it.

Then Fiona from Shell called me while I was in Boots (the shop as opposed to footwear) this afternoon around 3pm –

She led me to believe we’d only come close for a few seconds – before telling me we’d won.

The checkout girl was a little surprised at my response (Good job I wasn’t wearing bright lipstick – or any at all come to that)


Congratulations to the winners. You lucky people! I look forward to your blogs and video diaries.

Commiserations to the other five that fell with me at the finishing line. I’m taking the view that it’ll still be on the telly. 🙂


Absolutely, and congratulations to JAONF1 and Shell for offering and running such a great competition. Love the way this site offers prizes that real F1 fans want and might not be able to get any other way!

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