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Posted By: James Allen  |  14 Aug 2012   |  10:49 am GMT  |  345 comments

The influential Italian paper Gazzetta dello Sport has done a mid-season rating of each of the F1 drivers, with Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso coming out on top, just ahead of Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Raikkonen.

And in a stark assessment of Ferrari’s other driver, Felipe Massa is at the bottom of the table.

The Italian media is very fond of what they call “pagelle”, which are marks out of 10 after every event. It’s a well established part of Italian sports media coverage and has been copied here and there in the UK media and elsewhere.

But in Italy it carries a bit more weight. So it is worth reporting and considering to see whether readers here on JA on F1 agree with their marks.

Alonso comes out with a 10, due to having won three races in an open season, “the merit is above all the Spaniard’s; he has managed to get 101% out of the car, no serious mistake, no below par race, ” says the citation.

Hamilton is second on 8.5, Gazzetta noting that “if he had translated the three poles into three wins it would be a different championship.”

Raikkonen, third on 8, is described as “the most beautiful surprise of the year” for his gutsy comeback, garlanded with podiums and strong points finishes. Interestingly, in 11 races so far these three drivers have yet to appear on the podium together.

In contrast the Gazzetta doesn’t spare Massa’s blushes, “25 points against the 164 of Alonso, who has beaten him 11 times out of 11. A few signs of a revival in recent races but it’s not enough to get him re-signed (for 2013). Perhaps it’s time for a change of scene..”

Here is the full run down:

10 – Alonso
8.5 – Hamilton
8 – Raikkonen
7 – Webber, Vettel, Rosberg, Grosjean
6.5 – Di Resta, Maldonado
6 – Schumacher, Perez, Kobayashi, Hulkenberg, Kovalainen, Glock, De la Rosa, Pic, Petrov,
5.5 – Senna
5 – Button, Vergne, Ricciardo, Karthikeyan

4.5 Massa

What do you think? Do you agree and if not how would you rank the drivers out of ten for their season so far? Leave your comments below.

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Cant help but noticing the number of Ferrari logos on your home page.



How would rate drivers without DRS n’ KERS ? Who has that unaided superiority?

My list would be:

1. Kimi

2. Lewis

3. Michael

4. Kobayashi

5. Webber

Sorry, but I don’t think Alonso & Vettel have what these five have.

Rest without DRS n’ KERS are nothing more then processionalists.

The only way this list can be expanded is by bringing back Mika Hakkinen and resurrecting Ayrton Senna.


I was actually there back in 1984 when the park was dedicated to Marilyn. As a matter of fact, Marilyn had her whole family there and it was a great day for us all. I am Marilyn’s youngest daughter!


Surprised Hamilton rates so highly in the published one…He’s consistently gone backwards from grid position


Wrong! Lewis would be leading the WDC had the team not made three Major put stop mistakes and quali re fueling mistake,also been taken out by Maldonado. Repeat-the Article is about driver performance Not team performance Understand !


I can’t see why someone can rate Raikkönen ahead of Alonso, Hamilton, Webber , Vettel.

He has not won anything yet. Neither a pole position nor a win in one of the best cars.

He gives a really good comeback but the results aren’t there.


Sascha ,I rated Alonso best in my earlier post no doubt about it.! Its very unbias .Lewis next practically tied with Kimi.

You must learn to balance driver performance, with car & team performance, strategy, Including mistakes, It’s not an easy thing to do. But both RBR drivers have made mistakes in a car that was fastest at many tracks. Where as Kimi made only very few small mistakes and finished every lap of every GP many of which were on podium from positions worse than 5 -10. Lotus pit stops were also slower than many teams and may even have won ( Bahrain, Malaysia- Strategy) had they been better. You also have to appreciate hes been out of f1 for 2 years and is already moving Lotus forward- quite outstanding really.


James do you think Ferrari were “beautifully surprised” by Kimis season ? Or is that their usual spin ! I mean it was “No surprise” to Martin Whitmarsh who was recently quoted as saying ” he is very intelligent” ..doesn’t make very many mistakes” and is one of the fastest drivers on the planet” quite a contrast in views. Anyway don’t keep us waiting too long for your review. We already starting to call each other names :).


I have always asserted that Kimi is best suited in a Mclaren and I think he will return there 2014.

Kimi (even though) he is last Ferrari World Champion was never in the Ferrari mold of drivers. (I still call him the Jean Todt’s World Champion).

He is Super Electric, and with Button slump in performance would make it all the more rational for him to return.

Just Imagine… Kimi and Lewis in Mclarens.


Absolutely ! – fastest natural drivers on the grid. I also believe Kimi has unfinished business at Mclaren ( he would be a 3 time WDC had 2003/5 Mclaren been reliable)..make it happen Martin Whitmarsh !


Alonso – 10

Raikkonen – 9

Webber – 8.5

Grosjean – 8.5

Vettel – 8

Kovalainen – 7.5

Hulkenberg – 7.5

Perez – 7

Kobayashi – 7

Rosberg – 6.5

Hamilton – 6.5

Maldonado – 6.5

Schumacher – 6.5

Di Resta – 6

Ricciardo – 6

De La Rosa – 6

Button – 5.5

Glock – 5.5

Pic – 5.5

Senna – 5

Button – 5

Karthikeyan – 5

Petrov – 4.5

Vergne – 4.5

Massa – 4


Button is there twice, I’s rate him 5


10.6 for Alonso. Don’t forget the six tenths he brings to a car.


just to qualify my rating comments. i did not make any contradiction re webber/raikonnen. i begrudgingly gave him equal billing with webber, not for points etc etc but for effort.

webber has had one shocker due to bad pitwall calls and also a five grid place penalty but is still up there in second place.

whilst i agree with the fact that alonso can get the max out of his car too many people disregard the fact that that ferrari is a seriously fast car. it may not have been in the first few races but it has been improving all the time.


I like this list and it’s pretty accurate in the upper half where it matter.

However the top 3 will look different when KIMI WINS in SPA !!!


My list then

9 – Hamilton

8 – Raikonen

7 – Webber

6 – Alonso Vettel Grosjean

5 – Rosberg Schumacher Perez Kobayashi

I really don’t understand why people need to OVERHYPE Alonso so much, the guy does nothing special. 2 of his 3 wins are down to luck (Valencia) the other in Malaysia Ferrari simply made sure Perez (Sauber-Ferrari) would overtake Alonso, plain and simply (and Hamilton had 3 bad pit stops).In Silverstone Alonso had the faster car yet he failed to win that despite a whole team behind him, Alonso can’t not handle a competitive team mate and to be honest i don’t understand why people rate Alonso so high. Alonso simply leads the champion ship due other racers MISFORTUNE and not his own ability

i’m getting tired hearing his fans and the media saying that Alonso has the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th faster car seriously stop it, look at Hungry he could do nothing ”so called” outperforming the myth has to end as well and not many people know that Alonso is in fact a pay driver and he BETRAYED McLaren


I like the F1 ratings best , if your consistant you get points. It’s about skills and keeping a level head. Although, unreliability is a good topic , how do drivers handle it , or do they cause it ?


10,5 (out of 10) : Alonso (amazing what he’s been doing with such a car even if he gained from the bad weather and the events

9,5 : Hamilton (en route back to his very best level which he has not yet reached) and Raikkonen (yes the lotus is fast and saves tyres, that’s why he’s a bit slow on saturdays, sometimes he’s lacking a bit of overtaking spirit but he’s still damned fast in race. Great job after beeing out for two years. Can’t wait for Spa).

9,3 : Webber (very good and consistent)

9,2 : Vettel (as for 2010, feel the pressure of a relieved teammate)

8,0 : Grosjean (at the end, beeing fast on saturday does not matter and too many mistakes) and Perez

7,5 : Kobayashi (sometimes unlucky this year), Pic (great job but not sure it’ll last) and Kovalainen (fast and deserves a much better car)

7 : Button, Rosberg (still a mistery for me) and Schumacher

6,5 : Di Resta (doing what he can but the car is what it is), Maldonado (fast but what else ?) and Vergne (think he’s fast)

6,0 : Hulkenberg (disappointment but the car is what it is)

5,5 : Ricciardo (some used to say he was the new rising star)

5 : Senna (the name is not enough)

4 : Glock (must hope to get a good car next year or…), Petrov (no surprise to see him where he is in my ranking), De La Rosa (should retire)

3 : Massa (what to say except I do not feel one or two good results and/or highlights will save his seat at Ferrari and even his seat in an other team) and Kartikeyan (nothing to say)


Just throwing a spanner into the works for all the rose tinted brits out there. Has anyone realised that actually Di Resta is not all that fantastic. He is being built up by british broadcasters as the next big thing.

Sorry, but Hulkenberg has just pipped him in my estimations. Given that Di Resta has had a year extra in that car renders the first few races imbalanced. However, in recent races, Hulkenberg has been quiker in quali and showing well in the races. Hockenheim was a prime example. Simply head and shoulders above all weekend.

How Kovalainen is not higher up on their list is astonishing. It appears the Italians are unable to judge a drivers performance if he is not a front runner.

Also, people have very short memories. Perez was superb at the start of the season, nearly winning in Malaysia, and more recently, drove a superb race in Germany, carving through the midfield which included Schumacher, Di Resta, Webber, Hulkenberg and more. He deserves a good 7.5 for my money.

Finally, Im amazed that Vergne is being lumped in alongside Ricciardo. Again, any attentive F1 fan would note that Ricciardo is much faster, qualifies better and is an all round much better long term prospect.

With that rant over, here are my ratings;

Alonso – 9.5

Raikkonen – 8.5

Hamilton – 7.5

Vettel – 7

Perez – 7

Webber – 7

Kovalainen – 7

Grosjean – 6.5

Hulkenberg – 6.5

Kobayashi – 6.5

Rosberg – 6.5

Maldonado – 6.5

Di Resta – 6

Ricciardo – 6

De La Rosa – 6

Glock – 6

Pic – 6

Senna – 6

Button – 5.5

Schumacher – 5.5

Karthikeyan – 5.5

Petrov – 5.5

Massa – 5

Vergne – 5


I would rate Alonso,Kimi and Vettel to be on top.

Vettel had another win in the bag if not for the alternator failure remember? He did a stunning lap in Valencia Qualifying.. So unfortunate to miss out that win.

For Alonso, its been a superb season coupled with a little share of luck.

Kimi, great comeback so far. Hoping to get a glimpse of that Spa Magic 🙂

And, Massa the lowest? I wouldnt agree with that. As Mika pointed out in one of the interviews all drivers have a say on how the car is built as much as their team-mate. I dont think that is happening at Ferrari. Massa is driving Alonso’s car. Simple!!! Give him what he likes and we all know what he can do.

Anyway, its all too late. Ferrari seems to have already decided to send Felipe home.. So no point.


My rating would be

10 Raikkonen

9.5 Alonso+Hamilton

9 Webber

8.5 Vettel+Grosjean

8 Button+Rosberg

I don’t care about the other Drivers 🙂


My rating would be

10 Raikkonen

9.5 Alonso+Hamilton

9 Webber

8.5 Vettel+Grosjean

8 Button+Rosberg

I don’t care about the rest 🙂


What is this rating? Why a 8.5/10 and not 8 or 9/10??? Its just arbitrary.

The points table is what matters and numbers doesn’t lie over a season where everything (should) even out (i.e. bad luck, good luck, bad decisions, good decisions etc.)

wings on wheels

Luck and rain… It’s fun to read how some people ridicule themselves by rating other drivers higher than Alonso.

What more would any driver need to do?

Alonso’s +40 so far can’t be rated high enough.


Great discussion and comments. I like to see the De la Rosa is recognized for getting anything out of the car, to say they started a few strokes behind would be an understatement. Also like that Glock is recognized in an undperforming car…and the surprise Pic has been in hanging with him and beating him in some cases. Personally I find examining the drivers in poor cars is at times more interesting than the constant blather about Alonso Hamilton Vetttel etc and their cutting edge machinery. Of course the sharp end of the grid is great stuff, but the back end teams work no less hard and thier performance/budget is just as compelling in my view. Sorry… i’m off point… 🙂


This is how I see it.

9.5 – Alonso

7.5 – Webber

7.2 – Vettel

7 – Hamilton, Raikkonen

6.7 – Grosjean, Perez

6.5 – Rosberg, Di Resta, Kobayashi, Button

6 – Schumacher, Maldonado, Hulkenberg, Kovalainen, Pic, Senna

5.5 – Ricciardo, Massa

5 – Vergne, Karthikeyan, Glock, De la Rosa, Petrov

Coolest of the cool. I totally agree that Alonso has been standout this year. I’m a Webber fan, but you can’t help but admire this guy. Is all class and has taken everything available, BUT I’ve deducted half a point because he has had luck above the norm with weather this season and no one is perfect.

If we had more hot races early in the season, he would be back a fair bit further.

Webber is second in the championship and fighting terrible calls from the pits, but is keeping it cool. 2nd half of the season will tell the full story if he has learned the tough lessons from the last two years. Speed is obviously still there.

Vettel, as much as I don’t like this guy, he would be in front of Webber if not for alternator problems. But have deducted points for poor attitude. “I’m faster than this, Do something”. Not real cool.

I don’t believe Hamilton has had an outstanding season. He did have the fastest car at the first few races and didn’t maximise. Also needs to work on his cool head. Better cool heads have managed make the most of bad situations this year. I can’t imagine Alonso being in the same situation with Maldonado and not making the most of a bad situation. I.E. Don’t crash for prides/points/hot headed sake.

Raikkonen has been good but quali has let him down. And before you shout me down, imagine how many more points he would have if he out qualified Grosjean at a few more races, and what that would mean for his championship.

Perez has been pleasant surprise for me this year (except when his damn tyre saving Sauber interferes with Webbers strategy).

Maldonado has had some good races and surprised, but then goes and proves all the critics right by smashing into everything and everyone. Need to check your self sometimes. Not sure he will ever make the same level as Perez. I’ve only got him there on 6 due to his win. if not for that I’d have him below Massa.


Can’t help feeling the Torro Rosso drivers are being unfairly marked down for being given a surprisingly duff car. Who’s to say given the sauber it wouldn’t be a whole different story, let alone given the Williams, who I,m pretty sure would have a food few more championship points by now. Have to agree with the Massa score though… His time is up, surely.



I actually think they shouldn’t even rate drivers in cars that are not performing. That means HRT, Caterham, Toro Rosso, Marussia and even Force India drivers don’t get put in the mix. The drivers in these teams only get a chance to show their ability in the wet and even that’s hard with the calibre of other drivers on the grid. But I rate drivers who have won a Grand Prix this year (especially this year!). So Button is not as low as what Gazzetta dello Sport have. A win is a win. OK it also shows you have a good car but you still have to get it over the line first. So I rate it on the wins you have with two exceptions

1 Alonso 3 wins

2 Webber, Hamilton 2 wins

3 Kimi no win strong podiums excellent in races

4 Vettel 1 win but strong podiums

5 Rosberg, Button 1 win

Honourable mentions to Perez and Grosjean

I don’t rate Maldonado it’s not that he can’t drive it’s just he has no respect for people who pass him (ugly driving). As for Massa love the guy but he has just beee plain bad.

I know some people will say Vettel had a DNF so should be higher but Webber had a 5 place grid penalty and a diff problem. Most driver have had at least one issue out of their control.

So there you have it the Good the Bad and the Ugly.

Thoughts James?


Very tough on the guys at the back because they can be driving the race of their lives and you don’t see it because you are looking at Vettel, Alonso and Hamilton


Surely Maldonado loses points for crashing in a demo run this week?

Also, i’d say most people would rate Ricciardo higher than Vergne yeah?


Tom. Agree with your second point. But we are both Aussies! I am also amazed so many people have rated senna equal to or above Ricciardo. Senna has seriously under performed in a fast car. The toro rosso is a crab of a car. But maybe I should remove my eye patch…..


I agree with most of James’ rating except Hamilton’s 8.5. I will give him an equal 8 with Kimi. I feel that mainly because LH has yet to take full advantage of his natural talent as well as the equipment.

I disagree with others giving Kimi 9. He has a much faster car than Alonso most of the time and still no win.


Contrary to everyone’s belief that Lotus is the fastest car out there, it is wrong. Car wise I think there are two categories in 2012 the first being the fastest and the second being the most consistent over a race.

The Fastest

1. Mclaren (fastest yet inconsistent)

2. Redbull (trying to find that holy grail and yet second fastest and reasonably consistent)

3. Ferrari (all weather consistent and third fastest)

4. Mercedes (Occasionally the fastest yet the most inconsistent)

5. Force India (sixth in Speed but with high level of inconsistency)

The Most Consistent

1. Lotus (fifth fastest but the most consistent car on the grid)

2. Sauber (seventh in speed and second most consistent)

Apart from these two there are no notably consistent cars.

And the way the tires are playing a role this year The Consistency has become equal and if not a more important factor. And that is how Lotus doing it.


Read the story – it’s not my rating, It’s Gazzetta’s!!

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