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Massa to Ferrari: “Stick with me, I can do better”
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Posted By: James Allen  |  30 Aug 2012   |  5:25 pm GMT  |  89 comments

Felipe Massa has called on Ferrari to stick with him for next season because, “I believe I am a good driver and I can do a lot more than I did in the first part of this year.”

Speaking in the paddock at Spa on Thursday, the Brazilian said that he was working to stay at Ferrari in 2013 and believes he still has a chance to retain his seat, but admitted that nothing is in place yet and anything could happen.

“The direction is to stay here, but nothing is sure yet, ” he said. “So we need to concentrate on the races. At the end of the day, good results are the most important thing.”

Asked about the fact that he’s only ever raced with Ferrari engines in F1 he said, “Maybe I’ll be racing Ferrari engines again next year, but when you don’t have a contract it’s difficult to say.”

This is the time of the year when things start to get settled for the next year in terms of driver movements. After a very tough start to the season, where he admits he couldn’t find the pace in the first three races, Massa believes he has found the pace in recent races and feels he can now show what he can do. He believes he still has what it takes to earn a seat at Ferrari.

“With me in many races, something happened. I couldn’t finish in the position I was supposed to finish, even having the pace to finish in that position. Now I need to concentrate and go in the same direction as Fernando,” he said.

The situation still seems to be quite fluid, with other names like Di Resta and Hulkenberg being mentioned but Ferrari still taking their time to decide.

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Tom Haythornthwaite

Actions will have to speak a lot louder than words.


Who's your money on James? Give us a prediction on who you think has the highest chance of that race seat.


I hope so. I would love to see Massa driving like he did in 06, 07 and 08. It would be really good to see Alonso pushed like Massa did to Schumacher and Kimi.


I mean honestly he HAS been on pretty good form in the past few races. BBC/Sky was mentioning that he seemed to be back in the game.


If his lift in performance continues and he converts his improved form to points then I think he'll stay put. However this might not be best for him overall as being number 2 at Ferrari is a thankless frustrating role.

I'd be keen to learn your own thoughts, James.


Points? If he can't get at least one podium finish, that's not good enough. Alonso has managed 3 wins in that car!

Ferrari should bring in Fisichella for next season or take a chance on Perez.

Or maybe they could help out one of their countryman like Giorgio Pantano who always deserved to compete in F1 but is now probably considered too old for a rookie season. It's very sad.


Fisichella, hahahah [mod]


It does not sound good if you say "I could do better than I did". Why didn't you, then? And why do things "happen" to one person but not the other?

No bias against Massa whatsoever, it's just that old "you make your luck" again and again.


Just don't agree that he deserves a Ferrari seat, Alonso has blown him... Shocking is the point difference between two ferrari drivers, even if I don't doubt the abilities of massa and considering ferrari hires top drivers the point difference is just unacceptable

Massa deserves the beating.


Relatively speaking, Alonso would make anyone look bad.


We'll ignore 2007 then shall we? 😉


Yes. Thanks ida!


I think William Wilgus means in normal circumstances.....Where his own team isnt openly racing against him, where a double world champion can he can choose his own strategy and not inherit an inferior fuel load to accomodate Lewis' strategy (Melbourne, Malaysia, Canada, U.S, Germany, Hungary, China), Where he isnt officially protested by his own team after qualifying (Hungary) and getting a 5 grid place penalty even though there was no rule broken!!

Little things like that tend to keep a guy distracted.... So maybe we should ignore 2007 and the embarrassing lengths Ron Dennis went to in order to keep his protege at the top of the standings.



Massa was a world class driver from 2007 till 2009 till the moment he had that accident. I honestly do believe that accident has had a profound impact on him mentally than physcially. He has never been the same driver since and with Alonso arrival it has only added to his misery. He raced Raikonen consistently, who i believe is outright fastest man in terms of pure speed yet he is all but washed up against Alonso! I would love for you to do an article on the impact of the accident on Massa's pschye and how it has affected him.


I agree totally, and that the "Alonso is faster than you" comment, was enough to blow and confidence he had left completely out of him


Oh dear lord!!!

I believe 3 years is long enough to prove "stick with me, I can do better"


He Does Not Deserve Another Year !No Way

When a driver comes out and says that publicly you already know he's Gone!

It's absolutely Farcical what Ferrari did with that team..paid a fortune to bring FA in and keep Felippe. He Defintely lost his mojo when asked to move over- the whole world saw that and the subsequent impact on him- I think was even more harmful than the injury !

The irony is Ferrari through its politics and strategy got what they wanted a good driver to be a "second class"! driver.

The real trajedy is that Felipe could have thrived at any other team like Button at Mclaren ( I think at their best they are at similar level albeit different drivers). If you ask me he was crazy to stay on with them after 2010 because his career in F1 is all but gone now.

I think also Ferrari will pay a long term price in that they have created an atmosphere where none of the top guns will go their without equal privilege and this will kill the structure they created for FA if they do. Ferrari deserve this and a lot more for letting politics and lies get between exceptional drivers and not so great drivers. I won't mention names those that know can figure it out


My thoughts exactly!!!

Also I really disliked the way he reacted to crash incidents last year. I don't think he was always blameless.


+1 Every year the same old story from Massa. It's time for him to go. Stop doing the talking and do the walking.


Back in the land of Oz,saying goes

Do the job and you have a job.

Massa is gonsky,not only from Ferrari but

from F1 grid,and he should remember the

great play," Don't cry for me Argetina ",

Its a bottom line that rule the roost.


He keeps singing the same old tune, he really must back his words with good solid drive on the track.


It's got to be the year that Ferrari finally replace Massa, right? It's gotta be. I just hope Kimi stays put and doesn't return to Ferrari.


Ferrari signing Rakonnen would be a big mistake.


Yeah because no one has ever heard of rakonnen or seen him drive a f1 car


Ha ha Irish Con :).. Like Kimi needs them anyway...Ain't it funny how the people who worked with him at Ferrari are still singing his praises while Felipe still "kissing arse"! .. Luca Di Montezemolo your a W+{^*r ..




It is surely time for Ferrari to make a change to their driver line-up. Massa has not been the same since his accident, unfortunately, and Ferrari have given him ample time to improve.

I think change is good for any team and the fact that Felipe has been at the Scuderia since 2006 means that both sides could benefit from a new challenge in 2013.

Fernando is clearly the No1 driver, so a quick young driver with a good head on his shoulders (either of the Force India drivers, for example) would surely make a better No2 than Massa moving forward.


No, Filipe, you can't.

Track betters know a lame horse when they see one. I can't believe this one hasn't been kicked out of the paddock yet.


Ha,Ha! I tell this to my boss all the time!


C'mon Felipe, let's have some podiums, you can do it.


With Ferrari still hesitant to put a young gun in the form of Perez in their car and having seen how Ferrari defended & laughed at rumours during Massa's darkest days during this season, I honestly can't see Massa getting dropped for it's quite clear, since Ferrari have lots of WCC titles in the bag already, that's one title they aren't overly keen at.

Also another ace in Massa's pocket is his teammate who likes him and can always put in a good word for him.

So yes that seat looks pretty secure to me for one more season at least more so since the Ferrari car is now pretty decent & can score some good points

*Fun Fact*

Massa is pretty decent at Spa. Has finished ahead of Alonso in 2004, 2007, 2008 and 2010 however it has to be said, Alonso retired in 2004 and 2010


So Massa has actually beaten Alonso twice in his decade or so of racing at Spa...

That's not 'pretty decent' at all! And that's the problem with ppl who like Massa; they have a never-ending ability to celebrate his mediocrity.


In 2004 Alonso retired from the lead so there you go. 🙂


Unless Ferrari's private agreement with FOM says otherwise, their WCC position determines a goodly chunk of the team's annual income. It's hard to see why they wouldn't be keen to rank as high as possible.


Absolutely Mikey B !!WCC is where the money is paid and anyone thinking this is not important are Absolutely kidding Themselves !! Or they're just clowns that like hypothesizing and trust me there a few around!


Ferrari are making a huge sacrifice in giving Alonso's wdc priority over their wcc standing, in other words it's a huge financial loss which I guess must be covered by their backers to ensure Alonso's success. I'm not certain why.

But the upshot is they are not bothered really about Massa or how badly he does this year. They reckon it's alright so long as Alonso wins the title. After all, a strong team mate might take away points from F.A.

Problem arises if Alonso doesn't make wdc 2012: quite possible, if unlikely....

Then they will have sacrificed in vain.


So they're ok settling for 4th place? Maybe it's the extra 2.5% payout Ferrari get that allows them to concentrate on the WDC over the WCC.


Of all the teams, Ferrari is probably the one that cares most about the WCC, for many Italians that's all that matters, so in my view Massa has only Spa and Monza to do something amazing I think either podium or beating Alonso on merit.


I believe that Ferrari is trying to make up for Alonso's defeat at Abu Dhabi in 2010 where he lost the title on a horrible strategy call.


sacrifice? To be world champion you need a good number 2, better if the is a number 1.5, 1.2 like Webber, Massa is just pathetic as a number 2 driver, maybe if he applies for number 18 driver...

If Massa does not stop the talk and do the walk Alonso and Ferrari are going to be world champions of nothing.


Could Ferrari be waiting to see if decide to Mercedes leave F1 before they decide on there 2nd driver?

I hear Dieter Zetsche is due to step down within the next few months and when he does the Mercedes board will make there big push to leave F1 fully..

Maybe Nico Rosberg is the one Ferrari are waiting for...


Sorry ment to say if Mercedes decide to leave F1*


Once, just once I would like to see Massa stick it to Alonso. I'd love to see Alonso's face when he finds out he's not faster in the same car.

But we all know that will never happen in a team which only backs one horse. We know what happened last time that was about to happen. Since then, Massa just isn't given the hardware to challange Alonso. There is no other explanation except Massa is on that team to "Big Up" Alonso, as Ali G would say.

Warren Groenewald

In all fairness, Massa was comprehensively beaten by Alonso prior to Germany and even then, Massa was only ahead in Germany after Vettel tried to squeeze Alonso at the start and Massa got ahead of both through an opportune pass.

Massa's record against Alonso is similar to his record against Schumacher. People seem to base his entire career and abilities on 1 season and I think there is a lot more to that season than we know.

He's had 3 seasons to prove himself yet the gulf widens every year between them.


Look, no one here is saying Massa is better than Alonso. Although, I would entirely enjoy them driving the exact same car on the same day with only the seat swapped. 5 laps each back to back. But that will never happen, because there is nothing to gain out of it for Alonso.

But let's at least admit that Massa is not as bad as it appears. He's a second class driver on that team, and gets the type of support and hardware as well as strategy that goes with it.

He will need luck to beat Alonso, as in Alonso retires early or crashes in quali and suddenly the team puts all their effort behind Massa for a GP.


You make it sound like you genuinely believe that Massa is in fact faster than Alonso?!


I certainly don't think they are as far apart as they appear.

Of course a good driver is a sum of parts. But you don't get into F1, and challange Schumi, when Schumi was more selfless at Ferrari or Kimi when Schumi pushed for Massa to have more equal hardware and team backing and then suddenly get lost in the dust.

I think Massa has proven again and again that he can do it with the best of them and beat them. And if his team didn't think he was doing best with what they are giving him they would have canned him already.

Let's call a spade a spade. Massa is not getting the hardware, and there is no way he is that far back on ability alone. And once you drop him in the Ferrari Red Sauber-like hardware back there into mid chaos, how can Ferrari not expect him to have a hard time? Meanwhile, Alonso feels like he's walking on water thanks to this - after all, Massa was a champion for a few seconds, beat Schumi and Kimi many days and now Alonso thinks he's beating him into pulp on what he thinks is merrit alone.

Can't everyone here see that Alonso is in Schumi's mold? Team all mine, I'm #1. Nothing wrong with that if that's how you want to play the sport, but don't hang Massa for it.


We all know that will never happen not because Ferrari backs one horse.

When Alonso joined Ferrari in 2010, at least for first few races there were no signs of backing any particular driver, Alonso worked for his own status within the team, notably in China 2010 pit-lane incident. He drove the wheels of the car to be within a shot at the title. How close did Massa get to the WDC at the end of 2010?

Mention Germany 2010 as you wish, but that 7 points won't cover all the points that he lacked to be within a shout at the 2010 WDC.


Felipe was not faster than Fernando in Germany 2010. The lap times prove that. I agree it was not fair what Ferrari did and Felipe should have won that race but then nobody knows what contract Felipe signed with Ferrari.

I am sure Fernando learned his lesson in 2007 and he would have incorporated special terms in his contract while signing with Ferrari. Maybe that is one of the reasons that Kimi left and not Felipe, who agreed to play second fiddle to Fernando. Just guessing, of course only Felipe will tell us once he is out of F1.


I think Alonso did indeed learn the lesson of 2007. He didn't like it. We saw he didn't thrive. We all heard about Hungary 2007.

Let's remember Ferrari's history toward #2s. Look at Irvine, Rubens, and Massa. Not until Schumi was there using his weight for Massa's benefit did a #2 get the support and hardware, as well as special yellow/green overalls once in a while. At no time do I recall #2 treated as well at Ferrari as when Schumi was The Consigliere.


I think Ferrari just needs a new fresh and ambitious driver. Even when Massa does have the speed on those rare occasions, he seems to all too often get involved in some scrape or other which just adds to the misery for all involved. Massa might even thrive in a new environment anyway so it's not necessarily the end of the road for him. Look at Heiki. Maybe the two of them could swap.


He is a good driver and he can do better, the real question is will he? I dont know about Ferrari but I'm far from convinced that he can, time for fresh blood at the Scuderia I think.

christos pallis

There is no other way to say it but do you really think that you deserve a seat at Ferrari after scoring 25 points to Alonso's 164 points??? 1 point ahead of Bruno Senna and behind Di resta, Schumacher, Maldanardo, Kobayashi, Perez and the rest....

Massa, retire..... go to indy car or somewhere else that tallent isnt such an important factor. Since 2008 when Lewis beat you by 1 point you have not shown your worth at all.

I am sorry for that, i wish you were in the hunt but if i were lonley island "i'd throw you on the ground.....mannnnnn"


Actually, talent is *more important in IndyCars: they're all almost identical cars so talent shows up even more visibly.


Rubens doesn't seem to think the cars are identical this year...Given Penske and Ganassi's domination, you'd have to agree. Great series though for visiting from a fan's point of view. Bit cheesy, but a great show.


Thank you for pointing out tht it's the *teams that are different.

The *cars are identical except for engine makes. So in IndyCars it comes down to the drivers and the teams.

In F1 it comes down to the drivers, the teams, and most importantly the *cars, in particular the designers.

So by removing the cars' design variables you increase the importance of driver talent. Which is why Rubens is not happy I guess.


even though he's improved a bit lately, ferrari need to replace massa. he's past his best, hasn't come close to winning and could cost the team millions if they finish where they are in the constructers table thanks to his small points contribution.

I’d also like to see alonso tested against a future star just to see if he reacts like he did at mclaren. I know his beef was with ron dennis but lewis did rattle him. I think the hulk could do the same and ferrari do well with german drivers


Points lost in WCC certainly are more than what Ferrari pay Massa for the seat 😀


It's not just this year, though, is it? Massa hasn't consistently looked close to Alonso since the middle of 2010.


Was that when he was told Fernando was faster than him?


Think Perez will be in his Ferrari next year, Massa simply not getting the results for the constructors championship


Felipe its over


As many have said, he's never been the same since that thing hit him in the head. And the race driver's brain is such a finely tuned thing that just rearranging a couple of neurons might be all it takes to break a career.

Not his fault but just a fact of nature.


Personally I think Massa would beat DiResta in the same car. Not sure where all the hype for Paul comes from, I'd have him behind Perez and Ricciardo in my list of potential future race winners.

If Ferrari had any sense they would snap up Heikki.

Adrian Newey Jnr

Ruebens used to say the same thing.


I hope Felipe can up his game, and Ferrari stick with him. I still consider him 2008 world Champion


Based on a dodgy Spa result, Kimi's help at China... or of course that the whole of Singapore should have been cancelled which no one else believes, but he does because he was unlucky that day?


I may be being a bit radical here but for me Massa's best bet will be to go to LeMans GT Pro. After all it hasn't done Fisi any harm.


There's been a lot of names as possible replacements = Kimi, di Resta, The Incredible Hulkenberg, etc...

But why hasn't anyone mentioned Rob Smedley? The amount and way he talks down his headset to Felipe does seem like as if he can drive better 😀

Jokes aside, I still stick to my point of Ferrari should've kicked out Massa rather than Raikkonen in '09. Though now that's history, for now it can either:

1. Stick with Massa for at least one more year;

2. Kick out LdM and have Todt back in place so Kimi can go back to Ferrari, Kovy wanna prove again that he's no fit for any top teams so he can do so by going to Lotus to fill Kimi's vacant seat, then Massa can leave F1 or stick with Ferrari as backup/test driver.


Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! Blah, Blah,Blah!

Do yourself a favor please. Stop talking and start pushing.


I'll be surprised if Massa's retained. I'm sure Ferrari will lead him on, and tell him he's got the inside track for the 2013 race seat, all the way up to November 26th. And then cut him loose.

DanWilliams from Aust

If Ferrari were going to keep Massa, he'd have to to convince them by matching Alonso's first half of the season in the 2nd half (this will mean probably beating Alonso in the 2nd half). Even if Massa manages to drive around and be relatively competative in comparison to Alonso, that won't be good enough. Ferrari know the 2011/12 Massa is not the same as the 2006/07/08/09 Massa and will need some proof that he's back.



no more massa and why not: no more domenicali!!

please! please! please!


Massa doesn't [any more] have enough pace consistently to either support Alonso or take good points. Unless they want to have a sacrificial car that they purely use to screw up other team's pit stops etc. by using him as a block for Alonso, he'll be going.

Has Alonso got anything in his contract that gives him leverage over who drives the other car?


YES he does, he said it in an interview (not so directly I think but he said that he talked about it with Luca DM or something similar). Tome, he is the only chance to stay at Ferrari if alonso pushes for him


Sorry Felipe, but it is now time for Ferrari to think about other options to cover post Alonso times

Either a team believes he needs 2 number 1, Massa is no longer a number one for a top team

Or a team needs a number one and a number two, but the number needs to be a potential subsitute to number one in the future

This advocates for a Perez or a Maldonado , even a Grosjean, and not for a Kovalainen or a Massa who already had their chance


A team of Ferrari's caliber cannot afford to have a driver that 'might do better'; they are being charitable towards Massa and they are paying dearly for it. If they had a driver that was closer to Fernando’s level they would be leading both championships. It is hard to believe that they are doing this to themselves; that said does anyone remember what they put themselves through while Massa was off with his head injury? Painful….


It's interesting to see how many posters know exactly what to do with Felipe Massa.

'Get rid of him. He has no right to be in F1. He's an insult to the prancing horse'....etc,etc.

He's still quick, as he has proved recently, but unfortunately not consistent. I wish him all the best, & that he will prove a few people wrong.

I'd say he's a better driver than many 'sofa-pilots' would admit to, who -if they had an accident as happened to Massa- would be drawing Social Welfare.


The comments that say he has not been the same driver since the team orders saga really infuriate me. We are talking about a highly paid professional sportsman, someone supposedly bursting with competitiveness. If he was even half a driver, he would be doing all he could to prove his worth to the team.

Felipe is a lovely fellow, we all like him but his time at Ferrari is over. I wish him well but I would not be surprised to see him exit F1 at the end of the season.

As for replacements, Rosberg is the only rumour that is vaguely exciting. All of the other candidates seem to be not quite there yet or anxious for a second chance. I was very sad when Webber turned it down, he is just the sort of spiky character that could have taken it to Fred week in week out.


Waiting until the last moment and then seeing who's available, isn't how the Scuderia has done business in the past. If Massa is going, his replacement is already signed up, IMHO. My gut feel is that Kobiyashi would be a good fit, with Peter Sauber happy to trade a driver for the ongoing supply of engines at the right price.


sounds like the words of a desperate man trying to keep his job. trouble is his confidence is probably shattered to...

if he retains his seat - there's something seriously wrong at ferrari's HR dept.


Despite Ferrari stating they will only employ drivers with 'sufficient' experience I believe they will be forced to take a gamble for the 2013 season.

If Massa is retained for 'sentimental' reasons it will probably be in a reserve/test capacity.


We all know he can do better, but the issue is that he hasn't been performing as well as expected. It can't all be blamed on incidents or mechanocal failures.


Ferrari have to take their time to decide as they cocked up before with fisichella,as they panicked after massas crash, if massa can progress further it could relive ferraris woes. Massa is a fine driver but time is running out very fast...Now is the time to perform as we know massa can..


As much as I am a Massa fan, he has said that mid-2011, and did he deliver? No. He said it again at the beginning of 2012. No results then.

Sorry to say, but I don't believe that he will get any better now.


Well i hope that today was not massa's attempt at doing better. If it was he needs his p45 being 1.2 seconds of your team mate on the same tyres at the same time is very poor even by his standards


I fully suspect that there will be Perez / Massa swap between Sauber and Ferrari.


I had a dream last night.

Hamilton goes to Mercedes, and it make lots of sense. Shumi is forced to retire again, but he is not ready yet. Ferrari needs a one year contract to buy time for Vettel, but had enough of big mouth Massa. So, they offer MS the best way out and a tribute at the same time. Shumi and old rival Alonso will partner well and test the Alonso leadership in view of the potentially pairing with Vettel. Fairytale ending for Schumi, good stories and karma for Ferrari, and a friendly push for Alonso. .. But then I woke up and had to go to work.


Its a horrible state of affairs. It is over for Massa, he knows it - its like Rubens all over again.

Wake up one day to find out you're an old man and no longer needed nor respected. I wish Massa the best for the future.

F1 is a young mans game.

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