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JA on F1 podcast 6: Williams, Stewart, Massa, Kaltenborn and Tombazis
Posted By: James Allen  |  02 Aug 2012   |  12:30 am GMT  |  34 comments

I’m delighted to release the JA on F1 Podcast #6 – featuring some of the biggest names in the F1 game.

We’re really pleased with this one, as it has some great content from some very interesting people.

It’s the half way point in the F1 season and we have some frank assessments of how it’s gone so far from, among others, Sir Frank Williams, “Maldonado probably does overstep the mark,” he says in this candid interview with Tom Clarkson.

Sir Jackie Stewart runs the rule over the three of the leading drivers in the sport and analyses their performances this year: Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton.

“I think he’s remarkable,” JYS says of Vettel, although he adds, “When you get angry you occasionally say things that you shouldn’t.”

JYS also explains why he thinks the mooted move to Ferrari in 2014 would be a mistake for the reigning champion.

Ferrari started the season with a basket case of a car and yet they have a 40 point lead in the drivers’ championship at the half way stage. Chief designer Nicholas Tombazis tells us how they turned it around

“It was a bad shock to get thrashed in the early races,” he admits. “People are more cheerful now, but we are well aware it’s going to go down to the last race.”

And Monisha Kaltenborn is the most powerful woman in motor sport: CEO of the Sauber team she gives us a frank assessment of Sauber’s up and down season and tells us what it’s like to handle the fragile male egos in F1 team principal’s meetings.

“Women see motorsports with far less emotions, which allows you to look at rings in a more pragmatic way, women can be prepared to take a step back and gain an advantage for everyone together rather than push forward and make sure others don’t achieve anything,” she says, in an illuminating interview.

And for a bit of fun…Ferrari driver Felipe Massa turns driving instructor for a lap of Silverstone as I’m let loose on the Shell Professional Simulator in the London Science Museum.

It’s a terrific 35 minutes of entertainment and insight, so please listen here or download from iTunes to listen on the beach or on the daily commute. And tell your friends…!

No player? Download the podcast directly.

Here’s the running order:

0.00 Introduction
1.45 Sir Frank Williams, Team Principal, WilliamsF1
10.12 Sir Jackie Stewart
16.40 Monisha Kaltenborn, CEO, Sauber F1 Team
24.36 Nicholas Tombazis, Ferrari Chief Designer
31.05 A lap of Silverstone, JA instructed by Felipe Massa
33.25 Wrap up

Total duration 34.09

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James, this podcast is your best to date. Good stuff…impressed by the Sauber CEO interview (and the Frank Williams interview of course).


Thanks, tell your friends


First time I’ve listened to the the podcasts fantastic. Now I know what I can listen to during the break. Are the other podcasts in the archives?

PS like the rest of the f1 fans will struggle over the break but found this great senna tribute on youtube. Not bad at all


Yes, just click on Podcasts in the navigation menu

Adrian Newey Jnr

James – love the podcasts.

I’m slightly disappointed that your “season” review of the drivers didn’t cover the rest of the field. I would have liked to hear JYS’s views on some of the mid/lower order drivers to evaluate any potential stars. Becomes relevant should the Ferrari 2nd driver spot open up and there is another reshuffling of the deck.


No, the idea was just to look at three in depth.

Thanks for the feedback


Great podcast again, really enjoy these!


Sounds like the title of a Clint Eastwood movie! Must say both his movies and JAF1 podcasts are blowing me away, in a way.


Great work James. Nice to have some F1 material to keep us occupied during the mid season break.

I think it is an amazing admission by Ferrari’s Nicholas Tombazis to say that they had not done their “homework” on some elements of the car design. Even more so when their 2011 development programme dropped off to focus on 2012 challenger.

James, on reading your colleague Gary Anderson’s piece on the Mercedes double DRS system yesterday do you think Mercedes may remove it from their car to improve tyre degradation ?


Well it’s not active in races, is it? Only practice and quail.


Gary Anderson seemed to allude to the double DRS causing Mercedes to suffer from a loose rear end in during earlier rounds of championship that degraded the tyres.Efforts to fix this have made the car kinder to its tyres but have made it slower in terms of pace.

I think it would be interesting if Mercedes did bin it as Lotus are about to introduce a much heralded and apparently “championship changing” double DRS system.


“the three leading drivers in the sport” ?

How did you arrive at this statement James ?

Grayzee (Australia)

read it again..he says “three OF the leading drivers”………….it’s not definitive


Common sense?

michael grievson

Brilliant as usual. James, you said you’ve followed Alonso since the beginning. Are you planning on writing a book on him like you did with Schumacher?


Maybe. Books are very labour intensive and I don’t have as much time as I used to.


I’ve a copy of your “Edge of Greatness” Schumacher biography with earmarked pages throughout.

I do hope to have the opportunity to do the same with your biography of Alonso!


Excactly what determines the 3 leading drivers ?

Its clearly not by championship position !

Grayzee (Australia)

He says “three OF the leading drivers”, not THE three…………..


Top Ferrari Driver

Top English Driver

Top German Driver

if the top Ferrari driver happens to be English or German then WC points may be used with the exception of Mark Webber who will under no circumstances be a leading driver.


Nationality ? LMAO

Two of those drivers are being led by Webber

last time i checked.

Maybe its by pay packet.



Thanks for bringing these “goodies” during this boring period. keep them coming


what can I say?

you are the man, James!!!


the link below the player links directly to last months podcast.


Same for me – I get last month’s podcast from all the links on the website James……


Problem should be fixed now. Thanks


Fortunately the download link in the soundcloud applet worked fine. Thanks for the podcasts!


Here I was wondering why Frank Williams sounded like James Allison.


James any chance of doing one over the break. I hate the break (but totally understand).



We are looking at doing a “best of” the first half of the season


Thanks James, Great Stuff.


Fantastic. Thanks for your good work. You must work doctor-like hours!:)


Yup, thanks again, James, always glad of a chance to listen to Sir Frank.

(Any chance of some insight into HK’s chances of rejoining a top midfield team, perhaps even Ferrari to partner FA? He appears to be a different driver these days, not that he was ever a bad one. Quite a few people I know are wondering why he is not routinely involved in discussions about next year. Is it a sponsorship problem – I would have thought top midfield teams would not be worried about that)


THere were some Ferrari rumours a month ago, but these aren’t stood up in Italy

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