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Posted By: James Allen  |  30 Jul 2012   |  4:42 pm GMT  |  285 comments

Kimi Raikkonen was at the centre of attention on Sunday in Hungary; first as rumours went around that he was being considered for a return to Ferrari for 2013 and then for his stunning performance in the race, where he challenged Lewis Hamilton for victory despite ending the first lap in sixth place.

It was a great performance by Raikkonen at an opportune moment to remind Lotus and others of his value as an F1 driver. Considering that he spent two years on the sidelines and therefore had one year’s less experience of Pirelli tyres than his rivals, he has been remarkably consistent this season. So too has his Lotus team. Although they’ve only recently seemed to be able to qualify well, they have consistently raced well all season, arguably the most constant team of the year in that respect.

And though Romain Grosjean has occasionally been able to use his undoubted speed to get ahead of Raikkonen, the “Iceman” has come through stronger in results and is challenging Lewis Hamilton in the drivers’ championship, thanks to scoring an average of 10.5 points per race, including five podiums.

So where did the Raikkonen to Ferrari rumours come from? One Ferrari source was quoted by Mark Hughes in the Sunday Times saying that it would be a good move, although noting that the relationship between Raikkonen and Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo was strained at the time of his departure in 2009. Ferrari paid Raikkonen the best part of €20 million not to drive for them in 2010, which sits very oddly with a possible return in 2013.

The rumour has been dismissed by Ferrari, but Raikkonen seemed happy enough to address the rumour yesterday after the race, “I always said that I didn’t have bad feelings against them,” he answered, “I had a good time with the team. I won my championship there but things probably could have gone a nicer way in the end.

“Life goes on and you never know what happens in the future but I’m happy where I am now and things are going pretty nicely… I don’t come up with the rumours, so perhaps you have to ask the people who write them.”

The Ferrari seat for 2013 is a very complex situation and is being used by a number of people for gain, as it is so fluid, there are no certainties at the moment.

The main question facing all the candidates is, how long would the seat be for? It’s not clear, the rumours around the possibility of Vettel going there in 2014 are supported by well placed sources, even though it’s hard to see the sense of it.

For Raikkonen the thrill is racing and competing to win.

Raikkonen has every reason to feel good about where he is at the moment; the relationship with Lotus and the engineers has clearly bedded in now after half a season and he’s been driving the fastest car on race day for a few races now. Wet qualifyings at Silverstone and Hockenheim have clouded the picture, but he would have won yesterday if the race had been on a place with a straight you can overtake on. Only 48 points behind Alonso in the championship with a car which should go well at all the upcoming tracks, if he can qualify in the top three more often he can mount a challenge.

As for the political situation with Montezemolo, last week the Ferrari president held a rally of his Italia Futura movement, which offers a new way forward for Italy. He stopped short of announcing it would become a party in its own right, which disappointed supporters, but crucially he did promise that Italia Futura would fight the next general election in Italy, so clearly the cogs are turning. He is supported in this by former FOTA secretary general Simone Perillo, who now works as a central co-ordinator of Italia Futura in Rome.

To what extent politics could take Montezemolo away from Ferrari and when, is not clear at this time.

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Behind the Scenes at the track
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Kimi and Luca once again, nah I don't think so. He's much happier in Lotus. Could it be Button?


Kimi would be a great marketing fit for RBR if Ferrari, for some reason, are determined to sign Vettel.


I think Kimi will end up at RBR, he doesn't like the crap that driving for mclaren or ferrari is. And we all no what RBR aim was coming into F1. Plus who sponsored him in rallying? Kimi and RBR would be the perfect marriage.



Has already had a prior relationship with Red Bull Racing Rally team when he drove for Citroen in WRC.

So Kimi would be a easy fit in RBR F1 team if Vettle bolts to Ferrari.



RedBull on Ice....


Exactly. Vettel goes to Ferrari for the pay. Kimi goes to Red Bull to be team leader.


I think it makes perfect sense.

You don't get respect from Luca by being compliant. And Kimi is not compliant. Add to that the sting of Kimi having his way with Ferrari and you can understand how Ferrari would want a second shot.

I belive it's not a matter of do Ferrari want Kimi - I think clearly they would take Kimi in a heartbeat. The question in fact is - Does Kimi want Ferrari? And is Ferrari willing to meet Kimi's price? He's not going to Ferrari for Massa money. Also, does Alonso wants a team mate paid as much as him at Ferrari? Does he have a say? Because that's the only way Kimi wears red - par pay with Alonso.

But if Ferrari truly want to give back to the fans, and want Constructors success - they will give us a Alonso/Kimi line up. And right after signing Kimi they will be sure to point out that the only reason Alonso is listed before Raikkonen in the press release is alphabatical.


"If Ferrari want a #2 they won’t do better than Massa.

You touch on a valid point. Either Ferrari get serious about the #2 car ad throw same resources at it as #1, or they can keep complaining about it and get 9th points from Massa. Time to make a decision Ferrari. I think they have no choice really. Look at all the other top teams, serious drivers in both McLarens and RBRs delivering wins and podiums race after race."

Sebee, I don't think we have the same opinion on no 1 and no 2 at Ferrari.

I consider Alonso the #1 in the team but that is because of his results and Massa's poor form. I don't remember any other time in the last 2 years (except Germany 2010) when the team gave Alonso the 1st place from Massa. Can you think of any other time when team orders were given at Ferrari?

When I say Ferrari need a number 2 driver is because Alonso is showing great form and all Ferrari need is a driver who will be scoring points every race. Ideally you would want someone like Lewis and Jenson who don't crash into eachother and who at the end of the championship will be 1 and 2.

But looking at how tight the grid is, this is very hard to achieve.


@ Sebee:

I think you need some serious help buddy 🙁


A good play-by-play on Wired to remind us how it all went down, how Alonso approached a threat from more capable team mate in Lewis, how far he was willing to go, how he black mailed Ron.


Let's remember it was Kimi's Ferrari Alonso was spying on, along with Kimi's setup, Kimi's weight distribution, Kimi's pit stop strategy.

I'm really begining to think it would be quite fun to have Kimi join Ferrari again and take on Alonso. But it won't happen. Too much money behind Alonso at Ferrari.


Seebee you might be going insane trying to analyze what you consider facts with regard to Alonso and his morals. All your theories are suppositions, in fact the one obvious fact about Alonso is that he is very loyal to his teams even before he got into F1. He's widely, widely regarded as the best in Formula One but in the last 5 years hasn't had a car capable of winning, excluding the Mclaren year. Lewis and Fernando ended up both losing. As for your theories on how Kimi would fit in at Ferrari and Kimi's supposed demands, here is another fact. Ferrari had Kimi, Ferrari paid Kimi to leave, and they did it all for Fernando. If Kimi was so damn good, none of that would have happened, so your four posts are just... A lot of baseless assumptions. I like Kimi, and Kimi says he liked his time at Ferrari.... Ferrari just wanted someone better, and they got him. If they give Alonso a car equal to lead teams frankly he'll win the title even without a supporting team mate.


Sorry for all the post MASTER. I went on a bit of a "thinking out loud" bender here with thoughts all over the place before summerizing them in something readable.

After all my post and reminding myself about some Alonso history - I'm not entirely on-side with some of the things he's linked to. I understand killer instinct and drive to win, but I think there are too many dark spots in his carrier - and they are not linked to having tarction control or break steer - but to cheating and blackmailing.

Due to this history and the reasons behind it being to badly beat his team mate at all cost I certainly now believe it would be too much for him to handle a WDC team mate like Kimi. And what if Alonso fails to win the WDC this year? He would have Kimi with a Ferrari Championship join him? That would be very hard for Alonso to accept. Would be fun to watch for the drama, but would Ferrari want to create such a storm in their team? Only if their craving for Constructors Championship becomes too great.


That pattern I speak about with Alonso coming alive after a good team mate perforamnce is really looking funny the more I look at it. It's especially entertaining with Alonso/Piquet Jr.

In 2008 both are rubbish before Germany, although Jr. much worse with constant retirements. Then Piquet Jr. gets the first Podium for Renault in Germany, and right after that Alonso comes alive as if jolted to life by a defibrilator. Then the SIN-gapore win - the only way to better Jr. second in Germany. Maybe I'm onto something here with this theory of Alonso using his team mate as a step, a power up. He's not above keeping a win thanks to a team mate crash, or attempting to black mail Ron Denis, or demanding that Massa be reduced to Fisi type performances so he can have all the glory.

But how will Ferrari feel about the business model of All-Alonso if for a third year they fail to win the Championship?


Forgive the triple response, but Jr. should be pointed out too.

Further on Alonso ecosystem - let's remember the Piquet Jr. incident of his team mate being "thrown under the bus" for an Alonso win.

Sure we have no proof he knew, but let's not be ignorant to the posibilities. By going back to the blackmailing attempt of Ron Denis - it's not out of Character for Alonso to take things into his own hands. Flavio being the good manager would of course protect Alonso by claiming he knew nothing of it, as he should. Just a theory - but the purpose here is to show that Alonso's history is spotted when it comes to ethics, his team mates have not been significant challangers with exception of Lewis, and he may well absolutely demand certain conditions to deliver his success. Which in the end could be the reason why Kimi doesn't make it to Ferrari. Kimi's no push over for Ferrari, and certainly not for another driver.


One more thing to consider. Perhaps Alonso gets his strength from feeling like he carries the whole load. From the Second car being way slower. It's his "power up"!

I just looked at wiki results, and it's not a perfect pattern, but each time at Renault his team mate has won, the following races they suddenly do "nothign" while he goes on a ripper and puts in top performances. Perhaps he gets his drive from emberassing his team mates and gets furious when they win. When they do win he wonders how and demands the team throw all the support behind him for next race. Just speculation - but it sure is telling that all his team mates have been weak with exception of Lewis - and we know how that "fair treatment of both drivers" strategy played out at McLaren. If I remember correctly, Alonso was willing to blackmail Ron Denis in order to get #1 status. Right?


Ferrari have a serious systemic problem on their hands in my view with how they treat the two cars.

On one hand we have Alonso - who is no questions exceptional. Yet most of what we know about his ecosystem are assumptions. We don't know if to deliver these performances he must feel like the whole team is his and behind him 110% - including everyone on the #2 car.

On the other hand we have Massa. Clearly a guy who's capable of challanging for championship in style as we saw in 08 - with right support and with Schumi pushing for him in the team. But that year was the year everything with Kimi fell apart too - as they went to more equal treatment of two cars. Ever since Alonso, they sent out the message early - we have a #1 and a #2. So perhaps Kimi demands #1 status - at that point in 08 being WDC and having #1 on his car - who can blame him?

I've said it many time that the second Ferrari is a killer of F1 driver's and their potential. And I stand by it. I think it would crush any driver's aspirations to be #2 - and to Alonso no less. Honestly, doesn't anyone here wonder how Massa is that much slower? Did he suddenly foget how to drive an F1 car after 10 years at Ferrari?

Ferrari is a team who wants multiple champions to join the team with clear task of leadership on the team. That's why most top tallents who won championship talk about finishing off their cariers at Ferrari - Alonso included.

Consider that Kimi is not cut from this mold of romatic retirement at Ferrari. He's been at Ferrari, he got a Championship out of them and a pay out to not drive a year. I'd say he had his way with Ferrari, instead of Ferrari having their way with him. He has no aspirations to go into his twilight years in red. Consider he is in elite company of winning WDC at Ferrari and then driving elsewhere. Only Schumi fits that mold - and we know his numbers well and see the 7 stars.

So if Ferrari want Kimi, they will have to pay, and he won't stand for any #1/#2 treatment. A hint of Kimi not getting the support he should and he will deliver Massa performances instantly. He knows they need him too. WDC is nice, but for Ferrari Constructors means $$$. Only he has the character to deal with that second car, next to Alonso, the pressure, etc. to deliver the points they need for Constructors. Best way to win Constructors is to finish 1 & 2 - and as long as each driver feels they have a shot at 1st then Ferrari can have incredible success there and neither driver should complain.

As you pointed out clearly - he fits in perfectly at RBR too, so I'm sure his options are not limited. RBR has deep pockets too.

As for his "reasonable pay" this year - it was an investment in future returns. He has shown what he can do. I used to look at him as a spoiled kid at McLaren. And he may well be (why not - he's in F1!), but he's no fool. He wants it all - fast car, wins, championships and leader of the F1 drivers earnings chart. Do you want to be the one to tell him he doesn't deserve it?


"I belive it’s not a matter of do Ferrari want Kimi – I think clearly they would take Kimi in a heartbeat. The question in fact is – Does Kimi want Ferrari?"

As long as Ferrari have Alonso, why would they need Kimi? And Ferrari would be much better with a young thirsty fast driver. And there are plenty of them. Alguersuari, Perez, DiResta, Kovalainen or even Heidfield for a year.

I think Kimi doesn't need Ferrari and Ferrari doesn't need Kimi. Kimi will not play a no 2 driver to Alonso and Ferrari will only create problems for themselves by taking Kimi. Kimi wants to win and so doesn Alonso.

Ferrari need a consistent driver who would accept team orders if given.


If Ferrari want a #2 they won't do better than Massa.

You touch on a valid point. Either Ferrari get serious about the #2 car ad throw same resources at it as #1, or they can keep complaining about it and get 9th points from Massa. Time to make a decision Ferrari. I think they have no choice really. Look at all the other top teams, serious drivers in both McLarens and RBRs delivering wins and podiums race after race.


Kimi is being paid peanuts this year by Lotus in comparison to his Ferrari days. So pay is not a concern. Kimi stated in the past that he just wants a championship winning car, that's all.


Kimi was beaten by Massa. Do you think Kimi can beat Alonso over a season? Ummm, a bit of wishful thinking.

Alonso is clearly better than Kimi.


In the same car Kimi can beat anyone and everyone without a doubt over a season including Fernando. Fernando has had the good fortune to mould the teams the way he wants , the car etc. I'm not doubting his ability but Kimi and Lewis definitely have the speed..also just watch Kimis qualifying speed from now on apart of a small mistake in q3 he was quicker than everyone bar Lewis all weekend! Lookout Raikkonen is back.


The point is, Alonso, Hamilton and Raikkonen are in my opinion the most talented pilots on the grid, yet they've all been beaten by their teammates at some point in there career. People should stop judging them and accept that everyone has an off year.



Also, he's is better in races than a rookie. But in qualifying, this supposedly "fastest driver of a generation" is soundly beaten, by that rookie.


@ Mingojo

that was on off from massa, one of in 7 seasons


Button never beat Hamilton..Hamilton made lot of mistakes because of which button was able to go ahead of Lewis...even Lewis said the same thing after 2011 season...


I agree!

Although a brilliant talent (Kimi) Alonso is even more so--plus Fernando's dedication, leadership and application outshines Räikkönen's by quite a margin. Naw, Kimi can't hang with Alonso....


+1 on Dean.


I always find this sort argument amusing. It pretty much puts button at the top really, above both Lewis and Fernando.


I will admit that the 08 season is a trivial one. In our chats about Massa here, I theorized that Schumacher's closeness to Massa and perhaps push to get Massa the edge (since Schumi knows well what #1 support looks like at Ferrari) means Kimi was "protesting" Schumi sticking his advisory nose in and in Kimi's usual fashion making a statement that he won't stand for it. I have no other way to explain 08. That and some bad luck. Although I also conclude from 08 that Massa can get it done - given the right support.


Button beat Hamilton last year...what does that tell you?


its inconcievable to think that back in 09 ferrari had the option of pairing raikkonen with alonso. I dont quite understand what has changed now. It only goes to prove the point that ferrari never supported kimi during his time there with the team. I dont think it will change now. KR is better off where is at rightnow, I hope he wins some races and atleast gets a title shot this year! good luck


what is different is that Ferrari is no longer obligated to Massa. At the time that they dropped Kimi, Massa was seen as the franchise player (yay for Allen Iverson, but I digress), so Kimi had to go when Alonso came.

Now they can drop Massa and replace him with whoever is willing to join Ferrari.


Wait dint Kimi actually win his championship with Ferrari after repeatedly trying and failing with McLaren?


Kimi didn't fail McLaren, it's the opposite through unreliability of the Macca cars in 2003 and 2005.


Wasn't that when Todt was still there though


The only occasion where Massa received favourable treatment over Raikkonen was in the Chinese Grand Prix, by which point Kimi was out of the running in the title race anyway. Up to that point, his comparative dip in form was down to not being able to cope as well with the F2008's tendency to understeer, even more so than the F2007 before it - a point which, incidentally, Autosport covered in some detail after the end of the season. Kimi's departure was down to the appearance of a lack of motivation (the ice cream in Malaysia springs to mind...), and more importantly not gelling properly with the team. At no point has "being treated unfairly" or favouritism towards Massa been expressed or theorised, so with respect I'm not sure where you're coming from - and I'm a fan of Kimi.


I agree with you

and after john todt left they treated him unfairly and favorited mass over him,that' how massa beat kimi but in equal cars,mass will se the dist out of kimi's car



I probably wouldn't have too many bad things to say after getting fired with 20 mill in my bank account and a world championship. It would be very interesting to see Kimi and Alonso together. We all have a soft spot for Massa but I think they need to make a change.


I really dont want kimi to join ferrari after what the way they ditched him, though I would love to see him in a mclaren 🙂


Yes, that's what I'm talking about!

Kimi to Mclaren, Jenson to Ferrari & Massa to Lotus. Mclaren will have the strongest team on the grid.


I really don't want Kimi to join Ferrari after the reasosn they ditched him in the 1st place.

Pulkit Tripathi

So James,I didn't understood form this article..pls give the answer...

Kimi in Ferrari? Yes/No/Maybe


Hope ths move happens, Ferrari has been a one car team for too long

Andrew Woodruff

Apart from Vettel, Webber and Alonso, pretty much everyone else is a maybe at this stage!


iceman's comment says it all: "I don't come up with the rumours, so perhaps you have to ask the people who write them.” 🙂


Hmm.. JA, is that you? 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


I'm examining what seems an unlikely situation, as I said the situation is 'fluid'


I guess the BIG question is where will the Lotus team be next year? that will surely be the decide for Kimi.

They had a good all rounder car in 2010 and a tasty start to 2011 but the car slowly fell back by this time last year. Are Lotus a team that can produce another cracking car next year?

Surely the Ferrari seat would be better for someone like Adrian Sutil, as he is experienced, quick and willing to drive at all costs (willing to drive under a one year contract). Is Massa even a viable option for 2013?


I hope and wish Kimi wins the Championship at Lotus. I would be sad if Kimi goes back to Ferrari.


It does seem far fetched at the moment, but if di Montezemelo leaves Ferrari to pursue politics could Kimi consider going back?

At the end of the day he wants to be in the fastest possible car he can, if that's a Ferrari next year then so be it.

I am just glad he is showing what a good racer he is this year and making the paddock sit up and take notice.

Glad we can finally put all those Kimi "commitment" stories to bed for good!


I think James is definitely hinting there in the final paragraph that if Monte departs, the door might be opened for a Kimi return. I'd like to ask James was it not Monte who hastened Schum's departure to make room for Kimi whom he badly wanted instead?

And if Monte leaves, how does this affect Alonso?


actually Kimi was Todt's choice. Brown wanted Alonso instead and I think Domenicalli as well. Luca is just helping to execute what they come up together with. After Todt left there was no key ferrari official who supported Kimi. Thats why his positions became weaker. They didnt make him #1 even in the begining of 2008 (remember Massa situation in Bahrain).


"Brawn" btw, with an "a".


I hope Luca goes into Italian politics, as Fernando and Kimi would be a Ferrari dream team.

Kimi doesn't play politics and just drives the car. Fernando could remain team leader and would have a No2 that would keep him more than honest.

And how about Lewis in a Lotus?!?


Instead of pushing out Kimi for 2010, They should have done away with Massa. This would have taken care of the mess that was Massa in 2011, they probably would have won the constructors in 2010, maybe even Alonso would have won the WDC with a better rear gunner. Massa was always a confidence driver, and after his accident he really needed a win against Alonso to bring him back from the dark moments he had. But the story is somewhat different. Ferrari have been too emotionally connected to Massa and have given him enough chances to improve. Although that emotional attachement and love is exactly what Alonso needs to fill his amazing potential. Like they say, your greatest strength is also your graatest weakness, and there is no better proof with Alonso and Massa.


Ferrari has had a crazy attachment to Massa. To be honest I'll forever wonder how misplaced it was had it been but for the tragic spring accident. We'll never know, but the fact remains that Ferrari considered Massa to be the person who they owed their loyalty to.


I think Kimi is too good to be wasted for a #2 driver's role. I dont think he is going to Ferrari


I can't see it, but with F1 who knows. Would be good to see Kimi back in a Ferrari, but does he need one with the Lotus going so well?


As much as I would like to see KR at Ferrari but I don't see it happening. More than anything I see it as a ploy by KR and his team to push up his value at Lotus.

But having said that wouldn't KR and FA be the greatest dream team ever...?

Foghorn Leghorn

The best since Senna and Prost I'd say.


Assuming they have a better car under them, it would be an interesting dynamic.


It would be a default number two, just like Button- world champion but not the same lueage as Hamilton. But it wouldnt happen, not after they chose Massa over him. An Alonso v Kimi in Ferrari in 2010 things would have been different. And by the way, Kimi was mistified about Ferrari chooseing Massa over him in tge Ferrari seat. I hope Massa gave them his worth. 20.000.000€ ? To have Massa in the second Ferrari. Not a good choice, although we have the advantage of knowing what happened.


Interesting read James and I was just curious when you mentioned the strained history between Kimi and Luca, briefly what is this about?


Or between Kimi or Ron Dennis!


Watching the last race on SpeedTV, they commented on how it always seems that Kimi is best with the last stages of a race, 'surging from the back'. I don't want to criticize Kimi as he is a brilliant F1 driver, but could someone tell me then, why doesn't he 'simply' do better in the earlier stages of a race as well, so as to be in a better position nearer the end?! He's always disappointed with not-quite-winning and I wonder, apart from qualifying, what he 'doesn't do right' in the earlier parts?


The problem with the Lotus is it is so kind to it's tyres, it cannot get enough heat into them for single-lap performance.

It's something the team have been working on and their DRS modification coming for Spa is an attempt to counter this by giving more speed in qualifying.


Poor qualifying runs him in traffic at the start of the race. Also has warm up issues making his first laps of the race less than stellar.


Because of poor qualifying positions the first part of the race is always slow to get going. We are lucky that we have the pirreli tyres and DRS that we can see his speed come the second part of the race. If it was 2009 he wouldnt have anywere near as many points or podiums.


Kimi is having a dream comeback! He will get that win at the next GP. Spa is his to take. Wouldn't it be crazy if he becomes the 2012 WDC*?

I'd like to see him stay at LOTUS. The black&gold suits him 🙂

* It's going to be a five way title fight. Alonso, Kimi & Hamilton have an advantage as their team mates could play a supportive role in the second half of the season. Not so with Red Bull.


HAMILTON is in the best position to win the WDC this year


I think you meant to say Mclaren lotus and redbull have an advantage with second drivers that can play a supportive role....


Massa supports Alonso by not scoring more points than him.


Oh ouch. 🙂

It took me a while to understand that one.


I'm pretty sure both RedBull drivers are in the top three in the drivers championship, so no its a Ferrari, Lotus, Mclaren advantage with RedBull taking points off each other


Kimi to Ferrari doesn't make as much sense as Vettel to Ferrari and Kimi to RB.

I'd pay to watch that.

Tornillo Amarillo

Too excited about Kimi..., but it is not sure he has the fastest car or he can challenge Alonso for the championship.

Now the fastest car seems to be McLaren and Hamilton was looking at the tyres yesterday, controlling the race, as Alonso did before.

If Kimi had had a faster car to a certain point, he would closed the gap to 0,3 seconds and overtaken with DRS, but than did'n happened. In such a case, Hamilton had had the opportunity to do the same after and use the DRS.

I think both cars were matched in the pace yesterday, but I guess Hamilton had some more pace yet ready to use.


I agree everytime RAI got in DRS activation HAM seemed to find a few tenths in the third sector.


Kimi KERS was only producing arround 40kw which is half of the maximum it can produce and I guess major point why he wasnt able to come closer to attack in DRS zone.


Driving within 0.3 of a sec. at Hungaroring Circuit is nearly impossible.. That KR was able to stay that close as he did, is remarkable by itself, because it would mean that he was wrecking his tyres behind Hamilton..

Tornillo Amarillo

Fact is Hamilton without DRS was matching Raikkonnen pace WITH DRS for many many laps.


Kimi's KERS was dodgy, which can't have helped.


Ferrari should never of let kimi go. It's as plain and simple as that. He would of been close to the title in 2010 as Fernando lost alot of points early in that year when he was getting used to Ferrari and there team. And he still nearly won that year. Since settled he has been unreal in that Ferrari. Don't see kimi joining him tho. I would love it to happen as kimi is my favourite driver. Rosberg would be a great choice for me. Quick enough to back Fernando up but not quick enough to beat him which is what ferrari want.


People forget, the last time Kimi went to Ferrari they decided to keep Michael on as a consultant/adviser and with him in the middle of everything are we suprised that from time to time Kimi lost interest and things with Luca went off.He is his own man with his own talent and did not need any help from Michael's.


Michael's advice included sending Kimi out in Malaysia on wets on a bone dry track.


You hit the nail right on the head there. Kimi's time at Ferrai was not ideal bec. Schumacher was still No. 1 in their heart and he was physically there in the factory and the pits as consultant/adviser. It's like a man with a new wife that is still spending nights with his ex-wife.


A big mistake by Mark Webber to re-sign with Red Bull in 2013. He has no hope for the championship in a team which although tends to give him equal equipment as Seb Vettel, only tailors race strategy to suit Vettel. And if Webber is in Vettel's way, the strategy is used to get Webber out of the way, like we saw in Hungary.

In 2009 and 2010 Webber re-signed with Red Bull for the following season then all of a sudden his pace dropped off. Same thing this season. Webber should've waited till the season end before deciding - like Button in 2009. The only advantage to Webber re-signing now was so the car in 2013 could take into account Webber's large frame. But what is the point of that if he does not have a hope against Vettel?

Beating Vettel in the same car with the same support is a massive challenge. Vettel is extremely quick and very intelligent. To beat Vettel without the team support, and with nonsensical strategies which are always contingent on how they affect Vettel, well, it's almost impossible.

Webber - silly move to stay with Red Bull. Would've had a much better chance for winning the championship in a Ferrari in 2013.


Except there is no way Alonso would've allowed a new guy to come into his settled team and be the number one, and in equal cars I think Fernando is faster than Mark; plus he has the mind games to get under the skin and break down confidence.


Interesting to hear about the possibility of Raikkonen going back to Ferrari. Would Ferrari really want somebody who can challenge Alonso? Or a better question is would Alonso want a teamate who can challenge him?

I believe Raikkonen the king of spa will be back on top in Spa once more. Mark my words!


Over a season I can't see Kimi beating Alonso.


Just wait for Brazil 2012 🙂


It would be great to see Kimi win at Spa again. He has been mighty there - 4 wins and only an ill-timed rain shower curtailed a great performance in 2008.

I remember also him keeping his foot to the floor in qualifying in 02 despite driving through a cloud of engine smoke.

Its great to have him back in F1 and I respect his single-minded desire to win.


Given ferrari only need a driver for a year I wish that Schumacher would just go there for a year and retire there. merc are clearly going nowhere and it'd be great publicity.

Kimi is one of my fav drivers and i'd hate to see him used as a stop gap for vettel.


We all know Schumacher had lost it.


His race pace is this season has been mighty, qualy lace too. If his car was as reliable as rosbergs he'd be much higher up the standings.

Is he as good as he was before? Ofc not, he's aged a lot since his best days. Is he still competitive with good machinary? Undoubtably.


Would Schumacher do any better than Massa?

Warren Groenewald

He couldnt possibly do any worse and I'd rather be beaten by the driver many F1 insiders and fans consider the best on the grid than by someone largely unproven.

I doubt Alonso would want it though and it might unsettle things too much.


Ask Ferrari race engineers Chris Dyer, Andrea Stella and others how they rate KR. They have heaped praises on him and in some respects hold him higher than any one else, including Schumacher. This may surprise some but not James I reckon.

Kimi achieved for Ferrari 3 titles

Massa. To many he's a likable and talented driver. He had a great shot at wdc. Some say he lost by a whisker, a single point to Lewis. Wrong.

Massa lost because he didn't win enough races despite the FIA gifting him Spa [a race he could never win himself] and KR gifting him Magny Cours.

Ferrari decided to embrace Massa. there were many reasons for that decision. They made the decision but they don't want to live with it.


“Kimi is very, very quick. When the car operates or the conditions of a race within a certain window. Within this window He can be the fastest. The limitation is that outside this window… how can I say it … out of this range is a bit more work was needed in order to find this optimal point. ” - Andrea Stella

From this I get that Kimi was very quick when the car was as he wanted it, but when it wasn't he was struggeling. No engineer will say that one of his former drivers was bad. But reading between the lines Andrea was being gracious I believe.

And we saw it this year. In the wet, that Lotus just doesn't work and both Kimi and Grosjean didn't had great results.


You could argue that for any driver really. The fact that the Lotus isn't competitive in the rain for both drivers points more towards the car than the driver. With your rational, the fact that Lewis is faster in qualy than in the race is the fault of the driver or the car?


I would blame it on the car..or more specificaly on the tyres.

In qualy Lewis can put everything down for 2-3 laps while in the race he can't do that. He can't drive that car 100%. He needs to look after the tyres.

McLaren, in my opinion, is harder on the tyres than the Lotus, therefore the car allows Kimi to push much more towards 100% than McLaren car allows Lewis.


After the '07 championship, the Ferrari engineers said that Kimi had forced them to re-evaluate their ideas of what was possible in an F1 car, while in '09, they said that the computer simulations told them his performances were not physically possible in that dog of a car, so they obviously really rate him. The problem would be Alonso and his guaranteed no. 1 driver contract. Given Kimi is open about his desire to win, I can't really see any way of getting around this.


Can you please provide a copy of that Alonso contract? Sorry to burst your bubble, but I am afraid Alonso had earned that status by his performances on the track, not by a contract.


He couldnt win because;

1. He couldnt score any point in the first two races (his own fault)

2. Renault cheated (Singapore)

3. At Hungary his engine gave up while he was leading few laps before the end.

Note : As like he helped Kimi during 2007 season, Kimi helped him during 2008 season. The same season Mclaren used Kovalainen as a support driver for Hamilton all season long.


He also gave Massa 2nd place in China.


I dont really see it happening. Raikkonen will not take second billing next to Alonso for anything and though Alonso would likely accept the fact that Kimi is capable of challenging him, I doubt he'd want a team mate that could.

William Wilgus

Neither Alonso or Rakonnin would be happy as #2, whether officially or in fact. Forget it!


I can do that too:

Petrov to Williams

Alonso to HRT

Vettel to Lotus


I have read nothing to substantiate this. Sounds more like mischief than smoke & fire


Perhaps the best plan is to stay at Lotus next year and see how they develop, then perhaps move to Ferrari or Red Bull in 2014, whichever one has the empty seat. That's what I'd do. But I'm sure these things are way more complicated than that...


It will be pretty awesome to see Kimi back at Ferrari. But given the inconsistency of the term of availability of that second race seat, it will still end in tears for him again, as soon as Ferrari spot their proper number two. So the Iceman should do what will only make him look even cooler (if that is possible!), wait for an offer and then say 'no thank you!' politely. He's the only one on the grid with the cheek to turn down Ferrari.


Mark Webber doesn't count 'cos he is driving for Red Bull. It it very easy to make that decision. Let him drive a Lotus and then turn down Ferrari, and we will talk.

Warren Groenewald

Mark Webber disagrees


Other than Webber of course.


Er... you forgot Mark turned down Ferrari only a few weeks ago?


webber did that to ferrari only about a couple of races ago!


What is Raikkonen's relationship with Alonso? They are similar drivers in terms of consistency and a desire to finish, traits that Ferrari value highly. In the past, they have raced each other fairly and without incident, and Alonso can handle the PR without Raikkonen's laconic input. In Alonso, Ferrari have their svengali, KR could just race this time. Still, as grumpy as Kimi seems to be in the ideal land of Lotus, imagine his potential funk at Maranello.


Kimi grumpy!? You talking about a different Kimi, ya? Kimi's always been about fun and jokes and stuff, other than PR stuff of course which he hates.


Alonso puts in the time at the factory, maintaining good working relationships, which Ferrari appreciate. Raikkonen never did. With Alonso solidly established in the team, the "Iceman" would be coldly received at Maranello.

Whoever it is who replaces Massa will have to accept a supporting role at Ferrari. For this reason I don't think Vettel will go there until Alonso retires.


It's not right that Kimi didn't put time at the factory. All of his past engineers admits as he spends the same amount of time like Schumi or Alonso.


I don't think Kimi is as consistent as Alonso. I believe both drivers respect each other.


I agree that Alonso is flawless 2012.

But earlier in his career he was too hotheaded and lost several titles that way.

2007 he put the car in the wall third last race gunning for a win but when Lewis choked he would have won that title easily.

2010 he lost lots of points first half of the season when the car was a dog. Overtaken by Kobayashi on last lap and complaining over radio half the race about Lewis who overtook the safety car. If he raced instead he would have gained the points to win that season.

2010:Fernando Alonso was the fourth and final retirement, making an uncharacteristic mistake as he exited the Les Combes-Malmedy complex. Alonso ran wide and strayed onto the artificial grass strip lining the outside of the corner where he lost all grip and spun into the wall.

2010: Refusing to give back the place to Kubica when passing when not allowed. Stubborn and then the safety car came out and his race was ruined.

He learned those expensive lessons and now he is more mature and ready to win this title by consistency.


I'm with you James in I can't see kimi at Ferrari again. However what about if kimi goes to red bull or mclaren and then either button or webber is sent to Ferrari for a lucrative end to there careers?


Don't think Kimi cares about word lucrative at slightest.

He is on vacation already. His priority to have a breathing space in a team followed by race winning car.


Webber already declined Ferrari. Loads of that news on the web as that only happened recent, with his reasons for why he turned down.

Don't think Webber will go to Ferrari before retirement.


That assumes that webber and red bull don't fall out before the end of the season. Obviously I know that webber signed an extension but his main reason for doing that was to ensure a good crack at the title this year.

The webber red bull relationship is only one decision in favour of vettel from turning sour again and this looks ever more possible in light of vettel and webber's recent performances. Then all of a sudden Ferrari call again and with kimi a perfect replacement (he already has ties with red bull) ready to move.


James, are you planning to publish the whole interview with Kimi?


What I find interesting about these rumors is that they imply that it was completely Luca's decision to get rid of Kimi. Everyone else at Ferrari appear to only have praises to say about Kimi, and would love to have him back. Alonso/Kimi pairing would certainly be hard to beat!

I wonder what went wrong between Luca and Kimi, as it seems like Kimi doesn't have too warm feelings toward Luca either (saying things like "there was only one person at Ferrari who I didn't get along with", or something like that.)


LdM previously said that he likes drivers who drivers with brains and leadership (MSC, ALO) rather than those who simply have a heavy foot (hint hint, RAI?).


Wasn't there a mention of "turning up on track with a suitcase" just last year?


A diff. question...Why was the light behind Hamiltons car (the one you see on wet weekends) blinking throuhout the last few laps?


There's no way this can be true nor would Kimi go back. This must be a decoy for something bigger happening behind the curtain.


Poor Lewis, it seems it doesn't matter how many races he wins, all the talk is always of others with more potential and better marketability.

Jenson for Prime Minister!


Simon Fuller would pick HAM over BUT any day 😀


Are you kidding me? Hamilton is 'the' most marketable driver in formula 1, fact!


Yes. I reckon Hamilton would be paid a king's ransom to drive in NASCAR for his marketability as well as his talent behind the wheel of a race car.


As the old saying goes...

Never go back to an ex girlfriend for it always ends in tears.

And luckily for Kimi, his current girlfriend is quiet nice to him for she keeps giving him presents in the form of podiums & trophies.

So no, it wouldnt make sense for Kimi (or anyone) to leave a good deal.

It's really amusing for it seems everybody is linked to the Ferrari number 2 seat & yet the current driver in that seat (Massa) may end up signing on for a one year contract while Perez sharpness up his skills in a midfield car.

Yes, the time Webber turned down that drive, was the day Massa penned his name on the dotted line for Ferrari had enough reasons to sack him this season but alas they shielded & defended him the more.

So yeah, Kimi + Lotus seem to be a perfect fit for the bosses understand him whilst he has a nice time telling the lads jokes at the factory.

Though Kimi should watch out for Grosjean for once he calms down during races, he will be mighty hard to beat thanks to his qualifying pace just ask Vettel.


I still feel Kimi is operating at 90%, even having upped his aggression in the last two races. I think if Romain improves,so will Kimi. German GP brought back what F1 was missing, which is sheer unabated racing. All of Kimi's spectacular overtakings were done without DRS and without KERS, I have the onboard footages to prove that. So comparing Romain to Kimi is not fair. When the Team is inspired by the drives Kimi is bringing out it is easy for them to deliver their very best and something I feel Romain is benefiting. I think more than Anyone it is the Lotus and Lopez and Eric that should be applauded for having the faith to bring in exactly what was needed both to Lotus and to F1 and that being Kimi.


can you post those videos online?


here I found it. 9:44 minutes of unabated, un-commented magic of the man they call Kimi Raikkonen



Look on youtube


Say, Luca got rid of Kimi because he felt he didn't embody the Ferrari spirit

But, but, but, wouldn't it be ironic for Luca in the future when he looks back at the past thinking of the driver he didn't like was infact the driver that gave the team it's last WDC and WCC in a really long time.

Yes, this scenario just might happen for the current pit wall & design team aren't exactly what one may call the dream team.


Is there a possibility that JB is under-performing to trigger a term in his contract to get out of his contract so he is free to go to Ferrari? I think this is highly unlikely. Did JB not sign a lucrative five year deal with McLaren last year? He seems happy there. I see Massa keeping his seat because as you point out James the key to any negotiation for any driver will be length of the contract. Nobody will want a one year contract with Ferrari especially when they are making cars which are giving at least one of their drivers the chance to challenge for the championship. The only reason anyone would want a one year deal with Ferrari is someone who is either near the end of their career (MW or MS) or someone at the start of their career but Ferrari do not take on rookies. Maybe MS will go to Ferrari but that would be some kick in teeth to fans of his current team, unlikely. Massa's bargaining position is very strong, maybe Ferrari are spreading the rumours to try and weaken his position or (more likely) reporters just feel the need to report this stuff. 🙂


Kimi back to Ferrari? If Luca goes into politics quickly and whomever replaces him really dislikes him, then to discredit him for paying off Kimi, they might try to bring Kimi back. But if Luca's move to politics is longer than the window to hire a driver to replace Massa, or his replacement likes, and respects him (which is the more likely scenario than his replacement disliking him), then it won't happen.

Most likely a whimsical comment from some minor body at Ferrari which some journalist, needing a story, grabbed.


I don't think Alonso would like to hear a radio message that states "Our Last World Champion Kimi is faster than you... is that understood?"

Kimi's comeback according to be was well planned out by Kimi. First half of the season he used to consolidate his position in F1 and simultaneously acclimatise himself with Pirellis and Lotus, having done that astoundingly, he has designated the second half of the season for Attack, his German race proved that and his Hungary race asserted that. It was very visible that he was being rather tentative and risk averse till the German GP. And in German GP he unleashed his spine chilling aggression and speed and in Hungary he asserted that.

Yes, I agree the car is fast, but he had to combat the Steering issues as well which is an integral part of a drivers' assault weaponry. He had to drive around this fundamental disability and still manage to get up to fourth in the championship.

Romain had a bad race in Germany and we all know where he finished.

Kimi had a bad race (in terms of car-setup) in Monaco and we all know where he finished.

Can't wait for Kimi's return win.


I think Hamilton, Vettel or Alonso would have won races in the Lotus car.


Maybe @Mingojo.. And I think Kimi would win races in a Ferrari, McLaren or RedBull.


I meant Hamilton, Vettel or Alonso.


Kimi was rallying in his years away from F1. His career didn't come to a stop like Michael's. Also Michael at Kimi's current age was demolishing the competition and was in his prime.

So while it would have been difficult for Kimi but not like some are making it out to be. He is 10 years younger to Schumi.


I think Hamilton, Webber and Alonso wouldn't have done much better if they had been away from single seater racing for two years.


Vettel? Nah.. not without PlayStation style EBD. Hamilton possibly and Alonso yes.


maybe Jacques Villeneuve can do better. 🙂


Nah, none would have won, such is the nature of that circuit. DRS flopped, Renault is down on power to Mercedes which is Mclaren. There was absolutely none to nothing overtaking in Hungary. The Mercedes engines are so up on power that all of Kimi's overtakings were without DRS and KERS. So yes, Lotus is fast car but when it comes to DRS and KERS, the combination of Mclaren and Mercedes is Supreme.

There was only one who could have attempted either would've crashed or passed - The Late Great Ayrton Senna. apart from him none could've taken down Lewis's Mclaren.


Kimi's overtakes in Germany I meant


We need to take into account we are in the silly season hence this is another silly rumour.

James, with Montezemolo potentially going into politics do you see the possibility of Jean Todt replacing him if he doesn't consider standing for FIA presidency again


What did I tell you James about a week or two ago.

Kimi Raikkonen back to ferrari in 2013. You heard it here first.

Everyone other comment was saying, No Chance.

It could and may happen!


Kimi is a great race driver but he was never a good qualifier and he still is not. He was a match to Massa in Ferrari which was a disappointment.

I really like Kimi but he is exactly not a match to Alonso, so it would be better for him to stay in Lotus.


I was thinking about it. Cause Kimi used to be insanely quick in qualifying. And recently most of his mistakes come during qualifying. I'm not sure if it is matter of getting temperature in tyres fast enough or he just expect something out of the car what is not there during that one lap.


Pls watch Monaco quali 2005 just for an example.


+2. Kimi has 16 career poles to Felipe 15 & that's with 2 years out of F1.Also Kimi had many lap records To his name & some still stand. Note also his pace at Hungary over single lap was awesome-- he is now right back on ! I'm so pleased for him


Excluding 2008 (after the new front suspension started being used) i think most would agree he was probably the best qualifier in f1, certainly faster in 1 lap pace than michael or alonso. His performances in the sauber and mclaren were mighty.


I really dont want to be harsh against Kimi as I also like him and rate him high but numbers never lie. He was not good against Massa and he is not good against Grosjean during qualifications.

2007 8-7 massa

2008 12-6 massa

2009 5-4 kimi

2012 8-3 grosjean

Schumacher was much faster than Massa in his last year with Ferrari at the age of 37, he out qualified Massa 14-4.

Kimi is a very talented racer better than most but his qualification laps really hurting his chance in races as starting position is very important for F1.


I think Kimi used to be a very good qualifier when it was two tyre suppliers in F1. In those days the tyres was much easier to keep alive, Bridgestone and Michelin were competing fiercely to have the best tyre for qualifing and the race. With only one supplier there is no reason to make the most drivable tyre.

These days Kimi has problem with heating up the tyre for one lap.


James, what is this i hear about Montoya making a comeback with Williams ?


Only that one of his associates was in Hungary as a guest of FW. But Montoya won't come back, he (and F1) has moved on


Would love to see it though! What a driver he was.

Seriously over-weight now mind you.

Liam in Sydney

Montoya never liked the politics and intrige of F1, or the snooty rich people. Plus he now lives and races in his home time zone. Juan has everything he needs now.


I wish he would come back to F1. He is much better driving open wheelers than stock or touring cars.

Mike from Colombia

Would have to go on a serious diet as well.


Ferrari should think long term & go with Kimi's team mate ?


Doesn't Kimi still have another year on his Lotus contract? Can't see Kimi breaking his Lotus contract for anything less than a 2 year Ferrari contract and where would that leave the Vettel to Ferrari in 2014 rumours?

Plus the Lotus is currently faster than the Ferrari in race trim. There's no guarantee Ferrari won't start next year with another poor car.

It would be great to see Kimi alongside Alonso at Ferrari though.


And he have a stake in Lotus F1 Team as I remember.




I don't care who takes Massa's seat - even Postman Pat has more of chance of winning valuable points for the constructors championship at this stage. I got so annoyed when I saw Ferrari slipping to 4th place in the Constructors championship yesterday.

Somebody has to help Ferrari win the Constructors Championship in 2013 by consistently scoring in the Top 10. Alonso is a great driver but not even he can secure the Constructors championship by himself.

As for those people in the 'leave poor Massa' alone camp... Massa is great when his contract is up for renewal... the rest of the time he turns into an average driver who plays the Number Two driver part a bit too well. Why should we be patting Massa on the back for finishing in the points every few months when his team-mate does the same week after week come rain or shine! Massa has scored 25 points while Alonso has scored 164... enough said!

Ok... rant over.... peace! 😀


Yes, Yes a thousand times yes!! Good on you Don!


[I don’t care who takes Massa’s seat – even Postman Pat has more of chance of winning valuable points]

Wow! c'mon have some compassion for poor Felipe, I do feel for him though. Peace.


I do of course feel for 'Poor Felipe' and have done so every season since his accident. But why do we all call him 'Poor Felipe' because he has lost his mojo... I didn't hear anybody saying 'Poor Hamilton' last year or 'Poor Schumacher' everybody wanted their head on a plate when they have poor seasons. So why should 'Poor Felipe' be treated any differently to anybody else?


James, reports in Italy that Ferrari have shown a interest in Button, perhaps a surprise switch by Jenson?



They missed their chance earlier this year


??? I thought Button signed a 3 year contract in Japan last year to stay with McLaren.

Val from montreal

It would be my wish come true seeing Raikkonen's garage next to Alonso's... But of course , NANDO would never allow it .... Right ? I know for sure that , in the same way David Robertson signed a back-door contract with Luca Montezemelo back in 2005 , that Alonso will be pretty much Screwed if KR's manager gets his way ... No way in hell will David Robertson make his star driver sign any cluauses with Ferrari ...Alonso would have no choice to yield if Kimi gets the better oh him ... Psychologically Alonso has no chance over the iceman ... Period


bingo, the iceman's managers are geniuses, among other things for getting him his monumental payday after herr schumacher left. kimi is his own man and should continue to be, no knock [necessarily] on alonso either, who has molded his ferrari environment to his best advantage. if lotus wins races with kimi, why does he need to go anywhere else? he won them their last championship, so what "ferrari mystique" for him? been there, done that...


Yaaawn. Good to hear something negative about Alonso. All over the world and in the paddock everybody seem to have only nice things to say about the 'Complete' Driver on the grid.

Kimi beating Alonso? He might set the fastest lap in the odd races but he ain't going to last the distance against the Matador.


Well said mate, it seams everyone rate Alonso way to high, reason he seams so good is that Massa is so slow and why everyone have short memory span remember Alonso in Mclaren beaten by a rookie and then blackmailing his own team to gain clear status of No.1 driver and in Reno anyone remembers china Fisi was following Alonso despite being quicker(wrong tyre choice for Alonso he put only new fronts) wasnt allowed to overtake Alonso which in turn put Shumi rigth behind the pair and the list goes on. Point being as soon as he is under pressure and things doesnt go his way he starts trowing toys out of his pram(anyone remember press constantly using this term and nicname Teflonso)and for this reason Kimi wont go to ferrari as Teflonso will do everything to stop it in order to maintain No1 position. So pls ppl be objective and look into the facts that date longer than 1 race and lol teflonso is where he is not because of his driving but 1.others missforutne(where was he in Hungary)2.Ferrari suprisingly consistent strategy and again well said Val, too bad everyone else are like kids and not real objective fans...


As a huge Kimi fan I can't wait for him to re up with Lotus. I have ZERO interest in him back at Ferrari. They simply want someone to bring home more WCC points not to challenge Alonso. The entire world has seen how Alonso acts when he has a good teammate, ala Lewis in 2007 when Alonso threw his toys out the prat that year over and over.

Plus that team is built 100% around Alonso and I don't see why they would change that...


Yes Michael I agree with you 100%. The past is coming back to haunt Ferrari. They paid €20m to get rid of Kimi (because of MS legacy/lluca whatever political bs) for Alonso and they kept Felipe who has done nothing since.

I said it before any driver wanting to go to Ferrari with Alonso being treated like a god ( and good luck to him) is an idiot. Because all it says is that you are good no. 2 driver and which other Top notch driver wants that?? I don't doubt Fernando is amongst the best drivers but I won't forget his rant over Hamilton even at Canada last year ! He is temperamental. Which sits well with the Spaghetti heads. I would love nothing better than Lotus to beat them in the constructors championship.


....I think you will find all the teams want to bring home WCC points... why else would they be racing?


James, Kimi scuppered your free period straight after Abu Dabi, and now he looks set to keep you plenty busy this holiday month ...

You don't reckon he'l be in red for spa already?


I think Kimi needs to weigh up where he will be happiest. Lotus seem to have given him a great deal of freedom in terms of his commercial responsibilities, something he is very unlikely to get at Ferrari.

But with Ferrari commanding the drivers championship quite strongly and the likelihood at this point of Alonso winning the title, I can't see why they would want anything other than an obedient number 2. Kimi and Vettel won't fill that role so I think it's more likely we would see someone like Perez being groomed for the long term or maybe a one season punt on someone like Senna.


Well, they might need the money in the future.
Even De Monty is talking about cost cutting nowadays. NEver happened before.

Santander [mod] ..in 2010 their situation was different to now.

Now European tax payers will save Santander from bankruptcy from bad loans so they wont be able to chip in the budget as before.

Maybe we will pay Alonsos paycheck that way ;))

" At the same time, the perceived risk of Santander defaulting has increased, as demonstrated by the spike in its credit default swaps by about 50pc(percent) in just three days to 228.7 basis points. "

"Santander revealed that its total "potential problematic exposure" to Spanish construction and real estate is €14bn (£11.9bn) – an extreme scenario that assumes the €6.5bn of property assets it has seized are worthless. "


The guy who would be happy reading all these rumors is - Giancarlo Fisichella. Somehow everything fits for him to get that Ferrari seat next year when Felipe leaves.

James, what do you think?


More chance of being struck by lightning!


If it must be an Italian, then surely it would be a return of the Trulli Train. Last time Fisichella raced was 2009, before DRS cat flaps and Pirelli so he would struggle. And the fact he's about 139 now.

Trulli last raced last year.


More chance of the world coming to an end in 2012 than Kimi going to Ferrari!


That was a super answer James.


Any chance they would bring Barrichello back - he couldn't be any worse than Massa and he's the most experienced driver ever with over 300 races under his belt? He also plays the role of the Number 2 driver well and was very loyal to Ferrari back in the early 2000's.




I too think Fisichella would be a good option, given his ties to Ferrari, his decent skills as a support driver as well as the fact that F1 needs an Italian driver.

Why is it so outlandish James?


Ha yes James ! Love what Kimi did to him in Japan in 05 last lap!


He's past it and not fast enough are two reasons that spring to mind


Didn`t McLaren wanted him back in 2009 after a not so great relationship with Ron Dennis? I think its possible in F1 and for Ferrari it would give a mega driver line-up. However I am not sure Alonso would want it and I think Lotus is a more suitable team for Kimi right now.


Maybe it's too early for Perez, but I think the boy deserves a chance.


Love the idea of it, but I do doubt Kimi will move from Lotus, things are too good there, as we all say,if only they qualified higher up, and if they have sorted that out at Lotus, going to be q big battle up front. And being that 2013 doeant yet have any major rule changes, Lotus has the real chance to b a top 3team.

If it was going into 2014 with massive changes, then maybe.

But I do think the way the Lotus car is designed to look after the tyres better is helping Kimi along.

Ferrari don't have a great car (at least not at all tracks) and as much as I love Kimi, him in a car that can't win, isn't very motivated to push it like Alonso does.

I say a rumourby Ferrari as a negotiation process with Massa for a 1yr deal with the option for the team to grab him for 2014, if the chatter about an agreement between Ferrari and Vettel is to b believed.

Hell Webber will b up for graps again in 12 months time.

Liam in Sydney

Correct. Fernando is a "Ferrari" kind of driver, shown by his toughness, determination and never-say-die attitude. Kimi is not.


Rubbish it has to do more with Politics, media friendly, and he speaks Italian- Capisce ? No driver on the grid is more determined and mentality is tougher than Kimi - he has proven that after a 2 year sabbatical don't ya think


My friends, enough of this Kimi at Ferrari nonsense.

We know Ferrari will follow their heads not their hearts. They will pay off Alonso and bring back Schumacher.

That's the mother of dream teams: Massa and Schumacher.


Nah. I reckon Alonso and Schumacher. It'll never happen but it would be Fantastic! 🙂


LdM & Kimi are both pragmatic businessmen & if they see where it is to the advantage of both of them I see no reason why it won't happen. I wonder what, if any, role Piero plays in this...? He liked Massa. Ferrari let Kimi compete in the Finland rally. Not that I think that is a good idea. 🙂 As someone else said, Kimi is 2nd driver at Lotus, it might be better to be 2nd at Ferrari...?


.. What?

You figure Lotus would have allowed the respective engineers to simultaneously tell their drivers that they were racing one another the way they did if one was favoured over the other?


Ral, I just read this comment on another article: "stormwarning says...Recommend (7) @gelb14 - regarding his qualifying pace, I would have to agree on the whole, but in Hungary he was on to beat Romain's time when the team told him to abort and pit at the end, presumably to save tyres. He should have started that race from 2nd. Posted: 30/07/12 11:00am In Canada, Lotus could not get differential fixed for quals, even though they knew Fri. practice. At Silverstone Lotus could not fix Kimi's Kers fixed but quals, but could for the race. EB's favorite is RG & he will do anything thing he can to make sure RG quals. ahead of Kimi. Why would Kimi want to stay...? I believe that it is more important to EB to get RG higher in the points than getting a win. EB took a test day, one of the few anymore, from Kimi & gave it to RG at Mugello. EB is RG’s personal manager & a fellow French countryman.


I think Lotus realise that they need Kimi more now then probably at the beginning of the season. They know the Brand Power Kimi was before he joined them and now his has only grown in stature... He is always performing better than his teammate when it matters, beat him twice on track with large margins (Bahrain n' Hungary)... He has been spectacular in his overtakings... his speed is unparalleled... this is after two years of lay off.

Now, which team wouldn't want him? Eric is always praising Romain and so is James Alison in his interview today... and for a team to lose its form takes just one race, such is the pace of development in F1.

Kimi now has many takers so he has no issues... but the question is will Lotus get someone like Kimi again? I think not, Lewis is secured, Alonso is secured, Vettel is secured, Schumacher will retire then race anything but Mercedes for patriotic and sentimental reasons, now which driver on the grid apart from who I have mentioned has the ability to push beyond the limits of the car? Romain, though a revelation is proven that he is not in the same mettle as these, so they can't build a team around him. So, its Lotus that would not only lose fans by the millions but also a great deal of lustre and sponsors.


I have heard conspiracy theories like that before and with Boullier being Grosjean's manager I guess that's inevitable. But as likely as it may seem, I can't see it.

If it looks from the outside as if Boullier favours Grosjean, from the outside it also looks as if Lopez favours Räikkönen and Lotus need Genii's money. More than that though Genii's business is all about money and at no point has Grosjean been higher in the standings than Räikkönen. Genii's shareholders would be less than amused to have their potential profits squandered over driver treatment issues, especially if those issues favoured a rookie over a proven race winner and past world champion. If I was a Genii shareholder, I would have made sure to have something in place to check for any signs of Boullier's vested interests in Grosjean causing favouritism when Boullier suggested him for one of the seats.

So, I guess the litmus test is: does Räikkönen ever have bad days when Lopez is in the garage? 😉


Can't see Kimi going back there. Would like to see Ferrari do something like Mclaren did with Ham and bring in someone young and new to the sport but doubt they will.


Why not just grab Rubens, he come back for some lasagna at this point. And it seems like his teammates have a habit of winning championships.


After all the bad-mouthing he did about Ferrari, Ferrari have to be nuttier than a snickers bar to hire Rubens back !


Plus he's faster than the Stig!!!


Poor Stig. He's never going to live that down. 🙂




I thought Kimi has a contract with Lotus for next year? I am a Ferrari fan, but don't really think it will happen as do not see Kimi wants a one year contract, assuming Vettel will be there in 2014. Lotus car is extremely good this season, likely better than Ferrari. Don't see why they can't have another good car next year, though we saw Ferrari being recruiting aggressively. Why would he switch for the sake of Ferrari name?


Kimi wouldn't play the number 2 role, and neither would we want him to!!! Playing the number 2 role is the point for the designated number 2 @ Ferrari driver right?


I've said this previously and been critisied for, but I've always stood anda gain stand by my view: they should've fired Massa instead of Raikkonen at the end of 2009. Nothing against Massa, you can dig up my comments from JA's past articles and I do stress I like the guy, but in terms of performance, I rate Raikkonen a lot higher than Massa and thus I feel the champ should've been allowed to stay.

Now Ferrari's mistake in 2009 they make the situation awkward now.


+ 1 Kay ! Most people are blind -you are dead right on this I have been saying it for years. There was Always more politics than Brains behind that decision. Also Fernando can Continue to be Top driver while Ferrari struggle for 3rd on constructors. Webber has rejected them, many more will - they have to change their way of running that team plain and simple !!! It's not that 90"s and Managers manage teams not Drivers!


You gotta admire the loyalty of Kimi's fans. Only they could suggest that Kimi could beat Alonso over the course of the season.

The way I see it, Alonso is building his Championships bid from the first race, while Kimi would take points off of him at one race, then finish 5th in another.

To put it simply, Alonso would come out on top of the two, but neither would win a Championship, unless they have a dominant car.


You gotta admire how some people are convinced their own opinion is a fact.


Brace has 2005 to support his argument. McLaren was the fastest car and right from day 1 in Melbourne but Kimi made a mess of it by driving it over the limit all the time.

I know people will say it was McLaren's reliability that cost him but I disagree. Kimi was to blame for most of the retirements. You have to understand the limits of your car. As much as I like Kimi I know he won't win this championship. Even if he has the fastest car on the grid. Actually he has had fastest car many times before 2004, 2005.


ANSWER IN FORM OF QUESTION ON WHO IS BETTER: Who is the Last Ferrari World Champion?


Anop, to revisit the original post, it was statet that Kimi's fans are loyal but also implied they may be deluded in their belief that he can beat Alonso head to head. This may be true, however it may also be true that his detractors are equally or even more deluded. We just don't know at this point.


Anop have you driven a formula 1 car ?? So how do you know what the limit is??.. It is well documented that the Mercedes engine failed Mclaren dismally ( not just Kimi but Montoya also). Did you even bother to watch every single race between 2002 to 2005?? It is well documentated Kimi was a serious title contender had it not been for those issues.


Of course its my opinion. People post their opinions here. James writes all the facts.

I never said I was stating a fact and I don't need you to explain me the difference between a fact and an opinion.


2005? Wow, that's a lot of water under the bridge in order to state another opinion (that Kimi was at fault for reliability problems) as fact.

In case you are confused about the difference between fact and opinion, here IS a FACT: nobody knows for sure who would win if Kimi and Fernando had the same cars because IT HASN'T HAPPENED YET.

So crystal ball or not, your opinion is still just that: an opinion.


Kimi is laughing his head off!, absolutely no chance of returning to Ferrari,apart from money Lotus has a lot more to offer.The profile of Ferrari doesn't suit the personality? of Kimi.


I see Kovalainen as an ideal candidate to replace Massa. He is fast enough and mature enough to fit the Ferrari mould without being so agressive that Alonso would be troubled.

Plus he is obviously out of contract at the end of this year.



Kovalainen has definitely done enough to earn himself a decent seat. Realistically he's the best option.

Kimi would be silly to leave Lotus... This isn't the first good car the team has produced... Obv Alonso's winners then 2010 was a cracking car and 2011 was great early in the season but because they'd been so crazy with the exhaust they couldn't develop. This year the car is awesome and they should be able to develop through the season.

No new big rule changes next year as well so next year should be good.

Button isn't going to Ferrari, neither is Schumacher (LOL), neither is Perez, neither is Hamilton (!!) and neither is Vettel.

Kovalainen is by far and away their best option.


+1 to both comments


The only Fin with a chance at Ferrari next year is Heikki! Kimi returning to McLaren rumors I would believe, but never Ferrari!

Adrian Newey Jnr

I think people are underestimating the power of incumbancy. Switching teams generally does not present instant success. In today's environment, the teams are increasingly risk adverse. They'd rather keep a happily functional pairing (albeit sometimes underdelivering) than risk new blood.

I still don't buy into the "Vettel to Ferrari" talk. Witness the lengths RBR went to keep Webber and he is their least favourite driver. Why would Dietrich loose their golden boy when they have bottomless pits of money to spend?


Surely this is a rumour started by Ferrari to try to destabilise Lotus as they are now a serious threat to Alonso's championship



Ferrari is good at this!


interesting and yet a plausible theory

Craig in Manila

I really can't see Ferrari moving away from their usual method of having one "primary" driver matched with one "secondary" driver and no ex-WDC (ie. Kimi) is ever gonna want that second seat under those conditions.

It's becoming more'n'more obvious that the best way to win a WDC is to use a secondary driver purely to pinch points and reduce the performances of competitors/contenders. He is not to be allowed to beat the primary driver !

It's my view that we'll see more'n'more situations where No.2 drivers find themselves somehow missing Q3 due to odd strategy calls or somehow finding themselves on team-imposed strategies that leave them behind the No.1 driver after each pitstop.

Ferrari and RBR already appear to do it. And it sorta seems odd that Button is struggling so much whereas Lewis is doing okay. A conspiracy theorist would say that McLaren is "playing" JB so that LH (1) has a better chance of the WDC and (2) is more-likely to re-sign with Mclaren for another year or two. If JB was beating him, hard to imagine that LH would re-sign....


I doubt so. But would'nt it be nice if kimi join RBR, wearing the red bull cap like in WRC days. He'll be the best guy to endourse the RBR brand.


Guys I think the best solution to this, would be to put Michael in a Ferrari next season. Kimi stays at Lotus, Lewis stays at mclaren, Seb at Red Bull, then all the top drivers will be in a decent car, in a team environment they like and the fans will be treated to the best drivers on the grid on the absolute limit. Can someone please give me an Amen.......


A horrible idea for Kimi. Go to HRT before Ferrari.


Schumacher. When he found out Todt and Monte had signed Kimi end of 2005, and wanted him out, he couldn't accept it.

he resolved to make things as bad as he could for Kimi at Ferrari and dedicated the following years to that. That's what the "consultant" business was about, and the support for Massa.

MSC should have been a bigger man. He should have been gracious and generous. That's how real champs behave. I hate to say so, but look at him now, the buffoon of F1.

Please forgive me Schumacher fans, I know he is one of the greats, but he let everyone down in this affair


Spot on Crusty. Schumi was the most talented driver ever but as soon as he did what he did to Damon Hill, Jacques Villeneuve, & Barichello- I have nothing but contempt for him. To 'hear'' that he had something to do with Kimis fallout with Ferrari doesnt surprise me-makes me wish him much more bad luck and to retire in embarrassement - he deserves it.. no wonder the "... I was taking a sh&!.. " Statement from Kimi in Aust. On Schumis farewell speech - makes perfect sense now!


Yeah Schumi had it in for him well before Kimi came on deck. His driving on track is very indicative of that spiteful nature.I wish we can just move on from this guy he's had his time in the sun.


Actually, Elie, in the interests of accuracy, the incident you refer to was before the troubles I'm talking about started. Kimi's little remark to Brundle happened when he was still at McLaren.

My intention with this post was just to put in perspective Kimi's problems at Ferrari... It would be good if people acknowledged all the different aspects of why Kimi had a clouded time with them


Got anything to support your argument or did you post this in your sleep? Schumacher who had won 7 titles was jealous of Kimi, who won zilch until he came to Ferrari?

Why would Schumi feel the need to make things bad for Kimi?


I don't know about this. Ferrari seem pretty fickle these days. How do they ever make their decisions? Pick the petals off flowers? "We love Kimi, we love him not, we love him, we love him not..." Good grief. They way they treated Kimi I would be surprised he went back there. What I wouldn't be surprised to see is once he gets those tires figured out in qualifying, that he's gunning to kick Ferrari's butt this year for some payback.


Oh I so love to see Kimi kick Ferrari's butt and some more... sheer humiliation. I don't think Lotus is as fast as both Kimi and Romain are driving it out to be... I think the drivers and the cars are complementing each other.


Sutil/Massa -: my 2 cents ... Sutil is out of F1..he would be ready to sign under any terms ... a ferrari seat after a year of wilderness would be awesome ...what about his ex team mate Luizzi...he is F1 fresh ...he is Italian and he has decent talent...


I forgot about Jamie Algeiursasi ... he is also out of a seat and certainly did not embarass himself in TR ...he was pretty good ... but yes of all the lot Sutil is the best bet ..has loads of experience and did well against paul di resta in FI ...


Next Grand Prix a month from now.

What to discuss when there's no real F1 news?

Raikkonen -> Ferrari?

Raikkonen -> HRT pay-driver?

Equally laughable.


Kimi is signed to Lotus in 2013. If he is still happy to be racing the only team I see him going to is Mclaren 2014. I

Would like nothing more than to see him win back 2 more world championships to make up for the ones he would have won in a reliable engined Mclaren in 2003/5.


Theory number 11

Alonso is getting tired of not having the best car, and has got his eyes opened for his old team,... nowdays called Lotus.

Kimi would do that switch for an enough pay.

Kimi + Alonso in same team, is something Alonso would escape as if it would be Ron Dennis himself.


James, any word on the rumour that they're trying to coax back Luca Badoer out of retirement?


Hilarious man!


Papers are going crazy on the rumour's of him going to Ferrari based on his current race pace.

I think he's only achiving the results due to the laid back enviroment at Lotus. On the other hand Ferrari may think 'get Kimi not better than Alonso at qualifying will always be behinf Alonso but score good points' this way Ferrari secure constructers title and get important prize money.

At present if thnngs persist they may come third in constructors. Therefore, Kimi to Ferrari in my opinion is not out of the question as long as they pay a good salary.



However much fans would love to see a mega driver line up at Ferrari, I doubt that will happen. Money plays an important part in these deals, and right now the Santander Bank Group in Spain is in a spot of trouble. The UK arm of the Bank is ringed fence and looking to float on the UK market soon. It is this part which supplies a bulk of the McLaren sponsorship; where as the Spanish arm supplies the Ferrari sponsorship amount s. Putting Kimi in would be just too expensive, and currently he is looking to stamp his own number 1 position at Lotus. Yes he has a fight on his hands with his team mate, but knows he can beat him in a fair fight.

Of course what we don’t know is the finances of Lotus, given the loan they have from Proton, and how they are going to repay it, but the points they have now and a possible win this season, should leave them better off than previous years. They are bringing new parts for the car each race, so as a driver that should be encouraging to see and some appear to work. Therefore why move, when as a drive, what you really want is a winning car, or that one you can fight to win in, and Lotus have that.

There are other drivers, who would be a lot cheaper, that Ferrari could look at, and of course there are number of teams on the grid right now, with very questionable finance and owners. Force India springs to mind right now. And they have two drivers who are cheaper, younger than Kimi.

It does look like Massa is on the way out, as they failed to take up the option they had on his contract. I think if there is a major sponsorship change at Ferrari, then the second driver, may have a strong link to that sponsor, as they need to go back to the days of getting value for money.


I wouldn't worry about financial situation of Lotus. With all the performance and having Kimi, Unilever provide them with all money they need. Lotus are in no way handicapped in financial state of things compare to likes of Ferrari or Red Bull.


That's not quite true. Unilever is a good sponsor, but Genii still has to top up the shortfall from sponsor funds and FOM prize money. Gerard Lopez told me himself recently


Lotus is still in the danger zone, money wise. The owners still have to top up the team, as James has mention. Yes unilever is a good sponsor, (Blue chip one) but not in the same league, money wise that a major title sponsor is for a team. There is this $30M loan, which needs to be repaid at some time, and yes given the points haul they currently have now as compared to last year, Bernie pays out on points, finishing over a few seasons, not on the last season you did.

Also the sponsorship packages pay out on where you finish at the end of the year, to both team and driver, so the higher up they finish the more funds (money) they get from the sponsors. Lotus is doing extremely well given the budget they have, in comparison to the other big teams. They are currently getting a much better value for money spend – return. If the upgrades keep coming, and he keeps getting points, then why change teams. That is unless, there is no money for next year in the pot and the sponsors are only signed up for one year, which is hard to see happening.


Hamilton does not re-sign at McLaren;moves over to Mercedes to partner Schumacher and be his eventual heir. Kimi returns to McLaren to fill the vacant seat. Lotus ends up with Heikki, the former Renault man. Glock moves over to Caterham. Rosberg is given a consolation deal by Mercedes to drive for Force India. Toro Rosso picks up Hulkenberg. Marussia gets Petrov. Caterham signs up Rossi the young American. Webber and Massa stay put! Let the dominos begin!


Rosberg's rated higher than that surely?


Let's stick with the facts.

Fastest car and still 56 points behind Alonso in third or fourth fastest car on the grid. Kimi is highly overrated.

No doubt in my mind, if he switch to Ferrari Alonso will wipe the floor with him.

Cmon Kimi plz go to Ferrari, in fact go back in time and start the whole 2012 season in that Ferrari and show us how much points could you score in that dog of a car. Less or same as Massa ?


How did you work out Lotus is the fastest car ??? Hamilton and Button dominated both Quali and race in last two races. Red Bull dominated before that & it was an even split between RBR and Mclaren before that. Hamilton beat Fernando at Mclaren I see no reason in the world why Kimi in the same equipment couldn't.

Comments like this seriously tell me Kimi is the most under rated driver ever. Keep doin it people he will prove everyone wrong even before his first year back is done. He's already made so many people bite their tongue already there's only a select group of dummies left.


@Elie If he was that damn good he'd have kept his Ferrari seat. He's not in the same league as Senna, Prost, Schumacher and Alonso....in that he's never been considered the best of his generation. I think you might want to consider biting your own tongue since your points are all based on assumptions rather than facts or stats.


Massa kept his Ferrari seat how many times has been world champion? What happens to Kimi when he becomes WC in first year -politics, MS,LdM, start favoring Felipe and oust him..I watch how people drive not WHO they drive for - I told everyone MS would be multiple WC from first few drives. Kimi could easily be triple WC had Mclaren been reliable - that is well documented. There are also a few people here who also understand this.He is not quiet a Senna or Prost- but who is !! Though he is the closest thing to both of them I've seen. Alonso is better this year as all the pieces have come together for him. I rate him equal overall as a driver now but better as team player strategist. Hamilton is equal to both these guys also- but dont forget everything else has to be in place to make a driver a winner that's the only reason MS did what he did! I said Kimi would be on the podium challenging for wins even last year, ( as well on these posts earlier in the year) so I think I know a thing or two about drivers and their ability. I used to run 10klm in 28-30m regularly for fun ,but I didn't even know it was a world record at the time, just because a few mates only saw it don't mean it didn't happen or I was as not as good as anyone going around. Same thing with many exceptional athletes!. I bet that in the right team and motivation someone like Sergio Perez could be a world champion too.


Kimi would have to agree not to be seen having a popsicle in the garage. They had a chance to keep him and they blew it.


Ferrari wants, Ferrari gets, pure and simple. There is nothing to think about if Ferrari comes knocking...


After turning them down, I don't think Mark Webber would agree with you on this !

Gutsy move, not bad for a Number Two driver !


I'm surprised that no one has tipped Narain Karthikeyan for a move to Ferrari. Doing a brilliant job supporting Pedro De La Rosa at HRT.

....failing that, maybe De La Rosa to Ferrari?....


I can't see Kimi going back to Ferrari and what more, why would he wants to considering the performance of the Lotus as it is. If I am not wrong, with the rules remaining almost the same next year, I would think Lotus will still be competitive again. 2014 will be the year when we see top teams changing their line up. I can't see much changes next year with the possibility of Massa being replaced at Ferrari being the biggest change. We will find out soon enough. Marc


Hi James, I recently came across this article and it's a very interesting read. I don't see Kimi moving back to Ferrari after what he experienced back there.



Not a very promising URL !!


I do hold that website even though I did not write the article in question. The name of the website is an honest/humorous approach as no one can claim to be completely unbiased.

But I would sure love to hear what these inaccuracies are, James. The article is basically based on collected and confirmed material and quotes, that are already out there. And honestly, the dots being connected here is far from being a stretch in my opinion. But I would be pleased if you took a closer look than merely a first sight. Cheers.


Haha! Yeah, I know the website is "F1Bias", but I think the events discussed in the article could somehow make you think about it, even for a tiny bit. 🙂


There are quite a few inaccuracies on first sight.


If there is any truth in this Kimi-to-Ferrari rumour, the outcome will surely depend on the length of the contract on offer.

If Ferrari really do have any kind of agreement with Vettel, (and Seb has denied there is one), Kimi won't sign a contract for just one year.

If it's longer than one year, he would insist on massive cancellation penalties being included. After last time, who could blame him for that ?

Also, I'm sure he would never accept anything less than equal No. 1 status.

This would involve a big cultural change at Ferrari which I'm not sure they are ready to make, and does their contract with Alonso even allow them to offer that ?

Any thoughts Mr Allen ?


Late opinion but hey, the summer break’s on.

The issue is not whether Kimi Raikkonen goes to Ferrari or not. The issue really is whether Raikkonen stays at Lotus or not. And that will be decided over the course of the next nine races. Raikkonen will stay at Lotus for 2013. Raikkonen’s Ferrari tryst is over for good. Also, Raikkonen will end his career at Mclaren.. And yes, with a Driver’s World Championship with Mclaren under his belt.


I appreciate your content mr Allen,but would using the umlaut's kill you?


Please can anyone help me out with this question ? Which is the last F1 race that Kimi Raikkonen has won?

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