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Hungarian Grand Prix – Who was your driver of the day?
Hungarian Grand Prix – Who was your driver of the day?
Posted By: James Allen  |  29 Jul 2012   |  9:28 pm GMT  |  170 comments

Lewis Hamilton secured his second victory of the season with a defensive drive in an exciting Hungarian Grand Prix. Who was your Driver of the Day?

Lewis Hamilton

Topped the timesheets in both Friday practice sessions and carried that form into qualifying. Nailed two laps which were good enough for pole in Q3 to secure his 22nd career pole position and the 150th for McLaren. Made a good start and then contained Romain Grosjean for much of the race thanks to good tyre management. Soaked up huge pressure in the closing stages from Kimi Raikkonen, whose strategy lifted him up the field, to take his 19th career victory and second of the season. The result sees the McLaren driver cut championship leader Fernando Alonso’s lead by 15 points to 47.

Kimi Raikkonen

Qualified fifth, three tenths slower than team-mate Grosjean who started second. Made a good start and employed an attacking strategy by using soft tyres for the first two stints of the race. Became a candidate for victory as he was able to make his scrubbed soft tyres last much longer than anyone else before putting in fastest laps which were consistently around 1.5 seconds faster than the leaders. Used fresher tyres to reel in Hamilton at the end of the race, but couldn’t find a way past and finished second.

Romain Grosjean

Delivered his best ever performance in qualifying to start second on the grid alongside Lewis Hamilton and show Lotus had vastly improved its qualifying pace. Spent the race putting pressure on Hamilton but couldn’t find a way past. Used an attacking strategy by using the softer tyres in the middle stint. Lost time behind a longer running Fernando Alonso and eventually lost a place to team-mate Raikkonen before holding on to finish third.

Sebastian Vettel

Scraped his way through Q1 in 17th position, but showed that was just a blip by easing through to Q3. Looked on course for pole position before a mistake in the final sector lost him time and he ultimately started third. Lost a place to Jenson Button at the start. Showed good pace but was forced to stop three times – like Red Bull team-mate Mark Webber – which hampered his chances of victory. Battled with Button all race and passed him when the Brit was held up by Senna but couldn’t pass Grosjean and finished fourth.

Bruno Senna

Showed strong pace in Friday practice, spending much of the time in the top five, to outperformed Williams team-mate Pastor Maldonado. Continued to show that pace in qualifying, making Q3 for the first time this season and qualifying ninth. Made a good start and looked at home on the Hungaroring circuit as he used good strategy to climb up the field. Finished seventh overall, his second best result of the season, and six places ahead of his team-mate.

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What could Hamilton have done better?


Could have any other driver have done better than him this GP?


So easy to vote

Lewis Hamilton


On a unrelated topic the BBC are not showing live Belgium coverage, funny look at this information in March http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/formula1/17350644.

I swear it says Live!


Voted LH but Maldonado should have a honourable mention for providing demolition derby entertainment in an otherwise fairly dull race when compared to the previous races of the season!!!! 🙂

Kimi and Romain did a brilliant job but a flawless race should be rewarded. LH and McLaren did everything right (as far as LH goes anyway)


Kimi was my driver of the day without a second thought. if he manages to qualify a bit better for the rest of the season, assuming Lotus keep as competitive, he will be a title contender.

While there is suppose to be no development during the break, I wonder if it is so in reality? Is it actually controlled or is it based on honesty?

We could hardly have ask for a better first half of the season, and yet I have the feeling the second half will be even more of a thriller for us fans of F1.

With Mc.Laren, Red Bull & Lotus so close to each other and Ferrari not too far off, it surely looks that way. Throw in a couple of races with a competitive Williams and/or Sauber, and there will be not much more to want for.

I truly hope that no one team will out perform the others, just so that we can eventually look back at the 2012 season as one of the best ever. Marc


Hi James,

Don’t understand why we have Vettel (who underachieved both in qualifying and the race, aspects brought out in your brief weekend descriptor as well) and not Alonso (who finished ahead of two quicker cars) as a choice for the driver of the day.


Richard Hoyland

Hamilton just edges it for me because of his flawless performance over the course of the weekend. Raikkonen was superb in the race but average in qualifying


Wow alot of Kimi fans here, more than 2,000 votes!


Has to be Lewis, he soaked up all the pressure and won – a great weekend.

But Kimi deserves almost equal standing for a great race making use of all the opportunities that came his way.

Alonso made the best of a poor hand.

Don’t understand Red Bull: maybe they don’t either.


After reading almost every comment here, it looks like people have forgotten how Hamilton drove before. He was full on pushing the car at all times. Killing the tires in a couple of laps. Now it has turned around and he was perfect in his strategy to manage the tires. Yes, his pace was slower, but didn’t drop off even towards the end of the race. Lewis can seriously challenge for the title this year. So he got my vote in this.

I’ve tipped the correct winner in F1 since 2008 (before season starts) and I’ve tipped Hamilton this year. Will be interresting if I’m right, or wrong for the first time.


Kimi had a terrific chance to win Hungary.

He made a mistake in changing the set-up that got him his blistering lap on sat morning. Then his kers went pop in the race.

Upshot is, he only got 2nd.

had he won it would have been a historic win: and would have taken him up to 2nd in the standings. No wonder he was grumpy with Placido


I couldnt understand what Vettel did to be in the list. He started 3rd finished 4th, his extra pit stop didnt hurt his race as they just tried their chance with new tyres against Grosjean.

Driver of the race is Hamilton.

Kimi did race (as usual) very well but his qualification effort was way off from his team mate.

Grosjean qualified well but was not good enough during the race.

Hamilton qualified very well race good enough to keep his first position.

And lastly disappointment of the race is Button


Raikkonen, no doubt the driver of the day.

Great victory by Hamilton but one couldnt help but notice that on any other circuit (bar Monaco) Raikkonen had the race race won all ends up.

His strategy was good, but his driving style to make the tyres work and the ability to pull out a few blistering laps when in free air was the real reason for his second place.

Super drive by both.

But Kimi just pips it for me.

I make that his 3rd driver of the day this season.

Bahrain, Hockenheim and now Budapest.



Perhaps this should be called “Driver of the Grand Prix” or something to that effect; here we have a case where Lewis was definitely the best driver over the weekend, but Kimi drove a better race on Sunday.

Just a thought.



Lewis Hamilton – driver of all weekend

Kimi Raikkonen – driver of the race

Fernando Alonso – driver of damage limitation


Kimi Raikkonen. He overtook his teammate when it really counts.

Frankly, is someone scraping the bottom of the barrel? I see Vettel’s paragraph and wonder if my English is so bad that I see nothing redeeming about him to deserve even a mention.

I did a face palm when I heard his radio screaming at his team to do something about being stuck behind Button, twice. How about doing his job? Everyone’s at fault but himself since he last won.

RBR and Vettel aren’t making any new fans for so many questionable bending of rules and holier than thou attitude.


Hamilton, on the basis that he won and it was widely accepted in the pitlane that the Lotus was the fastest car yesterday.


Very close call between Hamilton and Raikkonen, I voted for Kimi as he gained several positions from the grid, his charge on the second stint was fantastic, although I was hoping to see him attacking Lewis on the third stint, however that did not happen.

Brilliant and well managed race from Lewis too, I thought he was going to be forced to do an additional stop. Driver of the weekend was Lewis, no doubt about it.

As for Vettel I don’t see why he’s on the list, he didn’t do anything extraordinary, even lost a place from the starting grid. Alonso did a much better race that him IMHO.


Lewis Hamilton for driver of the race.

He certainly looked like the man all weekend by, all but, totally dominating practice the whole weekend. Then came qualifying and he put in two bonsai laps, and just blitzed the opposition!

On the other hand, there’s no way McLaren had the race pace of Lotus. Yet, Hamilton’s tire management was supreme. He, deftly, controlled the race from the front, with cool-headed precision. Even at the start, into the first corner, Lewis braked way late (locking up a bit!) taking away any attempt at a move up the inside by Grosjean, or an outside move by Vettel.

Well, as far as, this business about the vagaries of the Hungarian circuit–hey, it’s the same for everybody. Later for woulda, coulda, shoulda….

All the same, Räkkönen was brilliant, and Grojean is the best (yeah he’s Swiss) French driver to come along since Prost/Cevert. Great race for following everyone’s strategy!


Lotus is the best car out there, yet none of the drivers was able to win a race. So, this should tell us that neither Kimi nor Grosjean is performing accordingly. If Fernando and Lewis were in Lotus they probably would have won all the past 11 races. So, I don’t understand why there is so much hype about Kimi.


Nice logic. If People were performing according to their materia,l Alonso would have one win at most and with regards to Lewis, he got beaten fair and square several times this season which he wasn’t that happy about.

Fantasy Formula is great, but this is why we have a real thing, not to loose the ground.


Senna for me. He showed what he’s capable of, strong all weekend, qualifying well, keeping a McLaren and then a Red Bull at bay and taking home solid points (closing the gap to Maldonado). A few more results like that and Williams will surely have a real head scratcher when they try to figure out which seat Bottas will be taking.


I just hope it doesn’t all come down to Maldonado’s financial backing, it’d be a shame for that dunderhead to keep his seat after yet another deliberate contact.


Hamilton without a doubt.

Sure Kimi drove a good race but Lewis drove and excellent race.


Still think we should put Maldonado up against the wall!! Never thought I’d hear myself say “poor old Michael” but he does seem to be having a torrid time at the moment. I am dissappointed as being a little older myself I really wanted Schumacher to show all the young “shavers” how it is done. Still he seems to be having a gasso good luck to him


Opps! it should read “gas so” sorry


My vote goes for Kimi. Weren’t it an almost impossible to overtake track, he (or Romain) might have won easily).

Lewis made a good race too, defending position at all stages and keeping cool under pressure.

I don’t quite understand how Vettel is being eligible here (he only won a position during pit stops and lost one from the starting grid) and not Alonso (who overtook Raikkonen on the track and battled to increase his WDC lead in a rather inferior car).


Kimi for the race with a stunning second stint. So close yet again. Hope it all comes together at Spa.

Lewis for the whole weekend who was amazing during qualifying.

Btw did Williams quietly slip Bottas into Senna’s car without informing anyone. Quick and made no mistakes, very un-Brunoesque. Best race of his career.


Lewis Hamilton. Dominated the whole weekend in brilliant fashion.

Qualifying was a demonstration, and outclassed the whole field.

Absolute flawless and intelligent drive in the race.

Raikkönen was good, but did nothing special in the rocketship he had. Qualifying was poor from him

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