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Di Resta confirms management split with Anthony Hamilton
Posted By: James Allen  |  05 Jul 2012   |  3:34 pm GMT  |  72 comments

Force India driver Paul di Resta has confirmed that he is no longer working with Anthony Hamilton, the father of McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton.

The story broke in the Telegraph a couple of days ago and speaking in the FIA press conference at Silverstone, Di Resta refused to be drawn on the reasons, but said, “I can confirm that we are no longer working together.

“At the moment I am focussed on the racing. It’s results that count and what drives me forward. To be one of three Brits racing here this weekend you get a feeling of what it means; the atmosphere is electric.”

Although Hamilton oversaw Di Resta’s successful transition from a DTM driver to a Force India test driver to a race driver with the team.

Clearly the relationship has broken down over the next stage of his career. Di Resta’s name has been linked with both Mercedes and Ferrari and there does seem to be interest in him. The suspicion is that Di Resta wasn’t satisfied with progress to the next stage.

Lewis Hamilton was managed by his father throughout his career and the early stages of his time in F1, but split with him at the end of 2010. He is now managed by Simon Fuller’s IX Entertainment company.

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Tornillo Amarillo

IMO Paul Di Resta is somehow frustrated to came “late” to F1, he considers is good as Hamilton and Vettel, but both had top cars meanwhile Paul has only a FIndia. And that frustration shows lack of charme.

I think Paul has to destroy a teammate before clamming a top team seat like McLaren or Ferrari. And I think HUL will do his life harder from now on.

If Hamilton stays in McLaren and Schumi gives up, so Paul is the logical choice for Mercedes. In such a case, he is not in need of Anthony.


I dont think Di Resta is ever going to be an exciting driver – one that gets people off their feet or talking about his driving the Monday after a race.. as a Hamilton / Alonso would.

But then am wondering whether he is a driver that now epitomises what F1 has become especially with the tyres. Dull one stop strategies, conserving pace, protecting the tires, not really fighting for positions. Maybe Force India dont have the confidence to attack a race..


Yeah, that’s my take on him too. Dull as dishwater. Zero charisma or personality. It’s like he’s been over-managed since childhood to extinguish any sense of flair at all. I mean, I get that most of these younger drivers from the Playstation generation aren’t going to be the next James Hunt, but most of the rest have some kind of glint in their eye, or a slight aura that off duty they might be a bit wild. But DiResta is just dour, flat, monotone and boring…


Agreed. Boring in his interviews and far more importantly boring as a driver!!


Posters who say Paul gets little coverage on Sky/BBC can’t be watching what I’ve been watching this season. To my mind he gets more than he should given his current level of results, plus I can’t be the only person to think he doesn’t make the most interesting interview candidate on the grid…

I can’t see he’s done enough in F1 yet to justify a move to a top team, he’s not outclassed Sutil or Hulkenburg, I guess he’s part of the Merc family so a seat there may beckon, but they really need a proven top line driver if Schumi goes.

Maybe having Hamilton snr as his manager was proving a bit of a conflict of interest with Lewis on the driver market this season too, just a thought…

tom in adelaide

I can’t actually see him beating many hypothetical team-mates.

Heikki would beat him at Caterham.

Rosberg would beat him at Merc.

Alonso would beat him at Ferrari.

Hamilton/Button would beat him at McLaren.

Both Lotus guys would beat him.

So far he’s done nothing to justify progress to the next stage, whilst drivers like Perez and Grosjean have.

(James, I’m having problems with the “you’re posting comments too quickly message”. This is the first comment i’ve posted in days. Just thought you might want to know. Cheers)


Is not his big gripe that he beat lewis back when they were both riding toy horses together?

Tom in adelaide

Haha good one. Negative thinking yields negative outcomes – he should focus on beating the Hulk.


Thanks. Lots of comments, not sure why that is happening for you

James Clayton

I get it too. Sometimes it’s when I’ve been posting a string of comments, but sometimes it happens on my first post of the day.


Tough one as while he has driven some great races in a middle car, nothing really jumps out that screams “wow, wonder what he could do in a Mclaren or Ferrari!” Been impressive and solid but then so was Nick Heidfeld and look what happened to him. I don’t think Force India is as good a car as Williams and Sauber so the best he could do is cream Nico.

Mark in Australia

Does this mean Anthony Hamilton no longer has an active business interest in the F1 or is his still representing other drivers?


Speaking of conflicts of interest, isn’t Boullier, Grosjean’s manager and Renault team principal a conflict of interest?


Never stopped Flavio Briatore…or the Todt’s…


Haha, cast your mind back to Flavio! This situation is MUCH more transparent!


It never bothered Flavio when he managed Alonso and the Renault team…



Now, if Grosjean went to another team and his performances were dictated by Boullier, then there’s a conspiracy to mull over right there.


Good luck to Paul, I hope it means a bigger team chance beckons. I rate him highly, fast in qually but more importantly throughout the race.

Really interesting watching him on live timing this year as some of FI’s strategies have been shocking when Paul’s tyres are so far done mid race. It’s hard to compare him this year as 1) the pre-season Force India speed hype was wrong, 2) his strategies have been very conservative though he has handled them well, and also 3) Williams and Sauber have produced better cars that in certain conditions are great cars on these tyres, hyping up Perez and Maldo.

Remember PdR beat guys like Seb Vettel in other categories and was great in DTM where his experience and racecraft improved to it’s current high level.


Mark Webber has to be the best interview. Never shy’s away from the questions and doesn’t mind stepping on a few toes along the way. And if he doesn’t answer his body language tells you what he feels.


Eh, yeah mate, I mean, eh, it was kind of touch and go there mate, eh, I mean Seb was doing alrighty an’ all, eh, but, eh, at the end of the day, eh, I’m just happy to have scored some, eh, good points for, eh, the guys, y’know?


Yup. Listening to Webber is like watching the spirit of Noel Coward and Peter Ustinov entwined in glorious wit and astuteness.

James Clayton

Totally off topic, but speaking of vebal ticks, I often wonder why British broadcasters never pick up their staff on Verbal ticks.

Anthony erm Davidson has um been er umming and err ahhing through er his um commentry sessions and er more recently um his Sky err umm coverage since his first commentry session at the Hungarian GP that happened all those years ago. Nobody has once picked him up on it.

Damon Hill is another one – he was like it through his Grand Prix days, though he’s a lot better these days it still creeps in.

It’s happened to others, too.

It literally makes me cringe every time I hear it.

Gary Parfitt has recently been commentating for Star Sports. In his first race he was starting pretty much ever sentence with the word “Absolutely” which, again, got awfully tiring – which was a shame because he was really pretty good. But the last time out in Valencia from what I could hear (before the crowds all joined my table!) he’d swept that one under the carpet.

I wonder if that was off his own back, just by listening to some playbacks of his own broadcasts, or if somebody at Star actually took him aside and said “look dude, great job, but you gotta sort that out”.

Anyway, it’s certainly a great oversight of the British broadcasting organizations.


yeah. he’s not bad for a number two


I think Di Resta gets a bit of a bum deal in that he is forever on 1-stop strategies.

Little wonder people are asking, ‘what has he ever done?’.

He has driven some fantastic races but usually plodding along then looking in his mirrors rather than the swash-buckling that captures the fan’s imagination.

Put him on an aggressive strategy please guys.

By the way, I have no bias towards Paul, he’s not one of my favourite drivers but I think he has more in his locker than he’s given credit for.


I think this sums up my feelings about DiR too. Although I think it is no bad thing to be seen as a ‘safe pair of hands’ I would love to see some proper balls-to-the-wall racing from him.

As one who subscribes to the idea that a team is more likely to succeed with a contracted number 2 driver, I identify in DiR many of the characteristics which led me to believe that Barrichello would be a perfect No. 2 at Ferrari, and so it proved he was. I would certainly not complain if the Scuderia were to sign him as Alonso’s support act and I believe that he could do an excellent job in that position. Plus he’s young enough to still be in with a shout at championships once Alonso has collected whatever number of drivers titles will satisfy him.


This guy in his first season and a half has beaten Sutil and Hulk (both considered very good drivers) fairly consistently, helped move Force India up the grid (no mean feat for a “rookie” – albeit one with some experience), and would have scored one or two awesome results (Canada 11 & 12) with a little more luck.

Some of his performances on one stop strategies, or when a little bit of luck has deserted him, must have gone unnoticed to some of the above posters.

I say he would do a very good job in a big team, and I think will surprise a few people.


He never beat sutil.


Fair point. On points maybe not, but over the season he had the measure of him. If you are looking to the future of the team, and a drivers potential (they will always throw away points in a rookie season) that’s more important


But Sutil never really ran him into the ground either.



He’s a solid talented driver. Who will get the job done and won’t carry on about it.


Well he is a good lad but I find him boring when it comes to interviews, so predictable every time he gets the camera set on him. Just listens to all his interviews, they sound like a repeat. I’m glad they avoid him and stick to we’re the action is in terms of flair and sensible comments.


No surprise Hamilton has been ‘released’, means fired, from McLaren. But is he going to leave Simon Fuller and re-group with his Dad? Stranger things have happened.

I just can’t see him in F1 next year, no one wants him, the talents of Anthony Hamilton notwithstanding. NASCAR or StockCar clearly beckons!

James Clayton

It’s comments like this that make me feel really sad. Whether they be against Hamilton, Vettel, Alonso, they are clearly delusional. Nobody who genuinely follows and loves Formula 1, regardless of their preferred team or driver(s), would genuinely believe any will be out of a drive next year.

One can only wonder what the motivation for such a strong hatred towards any of the top drivers can be.


Lewis hasn’t been “released,” his contract is simply expiring and he is free to sign a new deal with McLaren or any other team.

I don’t think he will go anywhere else, even if another top team puts a huge pile of cash on the table.

This might suit his management but Lewis already has enough money in the bank and I’m sure he’s totally focused on securing a drive that will net him at least one more WDC.

In this respect, it’s hard to see another team which would give him a better chance than McLaren.

Certainly not Mercedes.


Lewis will be around F1 a few more years. I feel for u too bad if u can’t stand him this much.


Eh? Have I missed something?


When has Exactly has Lewis been released?

I’m yet to see a press statement from he or the team.

Or did you read this in planet f1?

Lewis will have a plethora of opportunities if he or Mclaren decide not to resign. He’s good with sponsors, still relatively young and has raw talent.

Di Resta has probably the same opportunities as Hamilton to sign for Mclaren or Mercedes if Schumi or hamo don’t fill those seats.


Am surprised he is being linked with the Mercedes and Ferrari drives, nothing he has done has really caught the eye..

Not surprised he is ignored by the bbc and sky, watched him being interviewed at autosport international – fans were asking legit questions like what’s your fave circuit : worst circuit and he wouldn’t answer. Said he didn’t want the media to use his answers against him. Lewis and Jenson are more open in that regard and more fan friendly..


Agree with you, every time they send Mckenzie to go and have a word it’s like here we go again, My precious TV license money”


Who cares about the interviews. All the drivers are boring. They say the same thing every race. What matters is that the racing is actually interesting, which until they make “no downforce” wings and reduce the overall aerodynamic effect of the cars, it won’t be. The current racing is OK, but almost anything that does happen is false. Hardly leads to excited drivers leaping out their cars full of passion and enthusiasm…


Yet no SO boring that you are not engaged enough to post on an F1 forum?


I would love to see Di Resta with Button in the 2013 Macca, up against Lewis and Nico in the Mercs.

Mike from Colombia

“Di Resta wasn’t satisfied with progress to the next stage”

The guy has only been in Formula 1 for five minutes. What does he expect?

Yes, he is a steady hand who will score points. However, he has hardly set the world alight. This is no Kimi Raikkonen at Sauber type situation.


I cannot understand the hype. His rookie year was very unimpressive: He didn’t outperform Sutil, like Hamilton did with Alonso. And Sutil is no Alonso …

+ He is too inexperienced to join Ferrari. It’s what Montezemolo told the already impressive Perez.

I can’t see him filling Schumi’s shoes either. Michael and the resurgence of Mercedes are one story. Fans love the Rainmaster. Bring on Silverstone!


Mclaren is an option if …

Hamilton > Red Bull

Webber > Ferrari

Di Resta > McLaren

James Clayton

@John Z

If Red Bull believe Vettel is going to Ferrari in 2014 then they would most certainly be interested in Hamilton, they’d want the no 1 to stay on THEIR car, not go to Ferrari.

Plus, Horner has no say in the issue.

Hamilton would sell cans of red bull (not literally, of course, although in Silverstone’s rain perhaps he could have earned himself some pocket money by going out with a bucket full of cans!) and that’s all Red Bull’s management (not Horner) what to do!


Wishful thinking. Vettel would never let Hamilton come to Red Bull. Horner doesn’t want the headache of that situation.


Very true.


Exactly. I do think he is good but he is certainly no better than Perez or Maldonado. I’d argue that Maldonado is faster but admittedly a little less solid. Di Resta reminds me of Heidfeld. Maldonado is more like Montoya. Perez is quite Prost like, excellent in the race, not so good in quali.


I’m glad I’m not the only one who can’t see what the fuss is about Di Resta. I don’t think he’s by any means a poor driver, but I’d definitely class him as solid but unspectacular. More of a number 2 driver if he were in a top team. But at the same time, I could be wrong.


Hmmm nothing to do with the reports that Mclaren are keen on him too.. would be a slight conflict of interest for Anthony Hamilton!! I think Mclaren would love to get one over on Mercedes too!


I think Heikki has a better chance of getting the empty Mclaren seat should Lewis leave.


Why ?

Nice guy with reasonable results and an inherited victory. Hardly championship contending.


Why would Heikki go back to McLaren after they dropped him for under-performing?


What, to fill the Lewis-sized vacancy due to appear at the end of this year? That would make sense.


Di Resta’s name is linked to both Mercedes and Ferrari … so is Lewis Hamilton’s name. Obviously Anthony will not scupper his son’s opportunities in order to help Di Resta get into any of those teams.


Great point Rob!

But aren’t they now managed by same guys anyway? (Fuller&XIX)


This has to be the reason for me as well.


Astute observation! Conflict of interest is a valid reason for agreements breaking down.


I agree. Paul needs all the help he can get. He needs to craic on. being beaten by Nico Hulkenburg now. There are other F1 drivers building up their experience – i think other drivers on the grid are getting considered too. Di resta losing his shine..


He was ‘beaten’ by Hulkenburg in ONE race due strategy. If you look at the season as a whole, DIR has a pretty good measure on HUL.


I don’t see the big deal. AH is clearly good at bringing drivers into race seats. Maybe not developing race winning seats for existing drivers. I would still let him manage me in my rookie season and the next 3 or 4. I’m still waiting on him to call.



must be a mere typo. Mr Fullers’ company is XIX Entertainement.

Alas, congratulations for your website!


I feel bad for Paul, he gets practically ignored by the sky and bbc folks who are tripping over themselves for access to Lewis and Jensen. He rarely gets interviewed on the grid, with the bbc usually sending Lee Mckenzie to find him on the way from the garage for a quick word.

I don’t know if it’s his personality or his management not getting him good media coverage, but for being the only other british driver on the grid he sure seems to get overlooked.


Are you joking, he’s ALWAYS being interviewed, as if fighting for 15th in a Force India matters to the viewing public just because he happens to be British.


Do you really think he doesn’t get enough coverage? I always thought he got a disproportionately high level of attention from the Been, given his standing in the field, which must be based solely on his nationality- it can’t be down tibia personality, the man is as dull as dishwasher. It’s been a pet peeve of mine with BBC coverage over the last few years to be honest, I think it’s overly partisan. I can understand why- it’s probably what most tax payers want- but I guess I’m a fan of the sport, not just the British elements of it.


I agree with everything you’ve said there. Evidenced by the lack of covarage of his team-mates compared to Pual.


Sky even did a special feature with Paul where they filmed him in Monaco. Whenever the Sky F1 channel is ‘off-air’ it’s a segment they seem to repeat constantly; I almost know most of the dialogue off by heart now!


In other news, I hate autocorrect. “Been” should be “Beeb” and “tibia” should be “to his”. Apologies.


Hold the boat here. Paul get’s a decent share of time on Sky and BBC. It just seems less in comparisson as often Lewis and Jenson are talked about at the same time.

In fact, he featured quite heavily on the Sky post race coverage in the last few races, so dont make criticisms with poor/insufficient evidence.


I can’t say I agree that he’s overlooked. Both Button and Hamilton are already World Champions in a top team. To be fair, di Resta has only been in the sport a couple of years and is in a mid-level team.

Both the BBC and Sky commentators have focused a decent amount of air-time and positive comments on di Resta. I can recall numerous times that people like Eddie Jordan, David Coulthard and Martin Brundle have made very positive (and certainly not undeserved) comments about Paul.

Finally, Force India has done just OK this year. Among mid-level teams, Williams and Sauber have stolen FI’s thunder – so focus has naturally shifted away from FI (and di Resta).


Uh oh… is it down hill from here?


Whoah whoah, hold the phone.

He’s looking forward to racing at home?

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