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British Grand Prix – Who was your driver of the day?
Posted By: James Allen  |  08 Jul 2012   |  10:20 pm GMT  |  272 comments

Red Bull’s Mark Webber collected his second win of the season, passing Fernando Alonso late on at Silverstone to win an exciting British Grand Prix. Who was your driver of the day?

Mark Webber

Looked strong throughout qualifying and was not too disappointed to miss out on pole after pulling out a great effort on his last flying lap. Started second and got a good launch but couldn’t get past pole-sitter Fernando Alonso. Kept pace with Alonso in the first two stints while looking after his tyres and then started the final stint on the more durable hard tyre while Alonso was on the softer compound. Pulled off a good move around the outside of Alonso at Brooklands late on in the race to take the lead before going on to win his second British Grand Prix in three years and second win of the season.

Fernando Alonso

Looked strong in both wet and dry conditions in practice and continued that form into qualifying by securing his first pole position for almost two years. Made a good getaway, cutting across the track to defending his position and then controlled the race at the front. Lacked pace on the final stint on the softer tyres and couldn’t hold off Webber for the win. Finished second to limit the damage and retain the championship lead and continue his record of scoring points in every race.

Sebastian Vettel

Arrived at Silverstone searching for his first podium finish since winning in Bahrain back in April. Looked soli in qualifying but could only manage fourth on the grid. Lost a place to Felipe Massa at the start, but good race pace and strategy meant he past the Brazilian and Michael Schumacher during the stops to secure his third podium of the season.

Felipe Massa

Was much closer to his Ferrari team-mate in practice and qualifying, to line up fifth on the grid. Made an electric start to pass Vettel and almost Schumacher before settling into a rhythm in fourth. Managed to get past Schumacher on track but was overtaken by Vettel during the stops. Ended the race fourth – comfortably his best result of the season and only nine seconds behind his more decorated team-mate.

Romain Grosjean

Looked quick in qualifying but a mistake in the wet conditions saw him spin into the gravel and miss out on taking his place in the top-10 shoot-out. Started ninth but made contact with Paul di Resta on the first lap which damaged his front wing which forced him to stop early. Battled through the field – and only stopped once more – rising from 22nd to sixth for his fifth points finish of the season.

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James, In the photoshot of the Red Bull team, there were 3 trophies (Mark-Seb-Team) but not the winners trophy that Mark Webber lifted on the podium (the majestic looking golder trophy). Any reasons, do the organizers keep the trophy with them and give it to the winner only for podium celebrations?


That Sponsor trophy are so ugly and cheap...

For sure that was a Bernie idea... so they brand is show even when the drivers rise it.

the one on hungary that is beautifl is also a Symbolic one? or the drivers keep it?


Aren't those logo shaped things tacky? Not even close to being worthy of being the reward for P1 success at Silverstone.

Webber should get a replica of that gold trophy he lifted, even if it's silver. It was the only piece of hardware on that podium which looked the part for a GP winner.


Yes, it's a ceremonial trophy that stays with the RAC


Did drivers use to take that trophy away? I thought it was that one (or a replica) which Rubens Barrichello took away and got damaged at the airport back in 2003.


i thought you are a mclaren pro??? You didn't know that Ron has his own special rules regarding trophy since Prost Senna era??? typical armchair fan


I always thought drivers and teams took their trophies with them. After all, teams have a trophy room at their factories, drivers often keep a trophy room at home.

Mclaren always used to keep all trophies that the cars won and if drivers wanted one, they had to get a replica made for their personal collection.

Prost famously gave away his 1989 Italian GP winners trophy to the tifosi, something that angered Ron Dennis massively.


Please let Hamilton know about this, he feels his 2008 trophy is with Ron Dennis 😉

(Ref: a report online on his negotiations now boiling down to keeping winning trophies and he mentioned the majestic 2008 British GP trophy)


Well, that's dumb. It would make sense it if would for example stay with the winner until the next year's race. Then the new winner takes it. The way it is now, it's just a formality.


Good race overall.... Some great examples of how to pass and a few on how not to as usual


Kimi deserves a compliment too.


I agree with you... Everyone plays the "what if" game with Romain. What if Romain had not put his own car in the kitty litter Saturday that is called driver error folks. What if Romain had not been involved in 4 wrekcs within the first lap out of 9 races, 3 of which were his fault. It was Kimi who set fastest lap, it was Kimi who took 5th not 6th and Romain made no more stops than anyone else, he simply got on the better tire earlier than most. Kimi is 22 points ahead of Romain and that is all that counts folks


is easy to slam Kimi, because he nvr bother to reply them~~ unlike jenson who are bear critics, and always seems trying hard to please others~~ i mean you are a driver, your job is to race as hard as you can,the rest are just nuisance!!


Kimi deserves a compliment for escaping Maldonado's driving ...

Other than that, my vote goes to Massa this time - for being on equal grounds with Alonso and RBR, and for the good overtakes.

Great job for Mark and Alonso as well.

DanWilliams from Aust

I think Kimi deserves some credit, maybe not driver of the day for starting 6th and finishing 5th. It has to be said though that had he managed to get in front of Vettel at the start he would've been on the podium at least, and had Maldonado not driven him off the track out of Brooklands Kimi would have been also been on the podium (as he lost positions after rejoining the track). If this was how it turned out, then yes he would be nominated for driver of the day.

Kimi was driving very well IMO (as was everyone else in the top 6) going as fast as he could, limited by the car in front of him, and overtaking when he could. Grosjean was in hindsight on a 'good' strategy (not a reace winning strategy, but a good one) that allowed him to run on the harder and faster tyre for his last 2 stints while in clean air for most of the race until the end.

Both Lotus drivers are doing a great job this year. Kimi is doing what he does and we've all seen it before, but surprisingly Grosjean is showing us that he's much better than what we're used to. I don't think that Grosjean is smashing Kimi like some reports have been saying, at best he's matched Kimi, which is great IMO. Maybe in quali you could say Grosjean is getting the upper hand, but most of the cases Kimi has been disadvantaged in some way (through car reliability or the teams quali strategy). IMO the weakest link at Lotus is the strategy guys, and then their quali performance. If they can get their cars up the front of the grid and then call good strategies, then we would have seen the Lotus cars win a few races already.


When you speak of the team disadvantaging Kimi, are you also including in this, his refusal to drive in Monaco practice because his steering wasn't as he wanted it?

We're not talking dangerous, but simply it didn't allow him to drive as he wanted.

Last year Trulli was criticised for not driving round the problem like the best would have done. Yet Kimi has excuses made for him by all his fans.

A few reports in Autosport and different websites have mentioned that Lotus aren't that enamoured with him any longer.

DanWilliams from Aust

I wasn't referring to specific instances, just that Kimi 'has been disadvantaged'... If referrign to the Monaco sterring issue, then yes I would put the blame on Kimi, which he did so himself and said to the media afterwards that this prob wasn't the right thing to do in hindsight.. BTW the media have also reported that (with quotes from KimI and Boullier and other tema members) that the steering is a non issue and the relationship is fine. We all have a bias when we read the media, if we like a driver/team then we react/feel a certain way and if we don't then usually its the opposite.

Like I said I'm going for both Kimi and Grosjean, always been a Kimi fan since 2001. But nothing wrong with a Grosjean doing such a great job, afterall that's what Kimi did in the old days and got everyones attention.

Lotus need to sort out their strategies, quali strategies, and pit stops to be really competative. They do dumb stuff like in Bahrain send their driver's out in the middle of Q2, Kimi sets a great lap and Grosjean sets a ok lap. Towards the end of Q2 when everyone is putting fast laps in before the clock counts down, they only send Grosjean back out as he was outside the top 10 who sets another ok lap (albiet faster due to the track rubbering up) but in the process knocks Kimi out of the top 10.. This is a obvious one but they keep making silly little strategy errors like this which is hurting them.


you rather believe those journalism than lotus officer themselve who denied such claim??? He refuse to drive in monaco bcoz the steering is too reactive, if he end up in the wall you will slate him again for being unprofessional!! Kimi complaint the steering but still he cope with it and deliver fantastic results~~ his quali speed is sealed by the steering, and yet Romain only outqualifying kimi by mere tenth and nth more~~


have always been a Kimi fan and still think he has what it takes to be a race winner and WDC.

but I gotta say, Seb is prolly the single quickest dude in all of motorsports' history. the in car cams are beyond comprehension...

but I DO have to wonder just how quick Ro Gro is - the kid seems to have it goin' on...


I'm also not even sure why Massa is in this list. If all he is aiming for is to be 'closer to his team-mate' his goals need readjusting.


Then why is Vettel in the list?

What did Vettel and Massa didn't?

Massa overtook Vettel on the track, while Vettel overtook Massa in the pits. Considering the past performances, I would say Massa deserves a mention on DOTD more than Vettel does.


Agreed. Doing almost as well as your teammate should automatically preclude you from being nominated as "driver of the day". Moving from inadequate to adequate is not cause for reward.

Perhaps there should be an "Honourable Mention" section for performances like Massa's, where a driver improved or did well apart from a mistake, but is not eligible for voting.


Agreed. Doing almost as well as your teammate should automatically preclude you from being nominated as "driver of the day". Moving from inadequate to adequate is not cause for reward.


The target for Massa is to beat or match Alonso ultimately I agree but when you've been as far behind Alonso as Massa has been this season then it's probably best to get there in steps. Given that, the fact that his race pace may even have been quicker than Alonso's once he got clear of Michael Schumacher has to be seen as a big positive, if admittedly one that still needs to be built on in future rounds in order to at least match Fernando.

And yes, I admit, I did vote Felipe as driver of the day today, mostly through reasons above and partly through sentiment. Grosjean was also a good shout; ditto Webber.


I have never been a Massa fan, but the last few years have had to be nearly unbearable for him. and yes, I called for his head and seat by the third race this year.

I know of NO Company that would have stuck with him for so long at such a monetary and devalued brand expense. not a big Ferrari fan either 🙂 cannot make a judgement if their decision to keep Massa was due to gross incompetence or one of a truly classy organization!!

I WILL say, I am very pleased Filipe' has exorcised his demons for the betterment of himself, his Team, and F1!!

if I were Ferrari, I would be mulling over a couple year contract extension...

many congrats, Felipe'!!!


while I do not totally agree with every comment made by a whole slew of passionate F1 fans, I absolutely applaud all of you for very well-thought out and communicative dialog!!!

Friggin' awesome bunch of real fans and knowledgeable folks VS what transpires at a gaggle of other sites...

been a racin' fan since picking up a copy of Sports Car Graphic magazine in April 1962. currently live on the Nature Coast of Florida, USA. would totally luv to know a bit about each and every one of u awesome posters!!

hopefully, this site will allow: rgibbs3885@aol.com


Fans only see one side of the driver: They see some lap times and the results. Teams see substantially more in their data which tells them if a driver is just bad or if there is something with the car that doesn't seem to work with the particular driver. We are talking about a quarter to half a second round a lap, that's not pretty much and a matter of detail, really. The team will see if Felipe is braking and accelerating according to the tire temperature, of if he's always a bit too late, missing apexes and stuff.

Of course drivers can adapt to a car to a certain degree, but a car that copes well with the driver will always be faster than a driver that has to cope with the car.

We have to trust the teams to know what they're doing.

Still: I see Massas seat in danger, because the team could look for a driver who is more likely to fit their car.

And apart from Webberm Hamilton and Adrian Sutil I can see no worthy replacement for Massa.

Webber and Hamilton both have very good reasons not to leave their team, others like DiResta, Perez or Grosjean are not experienced enough for Ferraris demands, Schumacher will either stay at Mercedes or quit.

Bring Back Murray

"I know of NO Company that would have stuck with him for so long"

He ticks all the boxes doesn't he, despite being so far off the pace. (last couple of races excepted)

He wholeheartedly accepts that he is never allowed to beat his team mate.

He'll follow team orders to a tee.

He's totally submissive, a factor that Ferrari appear value in their second driver, rather than having such qualitites as actally having any pace!

The perfect replacement for Rubans and what other current driver would be willing to come to Ferrai and take it up the behind like Rubens and Massa have been doing all these years


Kimi is reminding me more and more of Nigel Mansell on a not so good day. Pootles around in the midfield for most of the race then bangs in a couple of fast laps towards the end just to show that he really was trying. He always LOOKS fast, but that's all.


Noticed that myself at the end. Was wondering why he waited so long.


he got a bad start, maldonado push him off track doesnt help~~~ he recover by overtook him on lap 5~~~ nt everyone can overtook maldonado seriously!! All in all, lotus needs to improve thier quali and strategy and slow pits stop!! Something rbr seems to excel in by pitting vettel earlier to escape the schumi train~~


Yes, you're right. Kimi put in another superb performance today. His drive from sixth on the grid all the way up to fifth was inspirational.


Kimi needs a win to prove his value to the team... now still with no win yet he sits fifth in the championship right in the back of Hamilon:


Not bad for his come back!


he will win when lotus 's pit stop improve~~~ and stop being too conservative on strategy too~~ !!


Yer bit like Lewis's eighth to ..... emmm, oh yer eighth!


shallow fans will judge based on results~~ Romain actually benefitted for pitting earlier for hard compound as it was the fastest tyre~~ he was able to caught up to the front when ppl are suffering from soft tyre performance~~


I wonder how we're supposed to judge a driver's performance?


Does he? Grosjean is showing him the way at the moment, pace-wise.


I agree completely. Something I said would happen pre-season.

The 2012 Kimi is the same Kimi that Ferrari got fed up with during 2008 & 09.

Grosjean is 22 points behind Kimi currently, having had a car fail whilst in 2nd position in Valencia.

Generally the man is faster in qualifying, yet all Kimi fans keep blindly repeating, is how Kimi is the fastest driver in history.

No doubt people will have differing opinions, but in 2001, he was no better than Heidfeld. Employed by Mclaren because his "potential" was greater than quick Nick, but he hardly humbled DC through 2002/3/4 when the Ron Dennis team blatantly supported Finnish drivers.

2005 JPM injured himself on a tennis ball, yet had the beating of Kimi as often as vice versa.

The most telling remark at the end of 2006 was Ron Dennis, saying he was happy that Kimi was moving to Ferrari.

Superficially it seemed like a considered professional send-off, but history proves that maybe Ron had his tongue firmly in cheek, because he knew just how Kimi worked.

You have to bear in mind, that Mclaren obligated their drivers to certain standards, and Kimi falling out of lap dancing clubs drunk didn't go down too well with the boss.

A boss who sacked Jan Magnussen after his untidy suitcase fell open in an airport. He realised then, that he wasn't the right driver for Mclaren.

People compare him constantly to his hero, James Hunt.

Whilst they both shared an apathy for officialdom and doing things their own way, thats about the limit of comparables.

Kimi is resisitant of any emotion, but Hunt once famously thumped a marshall in Canada. Hunt in commentary was an opinionated and passionate fellow, something that Kimi will never be accused of.

I like passion, I like anger, I like frustrations because it shows these people care.


Wow, someone has something little against Kimi here ;). Just don't let your dislike for the man cloud your vision on what has actually happened on race track.


i agree 100%

if lotus do get that elusive 1st win this year it will be grosjean who does it not kimi ,he always out qualifies kimi and is every bit as quick in the race .


and in 2005, regardless on how jpm get hurt by palying tennis, he got all the chances to take kimi down who suffer for god sake how many times of engine failures and 10 grid penalty despite starting on pole??? Kimi is simply the fastest guy ever in the recent decade, and that kind of sensation had nvr been seen in the current driver ever!!! In silverstone you can see kimi is pushing like his old self, but the ferrari and rbr was simply as fast, kimi has to push really hard to get close to Massa while Romain slip off the grid and settle for 6th and being helf behind schumi twice doesnt help!! Lotus need faster pit stops as both their driver often came out from pits with larger gap than before~~


Have to agree Grosjean is the man for Renault. Kimi is however making a good number 2 driver nothing spectacular about his drive. Was his return to F1 worth all the Hype. I don't think so and never did. Different ball game these days. Grosjean all over him in every aspect a real star of the future.


Hmmm... For being out of the sport for 2 years, I think Kimi has been excellent during his return. Kimi's run-in with Maldonado in Turn 1 @ Valencia and losing the place to Massa and being held up by Romain @ Bahrain quite possibly cost him 2 wins this year... that's how fine the margins are in F1 at the moment. As it is, he and Grosjean are looking like one of the strongest driver line-ups out there. They've got Lotus up to 3rd in the championship... I don't know quite what else Kimi was expected to do this year after a 2 year lay-off. Hasn't Schumi already proven how difficult it is to come back?


you seems to forget kimi went to 2nd from 11th in bahrain~~~ outraced romain except canada~~ and he been driving with a handicap steering in which he trying hard to cope with~~~ In silverstone, the fight on the top 5 is simply too intense, Romain manage to drove most lap on the fastest tyre strategy in clean air, reason why he cant close the gap to Kimi because kimi was simply half a sec faster than him when he escape Schumi train~~


James, please help me get a job on BBC or sky regarding translating alonso's radio messages, were going to hear a lot more of them this season judging by their form! Grazie!


Sorry pasq, I thought the same thing myself, but then decided why would I want to alert the other teams to what Ferrari are doing?

I think it's quite clever, sometimes they talk in English, other times in Italian, and F1 being what F1 is, they believe it's some dark secret or conspiracy.

One of the transmission yesterday, Alonso was told he had to get 16 or 17 laps on these tyres. LMAO


Best for drivers to talk in their natural language. This takes less "mental horsepower" for a driver to process than other languages. Quite important when you have many things on your mind (like fending off Lewis Hamilton). If that means talking in Italian or Spanish, so be it.


I seem to recall that James speaks perfect Italian so the position is filled as far as 5 Live is concerned.


Not perfect, but I can certainly understand those messages. As can Jaime Alguersuari. So we have it covered


It's just downright rude... I know it's a tactic to stop the other teams hearing it. More arrogance from Ferrari.


You must be joking right?


Are you sure it was Italian?? To me it was some secret code no one else could understand.


Amusing comment that one 🙂

It does amuse me when Ferrari speak in Italian. Generally I think it means - we're telling you something we'd like Red Bull and Ferrari not to know immediately. And that's fine, no different to people talking about Strategy A & B on the radio.


Have you ever thought what Spanish, French or Finnish speaking viewers feel like when they hear team radio mostly spoken in English?

And you're talking of arrogance?...


Peter, I think you are overestimating these people's fluency in English.

My experience working in an international call centre where we work in 15 languages to contact 40+ countries, I can tell you most native speakers of the languages I mentioned above do not have enough proficiency in English to understand team radio messages.

As for the French broadcast on TF1, the translation from Christophe Malbranque and Jacques Laffite is very approximate.


No, it's recognised as an international language, just as French is the international diplomatic language.

F1 is predominately British with so many of the Teams based in UK, so many of them converse in English.

A good many Spanish, French or Finnish people speak English better than many English do.

But I wouldn't be so arrogant to to point that out.


Not sure how it's rude. Why should they both speak in a second language, when they can use Andrea Stella's and most of the Scuderia's mother tongue?

There is a potential issue in that race control and the stewards may not understand what they are saying at the time. This is racing though, you take every advantage that's available to you. Courtesy doesn't win you any extra points.


Race control can insist on whatever they like and if there isn't already something in the rulebook then I wouldn't be surprised if they did eventually insist on radio communications being in English.

It's a practicality issue more than anything. You're right to say that teams use coded switches to relay information and there's no real way of knowing what's being communicated from the outside. However, whenever there's a whiff of improper conduct the first thing the stewards do is pull all the radio transmissions for analysis. They could cover English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese and Italian very quickly, but what if it doesn't end there? We didn't have two-way radios in my day, but my race engineer and I would've had no problem communicating in Afrikaans, for instance. The stewards need to assess the radio transmissions in a timely manner, even if it's just to dismiss them. If it's just the odd Italian message here and there, then there's no real issue. If we start hearing team transmissions in Tagalog and Welsh, then you can bet the FIA will be very quick to insist transmissions are at least in one of the main European languages!


I doubt that race control have the right to insist on a single language being used on the radio, and if Ferrari have the edge by using Italian, so what? Other teams use code "Okay, switch to B5", without anyone having access to the team codebook...it's a big question about nothing to be honest...


Andrea Stella's mother tongue, but Alonso speaks Italian better than English.

I have watched him interviewed many times on Italian TV and he is practically native in his use of it.

I don't know what his heritage is, but even so, Spanish and Italian has more in common than Spanish and English.


What a load of nonsense. Ferrari are Italian; they are based in Italy; most of their engineers are Italian. Why on earth should they have to speak English.

And if they are doing it to hide information from the other teams, you would think they would come up with a better system than just talking in Italian. As codes go, that one's not so hard to crack.


"Why on earth should they have to speak English."

Obviously, no to be "rude" and "arrogant".

Laughing. My Ass. Off.


Rude how? They are an Italian team competing in a worlwide sport. What is rude is you suggesting they should speak English just because we do - That's English arrogance right there!


@ Rossco

"It’s a tactic that Ferrari don’t want the other teams quickly knowing what their race strategy is."

Similar "tactic" when other teams speak "go to Strategy B" or "now we use Plan B".

And so? Is that fair play by your standards?


No, I'm Australian and I don't expect them to speak whatever language I speak. What's the reason that the driver > team communications are even broadcast? For viewing pleasure. Why don't all drivers speak in their own language to the pitcrews, then a majority of the audience has no idea what's happening.

Ferrari know that most of the other teams speak English predominantly, and the post race interviews are conducted in English. It's a tactic that Ferrari don't want the other teams quickly knowing what their race strategy is.

Søren Kühle

oh come on. Get a grip.. 🙂


Get a grip man! You think that is bad, just wait until RB start talking to Mark in Strine ... or macc start using Cockney rhyming slang!!


One of the teams should get a couple Scottish engineers in and teach their drivers Doric 😆

Grayzee (Australia)

Hahaha...yep...As an Aussie, who teaches adult education( First Aid) for a living, i meet a vast array of students who speak so called "english". I can tell you that "english" is spoken VERY differently in differebt countries. Just take "australian" english, for example. According to many of my students, we are one of the hardest to understand!....and I thought Scottish english was hard to understand..... 🙂


I would pay for that.



It’s not rude, drivers and teams can talk to each other in any language they want.

You know what’s arrogant? Englishmen expecting everyone else to speak English.


BB Murray,

Most of the teams are English. Even RBR is English but registered as Austrian.

Therefore most of the engineers are English.

All drivers speak English, however poorly.

It just so happens that Ferrari have 2 drivers currently who speak fluent Italian, but hey guess what, Smedley talks to Massa in English because he is an English engineer. Pity they couldn't communicate in Italian during the 2010 German GP.

"Felipe, Fernando sta andando piu veloce di te. Hai Capito? Bravo ragazzo"

Alonso and his engineer speak in Italian for obvious reasons.

But if you want to hang on to this fabled Ferrari favoritism why did Ross Brawn and Schumacher communicate solely in English throughout their Ferrari years? Or Kimi at Ferrari was always in English?


bang on .. lolz


Hehe Spot on!

Bring Back Murray

You're right - drivers and teams can talk to each other in any other language they want.

So why don't they? Why is it only Ferrari?

I'll probably get flamed for this but I'm with Rossco on this one

Brisbane Bill

Yes - get him a job. Croft and Brundle commented that they need to learn some Italian but why not just get a translator on the phone. No real outlay needed, the translator doesn't need to be at the circuit, just available over the phone or internet.

Grazie mille!


Good point 🙂


is it 'permitted' in official broadcast to involve radioexchange between pilot and Team in languages other than English(and therefore not to understand nothing), or just it's Ferrari's favour?

I only remember K. Horner's compliment to SV in Abu Dhabi - Du bist Weltmeister.


Voted for Massa. He seemed to have rediscovered his form and it will do him a lot of good now and ultimately the team. He has taken points off Button/Hamilton in this race. If he improves a little bit and takes points off one of the RBs consistently, Ferrari will stick with him for 2013, I suppose.

Also seems like they have gone with a different setup compared to Alonso which is helping Massa and his way of driving. Hope they stick with the same formula for 2013 too and get it right from the beginning.

Alonso and Webber's showing today seems like they can peacefully co-exist as team-mates.

It is turning out like the 2010 season, I wish the result is different this time and the man from Spain wins the WDC this time around.

He deserves it more than Ferrari.


If finishing several places behind his team mate is Massa rediscovering his form, that's a bit concerning don't you think?


Massa finished about 6 seconds behind Alonso, and considering that Alonso was in clear air for most of the race and Massa had to hussle with Vettel and Schumacher, I would say Massa was briliant on Sunday.

He overtook Vettel on the track, but lost the place in the pits.


To be fair, he finished 4th, 2 places behind.

All last season, he couldn't finish higher than 5th in the 3rd best car.

Ultimately, Massa is reinforcing Ferrari's turnaround.

Silverstone was about RBR vs Ferrari. I have no doubt as the car gets stronger he'll be racing Vettel and Webber harder.

I think we're starting to see the development race taking effect now.


There was a World Champion (Vettel) finishing between Alonso and Massa. If that is several places, then no point in arguing further.

He has been bad at the start of the season and has seen an upswing since Monaco GP. Even though the results don't paint the exact picture, the data is there for all to see with regards to lap times, safety car issues etc.

He overtook Schumacher to gain a position on track. Massa of the early season would have never done that and got stuck behind Schumi for quite sometime. If they had jumped Vettel in the pitstop poker, he would have got podium.


Very good form from Massa. Yes Alonso and Webber showed great respect for each other on track. They have overtaken each other many times without any incidents. Pastor should learn from these veterans. Speed alone does not bring points.

Grayzee (Australia)

Well said!


I am so happy for so many drivers in this race. Once again, mark really proving his worth, showing red bull what he can do before the end of the season. Again, another good race from Fernando, the only driver with at least a point from every race, and still leading the WC, he thoroughly deserves that. Vettel will now be filled with confidence, and could prove to be very dangerous in the next few races. Massa had a super day out, so happy for him, he needs to show his class, and he needs to do it quick!

Overall a top race, the right man won, and great excitement!

James, who was your driver of the day?


Very tough call between the top 2. Liked the way othe went about their day


Webber drove brilliantly, managed the race knowing he would have an advantage at the end on the primes over Alonso's options.

But i cannot go pass Grosjean for drive of the weekend. We talk about Fishery out classing Michael, but this weekend more than any other Grosjean showed Kimi up good and proper.

But a very close 2nd is Webber!!!! Bring on Germany!


Hard one.


A very fast and nice move right at the start, to avoid hitting Alonso. Probably had the best car though, judging from the crazy speed RB had in Valencia. Got pipped to pole in very difficult conditions yesterday.


A beautifull pole yesterday. Managed to stay ahead of Webber at the first lap, event though the hards should be slower off the line and harder to turn on at the first lap. Pitted way to early on first and second stops which IMO lost him a good shot at the win.


Best qualy of the season (4th) and managed to keep that position until the end, keeping both Renaults behind him.

Very close between Alonso and Weber, with advantage to Alonso who I think had a slower package. My vote goes to Massa though. He managed at last to deliver, while put under alot of pressure both from media and team. His contribution got Ferrari two (!) steps up the order in the constructors championship to 2nd, right behind RB.

Ferrari 2nd in the constructors is in itself is quite remarkable achievment this year, infront of both Mclaren and Renault. Who would have thought of that?


Massa actually qualified 5th and after overtaking Vettel and Schumacher running in 3rd, lost a place to Vettel in the pits, finishing 4th.


True, thanks for correction!


Definetely Mark: good pace in qualifying and race. Made a good start too. Also mention the good strategy by RBR allowing him to attack Alonso in the closing stages. Well done Mark!

If not Mark, I'll pick Romain for his race from the back to the front - don't forget his last stint was impressive, quite a lot of laps with old tyres and still he wasn't struggling. Nevertheless, his qualifying pace and race starts needs an improvement. But still a rookie!


Great race by Alonso and especially that ripper Aussie mark webber. But I was glued to the live timing watching grosjean blasting the lap times and making moves most the way through the field, but then seemed to slack off behind kimi. Or was it that kimi found some extra pace with the pressure of his team mate potentially taking his position? What do you think James?

Awesome race!


Personally I think his tyres just went on him.

He'd spent a fair amount longer on them then anyone else and had been as you said pumping in the laps. So they probably just went


The season is shaping up. Horner is risking to start getting some serious headace if Webber continue taking good chuncs of points and getting further ahead of Vettel in the drivers.

In a couple of races, they may have to choose which one of the two to support 100%. How do you do when your nr 2 driver is getting better results that the nr 1, collecting more and more points in a season so close as this one? And are RB ready to risk loosing Webber to another (Red) team, potentially risking good info on technology/developments being "brought over" to the worst opponents, by not giving him a proper chanse? Not to mention good engineers/mechanics.

How would Vettel handle his team mate being a bigger contender for title than himself, in the same equipment?

Pressure is on, Vettel & Horner!


I'd disagree, with the championship so close there is no requirement for Red Bull to support a single driver. Just as they didn't in 2010, where Mark and Fernando were favourites going into that last race and Seb pipped them.

If Mark is faster than Seb this season the team will support him, and that's the way it works at Red Bull. There is only a number two driver when one of them keeps beating the other.

Marks drive yesterday was very impressive indeed. Really calm and controlled, and out pacing Seb this weekend. I'd give him driver of the day I think. Car wise there wasn't a great deal between the RBR/Ferrari/Renault - thus I think Mark gets my DOD award.


"I'd disagree, with the championship so close there is no requirement for Red Bull to support a single driver."

That is exactly why it is crucial that one driver is getting prime support - because it is so close! Are otherwise suggesting they should support only one driver when they are dominating? What makes it even more crucial is the fact that their main rivals as the standings look now, namely Mclaren and Ferrari, have only one clear contender for the title to support - Hamilton and Alonso respectively. Unless RB manage to get back to domination, they will not afford not choosing their main driver to support. I am sure they will, as they did in previous years.

"If Mark is faster than Seb this season the team will support him, and that’s the way it works at Red Bull."

You are basically echoing what Horner keeps saying to the media. See my response to LiamC above. Suggesting that RB does not favour drivers is naive.

"Seb pipped them"

Given the package SV had then, compaired to the Ferrari, it was his title to loose. He certainly came very close to give it away to Alonso (driving a FIAT), on his way earning the title "the crash kid" (curtosy of M Withmarsh). It was only by luck (ironically thanks to a safety car situation at the last race in ABU) that he took the title. pipped is the wrong word to use he, got lucky is more suitable i think!


Just like alonso! i mean look at Bahrain and korea vettel was in the lead there and lost it due to a car failure.


That sort of decision is a very long way off. Seb is only 16 points behind Mark and we're not even at the halfway point in the season. If previous years are anything to go by, they will have no team orders until one driver mathematically cannot win the title.


No it is not. Given the fact season is so close, RB will not be able to afford their drivers taking points from each other, while Mclaren and Ferrari can put all their efforts behind Hamilton and Alonso respectively. Of course matters could change if the speed we saw in Valencia proves to be not circuit specific.


Alex W, what I am saying is that IN CASE Webber continue to take points off Vettel in say the coming 2-3 races, it will be very interesting how RB handles it. The difference to 2010 season is 2 fold. 1. If I recall correctly RB were more dominant in 2010 than now hence afforded "wait and see if Vettel catches up" - not anymore I think, and 2. this year there is a real possibility Webber could leave to one of the main competitors (Ferrari), if RB acts in similar manner as in 2010 (ie not supporting Webber). These 2 factors may make RB more prone to act differently than in 2010 IMO


did you not watch 2010? Vettel won by the skin of his teeth, whereas they could have locked Webber in much earlier for the title, they will not favour Webber unless Vettel is mathematically out.


It'll be Webber's best chance to beat Vettel in the championship, especially if he can manage another win and Vettel DNF's in the next race.

But if Vettel does triumph over him yet again at least Mark can blame: getting secondary treatment, hurting his hand\shoulder\leg in a bike\luge\run, his stubble not being aerodynamic enough, etc.


I don't think so. RBR didn't prioritise Webber in 2010, they are very unlikely to do it with more than half the season to go. If Seb is in with a chance, they will favour him.

This isn't bitterness, it just is. Austria holds the purse strings, and a young German fits the image better than a middle aged Australian.

You've got to give Webber credit though, he is showing very similar pace to a two time world champion. Not many would have rated him after last year.


EBD, something that Vettel got working with his style, and Webber never did.

In 2010, there wasn't much between them either.


Except in the second half of 2010 where the EBD was really working, Vettel was always quite a bit quicker than Webber in those races with an effective EBD, and funny how Webber was alot faster in the EBD-ban race in 2011, but was outpaced in every other race (bar faults on Vettels car)




"I don’t think so. RBR didn’t prioritise Webber in 2010, they are very unlikely to do it with more than half the season to go."

Yes they did.

Mid-season 2010 after crossing the line as a winner of Brittish GP, Webber went on the radio announcing to Horner "Not bad for a number 2 driver eh". So do I listen to you basically echoing statements of team boss Horner, or to first hand source - the actual driver - stating clearly and loudly that he is being treated like a number 2? At that point in the championship Webber was by all means a contender for the title. So do not tell me RB always treated the two drivers equally when facts indicate something else.


Sorry LiamC, I totally mixed up what you wrote with another post - my bad.


"So do not tell me RB always treated the two drivers equally when facts indicate something else."

Err, he didn't. Maybe read the post in future before flying off the handle.


I think you need to read what I wrote again mate.


Hamilton gets my vote. A return to true form. Middle order finish followed by a rather nasty interview afterwards. Now we can understand why Dad has forsaken him!

As for BBC TV commentary, James we need you and not them. Never have I heard such unending rubbish (except for the Thames river pageant to celebrate the Queen).



Here in Australia we get the ITV feed (after a crackly international phone call from James Allen!). Not really impressed with Croft, i.e. Legard Lite, either. It's a bit of a shame Coulthard and Brundle were separated.

I voted Webber. Parochialism.


+1 - I've been trying to find a Webstream of James to play in Australia with the Sky Images muted - croft is driving me nuts ... Sometimes saying nothing is a great choice - let us hear the engines.

michael grievson

I wonder if Grosjean could have won if he didn't need a nose change. I think he would have at least made the podium.

Great race from Webber and Alonso. In fact I was impressed with most of the field today


James, do you think this race sees Mclaren and the drivers out of contention? Silverstone was their big upgrade weekend after weeks of no upgrades, yet they seem to be the 5th best team only slightly ahead of Sauber and Williams in pace (Button couldn’t get past Bruno Senna for all he tried).

Looks like their strategy to go with a more aesthetic but less efficient front section is proving detrimental now in the development race. Way back in February, Gary Anderson commented that the Mclaren design leaves little room for in-season development and he is proving right.

Heads will/should roll at Mclaren if they indeed finish 3rd/4th/5th in the Constructors. And with this race, I have a gut feeling that Lewis will say good-bye to the team he clearly loves to be with. But wins are all that count and look at ‘Drinks Company’ Red Bull… incredible pace of development under the stewardship of Adrian Newey. Even Ferrari is progressing well, albeit its easier in their case as the car had lots of room to improve.

*Posting this again on this blog as I really want to know your analysis on Mclaren, being their fan- a disappointed one at that*


To be fair, both of them took only half of the updates each to minimize risk. Now that they have been proven to be reliable, perhaps they will all come together at Germany and give some decent performance.

Wishful thinking though; I think McLaren are out of it for this year 🙁


Whitmarsh said: “A dry race wasn’t what we were expecting – and, undoubtedly, had it been a wet race, as was predicted, our competitiveness relative to that of our opposition would have been significantly enhanced."

I think either Whitmarsh or Sam Michael should quit -- just for the sake of a change.


Like I said Mclaren hedged their bets on a bit of rain later in the race ( as I reckon a few others did), and did-not show their full pace .I'm not saying they haven't mucked up all of 2012 cause they have !-strategy, pits stops, personnel.

Is it just me or has everything proved conversely at Williams-including pit stops, since Sam Michael left??


"I think McLaren are out of it for this year"

...Or they might swallow their pride, fit an italian nose to the car, build the car around it and enjoy the development potential that the rest of the field have ATM.


It's not as simple as fitting a new nose. They would need to develop an entirely new car.


Button probably, Hamilton not yet


Undoubtedly it is Mark Webber. He put his double world champion team mate to the sword in qually and pulled away from him in the race. Didn't lift off in the drag race to turn one when Alonso chopped across him and drove a measured and composed race without mistakes. He attacked Alonso immediately on catching him and made a decisive pass stick around the outside at Brooklands without any contact. He is definately the dark horse for the championship this year.


I beg to differ. People often go with the winner, because he won, but Grosjean's drive was nothing else than impressive and it certainly was way harder to make his strategy work than Webber's. I'm not the biggest fan of Grosjean, but a drive from 22 to 6 in a dry race is heroic, no matter who did it.


True Someone.

But what stopped him at 6th?


how is grosjean managing his tyres like this? its incredible, and to keep pace.

its not just the car - what is he doing that other drivers aren't?


granted RG is fast and wonderful, but for all the delight he's giving us, we have to mention his flaws also. Nearly every race he's involved in some incident, as again here.

with respect to all, James leaving out Kimi is silly.

Because he is the one carrying that team up from lower mid-grid to ahead of McLaren in the wcc. He has not been spectacular, if you reckon he should have won all the races. How mant times did Gro finish ahead of Kimi?

Btw, Kimi is now 5th only 9 points behind Hamilton, who I believe, still fancies his chances this year.




You are right Tork. Grosjean is great - no doubting his pace, but he is still like a rookie -has a bit to learn. I had a laugh watching Greg Rust on Ten Sport who said Grosjean is ... " leaving Kimi in the shade" I tweeted ten sport and said Kimi almost passed Massa for 4 th while Grosjean is 6 th. Kimi set fastest lap and pulled away from Romain - he is only 9 points from Hamilton.. So can someone please tell me who is putting who in the shade..!?? I noticed a more subtle demeanor on Greg when coverage resumed saying " keep those tweets coming in- with a picture of Kimi/ e20 in the background HHUH!!

Same story in life most people only recognize people who are animated, loud, and talk BS. People who avoid the limelight and go about their business are Always under-rated.


I also would include Kimi, simple because he has avoided quite a few crashes down to his great car control and reflexes this year and made strong and clean moves despite starting from further behind and two years of absence.If and when the Lotus will be to his liking, he will be great again.


Agreed. He wasn't the driver of the day, but he manages to get more points than his team mate simply by being able to avoid collisions that Romain seems to get involved in, and he still has the speed too, as seen when he was able to race in clean air. He needs to become a bit more aggressive when it comes to overtaking, though. I think he lost valuable positions today being stuck behind Schumacher for quite a few laps. Maybe it's just some ring rustiness in his driving after his absence from racing (as opposed to rallying where you just compete against the clock).


I kinda think it was Colin Chapman who first coined something like "give me a fast driver who makes mistakes over a slow driver who does not - I will mold them".

has been repeated by Penske and others.

Romain is looking to potentially be in that group...


But given the choice, Colin would pick the group that Kimi's in. Fast driver who doesnt make mistake.


his reflex is certainly amazing~~~ qualifying is the only thing lotus needs to improve, while kimi will keep improving from time to time~~~


G'day James - I know this will keep coming up, however what are your current thoughts on Webber's future team with him driving like he is? Cheers


I think if RBR will do take anything from Webber to give to Vettel, it will influence Mark's decission, and it's not gonna be a good one for RBR.

I think Mark has the upper hand in the negociations this year.


Mark Webber.

It's time to move to Ferrari.

Marks supporters have not forgotten what the mood in the garage was like when he won Monaco in 2010. It was like a funeral because Vettel didn't win and this is confirmed by Anne Neal.

Whether or not Mark wins the WDC he should move to Ferrari and take the knowledge with him.

Go on Mark, drive for the Prancing Horse.

Id would be a fitting way to finish a solid career.


You are thinking of Webber's first win, that was the funeral, because Marco + Co wanted him to pull over for Vettel to take the win. In hindsight it may have given Vettel the 2009 WDC, but in even if they asked Webber, there was no way after 129 races he was going to pull over anyway!


I think you are recalling the Nurburging in 2009 - I know there was an Anne Neal comment then.

Much of the Red Bull team, including Vettel ended up in the swimming pool after the Monaco win in 2010. I'm looking at the photo in Autocourse now. Newey doesn't look like he's at a funeral.

Not saying the overall gist of your post is wrong. Personally, I'd like to see the change as we'd get to see Mark against Fernando and someone against Seb and the follow-on changes from that (so ideally, Massa would not go to Red Bull).




James on the hard tyres it looks like to me today that the lotus was the fastest thing out there when in free air and then Ferrari and then redbull. Wasn't much to pick between them anyways. What's ur opinion.


It'll be in the Strategy Report

Søren Kühle

looking forward as always.. 🙂


How the Toleman/Benetton/Quasi Lotus team must yearn for a top flight combo. They have such a great car but just need that Alonso-esque driver that can create wins and top results from a not-so perfect car...

Webber's drive had to be the drive of the day though. If Alonso had held him off then the honours would be his.

In the end they should replay the overtake to some of those further back in the grid to show them how the best drivers in the world go about playing fair on track


2010, Kubica joined Renault and bullied, cajoled and pushed them all season long. They absolutely adored his passion and focus.

2011, Renault are saddled with Heidfeld. After a few podiums early on, they fall away.

2012, Lotus have a quick car, yet rumours abound that the team is getting disillusioned with their "star" driver.

Grosjean is making errors because he's a rookie, but he is getting better and better.


@hero_was_senna, any details on "rumours abound that the team is getting disillusioned with their “star” driver"? I haven't read that yet.

As for Romain, he's not a rookie, and he's not driving like one. That guy is fast. I'm loving Lotus, I can't wait for the first win.


Hamilton & Grosjean at Lotus next year? 🙂


...sounds like what they need most is a decent team manager.


your comment are bs~~~ they are only good on race~~~ not quali!!! And their strategy that often put their driver on traffic aint helping either~~ not to mention their slow pitstops~~~ Having a good car is nt enough, the team with best teamwork will win!! as simple as that!!


Yes exactly and I bet you if you put Kimi or Romain in RB8 with all the resources that team have and I'm sure they would be faster again and won a few races !


gotta love your passion.. and you make some good points. but in the end a great driver will inspire and lead the team to greatness


Flip a coin on this one ... both MW and FA didn't do anything wrong. Right tyres at the right time won this one. Tip of the lid to Michael for backing the others out of contention.


Webber edges it for me over Alonso.

Rather hard to judge how good Grosjean's performance was, it was probably a racing incident with Di Riesta but he does same to have more than his fair share.

Will be interesting to see the reasons why Kimi only finished a few seconds ahead of him in the strategy report.


I think if one need not fight with Maldonado, it makes the job easier.

Pastor acted more like a gladiator than a racer.


the tyre of the race is hard compound~~ Romain actually benefitted from pitting earlier for hard compound which allow him to charge throught the field while ppls in the front suffering from soft tyre~~~ Overrated to the max to said that he is performing well !! this is evident when he cant even close the gap with kimi as kimi was on hard tyre as well, but losing lots of time in soft tyre earlier ~!!


Thought the top two drove very well. As always, tough but fair racing between Webber & Alonso. Close call between these 2. Alonso took pole and podium, but Webber also had excellent qualifying lap and took the the win. I'll go with Mark on this one, made his strategy work with faultless drive.


Had either Hamilton or Button won, this site would've lit up.

Of the eight people who've posted by 11.58 p.m., only

only one is openly positive about Webber.

Why is this?

The guy is a decent bloke, races cleanly and has had to put up with a lot of intra team nonsense.

My vote goes to the Ozzie, but I wouldn't have been too upset had Alonso won.


I voted for Mark as DOTD. I also believe that Webber is much better treated in Red Bull than any other teams.

I have not seen Red Bull openly instruct their number 2 driver to back off like other teams had like Mclaren and Ferrari did. Even Eddie Jordan confessed that he had to force Schumacher to slow down to let Hill win.

Yet, the media tries hype up a misunderstood phrase in 2010 'not bad for a number 2 driver' over and over again.


I think it is called satire.


Yes JB, definitly new to F1.

It was not very many races ago when Webber went on the radio, just after taking the flag as winner, snapping to Horner "Not bad for a number 2 drivar ha!"

...Or when Horner openly went on the radio explicitly ordering Webber to "hold position", when the former was right at the back of Vettel.

...Or when RB blatantly took of a the only available new development front wing OFF Webbers car and put it ON Vettels car, after Vettel damaged his in practice.

...Or when apparent team look as having more fun celebrating Vettel win than Webber win post race.

In any case, welcome!


What about Webber leading in Turkey 2010, Vettel on different engine map charging up behind him and once alongside swerving into Webber. Both crashing out.

Let me think, Marko, Horner and the entire RBR squad turned on Webber after that one, even though it was plainly obvious that Vettel swerved into Mark.


You are new to this F1 thing, aren't you?

At short notice that is the most charitable response that I can find to your remarks.


You are so sweet!! Brilliant comment


Great drive by a number of drivers, but hats off to Webber. Good start off the line and sensational overtake on Alonso. I'm happy for him.

No one would've rated him as the 2nd multiple winner for 2012. Well done Mark!


Heh, if that "100% tyre related" overtake was "sensational", it would be interesting what word you would use to describe Alonsos overtake on Grojean Webber in Valencia. Godlike?


That's right mate, "100% tyre related." Drivers have absolutely no input these days. Silly me.


Point taken. The move got me off my couch, onto my feet, so for me... sensational. Am really enjoying Alonso's drive this year too, however. He's driving the wheels off that Ferrari. 3rd WDC material.


Mate, do not get me wrong. I too feel Webber did a very good job and thoroughly deserved the win. And ALO among others has definitly shown that the driver can make a (certain) difference even with a bad car.

I just could not see the sensational part of that overtake.

Brisbane Bill

Once again Webber and Alonso show, with great class, how close racing can be exciting but not wreckless and dangerous. Maldonado should study hard. I give DOTD to Webber really for the gutsy overtaking move and knowing how to drive the rest of that corner sequence to ensure Alonso couldn't get back at him. Great win. Advance Australia Fair. Hope he can go all the way this year.


James what is the mood at Mclaren? Bad race for them with the car off pace all weekend and no end in sight for Jenson's struggles.


Webber all the way!!

However Grosjean deserves some kudos!

He made a great recovery, his is one to keep an eye on!!


I don't really understand why Mark lost time in the middle stint, but coming back so far with only 12 laps left is without doubt worthy of driver of the day.

Special mention to Romain... not entirely sure how he managed that after the first lap incident and new wing.


Mark may of been in a higher rate of fuel saving to have the possible go at Alonso when he got on the softer tyres


Mark's tyres will have been a couple of laps older and therefore further down the degradation curve. If the lap times for each driver are stable, then it means the tyre degradation is being cancelled out by the fuel effect, and therefore, Fernando has a couple of tenths inherent advantage in fresher tyres.


I don't think you can say who was driver of the day.

I think that you can say those five all did their job given the opportunities they had.


I felt very happy or Mark to win this one. I would be really happy if either him or Fernando would be WDC this year.

I enjoyed Felipe's race and can't wait to see him back in the podium. He is coming from a very deep hole and deserves our praise.




Ditto, Dino!


Had to vote with Mark. It's really great to see him recapture some of the form from 2010. There's still fire in his belly and that gritty determination to win. He and the car seem a lot happier with one another and he's certainly not doing badly for a number 2 driver.

Would love to see him and Alonso fight it out for the WDC - They have such a respectful relationship/rivalry which I think is great to see and also phenomenal for the sport!

Honestly would love to see them as the Ferrari Super Team in 2013.


I second that Super Team in 2013 comment!

If Mark can win the WDC this year I think he will definately go to Ferrari.

I think we will see Mark & Alonso (and maybe Seb) fight it out this year for the WDC, but I just can't help but feel the FA will win. He is a better driver overall than Mark and has experience in holding his nerve when it comes down to the line. I can't help but feel Mark lost himself the 2010 WDC.


Can you honestly see Mark being allowed to win the WDC if he's signed for Ferrari?


"Do you think RBR would allow Webber to beat Vettel this year, if Webber signs to drive for Ferrari next year.?"

That’s such a tough question to answer because it’s hard to know what RBR are thinking sometimes!

I don’t think RBR will ‘allow’ Webber to beat Vettel, he would have to do it off his own back, but RBR won’t allow Vettel to beat Mark if Webber is ahead on points.

If Mark is beating Seb by enough points then yes, RBR would let Mark beat Seb (in so far as telling Webber to lose to Vettel). I can’t see RBR asking Mark who is leading the two drivers on points to pull over for Seb who is behind him on points. And if they did... well there would be a very gruff ‘get f’d’ coming over the team radio.

And even if Mark has made it clear he’d signed with Ferrari, a WDC for Red Bull via Mark who is then off to Ferrari is better than no WDC at all.

To clarify, I see Mark holding off inking any new contract with any team until the end of the season (or when it’s clear who has won the WDC). Then I see him signing with Ferrari once/if he wins the WDC. If he doesn’t win, then I think he’ll stay on at RBR, because it’ll be his best chance to have another crack.


I obviously wrote that badly! Do you think RBR would allow Webber to beat Vettel this year, if Webber signs to drive for Ferrari next year. Both your points are arguments I have used before in defending Ferrari and Alonso


Apologies, I may not have made myself clear.

Mark won't win a WDC at Ferrari.

If he wins the WDC he will go to Ferrari. I think I get what you're saying, 'Mark would probably sign with Ferrari this year, and therefore not want to win the WDC over Alonso?'

1) Mark wouldn't care

2) I see this more like JB moving to McLaren. Mark wins the WDC then decides to see out his career and Ferrari. Ferrari will be lukcy to have him and will want to take him because there is no one else.


He'll have the same treatment as all ferrari drivers post schumacher era, ie. both drivers are equal unless one has a much better chance at the title than the other. Massa managed to get ahead of Alonso in some races over 2010/2011 and cost him a lot of time (and occasionally finished better than him)..it was Alonso making that move in China 2010 which showed that Ferrari weren't going to tell massa to move over. Korea 2011 was a great example, with massa holding Alonso up for an entire stint and when Alonso got past him he dropped him at around a second a lap.

Germany 2010 was a different matter because massa was already out of the title race, not least because the ferrari was the 3rd fastest car but because he admitted he couldn't use the hard tyre :/


If he scores his points and has a total of 129 compared to Alonso 23 after 9 races (!).... why not? That is the current situation at Ferrari.


My vote is for the winner, Webber Patient, and drove perfectly to the strategy, also a nice overtake move. More so than anything James.. Webber had a good start. That almost is as impressive as the win for him 😉 ..


I must say, some good clean overtaking by f1 experienced drivers. Some absolute shockers by some of the less experienced.

I'd give it to Alonso, and Webber. Great work by both. 2nd was probably the best the Ferrari could manage.


My vote is for Alonso. I think he qualified on pole through sheer talent. I think the RB8 is the faster car by a good grin still and A,onso drove masterfully to 2nd.


Very pleased for Massa. Good job.


me too...


Webber with a special mention to Alonso

ps not so keep on the podium presentation/interview set up they've got going on. a lot of tweaking for next year IMO


Hi James,

Why is there no option to vote for jason button.

This is the british GP after all...


My Dad's favourite driver has been Jason Button for about 10 years!


Why does it being the British GP have anything to do with how a driver performed?

Jensen and Lewis really did nothing noteworthy all race.

Honestly the amount of over patriotism on the Sky F1 channel's build up was cringe worthy.


Would that be like the BBC for Murray in at Wimbledon?


Probably. I don't watch Tennis. But yes the British broadcasters do tend to be massively patriotic and it seems to go into overdrive at home events. I wonder if other countries coverage gets as bad at their drivers' home grand prixs?


Who is Jason Button lol! Personally I think the vote should be for all the fans considering the conditions we all had to put up with. Sure hope for better next year. My DotD tough choice between Grosjean and Webber, but went for Grosjean, a future WDC I think!


I would have voted for his brother, who finished 10th.


Yeah, where the hell was Jason?


Was that supposed to be finny?

Bring Back Murray

Which formula does Jason button drive for? 🙂


Driver of the day? Maldonhardo! (Or soft in the heado). For his abillity to keep being an idiot, ruining other people's races/championships, AND being able to get away with it! One wonders if the stewards are being influenced by politics and back-handers/under-the-table exchanges of funds/etc! Some very serious penalties have been handed out previously for far less serious/dangerous/costly offences, many of which were racing incidences/accidences, were- as Maldonhardo/Stupeedo seems to drive into people on purpose! (Has anyone ever seen him take avoiding action?) He needs to be put on probation for quite a while with the threat of SEVERE penalty should he ever re-offend.



Spot on.

I am sat at work and my colleagues are wondering why I am laughing so loudly !


Voted for Webber, but I do think that driver of the season so far should go to Raikonen as he's shown great skill in avoiding Maldanado while others can't.

Just joking but really Raikonen driving is so mature this year, pushing when needed ans backing when he knows who is ahead.



Sorry lost for words momentarily....

now I have stitches from laughing so hard!!!!


"I obviously wrote that badly! Do you think RBR would allow Webber to beat Vettel this year, if Webber signs to drive for Ferrari next year. Both your points are arguments I have used before in defending Ferrari and Alonso"

What if Mark refuses to back off? Can RBR do anything to him? Legally, I mean.

Søren Kühle

It's a hard choice for me between Webber and Grosjean. If team effort has to be taken into account then Webber and RedBull today. They completely ruined Ferrari's choices with that early stop by Vettel. Masterfull strategic victory. But Webber did an ecxellent job sticking with Alonso through the first two stints, and then made a great pass on Alonso.

But grosjean really drove his heart out, passed more cars, and used less rubber in the process.


Grosjean had great pace and it was compelling watching him come back through the field. But his position was the result of yet another first lap incident; had it not been for that he could have been on the podium.

Hard to award driver of the day to anyone other than the race winner.


Has to be Webber today.

James, why is the soft tyre so slow? It seems most drivers match pace or go faster on the hard tyre. Are the drivers sacrificing pace for longevity by nursing the softs?


Webber won the race with an excellent overtaking move but that doesn't mean he should be the driver of the day.

Massa finished only a few seconds behind Alonso. Given Massa's situation, I think he was the better Ferrari driver this time.

Grosjean did the best job in my opinion and my vote goes to him.


Tough choice but I would say Mark Webber. I'm surprised that KImi is not on rhenè


Kimi would be on the list if he did something worthy in comparison to the others. Simple!


Who set the fastest lap of the race and almost passed Felippe.Who gapped the next fastest on the track ( his team mate) who was probably regarded next best after the front 2,,, Uhmm yeah def drove better than Felippe at least --Very Simple he was worthy and others here believed it too!


*the list. My apologies


I think today, coupled with Valencia is a real shot across the bows of Ferrari.

The Ferrari tyre strategy was probably good for 10+ seconds on the Red Bulls and they had optimum track position - but yet they still got beat.

The improvement to RB8 was evident in Vettel's hands in Valencia; it was masked due to track conditions and tyres at Silverstone. Expect a tough weekend for the rest next time out in Germany.

Grayzee (Australia)

Some strange choices here, James. Naturally I voted for Mark, and verified by the 62% rating he received in the poll.

But I have one request! Could you find a better picture of Mark to use on your website....one where he is not poking his tongue out! 🙂


I looked out of the Window during that race and realized it was more interesting watching the grass grow.

So I'd give it to Petrov for not even bothering to start.

Alonso benefitted from the red flag in quali and a kindly view being taken of his driving when the yellows were out, got pole, toured round until his tyres went off Webber got on the front row, toured round until Alonso's tyres went off.

Didn't see Vettel do anything all day. Massa is at least looking like he is the same league as Alonso, Both Mclarens and Rosberg looking out of sorts, Maldano a complete idiot for the third time in 4 races, look Perez out. Kobyashi's pits nightmare was lucky not to leave team members in hospital.

Schumacher had a decent day, Grosjean looked better than Kimi but you couldn't call him exceptional (and he look DiResta out not his first offence). Hulkenburg had a decent day.


Mark Webber lives closer to Silverstone than most.

Button and Lewis live abroad. They left the UK as soon as they could.

Not sure why.

Taxing race though.


Even di Resta lives in Monaco


They should have got a tax office official to give Webber the trophy, as he pays more tax than the rest of the grid (and Bernie) put together, literally!

James Clayton

A lot of people leave the UK as soon as they can, to be fair.


Hats off to @aussiegrit.... Keeps the championship very interesting - An Alonso win would have put him at least 27 points ahead.

Comments above about Webber having lost it after 2010 are nonsense. If he were to lose it, it would have been after the comprehensive drubbing by his team mate in 2011.

His team boss did an extended pre-race interview which was very positive about Webber and never mentioned Vettel - now that's unusual.

This win probably extends the contract negotiation period until after the summer break. The next 3 back to back races will really tell us where things are likely to be going this year.

As to Mclaren, they're car looked good in hot conditions early/pre-season. Most 2012 race weekends have had track temperatures below their normal. They may improve quickly if we get hotter conditions going forward.


Tough call between Alonso and Webber. I have to go opt for Mark, as ultimately he got the job done. Alonso is just relentlessly scoring good points, thoguh. He's going to win this one, Ferrari just have to keep him in the mix.

Lots of positives further back, too. Felipe Massa is actually starting to look like his old self and I wouldn't rule out him grabbing a race win before the end of the year. A tremendous drive back through the field suggests that Romain Grosjean's racecraft is growing to match is evident speed. Bruno Senna also drove a very strong race for Williams.

Not the most action packed British GP, all told, but decent and I think Pirelli got the balance right this weekend. Tyres were an issue that needed to be managed correctly, but we didn't see the dramatic drop off in pace and sitting duck passes we have at some races.


Webber is the only guy on the list to emerge with any credit. Nobody else was close to catching the pole sitter, Grosjean has a very fast car that he clearly is unable to use to win when he should. Kimi is either slacking, or is not getting the same car, a historic problem at Renault. You also do have to wonder what he took on, his teammate is French, the Team is French, the Team Manager is French and also the Personal Manager of his teammate. Just what percentage of resources is boullier putting behind the Fin ?


@Paul R

The team are not French.

The car is designed, built and run out of Enstone, which last time I checked, is very much in the UK.

The issues you refer to are more related to one Flavio Briatore than anything else.


It's not Lotus, either.

It's Renault - (French originally) whatever it may have written on the body & chassis.



Let me introduce you to my wife, who is.........that's right, French!

She supports 'Lotus' because they are the nearest thing to a French team (manager, driver etc). I expect there is a tenuous connection with Toleman somewhere in the personnel, but it's hardly relevant now.

You could do that sort of thing with many Teams, but it doesn't prove much.

Now, if you could persuade Derek Warwick to...........


The anti-French are out in numbers I see.

Well, if you want to start calling the team after what they were originally, why not just call them Toleman? (Which are again, from the UK. Or does that not fit with the little tinfoil hat conspiracy?)

There was never a Toleman-Bennetton-Renault-Lotus chassis designed and built outside the UK as far as I am aware.


There is no such conspiracy in Lotus, Romain simply is very fast, just like Kimi. I don't understand how you can say Kimi was slacking; when in clean air, he was just as fast if not faster than Romain (he did get fastest lap, for example). He just lost a lot of time in the Schumi-train, he was stuck there twice during the race.


Grosjean had the most impressive drive of the day. A future World Champion..

Hardly a surprise to see Webber winning around what is a perfect RB circuit.

Will McLaren sort their problems out? Are they now massively missing Pat Fry, with Ferrari now having improved their initially poor car, like McLaren have done in recent seasons?

Bring Back Murray

What about Jenson Button?

Drove around carefully in the mid-field. Kept himself well out of any trouble. Didn't get involved in the fight for the lead in any way. Didn't put too much strain on his brakes, engine etc.

Quillan Rogers


For F1 purists like me every Grand Prix that goes by and they don't get rid of this stupid system, my heart sinks a little lower each time

We were deprived of a great race at the end and instead got another DRS overtake, the art of defense is officially dead for the time being. Fernando was just left to watch as someone with a button increased his straight line speed, surely this is not Formula 1. I might be a gimmick to suck people into Formula 1, but it is sure making me less and less fascinated with the sport I love. A good driver must both have great aggression but great defense too, now one of those things is gone 🙁


James, I believe Massa crossed the flag 6.5 seconds adrift of Alonso, and not nine


Grosjean could have won were it not for 2 mistakes. Firstly he spun out of Q2 at a time when there were not enough cars left out on track who could demote him from P7 to P11. Track conditions were difficult, he should have got a call from his race engineer to back off the moment his Q3 position was safe. Then in the race the merest brush with Di Resta put him at the back on what was effectively 1 stop strategy, albeit with hard compounds for both stints. His pace was mighty considering and his overtakes into Maggotts were impressive.


I will be glad if Webber could snatch the championship title this year.

Anyways, why did it take almost a lap for Hamilton to overtake Button after the 3rd pitstop? Was Button unwilling to let him pass?


He didn't look terribly helpful. And McLaren apparently weren't explicitly telling Button to let him go. According to the Sky coverage the team radio messages were along the lines of "Don't worry too much about Hamilton", which to me says "Keep him behind if you can, but don't waste time on it" as opposed to "Let him through, he's on a different strategy".

I'm not suggesting any kind of conspiracy before anybody starts, I'm just saying McLaren probably needed to be a bit clearer with Button that he was expected to let him go. As it was, by defending he let Groaguean past too, where he could have probably at least kept him at bay for another lap or too if he's let Hamilton by earlier.


I also think that if Webber wins the title he could exchange sits with Hamilton. Webber at McLaren, Hamilton at Red Bull -- a perfect deal for 2013!


What did Webber ever do to deserve such punishment 😉


Yeah, I hoped all his bad luck had been used up over the years.



Slightly off topic but do you see Mark Webber now holding the key for the 2013 driver market?

The way I see it is if he stays put everything will stay pretty much the same but if he joins Ferrari then Red Bull's hand will be forced into making a move for Hamilton.

I think Webber and Hamilton will stay where they are and Ferrari will sign Perez but part of me would like to see some changes.


I think he'll stay too Nick. Too many reasons to stay.

It is interesting that every year around this time when Mark's contract is up for renewal, Christian Horner comes out and repeats the same message time and time again "With Mark, it's an easy process" and "With Mark, things are simple". I take that in infer that Vettel's contract negotiations are a major PITA in comparison.


Webber! but you have to give a share to Alonso as well - he is making that Ferrari work for him and making something out of every opportunity he gets, great driving from both.


What happened to Hamilton? While Alonso is busy taking a mediocre machine and dragging it onto the first row where is the boy wonder? Wait, rhetorical question. Answer: Hamilton was NOWHERE. I await the usual litany of excuses and hate mail from the Hammy tin hat and propeller brigade. BRING IT !


There's no way in hell, at this point, that McLaren's race pace is as quick as the Ferrari's. Hamilton is driving the wheels off of that car.

Ferrari's updates have worked--McLaren's haven't, that's it!

If you really want to know where the MP4-27 is as a race car just look at what Button is doing with it.... That where the current MP4-27 really belongs.


With these sorts of comments I'm starting to feel like I'm reading PlanetF1, not JAOF1 🙁


Of course.

This mediocre Ferrari that can only manage a paltry 1st and 5th on the grid in qualifying, and a 2nd/4th in the race, is so much worse than the almighty Mclaren that qualyfied 8th/18th and finished 8th/10th, isnt it?


Spingirl, I think you confuse the facts...McLaren is where it is because their package (drive + car) cannot beat Ferrari. Alonso is the key variable. Hamilton still cannot win unless his car is the best on the grid.


You don't necessarily have to refer to this last race. How about other races at the begining of the season when Ferrari was 1 s off the pace of McLaren, but Alonso managed to gather alot of points?


Massa finished 4th.


More and more, I'm impressed with Grosjean. He's my choice for driver of the race.

An early problem with a damaged wing, and then charging from 22nd to sixth place while managing his tires, says it all....

Personally, I think Romain's inexperience at running towards the front, particularly at the start, with all its intensity and race position dicing, has been the problem causing his car damage incidents. He'll transcend that indiscretion.

Räikkönen (who is immensely talented) lacks the, heartfelt, commitment of the young aces: Hamilton, Vettel, Rosberg, (the vet) Alonso and, soon to be grouped in this class, Grosjean. I see Romain overhauling Kimi's point total, by the end of the season.


im tired of all thse commitment bs~~~ kimi did always visit the Enstone factory this year, if you nvr bother to read any news, better dont reply~~!! none of his engineers in current and previous team slam him for being unmotivated, instead they said kimi is very good in car development, able to pinpoint the car problem accurately~~ It was all hype cerated by media based on his emotionless facial expression~~ Armchair fan will fall for it


im nt finnish at all~~ stop generalizing kimi fans as all coming from finland!! I dont see any problem with the so call “Heartfelt commitment” on the racing side, which is what it counts!! Im nt his girlfriend, im a dude!! and who are you?? his wife?? you sounds like you understand him very well, but you didnt!! You dont win races by doing more PR~~ He focus on racing, and the fans like the way he handle himself!! Funny, driver like kimi that does not chase the fame automatically draw much more attention to himself!! he is the best example of just focus on doing what you are good at, the fame will come!!


Qualifying has always been a bit of an achilles heel with Kimi. But given the choice between qualy and racecraft, I'm sure any race driver would choose the latter and Kimi has shown some brilliant performances on race day that has gone under the radar. He is 22 points ahead of RG and there's a good reason for it. All the rest is smoke and mirrors.


should hv more points~~~ same goes with Kimi in shanghai, monaco and canada where steering issues and hydraulic failure hampered his chances~~ your comments are so factless that it turns you to bcome a madman throwing statement that aint got anything to do with !!!


must be hard for you to write the comments you hate most, full of bs!! Kimi does not feel comfortable with the steering, and yet Romain can only outqualify him nt more than tenth...i dare you, in 2nd half of the season, you will see how kimi trash romain !!


Well Marybeth!

For a driver (Kimi) who (according to you) really has his race-craft so together, such an inexperienced driver (Grosjean--whom Kimi has 10 times more experience)Romain sure is "burning Räikkönen a new ass" in qualifying and Gros should have more points.

Anyway I'm done with you Marybeth. Never read such B.S. concerning motorsport in my, lengthy, life....


Hey Mayberth!

Seems I pushed a button there, but sorry, I'm, a little, more than an armchair enthusiast. Been into the sport (Formula One) big-time since the late 60's. Hell, I remember when the sport was called Grand Prix more so than F1. Attended my first Grand Prix (Monaco 72' won by Jean-Pierre Beltoise in an BRM.... Remember him Mayberth? Remember BRM?

Any ol'how, returning to Kimi, Mayberth there's a big difference between being motivated vs. committed in the guise of a Grand Prix driver. Frankly,I commented on Kimi's commitment.

Furthermore, there's lot more to being a committed Grand Prix driver than showing up and hanging out with the engineers, every now and then.... Not to mention the fact that Kimi has stated his preference, year in and year out, telling anyone who'll listen, that he has no taste for the, all out, dedication to every aspect of being an F1 driver.

You know, things like press conferences, sponsor commitments, hour-after-hour spent at the factory, or post-practice/qualification after-hours in the garage going over data with said engineers.

In fact, that's why Räikkönen expresses his fondness for James Hunt (someone I saw race a number of times and I was a big fan, also) and Kimi admires the F1 of Hunt's era. You see, the drivers of that period (the 70's) weren't nearly as consigned to the Teams and their own careers as today's drivers--plus they had lots of fun!

Yep, I agree totally with Mister, there, but I do appreciate Kimi's awesome talent. It's just a character thing with him.... Now, who's the armchair enthusiast, or needs to do his homework before writing?


Aw, Mayberth, come on, get a grip.... What are you, Kimi's girlfriend? Go back and read what I said, wrote, quote: "he has no taste for the, all out, dedication to every aspect of being an F1 driver."

Do you understand what that means?

Anyway, you've just contradicted yourself, while unintentionally agreeing with me, by saying, quote: "Kimi did attend sponsor's event given by Lotus team, he said he didn't like it, but he knew that its his job, and he fulfilled his role!!"

As I said, quote:"Räikkönen (who is immensely talented) lacks the, heartfelt, commitment etc...." Key phrase: "Heartfelt commitment"....

Certainly, you're not going to reply and tell us that not liking to carry out your duties means that your heart and soul is still involved in whatever it is you're tying to do.... The drivers I've mentioned above Hamilton, Alonso, Vettel etc.... don't have that problem, simple as that, my man. By the way, Mayberth, are you Finnish?


do your homework~~~ kimi did attend any sponsors event given by Lotus team, he said he didn;t like it, but he kenw that its his job, and he fulfill his role!! Your claim is flaws, because you only emphasize on what he said, and not what he does during gp weekend!! The pr officer often share kimi jokes with the fans around the world, i see no problem as being COMMITTED as a F1 driver!!


again, do your homework~~~ kimi did attend any sponsors event given by Lotus team, he said he didn;t like it, but he kenw that its his job, and he fulfill his role!! Your claim is flaws, because you only emphasize on what he said, and not what he does during gp weekend!! The pr officer often share kimi jokes with the fans around the world, i see no problem as being COMMITTED as a F1 driver!!


Actually after Valencia, the BBC had a interview with Kimi's engineer. And the guy said that there were times when Kimi was not even attending the driver briefing. His engineer had to fill him in before the race. He prefered to take a nap or something.

Like I said before, even at post race interviews, Kimi shows no emotion, no enthusiasm. He barely opens his mouth to give us, the fans, the feedback in regards to his race. This is for us, those in the stands and in front of the TVs to better understand their highs and lows.

That's the commitments that Wheels might refer to. At least that's the commitment I refer to.


Thats nt his engineer, thats his Trainee Mark Arnall, he nvr mention anything about skipping driver briefing~~ THis is coming out from David Coulthard!! As much as sauber, mclaren and lotus are concern, his commitment and motivation is out of question!! How can you question a guy 's motivation when he is clearly piss for nt winning up until now??? He often point the finger to himself and nvr to the team!! Martin Whitmarsh already clarified that Kimi is very good at technical feedback!! About his post race interviews, kimi did clearly provide the race outcome and which mistake that prohibit him from winning, apart from his monotone i dont see any problem with it!


I've been a huge Webber fan from the year dot, but I voted Grosjean on this one. If Hamilton (for example) had gone from 22 to 6 the commentators would have been yelling about it for the next two weeks. Grosjean was mentioned, sure, but it was a hell of an effort.


Too true!


Well, it's got to be Lewis for remembering to entertain the fans. The FIA should make smoking doughnuts obligatory from all drivers with an extra point for the best one. And maybe more entertainment by having a firing squad to shoot the "hothead" idiot drivers at the end.Oops there I go moaning about Maldonado again!


James, do you think there should be clear criteria about who is nominated for driver of the day?

On this occassion there is a clear argument for Webber:

He won. He gained a position by overtaking the leader.

For Vettel, Massa and Kimi, it's more or less evens stevens. They all gained a place by virtue of Schumacher dropping out.

For Alonso, well, he lost by virtue of using the wrong strategy and unless we can describe his drive as heroic in some way, should the loser be nominated?

for Grosjean, why not also Vergne who started last, made no mistakes and gained most places?


schumacher done great work to man handle a very poor mercedes to 7th. the fact his team mate was 15th only proves what a job he done.


hi mark so happy for on sunday grad prix and in and i like you mark webber you my not bad for a nubmer 2 driver on sunday and i like you is a red bull racing you i dout what you gone


In my opinion it is Alonso who is putting that car out front.

He has been hunted down and passed for the lead more than once this season, but has also taken advantage of the changing circumstances dictated by the tires to come thru for the win.

You have to get out front for that to happen, and he is doing it.

My vote for Alonso.


Isn't it strange how Massa always seems to suddenly come back to life and have a few strong races when his contract is up for renewal? Didn't the same happen last time around as well? I really hope Ferrari don't fall for his antics and cut him loose this time... put him out to pasture in a Sauber or something!


Sir Jackie Stewart is my driver of the day!

Are we going to see Emerson Fittipaldi conduct podium interviews at Interlagos?


Heard Peter Windsor's name several times - let's hope he gets back into the F1 Main game -the most credible commentator in F1.

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