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Posted By: James Allen  |  08 Jul 2012   |  10:20 pm GMT  |  272 comments

Red Bull’s Mark Webber collected his second win of the season, passing Fernando Alonso late on at Silverstone to win an exciting British Grand Prix. Who was your driver of the day?

Mark Webber

Looked strong throughout qualifying and was not too disappointed to miss out on pole after pulling out a great effort on his last flying lap. Started second and got a good launch but couldn’t get past pole-sitter Fernando Alonso. Kept pace with Alonso in the first two stints while looking after his tyres and then started the final stint on the more durable hard tyre while Alonso was on the softer compound. Pulled off a good move around the outside of Alonso at Brooklands late on in the race to take the lead before going on to win his second British Grand Prix in three years and second win of the season.

Fernando Alonso

Looked strong in both wet and dry conditions in practice and continued that form into qualifying by securing his first pole position for almost two years. Made a good getaway, cutting across the track to defending his position and then controlled the race at the front. Lacked pace on the final stint on the softer tyres and couldn’t hold off Webber for the win. Finished second to limit the damage and retain the championship lead and continue his record of scoring points in every race.

Sebastian Vettel

Arrived at Silverstone searching for his first podium finish since winning in Bahrain back in April. Looked soli in qualifying but could only manage fourth on the grid. Lost a place to Felipe Massa at the start, but good race pace and strategy meant he past the Brazilian and Michael Schumacher during the stops to secure his third podium of the season.

Felipe Massa

Was much closer to his Ferrari team-mate in practice and qualifying, to line up fifth on the grid. Made an electric start to pass Vettel and almost Schumacher before settling into a rhythm in fourth. Managed to get past Schumacher on track but was overtaken by Vettel during the stops. Ended the race fourth – comfortably his best result of the season and only nine seconds behind his more decorated team-mate.

Romain Grosjean

Looked quick in qualifying but a mistake in the wet conditions saw him spin into the gravel and miss out on taking his place in the top-10 shoot-out. Started ninth but made contact with Paul di Resta on the first lap which damaged his front wing which forced him to stop early. Battled through the field – and only stopped once more – rising from 22nd to sixth for his fifth points finish of the season.

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Heard Peter Windsor’s name several times – let’s hope he gets back into the F1 Main game -the most credible commentator in F1.


Sir Jackie Stewart is my driver of the day!

Are we going to see Emerson Fittipaldi conduct podium interviews at Interlagos?


Isn’t it strange how Massa always seems to suddenly come back to life and have a few strong races when his contract is up for renewal? Didn’t the same happen last time around as well? I really hope Ferrari don’t fall for his antics and cut him loose this time… put him out to pasture in a Sauber or something!


In my opinion it is Alonso who is putting that car out front.

He has been hunted down and passed for the lead more than once this season, but has also taken advantage of the changing circumstances dictated by the tires to come thru for the win.

You have to get out front for that to happen, and he is doing it.

My vote for Alonso.


hi mark so happy for on sunday grad prix and in and i like you mark webber you my not bad for a nubmer 2 driver on sunday and i like you is a red bull racing you i dout what you gone


schumacher done great work to man handle a very poor mercedes to 7th. the fact his team mate was 15th only proves what a job he done.


James, do you think there should be clear criteria about who is nominated for driver of the day?

On this occassion there is a clear argument for Webber:

He won. He gained a position by overtaking the leader.

For Vettel, Massa and Kimi, it’s more or less evens stevens. They all gained a place by virtue of Schumacher dropping out.

For Alonso, well, he lost by virtue of using the wrong strategy and unless we can describe his drive as heroic in some way, should the loser be nominated?

for Grosjean, why not also Vergne who started last, made no mistakes and gained most places?


Well, it’s got to be Lewis for remembering to entertain the fans. The FIA should make smoking doughnuts obligatory from all drivers with an extra point for the best one. And maybe more entertainment by having a firing squad to shoot the “hothead” idiot drivers at the end.Oops there I go moaning about Maldonado again!


I’ve been a huge Webber fan from the year dot, but I voted Grosjean on this one. If Hamilton (for example) had gone from 22 to 6 the commentators would have been yelling about it for the next two weeks. Grosjean was mentioned, sure, but it was a hell of an effort.


Too true!


More and more, I’m impressed with Grosjean. He’s my choice for driver of the race.

An early problem with a damaged wing, and then charging from 22nd to sixth place while managing his tires, says it all….

Personally, I think Romain’s inexperience at running towards the front, particularly at the start, with all its intensity and race position dicing, has been the problem causing his car damage incidents. He’ll transcend that indiscretion.

Räikkönen (who is immensely talented) lacks the, heartfelt, commitment of the young aces: Hamilton, Vettel, Rosberg, (the vet) Alonso and, soon to be grouped in this class, Grosjean. I see Romain overhauling Kimi’s point total, by the end of the season.


im tired of all thse commitment bs~~~ kimi did always visit the Enstone factory this year, if you nvr bother to read any news, better dont reply~~!! none of his engineers in current and previous team slam him for being unmotivated, instead they said kimi is very good in car development, able to pinpoint the car problem accurately~~ It was all hype cerated by media based on his emotionless facial expression~~ Armchair fan will fall for it


im nt finnish at all~~ stop generalizing kimi fans as all coming from finland!! I dont see any problem with the so call “Heartfelt commitment” on the racing side, which is what it counts!! Im nt his girlfriend, im a dude!! and who are you?? his wife?? you sounds like you understand him very well, but you didnt!! You dont win races by doing more PR~~ He focus on racing, and the fans like the way he handle himself!! Funny, driver like kimi that does not chase the fame automatically draw much more attention to himself!! he is the best example of just focus on doing what you are good at, the fame will come!!


Qualifying has always been a bit of an achilles heel with Kimi. But given the choice between qualy and racecraft, I’m sure any race driver would choose the latter and Kimi has shown some brilliant performances on race day that has gone under the radar. He is 22 points ahead of RG and there’s a good reason for it. All the rest is smoke and mirrors.


should hv more points~~~ same goes with Kimi in shanghai, monaco and canada where steering issues and hydraulic failure hampered his chances~~ your comments are so factless that it turns you to bcome a madman throwing statement that aint got anything to do with !!!


must be hard for you to write the comments you hate most, full of bs!! Kimi does not feel comfortable with the steering, and yet Romain can only outqualify him nt more than tenth…i dare you, in 2nd half of the season, you will see how kimi trash romain !!


Well Marybeth!

For a driver (Kimi) who (according to you) really has his race-craft so together, such an inexperienced driver (Grosjean–whom Kimi has 10 times more experience)Romain sure is “burning Räikkönen a new ass” in qualifying and Gros should have more points.

Anyway I’m done with you Marybeth. Never read such B.S. concerning motorsport in my, lengthy, life….


Hey Mayberth!

Seems I pushed a button there, but sorry, I’m, a little, more than an armchair enthusiast. Been into the sport (Formula One) big-time since the late 60’s. Hell, I remember when the sport was called Grand Prix more so than F1. Attended my first Grand Prix (Monaco 72′ won by Jean-Pierre Beltoise in an BRM…. Remember him Mayberth? Remember BRM?

Any ol’how, returning to Kimi, Mayberth there’s a big difference between being motivated vs. committed in the guise of a Grand Prix driver. Frankly,I commented on Kimi’s commitment.

Furthermore, there’s lot more to being a committed Grand Prix driver than showing up and hanging out with the engineers, every now and then…. Not to mention the fact that Kimi has stated his preference, year in and year out, telling anyone who’ll listen, that he has no taste for the, all out, dedication to every aspect of being an F1 driver.

You know, things like press conferences, sponsor commitments, hour-after-hour spent at the factory, or post-practice/qualification after-hours in the garage going over data with said engineers.

In fact, that’s why Räikkönen expresses his fondness for James Hunt (someone I saw race a number of times and I was a big fan, also) and Kimi admires the F1 of Hunt’s era. You see, the drivers of that period (the 70’s) weren’t nearly as consigned to the Teams and their own careers as today’s drivers–plus they had lots of fun!

Yep, I agree totally with Mister, there, but I do appreciate Kimi’s awesome talent. It’s just a character thing with him…. Now, who’s the armchair enthusiast, or needs to do his homework before writing?


Aw, Mayberth, come on, get a grip…. What are you, Kimi’s girlfriend? Go back and read what I said, wrote, quote: “he has no taste for the, all out, dedication to every aspect of being an F1 driver.”

Do you understand what that means?

Anyway, you’ve just contradicted yourself, while unintentionally agreeing with me, by saying, quote: “Kimi did attend sponsor’s event given by Lotus team, he said he didn’t like it, but he knew that its his job, and he fulfilled his role!!”

As I said, quote:”Räikkönen (who is immensely talented) lacks the, heartfelt, commitment etc….” Key phrase: “Heartfelt commitment”….

Certainly, you’re not going to reply and tell us that not liking to carry out your duties means that your heart and soul is still involved in whatever it is you’re tying to do…. The drivers I’ve mentioned above Hamilton, Alonso, Vettel etc…. don’t have that problem, simple as that, my man. By the way, Mayberth, are you Finnish?


do your homework~~~ kimi did attend any sponsors event given by Lotus team, he said he didn;t like it, but he kenw that its his job, and he fulfill his role!! Your claim is flaws, because you only emphasize on what he said, and not what he does during gp weekend!! The pr officer often share kimi jokes with the fans around the world, i see no problem as being COMMITTED as a F1 driver!!


again, do your homework~~~ kimi did attend any sponsors event given by Lotus team, he said he didn;t like it, but he kenw that its his job, and he fulfill his role!! Your claim is flaws, because you only emphasize on what he said, and not what he does during gp weekend!! The pr officer often share kimi jokes with the fans around the world, i see no problem as being COMMITTED as a F1 driver!!


Actually after Valencia, the BBC had a interview with Kimi’s engineer. And the guy said that there were times when Kimi was not even attending the driver briefing. His engineer had to fill him in before the race. He prefered to take a nap or something.

Like I said before, even at post race interviews, Kimi shows no emotion, no enthusiasm. He barely opens his mouth to give us, the fans, the feedback in regards to his race. This is for us, those in the stands and in front of the TVs to better understand their highs and lows.

That’s the commitments that Wheels might refer to. At least that’s the commitment I refer to.


Thats nt his engineer, thats his Trainee Mark Arnall, he nvr mention anything about skipping driver briefing~~ THis is coming out from David Coulthard!! As much as sauber, mclaren and lotus are concern, his commitment and motivation is out of question!! How can you question a guy ‘s motivation when he is clearly piss for nt winning up until now??? He often point the finger to himself and nvr to the team!! Martin Whitmarsh already clarified that Kimi is very good at technical feedback!! About his post race interviews, kimi did clearly provide the race outcome and which mistake that prohibit him from winning, apart from his monotone i dont see any problem with it!


What happened to Hamilton? While Alonso is busy taking a mediocre machine and dragging it onto the first row where is the boy wonder? Wait, rhetorical question. Answer: Hamilton was NOWHERE. I await the usual litany of excuses and hate mail from the Hammy tin hat and propeller brigade. BRING IT !


There’s no way in hell, at this point, that McLaren’s race pace is as quick as the Ferrari’s. Hamilton is driving the wheels off of that car.

Ferrari’s updates have worked–McLaren’s haven’t, that’s it!

If you really want to know where the MP4-27 is as a race car just look at what Button is doing with it…. That where the current MP4-27 really belongs.


With these sorts of comments I’m starting to feel like I’m reading PlanetF1, not JAOF1 🙁


Of course.

This mediocre Ferrari that can only manage a paltry 1st and 5th on the grid in qualifying, and a 2nd/4th in the race, is so much worse than the almighty Mclaren that qualyfied 8th/18th and finished 8th/10th, isnt it?


Spingirl, I think you confuse the facts…McLaren is where it is because their package (drive + car) cannot beat Ferrari. Alonso is the key variable. Hamilton still cannot win unless his car is the best on the grid.


You don’t necessarily have to refer to this last race. How about other races at the begining of the season when Ferrari was 1 s off the pace of McLaren, but Alonso managed to gather alot of points?


Massa finished 4th.


Webber! but you have to give a share to Alonso as well – he is making that Ferrari work for him and making something out of every opportunity he gets, great driving from both.



Slightly off topic but do you see Mark Webber now holding the key for the 2013 driver market?

The way I see it is if he stays put everything will stay pretty much the same but if he joins Ferrari then Red Bull’s hand will be forced into making a move for Hamilton.

I think Webber and Hamilton will stay where they are and Ferrari will sign Perez but part of me would like to see some changes.


I think he’ll stay too Nick. Too many reasons to stay.

It is interesting that every year around this time when Mark’s contract is up for renewal, Christian Horner comes out and repeats the same message time and time again “With Mark, it’s an easy process” and “With Mark, things are simple”. I take that in infer that Vettel’s contract negotiations are a major PITA in comparison.


I also think that if Webber wins the title he could exchange sits with Hamilton. Webber at McLaren, Hamilton at Red Bull — a perfect deal for 2013!


What did Webber ever do to deserve such punishment 😉


Yeah, I hoped all his bad luck had been used up over the years.


I will be glad if Webber could snatch the championship title this year.

Anyways, why did it take almost a lap for Hamilton to overtake Button after the 3rd pitstop? Was Button unwilling to let him pass?


He didn’t look terribly helpful. And McLaren apparently weren’t explicitly telling Button to let him go. According to the Sky coverage the team radio messages were along the lines of “Don’t worry too much about Hamilton”, which to me says “Keep him behind if you can, but don’t waste time on it” as opposed to “Let him through, he’s on a different strategy”.

I’m not suggesting any kind of conspiracy before anybody starts, I’m just saying McLaren probably needed to be a bit clearer with Button that he was expected to let him go. As it was, by defending he let Groaguean past too, where he could have probably at least kept him at bay for another lap or too if he’s let Hamilton by earlier.


Grosjean could have won were it not for 2 mistakes. Firstly he spun out of Q2 at a time when there were not enough cars left out on track who could demote him from P7 to P11. Track conditions were difficult, he should have got a call from his race engineer to back off the moment his Q3 position was safe. Then in the race the merest brush with Di Resta put him at the back on what was effectively 1 stop strategy, albeit with hard compounds for both stints. His pace was mighty considering and his overtakes into Maggotts were impressive.


James, I believe Massa crossed the flag 6.5 seconds adrift of Alonso, and not nine

Quillan Rogers


For F1 purists like me every Grand Prix that goes by and they don’t get rid of this stupid system, my heart sinks a little lower each time

We were deprived of a great race at the end and instead got another DRS overtake, the art of defense is officially dead for the time being. Fernando was just left to watch as someone with a button increased his straight line speed, surely this is not Formula 1. I might be a gimmick to suck people into Formula 1, but it is sure making me less and less fascinated with the sport I love. A good driver must both have great aggression but great defense too, now one of those things is gone 🙁

Bring Back Murray

What about Jenson Button?

Drove around carefully in the mid-field. Kept himself well out of any trouble. Didn’t get involved in the fight for the lead in any way. Didn’t put too much strain on his brakes, engine etc.


Grosjean had the most impressive drive of the day. A future World Champion..

Hardly a surprise to see Webber winning around what is a perfect RB circuit.

Will McLaren sort their problems out? Are they now massively missing Pat Fry, with Ferrari now having improved their initially poor car, like McLaren have done in recent seasons?


Webber is the only guy on the list to emerge with any credit. Nobody else was close to catching the pole sitter, Grosjean has a very fast car that he clearly is unable to use to win when he should. Kimi is either slacking, or is not getting the same car, a historic problem at Renault. You also do have to wonder what he took on, his teammate is French, the Team is French, the Team Manager is French and also the Personal Manager of his teammate. Just what percentage of resources is boullier putting behind the Fin ?


@Paul R

The team are not French.

The car is designed, built and run out of Enstone, which last time I checked, is very much in the UK.

The issues you refer to are more related to one Flavio Briatore than anything else.


It’s not Lotus, either.

It’s Renault – (French originally) whatever it may have written on the body & chassis.



Let me introduce you to my wife, who is………that’s right, French!

She supports ‘Lotus’ because they are the nearest thing to a French team (manager, driver etc). I expect there is a tenuous connection with Toleman somewhere in the personnel, but it’s hardly relevant now.

You could do that sort of thing with many Teams, but it doesn’t prove much.

Now, if you could persuade Derek Warwick to………..


The anti-French are out in numbers I see.

Well, if you want to start calling the team after what they were originally, why not just call them Toleman? (Which are again, from the UK. Or does that not fit with the little tinfoil hat conspiracy?)

There was never a Toleman-Bennetton-Renault-Lotus chassis designed and built outside the UK as far as I am aware.


There is no such conspiracy in Lotus, Romain simply is very fast, just like Kimi. I don’t understand how you can say Kimi was slacking; when in clean air, he was just as fast if not faster than Romain (he did get fastest lap, for example). He just lost a lot of time in the Schumi-train, he was stuck there twice during the race.


Tough call between Alonso and Webber. I have to go opt for Mark, as ultimately he got the job done. Alonso is just relentlessly scoring good points, thoguh. He’s going to win this one, Ferrari just have to keep him in the mix.

Lots of positives further back, too. Felipe Massa is actually starting to look like his old self and I wouldn’t rule out him grabbing a race win before the end of the year. A tremendous drive back through the field suggests that Romain Grosjean’s racecraft is growing to match is evident speed. Bruno Senna also drove a very strong race for Williams.

Not the most action packed British GP, all told, but decent and I think Pirelli got the balance right this weekend. Tyres were an issue that needed to be managed correctly, but we didn’t see the dramatic drop off in pace and sitting duck passes we have at some races.


Hats off to @aussiegrit…. Keeps the championship very interesting – An Alonso win would have put him at least 27 points ahead.

Comments above about Webber having lost it after 2010 are nonsense. If he were to lose it, it would have been after the comprehensive drubbing by his team mate in 2011.

His team boss did an extended pre-race interview which was very positive about Webber and never mentioned Vettel – now that’s unusual.

This win probably extends the contract negotiation period until after the summer break. The next 3 back to back races will really tell us where things are likely to be going this year.

As to Mclaren, they’re car looked good in hot conditions early/pre-season. Most 2012 race weekends have had track temperatures below their normal. They may improve quickly if we get hotter conditions going forward.


Mark Webber lives closer to Silverstone than most.

Button and Lewis live abroad. They left the UK as soon as they could.

Not sure why.

Taxing race though.


Even di Resta lives in Monaco


They should have got a tax office official to give Webber the trophy, as he pays more tax than the rest of the grid (and Bernie) put together, literally!

James Clayton

A lot of people leave the UK as soon as they can, to be fair.


I looked out of the Window during that race and realized it was more interesting watching the grass grow.

So I’d give it to Petrov for not even bothering to start.

Alonso benefitted from the red flag in quali and a kindly view being taken of his driving when the yellows were out, got pole, toured round until his tyres went off Webber got on the front row, toured round until Alonso’s tyres went off.

Didn’t see Vettel do anything all day. Massa is at least looking like he is the same league as Alonso, Both Mclarens and Rosberg looking out of sorts, Maldano a complete idiot for the third time in 4 races, look Perez out. Kobyashi’s pits nightmare was lucky not to leave team members in hospital.

Schumacher had a decent day, Grosjean looked better than Kimi but you couldn’t call him exceptional (and he look DiResta out not his first offence). Hulkenburg had a decent day.

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