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Second time race winner competition – Prize winner announced
Posted By: James Allen  |  27 Jun 2012   |  9:39 am GMT  |  27 comments

At the start of this month we launched a competition to all readers to predict who would be the first two time race winner in 2012.

The answer turned out to be Fernando Alonso, with his victory in Valencia, following on from the one in Malaysia.

The winner was Tim Rochford, from Maryland, USA, who was picked at random from the people among the almost 500 entries we had who went for Alonso. In fact Tim went one better and predicted the second victory would be at Valencia. Bravo!

He wins a very special prize. A new company has been set up by Nick Harris, one of the leading driver fitness trainers in F1. Combining advanced fabric technology and stylish design, HPE (Human Performance Engineering) Clothing is designed to withstand the rigours of intensive training, whilst still maintaining comfort and enhancing performance.

Harris has worked closely with some of the world’s leading athletes, including F1 drivers Mark Webber, Jenson Button, David Couthard, Eddie Irvine and Nico Hulkenberg, as well as Grand Slam-winning tennis players and Major-winning golfers. He has applied the systems and science already proven to accelerate peak performance in his clients, to create this innovative range.

HPE is so new, it’s being launched next week, but we’ve got one of Nick’s garments, which several F1 drivers have been using for training already, to send to Tim.

We will shortly be announcing one of the most exciting competitions we’ve ever had on JA on F1, which involves a very special trip to a Grand Prix later this season. Keep tuned for more details.

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Congratulations Tim…you choose the best man on the grid…Even i would have chosen Fernando Alonso even if he would have driven the HRT…because i have faith in Fernando…He is the best…


Congrats to a fellow Marylander!


Great work Tim,

James, a question.

Was the Valencia podium the most successful in history in terms of WDC’s (10) and race wins (138)?

Haven’t heard anything about it.


I posted at the time that I thought so in terms of championships won. Probably also race wins.

A Schumacher/Vettel/Alonso podium would be even more successful if it could happen


Congrats Tim, nice one.

I’m in PA, just north of you – if you don’t want the prize, I’ll come and get it from you 🙂


Congrats Tim , nice one. You could never rule out Alonso at any race in any car ! I just ruled someone else in at the time.


I wasn’t going to comment on here about winning the contest because I didn’t want to seem like a glory-hog. But I was surprised at all the congrats’.. So let me publicly thank James & Mr. Harris for the terrific prize. Oh yeah, and all my fans. No, just kidding! Thanks to everyone for the congrats’ & I hope each of you win something down-the-road.




And to think that for such a long part of the race it seemed like Vettel almost had it… Great show…


Don,t know where to put, just read that the shareholder of mercedes contract with mercedes motorsport has a paragraf that motorsport spart has to leave any sport where one of the involved people is charged for a crime.

So if ecclestone goes to court mercedes not only can , but i forced to leave formula one?


Another reader from Maryland! Nice!


Well, I was one of those 500, so I did everything I could, haha. Big congratulations to Tim, enjoy your prize dude! I’ll try again next time!

Cheers for the opportunity anyway James, loving the site like always!

P.S. Also saw that you are a fan of F1 in schools that I am taking part of, good on you for that!


Certainly am! I’m also a patron of that very worthwhile Challenge


Also James, I will just ask this now, just if there is any chance of it. Is there a possibility of getting you (and your site) or any links you have as a sponsor, I do not know if you are a profit organisation or what. I just thought I would sneak that question in, haha. Obviously, if you ever do it, we will apply for it in the right means, just wanted to ask if you would ever accept such a thing.

Cheers, once again,



As a patron I can’t be seen to support one entry over the others, but good luck with the Challenge


Well, any tips that you ever care to offer James, send then my way. It is our first year, and going to do our best with our current knowledge, and have a real crack next year. We’ll see what happens. Let us know if you are going to any of the finals (regionals or nationals) if I’m there, I’ll try and come and say hi. Cheers

Marcus Lindblom

James:Could you please pull some strings to get F1 in schools to Sweden?


I’ll speak to them


James, you might want to say that HPE Clothing wesbite store opens on the 2nd July 2012. By the way I don’t know Nick Harris or anyone who works for HPE Clothing. I just googled HPE Clothing and discovered the store is not open yet.


Well done Tim.

Michael Grievson

COngratulations Tim


Congratulations, Tim, risky prediction but a great one. Nice prize as well. Thanks for the competitions, James, and the great variety of innovative and ‘different’ prizes!


Congratulations Tim!

Bring Back Murray

Congratulations to Tim

HPE (Human Performance Engineering) – Sounds like something out of a Batman movie!


That’s a great prize. Congratulations Tim!

Tom Haythornthwaite

Congratulations Tim. (I picked Kimi, who has yet to win his first!)

Er… “HPE is so new, it’s being launched next week, but we’ve got one of Nick’s garments, which several F1 drivers have been using for training already, to send to Tim….” Has it been properly washed?

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