Red Bull’s Valencia step forward worries Montezemolo
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Posted By: James Allen  |  27 Jun 2012   |  4:37 pm GMT  |  7 comments

Luca di Montezemolo has used his traditional post-victory speech to Ferrari’s F1 employees to stress to the team the need to stay realistic over its competitiveness and respond to the impressive step forward made by Red Bull in Valencia.

Fernando Alonso’s latest against-the-odds victory of the season last weekend, and retirements for his main two title rivals, meant the Spaniard opened up nearly the points equivalent of a race victory at the top of the drivers’ championship despite Ferrari still not having the fastest car. The Italian outfit’s president, however, is not losing sight of the bigger picture and admits he is “worried” about how things might have developed by the time of the summer break in August, particular in wake of lap-time improvements rival Red Bull found with its latest package of updates.

The world champion team focused on wholesale improvements to the rear of the RB8 to improve stability and, although pleased by his team’s second victory of the season, Montezemolo acknowledged that while “today we have a competitive car, but to win, we must do even more.”

“I am worried and all of us should be,”Montezemolo said in Maranello on Wednesday. “Yes, I am worried, because I expect three very tough races at Silverstone, Hockenheim and Budapest and because we have seen that Red Bull is very strong, having had four tenths in hand over everyone in qualifying and in the race it was flying away, at least until the Safety Car. If we want to achieve our goals then we must make a step forward.”

Amid calling for rounds of applauses from the staff for Alonso – about who Montezemolo said “rarely have I seen him make so many overtaking moves and show such extraordinary determination” and Ferrari’s consistently impressive pit-stop record this season, the Italian also singled out special praise for team principal Stefano Domenicali for the way the Italian has steered the team through the difficulties of the very early races of the season.

“Stefano Domenicali has never shirked his responsibilities, even acting as a lightning conductor for all the criticism, protecting his people, while at the same time knowing how to demand the maximum effort, how to build a team and look to the future in a positive way and with the right sense of realism. He deserves it,” Montezemolo added.

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Webber didn’t seem to be that fast at any point of the weekend, only Vettel, and I am aware Mark had issues with his car on Friday/Saturday.

It’s interesting how if you exclude mechanical failures that both Ferrari and Red Bull have really optimised their performances this season. McLaren by contrast certainly haven’t. They clearly had a dominante car earlier in the season but failed to really convert that into the kind of lead they should have. If I were to lay a bet on who would win this years Championship I’d go with Vettel at present, a little more luck in Valencia and Malaysia and he’d be leading the championship comfortably. I think his performances have being missed by many in the media this season because he’s not repeated the monumental amount of success he had last year.


“meant the Spaniard opened up nearly the points equivalent of a race victory at the top of the drivers’ championship despite Ferrari still not having the fastest car. “

You not a Webber fan James? 😛


I don’t think there is any driver that JA dislike really. 😀


He’s 20 ahead of Webber – that’s almost a race win isn’t it (=25 pts?)


The Red Bulls were fast in Valencia. But will it be faster in the next few races or was it just a one off? It could have been that the track is suited to their car, and it worked better in that temperature and environment. Also, will it be reliable? They brought too many upgrades to Valencia and they have a lot to learn about the new configuration.


Well, it was a Renault-supplied alternator that failed on both the Red Bull and the Lotus. From what we saw of the RB8 upgrade, it was insanely fast.

It would be one thing to be that fast and to use up your tires faster. But they were that fast, and they pitted after most everyone else! They got a big downforce boost from their upgrades, so they’re nearer to where they were with last year’s car. A scary prospect.

I haven’t read too much about the double-floor, so don’t know if a case can be made as to its legality (or not).

I was going to say that Silverstone should suit the McLaren, but after seeing how Red Bull went at the weekend, I think McLaren will be chasing them! The McLaren is fast, they just have to figure out how they can go fast while not shredding the tires.


+1 on LdM lol.

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