Brawn predicts eighth different F1 race winner at Valencia
Posted By: James Allen  |  20 Jun 2012   |  4:50 pm GMT  |  45 comments

Mercedes F1 boss Ross Brawn says that there is every reason to believe that the sport will see its eighth different winner this weekend in Valencia, tipping his own driver Michael Schumacher to be a possible victor along with the Lotus drivers.

“With the tyre situation predictions are very difficult, but I expect Valencia to be a good track for us and I expect us to be competitive as we have been at most of the races this season,” said Brawn in an interview on Mercedes You Tube Channel.

“There’s every opportunity that at the next race in Valencia we’re going to have an eighth winner. There are some very quick drivers in very quick cars who have not won a race yet – think of Michael in our car. The Lotus is a good car and they haven’t won, Sauber have had some great results and they’ve not won. So I think we’re going to see and eighth winner and it’s going to be amazing.”

Brawn acknowledged that the finishing record of Michael Schumacher is a source of “huge frustration” to the team. The German has only finished twice in seven starts and has just two points on the board. When they were together at Ferrari in the early 2000s, Brawn introduced a high level quality control system which meant that Schumacher suffered very few reliability issues.

In Montreal Schumacher retired once again with what Brawn reveals was a hydraulic coupling issue, which jammed his DRS wing open. The team has modified the part for this weekend’s race.

“It’s peculiar we have had one car do every lap of every race and one with so many problems. Our standards are very high,” he said. “We haven’t changed anything or let our standards slip on any way, so it has been highly frustrating that we have had so many problems.”

Research by German magazine Auto Motor und Sport shows that while the Mercedes has been the second fastest car in qualifying with average Q2 lap times less than two hundredths of a second off the average pace of the McLaren, which has been the quickest qualifying car so far. But in the race, the story is very different with Mercedes almost a second slower per lap on average than the Red Bull, which has been the fastest race car, according to the research, based on an average of all the lap times. This is a harder figure to calculate than the Q2 time, because some teams have gone for ‘slower’ strategies with fewer stops on occasions so lap times will not be directly comparable in all cases.

However Brawn points out that despite the promise not being fulfilled, “Nico is only one race win away from leading the world championship,” which shows how wide open this championship is due to the spread of different winners and podium finishers.

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I think it is probably more that the questions and answers that are being reported in the media are Schumacher centric. This just gives the impression that Brawn is being obsessed with him!


Lewis won’t win seb or Nando will they learnt their lesson from Canada and Lewis only won cause they made a error in strategy


10/10 For Loyalty for Ross Brawn. 1/10 for Reality. Nico before Michael any day.

As for higher downforce-Nigel- the Mercedes is better on low downforce (supposedly but even Montreal proved different). Higher down force is more Red Bull Racings domain- but who can tell these days. Everything has to be spot on !

I cant decide between Lewis and Sebastian for this one. Hope I’m wrong and Kimi or Sergio pull a massive surprise, cause I think the development race is now getting away from the smaller teams !


Actually, the theory would suggest that their front wing would give them more of an advantage on high downforce tracks as the effect they are trying to get is a greater differential between high downforce at low-speed and low downforce at high-speed. Other cars have to set up with a bias more towards one or the other. At low downforce tracks the differential and, therefore, the Mercedes advantage is not so great.


Isn’t Monaco a rather high downforce circuit ?

Schumacher seemed fast enough in qualifying there, and the DDRS ought to be more beneficial in Valencia.

From the front row, the Mercedes would have a decent chance of winning – though I agree that Hamilton or Vettel ought to be favourites.


Mercedes forte is straights -high top speed and good low speed /off the line traction- this part is great for Monaco. Although they run more wing, they don’t actually generate as much downforce as other places cause of the low speed corners & top speed. Also Michael knows Monaco like his mrs so experience and driver input do have a much higher bearing here.


I hope I’m not being overly picky, but I really don’t see “There’s every opportunity that at the next race in Valencia we’re going to have an eighth winner” as Brawn predicting it’s actually going to happen, as the headline and introductory paragraph insinuates. I read it him predicting it ‘might’ happen.


“However Brawn points out that despite the promise not being fulfilled, “Nico is only one race win away from leading the world championship,” which shows how wide open this championship is due to the spread of different winners and podium finishers.”

Very true :D, but I’d rather see ALO, RAI or HAM to win a few more before ROS takes his.

Adrian Newey Jnr

Schumacher will stay for as long as he wants regardless of Nico’s outperformance. After all, people don’t buy Rosberg t-shirts.

Bring Back Murray

Have you got a Schumacher T-shirt then?


MSC is nothing more than a very expensive brand building exercise for Merdcedes, win or lose his name is internationally known and im sure its helped sell a few exta cars.


But it’ll still be ROS who’ll be picking up points and podiums. 🙂

Mark Downunder

Hers is another one coming down under!

Former world formula one champion Jacques Villeneuve will race in next month’s V8 Supercar Championship event in Townsville.

Villeneuve, who claimed the 1997 formula one championship, will make a cameo appearance in Australia, competing in both races as pat of the Townsville 400.

The 41-year-old Canadian also won the 1995 CART Championship and competed on the NASCAR circuit


I don’t see Micheal winning the race, but if he can stay out of trouble, have no car issues and qualify well he should be in for a strong showing.


I just hope Michael has got his year worth of bad luck out of the way and from now on he can get a fair shot at actually finishing a race.

“We win as a team and we lose as a team” is all well and fine, but sooner or later Ross and Michael will have to find out who is responsible and make some heads roll.


Hmm I’d imagine it’s the Mercedes board who are looking for answers. They weren’t impressed with the pay which MSC receives already so they’d be looking for reasons on his lack of results, or possibly to get rid of him.


This is just terrible…Rosberg has outshone Michael over the last 2.5 years, race after race, and yet Ross Brawn and his obsession with MS doesnt stop!

C’mon…Lets see you shower some praises on your real No.1 driver Rosberg!


What Formula 1 season have you been watching? Let me help you a little bit here. Schumacher has been on par and quicker than Rosberg since the second half of 2011. This year he has been very quick and was just unfortunate with all the mechanical problems. According to statistics if he finished where he retired he should have been among the top 3 in the championship and that my friend says something about his speed. When the machinery works he is quick. So I think you should revisit what you are saying here.

Bring Back Murray

I’m not so sure- Schumi could have bagged quite a lot of points during the early part of the season but reliability has been letting him down.


Exactly, whenever Mercedes had the edge, his car broke down.


Obsession? after a driver makes you win 6 or 7 champiomships with 2 different teams (not sure if RB was with Benetton the 2 years MS won there) what can you expect and let´s be honest seeing NR winning is nioe, but the moment MS made the pole in Monaco all the media went crazy, twitter, etc so where the money should go right now??


LOL the money should still go to ROS :D.


Yeah right…he should continue to believe that the 2004 season has just gotten over!

Gotta live in the present bro…

val from montreal

If that team (Mercedes AMG F1) was an ALL OPERATED IN-HOUSE German operational team , Schumacher would’nt have all these problems …


Michael aint stupid and he knows something is definitely going on behind his back …



Are Mclaren in-house?


If his team mate was British your comments would have some credence, however as his team mate is also German your theory just doesn’t fly. Also, Brawn runs the team, he is British and is a longtime friend of Schumacher.

But in terms of technical reliability, it would definitely be better if the team was operated wholly out of Germany or Britain. The split operational nature of the team cannot be helping.


Absolute DRIVEL!


Yeah let me get the violin out.


No quality control system however rigorous has ever been able to guarantee that gremlins will not creep in.

Ron Dennis had one of the most thorough in 2005 and had 7 dnfs…


Is it just me, or is Brawn trying to shore up Michael’s confidence? As far as I can remember there are two drivers in Brawn, yet he picked out Michael as the next potential winner. Strikes me that he’s playing mind games here, rather than telling us what he feels.

Guess this is Formula one after all. So long as he doesn’t undermine Rosberg they’ll be OK.


To put it plainly for you. Brawn said there are three potential race winners yet to win – Michael, Kimi and Romain. Hence the possibility of an 8th winner!


OK, I’d forgotten that Nico has already won a race, so wouldn’t count as the ‘eighth’ winner. Its a difficult season to follow!


“As far as I can remember there are two drivers in Brawn”

You mean Mercedes?


Doh! That one year must have really stuck in my mind.

Thanks for the correction



Quick check on Wikipedia suggests Tyrrell as the original team, then BAR, Honda Racing Team, Brawn, Mercedes.

Though if you’re being picky even Mercedes isn’t right first

Mercedes GP Petronas Formula One Team


Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team

It always tickles me when Martin Whitmarsh talks about the race as he always says its a good (or bad, he is honest) race for “Vodafone McLaren Mercedes”

Bring Back Murray

How many morphamisms (is that a word?) have there been of Mercedes? Mercedes -> Brawn -> BAR -> ???


Can I take back my own comment? I’ve just realised this isn’t the full transcript and he did mention Nico in the full video. Oh well jumping to conclusions as always.


Schumi has been very unlucky this season. But I don’t think he is going to win in Valencia. Ferrari will win; if not it will be Hamilton. There is not going to be an eighth winner this time.


Yes, I will be shocked if there is an eighth different winner. I think it’ll be Red Bull (probably Vettel) that win this one, not Ferrari or McLaren.


I agree – I can see either Alonso, Hamilton or a Red Bull taking this one, and the season will start to settle down a bit from there.


Valencia is a higher downforce track than Montreal, so Mercedes ought to see some benefit from their double DRS.

My money would be on Rosberg rather than Schumacher, though.


That’d contradict Brawn’s eighth different winner. He’s basically saying the 8th winner will be MSC 😀

Though I hope it’ll be someone like Kimi to take it.


There’s NO one like Kimi!