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Angry F1 fans left high and dry as ticket company fails
Posted By: James Allen  |  18 Jun 2012   |  6:13 pm GMT  |  136 comments

Many F1 fans have found themselves without tickets for upcoming Grands Prix, including the British GP at Silverstone, despite paying for them, due to the apparent closure of a business called Simply The Ticket.

Fans, many of whom are travelling to Valencia this week for the European GP, became alarmed when tickets did not arrive and have been trying to get information over the weekend. The company’s website and Twitter account were inactive at the start of the week, but on Tuesday the following message appeared:

“Dear British Grand Prix Customers,

Your tickets will be despatched during the week commencing 25th of June 2012. As per our terms and conditions, tickets are usually despatched between 1 to 4 weeks before each grand prix.

Simply The Ticket”

“I booked British F1 tickets through simplytheticket and not received anything. We’ve resorted to booking weekend passes,” tweeted one fan, Louise Smith. While another, Daffyd Owain Davies in desperation tweeted Fernando Alonso to see if he could help, “can you re-tweet, #simplytheticket website has taken money from people and not delivered European grand prix tickets.”

Fans are finding that availability for replacement tickets for Valencia is quite difficult, as organisers appear to have cut seat capacity in the face of the financial crisis in Spain.

One JA on F1 reader, Ben Miller, wrote in today,

“I am taking my girlfriend to Valencia this weekend for the F1 but we haven’t received the tickets. were not contactable last week and over the weekend the website was taken down and tweets suggest it has gone bust.

“I am not flavour of the month because its her first GP, and worse still her friends another couple, copied us in purchasing tickets from the same site.

“I have booked tickets through websites all across Europe and never had any problems, but its my fault for not going to the official site. I will have to take it on the chin and learn by my mistake, if I can buy replacements when I’m over there I will be relieved.”

You can read the Twitter stream on this story HERE

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do not buy anything from gootickets ordered tickets for Canadian gran Prix in DEC 15 didn’t get tickets until 2 days prior to event which was to late contacted customer service and got no response for 4 days and then there response was should not have had us send them, my question is why even have that option if they will not be delivered on time. again no customer service no returned e mail or calls no tickets do not use this site


i have been to three grand prixs, spa silverston and monza and all three of the times i bought tickets through official f1 site. can beleive still people get trapped in these fishy is the most comprehensive guide to buy tickets for Fomula 1


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I bought 3 tickets for monza grand prix and only found out last week when i wondered why my tickets had not arrived .

This was going to be a holiday of a lifetime , well sadly it will be now but for all the wrong reasons .

How people can do this is completely beyond me ???


Hi Bernie, hope you booked via credit card (not sure of the claim procedure for debit cards). My credit card company dealt with my claim quickly and I’ve rebooked tickets for the Italian GP via the official website I reordered my tickets from them, selected the print at home option and got my tickets via email within 48 hours. It’s not too late to go! Best of luck!


Hey, I am wanting to purchase F1 for the British GP for 2013 as a birthday gift for my hubby, his 30th so wanting to be special one plus be his first at the GP. I have seen that are already offering tix but the official F1 & also BookF1 dont yet offer them as not on sale yet? Is legit or shall I just wait for the other sites to have tix? Really worried as dont want to fail getting these tix or be ripped off.


I would book via the official website, I phoned Silverstone – booked my tickets over the phone at early bird prices – on credit card of course just in case. Good kuck!


Hey All

Anyone buy tickets from Was wondering if you had your tickets yet? Cheers


Shakeel Hussain also owns the domain for which a hotmail address is given. Phone numbers (with limited success) are:

Tel: +44 (0)121 246 1181 / 9962

Tel: +44 (0)1484 305 457

Mobile: +44 (0)778 998 4885

Mobile: +44 (0)798 812 3993

0203 589 8787- this appears to be a VOIP forwarding diverts to Hussains vodafone mobile (was switched off when I tried).

10 seems to be the email address that is registered to Hussain’s home internet account


I don’t have phone numbers but try visiting people below for compensation.

Ms Shelly Fitzgerald

Director ID: 913758235


664 Bordesley Green


West Midlands

B9 5PG

Shakeel Hussain

Director ID: 911619780


664 Bordesley Green Road


West Midlands

B9 5PG

Mrs Shelly Fitzgerald (Registered to 2 different companies)



Director ID: 916692588


Suite 4b 43 Berkeley Square


United Kingdom



Simply the Ticket my have gone bust and the directors Shelly Fitzgerald,42 and Shakeel Hussain of Birmingham appear not to have made any effort to alert customers of the scenario. You may still be able to get a refund through your Credit/ Debit card provider or through ATOL if it involved travel.


I really don’t know what to do! We brought 2 tickets from simplytheticket last year but haven’t yet received them!!!

We can probably get the money back from the credit card company if the tickets don’t come but don’t want to buy anymore just incase they come in the next few days as then we probably won’t be able to claim money back from credit card!

If only I knew whether or not we were going to get any tickets from simplytheticket! Grrrrrr!

James Farrington

I bought my ticket from simply the ticket on 4th of may, still no ticket so have just bought replacements from the silverstone website. It’s my first Grand Prix. Not happy


I can’t believe this is still happening. I’ve never heard of that company and I’ve been working in the F1 Tickets game for over 6 years now.

Whether this goes down as self promotion or not, here is a guide to the top 5 alternative websites to the official F1 site for fans buying tickets. I hope it helps some one!


Could also try:

Tel: +44 (0)121 246 1181 / 9962

Tel: +44 (0)1484 305 457

Mobile: +44 (0)798 812 3993

Mobile: +44 (0)778 998 4885


Shelley Fitzgerald director


Suite 4b 43 Berkeley Square


United Kingdom


Second director

Mr Shakeel Hussain


664 Bordesley Green Road


West Midlands

B9 5PG

Why not visit and collect your tickets

Or ask for your money back


I found a phone number for the Suite 4b address. There is a legitimate company at this address and owner most put out that this was registered as address for Sefedo, the other company Shelly Fitzgerald is Director of. Drew a bank there as well. Type in th full address to google for name if company.


I didnt receieve my STT tickets today either, but I did receive this email from Silverstone this morning:


Thank you for booking tickets for the British Grand Prix this coming week. We hope you are excited to be coming to Silverstone.

Please note that your tickets will be held for collection at Silverstone Circuit. Ticket collection will be located next to main reception (a red bricked building). Please bring with you a form of identification, to ensure that your tickets are securely given to you.

Kind Regards

Abbie Crawford

Despatch Executive

Silverstone Circuits Limited





From the sound of it, STT turnover their tickets to Silverstone. I would use this contact information for anyone still left hanging.


In the same boat as everyone else, ordered Tickets from STT in December £700 for 2 and they have not turned up.

Siverstone read me a statement saying only half the tickets had been paid for by STT.

No more tickets available for the stand I wanted.


No tickets arrived here by 1pm Monday so I presume there will not be any. £1,118.06 paid to Simply the Ticket on 12 March. I wonder what proportion of purchasers have received tickets?

We had no indication that this company was not the official ticket outlet and would not have used them had we known.

We have ordered new tickets from Silverstone and have to go from Sheffield to collect them tomorrow – Tuesday.


Hi i am very dissopointed to speak to silverstone this morning after about 2 weeks of calls due to the simply the ticket let down yes i should have bought from silverstone originally but was told all last week there was a good possibilty of receiving these ticket to then be told this morning that if payment was after 1st feb then i won’t be receiveing them why was i not told this last week so i would have a chance to buy new tickets with camping feel very let down by should a repitable company holding back information gutted as booked these for my husband & his friend as 40th birthday presents thanks Diana

have emailed this to silverstone will let you know if i get a reply


Thats rubbish, they are still showing as having some tickets on the Silverstone website. If you paid with a credit card for the original ones the credit card company should do an investigation and give you a refund. Litchlake Farm have camping accross from the entrance, I’m sure you can turn up on the day to camp I think it’s £20 or 30 per person per night depending on how many nights you stay. Good Luck.


Still no bloody tickets why are some getting them and some not very gutted wife really don’t know what to do


Silver stone have advised me to contact trading standards


I purchased 2 tickets for my husband and son for the sat back in December for my hubbys 40th, he then upgraded these in feb to 3day passes with camping at a cost of an extra £200. Last week we received 2 tickets for sat but no upgrade and no camping. My 11 year old is gutted, they were supposed to be camping with some friends. Can’t see anything else arriving now!!


I got mine last Fri – again – not the same grandstand I ordered – an upgrade in both band and grandstand which worries me that I have someone elses but cant contact them as no reply on their contact tel no’s.


hi chris we booked 3 tickets,3day pass platinum grandstand in club what did you get cheers


Me and my friend booked through stt assuming they were an honest company, seems they lied about a few things including having a unit at the silverstone ground, looks like they took people money and ran, gutted


Hoping you guys get your tickets for British GP. We are still pursuing losses on Valencia GP and have some interest from BBC in pursuing these rouge traders. They haven’t filed for insolvency so they can only be committing fraud here.


Hi all, I too am waiting to see if my tickets arrive for Silverstone. Glad to hear some peoples tickets have started to turn up. It at least gives me a little hope mine will as well. After speaking to Silverstone directly they have told me to wait until Monday and see if they turn up. To the people that have been told the tickets that STT have paid for will get there tickets how do we know which they have paid for, I have paid them but I have no idea if that has been transferred across. Thanks.


Could be something to do with timing of purchase Jim. I bought mine from STT in December and they turned up yesterday. Not the same grandstand as I ordered but just relieved they have arrived.


Thanks for the reply. So have Silverstone said they will give you a refund on your new tickets if the others turn up from STT?


hi yes they will do a refund


I paid for my tickets on 5th March but still don’t have them! When did you order yours?


i orded my tickets mid march and paid for them mid april


hi post has being no tickets spoken to silverstone and they have taken over the delivery for the tickets for stt,they are only sending out tickets that stt have payed, for so had to buy more tickets silverstone have said that they will refund the tickets with in 14 days if they turn up but if not recived by post on monday you will not be getting them from stt. i have delt with stt for 4 years and this is how you are treated !


Tickets for the GP arrived this morning! It was only the tickets and not the accomodation that we had paid for too but Credit Card Company has agreed to refund the difference and have managed to book something reasonably close to Silverstone so all sorted 🙂


were they by post or courier please hoping for ours tomorrow


They were by Royal Mail special delivery




My tickets arrived this morning from Simply the ticket. 1 week to go whooop!!


Hi how did you tickets arrive by n ormal post or courier hoping ours arrive tomorrow very nervous how long to leave before buying some more


They sent them Royal Mail special delivery. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you, hopefully they will arrive tomorrow.


when did you pay for your tickets as now being told if paid after 1st feb not been paid for 🙁


thanks everything crossed


Brill this gives the rest of us some hope I bought for my husband & friend for their 40ths so everything crossed ours come too as they are so excited thanks Diana


Its now the 28th still no tickets does any one think they will arrive 630 quid tickets 150 quid camping these people have no hearts how do they sleep at night just look out what goes around comes around


Hi I purchased a ticket for my husband to go with two friends as it our silver wedding anniversary nxt month, how do i tell him he wont be going (something he has wanted to do for years) if the company let us know if we were getting them either way we can get some more and get a refund on monies already spent 🙁


Anyone received any tickets from STT? The most frustrating this about this is lack of information from them themselves! If we knew for definite the tickets will not be sent then we could book something else!


My tickets from simply the ticket arrived today, now I can get excited for my first gp ever!


Hi, I was a first time purchaser and purchased two club tickets @ £450.00 each, this was last Otober because I wanted the best seats for me and my son. JUST A QUICK NOTE TO ALL THOSE EXPERTS OUT THERE, THE FIST HIT I GOT WAS SIMPLY THE TICKET AND ALL LOOKED AUTHENTIC, IN FACT SILVERSTONE WERE NOT EVEN ADVERTISING! , the only saving grace is that I have managed to buy two tickets off eBay ( collection) and will get refund off credit card, but that’s not the point because the idea was to take my son, why have SILVERSTONE not shut this site down ? I thought something was amiss last week when the answering service inbox was full even though the website was still selling ticket. I HOPE THE GUYS INVOLVED ARE PROSECUTED,


bought 2 tickets for silverstone pit straight from cost me 760.00 and THEN read all the blogs on how they rip people off and dont deliver tickets and leave you hanging about at venues dont answer calls etc…..well i have just recieved an email telling me they will now be delivered to the city of the venue but have omitted to say were and are not answering my emails


So sorry to hear about these ticketing issues. In the current economic climate anything is possible and unlike tour operators most of these firms are not bonded, but credit card companies may be able to help.

Booking direct with the circuit is always the best and over 20 years I never had a single issue and in the old days it was always phone and fax bookings and language was never an issue, be it Spa, Monza or Hockenheim even Interlagos. They are well equipped to deal with international english speaking visitors and always very helpful.

Hope something positive develops in the coming days and this situation improves. Maybe the race organisers might step in to help. Perhaps the F1 media should raise the issue with the circuits and drivers/teams on behalf of fans, since we are after all, supposed to be important to them.


When I ordered tickets from simplytheticket they weren’t slow. I always got them 1 to 2 weeks before the British gp


I dunno why people are so down on 3rd parties.

We’ve used Grandstand Motorsport to take us all over Europe and to Silverstone, at various price points, and a good agent like this takes all the hassle out of arranging matching hotels, flights and the tickets you want.

Sure, it costs a bit more, but then you generally get a dedicated coach to/from the hotel, an on site rep. who knows the area and circuit inside out etc.


I have only attended the 7 races held in Turkey (sadly no more) and having to fly there month and be sure I get tickets before hand I always purchased them from the Istanbul Park Site.


In the past simplytheticket was very slow and I got my ticket 2 days before the race. I didn’t want that to happen again and now I work with for my F1 Tickets.

They work fine really and for a lot of races its the same price as the circuit actually I noticed and I just pay with my card to be safe.




It looks like you are just trying to advertise your own site at the expense of another. I would advise people to book through an official agent


Just cause even more confusion – I have just had a call from Silverstone who have confirmed Simplytheticket has gone bust but they did receive British GP tickets from Silverstone.

This obviously contradicts what I was told last time but I was assured the information I was just told is correct.

I suppose it is now up to Simplytheticket to decide if they send out the tickets or not.


The website has come back online claiming it will begin dispatching tickets next week for the British GP:

I did speak to Silverstone yesterday who said this company is not receiving an official allocation of tickets. Interesting


I have recently booked tickets for SPA with a third party provider. I would have used the official F1 site but as they did not deliver and the ticket office is not open late on Thursday did not want to have to wait to collect tickets on the friday and miss the open pitlane.

Perhaps if the official site offered a better service people would not look at alternatives.

We used a credit card which is the safest option as others have already pointed out.


Mark, for next year there’s always the official Spa Francorchamps GP website –

We’ve used them for the last two years and it’s been a superb service.

I still use a credit card just to be safe.


I truly feel sorry for anyone that bought tickets and got ripped off.

I think Bernie has really lost face in this one. He should have been on top of this. No one should be able to buy tickets from anywhere other than or the official track web site. Bernie should insure that tickets are not sold through any third party company and if the track cannot support the ticket sales in this manner then maybe they don’t deserve a race. Bernie himself should be digging deep into his pockets and dishing out the cash to replace all the tickets for anyone effected. This along with some other boner moves of the recent past have really left a bad mark on the only sport that matters to me.

Thanks Bernie


Looks like their websites are working again and BGP fans will be getting there tickets and haven’t been left “high and dry”.

Even if tickets weren’t delivered, people who have paid by Credit and Debit card would get their money back.


Sorry for all those affected by this. I was seriously considering putting up money for a race, but this has made me seriously reconsider. The tickets are way expensive and to have this happen to anyone is just unimaginable!


If you order from the organiser, you shouldn’t have any reason to worry about these kind of issues. F1 live is a very unique sensory spectacle.

Alanis Morissette

I think Ben Miller (loved his work in Moving Wallpaper and Bike Magazine) should thank his lucky stars. Dragging his girlfriend and another couple to Valencia for the GP over the last few years would have guaranteed not being flavor of the month afterwards – it’s a bland track and the likelihood of action isn’t brilliant. For tracks like that, the TV is the way to go.

Actually scrap that – having been to more than a few GP’s, regardless of race the only day I think is worth going for is Friday. See/hear the cars and the track, and then enjoy the race with timing and proper direction at home on the telly.

However, now he has a chance to let them spend sunday exploring the beautiful region instead. He can settle down in peace to watch the race and whilst enjoying a cafe con leche.


Unbelievable that the Welsh fella, when disappointed, would contact Alonso.

‘ Have you got any tickets,bach?’

Don’t people live in the real world?


The whole intention was to give this issue some publicity so that others were made aware. By this article, your reply, it’s worked!


Damn, I’ve been had!


Unfortunately it is buyer beware when not using the official sites or reputable companies like We had a situation a few years ago where a charity ball fundraiser offered a hospitality package for 10 people. We successfully bid for this only to find that they were not an offical company authorised by Silverstone. We ended up 4 days before Silverstone trying to find someone that could provide hospitality as we had invited corporate clients. Effectively ended up taking a double hit – charity bid and then having to pay again to ensure we did not let customers down. It is easy pickings for the unofficial companies that are feeding off of the popularity of F1. Some people have said that these sites were offering the tickets they wanted when others were not, they can offer anything they want if they don’t actually have the tickets. Also when you see tickets cheaper than through the official outlets you need to be wary. We have always booked either directly with the circuit or via Bookf1 and never had any problems. It is certainly a case of buyer beware.

I really feel for all those fans however that have been let down. I know how exciting it is as the race day approaches and they must be gutted at being so badly let down. I am not sure what any of the official sites will do however as these outfits are nothing to do with them. I also imagine it would be difficult to police as they pop up out of nowhere and disappear just as quickly.


Unfortunately Cassie,

We do not have the knowledge the organizer has for this issues. These companies that we use are having contracts with the circuit owner I presume. So they are responsible and part of this problem. They should have made everything possible to stop the service of The Ticket Enterprise and prevent false sales of tickets.

As a consumer i tried and prior to the purchase from made a correspondence and they answered to me. Unfortunately they disappear after they took my money from my credit card.

I think all of us have to join efforts and make the organizers responsible for our headaches.



I booked my Monza tickets through which is part of The Ticket Enterprise. I hope they don’t have anything to do with this site…


I have used for the Belgian Grand Prix and bought 4 tickets in May this year. I also used this site last year and it was perfect so I had no issues about using again – however now I have no tickets and cannot get hold of Spa-Tickets, nor the circuit itself or The Ticket Enterprise.

Can anyone help?


Im the same with using are they not in business anymore?? what have you done?! this is my 1st F1 and just panicking!!!


check out The Ticket Enterprise FB page — lots of likewise people posting there, as well as f1fanatic forums. I have put in a claim in to my credit card company for my Italian GP tickets. is the official site, please see the notice they have put up there. Most fans are now reordering tickets and raising a claim with their credit card/debit card company. Best of luck!


Have you received your tickets yet? I have not received mine – booked in May, and cannot get hold of them now by phone. Is anyone else having the same issue?


That is terrible… 🙁


The two people that helped me there was mieke at ttenterprise dot com and chantal at ttenterprise dot com.

If you got a confirmation email then just state the reference number received with that.


Thanks for the help! Seems you were lucky!…DMF20120811_011

I have tried calling the ticket enterprise, emailing them.. no response, their FB page hasn’t been updated. They’ve stopped selling tickets for any GP. Looks like they may have gone bust.

Thanks to Steve on F1fanatic for alerting me! James – is there any chance you could look into this as this is going to affect a few thousand fans.


I bought the tickets in January already… I was quite anxious, I have a couple of email addresses from were I contacted them. I don’t know if I can get them to you on here somehow. I do not know what the policy is on here… James?


The two email addresses I sent them to were info at ttenterprise dot com and info at italiangp dot it. I’ve sent them a FB message – getting very nervous now 🙁


I have received my tickets a couple of weeks ago already. I got a confirmation e-mail with tracking number via DHL just a couple of days before I got them.


Thanks for the reply, when did you order your tickets?


I bought my husbands ticket for Silverstone f1 in December,it was a xmas present. I typed in British grand prix into google,n it took me to, I obviously thought this was a genuine site. I paid £ 155 (170) in total for a 3day pass. I paid on my bank card as I don’t own a credit card. When I recieved the email confirming payment,I was told this had been done through simplytheticket. In hindsight,yes I should of used official sight, (the same tickets being the same price) but its too late now. We can’t get any information about what’s happend with the company or tickets. So along with a lot of other people we are let out of pocket,with no tickets n well n truely disappointed :((


i used my debit card to pay, i spoke to atol and they advised that you can get a refund for payments using the bank charge back scheme which alot of people dont know about i advise you ring your bank and speak to them i have and am getting a refund.


Hi, I bought in October for me and my son and paid 850 pounds, totally gutted, it ok for these smart asses to say I told you so but the website looked real and this was the top hit ! Why on earth didn’t SILVERSTONE stop it .? Hope you get sorted, we had credit card insurance an dust bought two tickets off eBay, TONY


🙁 Sorry to hear about people losing their money, I hope they bought their tickets via a Credit Card. I am currently disputing tickets bought through a “Reseller”. I searched google for the “Official Italian Grand Prix website” and it brought up a company whose description they entered on google as “.. Italian Grand Prix on Circuit Monza. On the … the official site of the race track Monza”. Turns out they are NOT the official website but a promoter!! I never wanted to purchase my tickets through a reseller precisely because of things like this happening. It’s becoming extremely hard to actually find the circuit website to buy tickets. I have written to the official Monza Website but apart from that there this not much else I can do 🙁


We bought tickets at Canada from a scalper at the track for significantly less than face value and tendered them to the ticket taker, immediately. I was surprised because the track personnel didn’t have anything sophisticated to check them with, and we were in and unbothered in relatively good seats. I think any good computer printer could have made the same thing. The whole system seems porous, at best.


These scalpers in Montreal are totally legal so there is no reason to sell false tickets. I have bought many tickets for many different venues from these guy’s in Montreal where they do use a scanner on the tickets and never had any problems. Just be sure that you are buying out in the open where the police can see and then you know it will be legal. If they say come over here around the corner or behind the tree they are rip-offs other wise like I said it is all above the table. It is the only place in the world I have been where they can sell tickets in this manner and when I had ask a local I was told that it is done this way because they have so many events going on in Montreal at the same time all the time that the local gov. has given these people business licenses. Always get there business card when you buy from them ( they should have there business license # on the bottom of the card )so if they are false you can contact the better business bureau and they will loss there license.


It works the same way in Shanghai. Ticket touts are sold right next the turnstiles, and in some cases you don’t even touch the ticket. You pay the guy and he hands it straight to the guy on the turnstile and in you go.

They hand out so many free tickets to sponsors and government people, that they are all sold on the day. Been 4 times and never paid more than $50usd for a grandstand on race day…


Now I understand their porousity. So its all transparent for the authorities. Smart! Thanks for the info.


Hi James,

Not sure how many people are affected, however, tickets for the Grand Prix of Europe are still available from the official website:

We’ll have a guide up on our website in the next 24 hours if that’s any help.


Hi James,

Our guide to the Grand Prix of Europe is now online.

Feel free to send this to anyone who might need help to quickly decide which grandstand tickets to purchase for Valencia.

Here’s the link:

Please let me know any questions or feedback.


Thanks for that


My girlfriend and i are heading to singapore for our first f1 experience this year. we have put everything we have into the trip and i cant imagine the devaststion we would feel if the tickets never arrived. We have spent thousands on just the tickets alone! I am very sorry to the people that this has happened to and will now spend the next 3 and half months in fear until our tickets arrive


Where did you buy them from?


Through, so i expect to be safe


I left it till the last minute to book tickets for Singapore last year and managed to get them from a local that bought tickets and couldn’t attend. I was lucky. The listing appeared onbebay then disappeared but I was able to stay in touch until the sale.This year, the Singapore organizer has kindly provided me with two grandstand tickets to the event. The money I would have spent on grandstand seats is now funding my Tag Heuer sunglasses 😉


Happy days!


Firstly I must say how sorry I am for anyone who has paid good money out, was looking forward to a great race weekend and has ended up with no tickets. Awful!!

However I really have to agree with some of the other posts. Why do people even use these sites? The tickets cost more than from the circuits and you are in danger of this sort of thing happening.


I used this company last year and they provided good service then – I’d done the research and everyone was happy. In answer to Lewis, they were the only provider that had the seats I wanted at the time. (yes, booking early is a good idea, but not always possible). Commentary on this facebook page ( for their Abu Dhabi tickets states that Silverstone has not released tickets to this company, so not clear if they are available at all. the same for Valencia – no evidence of tickets being ordered. So what was a good company took a turn for the worse at some point this year!


Gutted is an understatement! Was going to the British GP for the 1st time for my stag do… not now. The reason I booked with simplytheticket was because of all the delay sorting out a bunch of blokes and collecting money and all, there were few decent stand tickets left on the ‘official’ website.

I’d say I’ve learnt the hard way but at least I booked using a credit card. Really gutted for those left without tickets and the money! That really is the hard way.


Use a credit card. Buy from the official site. Just got back from le mans. Booked direct with aco, never doubted the tickets would be with me, ups. Beware these legal ticket touts.


Bit of digging about in the Google cache shows this company was at ATOL license holder:

So if you booked your tickets with flights you might be able to recover some/all your money via ATOL, claims pages here:

They are however not listed on the list of recent failures page but it might just be too soon:

ATOL would be my first port of call. Good luck to all involved.



Never…NEVER…book with anyone besides the event itself. Best to speak with them in person, too, so they know who you are.

Have don this with all my GP’s since the 1990’s.


All very well but this was my first time booking & I Googled “British Grand Prix” & this is what I came up with.Hindsight is a wonderful thing


Terrible news…sorry for the people affected by this…

it is a real pain. hope you find some resolution


How did Alonso respond to that tweet he got?


We pressed Valencia street circuit into confirming that no tickets had been purchased by simplythticket nor it’s trading sister company This is despite tickets being purchased and money taken from account in April.


BE needs to step up and cover this…for the good of F1 like he cares about….this is pocket change to him, not his fault but do the right thing Bernie

…On another note this probably is not he only ticket they sell …sad for all.


Err… yeah. Any idea how many ppl would suddenly remember they too had bought those tickets?

Most likely the promoter got paid by the ticket reseller, so hit *them up about it.

Resellers like Ticket Master buy these things in blocks at a discount and usually don’t sell stuff they don’t have. So either it was a massive fraud by them, or they just ran out of bank credit right in the middle of it all.

Either way there’s probably not enough time left to sort it all out by the race.


I’ve always purchased my tickets from the track owners themselves, not some third-party ticket distributor. Maybe it works differently for different tracks.


WOW! This is terrible. I got my British GP tickets from the Silverstone website and got them 2 weeks ago. I can’t imagine something like this happening to me.

I am trying to figure it out why this happened. Once a customer paid for their tickets, why not have them delivered to them? Those seats will be empty anyway.

Unless this company did not pass the ticket money into the circuit, therefore the circuit did not pass the tickets to the company to be distributed to the customers.

I am really sorry for all those who are in this situation..really gutted.


I too purchased our tickets from silverstone website and they arrived 3 weeks or so ago , in 2004 when i went to my first British GP I used a third party website and was very suspicious when the tickets arrived last minute ( 3 days before the event) so now every time I book my tickets I advise anyone go straight to the website of the circuit or the official venue


“Unless this company did not pass the ticket money into the circuit, therefore the circuit did not pass the tickets to the company to be distributed to the customers.”

bingo …


Oh, and btw whose fault is this?

Lets just round up the usual suspects, shall we: Bernie, Rupert, and ofc Max! And maybe George Bush, too.


You forgot to blame Ferrari, too.



How would you know, are you American? Either way you probably think Bernie is doing a good job and stalin should get a Nobel Peace Prize. Stick to racing dude.


Oh, sorry… I forgot ol’ 3-Car Monte!

My bad. 🙁


+1 oh and Flavio Briatore…


I like George W. He did much better job than America’s current president


Never understood why people employ the services of these third parties. The circuit websites are always the cheapest places to buy and the most reliable, so why pay extra money for these middle men to do nothing at all?


Some organisers do not allow you to select particular seats whereas third manage to place you wherever you’d like to be within a grandstand.

Sometimes, you just do not have a choice.

For example, trying to buy tickets for the Japanese grand prix can be a bit of a struggle. First, you need to be able to read Japanese and second, you need a Japanese credit card to complete the transaction.

On that occasion, I used because they didn’t over inflate the price as much as the F1 website did.


Thanks for the info


Its not a good idea to book tickets from sites other than or for the British GP.

Much simpler and you probably won’t have any issues.


Buying from the organiser is indeed a very safe option.

I have found the official F1 website to be sometimes massively overpriced compared to that of organisers, so worth keeping that in mind.


Something similar happened a couple of years ago I think; despite offering a very poor content, I’d still use it for info on tickets, merchandise, etc., a terrible shame, as de la Rosa (my F1 driver of the year) describes his races.

Instead of closing down pirate websites with live streaming of F1 races, Bernard could concentrate of stuff like this.


So James how do you see this unfolding? does this mean the seats sold by this particular company will remain empty, or will they be filled by other ticketing sites selling the same seats ?

My advice to everyone buying tickets is always use a CREDIT card and not your standard bank debit card. I learned the hard way.


Not received my tickets from STT but thankfully bought them on credit card. Just paid £350 for 2 more. My son’s 7 and it’s his first grand prix and to say he’s excited in an understatement. No way I was telling him we aint going. For the record Silverstone say some tickets will be sent out but not all, whatever they’ve received the money for from STT. Who knows, I may have two more turn up over the next couple of days???

louise fellows

if yours does turn up send me an email and i will buy them from u? we too haven’t got our tickets but can’t afford to do replacements damn you simply the ticket, hope you and your son enjoy your day


I will do for sure. Hindsight such a wonderful thing. Thanks


wed26 special del received grand prix tickets from for silverstone as per their letter thank you james.


I always found it interesting that these companies exist and manage to make the needed margin on buyers to exist.

In the end, fool and his money…

In this day and age, a simple google search gets you the official track ticket box office, and as mentioned bellow – sells them too.

Let’s be honest, F1 tickets are 300 euro minimum range – so these people will feel it. But what can you do? Lesson learned.

Even with scalpers if tickets are expensive I usually pay for 1 and wait with the guy, send the person with me in to ensure the barcode/ticket is valid, then I pay for the second. Buyer beware.


“always use a CREDIT card “


However, you still wouldn’t have a ticket to the event. And if you’ve prepaid flights,lodgings, etc, well… you’ll have a nice Spanish weekend, just not the one you expected!

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