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Angry F1 fans left high and dry as ticket company fails
Posted By: James Allen  |  18 Jun 2012   |  6:13 pm GMT  |  136 comments

Many F1 fans have found themselves without tickets for upcoming Grands Prix, including the British GP at Silverstone, despite paying for them, due to the apparent closure of a business called Simply The Ticket.

Fans, many of whom are travelling to Valencia this week for the European GP, became alarmed when tickets did not arrive and have been trying to get information over the weekend. The company’s website and Twitter account were inactive at the start of the week, but on Tuesday the following message appeared:

“Dear British Grand Prix Customers,

Your tickets will be despatched during the week commencing 25th of June 2012. As per our terms and conditions, tickets are usually despatched between 1 to 4 weeks before each grand prix.

Simply The Ticket”

“I booked British F1 tickets through simplytheticket and not received anything. We’ve resorted to booking weekend passes,” tweeted one fan, Louise Smith. While another, Daffyd Owain Davies in desperation tweeted Fernando Alonso to see if he could help, “can you re-tweet, #simplytheticket website has taken money from people and not delivered European grand prix tickets.”

Fans are finding that availability for replacement tickets for Valencia is quite difficult, as organisers appear to have cut seat capacity in the face of the financial crisis in Spain.

One JA on F1 reader, Ben Miller, wrote in today,

“I am taking my girlfriend to Valencia this weekend for the F1 but we haven’t received the tickets. Simplytheticket.com were not contactable last week and over the weekend the website was taken down and tweets suggest it has gone bust.

“I am not flavour of the month because its her first GP, and worse still her friends another couple, copied us in purchasing tickets from the same site.

“I have booked tickets through websites all across Europe and never had any problems, but its my fault for not going to the official site. I will have to take it on the chin and learn by my mistake, if I can buy replacements when I’m over there I will be relieved.”

You can read the Twitter stream on this story HERE

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do not buy anything from gootickets ordered tickets for Canadian gran Prix in DEC 15 didn’t get tickets until 2 days prior to event which was to late contacted customer service and got no response for 4 days and then there response was should not have had us send them, my question is why even have that option if they will not be delivered on time. again no customer service no returned e mail or calls no tickets do not use this site


i have been to three grand prixs, spa silverston and monza and all three of the times i bought tickets through official f1 site. can beleive still people get trapped in these fishy website..here is the most comprehensive guide to buy tickets for Fomula 1



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I bought 3 tickets for monza grand prix and only found out last week when i wondered why my tickets had not arrived .

This was going to be a holiday of a lifetime , well sadly it will be now but for all the wrong reasons .

How people can do this is completely beyond me ???


Hi Bernie, hope you booked via credit card (not sure of the claim procedure for debit cards). My credit card company dealt with my claim quickly and I’ve rebooked tickets for the Italian GP via the official website http://www.monzanet.it/it. I reordered my tickets from them, selected the print at home option and got my tickets via email within 48 hours. It’s not too late to go! Best of luck!


Hey, I am wanting to purchase F1 for the British GP for 2013 as a birthday gift for my hubby, his 30th so wanting to be special one plus be his first at the GP. I have seen that Silverstone.co.uk are already offering tix but the official F1 & also BookF1 dont yet offer them as not on sale yet? Is Silverstone.co.uk legit or shall I just wait for the other sites to have tix? Really worried as dont want to fail getting these tix or be ripped off.


I would book via the official website, I phoned Silverstone – booked my tickets over the phone at early bird prices – on credit card of course just in case. Good kuck!


Hey All

Anyone buy tickets from SportsBoxOffice.com? Was wondering if you had your tickets yet? Cheers


Shakeel Hussain also owns the domain Shakeel.org for which a hotmail address shakeel_hussain@hotmail.com is given. Phone numbers (with limited success) are:

Tel: +44 (0)121 246 1181 / 9962

Tel: +44 (0)1484 305 457

Mobile: +44 (0)778 998 4885

Mobile: +44 (0)798 812 3993

0203 589 8787- this appears to be a VOIP forwarding diverts to Hussains vodafone mobile (was switched off when I tried).


shakeel@blueyonder.co.uk seems to be the email address that is registered to Hussain’s home internet account


I don’t have phone numbers but try visiting people below for compensation.

Ms Shelly Fitzgerald

Director ID: 913758235


664 Bordesley Green


West Midlands

B9 5PG

Shakeel Hussain

Director ID: 911619780


664 Bordesley Green Road


West Midlands

B9 5PG

Mrs Shelly Fitzgerald (Registered to 2 different companies)



Director ID: 916692588


Suite 4b 43 Berkeley Square


United Kingdom



Simply the Ticket my have gone bust and the directors Shelly Fitzgerald,42 and Shakeel Hussain of Birmingham appear not to have made any effort to alert customers of the scenario. You may still be able to get a refund through your Credit/ Debit card provider or through ATOL if it involved travel.



I really don’t know what to do! We brought 2 tickets from simplytheticket last year but haven’t yet received them!!!

We can probably get the money back from the credit card company if the tickets don’t come but don’t want to buy anymore just incase they come in the next few days as then we probably won’t be able to claim money back from credit card!

If only I knew whether or not we were going to get any tickets from simplytheticket! Grrrrrr!

James Farrington

I bought my ticket from simply the ticket on 4th of may, still no ticket so have just bought replacements from the silverstone website. It’s my first Grand Prix. Not happy


I can’t believe this is still happening. I’ve never heard of that company and I’ve been working in the F1 Tickets game for over 6 years now.

Whether this goes down as self promotion or not, here is a guide to the top 5 alternative websites to the official F1 site for fans buying tickets. I hope it helps some one!



Could also try:

Tel: +44 (0)121 246 1181 / 9962

Tel: +44 (0)1484 305 457

Mobile: +44 (0)798 812 3993

Mobile: +44 (0)778 998 4885


Shelley Fitzgerald director


Suite 4b 43 Berkeley Square


United Kingdom


Second director

Mr Shakeel Hussain


664 Bordesley Green Road


West Midlands

B9 5PG

Why not visit and collect your tickets

Or ask for your money back


I found a phone number for the Suite 4b address. There is a legitimate company at this address and owner most put out that this was registered as address for Sefedo, the other company Shelly Fitzgerald is Director of. Drew a bank there as well. Type in th full address to google for name if company.


I didnt receieve my STT tickets today either, but I did receive this email from Silverstone this morning:


Thank you for booking tickets for the British Grand Prix this coming week. We hope you are excited to be coming to Silverstone.

Please note that your tickets will be held for collection at Silverstone Circuit. Ticket collection will be located next to main reception (a red bricked building). Please bring with you a form of identification, to ensure that your tickets are securely given to you.

Kind Regards

Abbie Crawford

Despatch Executive

Silverstone Circuits Limited





From the sound of it, STT turnover their tickets to Silverstone. I would use this contact information for anyone still left hanging.


In the same boat as everyone else, ordered Tickets from STT in December £700 for 2 and they have not turned up.

Siverstone read me a statement saying only half the tickets had been paid for by STT.

No more tickets available for the stand I wanted.


No tickets arrived here by 1pm Monday so I presume there will not be any. £1,118.06 paid to Simply the Ticket on 12 March. I wonder what proportion of purchasers have received tickets?

We had no indication that this company was not the official ticket outlet and would not have used them had we known.

We have ordered new tickets from Silverstone and have to go from Sheffield to collect them tomorrow – Tuesday.


Hi i am very dissopointed to speak to silverstone this morning after about 2 weeks of calls due to the simply the ticket let down yes i should have bought from silverstone originally but was told all last week there was a good possibilty of receiving these ticket to then be told this morning that if payment was after 1st feb then i won’t be receiveing them why was i not told this last week so i would have a chance to buy new tickets with camping feel very let down by should a repitable company holding back information gutted as booked these for my husband & his friend as 40th birthday presents thanks Diana

have emailed this to silverstone will let you know if i get a reply


Thats rubbish, they are still showing as having some tickets on the Silverstone website. If you paid with a credit card for the original ones the credit card company should do an investigation and give you a refund. Litchlake Farm have camping accross from the entrance, I’m sure you can turn up on the day to camp I think it’s £20 or 30 per person per night depending on how many nights you stay. Good Luck.


Still no bloody tickets why are some getting them and some not very gutted wife really don’t know what to do


Silver stone have advised me to contact trading standards


I purchased 2 tickets for my husband and son for the sat back in December for my hubbys 40th, he then upgraded these in feb to 3day passes with camping at a cost of an extra £200. Last week we received 2 tickets for sat but no upgrade and no camping. My 11 year old is gutted, they were supposed to be camping with some friends. Can’t see anything else arriving now!!


I got mine last Fri – again – not the same grandstand I ordered – an upgrade in both band and grandstand which worries me that I have someone elses but cant contact them as no reply on their contact tel no’s.


hi chris we booked 3 tickets,3day pass platinum grandstand in club what did you get cheers


Me and my friend booked through stt assuming they were an honest company, seems they lied about a few things including having a unit at the silverstone ground, looks like they took people money and ran, gutted


Hoping you guys get your tickets for British GP. We are still pursuing losses on Valencia GP and have some interest from BBC in pursuing these rouge traders. They haven’t filed for insolvency so they can only be committing fraud here.


Hi all, I too am waiting to see if my tickets arrive for Silverstone. Glad to hear some peoples tickets have started to turn up. It at least gives me a little hope mine will as well. After speaking to Silverstone directly they have told me to wait until Monday and see if they turn up. To the people that have been told the tickets that STT have paid for will get there tickets how do we know which they have paid for, I have paid them but I have no idea if that has been transferred across. Thanks.


Could be something to do with timing of purchase Jim. I bought mine from STT in December and they turned up yesterday. Not the same grandstand as I ordered but just relieved they have arrived.

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