McLaren advances relationship with SAP
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The McLaren Group has announced that it is to advance its alliance with SAP solutions, a world leader in enterprise application software. The increased collaboration is aimed at improving the group’s productivity and efficiency, as well as integrating the various business centres within the group.

SAP software provides an integrated and scalable solution focused on increasing future growth to the IT infrastructure within any size of business, offering the McLaren Group a base with which to process the vast quantities of performance data that they produce.

“Our ability to process that data and act on it rapidly is crucial to creating the kind of prescriptive intelligence that enables us to transform the outcome of races. And that need resonates through every other facet of our business. Big data is only going to get bigger. I’m greatly looking forward to working with SAP to further optimise the infrastructure and operation of the entire McLaren Group: to challenge ourselves to become even better than we are,” said McLaren Group executive chairman, Ron Dennis.

Although the McLaren Group already has relations with the business and technology market leader, this next step will see the SAP HANA database take control for the transformation of the groups entire IT infrastructure as they are currently seeing a rapid growth in many of their multiple business centres. “SAP HANA will help turbo-charge both the speed and depth of McLaren’s telemetry technology allowing the teams to look at much larger data sets and ask more complex questions,” added SAP in the official press release.

The McLaren Group contains a diverse set of businesses, with its electronic systems being utilised to provide technology in many areas – including improving Olympic athletes performance, and finding ways to improve the traffic flow in the U.S.

“Transforming information into intelligence in real time is a cornerstone for McLaren’s winning formula…SAP will be able to help McLaren better anticipate, accelerate and differentiate its business — keeping them very much in the driver’s seat. In short, working together, SAP will help McLaren run like never before,” finished Jim Hagemann Snabe, co-CEO of SAP.

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