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Lotus F1 team “angry” ahead of Monaco Grand Prix
Posted By: James Allen  |  20 May 2012   |  8:27 am GMT  |  78 comments

Commercial partnerships and collaborations in F1 are commonplace, with most teams having “technology partners”, “performance partners”, “logistics partners and so on.

Now the Lotus F1 team has gone one step further and found an “angry partner”; Rovio, the Finnish company behind the popular Angry Birds game. It’s a tongue in cheek story, but designed to draw attention to a couple of significant milestones for both companies.

“While Lotus F1 Team will contest its 500th Grand Prix in Monaco, the No.1 digital game in the world – Angry Birds – has just reached 1 billion downloads. As a result, both brands have decided to join forces to celebrate these respective milestones,” said the Lotus statement.

Angry Birds has become the number one paid app of all time and its branding will appear on the Lotus cars at this weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix. This recalls the Williams tie-up with Sega and Sonic the Hedgehog back in 1993.

It’s interesting to note that the Enstone-based team is now talking about Lotus’s Formula 1 history, having finally aligned the Lotus road car brand with the Team Lotus F1 brand, following the settlement of the case with Tony Fernandes. This milestone refers to the team which was Benetton and Renault, rather than the Team Lotus line, but it highlights how confusing it is for this team to talk about its history.

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“the latest Elise is 1.2 tons..”

Lotus claim 924kg for the top Elise S, with abs, airbags, stability control and the rest, plus about 220hp. A lot more than a K-series mk1, but not quite 1.2 tons.

What -does- weigh 1.2 tons is the new Exige. Over on Autocar, this is being slated in the forums for its weight and cost, and how ridiculous it is to offer a convertible Exige when everyone knows an Exige is just an Elise with a roof on.

The problem is that what everyone knows is wrong. The new Exige is basically the cabin and nose of the old car, grafted on to the back half of a modified Evora chassis, and with the Evora’s almost-350hp, 3.5litre V6. Yes, it’s a lot heavier than the old car, and a lot more expensive. But looking at what’s in it, and how much faster it is than the old one, it’s not too surprising…


The 500th grand prix refers to the Toleman, Benetton, Renault, Lotus history. It it NOTHING to do with Team Lotus or the green cars from the last two years.

Please try to understand this before you start criticising the team!!


I’d like to see Lotus do well this weekend… I’m getting sick of Maldonado/Williams dominating this year.


James, have you ever posted a Lotus-related article that hasn’t produced 90% confusion on the following thread?!

It always raises a smile when I see ‘Lotus’ in the headline…:)


I know. It’s amazing. That’s what they are dealing with. So odd for them to claim 500 GPs, as it’s across several different teams. If it’s Lotus, then let it be Lotus’ history, no?


It seems there are a lot of people who are having trouble comprehending the following line;

“This milestone refers to the team which was Benetton and Renault”

Must be a bit disheartening, James, when you take the time to include such information only to see comment after comment indicating that they haven’t even read the whole piece. Trust me, it does feel better when you stop banging your head against the wall.


Ohno! Great sponsor, wrong team. The angry bird ethos is more in synch with Caterham than Lotus.

Or perhaps Angry Bird could sponsor two teams?

Caterham = birds

Lotus = pigs

John O'Sullivan

OK, if Lotus F1 are claiming Renaults races from 2002 to 2010, are the claiming renault’s races from 77 to 85?


An amusing PR ploy, though a bit silly.

One wouldn’t expect the glitterati at Monoco to even *know what angry birds is, either.

And as for that 500th GP nonsense…

“Lotus” are becoming F1’s version of social climbers.


At least they’re backing it up by climbing up the rankings with their on-track performance.

Is it really all that silly – it’s got us all talking about Angry Birds & Lotus…PR job done


I seriously doubt there’s many of us here in their target demographic.


I find the debate over team histories a nonsense. The named ‘team’ only exists until that group disbands.

It would appear at least that is FOM’s take on it in the current debate with Mercedes.

I for one do not support the buying of a team brand in an effort to cash in on the history surrounding it. As a car manufacture Mercedes has the right to reclaim the brand but even then, for them to draw on the ‘Silver Arrows’ legacy is streching it. The Lotus name should have stayed in the past with it’s proud legacy.

It is time some form of ruling was made around this to stop the nonsense and if a team wishes to use a former team name or associated name then a strong assocoation must be proven.

What’s next? Arrows, Jordan, Brabham, BRM etc.


So if I buy lotus does it mean RUSS has 500 starts?

I dont think so.



We’ll all come to your place to help you party, too!


James it seems interesting the revenue streams that Lotus have been getting from Rovio and also from Microsoft. F1 seems to be very lacking in sponsorship from these types of business’ but they are exploiting it better than most, any particular reason for this?


Neither enstone nor caterham are lotus as far as I’m concerned it’s stupid .I do like the themed cars though , I liked redbulls starwars car as well.

I thought heikki had the angry birds eyes on his helmet because he has mad eyes the same ,didn’t know it was an official partnership.


They have nothing to do with the Lotus of old. Who do they think they’re kidding? Wannabes and the only reason they’ve any talent is because they’ve bought up the old Renault team and a couple decent drivers. The management of the team probably love Angry Birds though so it’s good that these two fine brands are collaborating together.


Hmmm I thought Heikki and Caterham were promoting Angry Birds?


Angry Birds is owned by Rovio which is a Finnish company and in turn personally sponsor Hekki and Kimi. So for Monaco, they’re doing a team thing with Lotus but continue to personally sponsor the Finns.


Did they announce it with a Tweet?


I could see some fun resprayed cars for this occasion. Would be a great bit of promotion, seeing two Angy Bird themed cars zip around the millionaires playground of Monaco. It would steal the limelight from whoever is in first place. Hope they do something along these lines.


Turns out that the F1 ECU from yesterday can indeed run angry birds! :-). And I thought that my comment was a bit silly.

May I just say, Plants vs. Zombies is a way better game. Honestly I’m surprised how crazy people are about Birds.


How is this going to work with Heikki being aligned with them in some way while driving for Caterham?


I don’t think F1 needs another legal battle between these two organizations.


I thought Angry Birds was sponsoring Heikki…now they’re joining up with another team?

James Clayton

Maybe they think Heikki still drives for a team called ‘Lotus’ and they’re gonna end up with a puzzled look on their face at Monnaco? 🙂


Presumably their 500 includes the, Group Lotus sanctioned, (Fernandez) ‘Lotus Racing’ races but not the, Group Lotus disputed, (Fernandez) ‘Team Lotus’ races ?


I may have been dreaming, but I could have sworn I saw Angry Birds graphics on a couple of driver helmets at the Barcelona GP.


Stick a green pig on the finish line, and Lotus will win no problems! 🙂 I just hope they aren’t the exploding type of Angry Bird…



Doesn’t Heikki Kovaleinen have an Angry Birds helmet design this year? Is this another shot across the bows in the Lotus/Caterham dispute?


So Lotus and its drivers will race in anger ahead of Monaco then hey? 😀 😀 😀

Heh nice partnership.


small point, but I ask if I may, why the photo you carry for Lotus news always is of Grosjean and not Raikkonen?

For Ferrari you always show Alonso, quite right. Other teams are largely equal drivers, but not these two I think. (Although I normally support everything French!)

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