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JA on F1 prize winner enjoys Spanish GP
JA on F1 prize winner enjoys Spanish GP
Posted By: James Allen  |  20 May 2012   |  6:15 pm GMT  |  9 comments

Tommy Marco, who won the pair of Paddock Club passes for last weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix in a JA on F1 Connect competition, has sent us a few words and pictures showcasing his experience at Montmelo.

We publish them below. There will be two further JA on F1 Connect competitions this season with a pair of Paddock Club passes as the prize in both. Keep your eyes peeled here and on our Breaking News site, JA on F1 Connect for details.

Tommy Marco writes: “This weekend we had one of the most exciting experience of our lives. I can not find the words to express the gratitude that my wife and I feel. It was exciting being able to live F1 from a completely different perspective than usual.

“I could never imagine it to be so glamorous. The smell of gasoline, burnt rubber, the thunderous sound of the engines, the people who were in the paddock, drivers whom we met … all made ​​this experience one of the best of our lives.

“The people of Pirelli was fantastic and looked after us wonderfully. I would like to thank Umberto, Valentina, Cincia and Stephanie for how well we were treated.”

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Sounds amazing, an F1 fans dream


Dear Marco,

Fantastic indeed. Watching the race from Paddock is indeed a great experience.


SK Anand

Grayzee (Australia)

Hmmmm...grumble...mutter...grrr......okay...I am officially JEALOUS!!:-)


Im not jealous,it cant have been that good - my eyes have changed colour to green...

Congratulations! 🙂



PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do some sort of competition for the Austin GP so your readers on the west side of the Atlantic can have a crack at some prizes!


Yes. Will do. It won't be Paddock Club passes, I'm afraid, but we'll get something together.


Thanks James!


Great post! Keeping my fingers crossed for the next competition 🙂


We've got some belters coming up!

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