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Feedback on JA on F1 Connect and prize winner announced
Posted By: James Allen  |  09 May 2012   |  2:01 pm GMT  |  21 comments

Thanks to everyone who sent in feedback on the new JA on F1 Connect news site.

We’ve had a lot of interaction with you the readers and we’ve taken on board your comments. Many of you are viewing the site on mobile devices and we’re looking at how to optimise that.

We’ve also picked a winner at random from the readers who left feedback, who will get two passes for the F1 Paddock Club at this weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix. The winner’s name is below.

JA on F1 Connect is the fastest way to get up to speed on the F1 news. In one place it brings together the latest news from major news organisations like BBC and the newspapers, as well as the leading F1 sites, and takes in team’s postings on Facebook, Twitter and You Tube. There are also feeds from some of the leading international sites. On Twitter you’ll be able to follow a live stream of Tweets during race weekends, to give you a full picture of what’s going on behind the scenes through the eyes of drivers, teams, journalists and insiders. It should all bring the fans closer to the sport.

Already some specific areas we are updating, based on your feedback are as follows:

1 – an option to click the timestamp to open an article in a new tab
2 – options to save to instapaper and readitlater and readability
3 – detect ipad/iphone browsers and open article in new tab instead of the popup viewer
4 – preloading the next article when the viewer is open after the current article has finished loading
5 – removing the lowercase effect on driver and team names

No one so far has reported browser issues or major bugs which is good news. We can hopefully get it to behave slightly differently on iphone/ipads to make that work better.

As a thank you for your feedback, we offered a pair of passes to the F1 Paddock Club for this weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix to one reader, who was picked at random, from all of those who provided us with feedback.

That winner is Tommy Marco. Congratulations to him.

We will be in touch directly via email with pass collection details. Have a great weekend at the Grand Prix and send us some photos!

We will have two further Paddock Club Pass giveaways at the midpoint and at the end of the season, so stay tuned..

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Mark Downunder

Must agree, you are doing a great Job James.

However, I cannot say the same for the commentary team this year. Martin Brundle shines as usual, however whats his name, Crofty? should be dumped ASAP. I want to view and hear F1 cars racing. If I wanted continuous yelling, I would watch horse racing or a football match. Please, SHUT HIM UP. He makes my ears ring and totally destroys the pleasure of the broadcasts.


Good stuff James, I like it.

The iPad issues you have highlighted already are important for the new pop up. For the bottom of each page please could there be a long Next button in addition to 1 2 3. Buttons. On an ipad the buttons are rather small for clumsy and lazy fingers.

It is bookmarked on my homepage and I will start to use. Thank you.


Great site James! Have used it several times now – usually after I’ve been through my top half dozen tried and tested F1 sites. From now on your one stop shop will be the first on my list! Well done!


Congrats Tommy! You lucky sod 🙂


“1 – an option to click the timestamp to open an article in a new tab

3 – detect ipad/iphone browsers and open article in new tab instead of the popup viewer”

I’d prefer the popup viewer to be removed altogether. My usage pattern is to scroll down the list of items in, say, the F1 News section and then I middle click (or long press on mobile) to open the items that interest me in new background tabs. That all works except that I like to left click (or press on mobile) the last item to load it in the current tab but at present that opens it in the popup viewer in Firefox on desktop and mobile.

You might also want to add a comment system and way to represent significant and less significant items. Slashdot ( is the grandfather of aggregation sites and does a good job at both of these things. Slashdot’s moderation and meta-moderation systems are quite sophisicated, however, and will be difficult to replicate. Perhaps there’s already a wordpress plugin which offers something like it.


James, I just spent a little time on F1 connect and it’s an interesting concept but one that I think is ultimately unnecessary. It’s great that you aggregate all this information and make it readily available without having to search multiple sites but on the other hand enough is enough. There is only so much time in the day and there is an overload of information about F1 and anything else one cares to follow, which brings me back to your blog. Your blog is great because I get the benefit of someone who really knows F1 filtering out the stories and focusing on the ones that are important and add real insight.

So when I look at F1 connect I see lots and lots of information from lots and lots of sources but at the end of the day I find your blog is about all I need.


Looking forward to a contest that might deliver Austin, TX tix! Oh and congrats to.


Please remember there are more Android phones than iphones. Great site, I visit every day


Not so sure Tommy really exists, but no matter. As Bruce Forsyth used to say ‘Good game, good game!’.


Judge that when you see his photos from the weekend


Well done Tommy. Although my memory of a previous Espana F1 weekend is limited due to too much sun and beers, its a great F1 weekend and you’ve won top tickets.

I see the weather forecast may add to the mix Sunday….

I didn’t comment about website tech issues because my knowledge is next to zero about such matters.

I would like to comment that JA on F1 should be commended for the process of involving the fans and users in any improvements/updates.

Well done.


Cool, thanks


Congrats to Tommy… Enjoy the Paddock Club!


One more comment on the website: Its great that its a one-stop-shop for all news. But its wasting space to have the exact same story with the exact same text from 5 sources as different headlines/links…

Maybe you could have the headline in plain text and have the website that it comes from as an icon below the headline. Users can then click on the icon to be directed to the website where they want to read the news…


“same story with the exact same text from 5 sources”

Yeah, thats kind of annoying. But its common in news aggregator feeds all over, and ofc totally insane on Twitter.

And F1 teams dont “tweet” – they totally spam!


Felt lucky today…opened the article…not so lucky…

cong’rats’ to Tommy though…


congratulations to tommy, very very lucky! would have LOVED to go to it. ah well better luck next time!


And there will be 2 ‘next times’!


Can’t wait! 🙂


Congrats to Tommy…of course if he can’t go I’m more than willing to fill in 🙂

Just checked the site on my phone (Android), it copes with it fine too.


Not all android phones are the same. I can’t view the overlayed windows at all. Better to do a mobile version for all mobile devices instead of just apple products. I pretty much only use mobile devices to surf the Net now as they are instant on and very portable. I rarely get onto the desktop anymore.

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