F1 Winter Break
A new way of looking at all the F1 news
A new way of looking at all the F1 news
Posted By: James Allen  |  07 May 2012   |  11:22 am GMT  |  216 comments

Today we are launching JA on F1 Connect, THE gateway to F1 news and social media.

We hope it will prove to be a valuable tool for F1 fans and professionals alike as a one-stop shop where users can get a full picture of what’s going on in F1.

See the latest news from all the major news organisations and F1 websites as well as the latest postings on Facebook, You Tube and Twitter, all in one place.

Nowhere else can you take in all the latest F1 news and across social media platforms in one single visit to a website. It provides the eager fan and the busy professional with an instant window in on what’s going on in the world of F1 and helps the fans get closer to the sport.

Make it your default bookmark for the latest F1 news.

And with drivers and teams putting ever greater emphasis on their social media connections, this is the perfect moment to bring out a site which gives you the full, rounded picture of what’s going on.

The best bit is, like all the JA on F1 offerings, it’s completely free to use. We’ve developed it and are delighted that Pirelli has chosen to come onboard as the site sponsor.

And to celebrate the launch today we have a special giveaway package involving VIP hospitality and a behind the scenes tour of the F1 paddock – 2 Passes for the Paddock Club at next weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix, Barcelona. We’re bringing this to you in association with our friends at the leading Spanish site TheF1.com (Car and Driver).

It’s completely free to enter. To have a chance to win this fantastic opportunity go to (JA on F1 Connect) have a play with it and and then give us your feedback about it in the comments box below. If you have a friend who is attending the race, why not let them know about this chance for the ultimate upgrade?

We’ll then pick a winner at random tomorrow night (Tuesday). If selected, you must confirm that you are able to get to the Grand Prix in Barcelona on Saturday and Sunday and please note the passes are NOT TRANSFERABLE (so you cannot sell them on Ebay). You will need to provide ID on collection.

Here’s the package:

2 x Paddock Club passes for Spanish GP, Barcelona, Saturday and Sunday only, includes VIP hospitality, great views of the track and the pitlane and a behind-the-scenes tour of the F1 Paddock.

NB – Flights, Accommodation and transfers to and from the circuit are not included. The Paddock Club is the official F1 hospitality area. Access to the actual F1 Paddock is on an invitation basis and will be co-ordinated at the venue.

We will have another opportunity to win Paddock Club passes at two further Grands Prix, later in the season.

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great idea james.. One stop shop.


Love on first sight for me JA! Very innovative, very responsive to your readers - frankly quite impressive. I made my first visit and already read stuff i could not have had time to get to.


JA Very cool and WOW ....

Sally Watkins

Love the new JA.FI Connect site - brilliant idea to get all the F1 updates form news and social media all in one place - I'll be visiting regularly!!!

And hope I might win the Spanish GP prize too!


On top of giving us another great website with latest news on the world of F1, we get the chance to win fantastic prizes also.

Good luck to everyone entering the competition. It's a great oportunity to get really close to the cars, drivers, teams, equipment, track etc.

It will be a dream come true for the winner.

I'll try my luck on the next competitions.

Thanks to JAonF1 team.


Fantastic new site James, great addition to the features already offered on here. Do you think there is any chance of a mobile app (either Apple or Android) in the pipeline in the not too distant future? For me that would really set this site apart from the rest..


Excellent web site . Will save me a lot of time going to different web site as it looks like everything on this site .


Just bookmarked it to my iPad home screen

alex hofstetter

Looks nice. Like it. Already bookmarked.

If I win, I'll get to Barcelona.


It looks like a news scraper James.

Maybe I'm being unfair but Google already does this and I come here for your comment.


It's a separate site and the point is that it's better curated


Well this is certainly good news for me and I'm sure other f1 fans will say the same. No more trawling my exhaustive list of f1 websites now that it's all assembled in one place. I've also given my predictions for the spanish gp with pirelli's gpchallenge hack. Great job james!

Rene Sanchez Valle

Excellent idea James. Been waiting for something like this for a long time!

I hope you will include more websites, like F1SA, which has very good stories from time to time.

Keep up the excellent work! And looking forward to win those paddock passes!!!! 🙂



Joonas Rajaniemi

Clicking the link seems to lead to the mobile version and it took me a while to notice the link to the full version on the bottom of the page.

Showing news in two languages mixed is a bit confusing. Perhaps a filter for English / German would be in place? Also the posting time / share / tweet bar should be more visible in news and the news layout fine tuned, I prefer the structure used with Facebook and Twitter posts.

Mashing up all F1 news like this is a good idea. With those above mentioned adjustments this just might get starred and added to my bookmarks.

Where can I find the RSS?


We had a caching issue with the mobile version which has been fixed thanks. Only the homepage shows the news in all languages, as it displays the most recently collected articles. Everywhere else should be single language lists except for examples like the F1 Drivers where they tweet in different languages.

Klaas Backers

Hi james,

I want to enter the competition on your new site, but I don't find the Comments box?

Where exactly below is it?



You enter it here on the comments section of this post. Thanks

Seán Craddock

Congratulations James and everyone involved, that website looks really great. I love the way that when you see an article you want to read, it doesn't take you away to another site, it opens the article within JA on F1 Connect! Really cool feature.

The content is really good. I didn't even know all the teams had a YouTube page! Nice touch having the different filters on the Twitter feed, great for if u just want to hear from the journalists, or drivers etc. Also a great link with Pirelli that's really cool.

I would say that there could be a few more websites linked with it. I also would use BBC's F1 site for news, and I think it could also be nice to have GP2 and maybe GP3 news linked in with it as well.

Overall, it's a great site, and is now going to be my first bookmark for F1 news 😀

Juan Carlos Otaduy

Very good project, James. All the daily F-1 news since an exceptional point of view as yours and the link to Pirelli which helps to bring exclusive information about the key of 2012 season: tyres

Congratulations and all the best luck for JA.F1 Connect!

Cristina Ollas Garcia

Just ... AWESOME! ... the only thing I see wrong is not knowing before of its existence. It's gone direct to my Favorites. For my taste the most important thing in a website is the organization. It may have all the information you want but if you can not find it, it serves to nothing. This page is great, all organized in sections which are very clear . I really loved it ... a very great source ... Greetings!

Andrew Prevett

Seems a pretty reasonable aggregator. However I was a little baffled at the football story "CHARLES SALE: UEFA GIVE BANNED TERRY FREE REIN AT CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL" which doesn't seem all that relevant to F1!


Yes not all the papers have dedicated F1 feeds, so for some we have to use search/filter technology to try and get just the F1 ones. Occasionally you get something a bit odd as a result, and sometimes its just that they published a story in the wrong feed initially.


I know, but it has a story on Chelsea and Sauber F1 team in it a bit lower down. That's one of the things we can't get around with that column!

Andrew Prevett

Then again, having skimmed the article (football usually being anathema to me) there does seem to be a reference to the Sauber sponsor deal, I guess that's why it has appeared!

Must remember to read article before querying it!


Brilliant idea to have a one stop shop for all the F1 news. Bookmarked already!


Would be useful if we could filter the results to omit non English posts.


Awesome, love the news feed. One source of all information.


Thanks for the one stop shop James, you just keep raising the bar. Keep it up.


Very nice idea and works well.

When you click on a story as it doesn't fill the whole page how about having 'next' and 'previous' button on there so you can read other items without navigating back the the main page?

Like the way it covers all the top F1 media broadcasters/news organizations.

Maybe a link to Peter Windsor's site/twitter page would be good?

Nice feature with drivers girlfriend's twitter accounts.

As ever James, great quality, content and nicely layed out, and this is day one, so its only going to get even better.


There are prev/next buttons there already if you move your mouse over to the left or right center edge of the article you are looking at


You've gathered a nice bunch of info on your new site. Some details have to be polished yet, i.e. I was searching for "de la Rosa" on the news, and received some results about the Giro de Italia and the "Maglia Rosa" LOL. But the idea is very good, already in my favorites.



OK, thanks for pointing that out


Oh man this is such a good idea


Excellent. very nice job

Charles Littlewood

Great idea and really nicely designed. I've definitely bookmarked it.

Marcus Lindblom

connect.jamesallenonf1.com is an awesome one stop website for all f1 news. I think it´s really good and will be my next homepage as I´m a huge F1 fan. But I think it would be good to have option to sort news by language.


Under F1 news we do have the news sorted by language for you.


Thanks for that idea


Hi. The new section is great for collecting serious trustworthy news. I currently use a Google news alert to collect all the news, but it has too many crackpot sites in the results. Only problem with this one is it does not work well on my mobile when I click through to news story. Is there an Android app?


Its only been optimised for desktop so far but mobile versions are in the works. They require a slightly different approach to displaying articles and returning to the lists which we're still figuring out the best way to implement.


Hi James,

Another great addition to the James Allen online media empire!

Quickly scanning around the "connect" site it looks great. A couple of suggestions; I would consider expanding the number of websites the site links to for news. I understand many of the F1 sites around may lack credibility, but they do provide alternative views and have on occasion beaten some of the other more reliable sites to the very latest news. Perhaps consider adding a function for readers of your site to suggest websites to link to. If "connect" is to become my one stop shop for F1 news this increased number of sources for news would be a useful addition.

On the fans tweets section, it might be useful to add a one liner to explain how the tweets are picked up and filtered. i.e. all tweets with #f1 will be posted.

The layout is simple and self-explanatory.

Will there be a version specifically for mobile devices? The site would not open on my Blackberry.

Great Idea, well executed!

p.s. I confirm I am able to attend the Spanish GP if selected! so is my wife! 🙂


I like the concept.

I find the main content feed column to be difficult to browse. The high contrast between item header and preamble dominates over the text.

F1News: It would be great to see the source of the content already in the feed column. The thumbnail isn't very informative, would like to see it in text.

Would be great if the thumbnail was realted to the actual article. Right now it doesn't say much and doesn't add to the visual experience, but takes up valuable space.

It would be better to have position: fixed; on the content modal. When you scroll outside the content box, the modal moves.

Would be great to have a link for each item so one can open the articles in new tabs. That way one can open several articles and have them load in the background.

The videos opening in the modal is great!

I think the general idea is very good and with a bit more work on the rough edges it could be very useful!


Thanks for taking the time to give detailed feedback. The icon next to the article details is the twitter avatar of the news provider, and will take you directly to their website if you click it. In the facebook pages it takes you directly to the official facebook page, and its the same for the twitter accounts. We've tried to get a consistent look across the different news sources which is why its laid out like it is.

I've added the ideas for opening in new tabs and also to instapaper accounts to the feature wishlist. I'm going to try and do the same with the lightbox as well for the next/prev articles.


great news and congrats! i look forward to more of the top quality information and presentation that i have found here for over a year now. the content you write is well written, insightfull and very informative; and your technical team should be commended on continuing to have a site that functions without javascript (which is not enabled on my work notebook)


The new site looks amazing. So easy to see all the news per team / driver.


I like the new servis, but to make my final judgement I will need some time get usted to it. First impression are very positive.

One remark is about GP chellenge, I wanted to register, but my country isn't on the list (actually just 4 are), which is a big shame.


Well done James, yet again, some blue sky thinking, pushing the envelope, thinking outside the box and absolutely Bleeding edge!!

Love it. You are a legend.


Finally a decent f1 news site . Really good site which is on my favourites . Keep up the good work .


Looks very good, definitely been added to my bookmarks. I like the way you've categorised the sections, such as seeing only updates from journalists or drivers on Twitter.

Not sure why articles from sites such as Crash.net aren't included in the 'F1 News' section as they seem to fit there. I'd never heard of the Pirelli 'Autodrome' before - downloading it now!

Jaka Benedicic

James, great idea and great site!

Just one more thought - could you add some sort of 'read-it-later' funcionality, where you could mark interesting stories and keep them stored in a list or archive to read later?


Thanks, for that suggestion


First impressions? They're good.

Whilst I don't really sense I'm getting access to a wealth of new info I do see it having the potential to serve as a consolidated bookmark for all things F1. I'll have all my F1 links tidily sorted under one umbrella, so in that sense it's really useful.


Excellent new site :

As JA on F1 has developed, it has replaced, as my first port of call, a certain other site that charges a subscription to view all of it's content.

Your new site will probably become the default site for most English-Speaking F1 enthusiasts.

A great idea, well executed.

Well done !


You are definitely setting the bar to all the other F1 journalists (and beyond F1).

Keep on with the great work!


Superb! I've been waiting for someone to do this for ages!

This could well be the bible of F1 in the digital age!

Well done guys 🙂


Thanks Phil 🙂


Thanks for the effort, looks great, but unless there is an RSS feed for it, it's useless to me, unfortunately. RSS is *the* news aggregator protocol.


We aggregate RSS feeds on the site, but are not going to provide an aggregated RSS feed ourselves as it is against the terms of some of the feeds we use. It also is not possible to make a sensible feed for the many items that are created each day across all the social media sites.

We've tried very hard to improve on the RSS reader experience, and feel that this provides a great way of accessing all the content that is created for our readers.

Joe Pilkington

Tremendous! A brilliant new resource. Love the work you do, with such passion, James.


Looks slick and easy to use. News feed icon images dont seem to be displaying for me in Crome.

Would recommend adding "number of views" to news stories - see which ones are trending highest.

Will make use of it in the future


We plan to have a Top 5 or Top 10 Most Read for that reason.


This seems largely to replicate what my RSS feeds do. But I have to admit mine do not contain the newspaper articles.

The decision on how much story to show on the index page is difficult, I want to see all the headlines on one page, not have go to next page.

Suggest the para appears if you hover the cursor over the headline, then click = goto. Can you have the headline change either colour or style eg to italics when read? (after click)


I can tell you that there are over 100 different RSS feeds going into this site, as well as hundreds more verified youtube, facebook and twitter accounts. It took an awfully long time to get all that information together, and a lot of effort to figure out how to display it in an intuitive manner. Let us know how you get on after a few days 🙂


I have to say, this is something that we have needed for a very long time, and I am so glad it has come through you. Best part is, I can easily access it on my iPod as well, so anywhere I am, U have this at my fingertips, great work, keep it up James!

Once again, thanks,



A bit of an information overload for me. It's just my preference, but I prefer to follow rss feeds. My rss reader provides functions like read-later, star and share. But it is a good idea and, in the very least, it is a source of fresh sources.

What is really a show-stopper for me is that when I middle-button-click on a link, it opens in a frame instead of on a new tab. I like to open all the headlines that catch my eye and read one as the next loads.


Just realised I can right-click and select open in new tab, but that's one more action...


I'm changing it so that when you click the timestamp it will open the article in a new tab. I'm also trying to get the next article to 'pre-load' when you are viewing an article in the viewer, so you should no longer have to open many tabs.


Straight into the favotites toolbar. Thanks James. It's a better version of the BBC F1 Gossip column.

April Jackson

This seems easy to use. Knowing which website the news story comes from would be useful (some can be more reliable than others!).

The team view / news is great. The pictures in the search results section dont seem to work.

Maybe other blog links like Will Buxton's would be good too.

This is good!


THere is an icon which tells you what site it's from


Great Idea James! I don't follow every piece of F1 News (I leave that for my husband) the prospect of becoming more informed through your site rather than (t*t*lF1.com) is a great, I find that and other sites frustrating to navigate.

I feared your commitment to JAF1.com might diminish with the 5live deal. I'm happy I was very wrong!


A fantastic, easy-to-navigate site that has excellent compatibility with my smart phone. Information on the internet can be so dispersed, but tie makes it easy to digest all from one source.



What smartphone are you on?


I quite like the sections of Facebook and Twitter ... but I miss a mobile version or a specific app for iPhone and Android to be more comfortable navigation on mobile devices.


I like the mix of twitter and websites, that makes it better than TotalF1.

Having a "Next GP date / time" section would be handy - especially for the less advertised practise times.

Good job!


Thanks for the suggestion


James: An excellent idea but may I make two comments? 1. Most news aggregation sites give the source under the headline (where you have the tweet, etc line) so that you can decide immediately whether or not to read more. 2. If the headlines were a little smaller, more could be shown on the first screen you see, thus more variety and interest.

But as I said, excellent idea.


Great idea, it saves us going to lots of sites for a roundup of the latest news.

I especially like the fact that you are going to the sites from different countries. Quite often it is really interesting to read the same story from different countries !

Bravo !

george newton

Well done James finally I can stop hunting around all the other sites for all the news, easily accesible and as always from content your involved in top notch, good luck to the other entrants. Pit access is the best.


Great One stop Shop... Keep up the good work, and feeding us with the information we thrive on...


So what's this rumour of Mercedes GP quitting F1?? How likely is it, even if they don't get a seat on the future F1 board?

matthew cheshire

It must irritate Mercedes that Ferrari get special treatment at every turn. I respect Mercedes for playing their hand. They shouldn't be in F1 if they aren't prepared to compete on and off the track.


It's a powerful threat. Also a way of establishing how much F1 needs them. Their engines are quite important too, let's not forget....



Eccellent site, very informative. I generally check updates throughout the day at work so would like all the major stories in one place. As at the moment I flick from your site, BBC F1 as I like Gary Anderson views, planet F1, Autosport and Sky Sports.

One question Will the new site eventually supersed this site?

Looking forward to winning the competition! 🙂




No, they serve two very different purposes. They compliment each other, as here we provide insight and depth and there we provide a rounded picture of what's being said in the news


Great idea! But one problem is that the same stories tends to be repeated several times. And a language filter would be nice, too (I understand neither French nor German.)

matthew cheshire

definitely a good step. JAF1 is first on my list anyway- but no need to look much further now.

But what are the criteria used to select the links? Do we assume JA agrees with each story, or should conflicting/tenuous stories be included to show a full picture?

- Is the aim to illustrate what is in the media, or catch more information about F1? Unfortunately they aren't quite the same thing.

James' observations and the reader comments are two of the main strengths of JAF1. If both could be incorporated in JA Connect, it would be far superior to any other site. Perhaps the title bar could have a comments link that James would kick off with his observation. A short "sounds spurious" or "there is more of this story to come" would be fine. Sorry about the extra workload for the Moderator!


The aim is to provide a place where you can go at any moment and get a rounded snapshot of what's being written and said in F1.


One other thing can you do more updates on the technical side similar to Garry Anderson on BBC as I find these very interesting and I'm sure many others would.


There is a plan for that. Hopefully in the not too distant future


Fantastic one stop shop. As mentioned above, would really like more on the technical analysis. On the driver side, it would be nice to see more on the technical side of the differing styles of the drivers, and how they get the best out of their cars. For example, I remember seeing the pole setters ghost on some tv feeds some time ago, which allowed you to compare the different lines the driver was taking.


Thanks James, great new site!

It's nice to be able to get the bite-size news snippets in between the main articles on the main http://www.jamesallenonf1.com site.

Fingers crossed I will be lucky to get the Spanish Grand Prix prize! I'm a life-long F1 fan, but never had the opportunity to attend in person.

If I may, quick suggestion on the http://connect.jamesallenonf1.com/ site. A few of the articles are in different languages.

Would it be possible to use (or route the request through) the Google "auto-translate" functionality?

Keep up the great work!


Always appreciate a good aggregator.

A couple of things:

When landing on the page, it isn't apparent which tab you're on- meaning that the News isn't highlighted.

The tabs disappear on refresh, would be best if they didn't.

Move search to above Facebook interview, or to someplace more central.

Thumbnails, as another user mentioned, are a bit off, but you may not be able to do anything about that.

Overall, I like the breakout by content type (you tube, etc...)- that's a big win. And the addition of more technical information, as mentioned in the post above, will be great. It might be worth its own tab.

Thanks for all the work!


What else can wesay but thanks JA!

The site functions very well on my iPad and I am happy to hear this site will continue to be a focus for your own articles 🙂


Excellent work in this new venture. After following you "for ever" I wish you the best of success, because selfishly we all benefit. You are one of F1 biggest assets. Thank you James.


Very useful. Would benefit from being able to sort by language.


Brilliant. Any chance of an android app? Keep up the good work


Good stuff, are you including stories of other jurno's? Didn't see Joe Saward's latest post listed.


Looks good! Having some issues reading through the popup windows on iPad though. Otherwise great way to collate various news sites in one place- good work!


Unfortunately that's Steve Jobs deciding that you're not allowed to scroll in popup windows on the ipad. I know its not ideal, so I'll see if we can get them to open in new tabs instead.


You can scroll by using 2 fingers to scroll up or down on any iOS device like iPhone/iPad. Called multi finger gesture.


Its not supported on all versions of iOS, so we're trying to change it so it opens in a new tab instead.


What can we say?, excellent James!

You are doing the sport a great service by making it so accessible to the fans.

Thank You

Any chance to publish the tweets from some of the team guys & girls as well as the official team tweets? They often have insights that make you feel involved.

(PS You need to get Pirelli to check a couple of their links, last two pages have since been removed it seems)


What an excellent website - I spent a good while trying to think of any areas for improvement and I really don't think I can.

So much news all in one place. Fantastic!!!


Very good indeed, James.

It´s comprehensive and very easy to use. I also tried to view on my Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc and it works brilliantly on that platform too.

Good work


As I click, two of the first four stories relate to MotoGP and football.

To be THE go to one-stop-shop, you'll need to filter out the non-F1 stories more effectively than that.

Also the list of drivers in the middle column seems oddly ordered (starts off listing team mates side-by-side, then jumbles up the second half).

Other than that, I think I will be using it a lot.


Looks good James, but the first few headlines were football related 🙁 Hopefully just a glitch!


Christian Brunini

great site, RSS would make it even better!

Tornillo Amarillo

Three comments:

1. Great idea of JAonF1Connect, I love that, thanks!

2. Please only in English... Don't like to lose time searching for the good articles, because Internet is also about speed.

3. I should put your website JAonF1 as a HOME, and not among other websites, because I come here to read you, and after I can check other sites and pages, in that order.


Interesting, we had it like 3 in the beta test version and changed. We will review that if other similar comments come back

Thanks to everyone for the constructive feedback. Really appreciate it.


Hi James,

Your new website JA on F1 Connect is fantastic, it really is a one-stop shop for the word of F1. I like it so much it's my laptop's new 'Home Page'. 🙂

One little criticism... the link to your forum JAonF1 is tucked away in the Websites section. I know that my first stop in JA on F1 Connect will be your forum. Perhaps you should consider direct link from Links Bar at the top of the home page?

Apart from that the site is great - very easy to navigate - and a goldmine of information and the adverts aren't very evasive. The Twitter feed section is fantastic - will save be hours of searching for the latest gossip. 🙂

I'm ready to go to Spanish GP - bag packed, refreshing the Ryanair webpage to book flights. 🙂




I have no need to go anywhere else on the internet. Everything i need is all here! 🙂


I've been investigating a little bit this new website, and I have to say it's quite impressive! Really handful to have practically all sources of F1 info in one place. I guess it requires a lot of time and effort, keep it up 😉

I was going to suggest some ideas, but I have already found them on the website! It is quite big... By the way I think it's lacking some info on the following race (like days remaining, predicted forecast...), and a F1 races calendar (I think I didn't find it).


You'll find all that on the blog...


Strong work JA. An iphone app will be fantastic. Thanks for being on the cutting edge and for the transformative changes you are bringing to f1.


Great new site! I am a big fan of the selected tweets (http://twitter.jamesallenonf1.com/) site you have along with this blog. F1 Connect is a great addition to your ever expanding methods of connecting F1 to it's fans!

Dominic Barker

Looks great and seems to work as intended, which means its going to save me a lot of effort! I'll be recommending it to a couple of friends who keep asking me for the latest F1 news because they're too lazy to search around - now they'll have no excuse!


New site looks awesome James, something I will definitely try out the next couple o weeks. Prob. worth a bookmark 😉


Great stuff James - I usually use my iPhone to do this, but now I can do it in a browser! Is there any plans for an iPhone app?

My only comment regarding the design as that I felt the news stories when in the list should take up 2/3rds of the section and leave 1/3rd for the other bits and bobs which are less important (assuming people are going there to read the news presented by other sites)

The overlay news reader is a great touch, and using arrow keys to navigate makes me think someone designed this who has some common sense unlike most sites! 🙂

Even more reason to visit here daily now!


Looks great so far.

Is there any way of building in a translation of the non-English websites?


I really like the videos section in particular - all the awesome F1 material put together in one place. It's like Youtube without the risk of having your favorite video blocked 🙂


Very good idea, I'm checking daily about 4 or 5 different sites for news so this is fantastic!

I tend to use JAF1, BBC, Sky, and ESPNF1 so that's the only one that seems to be missing and they're usually on the pulse with new stories so maybe include that?

Other than that, great idea, slick looking page, I think it'll go down very well with fans!


We separated out 'F1 News' (newspapers, broadcasters) who tend to do daily updates from 'Websites' which tend to have more frequent updates, as you'd miss a lot of the news stories if they were all in the same list. You'll find ESPN under the Websites menu.


Look forward to the iPhone app! 😉

Great stuff...but the idea has definitely been around for a while...am using "Paddock" for iPhone which consolidates all F1 news from all major sites into one dashboard.


Great idea now the only thing left to do is a JA on F1 app for phones


Here here - a JA.F1 connect app (do iphone first lol)


Ridiculously good.

This is effectively all I use Twitter for but having a single, unadulterated feed of all F1 news in one place is a hell of a lot better. Not only that but having so many different categories allows you to streamline it even more.

Could make searching the site a little more of a feature but that couldn't be a more minor grumble.

Great to see Pirelli involved, more good work from them AND of course the JA team.



Just accessed the new site through flipboard (app) and the site looks great. All the news in 1 place and the timeline works really well

Congrats on another great site


As an avid user of the social media for all things F1, this is a quite excellent resourse for quickly moving around the web to track the latest news and stories.

Would have been awessome last week when we were at the test in Mugello, to get quick and up to the minute information

Well done JA


PS F1fanatic.co.uk might be a worthy addition. some excellent articles on there from keith


It's there under websites


Ah yes - under F1 bloggs

Alberto Martínez

Awesome idea James...I didn´t see this coming so what a fantastic suprise!

I view this as a great way of having all the information related to F1 at only one click, particularly important nowadays that everyone in the paddock seems to post things through their twitter and facebook accounts.

If you follow with this trend of coming up with brilliant ideas, your website it´s going to be the most valuable source of information, period.

I´ve been reading your reports for serveral years now, but today it´s the first time I have decided to comment on it (by the way, I´m spanish, so sorry for my writing mistakes in advance).

Keep on going this way!


Great looking site and handy to have all the news in one place! Only one small criticism that the pop up windows don't work very well on iPhone.


Excellent job Allan, will visit on a daily basis.

Is it in your plan a customizable view as in 'My Autosport'?

There's a lot of info and some user customizable filtering might be good.


Thanks so much to everyone for all the useful criticisms and 'likes' of other features of the Connect site. It's really important to me and to Simon, my developer who has responded to many of your comments here, that we build something which meets the demands of the end users.

We are reviewing many of the suggestions

Jamie Cottage

Looking really good will be using this in future thanks James!


Finally! A decent site that glues together the various F1 news and feeds all in one, easy-to-navigate site.

For all too long I have suffered glaring looks from my boss and colleagues as I spend the first 30 minutes at my desk in the morning, and again after lunch, working my way through my many F1 related bookmarks looking for the latest news and gossip. Now one simply click will provide me with a sap shot as all the gathering appears to have been done for me.

Well done James, and great to see companies such as Pirelli and UBS getting behind your initiatives and helping make F1 closer and more accessible then ever before.


Nice new website. Planet F1 has some great articles which may be worth including. Pity I can't speak German, spanish, French etc as I'd love to read some of the foregn TV articles. You can never have too much news when it comes to F1. Thanks James.


Could news from foreign websites be posted through some translation software? Some of the Italian F1 news provides quite a different (and entertaining) perspetive


Aha..So it is. Hopefully I'll soon know the new website inside out.



Brilliant idea!

My only comment is you need to add Scarbs to the F1 blog section to class it as complete.


Hi James, great site. One stop site to keep updated. Just a comment, maybe a more accurate view for mobile devices will be great. Popups are not very friendly for these devices.




Hi James! Excellent stuff on the new site. Would like to see some live stuff as well (like live timming on the races).


This is simply fantastic. I normally go through the daily ritual of checking all the F1 websites and RSS feeds. JAF1.Connect offers all that and more under the same site. The site is perfect but if I may make a suggestion that would be to display some the RSS feeds of the more popular feeds on the homepage as tiles so that you have a convenient snapshot of news on the homepage itself. Perhaps another suggestion would be to use the real estate on either side a bit more effectively rather than it being left blank. The tiles of information could adapt according to screen size. This site is now my homepage.


Interesting ideas, thanks!


It looks good, but it's not fast or responsive enough to replace my RSS feeds.


The RSS feeds are checked every 10 minutes currently, and so should be faster than many free readers. The tweets and facebook posts are added within seconds. Its about as real-time as we can make it given the number of feeds processed, but I'm always trying to make it faster!



James hit the nail on the head about its attraction in an early reply - it is curated, helping us all with a single point of access to the latest and greatest F1 news!

Really pleased with what I've seen so far.

(Can definitely get to Barcelona!)


There are many sites I surf weekly to find out what's going on around f1 and this could well stop my current practice.

I didn't like the 3 columns of information, call me old school but not sera rating articles can makes things harder to digest. I think that the grey article sections with whit lines at the end of the article previews are easier on the eye.

I honestly like the way you set out this site however. What would be the harm of the most newest article taking centre stage horizontally under your banner and for the width of it? Then showing a pic, preview and other relevant links? Just a thought.

I love being able to customize things. A little like what google can do for your home screen. You can choose what you want to see. Ie, just looking across there, there's an article on Stoner - but I only want F1, red bull, Mark Webber and Renualt. That would enable a viewer to consume your information how they want.

I believe that you podcast is an integral part of the site and maYbe higher up the site? You could have a rollover that shows the. Most recent 3/5 podcasts.

I'm big on Formula 1 dream team and I believe a lot of the UK is too - some recent points for teams/drivers would be pretty cool. 😉

You have probably already considered it, but if you want to be a one stop shop - why not show the points for the season per driver etc? I'm always looking for that and its some times a pain to go to F1.com for it.

Not sure this is the feedback you want - but so keen to try for those paddock passes - once in a life time to me.




Good Idea james.

Any update on Merc quitting F1??...not yet??

personally I think their dissent is understandable!!

waiting for your view on that


Just had a brief look at the new site. Very impressed with all the news in the one place. Had to leave quickly though as I am packing already(just in case!!) Need to be ready as I am going to have to get on the next plane from here in Perth, Western Australia.

Good seeing you on Ten's telecast James. Would be better to meet you in person in Spain.

Adrian Brigden

I really like the look of the site, even looks good on my little netbook. The only thing I'd suggest is perhaps an admin flagging the more interesting stories, or alternatively allowing users to rate items a la reddit or digg. Otherwise, spot on.


Hi James!

The new page looks great. I especially like the idea of merging all the facebook and twitter accounts of teams, drivers etc.

The only bad side I see is the fact that drivers' surnames are not written with capital letters at their beginnings. It looks strange to me.

Congratulation on the new site!


Love the idea of going to Barcelona paddock club...also the new website is a nice touch!


Hi James

Great idea, simple - i like it.

If I win (may be too late by now) I'll get to barcelona...........unless my wife's gone into labour by then!




Excellent. So easy to scan all the news and pick out what you want to read. The Pirelli videos are great - something i'd never seen before.

Stefan Rheinwald

One stop shop. Great product as always. Thanks James


fine site. Would be nice if it could be personalized, just choosing the information that one is the most interested about in the welcome page 🙂


Corking site James, it will become my first port of call.


Combines the many sites I currently check with many I'd have never thought of.

Great idea, certainly the new first place to go for F1 news.


hi james,

just wanted to say I am loving this new feature! I usually spend my free time going to each f1 based site like autosport or bbc f1 and have a read on there, but this so far seems to be a much better way of viewing it all. it looks good too, much better then the new bbc sport site.


Hi James,

A great addition and really smart thinking to pull all the media into one place.

All the best,



Good aggregation site. Maybe I miss some contribution from users. Voting or something like that that help us to focus the in most interesting content.


Really like the voting idea! maybe voiting on story interest or crediblity

Maybe, "like" or "Groan" like on you tube



As a relative newbie to F1 I have always found your website to be very informative and so easy to use, I definatly think that going to Spain will teach me anything I dont know about F1!! and would be great to meet you after watching you on the TEN Australia telecast.

Thanks Shane


Nice Aggregation. You could also add other languages sources, such as drivers blogs, sites, etc. And then classify them by language.

Gareth Taylor


The amount of channels available for F1 news and gossip can be overwhelming - this new site will help keep the avid fan across all the latest news.

I really appreciate the growth of this website; the monthly podcasts are a welcome addition - JAonF1 is my 'go to' place on the web for all F1 related content. JAonF1 'Connect' will only enhance my expereince!!


Been using this all morning on and off, and it's even better than I first thought.

I can get to all my usual sources (and a few new ones) really easily and also post comments without having to open an explorer page and enter their sites.

It really is quite superb

All you need extra is twitter for #f1 fans comments - I guess this would be a bit tricky to manage through this site with regularly 50-60 tweets a minute.


Very nice site. I love it.

Stephen Kellett

1) Could be useful having all the news in one place.


2) I suspect most of your readers can read English (even if it is not their first language) but I'd very surprised if many can read German or another language. Why not pass the non-English pages through Google Translate then do the screen scraping?

3) I don't understand why non-F1 subjects such as Football and Motorcycle racing are in your F1 news. For me (and no doubt many others) these are not interesting topics. I'm sure some folks do like football etc, but surely reading about that would be better in the context of a football news site? Much as I have a passing interest in motorcycle racing I have no interest in reading about in on an F1 site (just as have no interest in reading about BTCC racing here either).

4) The news occupies less than half the width of the screen. On a small screen device (pixels (notebooks) or small physical screen (mobile)) this is a real waste of space. Please do away with the filler and give more space to the news.

Overall its a good idea. Folks don't have to trawl all over. But I'd like you to consider the points above. I think I'll stick to JAF1 and JoeSaward as my main reading point until I can see the above points getting addressed.

Zuzanna Ilnicka

It is really useful to have all information and opinions in one place! What a great idea! Huge effort to keep up though!


Just wondered if anyone can help. i live in hingham and been a fan of f1 for many years and would love a chance to tour the factory in hingham before the relocation could someone point me in the right direction. many thanks

Chris Stewart

Nice idea, and well implemented, but I can't help but fell it's a little cluttered in terms of layout i.e. could be cleaner, but just my opinion.

More technical articles would be appreciated e.g. Scarbs F1.

Get Scarbs and Joe Saward signed up and I'd probably not visit another site


Saward is there. Just added Scarbs


I think the idea is great - one place to see all the news. Seldom I look for a news without starting at JAonF1, now it might be connect!


Like it, bookmarked it!


Hi James,

Love the new site.

A couple of comments if I may:

The feeds being used for the Caterham and Mercedes team news don't appear to have been updated in the last 6 months. Are there newer ones available ro is this down to the teams?

Also it would make for easier navigation if the sub menus remained once the main item on the menu had been selected - it would save you having a large empty grey line at the top as well.

Keep up the good work guys!


You are correct, neither team offer an RSS feed currently. If you can persuade them to implement one we'll add it as soon as its available!

Good idea about the submenus, thanks


Technical Info explaining the real detail of how F1 works (similar to the scarab site), plus how about a section discussing/explaining some of the more 'current' rules that have been enforced/missed (the recent Rosberg/Hamilton/Alonso overtaking issue) being a good example?


But apart from that, and an IOS/Android app, then the site both looks and works very well....on the favourite list replacing 2 or 3 other sites...


Great idea. The perfect one stop shop!



Really enjoy the website and commentary on what's going on the behind the scenes in F1.

New addition looks great, I had a routine to view news but having one website that combines news with all of the facebook and twiter posts will be very useful!


Looks great but you REALLY need to add a mobile version (maybe you already do but I missed it?).

I'm assuming it is because of advertiser commitments you have but it's the one thing which puts me off your site(s).

The majority of your hits I would imagine are are driven by the news/opinion content you have (which is GREAT) but some of the other bloggers out there (Joe Saward's blog for example) make their content much more moby friendly.


Very nice. Even nicer if you can get a iPhone app running for it!


Hi James,

Good site.

It could be interesting to add some RSS functionality for each feed.




Brilliant initiative and welcome addition to the website James - thank you.

Can only echo other comments above that an auto-translate function would be useful to assist the coverage coming from non-English language sources.

Finally, I can confirm that there is excellent compatibility with the Blackberry Playbook browser.


Cool. Thanks for the heads up on that

Sujay Rajagopalan

Great place for all the news and activities surrounding F1. Still a lil bit of Glitches I experienced but guess this wud be over come soon.

Gud Job and Many Thank JA.



Out of interest is there a cost model behind the site? Will JAF1 generate income on click throughs to other sites?

does the revenue from sponsorship of the site actually generate an icome or simply satisfy maintance costs?

Whilst there is a wealth of money in F1 you often get the feeling it doesn't filter down to the independant media very well.


Excellent idea, James. Already bookmarked it.

Excellent Spanish friends as well, the guys at TheF1com. Their site is fantastic. Give great live coverage not only of GPs but also of pre season tests. Their twitter account is probably the best available in Spanish for F1 news and comments.

Keep up the good work.


Overall it seems cool.

I find the "tweets" and "videos" parts most useful and "team news" is also nice.

"f1 news" is ok, although i believe many would learn about those articles from their preferred sports sites (big-international like bbc or local) or facebook/twitter.

The right-hand side of the site is pretty clogged up with pirelli ads, which is somehow understandable. In my opinion "recent articles" and "drivers" should be moved upwards; "teams" maybe merged with "team news" and "news archive"-calendar made more pretty (i haven't seen something like it, and it looks useful, just not sleek enough).

Also you really should make more left-hand news visible with the page in top position, because there are only 2 visible "team news" in my screen and 3,5 "tweets". Maybe shrink the top picture or remove some gaps and spaces.

Thanks for the new site and the contest of course!



Thanks James, all the benefits of News Now, but with Social Feeds and official team news into the mix as well. Nice work!


Good site, however aggregation doesn't seem to work for "Daily Mail" (showing football).

Would be good to be able to see more headlines when you click on "F1 News", otherwise its a nice site.


It's a column with F1 in it as well as other sports. We'll try to address that


Thanks for the site, its really useful and looks great, although I do not think my boss will appreciate as already spend far too much time reading your site and not doing my work...

As has been mentioned above the site is not mobile optimized and it seems it might be quite data hungry.

If you do create android/iphone apps could you include a feature that uses the front facing camera to detect if your boss has creaped up behind you then automatically puts the phone on sleep? I realise this may not be useful for everyone but would definitely help me out!

If I win the comp I look forward to making my mates compete with each other to decide who gets the spare ticket! 😀 I'm thinking a time trial on the f1 game is the only fair way to decide!


Thanks for another great idea, James.

I've been playing around a bit in the new site and only have 1 suggestion: since there are many news with similar information (ie. Schumi complaining about the Pirelli tyres), it would be good to group them together under the same headline.


I like the new format, it's a great one stop shop for up to date news without having to check other sites. This may be accidental but it's also perfectly formatted for iphone usage. Fanantics like myself now have an easy resource for keeping on top of F1 news.

Good going James 🙂 Next thing will be an actual app?


Love it! Don't have much in the way of feedback other than I like very much the various groupings you have established. It's great being able to focus on the latest news via team etc.

Would love bringing my hubby to his first F1 race if we won too! (and believe me, we are available 🙂 )


Hi James!

It's a great website, I might start visiting it instead of my current favourites. I love the compilation of all f1 twitters! Wish you luck!

If you want any suggestions, I would create a place with most important pieces of information - like race results, any major changes in teams etc. Anyways, it looks like a useful website 🙂

By the way, is there any chance that one would be able to listen to your f1 coverage on BBC Radio outside UK?


Seems like its got everything a F1 fan will ever need. Plenty of news and interesting videos, plus its easy to navigate.

It will definitely be the first place I go regarding F1 from now on!

Great job and keep up the good work!! 🙂


hi james

first post on here, really like what you've done with the place. looks futuristic, love it! will you do a mobile app?





As I think a few others have mentioned, iPhone or Android apps would be a great idea, most of the time I look at this site it is on my phone on the way to work and an app would be much better!


It is a really great website, very comprehensive! Maybe you could include 'fans forum on F1' as one of the features? 🙂


thanks for another great addition to the site james! (Would LOVE to go to barcelona by the way, so would my dad...)


Congratulations on the new undertaking James!

Absolute best of luck with it!!

I'm just waiting for the JAonF1 app [hint hint wink wink].


Stupendous stuff, James.

Love @ 1st sight!

Great vision to bring this together on a single platform

Barca, here I come!

Sufyaan Patel

Hi James,

Hopes theres still time to enter the competition :$

Either way, I'm really impressed with the new site, its excellent! We've already got the brilliant JAonF1.com at our disposal and the new Connect site has really taken it up a level. It seems that I'm no longer going to have to jump from one site to another for latest news, this will be my 1-stop shop for up to date and genuine news 😀

James, I've followed your articles/news for quite a while now (since '98) and have noticed your emphasis on bringing F1 closer to the fans. This new site really ticks all the boxes and to be honest, I felt JAonF1.com brought us very close too with many opportunities and a chance to interact.

Finally, a big thanks to you and your team... and you are very kind to offer it without a fee. I, and I'm guessing this can count on behalf of many fans, really appreciate it that you have gone the extra mile.


Sufyaan 🙂


At last, a single solution to me keeping a long list of F1 Favorites on my Internet Browers and phones 🙂

Thanks james, great innovation....


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