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Posted By: James Allen  |  26 Apr 2012   |  5:03 pm GMT  |  116 comments

Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo this week sat down with the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, for a two-hour meeting during a visit to the world famous Stanford University in California, where he was giving a lecture to students.

The heads of two of the world’s most truly global brands came together for a lengthy discussion to chew the fat on their respective company’s ideas and visions, as well as sharing insight on strategy and management styles.

Although the industries of racing and car production and consumer electronics and computers might seem far apart in many aspects, Montezemolo – who also met the heads of Google at the conference which took place in the heart of the biggest market for Ferrari’s road cars – found Ferrari and Apple shared several core values including “attention to the brand, exclusivity, attention to the people, attention to the environment”.

The Italian shared details of his discussion with Cook during the course of his talk to the audience of 600 students and afterwards said: ”I was impressed by his availability and openness. We’re building cars, they build computers. But Apple and Ferrari are connected by the same passion, the same love for the product, maniacal attention to technology, but also to design.”

Interestingly, Montezemolo also drew a parallel between the role he played in transforming Ferrari’s fortunes on his return to Maranello in 1991 on both the race track and in the road car division with that of Apple’s Steve Jobs, the company’s revered co-founder who died last year.

In 1997, the year Jobs rejoined the company, Apple’s shares were worth just $3.19. The subsequent success of its computers, phones and tablets over the next 15 years meant its shares recently hit $644, with the company now the world’s most valuable. Montezemolo paid fulsome tribute during his speech: “When you’ve got a leader in a company like Steve Jobs, people have big respect and big gratitude for what he’s done.”

He was said to have gleaned an insight into Apple’s methods and goals and, according to Wired magazine, added in his talk to the students on his own management style and ethos: “Vision is something crucial for your people.” Give them clear goals, clear priorities and give everyone the possibility to grow up [internally].”

The meeting was described by Ferrari as “friendly”, as opposed to having any specific business agenda, although the discussion between Montezemolo and Cook is nonetheless bound to create some excitement in both industries.

Montezemolo’s chief F1 concern at the moment remains ensuring the team gets back to a more competitive level, Stefano Domenicali having revealed earlier this week that the president was “studying at first hand” the on-going process of changing the working practices and operations at Maranello.

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Behind the Scenes at the track
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I wish Apple would care for its customers in South Africa!


A little clarity on that statement would be helpful ...


Sure! Instead of coming to SA and selling their products, they have contracted a local company to 'represent, them. The local company of course simply marks everything up ridiculously high and then provides almost no back up service.

So if like me, you go into an 'iStore' (which looks like an iStore but is not at all connected with Apple Inc) and buy an iMac and then have a hard drive failure, you will discover the local company keeps no spare parts what so ever (company policy as told to me personally by the company director) and will order and import by SEA, your single part. (After 1 month my part was still not in their repair department)

What this means is that Apple Inc get to sell their products in South Africa without being responsible for their customers in South Africa. Me (for example) and my iMac are simply not Apple Inc's responsiblity at all.

And in SA an iPhone is over $1000!

Apple Inc either does not know what is goin on in SA or does not care. Either way its not good...


I bought an iPhone 4S in Malaysia, Borneo. I had no idea you had to go all the way back there to fix it because I live in China. The Apple service told me to pay $1000 and go back to borneo and fix my speaker which was broken by mannufacturer error.

Sometimes Apple really doesnt care...


Interestingly, is McLaren that seems to be the team that share Apple's vision regard cutting edge technology in its own area — not Ferrari.

In fact, Ferrari is in the middle o big struggle to cope with that modern F1 — which relies almost all its development in ultra modern simulators.

Tim Cook should visit McLaren QG. He would fall in love...


My Grandma knows what Ferrari is but has no clue what McLaren is. The same thing applies to an indio in Tapachula. Ferrari is a global brand, McLaren is not.


Show me a McLaren road car looking as good as this Ferrari

Or as good as this one maybe:

I thought so..


Lord have mercy...that first one is just as nasty as it wants to be. The second one is a classic of classics. FORZA FERRARI!


The Enzo Ferrari quote is no myth, source is Classic Car Review 1964, written by Sean Curtis.

My second point was simply that I feel the Jaguar Company of the 1960's probably has more in common with McLaren than it has with Ferrari, both being born from British engineering backgrounds - and yes, I know Bruce McLaren was a Kiwi.


Just remember what Enzo Ferrari' thought was the most beautiful car he had ever seen - the Jaguar E-type.

Not sure where that fits in the Apple - Ferrari - McLaren line up, but I suspect mostly the latter!


I have heard the myth of Ferrari saying that about the E type, but no-one has ever stepped forward and been quoted about it.

When you think of some of the Ferraris that had been manufactured before the E Type, I find it hard to give credence to that "quote"

I just didn't understand your last sentence.

If you're suggesting that EF wold have described the Mclaren products as the most beautiful, well, I'm sorry, both the F1 and the MP4/12C have never been described as beautiful.


They've only got two! And i'm sure you already know what they look like!


Or the 330P4?

Matter of interest, what's the first picture of?


I believe its a new prototype. Found it on a few weeks back.


Ferrari, was about passion over technology. There is not the best of the best, but everybody experience Ferrari as something with soul.

McLaren was about technology over passion, pure efficiency, no soul.

Apple was set up by a genius (with all the goods and bad of a genius). Apple is pure efficiency with soul. No one can compare with. (at least up to now)

The only three things all three have in common is their respective founder is no longer running the company.


I mean, McLaren built 1 or 2 road cars (products) in its entire history. Which 99,999% of people are not even aware of their existence.

Can it even be mentioned on the same sentence with Apple and Ferrari as brands?

I do not think so.


Agreed. Ferrari need to embrace the digital age. But it's hard to be passionate about computers. There was a rumor that a formula 1 team will fail this year for financial reasons. I've always wondered if a US team might pick up the pieces. With two GPs in the US it would make good sence. Given that F1 is significantly different to Indy cars it would make a good marketing opportunity for a brand like apple (Indy cars has a NASCARish red neck stereotype ) it would certainly go along way to providing a Motorsport intrest for those who don't like the appeal or image of Indy or NASCAR. Just thinking out loud here...


I would agree that Indycar is no F1, but your statement that "Indy cars [sic] has a NASCARish red neck stereotype" is completely off the mark. Indycar may appeal to a certain segment of the population of the southern US, but it also appeals to the urban and more technologically sophisticated sectors of the US population. The reverse is significantly less true. Again, Indycars are not as sophisticated as F1, but they are leaps and bounds more sophisticated than NASCAR cars. Many of us non-redneck, never get caught dead in deliverance country types, could care less about NASCAR, but do pay attention to Indycar and even go to a couple races a year. Perhaps you should do your thinking more quietly...


[mod] Still though if HRT or Mercedes pull out of the sport it might be nice to see an american company buy them out. Lockheed-Martin racing might be good! excellent engineering base and cashed up.
Its hard to judge culture and market places on the other side of the world which is exactly why i do my thinking on blogs like this


LOL, Apple is not about cutting edge technology it is about image & brand.


Well, that cannot be entirely true as the typical Apple way of doing things is to invest in factories which manufacture next generation technologies and Apple takes exclusive rights for that investment. A few years later others follow, but by then Apple has moved on. Just look at the materials they use..


And Apple products are hardly exclusive!


They basically invest in a few years old technologies, stick a hipster badge (apple) on it and call it innovating.

It's like say a restaurant creates a new dish, wonderful, new and exciting; it wows a small consumer base. Word of mouth spreads and then a Supermarket or a foods brand catches wiff of it, makes its own version and the rest of the country praises the supermarket for their ingenuity.

tom in adelaide

Exactly. I like Apple products, but the technology is never cutting edge. They just improve the user interface.


i would re-phrase that to be "user experience", not just interface, becuase if you meant user interface only, then you dont really understand Apple and its business model.


Yeah, unlike Microsoft .... (and yes, I am being facetious ...)



I use an Apple Macbook, have an Iphone 4s and listen to music on my ipod.

If you mean cutting edge as something that needs restarting all the time, where countless manufacturers produce a PC or laptop which means Microsoft is forever issuing patches to clear bugs in their system, you can keep it.

I buy products which make my life easier and ultimately, it is about the user interface.

I would hazard a guess that most people do not use even 20% of their computers technical ability.

I have never had a virus attack my laptop, or it freeze mid operation. To set it up when I bought it, took about 20 minutes.

My wife, who wanted a Windows laptop, it took over 3 hours to install the systems and anti virus software.

Before anyone suggests maybe I don't understand these machines fully, I'm a qualified Cisco Network engineer with a Computer Science degree behind me.


I'd have to respectfully disagree, McLaren seem to lack passion and charisma, something which Apple and Ferrari share in abundance. Also, with the exception of the ugly noses on the F1 cars this year, Ferrari have more in common with Apple in terms of the elegance of design and merging beautiful form with excellent function. I'm thinking more about the Ferrari and McLaren road cars here. McLaren make a functionally great car there is no doubt but I wouldn't describe them as beautiful in the sam way as a Ferrari.

As a complete user experience, Ferrari and Apple share similar goals. McLaren is more like Google Android devices, great spec but lacking in overall experience.


Poppycock! Mclaren are synonymous with beauty in design. Everything they do is an effort to achieve perfection. It therefore follows that beauty is inherent in their designs. You speak of Mclaren lacking the "cutting edge". Well you don't see Ferrari designing stuff for NASA to send to Mars do you?

F2012 pug ugly and slow.
MP4 27 beautiful and quick.



McLaren and Apple are very similar.

Ron Dennis is McLaren's Steve Jobs. Both are egomaniacs, both happy to take credit for other's work, both would stomp on your throat for not submitting to their companies philosophies.


Montezemolo is so full of bull claiming credit for the success of the race team after 1991. It was Brawn and Byrne who Schumacher brought in together with Jean Todd that were responsible and it's clear from Pat Fry's assessment earlier this month that Ferrari and Montezemolo learned nothing from that period.

If you discount the Team Schumacher years, because it really wasn't Team Ferrari, then they've scored just 1 championship since 1979. They're not remotely as good as they think they are. Remember this is the only team arrogant enough to have sacked two world champions. They remind me of what someone said about the old Ligier team: "You always had the feeling that even when they were winning they didn't know why..."

Steve Jobs wouldn't have given him the time of day.


Williams has a better record of sacking F1 champions I believe - Mansell, Hill, Villeneuve.


Hi Ron,

you could consider Williams, which managed to lose the #1 on its car in 88, 93, 94 and 97. All but the first (Piquet) were due to Frank and Patrick deciding there was a better driver available. Not that Williams have been that successful since.




Actually, LdM did a great job on his part. His job was to hire the right people and give them all of the freedom and resources to get on with it, without a fear of failure.

Todd had 7 years as a team principal before winning the first WCC for Ferrari.

You'd be surprised how many CEOs, directors, presidents etc. are meddling in the work of their employees, at the frustration of the emmployees, while not doing the proper job in their own office either.


Bit harsh, it was LDM who hired everyone, that's what good CEOs do. He empowered Todt and they won everything

Last time before that they were winning was mid 1970s when LDM was running F1 team...

6 Wheeled Tyrrell

I do recall Williams firing a WDC or two.


I also read an article not long ago about how LDM has changed the car factory enviroment, canteens and outside recreational spaces.

The employess there have nothing but huge respect for him. He cares about all the people that work there, they are a team F1 and road cars.

I think the problem is many people see only the F1 side of things, they never really take into account the fact that they produce 1000's of cars per year.

egarding Todt leaving, he had been made the head of MAserati as well as Ferrari but it was always well known he wanted to be involved with the FIA.

Brawn took a sabbatical after Schumacher left, but no reason has ever been made public about why he didn't return. Maybe he wanted a new challenge.


Thank you for setting the record straight James.


Fair enough James, but why didn't he try to keep them? Why did he let Brawn and Todt go? I mean don't fix it if it ain't broken right~? That's not what a good CEO does, is it?


Sometimes people want to move along and a CEO can't do anything about that. LDM can't force someone to stay is they don't want.

Ever thought of that?

Or maybe those people after a while were not happy at Ferrari anymore. The ideal situation is when you got top people in place and everything and everybody is happy. But other times things are not that smooth.

Bottom line is that I think you blame LDM too easy.


no not all - a good CEO, boss, leader whatever you want to call them will recognise when it’s time to change. If someone expresses the desire to no longer continue then the right thing to do is let them step aside. . .that’s what Todt wanted to do hence why he moved up stairs and then quit. Brawn wanted to take a year out before he decided where he wanted to be, Ferrari couldn't wait - shame they didn't - but it was a no win situation dammed if they do and dammed if they don't. As James has said he hired all those people and then stood back and let them get on with it. . . love him or loath him LDM is very successful and not just in motorsport


Why did he let them go? Because he is a president, not a sultan. 🙂

Smart people continue advancing themselves, otherwise they go to waste. That's why there's no fault in LDM having political ambitions, nor Brawn going from technical director to Honda principal to championship team owner, nor Todt going from principal to CEO to president of FIA.


Intersting I also had a similar atitude to Ron above, maybe not quite so hard but definately along those lines. The info you just posted James changes that considerably, thank you.


agreed, well said




Ferrari and Apple shared several "core" values......good james, the simple things in life make me smile 🙂


Don't forget Apple split their stock twice since Steve Jobs came aboard. If you bought one share for $3 in 1997, you'd have four shared worth a cumulative $2,520 now.


James how long before Mr Domenicali position becomes untenable if Monty is having a more hands on role surely there must be some concern for Domenicali?


I don't think LDM would take on a more hands on role as you say, that's one mistake that leaders should not make.

At the moment, LDM is not only the head of Ferrari, but also the figurehead. Anything he does that leads his Ferrari F1 team fail, the whole Ferrari fail.

Now if someone else is in charge of F1, F1 team fails, that someone else fails, not LDM and not Ferrari itself.

Try read more on Tsar Nicholas from early 20th century to understand that concept =)


It's not just a concept.

Presidents, CEOs and similar shouldn't in general interfere in work of their employees. First of all, they can't be experts in every field and secondly, it's usually to a great frustration of the employees, which can only be counterproductive.

No one should have a problem with authority and your immediate superior is the one who is leading you, but there shouldn't be direct meddling into someone else' job.

Either you do it yourself, or you tell someone else what you want them to do, and them let them get on with it.


If anyone hasn't learned from the winning experiences with Todt, Brawn and Schumacher, it's Domenicali. Even without an obvious replacement, I simply cannot understand why he's still around. It seems the Scuderia, for whatever reason, just does not respond favorably to his leadership.


It's not obvious who would replace him


I'm available! Maybe what they need is an American lawyer with a Brooklyn, New York City take no prisoners, head of the Gambino family attitude! Just kidding, I am a lawyer from Brooklyn, but I'm nothing like that, that's kind of like the old Indycar redneck stereotype. I would love the job though, Ferrari couldn't possibly be worse off with me at the helm.


Why do you think James spends so much time with Ferrari... foot in the door and all that.




Flav in charge of Ferrari would yield a WDC by 2014. He, Alonso, Ferrari's resources... Is there anyone who would bet against him making that happen?!


I'd welcome that to be honest =)

At the very very least he'll do Ferrari good and give them several championships.


Briatore + Fernando = Massa the new Piquet whipping boy


You've got to be kidding!


Chris Dyer maybe.

The fall guy, the scapegoat who took the blame for Abu Dhabi not being a track you can overtake on.

I think he could be a great leader.


"Ferrari and Apple shared several core values"

Pun intended?


A5X Quad Core 😀


Interesting, possible sponsorship opportunities?

Slightly off topic James, but are you hearing anything on the rumours linking James Key with Ferrari?


This is why I really miss university.

You had amazing lectures all the time and they were a great source for inspiration.

Back in 2006 we had Pat Symonds come to the engineering department at Warwick University to give a talk and I was surprised at how open to discuss a lot of the inner workings of his team.

It's a shame what happened at Singapore 2008 but I still have respect for the guy because of this.


From Singapore 2008 to last week in Bahrain,indeed it is a shame that morality falls out of the definition of excellence.


Given the current lack of success of Ferrari in producing beautiful cars (road or track) I hope that Tim Cook keeps Jonathan Ive away from Maranello: let Ferrari keep up their association with acer...


Are you serious?

The 458??

I can't even be bothered to comment anymore!!




Crap, this happened in my neck of the woods and I didn't even know... Usually these lectures can be attended by the public. Too bad...


One company makes great products the other moans when things do not go there own way


Yes. One makes beautiful high performance road cars whilst the other is in courts all around the world trying to block its rivals in patent disputes.

oh wait.


Coming from Saratoga Springs, New York I can tell you horses love apples.


This is great, two companies of which I am a fan and loyal customer due to their attention to detail, design, ambition and passion coming together to discuss business practices. Would've been great to have Steve Jobs there though, and of course Enzo, now that would've been something.

Wonder if the F2012 would gain a few tenths if it had an Apple duct instead of the Acer duct. =)


Lucky you, I can only afford Apple products!


I'm sorry, have you seen the interior of a 458, and if so, how can you seriously say that Ferrari has ANY "attention to detail" or "design"? The interior of the Ferrari 458 Italia has to be the most impractical and stupid interior design I have EVER seen... Between the knobs on either side of the steering wheel not being the same knobs (seriously?) and the blinkers being buttons on the wheel itself, you have to wonder what the guy was smoking when he got to designing the interior of the car...

And then you get in an MP4-12c and there is NOTHING you would change because it is just perfect, with everything pretty and everything where it should be.


Thank you, it's refreshing when someone actually has experienced a car before they make statements.


Have you driven them both yet?

Or have you driven a 911 which has controls all over the place?


I was lucky enough to drive both the 458 Italia AND the MP4-12c on the same day. I rented the Italia and was thoroughly impressed with its performance, I have to say. Best car I had EVER driven.

And then, I decided to stop by the McLaren dealership to see if pulling up in a Ferrari would get me a test drive. It did! 😀

And OH-MY-GOD! (Sorry, I hate when people use this OMG crap, but that one time, it totally applied), the 12c is an AMAZING machine. To me much much better than the Italia.

So in the same day I beat my "best car driven" record twice! It was fun! 🙂

Weirdly enough, I have never driven a 911 before, but I'm taking a 997 Turbo out on Sunday, to go to the Ferrari Racing Days at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, CA. Will tell you how it stacks up in terms of controls and interior (and performance, I guess) on Monday! 🙂


indeed, how must acer feel about this?

you can't imagine shell sanctioning luca attending a symposium with bp, for example.


Good point


Talks commencing on building an iPad that will act as a steering wheel in the Ferrari. Developers at Marenello working overtime to incorporate DRS button into the app.

That was meant tongue in cheek, but thinking about it, i could actually see an iPad like device being used a steerting wheel. handles attached to a touch screen display to do everything the driver needs.

No reason that couldnt be done i reckon. except lack of testing time.


While possible, it wouldn't be practice.

F1 steering wheels, like aircraft controls, need to have buttons that serve different functions be arranged, and shaped so that the pilot/driver doesn't have to look down to find the right one.

There's no tactile feedback with a touch screen.


Is there anything in the FIA rules that says the driver has to be in the car......think of the weight saving


Drone F1 pilots...


You've got to put balast in the car if there's no driver.

The car has to have a minimum weight with or without driver.


It would be interesting to see Apple sponsorship in F1, in fact I'm surprised they don't already have their logo on any F1 cars. Does anyone know if they have ever been involved in the sport in a financial capacity?


Well there's several tech companies in Ferrari, Kaspersky, Acer, AMD unfortunately they seem to be Apple's competition so right now a sponsorship seems unlikely.


It made me chuckle to think of the shared value of "exclusivity". Yes, Ferrari are exclusive due to their cost (some would argue on quality and performance as well but I wouldn't). How "exclusive" are Apple products. I hate the things yet we have four of their products in our household - and I am made to feel like I am the only person left on the planet who doesn't own an iPhone. So I can't see that as an Apple value. Quite the opposite.

It would be interesting to hear from Ferrari employees to see if LDM's "vision" is known, understood and shared by all or whether he is just spouting hot air to look good in front of a packed auditorium and the big wigs from Apple and Google.


I use Apple products and have read and seen articles about Jobs and the company.

I don't think the "exclusive" is meant to mean rare.

I believe it refers to their products only being available through Apple.

Apple ipods, ipads, iphones, and Mac's are all manufactured by Apple. They do not sell their license to anybody else.

Go to any PC re-seller and you'll find PC's and laptop's all manufactured by different companies, or using different screens or different boards. You can build it yourself for God's sake.

This is why when Microsoft release new software operating systems, they also have to work on software updates because there is no standard PC spec anymore.


Dear James,

About 15 years ago, when there was huge rumour that MS (in this case Microsoft, and if in racing terms always Michael Schumacher)may buy over Apple today, when Apple sits on cash close to US$100 billion, is indeed a great journey. So from an icon in technology to an icon in automobile, it will be interesting to see what kind of colloboration would come about.

Ferrari though iconic is struggling in the difficult enviornment of Italy.


Ferrari posted their highest revenue last year, Italy maybe struggling but not Ferrari.


Just as Becken said, one can clearly see McLaren are more comparable to Apple than Ferrari. Sure Ferrari has the history and passion but take a look at McLarens' work ethic, design and attention to detail and not to mention Ron Dennis' tough leadership, you will have to say that Mclaren are the Apple of the Formula One world.


Steve Jobs actually said that he thought the original Macintosh should be more like a Porsche when someone mentioned Ferrari during a design meeting.


A bit presumptuous of him. Three-car Monte couldn't even carry Steve Jobs' lunch.


Apple will never sponsor an F1 Team and they wont have their logo on any cars. Ferrari have a partnership with Acer and they are supplied with Windows Acer laptops as far as i know. They also sell Acer Ferrari branded laptops with Microsoft Windows.

If anything id imagine Apple would be interested in getting involved in supplying Ferrari with Apple computers like Macbooks and iPads.

Still an interesting meeting or two giants.


Are you by any chance on the board of Apple?

How can you say Apple will not get involved in F1? Where do you get this information?


I wish i was! Apple is incredibly protective of its brand and image. It has never allowed its logo to be displayed on anything other than an Apple advertisement. After all it doesnt need to does it?

There will never be an apple logo on an f1 car or a ferrari branded macbook. Its more behind the scenes and maybe Apple looking to power the Ferrari software on Apple my opinion


You can bet that if Apple is involved in F-1 in any capacity, whether just a sponsor, or technology wise, they will have their logo on the car. What would be the reason to do so if not to advertise? I have an apple logo on my car, and Apple doesn't even pay me for it. As much as their products are apparently overprice, they do have value. Never had a bluescreen, freeze, or crash of any kind on my Macbook.


"It has never allowed its logo to be displayed on anything other than an Apple advertisement."

No, they give out free apple stickers with their products for you to stick everywhere, like your own car for example.


Prepare for an addition to the iPad color selection: racing red with Ferrari logo.

and the new Schuberth helmet with integrated iPod.

not to mention the pit light system controlled by Macintosh.


Apple and Maclaren yes. Ferrari.pfff.Looks like LDM is just out boosting image. Maclaren pioneered CF chasis in both F1 and road car. Brake steering, f duct, etc, , even williams with active suspenson. Personally Mclaren F1 is as good looking as any Ferrari. Saw friends 438 the other day and looks real average. 458 much nicer but dials everywhere-ridiculous!.


Exclusivity and attention to the people. These are opposed terms, aren't they?!


A whole load of corporate guff for me.

I particularly liked Montezemolo's line that Ferrari's core values include "attention to the environment”. I literally cannot think of a business activity that does more harm to the environment than flying two cars and a 100 or so people half way round the world to race round a track. I am not sure the environment really wants the kind of attention they are getting from Ferrari.


As a few have suggested, one can't help feeling that Ron Dennis would have been much more Steve Jobs' type of collaborator. Given all that I've read about both, and, for example, the fanatical attention to detail Jobs bestowed on his retail outlets (obsessively designing and patenting the glass stairways found in most Apple Stores himself) with precisely the same kind of input Dennis injected into the design of Norman Foster's Paragon, one could easily imagine them walking and discussing such matter earnestly for hours...

Jobs and LDM? Nah, I don't see it at all...


It's funny really.

Whenever you recruit people, whether to a work place or a business, you never hire people that have the same skill set as yourself.

You need other skills in other people that compliment your weaknesses.

Jobs and Dennis may both be hyper obsessive about their respective businesses, but I could never imagine 2 people like that working together.

Norman Foster would have allowed any input from Dennis to be included because ultimately Dennis was his boss, but I have read enough about Dennis to know he wouldn't have told him how to do his job.


A very strong point, well thought out. Thank you for sharing. Anyone who thinks or thinks they do, think out of the now 3D box, would enjoy these guys. Hope you all liked the think sequence.


I was at the talk he gave at Stanford, and I was impressed by how friendly and excited to meet the students he was. He asked every single one where they were from because he was genuinely interested.

The best part of the talk were his thoughts on German cars, something along the line of...

'I have a lot of respect for German engineering and cars. They work perfectly every time and do exactly the job they were designed to do. So basically like a freezer.'


It's funny how this article has nothing to do with McLaren and yet it quickly breaks down to Maranello vs Woking. The simple truth of the matter is that Ferrari are the most valuable racing team in motorsport and without question the sport's biggest brand. For Apple to be associated with Ferrari is only natural. I'm not here to say anything negative about McLaren but if Stanford University wanted Ron Dennis to speak, he would have been extended an invitation. Dennis was never considered. Any parallels claiming McLaren are cutting edge like Apple are false. Ferrari set the design, innovation and manufacturing standards for a decade in F1. Now Red Bull have assumed that mantle and Ferrari, McLaren and all the rest are trying to catch up.


To all the Ferrari detractors (especially Lemons) - here is the bottom line: If Mclaren [mod] left F1, the sport would go on and within a year or two they wouldn't be missed at all. If Ferrari left F1, the sport would die with them...there and then. F1 IS Ferrari..when are all these [mod] that criticise them going to realise they only have the sport because 90% of the world wants to see a scarlet Ferrari win!


Thanks. Are you the Horse Whisperer?!!

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