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Posted By: James Allen  |  27 Mar 2012   |  5:25 am GMT  |  80 comments

Red Bull driver Mark Webber has been immortalised in a waxwork at the new Madame Tussaud’s which will open in Sydney in May.

“When Madame Tussauds approached me about including me in their Sydney collection, I was rapt,” Webber said. “It was fun working with the team in London to make a second version of myself, particularly my varying five o’clock shadow.

“I think it’s an incredible and accurate representation and I’m still amazed at how perfectly they matched everything, particularly my eyes, which is spooky.”

Madame Tussaud’s has been producing lifelike waxwork figures for over 250 years. Initially the figures were designed to give insights into the people making the news, but since the advent of the press and more recently TV and internet, the displays have become more of a commentary on culture and celebrity.

As well as looking like the celebrity in question, the waxworks are the exact same size; F1 fans in Australia who have never met Webber may be surprised by how tall and how thin he is.

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Given all the discussion about Felipe Massa's Ferrari seat already this season,what should we read into Webber being photographed in a mugello top? Has he already made his plans for 2013? Will look back at this photo and realize "he told us so".


you mean the waxwork will take Massa's seat??

worth a try I suppose


I somewhat suspect that even Webber's waxwork would be better at understanding the F2012 than Felipe is.


Good point, however he has been to MotoGP last year at Mugello as a guest and seen in red before. However ....you never know


*Warning -- Offensive comment*

Hahaa Mark Webber's check bones are quite unique in F1, so deep and pronounced feels like one is actually seeing the outlines of his skull

Say, I have a problem of the recent definition of the term celebrity.

No disrespect (*lies*) to Webber but how exactly does someone like Webber qualify for the title of a celebrity, I mean what has he really achieved to deserve this Madame Tussaud immortalization?

According to me, the term celebrity has really been watered down especially in this day & age of 24 hour Tv + internet, we also see this sort of thing in Hollywood where you have individuals getting stars on the Hollywood walk of fame / Hall of fame that totally don't deserve to be on the same real estate as the greats from way back.

Nowadays as long as you're on the telly even though you have achieved zero in your life, you automatically become a celebrity & if you're liked by the masses even the better.

So yeah good to see Webber get a kick out of seeing his reflection but he hasn't done anything to deserve this honour apart from being from in F1 for a real long time.

Not bad for a number 2 driver.


If multiple grand prix wins are not achievements then most of us achieved nothing in life.


How did that get moderated? Webber's charity has been very successful and he is very generous with his time and money.

tom in adelaide

Given your level of F1 knowledge I can only assume you are choosing to ignore all the obstacles he has overcome, the assistance he has given to other up and coming drivers, the work he does for charity. Yes he's a great F1 driver, but he's also a pretty amazing human being. And at the end of the day, that's what Madame Tussaud's celebrates and is also the reason why there will never be a Goferet waxwork 😉


Good goddess! I expect that kind of bitchiness from twelve year-old self-obsessed girls, not the usually intelligent adults on JA on F1.

Mark does a lot of work for charity, is pretty good role model on how to be a decent human being (some of you may need to pay attention), and (in case you've not noticed) is a world-class sportsman currently making a reasonable fist of the day job. Let's face more people know his name than yours.

I'm glad Mark IS getting a kick out his duplicate.

James, I'd second Mike J's point - something on the training/diet/exercise regimes would be interesting...


Not just his elected charities, but what about his work he done for Australia when those bush fires swept through a huge area of the country a few years back


Spot on. Tiresome are the anonymous cheap shots about a handful of folks that can do what the rest of us can hardly imagine. Doubt that a one of them could hold their own in national kart race.


Mark Webber came up through the ranks of motor racing on his tod, no multi million pound backings from sponsors or a team boss grooming him (ie hamilton). He is a great ambassador for the sport, involved heavily in charity work and also financially backing young talented drivers who would otherwise not be able to make it in the money driven sport. Aussies are extremely proud of him and rightly so!



Yes, my millions comment is probably wrong. 🙂

As a fan it felt like a long time - 4 or 5 years maybe? - that we had the hype for Mark moving to F1. I for one was jaded and worn out waiting for it by the time it happened. I guess that's why I assumed millions was spent over time.

Thankfully he blanked those bad feelings instantly, when he thrilled us first time out. 🙂


You obviously missed the years Telstra, Yellowpages and others ploughed millions into supporting and marketing him to get him into F1.

Just when it looked like the effort was going to be a failure, several years after they had hoped he would make it, he got a wildcard last gasp chance with Minardi. And turned that 5th place debut effort into a career!

He was supported big time, and I suspect many of them never saw a payoff as they had dropped off before he finally made it.


Brad - yes fair point - that.

When Mark was racing in Australian Formula Ford he was well supported compared to many others on the grid. But being well supported in Australian Formula Ford is hell of a long way from millions and even further away from a entree into the big time in Europe.

I think Mike J has all the details right. I actually thought about giving Mark the 100K myself at the time. Would have cost my marriage but god it would have been worth it!


Hey I like Mark, and applaud the way he does everything.

But there was no other Australian driver receiving the level of support he enjoyed for quite a long time pre-Minardi.

"he came up through motor racing on his tod" is the comment I was responding to, and as you worked with him at Yellow Pages you must know that's just not right eh?


Not sure about it being millions, more like a lot less than that. Yellow pages assisted Webbers dad in buying his first F3 car in England. Because they didn’t have the money to run a season, David Campese came to the rescue with a loan of $100k or thereabouts. Yellow Pages had two 3-year sponsor deals with Webber, hardly in the millions range.

Mercedes then spotted him through Haug and gave him a young driver seat and he went from there. Results by him got him a seat with Paul Stoddarts Minardi.

Webber also had Fosters (ambassador) and some Telstra sponsorship, again not in the millions, and unlike the hugh sponsorships other drivers were bringing in at the time.

Let’s face it, Webber came into it like any ‘joe’ would have to, through hard work, supportive family, sacrifices and determination, not a bank roll of money.

I don't think he would have forgotten those people/companies that gave him those breaks.


That's my understanding too



I worked with Yellow Pages and helped them promote Mark in the early days. The amount of support was very modest and when he went to Europe it was barley a fraction of what he needed. Anyone who really knows (which of course excludes you Brad) knows that Mark has achieved his success through his own talent and determination. A great bloke from a down to earth family who has always been deservedly liked by everyone in the paddock.


Madame Tussauds isn't in the business of making honours. It's a tourist attraction.

Webber's likeness is likely to ultimately find itself sandwiched between Dannii Minogue, a rare waxwork insofar as it's less synthetic than the real thing, and Bouncer from Neighbours. I think that's less dignifying than he deserves.

Webber's definitely achieved more than enough to warrant his place in there. He may not have a wealth of WDC's beneath his belt but in terms of being 'a top bloke in the public eye' he's almost peerless. I think he's a fine ambassador for Oz.


I agree, I can't help but warm to Webber everytime he goes well. The driver standings to the side say he's well within contention this year, and his qualifying performances so far have been fantastic.

I try and jump on the Ricciardo bandwagon, but while I like Dan there is something 'more Aussie' about Mark for whatever reason. He just seems like an all round top guy. Short of Jack Brabham and Alan Jones he has done the most for Australia motorsport. He is our motorsport icon of the current era thats for sure.


Im Italian, so I'm allowed! But Ricciardo just seems too Italian to me, not Aussie enough.

I think with Webber's 5.55pm shadow, he just seems like an Aussie bloke.

It's kind of the same with Doohan and Stoner, stoner just looks effeminate, whereas Doohan was true Aussie grit


I'm not sure if you're Australian.

Probably not as you would realize what Mark Webber has done for Australian Motirsport.

He is not a world champion but he embodies true Aussie Determination through adversity.


It's going into the Australian exhibit. There have been very few Aussie F1 drivers.

Do the math! 🙂


After meeting Webber briefly over the last few seasons and again at Albert Park this year, one cannot notice how thin he is compared to his height. Doesn’t look natural or healthy in a way however I suppose that is what is needed.

Another testimony to his dedication in trying to keep up with his competitors. I think we all forget the issue he and other drivers over 5’ 11’’ have in fitting into and being comfortable in a modern F1 car.

Back in 2010 he was 14 kgs heavier than Vettel as reported and therefore less ballast to play with. Interesting to find a comparison of current driver heights and weights.

James (or others), does one exist for 2012?. It would also be interesting to see an outline of their daily training and intake programme.


Yeah, there were times last year when he really didn't look at all healthy and actually looked quite weak.

I'm glad to see his weight seems a bit heavier (and more healthy) this year.

Last year he seemed to fade towards the end of his races, this year, so far, it appears to be the opposite. I wonder if his weight (and, thus, strength\stamina) has any connection to that?


According to Mark, in an interview with James before the Oz GP, he's actually weighs less this year compared to last.

Grayzee (Australia)

I'll second that request, James! I have been trying to find that kind of info ever since Webber came to prominance.

Just HOW much of a disadvantage is it to be a tall/heavy driver.... 14 kgs is a lot of weight to be able to move around the car.

As for Webber being very thin, he has said himself, that he struggles to keep his weight down, while still staying strong at the same time. So, i would welcome any article you can give us on this aspect of racing.


OK, I'll get on to that


Yes perhaps you could ask Alex Wurz about his experiences too? I recall he had (has) a 'height problem' as well!

tifosi down under

I love you marky, your a world champion in my eyes 😀


Tall for an F1 driver, average when you compare the height to most australians.


And pretty short when you compare him to most South Africans... 😉


Hahaha funny I'm 6"2 & nearly EVERY South African I have met is actually a fair bit shorter than me!

Maybe just weird concidence, but I did work for a South African company for many years so go figure!


But mate, that's normally the case when you're a PE teacher at an SA primary school!


It looks good! Are there any other F1 drivers' that have been by Madame Tussaud's? Its quite fun to take a picture with a wax replica but, I'm guessing there isn't one of Senna, which would be the picture I'd want. Pity.


Nigel Mansell had a waxwork in Tussauds along with Senna.


Don't know if it's still there, but there was one of Senna in London about 10 years ago.


I met him at Silverstone and Brands Hatch. I'm not sure I could ever stand next to a wax work


Mark's wearing a Mugello jacket is this picture.

Does this blog post also serve as a subliminal message regarding Ferrari's replacement of Felipe Massa whenever it occurs? 🙂


Does that sweat shirt the real Webber is wearing read "Mugello", the race track near Florence owned by of Scuderia Ferrari? Is this a hint that he's after Massa's job?


oh dear lets not look at what undies he is wearing & start drawing conclusions next hahahahaha!!!!!


beats those ferrari cardboard cut-outs


Is Webber wearing red jacket with "Mugello" on it? Joking and conspiracy aside, but I'd love to see him in Ferrari.

Excellent wax work.


Mark Webber meets his number two driver. 🙂


It is amazing how uncanny some wax works look and how some look ropey. This one looks great but the Senna one in Tussauds London needs to be redone as it looks nothing like him.


@ Mike J

Back in 2010 he was 14 kgs heavier than Vettel as reported and therefore less ballast to play with.


Personally I don't buy this talk of a driver's height & weight being a hindrance to his performance.

From the pics I see, Schumi is about the same height as Webber & maybe be heavier and that didn't affect his performances

Same thing with Senna & Mansell, weren't short nor were they light as a feather.

The situation with Webber might just be a case of the fans making up excuses to compensate for the lack of results.


Schumi is FAR shorter than Webber, Schumacher is actually quite short really. Sorry but there is a BIG difference between them in height..


If you are guesstimating from pictures then you can hardly expect your assumption to be accurate. Schumacher is a good few inches shorter. In modern F1, being heavier is a penalty as it gives you less ballast to position - that is a fact, not something which has been made up by fans. I think I'll take the word of someone like Adrian Newey on this.

tom in adelaide

F1 is all about very small numbers. 14kgs is not a small number. Therefore it HAS to be a factor. Sure it's not the reason why Seb has beaten him every year, but I'm surprised someone who comments as often as you do can't recognise that this would be significant in car set-up.



There is this thing called Physics, you might want to read up on it sometime.

Webber is also 11cm taller and 6kg heavier (compared to Schumacher), in a sport where every gram counts, that is a massive difference.


@ goferet

see my comment below, not sure what happened.

enjoy your writing but i think you misunderstood my point.


With a bit of googling it's not hard to find the answers and you're wrong on almost all counts!

Webber 1.85 metres

Mansell 1.8 metres

Vettel 1.76 metres

Schumacher 1.74 metres

Senna 1.71 metres

Alonso 1.71 metres

Massa 1.6 metres


It's physics, If an object is a bit higher in the car the the car will roll more. A practical example is if you stand still with your feet together and someone pushes your feet you won't fall over. If they push the side of your head with teh same force and you keep just as rigid, then you will fall over or have more of a 'lean'.

Also if the weight is on the side then it will roll more to that side.

It does effect, why else would they try to keept everything so low from a non-physics point of view!


Is Massa shrinking?


Hi Goferet

Most references put Schumacher at about 175 cm and Webber at 184 cm.

You might chose to not buy the weight argument, but I think the physics and history are against you.

I'll start by paraphrasing Dan Wheldon when asked about Danica Patrick he said that her arrival forced all the drivers to hit the gym to lose weight as her 20 kg weight advantage was huge on the ovals.

F1 has run a total driver and car weight since the mid 1990s (unlike IRL). This became more important once refueling came along.

If you consider a car as a point mass with no aerodynamic downforce and no weight transfer effects, then the only effect of additional mass is that the acceleration takes longer. The braking performance and the cornering speeds are independent of weight. This is because the force generated by the tyres comes from the weight of the car. Aerodynamics changes this as instead of having to accelerate (brake or turn) an additonal, the penalty is drag, which is beneficial under braking.

So pre mid-1990s, the heavier drivers were penalised in the order of 2ths per lap per 10kgs. The thing to realise is that F1 races were not flat out all the way unlike now and especially in the refuelling era. The fitness levels required of the drivers now is significantly greater than in 1980s. If you recall the Brazilian GP in 1994, Schumacher broke Senna on fitness as well as pace, with Senna spinning out when already beaten.

If you look at the lighter drivers such as Prost and Piquet who were around 60 kgs, they tended to have fewer car failures than their team mates. They were able to take it easy and conserve the car, looking after their engines, gearboxes and brakes. None of these cars were able to handle flat-out all the way driving. If you used the exit kerbs all the time, half shafts would fail. From 1984 there was also the issue of managing fuel consumption.

Generally the difference between the cars was much greater too. Drivers would usually win by at least 30 seconds. From late 1985 to 1990 Honda engines dominated. Then Newey teamed up with Renault. The time gaps between the cars were massive compared to the weight difference between team mates. With unreliability being common, there was no need to drive flat out in most races. Mansell was one of the few who did, more so than Senna or Prost as they tended to think through races more.

Now in the current weight eqivalence era we come to the issue of weight transfer and centre of gravity. The weight that is transferred from the inside tyre to the outside tyre is the weight of the car multiplied by the height of the centre of gravity divided by the track width (centre line of the tyres).

A heavier driver will have a higher centre of gravity as the ballast will be on the bottom of the car. As a car goes around a corner weight gets transferred to the outside tyre. This is the tyre doing the majority of the cornering work - it is the outside tyre that initiates a slide unless there is significant friction variation such as water on the surface.

The cornering force, F, generated by the downforce and weight of the car allows you to work out the maximum cornering speed through

F= mass x velocity sqaured / corner radius.

Unlike in road cars, the force is dominated by the aerodynamic load, so making the mass greater on the outside tyre makes means that the maximum possible velocity around a corner is less.

I don't have the numbers to plug into the formula to tell exactly how big the effect is, but it is real and measurable and it definitely favours lighter drivers.

I hope you found this useful and/or interesting




@ Martin

Hmm... Very interesting.

Thanks for the infor mate.


I didn't know that coming third in the world championships twice & having seven Grand Prix wins equates to "lack of results".

Incidentally, a quick search of Google shows that the height for Michael is 1.75 m & the height for Mark is 1.85 m. Mark weighs 75 kg & Michael weighs 68 kg. Michael is trying to trim down, as his weight is more than his team-mate.

Ayrton Senna was 1.73 m & Nigel Mansell is 1.80 m. All of them are not as tall as Mark.

Anyway, perhaps a good topic for an article. The vital statistics of the drivers.


Bck in 2010 it was said by quite a few that the half tenth difference in pace between Webber and Vettel in qualy was down to the fact Webber had less balast to play around with.

Its not surprising that it has an effect, but as you can see its not a particularly big one. 2011 differences were down to driving style on the tyres and blown diffuser and Marks 2-0 up on Seb this year.


I agree with Mike J. This is f1, when the weight of how much fuel is an issue to the handling of the car surely the weight height of the drivers must have an effect?! I would love James to do an article on weights of drivers and how the teams cope with that with ballast etc, it must make a difference for the setup.


Ha Ha its better looking than him!!!


At what point will this be replaced by a waxwork of Jean-Eric Vergne?

Haha, hopefully not for a while!


That looks a pretty good likeness.

I remember seeing the waxwork of Senna at Tussaud's and it was dreadful - didn't look anything like him.


MW : G’day Christian, Mark here.

CH : Hi mate, what’s up ?

MW : Is it okay if I don't wear Red Bull stuff at today’s media-thing at the waxworks?

CH : Um, why’s that mate? You know you’re meant to wear our stuff at all media events

MW : I’ve got this bright red Mugello jacket that I’ve been wanting to wear sometime.


MW : Cheers mate.

CH :Cheers.


Can't believe no one has said this yet, so I will

'Which one's the dummy!'


Your creative writing almost never fails to disappoint me…..almost!

The main point I was trying to make was that he and other drivers, especially since KERS, have lost large amounts of weight and look (imo) more like marathon runners.

I referred to ‘he and other drivers over 5’11’’.(i.e Button)’ and it wasn’t about making up excuses for lack of performance since his 2010 year was his best ever to date. A good comparison is and will always be only against a teammate in the same chassis (hence Vettel).

Since you have brought it up though, modern F1 is very different to the past eras you refer to and comparing them is always fraught with danger and never provides any real answers. It’s pretty well accepted that since KERS was introduced in 2009 taller heavier drivers were at a disadvantage. Height and weight in older F1 years really didn’t have as much influence as now however it is certainly an advantage to be smaller.

Ps..For the record Schumi is 1.74m or almost 5’9”, tad shorter than Senna, and almost 4” shorter than Webber, almost?? the same height as you say and 7 kgs lighter -pretty close. Mansell - well that’s another story - you must have had a bad photo.


@ Mike J (namesake)

Hahaa brilliant!

Thanks for clearing that up.


One is a dummy...

...the other is a new exhibit at Tussaud's Museum!


I'm here all week, try the veal!



What does Mark Webber and his Madame Tussauds wax work have in common?




Neither have nor will ever win an F1 World Championship.

Seriously, this guy is so over rated it's painful. When are people going to realise he's all mouth and no trousers!


Maybe when he beats Vettel in this years WDC as Golden Boy laments the loss of his Exhaust Blown Diffuser advantage that gave him perfect rear grip on corner entry like a playstation game rather than real life?

We can see the beginnings of it already.....


Presumably you're talking about the same exhaust blown diffuser advantage that Webber had in his car? Yet Webber failed to capitalise on it like Vettel did.

And of course, when Webber again fails to impress, he'll blame it on some random injury he sustained during the season which hampered his "chances". Although he'll wait until all hope of picking up the WDC is gone, so as to give himself a valid excuse and to extort pity out of people who simply don't realise he's a crap driver undeserving of a red bull seat and has been for a number of years.


Non-native english speaker here. What does he mean with " particularly my varying five o’clock shadow." ?


How unshaven his face was during the various sittings for the model maker


The grittiest Aussie on wheels ever has to be Mick Doohan. Heck! That guy rode a evil,swashbuckling 2-stroke NSR500 with one functioning leg to 5 back to back world titles! Now thats someone who deserves a wax statue!


Why does nobody google before posting? Must be y-gen.

Madame Tussaud's Melbourne



Just a shame that when he was winning, there was no decent competition.

Rainey had an accident that paralysed him in 1993, Schwantz retired early in 95 due to injuries sustained over his career and in the season before.

So Doohan winning from 1994 to 1998 was hardly difficult, especially when Honda dominated everything.


Not sure 'grittiest' is the word i would use for those guys on the bikes those big bang bikes or for that any from MotoGP/GP bikes. Some of the bravest guys in any sport. All respect to him especially


When will F1 consider a driver weight allowance of say 75kg where the centre of that drivers weight remains a certain distance from the reference plain. Then the lighter drivers would be forced to raise their ballast.


Schumacher is only a little taller than Hamilton.

Webber is much taller.

Muscle mass in relation to bone mass/height is the reason he is struggling with strenght.


The MArk Webber interview in Thursday press Abu Dhabi 2010 is funny,however it does put the body weight and height discussion into absolute perspective regarding Webber in comparison to Vettel, Alonso and Hamilton.


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