F1 Winter Break
The JA on F1 Podcast. Episode 1
Posted By: James Allen  |  01 Mar 2012   |  12:39 am GMT  |  147 comments

Here is something I really hope you enjoy: it’s the first JA on F1 podcast.

This is a new content strand for us and we’re really excited about it; at the end of every month we will produce a new podcast with input from the big names in the sport as well as from names you don’t get to hear so often. We aim to give F1 fans a rounded insight into the sport, bringing them closer to the sport and taking into the audio arena what we’ve been doing for years in text. Thanks to our partners at UBS for making this possible.

You can listen to it here or download it. It is also available to download on ITunes by searching for James Allen on F1. If you like it please rate it on ITunes. That will help a lot!

Please also leave us your comments below.

No player? Download the podcast directly.

Running order for Episode 1: February

0.00 Introduction
1.34 Mercedes GP boss Ross Brawn: On the 2012 car, when he will stop racing, whether Schumacher has still got “it”, Race Strategy this season and the “Tragedy” of the FOTA split
10.31 Zak Brown, CEO of F1 sponsorship specialists JMI: on the F1 business climate in 2012, the impact of the Euro crisis on F1, why there are few new sponsors on the new cars
17.36 Celebrated F1 photographer Darren Heath: On the art of taking a perfect high speed shot
26.05 Red Bull driver Mark Webber: On why he had a tough year in 2011 and how he can beat team mate Vettel in 2012
34.34 Wrap up

Duration 34.59

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Hi James

Could you tell us when is the next podcast coming?

Thanks and keep up ur great work.


Next Wednesday


Thanks James!


yeah that was brilliant (but hasn’t there been a grand prix since? report would be good)


Thanks a million, that was great! I especially enjoyed Mark and Ross, and the Yank was quite interesting, too.



Great! I was missing F1 podcasts made by journalists, few years ago we had more of them.


Fantastic interview with RB, I swear I could listen to him talk about F1 for hours, TBH tho I found the question about how much he pocketed from the sale of BGP to be a very tabloid-y cheap shot & not in keeping with the tone/quality of the rest of your Qs.

tifosi down under

James you champion, love your work son 🙂


Great stuff, very insightful material and fantastic to hear guys like Brawn or Webber talk in a relaxed atmosphere, away from the stress of a GP weekend. Must say though that I started to get worried about a weird noise in my car while listening to the Brawn interview until I realized it was Brawn’s squeaky chair!

Just a thought: How about also releasing all pieces separately? That way one can play them in whatever order he/she wants. I for one listen to podcasts while driving, and I don’t find it that easy to be searching for minute 26, second 05 for the Webber interview while keeping my eyes on the road.


Hi James,

This podcast was superb. I’m already looking forward to the next one.

Do you have any links to the photographes that were being talked about? I would love to see these pictures.

Best wishes for your new role on 5 Live.




Great podcast James and whilst we all realise you’re a busy guy, you need to release a podcast at least once a week or at worst, once after every race.

You’re a legent, I love your work and refuse to listen to anyone else when it comes to Formula 1 news.

Truly, I really do love your work and efforts to bringing fans so much closer to the news going around the paddock!


Thanks. We’ll be doing a regular Chequered Flag podcast with BBC Radio 5 live which you can get on ITunes or the 5 Live site.

The JA on F1 podcast will be 30 mins, available on the last Wednesday of each month.


This is great, but please more than once a month, its just not enough James


Great addition to you excellent work!

Thank you James


This was excellent! I m looking forward to the next one already



This Podcast sets the standard for F1 podcast. Very professional and entertaining. I look forward to the next one


Thank you

Stephen Johnson

James, thank-you so much for this. Much like most other people here, I can’t get enough of this sport, so this is much appreciated.

Cheers from Canada.


Great stuff James, definitely adding this to my list of must listen F1 podcasts.


Could you let us know, what other F1 podcasts make up your list please?

Thank you


There’s the 5 live chequered flag podcast, the Lotus (now Caterham) podcast, the excellent Flying Lap with Peter Windsor video podcast and “another f1 podcast.” I tried “sidepodcast” but didn’t like the presenters, the Red Bull podcast spent too long talking to their young drivers and not enough time talking to the F1 team so I stopped listening to that.


Thank you very much!

Much appreciated


Great Podcast James, the production values are really great. I’ll be downloading the next one “for sure”. I’ve been saying for a while that there is a huge gap in the market for regular F1 programmes/podcasts/radio shows.

Peter Windsor’s Flying Lap is great but the production can make it frustrating to watch. It’s not Peter’s fault but they are obviously on a tight budget and are pushing the limits of current technology.

With Sky having their new Friday night programme we will have an embarassment of riches regarding F1 media – at last!

Keep up the great work and hopefully see you at an F1 Fans Forum event in the UK.


fantastic stuff James,




Listend to this in the gym this morning. Great podcast. Looking forward to the next one. You really do set the bar for F1 coverage.

Any chance you might do a preview podcast before each race? Granted your schedule must be insane, but I enjoy reading your pre-race analysis and I’m sure listening to some analysis and interviews before a race would be fantastic.



No, stuff around the races we’ll do with BBC Radio 5 Live. This will remain, for now, a reflective monthly piece.

Steve Nicholls

Great 1st podcast James, really enjoyed it, looking forward to many more of these!

As a Jenson fan, having enjoyed hearing his recent statement that he doesn’t want to see a 7th world champion among the active drivers by the end of the season and now having heard Mark Webber sounding really fired up for 2012, i’m actually really struggling not to give in to the feeling that i’d really like to behind Mark for this years title.

What a great story that would be, in the same vein as Jensons WDC coming after such a long career of hard work and determination!

I’m going to have to split my support, I think, and hope that they both end up being the major contenders and give each other a close fight to the finish!

If either driver were to bag it this year and finish ahead of such unbelievable talent it’d be a enormous achievement!


Rated and reviewed on iTunes. (I think I was the first for both actually). Very enjoyable – thanks James.


Just listened to the podcast and you’ve undoubtedly raised the bar in F1 podcasting! Well done.


James you are one of the best in my book. I like your style.



Grayzee (Australia)

Well, there may already be 107 posts on this thread(we are hours behind you in OZ)but I want to put my 2 cents worth in, anyway.

In a word, this podcast idea is simply “BRILLIANT”!

It was so refreshing to he the voices of those involved. Ross Brawn comes across as very intellingent and articulate, and our own Mark Webber, as ever, just tells it like it is. No BS!

Thankyou very much Mr Allen for this service!

Can’t wait for the next one.


James – Fantastic. Listened on the way home from work in Denver, CO. Congratulations!



Thanks, James, for an EPIC job, as always!

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