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JA on F1 readers join Red Bull chiefs for Silverstone half marathon
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Posted By: James Allen  |  12 Mar 2012   |  12:38 pm GMT  |  19 comments

Three JA on F1 competition winners on Sunday joined some high-profile Formula 1 figures in running the 2012 Silverstone half marathon in aid of Red Bull’s official charity, Wings for Life.

In December we ran a competition on the site offering the chance to join the team Wings for Life, which funds research into spinal cord injury, were entering in conjunction with Red Bull Racing in the Adidas Silverstone Half Marathon, as well as the opportunity to train with James De Montfort, Red Bull Racing’s head fitness trainer, and a tour of the world champion’s Milton Keynes factory.

On Sunday, JA on F1 readers Julian Levy, Tom Bird and Johann Ting took to the British GP circuit alongside RBR chiefs Christian Horner and Adrian Newey and other members of the team, while Bernie Ecclestone’s girlfriend Fabiana Flosi was also in the field alongside F1 fans.

The field had to complete three laps of the track, with a total distance of 13 miles, with all runners having to raise a minimum fundraising total of £320. Congratulations to Julian, Tom and Johann!

Wings for Life is dedicated to finding a cure for spinal cord injury. The foundation was established in Europe in 2004, and became a registered charity in the UK at the end of 2010.

* It turns out Horner and Newey weren’t the only leading F1 personnel seen running over the weekend as Jenson Button and his girlfriend Jessica Michibata both donned trainers for events in Japan. While Jessica was competing in her first marathon – which she completed in 4h36m – Jenson took part in a 10K road run and notched up a personal best time for that distance of 35m30s to finish in seventh place out of a field of 3000.

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The 2014 format is *much* more exciting: run as far as you can before the Red Bull car chases you – and with the head start and pace of the car, for good runners, that could easily be 50 km and more.


Is it just me or do RB racing push the boundries to beyond reason and get away with it? I beleive their designers are very good but better than the rest at interperating ways of streching rules.They also understand the FIA testing procedure better than most and are therefore better equiped to get away with it.I use the flexing of the chassis as an example…please let the FIA be strong and punish them if found out instead of the constant crowing on about Newey being a genius!!!!


___ off topic___

Bernie’s at it again! This headline off today:

Ecclestone tells F1 teams to cut spending


Yeah Congratulations to Julian, Tom and Johann for making it through those 3 laps round Silverstone in one piece!

Although we don’t know who won & who finished where, I can already guess that the old boy Adrian Newey brought up the rear of that bunch.

Now, each runner had to raise a minimum of £320 each but eh, don’t F1 teams spend about $1,500 per lap.

I say, Red Bull should fund their own charity outright and stop fooling about with these PR stunts.


Its just a fun run dude. 😉


Does it really matter who funds it as long as it is for a good cause?


I’d like to say a massive thanks to James and everyone from the Wings for Life team, Red Bull Racing and the Christian Horner fan club.

It was a cracking day and being up close to all the team and Bernie was amazing. The weather made it pretty hard going in the heat but it was very enjoyable with some good banter with fellow runners.

I was running with an injured foot but James De Montfort taped it up for me just before the start, he really knows his stuff!

I am selling two signed David Coulthard prints on eBay which still have 3 days to run, 100% of the money will be going to Wings for Life. Please take a look!!

Thanks again James, that was a day I won’t forget!


What did second place get? A full marathon?


No a Snickers bar


Funny thing this politically correct feel good factor of linking a charity to your business and promoting it through your brand/slogan. I know it’s common practice with big groups or with companies opting for the altruistic marketing strategy, but it never hit my sensitive nerve, sorry to say. If a company boss, or board, feels for a cause, I find it should go another way about it than capitalise on the charity to promote it’s brand.


Gees you’re cynical.

And so am I.

Great that a charity benefits, but no one should be under the illusion that this is done for any reason other than to sell more cans of drink.

If they couldn’t stick their name on it, they wouldn’t be doing it.


I did this too. It was a great event and very well supported. I’ve raced at Silverstone in club racing many times before but it was great to be able to run the circuit. Copse corner at 8mph wasn’t that exciting though ;-).


Hi James – it was a great event! I ran it for Wings for Life too – it was a fair bit warmer than we all expected though! I’m looking forward to the Red Bull factory tour that’s for sure!



This is great! James, I would be eager to know which one of the following three sports is the most difficult one — in fitness terms: F1 racing, Tour de France cycling or Marathon running?


If you add swimming to the list you should be asking Jenson Button. Jenson can do some very respectable times in his triathlons.


Jensons girlfriend wrote on twitter (!/jessybondgirl/status/178770263268274176):

And let’s not forget @JensonButton did 10K race and finished in the 7th out of 3000 and broke his own record with 35min30sec!!!! Wow wow!!!

Very very respectable indeed.


Well there is a clue – Jenson does all three as things to do to help get him fit for F1. Each of the triathlon-sports mentioned rely more on stamina than outright strength, whereas F1 needs strength, stamina and the ability to cope with G forces not experienced in running, cycling and/or swimming. A hot F1 race depletes the body faster of fluids and minerals than cycling or marathon running as those sports require you to pace yourself to keep a constant rythm. You don’t get that luxury in F1 – it is full force from start to go with maximum exhertion on a continual basis.


2 h 32 min for Christian. Looks like when it comes to running Red Bull really doesn’t give you wings after all.


Well done to both winners. Having also entered the competition I’m extremely envious of you!

I’m training for the Great North Run in September and would have loved to do the Silverstone Half. I chose to spend my weekend at Crufts instead!

Further congratulations for achieving the fundraising element. I’m currently trying to raise £4000 for Save the Children UK and trekking to Mount Everest Base Camp.

James – please moderate if this is not allowed, but the link to my Just Giving page for Save the Children is should anyone wish to donate even a small amount. Every little helps!

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