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HRT reveals first images of F112 following Barcelona shakedown
Posted By: James Allen  |  05 Mar 2012   |  11:11 pm GMT  |  161 comments

HRT has this evening released the first images of its car for the new season following a shakedown at Barcelona’s Circuit de Catalunya, finally completing the line-up for the 2012 grid with little over a week to go before the first practice session in Melbourne.

Like chief rivals Marussia, who rolled out its 2012 challenger this morning at Silverstone, the Spanish-owned team has taken advantage of the regulations that allow for 62 miles of running for filming purposes after its chassis didn’t pass all of the crash tests in time to compete at Barcelona last week.

With those tests now passed, Narain Karthikeyan was given the honour of giving the car its maiden laps, with the F112 featuring a revised colour scheme following last year’s white, red and black arrangement.

Unlike the new Marussia, the car does go with the wider 2012 trend of a stepped nose and once more on-car sponsorship is sparse, with Spanish cleaning products brand KH-7 the only notable new arrival on the rear wing.

Pedro de la Rosa, who returns to full-time racing with the team from his homeland this year at the age of 41, revealed at last week’s FOTA Fans’ Forum that the car had been designed to include KERS, but that a decision on whether to fit the energy-storage device would be deferred until later in the season.

Having missed out on testing its new car in an official test once more this winter, HRT will simply arrive in Australia next week looking to avoid the problems of last year when both their drivers failed to lap within 107% of the fastest Q1 time and were barred from starting the race.

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The guardrail in the second photo looks like the victim of a terrible photochop!


Best looking car of the year in my opinion! Just a shame that it’s going to be the slowest…


I think its one of the better looking cars on the grid. Im not a HRT hater…I like the minnow teams… I always pull for the underdogs. I found the 2011 Lotus/Marussia/HRT battle as interesting as the one at the front of the grid.

That being said im in agreement with the comments questioning how this is worth anyone’s investment. To not even attend a test session….what do they hope to gain? I found it telling that both HRT and Marussia unveiled thier cars EXACTLY a day after the final test. It does show the difficulty of F1. But if the program is not funded well enough to attend test sessions… whats the point really?


Glad HRT have abandoned the ‘your name here’ stuff.


It probably won’t happen, but frankly, I hope they just blow the doors off some of the others and shut the lot of you up.

Many of you seem to think that its a fail if they don’t land on the podium their 1st season.

Couldn’t be because it’s a bunch of [rude English term for Spaniards here] could it?


I mean in general, not just HRT.


So how untill Narain Karthikeyan gets replaced again? Do HRT really think he’s going to do any better this year! What a joke


I know the chances are probably slim to none – but I would love to see some more information/video/pics of the work done on the crash tests of the chassis.


I feel sorry for HRT. They really tried to get the car out for the second test and sadly ran out of time due to failing crash tests. They are a small workforce moving base and so any set back quadruples the recuperation time for the team.

The article on Caterham when they launched their car in F1 racing magazine shows how hard it is to develop in one year and be ready for the next. HRT really can’t do either with it’s team let alone both and until someone sponsors them this will be the route to their problems.

I don’t really think the stick both back markers are getting is justified and very harsh. Go and do what they have to do – a team like Caterham with it’s larger work force – large amounts of money and fantastic people have only just caught the rear of the field and even now they look like they’ll only just be on the back of it. It’s very hard to create an F1 team from scratch and really the fact that HRT beat Virgin last year shows how plucky they can be

Stone the crows

I agree, I watched the video of the HRT rollout and shakedown, the crew looked like they’d just won the WDC. Must have been quite an effort to get it all together. I hope they have some positive results this year.


I agree, I saw the video of the launch of the F112 and the crew were so happy and relieved they looked like they’d just won the WDC.


Pretty car. The lack of sponsorship is clearly evident however I think it looks plenty fast sitting still – in many ways Marussia looks like it may do better than the HRT this year without the silly CFD only design philosophy.

Having McLaren in their pocket may also help Marussia come to the fore.

I wonder what Liuzzi’s role is in this team, perhaps he may take over from PDLR?


I suspect Narin just like last year may only do the first few races and the Indian GP. Would not be surprise to see Luizzi doing the European races and perhaps Clos getting the last few races.


Maybe he has yet to be told that he isn’t driving for them 😛


Great to hear about Jamie joining BBC commentary. Will try to get that on days I can’t get F1 live. Congrats to Jamie but I hope I see him in F1 driving next year.


To those who think it’s a “pretty car” – sure, if you think that straight lines are in for front wings this year. Perhaps HRT will be the surprise package for 2012 and those muppets at maclaren, RBR and others who’ve gone for stupidly complex front wings with curves and stuff are horribly misguided.

Looks to me like they designed it with sticklebrix and then spread some of that paper that shrinks (the stuff you made balsa wood aeroplanes with) over it.

Also would have loved to be fly on the wall when the programme manager said “Look, if we all work really (really) hard we can just about get it ready for the day after testing finishes!”.



I doubt you would not be able to confirm but was Karun ever thought of? I mean he did some stints in the commentary box last season and I really enjoyed his insight, he also knew alot of the history of F1 too!


I don’t think he’d want to go back, after how the team treated him (or Bruno) that year. I don’t think either driver really got what they deserved… but that’s just what I gathered from various comments and articles. 😉


I can’t comment on that beyond saying that he decided some time ago to race in sportscars in 2012


That front wing looks so crude and basic in design compared to even the midfield, let alone the top 3. Does nobody from the team have a camera in the pit lane? 😉

Aside from that it looks a nice car, good luck to them.


Hi James,

With teams leaving FOTA, Murussia & HRT struggling to survive has all been forgotten about the resource agreement? Lets not forgot these teams and lotus/caterham came into the sport with the belief that all teams would be operating on significantly smaller budgets then they are now (even though there has been reductions). Once the new teams got in and settled talk of the resource agreement all but disapeared. Can Murussia & HRT, possibly even Caterham really expect to compete on significantly lower budgets with minimal outside sponsorship & FIA funds?

While the feeling is more positive at Caterham do we really expect any of these three teams to be around in say another three years time?


No the RRA is still in force and it’s about to enter a new phase. I’ll write about it soon


Is that Luizzi in the photo?





Seriously though, do you know what his role is? Two years in a row that a year of his contract was cut off. Is he a reserve driver since he’s still on contract? Or an advisor? Both? Just a pretty face for photos?

I bet he might step in if de la Rosa doesn’t deliver (since they’re already paying him).


I truly wish them all the best. They could’ve packed up last year or the year before that or even this year, but they are still out there living the dream. BMW and Toyota both left. After spending LOTS more. Honda too.

I still don’t think the problem is only with them. F1 needs to sit itself down and look at its business model. The brand and market perception is already there. The same can be achieved with a lot less money. In actual fact, more people will tune in to watch if any of five or six teams could take a podium on a Sunday.

Where will the fans of the future come from with kids not going to see the cars live? Imagine a F1 with people in the stands…

Anyway…best of luck to them. Hope they have a season good enough to attract new sponsors.


I almost wonder if a system needs to be put in place like that in NHL hockey or other competitive sports. You finish last in a season, you get first round draft picks. For F1, it could be a financial boost to lift you out of the basement. By guaranteeing Ferrari gets more than its fair share of the TV revenue, F1 basically ensures teams at the bottom end will barely survive. Who benefits from this? Nobody. Ferrari and the other top teams would be better served if F1 as a whole was healthier for all involved, in my opinion.


I like that idea of ‘draft picks’. But could it lead to tanking by teams. Say, Willams has a dog of a car again, might it be better for them to try and finish last to get those extra resources?


Would like to add that one can argue that BMW, Toyota and Honda were all also-rans…just not at the back of the grid!

[Heaven help if we have another massively dominant season from one team.]


Are you forgetting that killer Brawn car was essentially a Honda? would be interesting to know if it would have ran even better with the Engine it was designed around? Anyway Honda will certainly be kicking themselves now with the sales revenue they have likely lost from that seasons end and behond. Where would they be now?? better than Redbull? up there still? who knows!


Probably less competitive. The drivers said the Mercedes had more power across the rev range AND was smoother in its delivery. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was lighter too.


Nice to see the entire crew in the photo with the car there to lift spirits.

HRT and Marussia… really both of them might as well have just pretended to build a car like the USF1 guys.


I’m surprised to still see Liuzzi in the team. I thought HRT had dropped him / released him from his contract.

Or is there more to it? Does he still has a chance of driving the car this season? Do you know more, James?


Yes, I noticed he was in the picture.

Does this mean he’s “still in the picture?”


By far the best looking of the stepped nose cars, I wish them luck!


You only need to see how really basic that front wing is compared to the ‘proper’ teams (even Caterham) to understand how little resources they have and that they have absolutely NO chance of leaving the back of the grid.


Caterham got right people to do it like Mike(Group CTO) and Mark (Technical Director) inside the team.


I’ve been watching F1 since 1994, and I can’t recall a season in which the cars have all looked *so* dramatically different.

You have the Ferrari/FI stepped & cut nose, the McLaren & Marussia ‘standard’ nose, the Mercedes stepped and bowed nose, the HRT stepped and downwards pointing nose, and the remaining teams (if I recall correctly) all going for the step-flat duck-bill nose.

It will be really interesting seeing them all pelting around a race track at the same time. 🙂


I’m wondering if both Marussia and HRT would have achieved an amount of testing if the rules still stated that you only had to pass the crash tests for the first race. I’d like to think that it is the failure to pass some of these that has caused the delays rather than simply poor management.

How much has the management structure actually changed at HRT? I know Kolles has gone but who else? Marussia have also gone through a large upheaval in operating practice so I expected them to struggle with time this year.

If HRT get KERS and Marussia stick without, I expect the final standings to be the same as the last two years. I expect it to really help Caterham bridge the gap to the midfield, certainly by mid season.

In fairness though, considering that the teams were brought in with the dream of budget caps so they can operate on much reduced budgets, I think to be preparing for a 3rd season is quite an achievement. Much better to have a smaller team at the back in the their own mini championship than 3rd cars from the bigger teams locking out even more of the grid.


You know? I hope they start making progress, I think it’s sad for any team to come this far and not make it. Just to get into F1 is a feat in itself, so come on guys support them. I’m sure if this happens year on year, then they will surely recognise this just isn’t happening and perhaps pull out or sell, if they are clever enough to get in they must surely be clever enough to recognise when time is up.

I can’t say Im mad on their livery, colours are fine, I just think the lines are too thin, I feel it needs to be bolder, I quite liked their design last year



Would it be possible for you to run an article on the struggles the teams at the back of the field face?

It seems dissapointing that as so many people have indicated above that neither HRT or Marussia are able to make any progress and appear to be rolling obstacles for the rest of the field, including Caterham who seem to be moving int he right direction.


http://www.f1rejects.com/ has excellent articles on that.

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