Ferrari not writing off original F2012 exhaust design yet
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Posted By: James Allen  |  12 Mar 2012   |  12:05 am GMT  |  5 comments

Ferrari team boss Stefano Domenicali says the team hasn’t given up on the original exhaust configuration which featured on the F2012 in the early stages of pre-season testing – and will try again at the Mugello test in May.

The placing of the exhaust outlets on the 2012 cars has been one of the big talking points of the winter in wake of the FIA’s clampdown on
the blowing of exhaust gasses to deride aerodynamic benefits. Having deliberately taken a more radical approach with the F2012 in a bid to jump both Red Bull and McLaren, Ferrari launched the car with a particularly aggressive solution but was forced to row back to a more conventional layout at the final Barcelona test after encountering knock-on problems at the rear of the car.

Domenicali admits to being “not happy” about being forced to take a step back in this area for now, but says the team’s engineers at Maranello
are still working on a revised configuration that they aim to run at the Mugello test, which takes place on May 1 after the opening four flyaway rounds.

“We had asked our engineers for an extreme car, because without that, we would have been unable to close the gap to the best,” he said
in a briefing with Italian journalists. “The first configuration of the exhausts showed good potential, but it caused problems: the tyres overheated
and the performance was unstable. Therefore we had to change, even if I certainly was not happy about it. We are still working on the original set up, but we will be unable to test it until the Mugello test at the beginning of May, because we believe it could give us a good performance advantage.”

Indeed the Italian reckons Ferrari will only really have a clear idea of where they stand the pecking order after the fourth round in Bahrain,
Domenicali joining Fernando Alonso and Luca di Montezemolo in expressing hope that the F2012’s initial competiveness isn’t as bad as has been feared in recent weeks.

“The lack of satisfaction comes from the fact we did not meet our technical targets and so everything refers to ourselves,” he said. “Where
we are compared to the others, we do not know for certain and our lack of satisfaction might also turn out to be excessive. Having said this, a clearer picture of the hierarchy on track will only emerge after the first four races.”

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It looks as though they can only talk,but can actually do nothing to bring out a competitive car

Richard Fontaine

Remplacer s.v.p. Félipé Massa au plus vite par un pilote d’expérienc qui d’autre que Jacques Villeneuve ca saurais une belle occassion pour Jacques et Ferrari pour les 30 ans du décédes de Gilles Villeunve les tifosi serais fou de joie de cette décisions et un 7 ièmes champion du monde de f-1.


Ferrari team boss Stefano Domenicali says the team hasn’t given up on the original exhaust configuration


Oh wait…

I do remember this kind of talk.

Isn’t this Whitmarsh talking about the complex octopus exhaust last year & if am not mistaken, Mclaren had to give it up all together at the end.


Looking back, Ferrari really didn’t need to come up with an extreme car most especially this year when the regs were slated to bunch up the entire field.

So even though Ferrari’s exhaust system was to work as expected, they wouldn’t have had the kind of advantage that Red Bull has been enjoying the past couple of seasons.

But good on Ferrari for never giving up and always fighting (unless it’s towards the end of the season of course) but am afraid after 4 races this championship maybe done & dusted already so infact what the red boys are doing is just chasing their tail & pouring my money down the drain in the process.

Just to make sure they get things right next time, Ferrari should just right off the next two seasons then try again but am not sure they can do anything about the Italian curse that has to do with the Pirellis —> Yes some problem will always crop up till they get rid of those boots & get back to Bridgestones.

Say, I just recently got to find out that when Alonso wasn’t having the time of his life in Mclaren in 2007, he approached Red Bull for a seat & the team was willing but since it was mid field team at the time, Alonso decided to go back to the comforting arms of uncle Flavio.

No joking, the F1 gods are against him or possibly Ron Dennis placed a curse on the most complete driver.


Tyre overheating issues… so the launch layout was aimed at driving the rear brake vanes then? Do any of the other teams appear to be doing that or are most targeting the diffuser/neutral?

If they are miles off the pace though you’d guess that the car’s overall concept is flawed — I’m not expecting the exhausts to be THAT decisive regards lap-time.

@James do you have any insider knowledge regards time difference for an aggressive exhaust layout over a neutral one?

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