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Massa says Ferrari must complete more laps at Barcelona
Scuderia Ferrari
Posted By: James Allen  |  20 Feb 2012   |  2:18 pm GMT  |  3 comments

Felipe Massa says Ferrari has been working hard at Maranello to ensure the new F2012 runs more reliably at this week’s test at Barcelona than was the case at the opening pre-season sessions in Jerez.

The Italian team completed fewer laps with its new car than any team that was in action for three or more days in southern Spain two weeks ago, racking up just 270 laps in comparison to Lotus’s benchmark total of 404. The F2012 suffered from hydraulics trouble at various points of the week, while Fernando Alonso explained that the fact the new machine features so many different concepts to recent designs, set-up tweaks were taking longer than normal to complete.

Massa, who will drive on days three and four at Barcelona, says increased mileage is therefore top of the team’s agenda this week, with Ferrari’s position on the the timesheet again largely irrelevant at this stage.

“It will be important to do a lot of kilometres, because we have many ideas we want to try out and it’s essential we don’t have any problems: I know that on this front too, the team has worked assiduously to ensure that me and Fernando can do a lot of laps,” he told the Ferrari website. “I’ll say it before we even start: again this coming session, we won’t be looking at the stopwatch, especially as you can never know what your rivals are running. The truth will only begin to emerge in Melbourne.”

The Brazilian driver prepared for this week’s running by spending two days in the Ferrari simulator driving both Jerez and the Circuit de Catalunya at Maranello and remains optimistic over the F2012’s development curve: “There’s a lot of work to do to fine tune the F2012 but, as both Fernando and I said last week, I think this car has plenty of potential.”

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Behind the Scenes at the track
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Dear James, Please don’t provide the vision of democratic opinion and then refuse to allow vox populi to be heard!? As I wrote previously, only to receive and immediate rebuttal, I’ll try again….Could you please be less emotional and more factual in your reporting please? If you are criticising the performance of Massa in comparision with Alonso, do so by comparing track times rather than pandering to populist claptrap or even political interpretation? This would be very much appreciated. Many thanks


The truth will only begin to emerge

in Melbourne.


Eh, not necessarily, the truth more than not reveals itself at Barcelona i.e. if an outfit has a car that appears fast & consistent and more importantly one which JA on F1 says looks the real deal then yeah, there you have your winner.

Okay, am now getting good vibes about this Ferrari after Alonso & Massa said it has a lot of potential for I think we may have a Cinderella story waiting to unfold right before our screens for as I said before we need Ferrari stepping up to the plate to have a truly epic season for we are no longer interested in those stories of Alonso out performing his machinery —> I mean says who??

Okay, am all reeved up for the Barcelona test though testing as a whole can’t come to an end soon enough, for some of us aren’t fun of poker.


Am beginning to think that teams as a whole agree before hand which drivers will appear on which days so they make their driver pairings to match other driver pairings.

How come Massa can’t appear on the same day as Hammy or Vettel but no, it’s always the other way round.


Cinderella story? Ferrari? Well I guess so, that front end is a strong contender to be 2012’s ugly sisters. Against strong competition too.

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