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Raikkonen: “There’s nothing better than an F1 car”
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Posted By: James Allen  |  27 Jan 2012   |  8:28 am GMT  |  108 comments

Kimi Raikkonen completed his comeback F1 test this week and has spoken about his feelings at driving an F1 car after two years away.

Raikkonen, the 2007 F1 world champion now aged 32, drove for two days at Valencia’s Riccardo Tormo circuit, which has been used for F1 testing for many years. Testing restrictions meant that he was in a two year old Renault on Pirelli demonstration tyres, but the Finn said it was enough to give him back the old feelings and to show that he’s still got it.

“I was a little concerned about finding the sport had really moved on. But frankly, on Monday and Tuesday I wasn’t surprised. I didn’t feel any difference,” he told L”Equipe today.

“The memories came back, all those times I spent driving various F1 cars, on this track. The old reflexes and feelings came back really fast. Of course it took me a while to find the limit. But after a first day of acclimatisation on Tuesday it went much better, even if there’s still room for improvement.”

Raikkonen also explained that the main motivation for turning his back on rally and coming back to the F1 fold was the desire to go wheel to wheel against other drivers.

“Last year I did a test in NASCAR and I loved rediscovering competition. I really had a good time. In rally you are alone, racing against the clock. In NASCAR you’re in a peloton, battling with forty cars,” he said.

“It was the first time in two years that I raced against others and I just wanted to relive that feeling of real combat. And on a race track there’s nothing better than an F1 car. We had some discussions with Williams, but then very quickly Lotus approached me and everything went together to get an agreement.”

Raikkonen becomes the sixth F1 champion on the grid this season, the first time in the sport’s history that this has happened. He was famous for not enjoying the obligations which come with being an F1 champion, such as dealing with promotions and media, but he says he has his eyes open about this for his comeback,

“In this sport there are loads of things I don’t like and which weigh you down. But when you’re racing, everything’s okay. I love racing other people, It’s what I do best and which gives me the most pleasure.”

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Behind the Scenes at the track
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and unlike rallying, you're actually getting paid.


He was in effect still being paid by Ferrari!


Ferrari paid very well his 2 years off.


just the one year - but still...


The amount he was paid for one year by Ferrari is probably the equivilent to two or more years in comparison to some other drivers lol..


More like he's bought into some equity in the team and give or take how the racing goes, he'll always make good money. Anyone putting the links together - Lotus' precarious financial situation - Genii having difficulty in accessing funds to buy over Lotus - Bruno Senna's ties with Raikkonen-Robertson and slotting into WilliamsF1 after KR's ownership talks fell. Probably reading into too much.


his pr officer denied such statement~~


I'm so happy to see Kimi back, he is one of only three likeable Champions on the track this year, because he is not known for deliberate crashing into opponents, blackmailing the team boss or lying to the authorities. No, Kimi is anything but that, he is a decent bloke. Can't wait to see him race!


'Likeable' is a very subjective term. For some, likeability comes hand in hand with comittment and passion. This 'decent bloke' cause a few headaches for his employers these past 5 years and was only ever a match for Massa whereas Alonso has destroyed him.


His comittment was strong at Mclaren but thier failure to give him a good car and a near close 2003(with Rubens Helping Schumi) he had enough. We all know at Macca he had the passion and Mclaren never complianed about his comittment bar a few media obligations. At Ferrari they thought they got another Schumi and by giving him a string of rubbish cars assumed his input would transform them into front runners. Don't see Alonso transforming they since his been there.


stop bashing Kimi 's commitment when he fighting hard in a car that work against him...he won a wdc....and in 2009...the worst car ever produced by ferrari and halted the development earlier in which kimi win a race and 5 podiums...while the 2 substitute fisi and (i forgot the name) nvr finish in point.....yea no commitment...whatever~~ you can continue reading tabloid as you please LOL


Gents, all of your arguments rely on 'Kimi used to have committment during his McLaren days'. In F1 you are generally as good as your last season at best, sometimes your last race even! Kimi hasn't even shown a great deal of committment when it suited him to employers since he left F1, look it up yourselves.

By my own criteria, Vettel and Alonso would be outstanding, Hamilton would have slipped behind them both and Kimi is, at best, fickle. The thing is Kimi and Lewis have the potential to be every bit as good as Alonso and probably better than Vettel but which side of these two drivers will show up next year? Alonso and Vettel do not have these flaws, the strong, committed and tallented F1 driver always shows up generally speaking.


i forgot which year in which kimi demand the wing to be taken out....but ferrari said....NO~~!! Also the bridgestone tyres been modify...before that kimi been performing well enough to win 2 races...and Massa rise to the top..when kimi get used to it and start finish on podium ferrari ask him to play 2nd fiddle to Massa....~~~ For those who claim he aint motivated should stop claiming yourself as F1 fans...LOL


HiJames, as you can see this is a hot suject with regards to Kimi's carer as an F1 driver and as you can see many posts.

Can you tell us your thougts on his F1 carer and specialy 2008 with regards to the car.


Thanks guys, unfortunatly some don't understand the funny way F1 works and how you can be valued one day and forgotton the next. ABove a gentlement has written a lot on Kimi's weakness and in my firt post I agreed and gave reasons but we all stand by his comittment during his days at Mclaren. Again to dispute Mr Wayne's post if in his life as an F1 driver he had no excuse it would be 2008 when massa was beating him but again it was not an easy year. Other than that he was driving slow Ferraris and still won in Spa. Alonso by the way had to get help from FIA last year by banning Blown Dif for Silverstone, you sound like he took a carp car and did wonders with it.

I would have repected your post if during his Mclaren days he was not comitted but he fought to the absolute end for every point during those days and 2007,2009. So I'm sorry but your argument does not make sence. With regards to Alonso he was so weak he could not stand hamilton (threw his toys out car+had a pit stop long enough for a cup of tea = unstortsmen like behavuor)but look at Button who out scoured him this year. If anyone should be crtisized it should be Hamilton who took his eye off the ball an on a Pussy cat.


Wayne, I suggest you listen to YOURSELF, and hear how THAT sounds... for a change. It's all valid excuses raised by Kimi fans.


this is not an excuses...i think james should know as well....the ferrari car was never made to suit Kimi liking.....Kimi in a way is forced to adapt to it and won a WDC...however in 2008, there are many occasions where he could win races but hampered by mechanical failures, wrong strategy, wrong tyres call....etc~~!! Massa shine only when he drive his own car....now when he drive alonso 's car he cant even deliver....Kimi has been impressive for winning 9 races and 2x fastest lap in Massa 's car!!


There are some truly terrifying excuses being made here for Raikonnen, seriously guys listen to yourselves. Raikonnen has done nothing to be compared to the likes of Alonso (and nope, I'm not an Alonso fan although he is growing on me rapidly). Alosno's commitment and desire to maximise the car is apparent in every race he takes part in. If Alonso is in fifth place you can bet he is fighting hard for fourth and if he cannot get fourth it almost always means that Fifth is all the car is capable of. I am not sure I've ever seen another driver who so consistently maximises the potential of his car even if that potential is only fourth. It's how he has been a title contender for the past few years despite his car rather than because of it. Often the likes of Kimi and Hamilton become invisible if they are not in contention for the race win. Alonso is never invisible during a race.

I despised Alonso after his season alongside Hamilton (who I am proudly a huge supporter of). Since then, well I have paid attention and there is no doubt that Alonso has an altruistic side to compliment his in car. He treats his rivals with respect on and off the circuit. I am glad he throws a tantrum every now and again and allows his passions to bubble over – a field of Kimis would be a boring place to be I imagine and I’m sure it would be boring as hell to watch.

Alonso said earlier last year, something along the lines of ‘the only driver on the grid I fear is Hamilton’ – I am sure he did not use the word fear but I can’t recall what he said exactly. I happen to agree with him. Put this field of drivers in the same car and, each of them performing at their best, I’d bet on Alonso for the WDC and Hamilton for most Pole positions and most race wins every day of the week. Schumi might even be up there just behind these two even at his age if he could get a handle of qualy! Seb? I just cannot get motivated or excited about, I just don’t ‘believe’ in him.



I Agree with Revlt and disagree with, Hero Was Sennna. The mechanics at ferrari said Kimi did not like the sail fin that was on the cars at the time which suited Massa's drving style. By that time it was too late and kimi's bad luck also put him behind on points so Ferrari backed massa and did not change the car for kimi.


That could all be the car and the team supporting Massa more than Kimi. Ferrari wanted a first driver and Raikkonen didn't talk that much, so they listened more to Massa. You could tell when that when Massa had that accident. After that Kimi rose to the top. Alonso is more demanding and folded the team to his liking.


Alonso has inherited Kimi's team, not Schumi's.

It took Schumi 5 seasons to win the championship, something Alonso did in his first season there.

Regarding Ferrari's rubbish cars, they won the Championships in 2007, and Massa almost won the championship in 2008 and Ferrari took the constructors title that season.

@009 was a poor season for Ferrari, but when you look at Massa's performance over 2008/9, he was some way ahead of Kimi...


Alonso might be a faster driver than Kimi, a better sportsman he is not. Alonso is a fantastic driver but his character needs to change.


Alonso is no ways faster than Kimi... Alonso however, is the most complete driver, but not the fastest one out there


You've hit the nail on the head, the Tifoso like winners no matter how they win. I'd have KR over FA any day. I think it's worth mentioning that KR COULD have had at least one or two more championships against the great MS, had the McLaren not been made of glass.

KR is a true racer, with startling pace. I would suggest he just got stale. But I agree, we will never know but I could never see Senna getting stale. He fight for 23rd just not to be 24th!!

Also FR is not racing the same Massa that KR was. Fact.


Very much agreed. Alonso apologists go on about his speed and ability, none address his black-mailing character. It will be forever a huge black stain on his life.


I doubt you know the true Alonso. I'd imagine Senna needed to change his attitude too???

I'm proud to be a Tifoso, and I'd rather Alonso at Ferrari than Kimi.

There's been countless fast drivers over the years, but few true racers. By racer I mean the mentality.

I do not doubt that Hakkinen was another fast driver, but he wasn't a racer. I well remember the 1999 Nurburgring GP and once he lost the lead and was out of the points he was invisible.

I remember Villeneuve, Mansell at Silverstone in 1987 or Mexico 1990 overtaking Berger on the outside of Peraltada, many of Senna's races, Schumacher etc, it didn't matter where they were in the races, they fought till the last corner.

Kimi is no doubt fast, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Grosjean beat him over the year...

Alonso proves this ability every time he sits in the car.


For the three likable champions I guess you mean: Kimi, Button and Vettel?


That's the three drivers that have not been caught cheating yet. And perhaps never will. Vettel has been often compared to Schumacher but he is a much more honest character. Same can be said about Button when compared to Hamilton, or Kimi when compared to Alonso for that matter.




yeah - i've seen him speaking the media more these last couple of weeks than he ever did. He seems very up for it and motivated - the guy is proper racer and a gent! Looking forward to seeing him back. Just hope Lotus can deliver a half decent car


My colleague at L'Equipe said he seemed more relaxed and chatty than he ever had in his first F1 career. Lets' hope it lasts.


Haha, hopefully the F1 media doesn't ask the same stupid questions then it would probably last longer.

He seems much for relax with the WRC media & gave some really good interviews.


Sadly he's in a crap car but we will see what he is made of, 2012 is all bout Seb sadly who will catch him?


Opening sentence of item is misleading.

Kimi's trying to comeback. Comeback will only be completed when he wins............Look at Michael.


If Kimi will be fast again, I think he will be picked up by a top team in the near future and then he will win races. He's ten years younger than Schumacher,. so age shouldn't be an issue.


Comeback will be when he continuously beats his team mate and comparable cars. We all know that Lotus are not in the top four teams currently.

When Webber goes to Ferrari, Lewis to RedBull who do you think will want Kimi back [after a sucessful 2012 season]?


I think you're right in terms of what will be going on at the sharp end of the grid. However what Kimi brings to F1 that nobody has really brought to it since Vettel at Monza with a Torro Rosso in 2008 is the ability to produce something special, a race win even, in an average car. His wins at Spa in 2004 & 2009 show that.

I haven't been following F1 in much detail since Kimi left, but my understanding is that the majority, if not all, of the race wins since Kimi's win at Spa in 2009 have gone to the No.1 driver in the top three cars or either driver in the top two cars... I.e. nobody has won a race other than the two Red Bull drivers, the two Mclaren drivers, and Alonso...

I'm looking forward to Kimi changing this trend....hopefully!


very well said 🙂


Really hoping Lotus have something else up their sleeve, would be nice to see Kimi up there racing with the other 5 champions.


If someone gives Villeneuve a car then there could be 7 Champions racing. And why not Mika too? He is about the same age as Schumacher. Someone give him a car! He might still be fast.


MIke tried to come back....but his pace gone during 2006 testing~~~!! Villeneuve cant win without computer aid-balanced car....reason why i nvr really rate those williams ' wdc....even monkey can win in that car LOL


It's evident that Kimi's time away from the sport he loves gave him time to reflect... and appreciates his position more.

Which also makes him very dangerous as it will propel him to perform at his highest level. Rivals beware!


Did anyone catch Pedro de la Rosa's quiet comment a couple of days ago? He said that of all the drivers he's worked with over his career, Kimi was the most "brilliant" as a driver. When you reflect on all of de la Rosa's years at McClaren, and all the drivers he worked with there (Montoya, Hamilton, Alonso, et al)-- high praise, indeed, from an extremely intelligent and thoughtful insider.


kimi just need more luck on his side......his talent is undoubted


Rivals beware!...Brad that's the spirit, and this coming from a huge Hamilton fan.


Exactly what I was thinking...


Six world champions...March 18 is quite nearer today. Though I dread how the cars will look like Caterham's nose... :/


If it crosses the finish line 1st it will look beautiful.


Hahahah,,, yeh I saw it.


Those are the kind of words all Kimi fans should be glad to hear. He has the natural ability to succeed in the spot, I doubt he has lost his natural speed, since he is the last Ferrari World Driver's Champion, I dont doubt his temperament at all. I hope Lotus give him a competent car and he should be able to compete for race wins. Six World Champions on the grid this year, let the games begin already...


He says he has his eyes open about the PR, I suppose, but it's not exactly enthusiasm is it?


I've ben watching Kimi a fair bit recently and my take on his personality now as opposed to 2009 is that he has grown up a bit. I think he was tired of F1 in 2009, and especially of being in the limelight. His first interviews at Lotus have been delivered in a mature and carefree manner. My guess its that he'll have less pressure on him at Lotus than he did at Ferrari and Mclaren and that will apply to media pressure too. Expect him to be an anonymous presence on the grid while the cameramen hound Hamilton, Button, Alonso and Vettel...


Well, Kimi is saying he wasn't surprised and didnt feel any difference. Ofc he didn't. He was driving a 2 year old car. He was driving basicaly a car that followed the one he drove last.

Either way, we need Kimi to be at his best. We need competition for RBR, McLaren and Ferrari.


Would love to see him do well, but his return will almost certainly be a non-event - much like Schumacher's.


I can't wait to see how he goes at Spa in the Lotus as if it is only mildly competitive he might sneak a victory as he has done in previous seasons.

The only shame is that with the current rules an underdog win is less likely as DRS enables the guys with the fastest car to breeze back to the front.


This Spa phenomenon is staggering. Everyone goes on about it being Kimis circuit, obviously everyone has forgotten that Spa belonged to Schumacher from 1991.

His debut at Spa, his 1st win, won in 1994 but disqualified, won in 1995 from 16th on the grid, won in 1996 with loose steering wheel, won in dominant fashion in 1997, leading when DC backed off on the racing line in 1998, not racing in 99, won in 2001 and 2002, and yet Schumi hasn't been anywhere since his return.

For anyone wearing blinkers, there's only one thing that's going to get Kimi on the podium, its a brilliant design from Lotus and him changing his attitude completely and working as hard as Vettel, Alonso, Schumacher etc work


"For anyone wearing blinkers, there’s only one thing that’s going to get Kimi on the podium, its a brilliant design from Lotus and him changing his attitude completely and working as hard as Vettel, Alonso, Schumacher etc work"

I think this derives from a complete misconception, one that Ferrari fell under too. Kimi's talent as a racing driver and feel for the surface of the road does'nt require him to work hard off circuit. He does'nt need to be an Alonso or Vettel. That's why he is always fast with anything he tries out. When he gives precise feedback and the team can't deliver(classical example Ferrari) what he unfortunately does is to shrug it off and do his bit in the car. Give him a good car (which comes from the team), and he will perform. Simple as that.


Now you mention Schumi's DQs, do they count to his 91 wins tally? I know his stripped 1997 season wins count to it, but I forgot there were others like in 1994. Anyone?


Not surprised he didnt find it too different and reacclimatised with an F1 car without too much trouble. I guess its one of the perks of being a natural (and very good!) racing driver 😉 I have no doubt about him being competitive. If Renault can provide him with a decent car, I'm sure he'll be snapping at the heels of the cars ahead. Will be interesting to see how he fares in the wet. In the wet F1 races he competed in, his performance was a bit hit 'n miss. Ok, we know it was like that in general at Ferrari but I'm referring to the wet races only! 🙂

A quick point on his rallying career, in my opinion he did very well! On a few occasions, on test/day one (super special) stages, he was faster than Loeb and Ogier. It was only as the weekend went on, that the front runners experience and embedded memory of the road layout paid dividends. I dont think there are many current F1 drivers who would be able to compete at that level in WRC 😉

Roll on!


I'm confused about the wheel to wheel bit.

F1 is far from wheel to wheel compared to IRL, NASCAR, the various touring car series etc...


I think Kimi's onto a winner here.

He has to out-qualify Grosjean, and also to define what the limits of the car are. If he can do both, the calls will come sooner rather than later from Whitmarsh and Horner.

If Horner [or Mateshits} goes for Hamilton to replace Webber, McL will snap up Kimi.

Course, all this depends on him achieving the above....


If anybody can drag Lotus up the ranks to start fighting the top 3 marques, Kimi can. Hope he is able to do it asap so we see more dogfights...........role on 18 March.


Heidfeld was as quick as Raikkonen when they were at Sauber together.

He was, on his day, as quick as Kubica, yet whilst Kubica worked the team hard and paid back their hard work, Heidfeld was dropped because he didn't direct the team as they had hoped.

Heidfeld was always a good test driver, yet Kimi never was, I wouldn't be expecting this to work out.

Regarding Whitmarsh, he has Button and Hamilton and in 2010 he had the chance to sign Kimi, I doubt that's a likely avenue to be honest


Heidfeld was as quick as Raikkonen when they were at Sauber together.

- You forgot to add Heidfeld had quite a few years of F1 experience whereas Raikkonen had virtually none. Being new to the series and driving as good as someone that has a few years under his belt tells you something about the guy's talent

Heidfeld was always a good test driver, yet Kimi never was, I wouldn’t be expecting this to work out.

- Maybe you are neglecting those engineers who have worked with Kimi in the past and their high praise of his ability to just simply go out and drive flat out for a few laps, come back in with some good feedback? In case you aren't aware of them they are all over Google.


Er... maybe you should read what I typed? I didn't say Heidfeld was better than Kimi, and I said essentially the same things as you.

In my reply I was quoting the original poster "hero_was_senna". Do please READ properly.


im sorry to disappoint you...Kimi is the best test driver ever...prior to his carrier he used to test the engine for formula feeder series...and the manufacture was shocked by his sensitiveness on the car and engine....and his feedback of course is beyond great~~!! You ask every engineers who worked with him b4 and they will tell you the same things!!! Adrian newey etc....Jenson BUtton recently stated that the mclaren engineers still talking about Kimi on how good he is in develop and setting up a car!!


"I didn’t feel any difference"

Yes... Maybe because the car was 2 years old!

Maybe I don't know something but are they allowed to add 2012 like features to that car ?



Unfortunately, driving a two year old car proves nothing. Things have moved on enormously since then...Are you still up to it?



Ignore Phil. You're kick@ss.


To add to that,Schumi was mighty fast when he first tested a GP2 car and later the Merc in pre-season testing, but it took him a long time to get everything together and he is still playing catch up. Having said that,Kimi has 2 things working for him :

1) Age. He is still relatively a young man.

2) He never stopped racing. For Schumacher it was a big switch from couch to an F1 car. Kimi on the other hand has been rallying,NASCARing and ofcourse crashing. I wish him all the best, but i dont expect anything spectacular atleast for the next 2 seasons.


An unusually frank couple of quotes there. Perhaps, having seen the grass on the other side, perhaps the negative sides of F1 will be less of a drag for Kimi.


Good to have him back, regardless of how it turns out. F1 needs pure racers like Kimi.


Kimi is one of the old style pure racers left and one of the most gifted ever. The car however unlikely to allow him to reach top 3 places. This is the reality, but hope his fans will keep supporting him anyway.


we are for Raikkonen regardless 🙂


As much as I enjoy several other categories of motor racing, Raikkonen's right about one thing: there is nothing like an F1 car.


Totally off-topic, James, have you heard anything about the issues regarding the TV F1 rights holder in Spain ("La Sexta"). I've read that they've had to re-sell the rights as they're not able to pay and now there's some legal controversy.


I read that too let's hope they do something about it because I loved their race buildups, correct me if I'm wrong but I think they even had Marc Gené and De la Rosa as commentators.


No, but thanks for the suggestion and I'll follow that up


It will be interesting to see how good the Lotus car will be this season. If it is good then expect Kimi not to take too long to be up to scratch, unlike Schumacher! If it is not too good then Kimi might struggle at first before coming good.

Either way it looks to be a fascinating season with 6 World Champions racing, can't wait!


And there is nothing better than Raikkonen in an F1 car 😉


@mo kahn maybe if you added "to me" there is nothing better than Raikkonen in an F1 car that would be fine but without that a bit exaggerating don't you think 😉


nope 😉


Yup 🙂


You are free to live in your own head 😉


Yes there is.... sorry to burst your bubble


I think the car would have been adapted to feel more like a 2011 car.

They probably played around with the wings and aero and of course the weight and fuel load.


I fear that the new even softer Pirellis will hurt the likes of Kimi and Hamilton. These two guys are the best to watch with classic oversteer moments etc. Even the recently released test videos showed some great, classic Raikkonen moves. It was great to see again, but would be costly during a race in 2012. Shame.


From what I understand Pirelli is making the soft tires more durable this year.


Aah this is a perfect example of you don't know what you got till it's gone but luckily for Kimi, he still has age on his side so he can still be competitive.

In a way it's good to know that Kimi feels he hasn't lost his edge but this won't be good news for drivers seeking glory in 2012 and beyond for this means Kimi is going to spoil a number of people's parties i.e. Taking away points from pilots that seriously need them.

Anyway as long as he's ruining Ferrari & Red Bull's races, all I can say is welcome back Mr. Ice man!


Kimi says Lotus approached him, I thought it was actually Kimi who approached Lotus.

Also I do think partly Kimi is in F1 because of financial issues - which is OK as everyone in F1 has a part of their mind on it.

Did he not criticize F1 a couple of years ago stating that F1 is boring when he was off to rallying? Memories are really short and now all of a sudden he is showing "sudden" interest in F1. Do not know which one is true or is that change of heart in two years? Anyway good luck to him as it only increases competition in F1.


raikkonen at spa. cant wait.


When Kimi left I had no favorite, but do now, again...


same here 🙂


I can't help but question his sincerity. He's forcing everything he says like Lotus is making him do it. If you're passionate about F1, you don't leave it for NASCAR (which the media seems to be writing off as "two years in rally"). Kimi's a good driver in the same sense that an infant is good at yelling; it's not a passion, but a habit that comes naturally.


On another site I saw this today; "I expect to have to fight in the middle group," he said. "But it will not be a drama. It's no different to my last year at Ferrari." 🙂


I don't even mind if Kimi does get stuck in the middle group with a car that is on par with say the Force India's and the Saubers and such. I just want to see Kimi back again.


I don't think Kimi will be battling with the likes of Force India and Saubers, but rather he'll be fighting with the second drivers of top teams like Massas, Webbers (if he has the season like in 2011) and Nicos n' Schueys. The man will not however have the machinery to take on Vetels, Alonsos and both the Macca Boys.

Kimi has a superior speed skills and this is allow him to challenge the second bunch of top teams.


The problem is, I do not have that much faith in Renault, I mean Lotus, producing a good car.

Lotus (Renault) was quite far back at the end of last year... I do agree that Kimi will wrestle every last bit of perf out of whatever car he gets, but whether that will put the Iceman in reach of the Merc's, Massa and Webster is a big question.

Damn, I'm so looking forward to march 18, hoping Lotus (Renault) will prove me wrong and actually do just that, get the Kimster a car he CAN use to go up against the second- tier 🙂


Cool, for a guy who says very little, he actually says alot!


Hi James,

Based on your insider prediction, how Kimi will drive in comparison to his new teammate at Lotus? Luckily he don't have to be measured against someone like Nico Rosberg after coming back. Do you think that will help him to settle in better?

At McLaren, Kimi projected a image of really fast driver. Ferrari year was a myth. I really hope he will produce some spectacular driving this season.


Yes, it helps he's up against Grosjean, who is also relearning F1. I think he'll take a few races, but he'll be getting the best out of the car very quickly


While I am KR fan, I'm not going to enjoy hearing him getting slagged by the fans as they did to Schuey. Between the time off and a midfield car at best, its going to be difficult seasion


That's why Spa is Michael Schumacher living room


In reply to hero_was_senna post



Martin Whitmarsh sure seems to enjoy praising Kimi whenever he gets the chance! 😉



awesome, there is just as much fan politics as is in F1. let the season begin then (inside and outside)

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