F1 Winter Break
Kubica targetting June comeback in simulator and race car
Posted By: James Allen  |  29 Jan 2012   |  12:56 pm GMT  |  98 comments

Stories coming from Italy suggest that injured F1 driver Robert Kubica aims to get into an F1 simulator and then back into a car and has set his sights on doing it from June onwards.

The Pole, who broke bones down his right side and severed nerves in his right arm in a rally accident a year ago, is still in a light cast at present after breaking his right leg again earlier this month. But he’s counting down the days to getting back into training.

According to our colleague Pino Allievi, who is in close contact with Kubica, he had started intense training on a bicycle in December and will get back on it soon. He is driving a road car again and has a good range of movement is his right arm, but still has some problems with rotation movements between the elbow and wrist.

According to Allievi, Kubica’s attitude is that either he’s able to come back at 100% of his previous level or he won’t bother. And it will only be if and when he drives a simulator and then a racing car that he will know.

The intense physiotherapy he is undertaking at the moment and the training programme he had started on before the recent leg break show the ferocity of his determination to come back.

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He'll pop up at Lonato to do some testing soon enough. 🙂


Life is what happens while you're making plans.

His body will decide what will happen in June.


Have to agree and due to the severity of the crash I just want Robert to regain decent use of his limbs and this doesn't hamper him for his life. The obvious and pertinent sentence was "but still has some problems with rotation movements between the elbow and wrist." and this over a year since accident - therefore Robert is having severe problems with rotation ( to be expected ) Robert - Just get better and enjoy your life.


Aah this is good news!

It goes without saying that we all on JA on F1 are rooting for Kubica & hope he gets back on his feet for there's a lot of money to be made in formula 1 especially in these exciting times (no thanks to Pirelli)

But recalling Kubica and his radio communications, that is one negative chap right there who's always complaining about something with a sour face to match & as we all know, there's nothing more important than a positive outlook in life to get you through a flipping storm.

So it remains to be seen if the Pole will make a successful comeback more so seeing as he says he won't be back unless he's 100%


Meh, it's not till one's sick or injured that you fully appreciate GPs and nurses for the good work they do.

So a big thanks to all GPs and nurses all over the world.


I have to agree 100% though I liked the guy he was one of the biggest complainers in the pit lane. I am sure most drives push hard behind the scenes but Robert would blast BMW quite publically all the time and that cannot endere a team to you.


You have some strange ideas.

Yes we all wish Kubica well - last year would have been quite different with him racing. However I cannot see how you think Pirelli didn't add to the spectacle.

As for Robert being negative he invariably had good reason to make the comments he did. It would have been very interesting to see what could have had happened if BMW Sauber had continued to develop his car when he was doing so well.

I also think it would be very welcome to have a red car that I felt I could cheer on.

Finally I have to disagree with your comment about GPs. It was highly skilled, dedicated surgeons together with committed nurses who who did the excellent work. GPs had nothing to do with it - and, apart form a few exceptions, should not be spoken of in the same vein.


As a surgeon I have to agree with those let comments!! 🙂 great news about Kubica, I hope he does comeback he is an exciting driver and his loss last season was keenly felt by Renault.


Hope he makes it back. Next years grid will have an insane amount of talent.

Baron Von Awesome

C'mon Rob! Fernando is waiting for you!:)


Kubica will come back at 100% of his previous level or he won’t bother and the intense physiotherapy shows the ferocity of his determination to come back eh?.....

So watch out Masa you are under the gun! You are just keeping a seat warm and if you dont have the performance come the end of the summer break -- you will be gone!!!! I suspect the pressure will kill Masa's driving early this season and he will choke before they can get a fit Kubica to replace him. So then what in the interim?


Piero Ferrari went to Wroom week this year. He made a point of saying that he had never attended before & then said about how well the 2 drivers support each other. As Alonso had just said how great Kubica is, I read that to mean that Ferrari is backing Massa to stay on at Ferrari, not Kubica.


What I do not understand, I read the article on iSport, by "Mole" http://www.isport.in/f1/the-true-story-of-michael-schumachers-retirement-414 recommended by a comment on this site which said that LdM hired Kimi to wrest control of Ferrari back from MS, which Kimi did when he won the WDC in first year, 2007. After Kimi gave LdM control back, did LdM then turn around & give it away again, to Alonso...? FA has many times said that he wants RK for his teammate. Is that why Ferrari went to Wroom...?


very good article. Thanks

Any other of the same type you recomend?


Spot on !!!


Webber gets Massa's seat in 2013.


no chance if that never happened at the start of last season it was never going to happen, Vettel drives for whoever Newey works if given the chance for simple as that. My money is on Newey being at Ferrari within 3 yrs whether Vettel gets the chance to follow or not is a different matter


Sorry as good as Byrne was in the long term with a allready very great and at the time of his arrival certainly the one with the biggest funding and certainly the strongest heritage with a lready long standing known good core of in house staff etc. Dont get me wrong what Byrne has done has been remarkable but there something going on with Newey that is superior well that i vision with the way his career has moved through various teams etc and i think it will become generally clear to all that he is the greatest car designer (as an individual) that there ever has been got to remember this is a guy getting paid more than the F1 drivers all but a few, i think you would be pushed to find any employee in F1 getting paid more than any one of the drivers on the grid at the time be it direct from the teams or there sponsors. Mark my words he will be at Ferrari come time the luxury Newey has is he can join any team at any time when he wants i dont think for a minute he is the kind of guy that would be driven by money over the challenge come on who would have put a fizzy pops company at the fore font of F1 5yrs ago ever and thats even with the known factor Newey would be there that is what a difference this guy is in any team. But i think it is the passion of pretty much all in F1 to if possible or justifiable join Ferrari at some point in there career and prob more so the top designers for the reason its normally the product (ie the car) that is the defining factor of a world championship winning driver yet alone constructor champion. like i have previously said mark my words he will be at Ferrari within 3 complete seasons from now


Haven't Ferrari already tried to secure the services of Newey, and that the stumbling block was Newey didn't want to live in Italy? He wanted to stay based in the UK. I could have got this wrong. And anyway, Ferrari have Rory Bryne who can come up with equally good ideas as Newey.


After Massas drop in driving form after his injury, I highly doubt Ferrari will go for Kubica without him spending a year racing for another team.


Massa's form wasn't great before his crash. The crash is just a handy excuse.

From the comfort of my sofa he's always seemed to suffer from a disbelief in his own ability. What F1 drive needs his engineer to tell him over the radio in a race he can brake later into a corner?


There was nothing wrong with his form prior to the crash at all are we forgetting Kimi won the title in the previous yr and Massa out drove Kimi in 08 simple as (somebody going to stand and rate Kimi as sh*te now?) and even him not taking the title was certainly down to some last lap speculation between Hamilton and Glock. sorry but pre flying spring he was certainly up there but now something has certainly gone and i cant see it returning and on that Ferrari should be credited for giving him the extended opportunity to recapture that form but unfortunately this is his last season i reckon not just with Ferrari but any F1 team on race day taking the clear permanent effects of the injury/event and with so much fresh talent coming through. Great shame anyway.


badoer, and he was upset when massa's engineer tried to help him. At least massa is cool about it.

The reason why massa was so good in 2006 07 and 2008 is because the car was sorted out perfectly. Now that the car is not, he is strugling.

There is only a handfull of drivers good when the car is not perfect, and he is not one of them.




i think his career is over in f1 at least. If he is able to come back it would make look like if driving an f1 is too easy.

Ferrari will get vettel for a lot of money, and a lot of years. Watch out fernando.


Why would Vettel leave Red Bull when he's already getting ferrari treatment at red bull? And unless ferrari become a #1 team again, I fail to see why he'd go when he's already in a #1 team.


I think you underestimate Massa: if the Ferrari manages to warm up the new Pirellis quickly, you will see a far better performance from him. It depends, as it does for all teams, on how well they've done their sums in the winter. Thank goodness we're only a couple of weeks away from finding that out!


If Kubica finally decides to talk directly to the press/public, I might - and only might - start to believe he's attempting to return to racing.

I cannot believe that any sportsman can refuse to give interviews for a whole year, like Kubica has done. Instead we've been fed a series of nonsense stories about his recovery and plans from his manager and 'friends', none of which have had any substance. This story is just another claim that won't come to fruitition, because we all know Ferrari have at least 2 other drivers 'in training' to replace Massa. Drivers who are currently in F1 seats, not waiting for their body to repair.


Got to remember there is always the factor that he does not want to effect his own mental drive towards his personal repair mentally and physically what does he have to gain talking bulls**t with the press? all the team principals know how good he was physically and how good he certainly is mentally. so what would he really gain talking to the press etc at this stage until he actually himself where he is in the future ability wise etc it would be if anything foolish to be talking to the press to probably look and feel stupid in fron t of the public eye, clearly going to be a case of get to as best a physical state 1st followed by simulator testing and the obvious steps from there if he can satisfy both himself and whatever team he is in the simulator for got a feeling that would be at Ferrari as I'm sure that was where he was heading for this season anyway but I really doubt they would seat him for his first season back regardless. So what would he have to gain talking to the press at this stage? I would say absolutely nothing i can only see personal negatives for him yet alone possible further career hampering negatives


Kevin, you've got to start using paragraphs and punctuation. Your posts are very hard to read and understand the point you're trying to make.

They look like one big sentence.


Actually you don't understand Kubica. He's a very private man, and likes the PR part of F1 as much as Kimi. He needs to recover in his own way - at his own time. He has given some limited messeges/interviews over the year for his fans, but otherwise he wants to be left alone and concentrate on his own recovery in his own way.


Why do people continue to defend Kubica's decision to ignore his fans and the press? He has been involved in motorsport for many years and knows full well that dealing with the press is part and parcel of the sport. Kubica's treatment of his many fans is deplorable. How difficult would it be to make a 5 minute video to properly thank them and give an honest update on his condition?

As for Kimi, he dislikes PR, but he has always spoken to the press when he has to.


+1 .. totally agree ... assume he has some TV deal / story on his recovery / film deal 🙂



Good news for Robert.

But I can't see him return to previous form after a year of not driving anything (and in June it will be 1.5 years of not driving F1 car) at all...

Yes, he can return and show some signs of his previous skills... but as much as I would have liked him to return and be competitive, I don't believe it will happen.


I really hate to say it, but I think Kubica is done with F1. The level of racing in F1 is so intense that after a crash like he suffered and to still be having trouble with movement in his arm a year later will be a problem for him. I will hate to see him go but I think he will continue to race in a class that is a bit easier for his limited movement. He will be a champion in another class for sure because he is a very fast and a very smart driver.

Good luck Robert!!!


Unfortunately I agree, he would be great in GT or Le Mans, but not single seaters. If any one needs motivation look at what Zanardi achieved, remarkable


man...if he had not that recent fracture,things would have been quicker and so assuring...

hoping for the best...he is too good a talent to lose...


This will be an emotional comeback if it happens. What a testimony to Robert's determination and the skill of the medics who have overseen his care from the moment his accident happened to his rehabilitation. I truly hope to see him competing in F1 again, fingers crossed!


He's done. I can't name a team that is interested in taking a chance on him. He's not coming back at 100% of his previous level. His F1 dream turned into a rally nightmare.


IIRC, the rumour a month or two back, was that Lotus would bankroll simulator time and testing in a two year old car, IF he signed a contract for 2012 & 2013.

Which he (or his management) refused to do.

Word was, he had a better deal on the table to go to Ferrari for 2013.


What team will provide the simulator? That's a huge story.


I read somewhere that in Germany in one of the buildings of the Toyota F1 team base (I don't know if they still own it despite pulling out or sold it) you can - as a normal person - rent f1 simulator for a day or longer period. so anyone can do that, including kubica of course, and that simulator is said to be quite good


Thats the best news we have heard about Kubica in a long time.

I am sure he will get a drive if he is fully fit even during the middle of the season


James, with so much time of, and not having 100% movement in his arm i don't see how he will ever be the same? Do you think a manager would really risk hiring him?

He's had so much time away from racing on top of his injuries, surely he will never be as quick as he was?


hence the testing.


We really need to admire and support his tenacity. Go get it man.


This is completely off topic so I don't expect you to post this James. I couldn't see how else to contact you.

Below are the team results from last year. It would be interesting to hear/read your predictions and those of the 'experts' who post here as to what the team results will be for this year. After testing the predictions will again be interesting but differently. Maybe you can create another thread if you think it's worthwhile. Wishing you a good season.

1 RBR-Renault 650

2 McLaren-Mercedes 497

3 Ferrari 375

4 Mercedes 165

5 Renault 73

6 Force India-Mercedes 69

7 Sauber-Ferrari 44

8 STR-Ferrari 41

9 Williams-Cosworth 5

10 Lotus-Renault 0

11 HRT-Cosworth 0

12 Virgin-Cosworth 0


Hi Russell,

I won't claim expert status, but I'll offer a few thoughts, based on what is in the team review in Autocourse as to what the various teams got right and wrong.

Top three - pick any order you like. Ferrari has the greatest spread of potential results as it will carry over little from the 2011 car.

Mercedes will step up a fair bit. Apparently the blown diffusers were best suited to a long wheel base and Mercedes missed this trick. As everything was compressed, everything is higher, compromising the centre of gravity. Therefore Mercedes is possibly closer to the the 2012 rules than the top three teams from 2011.

Renault could go either way. It had wind tunnel problems again in 2011. If these are solved, then the aero skills it has shown since mid 2010 could mean that it is well placed.

Sauber will bee strongly influenced by what Ferrari come up with for the gearbox and differential (Torro Rosso did its own gearbox). In 2011 the pushrod rear suspension was inferior to the McLaren-influence pullrod suspension in the Force India.

Williams potentially has a lot to gain if it keeps developing its low gearbox concept, as without exhaust blowing, Sam Michael considered this to be a particular advantage. McLaren might benefit from his knowledge on how to get it right. Apparently the power loss from the angled drive shafts was only in the order of 0.5 kW.

Lotus might be able to step up among the lower, but I doubt either Virgin or HRT will.

Then you come to another subjective assessment - will any drivers make the difference to get their team ahead? I think the tyre management issues that the top four teams had will converge, so it will just be about keeping the tyres in the operating window. In general I think this favours Vettel and Alonso over Button and Webber. Button seems to work things out eventually during the race so he finishes strongly, but after a usually slower qualifying and a poor opening stint, the win is already gone unless weird stuff happens (rain, Hamilton puncture and Red Bull compromised by tyre wear in Japan). Hamilton seems to be more a track and scenario situation. Most races he is fine, but in some, such as Valencia 2011, he doesn't seem to have the right feel. I don't see Massa being at the level of the other five on these Pirellis, and so even if Alonso is the WDC, I doubt Ferrari will top the constructors list.

Red Bull has improved its reliability to the point where it is eclipsing McLaren. If Renault do have a fuel consumption advantage, then I expect Red Bull will aim for a fast qualifying philosophy with things such as DRS design with the aim of being clear at the end of the first stint as early on the cars would have a fuel effect advantage. If Webber can deliver a closer performance to Vettel then I think Red Bull will get the constructors as well.

James Allison from Renault said that the Pirelli tyres do not like being under combined lateral and longitudinal load. Corner exit required a strong understeer bias in the car otherwise the rear tyres wouldn't cope. The rear blown diffusers were meant to help give a rearward aero bias (Renalt's forward system was more even and better suited to Bridgestones). Since Webber was having rear tyre wear problems in 2011, this doesn't make me feel optimistic for him in 2012, but we will see. Qualifying should be better at least.

In summary, I'm going to sit on the fence to a degree with the top four and say that Sauber will get the edge over Force India and that Torro Rosso's drivers will be the necessary edge over the Williams cars. McLaren will produce one of its semi-rubbish cars (2002, 2004, 2006, 2009) as it is about due and Mercedes will beat it for third. Alonso and Vettel will fight out the WDC with Webber third and Red Bull get the constructors championship.

I won't say I told you so in the unlikely event that I'm right.




A thorough analysis Martin. I am impressed. Thank you for answering.

Tornillo Amarillo

I guess Ferrari's options for 2013 are:

1. Kubica recuperates in this summer with good times in the simulator

2. Perez beat Kobayashi

3. Massa is back in the fight like in 2008

I assume Bianchi would not be an option for 2013 being too early for him.

If any of this scenarios happens -because is possible they won't happen indeed- , which sound number 2 driver is Ferrari hiring for 2013?



No one.

Hamilton - no way

JB - I see him possibly finishing his career there, but not yet

Webber - After Red Bull, he's done.

Rosberg - Only if Schumi beats him/takes over Merc

Vettel - He'd be mad to, but maybe he'd want to follow in Schumi's footsteps. Doubt it, I bet he feels he's his own man.

Schumi - Would be funny but not gonna happen.

Perez - Too young

My own view is that only Sutil is the only option, especially if Massa is let go through half the season. That is if he doesn't end up in jail.

So yes, that's basically the reason why Kubica is yet again linked to Ferrari; there's simply no one else available that's worthy of driving a Ferrari.

P.S. I don't know why Kubica is compared to Massa - different injuries, different mindsets, different characters. Just because both drivers were sidelined does not mean their circumstances are the same.


So Sutil is given a suspended sentence. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that does mean he's free to race for Ferrari if they want him?

Personally, I can only see this happening if Massa implodes mid season and they have to fire him.


1. Kubica is a long shot at best - no point talking about it until we see him driving an F1 car.

2. Perez is a definite possibility. If he keeps improving this year then I think he is a real chance.

3. If Massa wins races then he is a possibility for another year. It is highly unlikely he will win another race in his career.

Rosberg - Not a chance, he is on a good thing at Mercedes and will not leave there.

Webber - Has to be a good chance. Currently the best supporting driver on the grid (where Button and Hamilton are equal #1 in that team). That is exactly what Ferrari need to win a constructors title.


They should take Kamui.


I really hope he gets back to 100%.. But what really intrigues me here is. What team are going to prove simulator, and car time. Lotus? as I recall it he is without a contract. Could be a massive hint to a future drive.


"What team are going to prove simulator, and car time."

That was the first thing I thought, too. That would be very interesting to learn.

To the people saying "he's not going to be 100% after 1.5 years out", I suspect that the idea is to determine if the _potential_ is there to return to 100%. He's obviously not just going to turn up and put in a drive as good as he would have at the end of 2010.

Like a lot of people here, I was devastated when I first heard news of the accident and would love for Robert to come back on form. A large part of me thinks I'm kidding myself that it will happen, but if it does it will become one of the classic F1 stories.


100% or Not return?

I'm willing to bet that Kubica will return !

The human brain & mind is sooo fantastic in compensating for a deficiency, but what you cant teach it is how to have 'guts of raw steel' and Kubica has bucket loads of this.

I honestly dont think he'll have full senses or movement as before, but this wont stop him. If senses in his right hand have reduced, then train to be left-handed. If the right arm cant rotate fully, then make the left arm stronger (and power steering will help here).

Will this stop him in finding the limit? No freakin way!

Will this change his driving style? Yes, but it's also an opportunity to be a better driver and develop a better style. Keep in mind, he's widely known for aggressive driving which is hard-wired, maybe this will significantly increase his 'finess', and coupled together will explode into "float like a butterfly but sting like a bee"!

If you're reading this Robert, limitation is only in the mind; you win there, and winning a race is just a matter of time.

Go, reclaim what is yours.


Hm. I'm sorry, but I just don't see it. I wouldn't bet a fiver now on Robert ever making it back to F1. Even if he could regain 100% fitness once more, the passing of time and the stain of peoples' perceptions of his post-accidemt abilities will count too strongly against him... Sad to say, I'll be amazed if he gets another drive now...


Totally agree. We often talk of fit young drivers are and the talent they bring etc... As much as we want to will him back and make comments to support him... its not going to happen.

The level of damage sustained compared to the total demands of driving an F1 car lead to the same conclusion,which top team would go with such a driver. Talent he had, he now has talent compromised by physical challenges.

I am sure you will find that will be his conclusion in the end. Remember the top surgeon James spoke to more or less said the same. He thought it highly unlikey that he could make a recovery ack to where he was beforethe accident.

But don't get me wrong. Just like Alex Zinardi, the fact that they don't give up trying is a cause for admiration.


Thats what happens when you type quickly without thinking on an iphone! Thanks for pointing it out


Oh please do come back. It seems that many people are waiting for you.


Two questions: Whose simulator and which F1 car??


Well only time will tell. It's not so much will he be the same again because undoubtably he won't quite, because there will always be some residual issue or problem. It really boils down to whether he can extract the same level of performance from his changed situation by adapting. There's no doubt that he will train hard to get there, but it remains to be seen if it is good enough. Personally I wish him the best of luck.


James -

Can you shed any light on the bizarre public argument we saw a couple of months ago between Lotus Renault & Kubica's manager?

Didn't the latter insist at the time that Robert was still seriously expecting to be ready to line up on the grid for the first race in 2012? And that LRGP were deliberately misrepesenting Robert's possible unavailability for the first 2012 -test-?

IIRC, there were related rumours that the real argument was that LRGP wanted a contract at least until the end of 2013, and that Robert's camp refused to commit beyond the end of 2012.

If my memory is correct, I'm -slightly- more sympathetic to Eric Boullier's position now than I was at the time...


Kubica needs to come back to F1, hes a genuine racer, ill be patiently waiting for his comeback, no doubt.


to all of you guys out there!

Kubica will be back for sure,I'm 100% convinced he will come back in style and will twist a bit f1 again!hes motivated and determined,and deep down wee know theres something goin on already,so watch this space as they say!


I certainly hope so but i think its maybe time to be running that crack pipe on a little less throttle my friend 🙂


About 90 % of the Germans (excuse my bad English) are convinced that there will be no come back of Kubica. I'm very VERY asthonised that here are so many hopeful fans...

Please think: There is no picture, no interview no proof at life what so ever since tha accident. There are only statments from friends or from his manager which has proved several times as nonsens. His second "ice"-accident was in a climatic zone of about 7 - 10 degrees. Because this was reveiled the management changed that story to "slippery wet garden". There is no proof of entering that hospital - no one there knew about Kubica. There was no hospital at all hosting a Mr. Kubica! The latest story is "he drove a street car with automatic gearbox" - should that be a good story after 1,5 years reha???? And still on proof at all for anything???

No one on earth with a willing to a sports comeback would hide completely. No one on earth would manage that sort of hiding and efforts of a reha without at least some paparazzi discoverments. It's not a mystery anymore - it's quite obvious: If he is alive then he's struggling with normal life SOOO HARD that he can't show that! Just sitting in his room behind closed curtains is NOT a hard work for a come back. I'm sorry but that's it!


Firstly, there have been quite a lot pictures here and there, either Kubica with bandages and stabilizers on his hand, or without, or even pictures of Kubica looking physically fit posted on Facebook.
Secondly, it has been said that he broke his bone recently EXACTLY in the place where it was broken last winter and it was due to the lack of phosphorus in it, and as manager said, in fact this is even better it happened now rather than on later stage of recovery. Also notice that it has been spoiled he was taken to the different hospital than St. Corona, as in St. Corona were hordes of journalists a hour after information about broken leg was sent out, also he was registered under nickname, and it was all spoiled to public later on.
Thirdly, I hardly believe in his comeback, not because i like him even if i do, not because he is suberb driver, but because of one simple reason: when any of the teams will have him in their car in the race of his return, this is going to be enormous exposure to their car, brand, all advertisers on their car and on driver suits, etc, etc, and this goes into millions of euro deals. I am not saying they will keep him for whole season or even more than 2-3 races if he won't deliver, but i am 300% certain he will race again, that's too easy cash to be picked up.

Tornillo Amarillo

But there is no proof either he is sitting in his room behind closed curtains...


It is not unusual for sport athletes to sustain injuries for a couple of years. The thing I'm not sure about is how well will he fare against a steep competition of young guns in F1 by 2013 or later.

Vettel has set such high bar, most past champions are having trouble keeping up.


No it is the combination of Adrian Newey and Vettel. Plenty of them are well capable of delivering those sort of results given the car and the commitment Red Bull have.


Correct i find it hard to rate Vettel as a driver above at least 6 of the other drivers on the grid at this point but yes he certainly is good and has a unrivaled desire/drive probably but just really hard to gauge exactly how good yet, the single biggest figure in F1 for impact right now defo has to be Newey if not already i think you would find there will be approaches by Ferrari and Mclaren over the next couple of seasons yet.


The Kubica story is getting sadder and sadder at this point. I feel bad for the guy, but odds of him ever racing in F1 again are slim, and at a top team are remote at best. It is hard enough to leave the sport for close to 2 years and come back fast if you are healthy. However, he has been thorugh numerous surgeries, and spent tons of time in hosptials. In a sport that comes down to hundreths and thousandths of a second I would be stunned if he were fast again... but if he is then great for him!


Quote: "He is driving a road car again and has a good range of movement is his right arm, but still has some problems with rotation movements between the elbow and wrist." Very much as I posted in the Kubica article way back now that the shattered elbow would sustain problems with pronation and supination, and the hand would come back at somewhere near 85% or even better. The combined forces on a F1 driver are very strenuous, and the elbow takes a pounding because limited cockpit space and having to fully work the wheel left and right for up to 2 hours straight. The excessive forces through such a damaged elbow are likely to onset arthritis in the joint over the short term too, but this can be managaed to some extent, not fully. There are plenty of sportspeople that push through chronic pain/physical restrictions (Mick Doohan comes to mind as someone who had changes made to accommodate his bacnged up body, and he still won championships in MotoGP, but his physical state shortened his career by around 2 years) and Kubica seems of that 'stuff'. I hope he can come back, but there's still high doubt in my mind that he can.


We will never see him back racing F1 again,


don't doubt Kubica's ability to bounce back. Two words spring to mind when I consider career ending injuries, Niki Lauda. Granted the times are different and physical stresses placed on the drivers that much greater but it can be done. Once a racer, always a racer.

I think the bigger issue is the mental side of it and whether or not Kubica can step up again.


Lauda was back within weeks; the injuries aren't remotely comparable.


You may not doubt it, many sensible people do.

Physical stress much greater now, LOL LOL.

Once a racer always a racer... Kubica ??

3 strikes and your out.......


Tragic accident yes but Kubica has not given a single word 'back' to his fans in the last 18months.

Get well soon but take a hike!


kubica has too given word to his fans, you just missed it. he thanked his fans for all the support and said he only wants to face the media when he has made a full recovery. so you take a hike, since your not a fan and dont know his progress at all.


Accident was 6 February and this is not full year


James, how come we haven't seen any pictures of Robert? He's never spoken or done an interview for us to see him. Is that not strange to you?


heres a recent photo:


he has said all along he wants to stay out of the public spotlight until he makes a full recovery. most people would do the same.


No, he's staying out of the spotlight


Very wisely so too! hope he does get back into F1 🙂


Recent Rumours that Kubica's potential move to Ferrari

Ferrari will help Kubica return to Formula 1



More rumours. Ferrari have an excellent PR department. If they had anything to say about themselves and Kubica, they'd say it themselves, not put around rumours.

Truth is, Ferrari had an interest in Kubica a year ago. He had the accident and they have moved on.

Kubica's manager appears to have attempted to get Kubica a contract with other teams on the back of Ferrari's past interest. He's failed, none of the team managers were born yesterday. Sadly, a large number of Kubica's fans believe he will not only drive in F1 again, but he'll jump straight into a Ferrari. That isn't going to happen.


As i have previously stated pre silly rally accident i believe Kubica was within the top 3 drivers in F1 at the time of his accidents i certainly woiuld not rule him out for a F1 race day come back but im pretty sure it wont be or ever will be in a top front running team, For as great as i feel he was prior to his accident the Handicap that he is going to be left with from that injuries i feel will near certainly effect him to make that much of a difference but i do however believe he may still have enough skill and talent still effectively there to drive within some of the lower teams to admirable effect. Such a shame i am Certain he would be at Ferrari this season for sure otherwise as somebody else said on another post above on the scale of Massa's injuries effecting him which i would say hugely as its almost like a sympathy case for his injuries in the car of no fault of his own that Ferrari still have him there and Massa was another very top end driver before his misfortune regardless of the car he was driving at the time. so on this basis and how its certainly effected ferrari's prospect over the last couple of seasons i cant see them touching Kubica for at least a few seasons regardless of simulator/practice form. If the Mercedes dont work this season i think were odds on seeing Rosberg in that seat in 2013 or even Di resta or Hulkenberg If any of them have a outstanding season Speculation about Mark Webber really cant see it if that was going to happen it was going to be at the start of last season think theres going to be lots of young talent coming good this season.


F1 seems a funny old world, all respect and good wishes to Kubica, but you wonder why Ferrari [or any other F1 team] need to take the risk,especially after Massa's 'tame' comeback after his head trauma, and spend money and resouces on a driver who has suffered major injuries to the parts of the body, arm, hand, leg etc that an F1 driver more than anyone needs to be working 100% all of the time, here is a global sport with only 20 odd teams and a good number of talented young, fully fit drivers ready, willing and able to 'step up to the plate' surely we can't be talking of sentmentallity in the 'big bad world' of F1 !!


At last I can see a light in the dark :))


But is it the headlight of an onrushing train?



Only when he starts driving then we'll know the truth. As a young man his spirit is very strong but physically only Kubica will know how well he has recovered.


Much as we would all no doubt wish to see Kubica back I think that the chances are against it. What I am certain of is that it is impossible he will ever be at the same level again. Even if he can learn to drive in a different way it will not be his way. he will always be compromising and working around his new limitations. And think about it: comebacks rarely end up in the person being just as good as they were before. The fact their are exceptions only proves that rule. Kubica was not at a top team when he injured himself. Why would he be placed at a top team now? You can be certain he never will be unless he proves himself over time. I would expect any Ferrari interest to be wholly dependent on him proving himself in 4 or 5 races before the end of this season, assuming he can even race at any point in 2012. If not why would they take a chance for 2013 on a man who has not even proved himself in a race beforehand? Race teams are not charities.


I cant believe the amount of negative comments regarding Kubica pre rally accident are people so narrow minded and blind that they don,t realise that its not necessarily race wins and title wins that defines a great driver you have clearly got to weigh the odds up of what the driver is currently driving and think that's where the recognition by people that rate Kubica comes from as opposed to his personality and humour level.

I cant begin to emphasise how great a driver i thought he was/was going to be i really do believe he was knocking on Alonso's as far as skill talent and maturity infact pretty much everything but looks :/ like i have previously said easily within the top 3 drivers of the current grid.

Just such a shame to see that that really does appear to be it for him as far as his form was and could have been even if he does make it back on the grid.

Brett Williams

Hi James,

As we're heading closer to June are you able to run an update on Robert's recovery? There doesn't appear to be much coverage on this, with the last credible information seemingly being the reporting of Jaime Alguersuari saying that he can't even hold a glass with his injured hand.

Looking at the strong preformences recently by Raikkonen & Grosjean in the Lotus/Renault I would have loved to see Kubica at the wheel of one of these this season.

What do you know, and what can you report on?


I'll look into it. There are a lot of banners supporting RK in the stands here at Barcelona


he is finished.

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