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Caterham F1 unveils new logo and turns back on Team Lotus adventure
Posted By: James Allen  |  14 Dec 2011   |  12:40 pm GMT  |  66 comments

Today Team Lotus steps back out of F1 and Caterham F1 comes to life as part of the deal which saw Group Lotus and Tony Fernandes end the dispute over the use of the Lotus name in F1.

The Caterham team’s new logo has been unveiled and next season the cars will race in green and yellow colours under this brand.

Meanwhile Lotus Renault will race in black and gold.

Speaking in the final edition of its e-magazine Team Lotus Notes Fernandes said, “With Team Lotus, I would have battled to the end if I felt it was the right thing to do, but when you take a dispassionate look at where we were it made absolute sense to start with a clean sheet, and Caterham has given us that chance.”

“It’s the best possible solution for where we want to go – partly because it gives us complete control over everything we do and, obviously, because there’s simply no point racing to promote a road car company I don’t own. The road car business has always been a sector I’ve wanted to explore and so here we are. But I can’t stress enough; this is a serious business venture for us.”

Fernandes plans to move the road car production facilities and F1 facilities under the same roof in Leafield, Oxfordshire. The F1 team will move there during the early season flyaway races of 2012.

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I started racing late in life with a 7 and had so much fun in the little car, and have to say I am proud that caterham is now a f1 car. As most of my uninformed mates call my little 7 a hate to think whot they would call the C S R aro, nothing about the car visually or mechanically interests me. The caterham 21 was a better concept but Bradley made and beaten by lotos else . Don’t do it again try thinking out of the box as Colin chatman would f1cars have mid engins too late with that too phylip abbot came from a racing caterhams and developed radicals, I am certain Colin C would have been proud of him. So please caterham don’t spoil our 7 by making it look worse than X BOW .?. From an old 7 racer .


Nothing to shout about the logo, but it’s good they’re keeping the green and yellow scheme which was expected. Like to see them improve for 2012. Respects goes to Mr.Fernandes for keeping cool and believing in F1.


Slightly off topic and late but how about blue and white for the Genii Renault team branded as Gordini?


I’m glad they’re keeping the green/yellow colour scheme.


Lotus GP use blank and gold colour scheme.


Does anyboy know the new official website for the Caterham F1 team? I noticed that the team lotus website is offline?


Caterham F1 Website

Team Lotus website is closing on 14 December 2011 after rebrand to Caterham F1.


I dont think it matters what the name is called, unless a team backs out or the number of teams is reduced, they will finish 10th again, im a huge Mike Gasgoyne fan, and think he deserves more credit, as he sdly will not turn the team around… another season where 10th in the constructors is accepted,

Take it back 9th as Williams are gonna struggle like hell next year, and Torro Rosso have two inexpereinced drivers, so they’l struggle aswell..

so my money £50 in 9th


I’d take that bet. £50 not 9th. that’s good odds.


Please someone bring the Yellow and Blue color to Lotus-Renault.

The color which Renault had in 2005 and 2006


Good luck to Caterham F1 I say.

I have been saying this since day one. I like the way the go racing and the whole fiasco with the naming was not their fault.

I am no longer saving for an elise, but a Caterham 7 instead!

James, do you think that with the new engine regs we’ll see more tie up with road car programmes? The thought of a “7” with a turbo charged Renault V6 hybrid thing is attractive. I think they could get a lot of leverage in the sports car market with that kind of thing.


Yes I do


I wish the very best for Caterham next year and in all of their future. Of all the new teams, they really have done everything much better than the other two, while maintaining great online contact with the fans. I really wish Heikki a great 2012 with a good amount of good finishes.

I still have the question mark over Jarno though as do many others. If Trulli does get replaced, who would most likely be his replacement? Toro Rosso now have Ricciardo and Vergne, so maybe they’ll eye Alguersuari unless HRT want him more. Buemi, who knows? Luiz Razia? Too early?


Liuz Razia will stay with Caterham Racing GP2 another year..


I wish Tony Fernandes, Mike Gascoyne and all the rest of the team all the very best for the future as Caterham F1. I have been following them as Team Lotus from their beginning in 2010 especially as Mike Gascoyne joined them and I have great faith in Mike to take them forward.

I was pleased that they finished 10th in the placings thus earning 30 million, or whatever, and I hope they are able to improve next season using this money. I do hope they join the midfield teams and we see some exciting racing from Caterham F1 in 2012.


I was lucky enough to be present at the Hingham factory on Wednesday 14th Dec’and witnessed some of the changes.

I am of the opinion that Caterham F1 will hit the ground running next year. Good luck to them.


That logo says it all…very ‘2 bob’ !


The F-1 wheels never stop turning do they ?

Off topic (I can’t find a place for these comments):

What happens to DC next year ? DC & MB were a great team. Very sorry to see them broken up.

Perhaps MB could stop using the deprecated term Centigrade next year. It’s Celsius !


DC is staying at the BBC and will be doing the commentary with Ben Edwards.

As for the Centigrade/Celsius thing, I’m younger than MB and when I was at school we were taught about Centigrade (and Farenheight). It’s hard to change the habit of a lifetime, and besides, does it really matter, everyone knows what he is referring to.


I’m in my 20’s and I was taught Centigrade, but if its that much of a problem maybe we should just go with Kelvin.


Kelvin MacKenzie (ex newspaper editor) on last night’s paper review on Sky News still thinks that Czechoslovakia exists!


DC will be co-commentator alongside Ben Edwards next year.


I can’t help but feel moving production plants at the beginning of a season might be detrimental to progress. Admittedly bringing upgrades to the car is never really done on the flyaway races, but their ability to research and develop will surely be compromised. They won’t be able to get up and running overnight. So, however well Caterham start, surely their relative performance will slide and then they will be playing catch up all season.


Help please from someone with a mastery of the Queen’s English – How do I pronounce Caterham?

Is it Cat-ter-ham or Kay-ter-ham or even Kay-ter-rhum?


Steve Matchett (British guy on US channel Speed) is pronouncing it Kay-ter-am. Not even pronouncing the H… As an ESL guy I was not sure either until he said the word…


You don’t pronounce the “h”. Pronounce it like the last syllable of “Buckingham” – KAY-ter-um


“Super Seven”


I would pronounce it as Kay-ter-am.

Some people might say Kay-ter-rhum, depends on your accent I guess.


Your last option is the best:





The last one, Kay-ter-rhum.


I have always wondered how important F1 is to the image of a brand and to bottom line. What the uplift value of being in F1 is and if it really justifies the insulting sums invested by car makers.

For example, BMW is doing just fine after pulling out of F1, aren’t they? Units are back to were they were pre-finance crash, company is strong as are profits and product, and it doesn’t have the big expense of being in F1 does it? Nor the insult of loosing – which is very bad for a car maker in F1. I wonder if the backorder for Ferraris would drop down to an in-stock situation from current waiting list if Ferrari was not in F1? Someone clearly has Mercedes convinced of value of F1, while their counterparts aren’t sold. Audi is not in and shows no interest and it’s views are only reenforced after seeing for free the BMW adventure. BMW is out and isn’t eager to come back after said adventure. Clearly both are doing just fine in the market place without F1. I dare say better then Mercedes.

Which brings me back to this Caterham – seems they were selling some units and have a niche. Don’t they realize their market is limited and driven by product uniqueness? Don’t they realize that they can be crushed by a main stream car maker who would take a few style cues if they did happen to get too successful in units? Was the Plymouth Prowler that far off? I guess when you have a lot of money to risk on a move, even if that move is not entirely what you wanted – you can still declare yourself a visionary.


BMW and Mercedes are not really competing in the car industry. They both are fast, but Mercs have the edge in the luxury department.


Got awesome logo Caterham F1 Team ..


What is the situation with the payments from FOM for the race teams? As I understood it there was more money for Lotus than the other new teams on the basis of the historical contribution and results of Team Lotus. Will they now lose that or does it continue? Or does it transfer to next season’s Lotus team or do they continue to gain the benefit of their Benetton and Renault successes?

Wouldn’t be surprised if the current Elise platform gets taken over by Caterham when Group Lotus starts bringing online the new Lotus models. Would give Caterham a new model range to market without directly competing with Group and give them the ability to expand the business whilst creating an all new platform of their own.

Hopefully we’ll see continued improvement with the race team next year. I thought they had a very good year when we consider not only that they were in only their second year but also that they were racing without KERS unlike everyone else bar the HRT and Virgin. I’d really like to see Ricciardo alongside Kova as Trulli seems totally disinterested in driving at the back of the grid.


Ricciardo at STR, so not going to Lotus. I would love to see Senna replace Trulli, really… 🙂


I know I posted about 10 minutes before that story came up. I rather like the idea of Alguersuari at Caterham alongside Heikki. He ended the season strongly and it has to be remembered he is only 21 still. I really don’t rate Senna, I think he has a lot to prove he isn’t just trading on name alone.


I think Senna is just a bit over rated.I think that seat might go to Petrov or Sutil. Heard Maldonado is on his way out as the Venezuelan government is not willing to sponsor him with PDVSA any more


Meh Logo, should have changed the colour scheme though guys. If your looking to break ties with the ‘Team Lotus’ brand the first thing you could have done was change that!

Good luck though, one of your drivers deserves a much better car next year.


Oh, I don’t know. Caterham has always used those green and yellow colours. I associate them more with Patrick McGoohan’s Seven than F1.

If I were to buy a Caterham I’d want one in those colours.

Provided Lotus stick to black and gold I’m happy. All told a fairly elegant end to a confusing debacle.


Well I stand happily corrected!

Still think the logo could have more flare to it…But hey it’s the car that counts, not what’s painted on it.

Would love to see them fighting with Force India next season.

Bring on 2012.


Caterham has historical links with the original Lotus, going back to the early 1970s. The colour scheme is superb.

Like others, I’m not so sure about the logo. Looks a bit 70s. Methinks something that would have translated to a badge on a car would be better.


Actually, on second thoughts, it goes back even further than the 70s, as Caterham were a main dealer for Lotus Cars in the 1960s before they bought the rights to produce the 7 when Lotus went up-market.


Oh I don’t know. I don’t think that Caterham’s generally have an evocative colour like Ferrari, JPS/Lotus, Mercedes etc but the Lotus Caterham 7 is often shown in the Green and Yellow. It’s probably the ‘most recognised’ colour scheme from the brand so why not I guess?


Whilst I am excited about the potential expansion of the Caterham road car brand it is a shame to see production of the cars moving away from Caterham itself – you may as well rename the cars Leafield F1 as they will no longer have the same connection.


I dont believe the cars are produced in Caterham anyway Sam, I think its Dartford?


Whilst the main showrom is still in Caterham, production moved to Datford over 20 years ago! As a Caterham owner, I am very excited about the involvement in F1 but at the same time a bit wary about the pace of change at Caterham following the recent ownership change.


Not really the issue, but from a graphic design point of view.

That logo is very poor.

Not quite as bad as the Brawn logo, but still disappointing.


As someone who knows nothing about graphic design, my feeling is you’re right. It does look a bit home made.

Fortunately it sounds like the livery for the cars will remain relatively similar, and a great livery it is.

I can’t remember the Brawn logo but the Brawn livery was pretty awful, made all the more tacky with the matching drivers helmets. How did Ross Brawn ever convince Button to adopt that horrific day-glo abomination of his helmet design?


pretty sure logo design was not at the top of the list that year …


Glad thats all cleared up, two Lotus teams was ridiculous, must admit I hope Caterham can make an impact in 2012. Always thought teams trading on past names who have been out of the sport for years was a bit silly and not in the slightest bit relevant.


They’re going to have to get working on another obscure pun for the title of their new magazine.


I’d missed that pun!

Lotus Notes – there’s a blast from the past!


Good one! 🙂

Maybe “Team Caterham Sandwich”, “Team Caterham and Eggs” or “Team Caterham ilton”

Can’t really think of an IT one…


Ow, man! That’s my (unfortunate) present!


Totally missed that at the time, but now I see what they did there.


I like Fernandes, and I like the team he has built. It seems to have the right ethos and attitude.

I really hope they break into that midfield pack – I’d love to see them challenging for points next year.


The ‘M’ looks like a ‘Y’. Caterhay?


It is not balanced. There is too much negative space between the top of the “C” and the “A”. The top of the “C” should be brought forward a bit, to at least balance the stark underline thet runs off the “M”, at least.

It is a very “70’s” look, but there are newer fonts and looks out there now.

James I know a good graphic designer in Vancouver, B.C. (not myself) who could fix this logo in a heartbeat – can I submit his email? If so to whom?


1) Trying their customer service / team email from their website as a starter might help?? Doesn’t take a genius to figure this out.

2) You are willing to offer help, but maybe they don’t want it and feel comfortable with the current design? Changing the logo again and again one after another in a short space of time isn’t good for the company image.


I hear you. The top of the “C” just needs to be drawn a bit closer to the “A” in Caterham. No big logo change. Just a tweak to fill in the “negative space”.

No charge.


That is the website of the GP2 team (formally Team AirAsia).

This is the website of the F1 team.


I was just thinking the same…

And having the M come back towards the left makes it look like the logo is going backwards… Wouldn’t it have been better to have the C extend towards the right instead, if what they wanted was to give it some movement??

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