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Win a VIP tour of McLaren factory and signed Jenson Button shirts and mini helmets
Posted By: James Allen  |  24 Nov 2011   |  6:21 pm GMT  |  205 comments

We’ve very proud that this year here on JA on F1 we’ve given many fans a chance to get closer to the sport, sending 14 fans to Grands Prix, one fan to Abu Dhabi, we’ve put two fans on a real F1 simulator and we’ve had lots of other great prizes for competitions.

Our friends at Santander, with whom we did the FOTA Fans Forum in June, have given us a few nice things to celebrate the end of a great season of F1 – a VIP trip for two people to the McLaren factory (known as the McLaren Technology Centre), two replica mini-helmets signed by Jenson Button and two McLaren team shirts also signed by Button.

To enter just send me a few short lines, in the comments section below, with your favourite recollection or highlight of the McLaren duo’s 2011 season so far. Deadline for entries is Sunday night at 8pm.

The best one will win the VIP Tour plus a shirt and mini-helmet, the runner-up will win a shirt and mini-helmet.

The winners will also each get a signed copy of my 2011 review book of the Year “Vettel steals the show”, which comes out on December 12th priced £9-99.

Santander also have more great prizes to tempt you – including tickets to next year’s British Grand Prix, signed merchandise from Lewis and Jenson and VIP tours of McLaren – to find them click on this link and check out the Competitions tab on Lewis and Jenson’s Facebook page:


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it has to be the Canadian GP and Jenson taking the win from Vettel by forcing a mistake.


mclaren's teamwork made the canadian win possible & that is why mclaren are the best ;0)


Canada. Jenson's win, was typical of the McLaren team attitude.


My favourite McLaren moment this year has to be Canada when Jenson Button fought back from a pretty disastrous start through the back and took Vettel on the last lap. Unbelievably have never seen anything like it and don't think we will again.


The Canadian GP.

Summed up the respective seasons of each driver.

Lewis with a silly mistake (dust up with team mate) leading to retirement.

Jenson's steely drive from last place to win the race. Really highlighted the new focused Jenson Button.


Lewis should have realized how slow Jenson was going, and could have avoided as you say, a dust up with his teammate.


The best moment of year hands down was Jenson winning in Canada.

And for Lewis. The Chinese GP, when we all thought he would he wouldn't even make the start he went out and bossed it.

Nice and simple.


2011, McLaren - the year that the relentless, consistency of one former World Champion unsettled and outperformed the racier, younger, "never previously been outpointed by a teammate", incumbent former World Champion.


My favourite moment for McLaren was when Lewis finished 2nd in Australia following the disastrous series of winter tests. I had premonitions of another year like 2009, but they pulled it out the bag.


My favourite Jenson Button moment of the year was seeing him putting pressure on and then overtaking Sebastian Vettel on the very last lap of the thrilling Canadian GP.

My favourite Lewis Hamilton moment of the year is another over taking move, This time on Fernando Alonso at the German GP as he drove around the spaniard to regain 1st position after the pit stops, another thrilling race win for Hamilton.

Lets hope the McLaren pair give us some more great memories in the last race of the year this weekend!


My favourite McLaren moment of 2011 was Lewis and Jenson colliding in the rain in Canada back in June, with JB still going on to win the race. Total class!


I'll bet that Fernando may not have that same feeling.


Sure I wont be alone but the McLaren highlight of the 2011 season has to be Montréal. The ups and downs, the red flag break, the hunt in the last lap - it was immense.

For anyone who doubts F1 is a truly amazing sport you just need to sit them down to watch that race to transform them into an F1 (and probably McLaren) devotee.


As a huge Jenson Button fan, this year has been a vintage one for me to watch. I think my favourite part of their season though would have to be from Canada. I would imagine that this would be many fans highlight, but a couple of specific areas really strike a chord with me. Firstly, after a crash between team mates, you get a 2 hr rain delay which allows the pair of them to get together and explain what happened. I'm sure that this would have put Jenson's mind to rest. After this, we obviously get Jenson's absolutely storming drive to victory. For me, though, the best part in all of this was the image of Lewis Hamilton sat in the motorhome, watching Jenson take Vettel on the final lap. With a shake of the head and a wry smile, this showed a real insight into their relationship and the good feeling that exists between them. Magic!


My favourite highlights of the McLaren's duo are the win of JB in Canada despite going through the pitlane like 5 or 6 times, and LH recent dominant win in Abu Dhabi showing us that the speed is still there.


The Canadian race had it all . Team mates racing and colliding , a massive down pour , so much overtaking , penalties , punctures , crashes , red flags , celebs . It was breathless stuff and needed the break in the middle to let you take in what was happening. It looked like the spectacle had been taken away with a rolling start , but boy , who could imagine what was to follow . Drama ensued from the first lap till the last . What a result for Jenson and the Mclaren boys.


I have enjoyed the 2011 Formula One season a lot. It's difficult to pick my favourite parts of McLaren's year as I am a McLaren fan so every positive is worth noting. I think I'll have to do a top 3!

Button's Canadian Comeback!: It was amazing watching Button come back through the field even though his previous incidents in the race and the lengthy red flag period was tough to watch. I found it hard to find energy (as it was past my bedtime!), but I jumped for joy as he passed Vettel on the last lap of the Grand Prix.

Hamilton's Luck Finally Turns!: It was great to see Hamilton back where he belongs when he won the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. It was another great drive like in China and Germany, but this time he controlled it and didn't appear to have to had fight as hard, as he mastered from the front almost every lap. It was great seeing Vettel's luck finally turn too! If only he'd had incidents like that earlier in the year, would've made a titanic title battle!

Who said I was entering the lion's den?: I felt proud for Button as he proved his critics wrong and beat Hamilton in the McLaren team. It proves the decision to move to McLaren wasn't a bad one and was equally as good as some of his decisions in races with changeable weather conditions!

Thanks James for your coverage this year and keep it up for next year! Lets hope for another good season!


When button put Lewis into the wall, why?

Because it highlighted that Mclaren will let their drivers race each other, as it should be across the paddock.


My favourite recollection is the bittersweet Canada 2011. As a Lewis fan it was hard to see him taken out of the race by his own teammate. However the way both responded really impressed me. Jenson went on to win a spectacular race, cementing the fact that he is up there with the best of them, and Lewis with a great amount of dignity remained to watch the race, and duly cheered Button after he flew past Vettel. As shown the previous year an event such as this could have easily led to acrimony and fractures between the drivers and the team. It is to their credit that neither of them allowed that to happen. For a fan like me this race showed the class that both drivers have, both on and off the track.


My favourite McLaren moment of the year has to be at the Chinese Grand Prix. Lewis was on a 3-stopper and in his attempt to catch the then leader of the Grand Prix, Vettel (who was 2-stopping), he had to pass his team mate, Jenson. In a stunning display of bravery and inter-team respect, Lewis kept his foot on the throttle and sent one up the inside of turn one. Jenson played hard but fair and gave him just enough room to make the pass. The eventual result of this was Lewis winning the Grand Prix. Just Fantastic.


My memory of 2011 willl be JB's Canadian Grand Prix. The longest race ever with JB making 34 passes (which probably was more than the whole field throughout 2010!) A clash with Lewis and the resulting stop, a drive through penalty, 3 other stops, falling to the back of the field, making his way to the front, getting fastest lap & then a last lap pass to win. Even Hollywood would turn down that script as impossible!


Highlight of 2011 for McLaren would have to be the Candian GP. To come from the back of the field after colliding with Lewis & Fernando & after having what felt like a hundred pit stops in what can only be described as biblical rain fall, Jenson took the victory from Seb on the last lap of a grand prix that for me was one of the greatest (and longest!!) races i have witnessed in nearly 20 years of watching and following Formula 1.


The best moment for me was when Jenson said!!

" What the hell is doing !! " This was wheel to wheel racing when Lewis hit Jensons car!! I then see them both playing airhocky on You Tube!!!

Excellent to see them both friends off the track but race hard against each other on it!!!

Graham Walsh Walsh

Has to be the Candian GP when Jenson overtook Lewis.


My favourite memory of this season from McLaren has got be the Canadian GP with Jenson's win. Considering he was almost taken out of the race by Lewis, was dead last at one point and the extended delay caused by the rain it has to rank as one of his finest victories in F1.


There are a few, but its got to be Jenson's epic drive in Canada. Bad day at the office for Lewis, but JB's drive was one of the best ever. To stay focused after a near 2 hour stoppage to win from the back is legendary!!


Too many good moments (including the rickshaw in India 🙂 but the highlight has to be JB's epic win in rain soaked Canada, 2 hours of stoppage, a load of safety cars, FIVE pit stops and an air punching overtake on the last lap. Its been a great year (one more to go) but that will stick out as the race of the season for me. Very few drivers, including talented German ones, can beat that stunning victory.


Even if they looked nothing like last season they are surprisingly consistent at 2nd in constructors' standings, and that's saying a lot.


My favourite race regarding the McLaren drivers' 2011 F1 season is at the Canadian GP, but my favourite racing moment was at the British GP.

The Canadian race involved two teammates going at each other in less than ideal conditions. Hamilton, possibly still stewing about his mis-played earlier passing attempt on Schumacher that cost him a position, tries to re-pass Button. Button, possibly not seeing his teammate, but also possibly not wanting Hamilton to pass him again, is determined not to give an inch of tarmac. The two collide and Hamilton unfortunately has to retire. While Hamilton may look back and rue his luck that day, Button would go on to have, arguably, the race of his career.

My favourite racing moment was at Silverstone. Vale corner and the last lap. With Hamilton struggling to conserve fuel, he refuses to give up the racing line to Massa and brakes too late. The two collide and give no quarter to the other - Massa runs right off the circuit, and Hamilton beats him to the line by two-hundredths of a second. It may have only been for fourth place, but to me it was more memorable than Alonso's only win of the season. After all, people remember Villeneuve and Arnoux's monumental battle for second place at the 1979 French Grand Prix more than they remember the fact that Jabouille won that race for Renault. For one corner, the Hamilton-Massa battle reminded me of that famous 1979 battle, and encapsulated the season long fight between Hamilton and Massa.


It has to be watching the canadian gp coverage for nearly six hours and JB winning on the second from last corner, the other is Lewis getting his mind together at Abu dhabi after a very trying season


The buddy videos of Jenson and Lewis: there have been a few of these (testing the MP4-12C at Goodwood, £50 for students) which have shown the men (boys?) behind the helmets. They enjoy themselves so much, and enjoy what they do as much as I would if I was in their race shoes. They are like me.

Which begs the question, could I be as cool as Jenson in the grid doorstep interviews (to Martin 'sorry if I'm delaying you')? Could I hide my disappointments better than Lewis? Probably not.

These videos make me think I know Jenson and Lewis, so when I'm watching them race its like watching friends. And that makes every race exciting.

Boy, those videos are good. The bring the races alive.


The pure determination of jenson button!! The man that everyone thought would fail in mclaren... But yet he was the man who drove with passion to chase vettel so hard into making a mistake and won the GP!

As for Lewis.. Everyone just keeps piling the pressure on him... This guy, don't forget came into F1 with high expectations! He's already a world champ! He may not have the best of seasons but for some reason he's always there contending! That sums it up for Mclaren!


Been hoping you would do a piece on McLaren James.

Did everyone watch "How to Build" on BBC2? This time it was "A supercar" ie the MP12-4C with several references to the F1 car and build processes in the F1 monocoque vs the tub of the 4C.

However two things which astonished me were that the harness is fitted after final paint and that the harness itself is a full old fashioned job which must weigh many kilos even using the latest thin wall insulation. Both these are at odds with the philosophy of the car, in which paint perfection is obsessive and the overall mass of the car is a major target. A CAM-BUS system would eliminate a good percentage of the harness weight, though no doubt some things still need physical connection.

Series well worth watching on BBC iplayer.

Ron's obvious displeasure at a cracked floor tile made complete sense as he explained that a replacement tile would not be a perfect colour match. Why did he not tell them to buy extra from the same batch when they were building it? Maybe he thought he could trust someone who should not have needed telling!


My highlight of the McLaren drivers this season was seeing them duel in Hungary. In cold, wet, slippery conditions on slick tyres they were wheel to wheel going for the lead. They passed and re-passed each other. Until Hamilton pitted it was hard to call who would come out on top. It was a thrilling battle in tricky conditions between two world champions in identical cars.

It was great to see them racing hard and McLaren allowing them to do so given just a few races before they'd collided.


One particular highlight of McLaren's 2011 season which is of particular significance to me was in fact the first race of the season in Australia. After a troubling pre-season testing where they were plagued with problems with their exhaust concept, they then decide to neglect their initial exhaust system and adopt a different system to bounce back as a race contender. With no proper race distance testing; their car was able to fight at the front of the grid and this proves to me the incredible strength and ability of the McLaren team as a whole.


the contrast between Hamilton and Button after Hamilton's pole in Korea. Button looked happy to be in third place whilst Hamilton was barely able to crack a smile. The difference in attitude said a lot about each driver.


Lewis almost wiping them both out and then Jenson's stunning drive to take the win in Canada. Awesome race!


I think the best highlight for me was when Jenson took the lead in Canada when Sebastian Vettel slipped up on the last lap. Afterwards I noticed a camera shot on Lewis's face showing shock and then happiness when that incident happened. To me that shows that the relationship between Jenson & Lewis is working really well and even if Lewis retired from the race it is nice that he is still a team player supporting his team mate (Even though the collision between Jenson & Lewis cost Lewis the race)


My favorite highlight of the 2011 season is that both Lewis and Jenson have three wins a piece (pending Brazil). Not any other team this season can say that both their drivers won multiple races.


My best memory of this year definitely has to be McLaren drivers' epic race in Canada ! I remember spending hours home waiting for the race to start, not knowing if I should eat or not. I gambled on strategy and sneaked quickly out to grab a pizza and came back home just in time to watch one of the best races of the last few years. The coming together of Jenson and Lewis, then Jenson fighting his way through the field after finding himself at the back of it, to the breathtaking last lap where Vettel made perhaps his only mistake during a race this year, under the pressure Jenson put him by driving impressively. Definitely my favorite race this year, I had thrills when Jenson overtook Vettel to cross the finish line first !


For my the highlight of the Mclaren duo was the Budapest Grand Prix. both drivers racing each other free, hard and respectful, each one playing to his own strenghts, wich are very different and sometimes it goes one way but it can easily go the other..


SantLewis promise to treasure, but

Jensonfone is a secure line.


JB's Sensational Drive at the Canadian Grand Prix: My Father and I make an annual pilgrimage to Montreal for the F1 weekend, and attended the FOTA Fans Forum which was excellent. This year, the trip was especially important to us as my father would be starting cancer treatment on the Monday morning after the race. With the massive rain delay, we were forced to leave the track on Sunday before the final safety car restart in order to catch our important flight home. Drenched and downbeat, we resigned ourselves to the likely outcome of yet another Vettel victory. When made it back to our hotel room to grab our bags, we of course turned the race on and there were two laps to go. When JB passed Vettel on the last lap, we were hollering like school children and jumping around like fools. Unfortunately, we had just missed witnessing this in person, but alas, had even greater priorities. My old man's cancer is now in remission after successful treatment and I like to think he was spurned on by Jenson's sensational display in Montreal. We can't wait to witness another McLaren blockbuster, together, at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve this coming June.


jensons stoming drive in canada, it has to be the stand out drive of modern f1 and it really did shut up all the f1 is dull crowd


My favourite moments were lewis winning at three races because he is my favourite driver! 🙂 In general Jenson had his best season yet. Another great memory although it was frustrating was watching Lewis hound Schumacher. Incredibly entertaining to see two formula one cars battle so hard, it highlights the enormity of their skills


My highlight of them this season was when Hamilton won in Abu Dhabi. I love that after every win the whole team comes together and wears orange. But what made this win different was that Button said he felt proud to wear the orange even though it wasn't because he won. He was happy to see Hamilton back to winning ways.

That showed good team relationship which is what Button & Hamilton are known for

George Tunnicliffe

For me it has to be Canada, every emotion you want from motorsport but all in one race!

The early rush of Vettel and Alonso attacking the the track in the wet. The excitement of the McLaren drivers duelling. The disappointment of the two McLaren drivers hitting each other. The waiting and pondering of the possibilities during the Red Flag. The build up of Button's challenge on Vettel and the elation of a last lap win!

Some great racing done that day!


I have enjoyed the 2011 Formula One season a lot. It's difficult to pick my favourite parts of McLaren's year as I am a McLaren fan so every positive is worth noting. I think I'll have to do a top 3!

Button's Canadian Comeback!: It was amazing watching Button come back through the field even though his previous incidents in the race and the lengthy red flag period was tough to watch. I found it hard to find energy (as it was past my bedtime!), but I jumped for joy as he passed Vettel on the last lap of the Grand Prix.

Hamilton's Luck Finally Turns!: It was great to see Hamilton back where he belongs when he won the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. It was another great drive like in China and Germany, but this time he controlled it and didn't appear to have to had fight as hard, as he mastered from the front almost every lap. It was great seeing Vettel's luck finally turn too! If only he'd had incidents like that earlier in the year, would've made a titanic title battle!

Who said I was entering the lion's den?: I felt proud for Button as he proved his critics wrong and beat Hamilton in the McLaren team. It proves the decision to move to McLaren wasn't a bad one and was equally as good as some of his decisions in races with changeable weather conditions!

Sorry if I entered twice by accident but I wasn't sure if it submitted or not.

Thanks James for your coverage this year and keep it up for next year! Lets hope for another good season!


Sorry if I entered twice, I wasn't sure if it submitted or not!


This year has captured the essence of formula 1 with the passion commitment shown by both drivers reminiscent of the greatest years of days gone by. This has been a year to be remembered as one of the best in history. Well done to Jenson, Lewis & McLaren Mercedes


Thanks to all the team at Mclaren for an exciting season never giving up the chase, from the exhausted cleaners(?) through the manufacturing team, car builders, designers, managers to the fantastic driving team. And the fact that it's the team that works together will win together. Congratulations to you all


The highlight for me has to be the moment Jenson pressured Sebastian into an error on the last lap of the Canadian Grand Prix. Not only was it the most exciting GP of the year, but I think one of the most exciting of the past decade. Finally in a truly top team, Jenson is reaping the rewards of the hard toil in the preceding years. Long may it continue!


In the Abu Dhabi GP Lewis Hamilton showed us why he is the master in F1 despite his up & down year. It was controlled to perfection, which showed the old Lewis back to the top podium spot. This sent a message to all the rest of the F1 drivers to say "Watch out I'm back"


The standout moment of the season must be Jenson's drive from last place to win in Canada, overtaking Seb on the final lap. Someone must have Pushed the Button!


For me, the highlight of McLarens year can't be pinned down to a particular event, as there hasn't really been many races where both drivers would say they had a good race (other than maybe Abu Dhabi?). For me, then, the highlight of McLarens year has been the decision to let their drivers race.

From the collisions in Canada, to the taking and retaking of the lead in Hungary, McLaren haven't favoured one driver over another once. As a fan of both drivers (although I'll admit to being ever so slightly more a Hamilton driver!) and of the team, it is really great to see the drivers being given equal treatment on the track, as well as the respect that I believe both drivers have for each other off the track.

Drivers are always scored against their team mate, but both have tried their best to play down the hype when they've outscored the other. They genuinely seem like team-mates, rather than team-rivals.

If you had to pin me down to one event, I'll stump for Hungary - Canada will likely get lots of votes, as it was a truly incredible race that had everything - but in Hungary the driving was fair but exciting, and epitomised the ethos at McLaren this season.


Well, that meant to say "ever so slightly more a Hamilton fan", obviously!


My highlight of the season and possibly best memory of f1 is Button's win in Canada all the incidents then the way he came back through the pack and the last few laps chasing Vettel i was on my feet cheering when he overtook him absolutely brilliant!


Hi James, I live in New Zealand, im not sure if i qualify for the competition as not stated. My favorite moment although at the time was unfortunate for McLaren was the clash between Hamilton and Jenson in Canada. Jenson later went on to win the race for Mclaren which was the best victory of his career considering the conditions on the day and that he was dead last at one point in the race. For me the bigger highlight of that incident is that they was a lot of speculation that Jenson and Lewis's relationship was all for show and waiting to erupt at the slightest provocation. Well even a crash between the two of them didn't spoil their fantastic working relationship, both drivers have a healthy competitive spirit that is pushing Mclaren forward and is proving really good. Both driver are performing at a high level with three wins each this season.

So this is my highlight of the Mclaren boys this season, even in the worst of scenario's they come up from it stronger. Well done and hope to meet them soon at the MTC 🙂


CANADA - even though I'm a Mark Webber fan at heart. That drive from Jenson Button was one for the ages


My best highlight is the interview with Lewis after the Abu Dhabi race when he gets asked what his thought was when he watched Vettel spin off on the first lap. His expression said it all.


JB's win in Canada for me. I was at the race and after the hours of waiting, to finally see the race go ahead was good enough, to see mclaren and JB win made it even better. Especially when Seb Vettel made that last lap error right on the corner I was sat at.


Has to be watching Jenson reel Vettel in over those last few laps in Canada - what a win and what an advert for F1. When Vettel dropped it I'm sorry to say I jumped out of my seat and celebrated quite a lot 🙂


Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton battle was a best part of the race at the Hungaroring Grand Prix, with the pair passing each other for the lead four times within five laps.That was my favourite recollection or highlight of the McLaren duo’s 2011 season so far. It was so nice to see them battle openly with no team orders. It was just fantastic.

Thanks a lot for this wonderful opportunity. I really like this website. It is so nice for updates & I regularly retweet the tweets. Keep up the good work guys 🙂 & plz pray that I win..!!


Like most other readers, my McLaren highlight of the season was the Canadian GP. As a huge fan of Button it was truly fantastic to watch him climb from last to snatch victory on the final lap. However, my biggest highlight of the show was the moment the television feed switched to inside the McLaren garage after Button passed Vettel and seeing Hamilton--retired after colliding with his teammate--not only watching the race but applauding his teammate. It really highlighted the remarkably good blood between two top drivers and dispelled much speculation of a rift within the garage.

Looking forward to many McLaren victories in 2012!


My favourite Mclaren moment was Lewis Hamilton passing Alonso in turn 2 in Germany after the Ferrari driver came out of the pits.Lewis at his best.


Jenson steals the show in Japan

Jenson winning the race in Suzuka definitely was the highlight for me. After the start of the race it was looking like Sebastian was heading to clinch the world title and win for third consecutive time in Suzuka.

Beating Sebastian in RedBull on Pirelli tyres has proved to be extremely difficult. Button not only managed that but he also spoiled Sebastian's plans to win the title in style. That win means so much to him. This was his first win in dry since Turkey 2009, in country and on a circuit that he really loves.

He even managed to make his japanese girlfriend cry.


Jenson's win in Cananda, no surprise there. To go from as low as 21st to take the win on the last lap, the stuff of legend. Not to mention DC and Martin's banter on the BBC about Red shouldered Blackbirds and Grey Shouldered Seagulls. Absolute classic all the way!


Being a total Hamilton fan and previously a Button sceptic I am incredibly impressed that this year when you push "the Button" he pushes back. Fair play Jens - my family and I were wrong - you deserve eveything you have acheived - particularily 09


The best Mclaren moment has to be shanghai 2011 when Lewis overtakes jenson into turn 1. Took alot of skill from BOTH drivers


Has to be Introducing my 14 month old son, Jenson. to the mclaren team and the world of F1. Took a bit of getting used to me screaming at jenson down the tv and me lil lad thinking I'm screaming at him. Now we both scream down the tv


Like most comments above it has to be Canada, Jenson's drive was nothing short of brilliant and to top it off the extended tv coverage by the bbc made it a race to remember.


It has to be the canadian GP as Jenson kept his head and paced the race. He knew when to push. Unlike Vettle (who couldn't handle the pressure). Vettle has the fastest car. Jenson showed his race craft. Loved it


Canadian GP. Hamilton's unnerving ability to put himself in danger at the pursuit of glory, but in this particular moment, also colliding with his team mate. Jenson's excellent recovery to win the race. That race (and overall season) really magnifies the comparisons between Prost/Senna, and what these two excellent British drivers bring to the track.

Bring on 2012.


I think that McLaren's wins were as some kind of hope that someone can beat RB7, Vettel and Newey.

J.Button won maybe the most colourful and rich GP of last few years as a real expert of 'races with changing conditions on the track'. This race is unforgettable for every F1 fan and I think that every person who didn't watch F1 before can become really interested in it after this race, and everything is thanks to Jenson and his amazing victory.

L Hamilton was the only non-RedBull driver who took the pole position this year. That's his own desert after the difficult period of the season for him. That was the victory for his team and for him personally. That was his 0.222 sec ahead Vettel!


For me its Jenson's win in Japan...

He'd been quick all weekend, just missed out on pole by 0.009 seconds, made a great start, but was demoted into 3rd by the first corner after Vettel's chop.

Instead of letting the red mist descend he composed himself, kept his tyres fresh and then reeled Hamilton and Vettel back in. When the guys in front pitted he put in 2 blinding fast laps to emerge in the lead (beating the 'under-cut') and then controlled the pace from a hard charging Alonso and Vettel.

Canada may have been spectacular, but Japan was possibly the drive of the season to beat everyone on pure raw pace and highlighted Jenson's new found confidence.


Easy decision – the highlight of the year was JB’s epic drive in Canada!

I’m an expat living in Melbourne, so the race was a highly anti-social 03.00 start on the Monday morning… my wife has become more interested in F1 in the last couple of years, but her standard proceedure for the ‘normal’ 10.00pm starts is to watch the first few laps and then fall asleep with the dogs on the sofa, leaving me to stay up til midnight… so this time I had no support at all!

She did stir briefly as I shouted expletives when Lewis & Jenson contrived to drive into each other on lap 7, but after that she was blissfully unaware of events unfolding.

I managed to stay awake during the rain break, and after the restart things got interesting… the dogs, half asleep, looked at me as if I was mad, throwing my hands up and cursing as the rain increased and JB had to pit (again) for wets, and then when he and Alonso came together… then later punching the air as he scythed through the field.

I was on the edge of my seat for the last few laps, willing Jenson on, almost falling off as Webber had a wobble at the exit of the last chicane while dicing with Schuey and nearly collecting the McLaren, and by the time he passed Vettel for the lead I was on my feet! Amazing… what a drive, Hollywood couldn’t have scripted it…

By the time the podium and post-race interviews were finished, I was pumped, so excited in the realisation that I’d just watched one of the most exciting races I could remember… but I had no-one to tell, no one to talk to, discuss, analyse, celebrate Jenson’s brilliant win! The dearly beloved was not interested, and confused as to why she was still on the sofa as the sun was starting to rise! So, at about 07.30, I went to bed, but I couldn’t sleep… too much adrenaline!

Fortunately, that Monday was the Queen’s Birthday bank holiday (no, I don’t understand either!), so at least I was next to useless for lack of sleep at home, rather than work!


I think JB's best part was in win for his 200th gp that was a great achievement for him.

I think lewis's best bit was his win in abu dhabi because he brought it back and showed that he can make a great come back. Also the way he has dealt with everything this year has been amazing.


I think many people will say that Jenson's drive in Canada was his best ever race and im not one to disagree.

But if you look at one race where both of the drivers excelled then look no further than the Abu Dhabi GP. Lewis controlled the race with such composure and was totally faultless - an awesome drive. Jenson's drive was just as impressive with intermittent KERS and the pressure from Mark Webber to bring it home in third.

The McLaren pairing is a force to be reckoned with.

Shankar Arumugham

Chinese Grand Prix.

The duo had qualified well. But just before the race, the problems with Hamilton's car proved to be nerve racking. Eventually the Team got him out and he drove a stellar race to win it. The way that Hamilton stayed calm and kept his trust with Team and performance later was the best of the season.

Also, I felt that this race showed Button's maturity and what a good asset he is to the team. He did not press the panic button when Hamilton made his move but rather stayed calm and drove a brilliant race to the end and got the best result for the team race strategy to bring home the points.


Everyone is saying Canada, and I agree, but for a different reason. The coming together between Button and Hamilton.. yes it was a disappointing moment for any McLaren fan. "What was he doing," shouted Button down the radio, but when the red flag fell, the pair apologised to one another and Button even took the blame for 'shutting the door'. They hugged and settled the issue as teammates should. They're simply the best pairing on the grid.


Got to be Canada. Watching the laps tick down, seeing Jenson carving up cars left right and centre, his engineer over the radio saying "We can win this race Jenson", and Lewis in the garage smiling Jenson on. That's intrateam spirit - even when you're not in the car, you want the other one to win.


Highlight for me, well I loved the way the mclaren car was given birth to the world. And Jenson beating his team mate. Have really enjoyed the last couple seasons.


I have read many comments but so far have only seen praise for Button's fantastic drive in Canada. I loved this too but for me I thought the Japanese win was very special for several reasons.

Having spent so much time with Honda and Jessica JB has a real affinity with Japan and considers it like a home race. However topping this was his superb driving and ability to counter his doubters who said he could only win in the wet or with exceptional circumstances. This was Jenson's first win in normal, dry conditions with MClaren.

Japan was Button at his best - he declared an intention and duly delivered a brilliant drive to take the win he wanted. Maybe this was also a turning point for Hamilton as he realised just how Jenson surrounds himself with his familiar comfort zone. We should remember how Button's on track performances were effected by his short split from Jessica last year.

Could Japan's F1 fans have been better rewarded? I don't think so - as was shown clearly on BBCs Red Button forum after the race.


It has to be my four year old son when hearing Jenson Buttons name mentioned on Five Live, he said "did he win Daddy?" I answered yes and he said "yippee"..


My husband is a fanatical F1 fan, he lives and breathes it. He's mad about Lewis and Jenson and I joined him as a McLaren Team member last year for his birthday(28 Nov), which he was estatic about.

I watch some GP's with him as well and could not believe the race in Canada(which i must admit was pretty awesome.

My husband believes that Jenson is like his idol and predecessor Alain Prost, making the calculations(Just like at Canada) to be world class, which we could now crowm him(Jenson) as the new "PROFESSOR OF F1" and 2nd in the WDC is proof.


Canada....Jenson on the radio 'what is he doing?' when they came together and Jenson then winning from last place........as a massive Jenson fan i was leaping about in front of the TV when he won in dramatic fashion.


Many people have commented on Jenson's win in Canada as being the highlight of the year for Mclaren, but in my eyes it has to be Suzuka. Such a dominant performance from Mclaren in what wasnt really the faster car. Jenson did his best to make sure that all his bases were covered - and with a little bit of help from Lady Luck, they were.

It was also the race that showed the world that he could win in a less than average car in dry conditions. It's probably true he isnt quite as quick as the likes of Hamilton and Alonso, but he isnt far off. Some of his performance this year (and last) have proved that.

As a duo, I think the podium in Abu Dhabi was a nice highlight. There was a great synergy between Hamilton and Button, a sense of accomplishment. Hamilton had lead the race from the start (again, with an ounce of luck) and pulled out the lap times necessary to keep ahead of the charging Alonso. Button, meanwhile, carried a car around with no KERS for most of the race, attempting to bring it back into life whilst managing to navigate a Grand Prix, whilst being chased by this year's most dominant car. Outstanding!

Also, on a further note about Abu Dhabi, the commoradory between Hamilton and so-called "bitter rival" Alonso was brilliant to see before the race in interviews, in the waiting room prior to the podium, the podium itself and the conference/interviews that followed. Great sportsmanship.


Highlight from Button's season was his great drive in Japan and to see him share celebrate with his girlfriend's compatriots, after a devastating year for the country.

From Hamilton's season, my favourite recollection has to be the last-lap, last-corner tussle between him and Massa at the British Grand Prix.

Both drivers never gave up, even in the dying seconds of the race(s).

Just goes to prove the saying: It isn't over till the Chequered Flag is waved.


Jensons moment when after a race he was nearly taken out of by Sebastian Vettel he not only continued but managed to end up on the podium to which he said to Vettel "so that's how were racing is it"

He is clearly a honest & forthright individual.

Lewis moment was coming back from a tough second half of season to take a very strong race win at Abu Dhabi along with a pole lap in Q2 which would have put him on pole.



If Hollywood wrote an F1 script it would have to feature a pass for the lead in the closing stages of the race. When lewis did this in China I was on the edge of my seat with excitement but for Jensen to go from last and then take the lead on the final lap in Canada still leaves me in awe.


Although the Canadian win was absolutely amazing, I think Jenson's win in Hungary was special as that was the scene of his very first win in 2006. Also his win in Japan must hold very emotional feelings for him after the dreadful disasters there, and having a Japanese girlfriend. But for me as an out and out JB fan Canada 2011, I mean how many drivers have come from the back and won the race on the final lap, I had a smile on my face for weeks after that.


Ok, the best moment for Button was in Canada, but /as a duo/, dearest gentlemen, it was on Korea practice sessions! There!


The Canadian and Hungarian races sum up the duo's season. Jenson showed off his steady hand behind the wheel and his grit and determination by dealing with the ever changing track conditions to pull off two wins. While in the same two races, one where Lewis retired in Canada due to his own aggression (one of many moments where you wondered what was he doing) and in Hungary were he spun while leading and then the bad call to pit for inters right after (and while racing Jenson)that ruined what was up to the point his race. Despite all the drama in these two races, Jenson always rose to the top, while Lewis, who had his moments, faltered.


Even though I'm a long time JB fan. I bet everyone at Mclaren gave a huge sigh of relief when Lewis appeared to have got his mojo back and won Abu Dhabi.


It has to be Budapest!

It was edge of the seat stuff with Hamilton and button duelling openin with the tv cameras flashing between the track action and the teams reaction. It was a clear statement by the two world champions that they don't and won't settle for an easy afternoon, they both are winners in their own right and both but going wheel to wheel fairly with no more then a hairs width between them. I haven't seen racing between team mates like that since the days of senna and Prost.

A true joy to behold when you have two great drivers.

McLaren fan for life!
When you are fitted in a racing car and you race to win, second or third place is not enough - Ayrton Senna


Apologies was typing in post haste and missed out the final word! Seems James can sit happy in the knowledge that I won't be taking his job any time soon.

When you are fitted in a racing car and you race to win, second or third place is not enough - Aryton Senna


For me it was hamiltons win in China. It was a first real 2 on 2 race of the season and the first time someone was able to give vettel a fight for the top step on the podium. One the best battles we've seen this year!


My favourite McLaren moment of 2011 was Lewis and Jenson colliding in the Canada , with jenson still going on and forcing vettel into mistake to win the race.


favourite McLaren moment of 2011 was Hamilton and Jenson colliding in the Canada , with jenson still going on and forcing vettel into mistake to win the race.


The Canadian GP. My Grandfather passed away that morning and after an understanderbly tough day I was in tears watching Jenson go from last to first. Reminded me why I love this sport.


For me, the highlight of Mclaren's season is the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix! Lewis Hamiliton winning after 8 races will give him and the team great confidence going into the last race and the new season.Plus it was a spectacular drive by Jenson Button.Without KERS for the majority of the race,he managed to retain his position, and ended up in the third position.In doing so,it gives Button a great chance to finish the season as 2nd overall in the driver's championship.It was a great day for Mclaren overall!


For me, the highlight of Mclaren’s season is the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix! Lewis Hamiliton winning after 8 races will give him and the team great confidence going into the last race and the new season.Plus it was a spectacular drive by Jenson Button.Without KERS for the majority of the race,he managed to retain his position, and ended up in the third position.In doing so,it gives Button a great chance to finish the season as 2nd overall in the driver’s championship.It was a great day for Mclaren overall!


Button with his crystal clear drives past some of the best racers in the pack time after time, putting Redbull in the shade even though they won the race.

Hamilton with his passion and drive to race his way and no one elses regardless of the results, now really paying off as his true class at pushing a car beyond it's limit - has showed how much better he is!


For me the highlight of JB's 2011 was not Canada nor Hungary but winning in Japan.

No disrespect to JB or any other driver who wins - even from nowhere on a wet to dry track but JB has been a one trick pony with his wins with McLaren.

Replicating a similar feat on a completely dry track in a car that probably shouldn't have won is something else altogether.

JB, I salute you.


I know it doesn't really count as part of the season but in my view the best Button moment of 2011 was when he came down to Perth early in the year for one of his triathlons.

He has always seemed like a nice guy from what I have seen on tv and he totally proved it in person. It was nothing like a Grand Prix weekend where the drivers are hidden away in the paddock - in fact JB and his entourage (Jessica and a couple of mates) were preparing/stretching in the same park with all the other competitors. Not only was he happy to sign stuff and pose for pictures before the event - he was even doing it after it ended!! Imagine that, just finished a triathlon - and then immediately after happy to meet with the other competitors and fans.

A few minutes after finishing - JB actually turned around and ran back onto the running route so he could run with Jessica to the finish line! (She was also competing)

Such was his patience/grace with fans that when my girlfriend asked to take a photo with him, Jenson actually grabbed the camera and started taking a few pics of them until he got one he thought looked best!

Really classy guy, the fame, success and wealth have certainly not gotten to his head. Jessica was lovely too.

Consequently despite being a huge Fernando Alonso fan, I am always very happy to see Jenson doing well - and I think the highlight of his season has to be the Japanese grand prix. He just stamped his name all over that race from start to finish and completely blitzed his teammate on a circuit very demanding of the driver. If you had asked me in early 2010 if I though JB would soundly beat Hamilton on merit at one of the trickiest circuits in the world I would have been very skeptical - it just shows how much JB has grown in his two years at Mclaren.


Would have to be the fantastic, race long, three-way battle between Hamilton, Webber and Alonso in Germany. Driving and overtaking at its best!

As for Button, his triumph over Vettel in Japan was his best drive for sure.


Best memory of the year has got to be Canada.

Not only a brilliant win from last for Button (overtaking Sebastian Vettel on the last lap) but also that fantastic in car comment to his pit crew "What is he doing?" referring to his collision with Hamilton.

It needs to be put in perspective. Back then, most people still thought Lewis was the favourite son at McLaren. The change probably started that day.

David Selway-Hoskins

Lewis is obviously very fast and a joy to watch when not being over-aggressive amongst traffic, but Jenson impressed by being very nearly as fast but a much more complete package - all those years of showing well in under-performing Hondas at last paying dividends.

Go Jenson for 2nd place in 2012 (after our own Aussie Mark Webber!)


Pure and simple. Watching JB repay the belief I've shown in him as a fan through his performances this year. I also thoroughly enjoyed the car swap Lewis performed with Tony Stewart. It was great seeing how much both of them are in love with the machinery and motor sport.


For Lewis it would have to be China when he only just made it onto the grid with bodywork still missing

For Jenson it is for sure Canada, coming back through the field after the safety car to win on the last lap


My favourite moment was Jenson winning in Japan, for 3 reasons.

1) The Japanese showed the world that they are true passionate F1 fanatics!, filling the stands the entire weekend even though the race was schedule just a few months after the earthquake/nuclear plant disaster.

2) Almost an hour after the race was over, Jenson walked out of his garage and wave at the incredible crowd that was still there cheering for him... in the dark! Amazing!

(check it our here... minute 13 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtCxPqG4EmY&feature=related)

3) Jenson beat the Red Bulls on a track where they were supposed to be unbeatable! And did it by pure race pace, no mistakes from Sebastian.

Canada was a great victory for Jenson, but this one was a little bit more sentimental, Jenson almost cried! His girlfriend did cry!... It was a very human moment.



Canada was unbelievable, but I think that Japan was better. It was a straight forward race and Jenson proved to the world and doubters that he can race and win in the dry. Lewis moment was China. Absolute class.


As with many others, the Canadian Grand Prix was my most memorable McLaren moment of 2011.

After standing trackside during the rain delay for close to two hours (and having a 6 hour drive home) I assumed there was no chance for the race to continue so made the long walk back to my car.

By the time I arrived back at the car, of course the sky had cleared and the race had restarted. Luckily I was still able to pick up the track's radio broadcast, so I spent the remainder of the race riveted to the radio in my car. Not the experience I had anticipated, but something I'll never forget!


Canada was fantastic, with Jenson's heroic drive from the back of the grid what with 6 trips through the pits! Japan was brilliant with Jenson going to the crowd with the trophy and only just managing to hold back the tears. Lewis' memorable pass around the outside in Germany and his storming drive in China where he really took the fight to the field. Though the winner was Lewis stealing Jenson's Tuc Tuc in India with his cheeky grin!


For me, it has to be the incessant questions directed to Button. On what happened to Lewis, whether he (Button) really beat him or whether Lewis combusted without a happy bubble.

I mean, at the beginning of the year Lewis must have been pretty pumped up that he will start and end the season ahead of Button, just a matter of how many points ahead.


2011 has been the ultimate year for me as an F1 fan. I'm probably automatically excluding myself from winning a prize but I was fortunate enough to get into the paddock in Turkey and Germany.

In Turkey after qualifying we had a quick tour of the Mclaren Brand Centre, as we entered the bar area we saw Jenson and Lewis sitting at the bar together watching the GP2 race, laughing and joking together, to see them like that on Saturday then racing wheel to wheel on Sunday shows what a great team and family Mclaren are. The Duo have produced the most exciting racing of the year.

The second highlight was in Germany where I was a guest of Red Bull. After a great weekend we led into the start of the race sitting in the main grandstand at which point the Red Bull host (who lost a bet to me on earlier that day because he forgot some a rule from 2006) asked me who was going to win, without hesitation I said Lewis. We then witnessed the most amazing race I have ever attended Lewis was amazing. 10 laps from the end we headed to the Red Bull pits to watch the final stops, which in itself was amazing. Then as soon as the race ended we ran out of the pits to stand under the podium. Standing amongst the Mclaren team getting sprayed with champagne from Lewis was the highlight of my year! Mclaren are a phenomenal team, they have a real aura surrounding them.

I know I stand no chance of winning the prize, no doubt James will feel I've won enough this year, but still it's good to share! Bring on 2012, it's an even year Mclaren will be strong!


For Button as a driver - it would have to be the Canadian GP as he still pushed and never gave up on victory despite being at the back of the field at one point, with numerous obstacles and trips down pitlane not in his favour either.

For Lewis as a driver - Abu Dhabi was great as it seemed to (hopefully) bring an end to a bad patch of form for a great driver...with personal issues and Massa seemingly behind him, he'll be back to his best!

As a team - Canada was their race as even though Button was the one who triumphed after a clash with Lewis, after the race it was great to see them celebrating as a team with Lewis congratulating him wholeheartedly. Their team spirit is fantastic 🙂


Apart from the obvious China and Canada races, I loved the battle a the Turkey race, where to 2 of them got to battle it out for a few laps, good close racing exchanging positions corner after corner.......neither giving up. Edge of your seat stuff for a Mclaren fan.


I have to agree with Rajesh the best moment(Even Mine) was the battle between Lewis & Jenson at the Hungary Grand Prix. They were fighting so clean with out team orders. For the whole 5 laps they were fighting & still they have such a good relation with each other.. They dont fight it out coz both are racing & both are looking for or are hungry for more points.. I love the Vodafone Mclaren Mercedes team. Next year they are gonna rule.. Always with you team


My favorite moment is how big role played mental aspect - having the closest people around both drivers during grand prix weekends. 1st place for Jenson in Japan - having his girlfriend and father around and dedicating his win to Japanese victims afterwards. 1st place for Lewis in Abu Dhabi - having his mother around and dedicating win to her.


Well, for me it will be China 2011.

McLaren's and Lewis' first win of the season - a glimpse of hope that they will be fighting for both championships. Unfortunately it was not the case, but still a very happy moment for them and all their fans.


In complete contrast to the comments above I am going for Suzuka.

A Red Bull strong hold and a track which sorts the men from the boys(much like Spa), Jenson turned up and dominated the weekend(apart from a little blip in quali) winning the race comfortably and in the process really proving to the few who still doubted him, what a great driver he is. Hamilton couldnt really get near him that weekend, and it was dry, and it's percieved to be 'a Hamilton track'. It was the weekend when Jenson finally cemented his reputation in my opinion.

Didnt have the drama of Canada or Hungary, but was a sensational performance and one which deserves more attention


The standout race of this season (and many others) has to be the Canadian Grand Prix. It had everything; thrills, spills, tears, crashes and great overtaking. Jenson's back to front fight despite multiple pit lane sojourns was just brilliant to watch. If you didn't vote for this GP you haven't seen it.

The standout feature of this year for me though is the amazing teamwork and respect from Jenson and Lewis. In a cut throat business these two have often been the first to congratulate each other on their respective successes and deflected criticism away from each others mistakes. In a world often murky with politics and polemics the McLaren team have stood together remarkably well and been the only credible threat to Red Bull this year.


Button: Canada - Vettel.

Hamilton: Britain - Massa.

Me: Lakeside - Podium wearing a "Rocket Red" t-shirt.


Like many people on here, I have to say that Jenson Button's drive from last to first in the Canadian Grand Prix is the stand out moment, not just for McLaren but for the whole season. That was an epic race that will be remembered with the best. Also Hamilton's genuine excitement and cheering at seeing Jenson pulling it off demonstrates what an amazing pairing they are.


My favourite moment was Hamilton crashing out in Spa and Button getting pushed onto the grass by Vettal!!


Lewis' battle with Mark Webber at the Korean Grand Prix was a highlight for me. Despite being handicapped with massive understeer, Lewis managed to hold off a DRS-enabled RB7 chomping at his heels and was even able to dominate Mark in a Red Bull-flavoured Sector 2. Wheel-to-wheel racing, and many heart-in-mouth moments. It was a battle of the drivers as much as it was the battle of the set-ups. Red Bull went with a rear wing that maximised downforce and a weaker KERS unit while McLaren went with a rear wing with a stronger DRS effect and a bigger KERS unit. Those that said DRS made overtaking way too easy and KERS was non-differential were forced to eat their words. If there ever was a need to prove these 2011 technologies work and make for closer racing, this was it.


My recollection of 2011 is an on form Button which will produce an on fire Hamilton for 2012. Can't wait.


A moment I will remember forever will be jumping off my sofa shouting at the top of my voice late on a Sunday evening as Vettel made a mistake on the last lap of a thrilling Canadian GP. Passing the lead and win to Button as he performed nothing short of a miracle drive in crazy conditions. The only downside for me was receiving the wrath of my wife as I woke my baby daughter who she had just got to sleep after a couple of hours of trying!

And Lewis's move round the outside of Alonso in Germany was pretty sweet too, classy stuff.


To be honest the best highlights of the team/drivers are their ability to recover from hardships in testing and proving they are still competitors for both titles. By claiming multiple victories from both drivers in spectaculor fashion (especially Jesnon) it is a prelude of things to come from the team in the 2012 season. It's truly a sign the team will not ever quit and the fans should most certainly not lose hope.


'What is he DOING?!' Has to be the moment for me. I am a huge Lewis fan - but that was a low point in my admiration. Looking at the dismal possibility of a DNF and minor points for my team - and then the wonderful feeling of seeing Jenson pass Seb on the last lap! Awesome.


Easily Canada. Great for Jenson winning in such spectacular fashion, but all the more memorable from that line over the team radio after the clash with Hamilton: "What is he doing?!"


Canadian GP 2011. collision with his Teammate, dropped back to last place, and then lapping a few seconds per lap quicker then anybody else, winning the race on the last lap. Doesn't get more exciting than this, and it was a clear example of how great F1 can be and it was without a doubt the highlight of McLaren, and arguably the highlight of the 2011 season!


For me the best Lewis moment was Abu Dhabi! When he parked his car and run to his mechanics was priceless, as was him celebrating with his mum!He looked genuinely happy as he hasn't looked at all this year! It was a great moment and for it showed how much he really cares about his team and his family!

For Jenson I loved his little dialogue with Vettel pre podium (I forget which race) when he asked Seb what he was playing at and he replied "oh I didn't see you" and Jenson mumbled "yeah sure"


My moments of the year for the McLaren duo?

The little shake of the head and smile from Lewis as he watched Jenson bully Vettel into a mistake on the last lap at Canada.

The laps in Hungary as Lewis and Jenson diced side-by-side - hard, but clean from both men - no quarter asked or given. Well done to McLaren for letting them have at it.

The devastating series of laps that Jenson put in to deny Vettel the win at Suzuka, and the fastest lap he put in when Alonso looked to be hunting him down in the closing stages - "forget it sunshine - this one's mine!"

Jenson - the best thing to happen to McLaren since Lewis...


'what was he doing!' says Jenson Button at the Canadian Grand Prix. This was the defining Grand Prix of the season. Firstly, for Lewis Hamilton, because you could say 'what was he doing' about Lewis most of this season unfortunately. Secondly, it shows the class of Jenson for the amazing story tale that was the Canadian Grand Prix of 2011. The build up, the wait, the show, and the result. Simply amazing.


Off track; Rowan Atkinson's visual comments in India, after the Hamilton - Massa crash. And singer Rihanna with her wine glass in the shinny McLaren garage, during the rain brake in Montreal. Shattering 30 years Ron Dennis philosophy. On track all the mentioned above and all the rocket red T-shirt moments - so far! Also Darren Heath's fantastic photography on McLaren's website.


For me it has to be;

Jenson on his pit radio (in utter disbelief that Lewis was trying to pass him on the rain soaked pit straight before slinging it into the wall)

"what is he doing!!!"

Just made me chuckle


My favorite highlight of the Mclaren duo's was their close battle in the hungarian Gp.....they passed each others 4 to 5 times without even clipping the front wings....it reflected their respect for each other and the professionalism which had been istilled in them......furthermore, their team was also showed equality and didn't even thought of passing team orders....they let the two drivers decide by themselves.....it was one of the epic Mclaren battles and refreshed my memories of the close deadly battles between Senna and Prost in the 90's......hats off to Mclaren

Christian Stewart

The moment that personally sticks in the mind for both drivers, is their qualifying at Abu Dhabi. It was a standout performance for both drivers and must have given a huge boost to both sides of the McLaren Garage.

Button put behind him poor previous qualification performances, Hamilton his heavy emotional baggage. It was dramatic - for a moment it seemed that Button would take pole, then Hamilton.

Ultimately the remarkable speed of Vettel and his car in qualification trim bested them, but both McLaren drivers had extracted every ounce of performance from their cars.


Has to be Canada GP for Button not understanding what 'derrier vous' means & that I tipped him to run well that weekend even before turning a wheel but did I visit a bookmakers??


For me, my favourite aspect of 2011 are the pre-show pieces that Jenson and Lewis have done with the BBC crew (e.g. jet-skiing on the Thames). Each of them has given a great deal of time before GPs as well as afterwards on the red button forum and I think it speaks volumes for both of them that they give so much time to the British public and have managed to work so well together despite the obvious coming together in Canada (which was a fabulous race) yet remain fiercely competitive once inside a race-winning car.


It has to be the race at Canada. Watching Jenson blitz through the field and then take the win on the last lap was awe inspiring - one of those joyous moments I somethimes get with the sport when I really felt like my heart was going to jump from my chest. I'm a reserved chap normally but I was cheering at the TV that night! When Jenson first joined the sport I was against him, I'm not sure why, maybe because he seemed a bit too cocky and he was younger than me (the first driver in F1 to hold that honour at the time!) but with his first race in the Williams he won me over. He had his torrid years and I thought that maybe I had misjudged him but since then he has gradually grown in stature and that race in Canada just topped it off. I was really quite emotional, the feelings reminded me of seeing Damon finally win the world championship and old Murray getting a lump in his throat! Magic.


Of course Canada was a highlight, but I also loved the way Jenson cruised up onto the Schumacher/Hamilton battle at Monza and quickly dealt with both in his usual clinical manner on the way to a great 2nd place.


For me Lewis's battle with Massa at Silverstone - it was like Mansell dummying Piquet - when Lewis passed Massa right at the end the place just erupted. It was amazing. F1 is all about these moments.

JB's race win in Canada was his best moment. Hunting down Vettel lap after lap gave us the most exciting end of race battle for the race win that we have seen all season.


For me it's got to be the Japanese Grand Prix with realisation that Button is truly the number 1 driver at Mclaren, He's had a more calm, collected, and calculated approach to races this season and keeping his calm composure whilst his teammate attracted attention by colliding with Massa on several occasions, Kobayashi at Spa, and Maldonado at Monaco. Even when under pressure from Vettel at the start of the Japanese grand prix, being squeezed onto the grass, Button still kept his cool under pressure, and delived the win he so wanted for his Japanese fans. For me this is the mark of a truly great racing driver, and this is my highlight of the season.


Jensen’s win in Canada, a great drive, a tussle with Lewis great over takes, and then to see Lewis smiling and applauding his team mate in the pits. Shame he was in the pits but if I had Rihanna waiting for me I would have headed back to the pits early too. Great job all season from Jenson, Lewis and McLaren taking the fight to Redbull.


The best has to be the the coming together at the Canadian Grand Prix. Button and Hamilton, two teammates. In another team it would have caused all out war internally in the team in the days and between both drivers, in the days following. However, the two drivers showed they are true champions, by dealing with it and moving on, just like the World Champions they are. It's like the gentleman racers of the 60's, the Clarks, the Stewarts and the Hills. Pretty rare to see that happen without war breaking out between the two teammates. Definitely memory of the season.


It has to be Jenson's win at Japan, absolutely peerless display from JB and great for the Japanese in general.


Has to be Canadian GP (like everyone else).

Lewis went into Jenson and out and Jenson went on to win.


Well James, Mclaren is up to victories.

Win 6 GP's this year, so far, could be the greatest moment of 2011.

But, as a brazillian McLaren fan (thinking about Senna's poles), my highlight moment will be the pole taken from Red Bull - it was awesome - by Lewis.

ps.: if your give me this VIP Tour, i'll sell my GM Celta to travel to Woking with all pleasure!


Canadian GP every time for me..

From last to first!What a race.

Jenson doing what I/most of his fans believed he could do...Win,win..win!!


Jenson Button victory in Canada.

Stunning drive.


My 2011 season highlight of the duo was definitely the first half of the Hungarian GP. Both have had better individual highlights, but in Hungary it was amazing to watch two of the best wet weather drivers battling on track for the lead of the race. This race also highlighted the drivers different racing strategies (in simple terms Lewis quick and risky, Jenson consistent and wily). I think we saw 5 overtakes as the balance shifted from one to the other, occasionally on the same lap. It was great to see the respect each other gave the other; a real gentleman's fight. I was on the edge of my seat for 90 minutes with no clue who would come out on top. The pair deserved to be classified 1-2.


Whilst Canada was an out and out thrill-fest and totally unexpected following the delays and penalties, my personal spine tingling, goose bumpy moment was Jenson celebrating his 200th GP with a win at the very track on which he took his first victory in 2006. Fairytale stuff, seldom seen!


Favourite highlight of JB this year would be at the Belgium grand prix, me sitting at the top of eau rouge watching a master class in overtaking. JB starting in 13 finishing in fourth, would have been third if there had been one more lap.

Lewis Hamilton highlight would be china grand prix, winning his 1st race of the reason and McLaren showing they will allow their drivers to compete against each other unlike Redbull and Ferrari.


McLaren moment of 2011 has to be the Canadian Grand Prix. An enthralling race that saw the McLaren duo collide - an incident that would drive a wedge between most team mates - but Button regrouped to recover from 21st to 1st position while Hamilton stayed to celebrate with the team, enthralled by the last lap skirmish just like the rest of us. That's what Formula 1 is all about!


Jenson's win in Canada was terrific, but as a great team moment I would have to say Lewis and Jenson both getting past Seb to go first and second into the first corner at China. Seb had already demonstrated that he would domineer in 2011, but this race gave us some hope.


Canada as I thought is the obvious favourite of most people, however my own favourite "moment" was hearing Jensons chat with Vettel before they went up to the podium at Monza, priceless!


Has to be the Chinese GP. It is the only race I have ever watched where nobody ran away with the race. There was always something happening, even before the race started. You had Lewis in a race to even make the start!! It was real edge of your seat stuff for every single lap. Yes we have had Canada, in 2011, but there was a two hour break to fill your time with and even Spa 2008, with them last few laps was great, but it still was no where near the entertainment of all 56 laps in China. And it was the first time Vettel didn’t win in 2011 giving us fans hope that somebody could beat him and that he would possibly not run away with the title, such a shame it never really happened.

Best Race of the century by far!!

Alexandra Hailstone

My favourite moment has to be when I finally made it to my first Gp in Melbounre Australia and saw and heard Jenson drive past, nearly fainted... A truely incredible experience, thank you McLaren.


The Canadian GP, definitely. I attended the race, along with my brother, and we patiently endured the hours of rain for a classic JB moment. It was one for the ages! The roar of the crowd when Button overtook Vettel on the last lap was just brilliant.


The personal highlight was when Jenson Button visited our village for a promotional event (http://www.gproggel.nl/#/DeGrandPrix) and raced through the streets of our village. It was a low key event, not picked up by any TV station outside our country, but Jenson commented that this was his best non-race event ever, precisely because of it being low key so he had actually time to chat and connect with us villagers. We were on holiday that week (booked and impossible to cancel) and it was our daughters birthday, so we mised all of it. So winning the prize here would mean a lot to me!


While I agree with many Canada was great, except the weather. I think Japan meant much more to Jenson. Lewis I think gained a well needed redemption in Abu Dhabi. Look forward to what the McDuo have in store for 2012 season.


Love, passion and experience - it`s all about season 2011 in McLaren camp. The year of contrasts between drivers. Huge family support for Jenson and no "happy bubble" for Lewis, great season for Button and taste of bitterness for Hamilton.Finally, Jenson won a classic race in Canada And Lewis win in Abu Dhabi. Well, Love gives you wings and conquers all ...


I'd say that the best McLaren moment of the year would be Melbourne, due to the amazing turn around from testing.

They had so many problems in pre-season testing, and many pundits thought they may even be in the midfield, but to turn up and for Hamilton to be Vettel's closest rival - and well ahead of Ferrari - was an incredible achievement.


it must Jenson's emotional triumph at the japanese GP, which I consider one of the highlights of the season.The tension, the joy and relief after the race,the quality of the spectatorship just felt awesome through the telly.


My favorite Jenson moment was the Canada victory. My wife wasn't too pleased though as my screams of delight when Jenson passed Vettel woke my two children up when they were trying to sleep upstairs! My favorite Lewis (and team) moment was his victory in China. I remember seeing in the pre race build up the disaster in the garage when the engine was flooded with mechanics madly, but calmly rushing around trying to mopp up the spilled petrol from the car and the floor. Lewis got the car onto the grid with seconds to spare where the team finished the repair. Lewis went onto win the race. A real team effort!


I'd have to say Lewis's great performance last race weekend. Though he didn't have Vettel to compete against it was a good strong showing, and a bit of a morale boost as well.


My favorite race of the season, and even my favorite race what I have ever experienced defiantly was the Canadian Grand Prix. Jenson Button had a bad start and the race didn't look good for him, the two McLaren boys collided unfortunately leaving Hamilton out of the race. However this lead Jenson onwards, the worst part of the race for Jenson was when he fell back to last position but I think this drove him to succeed, making a total of 34 overtakes throughout the race. The race was the longest race in Formula One history which made it all the better with the fantastic coverage and the safety car had been deployed a total of 6 times - also breaking records! The race would have been the most exciting that I had ever seen with Jenson set to finish second, but with JB pushing hard, the pressure took to Seb where we saw him spin off on the final lap!! I can not write down how I felt at that moment in time, me and my dad jumped out of our seats and screamed! From this Grand Prix Button has excelled to an even better racing driver, gaining more podiums and pushing Red Bull and this is why the Canadian Grand Prix was, in my eyes the best team win of the 2011 season!


My favorite recollection looking back is the idea that no matter what you do in life, a solid base (or 'bubble') of friends and family can give you the support and confidence to accomplish anything. Additionally, your mental attitude is responsible for much of your success or failure and it is within ourselves to turn bad to good and put an end to any losing streak.


The whole season is marked by an extreme agressive and fast Hamilton. But Button's perfect tactics, smooth driving style and mind control puts him on another level. Maybe even higher than Vettel. You beat the fastest man on F1 with the same car. Congratulations Jenson!


favourite moment was Australian GP first practice, dramatic about turn with the exhaust solution that was literally try or die,

it rescued their season there and then and went on to prove that Red bull would be challenged through the season, without that leap into the unknown the season would have been over before it began


From despair to victory at the Chinese Grand Prix. Top marks to the McLaren team for keeping their heads as they overfilled Lewis' car in the garage, not panicking but calmly using all the time available to them and even having to send Lewis out to the grid with a piece of engine cover missing. From borderline not making the start to winning the race - amazing!


Favourite moment undoublty Jenson overtaking Vettel on the last lap of the Canadian Grand Prix. Stunning drive in changeable conditions, surely one of the best ever?


Button bossing it from the back in Canada. Supreme.

And the epic team effort to fix Lewis's leaky rear end in China before his great win was not so much nailbiting as nail-nihillation.


Singapore GP's last ten laps performance of Jenson was fantastic. Althouth Seb said it was in control, I realy doubt for that. I was more panicing, that Seb will lose his lead, than on Candian GP. Because in Canada - for sure great drive by Jenson - I think Seb and Red Bull loose victory by themselfs, thinking that Michael's "widhest" car will cover Seb.

Monaco GP shows what kind of material is Hamilton made of. There was many blames on him, but... He could overtake Michael without a contact! Amazing! Pass master! For sure there was great moves in Nurburgring, but this is Monaco, and even to get side by side with rivals car, even that is great achivement. For somebody something is impossible, for Hamilton is not.


Favourite Jenson moment easily the win in Montreal, was watching highlights on the red button yesterday and i'd forgotten just how much of a lost cause it appeared mid way through. A season that should shut up most of the unnecessary negatives.

Hamilton's best moment for me was the win in Abu Dhabi, a flawless weekend that hopefully marked a return to form for next season.

But for both drivers, my favourite moment was on the podium at Abu Dhabi as they both looked so happy as they colluded to soak their constructors representative (i can't remember who it was), even including Alonso. Three world champions on the podium all in good spirits looking content. Always nice way to end a season.


Lewis - Silverstone. The streetfighter - taking off his gloves and with iron will slugging it out with Massa on the last lap in front of a delirious home crowd.

Jenson - Canada. The cool perfectionist - extracting the maximum from that McLaren in difficult and changing condition, keeping a level head to navigate his way from the back and relentlessly close on Vettel, grinding him down into a mistake at the last, to take a terrific win.


The passing duels between Button and Hamilton have been a delight all season, hard-fought, professional, and clean, far

better than the cut-throat ones of yore between Prost and Senna. And their passes of other drivers have been, if anything, even better, memorable highlights being Button in Canada and Hamilton in Monaco. Forget DRS, this was drag racing stuff, plus!


It has to be Monza, because I saw them racing live for the first time of my life:)!


Abu Dhabi - a double podium for McLaren with Lewis on the top step and Jenson in third after probably one of the best drives of his season.

Lewis probably could have taken a fight to Vettel, but we'll never know for sure, however, he had to put up with a relentless Alonso and put all his recent 'issues' to the back of his mind and drive a controlled yet aggressive race at his pace.

Jenson dealt with all manner of technical issues and put up with pressure of Webber. Its drives like that, which during a championship season would have made the difference - driving round issues has always been the mark of a full and complete driver, and if there had been more pressure for a decent result I think that drive would have got just as much attention as his Canadian win.

All in all, a great win for the team! And in the season like this, its something the whole team can embrace.


My favourite moment of the 2011 season, although not the typical race win, would have to be Lewis' battle with Felipe Massa on the last lap of the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. At the after race party, he pretty much admitted that he was either going to finish the race in fourth, or not finish at all. It really showed the natural fighting spirit in Lewis, even for a fourth place finish.

We were sat at Luffield, and when the pair came into Brooklands looking closer than ever, tension was in the air and could be felt from all the fans in the grandstand. The rest of the lap was watched on the giant TV screen (and the Kangaroo TV) complete with "oohs" from the crowd. The final corner and race to the line was definately a 'head in hands' moment, but the sound when Lewis crossed the line in fourth was actually quite emotional and sent shivers down my spine. He certainly got a well deserved round of applause from the Brits at Luffield. The atmosphere continued on to the after race party and the campsites (even though it was the end of the race weekend). An experience and feeling I will certainly never forget.


The races which for me have show the class of Mclaren were China and Canada.

With minutes to go before the start, Lewis' car was in pieces, the got their head down fixed the car and then won the race.

In Canada Jenson went from last to pull off a fantastic win in a thrilling Grand Prix, the longest in F1 history. He kept his head and drove the wheels off the Mclaren.

Two fantastic wins of the 6 Mclaren have achieved so far this year which will be remembered for Red Bull domination.


Without doubt it was this year's Canadian Grand Prix.

It was both the lowest and highest moment of McLaren's season in my opinion.

Going from the drama and low point that was Lewis' nearly taking out his team mate and finishing his race parked up on the side of the track. Then Jenson finding his way to the back of the field after a few more mishaps.

When the race restarted who would have thought that Jenson would fight his way through to win? It brought a tear to my eye and reminded me of Senna at Suzuka in 88 triumphing over adversity by racing his way to the front after finding himself much further down the field than he ever deserved to be. On that day Senna came back to win the championship. In Canada we saw the resurgance of Jenson Button. Since then not even Lewis could stop him. Remember also it was this Canadian Grand Prix with Jenson's performance that showed Vettel could be beaten in a fair fight after his early season dominance.

It was not only one of the greatest moments in F1 history but also sporting history in general. It was Jenson's Donnington if I could be so bold to make a comparison and the memory of the race will live on for a long time.


The inter-team battle between Lewis and Jenson has been the most compelling of the grid pairings, both given free rein to fight at every race. While Canada was one of the best races I've seen in a decade the race I would pick is Japan.

Jenson's win was a fairy tale result that clichés are made of and his running back up the pitlane to the rostrum after running low on fuel after the chequered flag to the applause of the fans is my moment of the season.


Funnily enough it was something that Vettel said one one of the BBC aftershow in Korea that I think of, where he talked about as an F1 driver, while it matters about winning, what's sometimes even more important is knowing that you've got everything you can out of the car and out of the weekend. For me, this sums up the positivity around Jenson and McLaren this year- yes, they might not be winners overall, but you can feel the positivity from that team as they keep pushing with everything they've got!


For me one of the most memorable moment of the season was during Hungarian GP. I consider it as a real classic of 2011 campaign. I keep in mind that moment when Jenson and Lewis were fighting togather. Two state of the art machines and extraordinarly talented drivers fighting wheel to wheel in extremely difficult conditions. Balancing on the edge and searching for grip with this sixth sense which is posesed only by best drivers. Despite this intense battle they respected each other like gentelmen from previous years. For me essence of Formula 1 emotions and at the end another sunday evening in rocket red colour.


The best has to be China, when Lewis Hamilton dived on the inside of Jenson Button into the first corner. They could both have easily thrown it away - Lewis locking up and running straight into the side of jenson or jenson by turning into the corner.

Jenson kept his eyes open for the move and did well to steer out of his team mate's way and Hamilton did well to not catch a break or do anything rash that would mean a contact with his team mate.

This could have ended in tears for the McLaren team, it didn't and I respect both the drivers greatly for the race they drove and McLaren for allowing their drivers to race that close and hard in a year where team orders are allowed!


Well I'm not going to mention just the races in wich Jenson has won, I'm going to say all of this season has been spectacular for him, the fact that he's been so consistent in podium finishes, and a couple of wins means that he was able to put preassure and beat Hamilton, for that you need to be at the top of your game. McLaren shouldn't feel dissapointed either because in my view they were not beaten by Red Bull they were beaten by Vettel and with a strong end in this season and Hamilton coming back now I predict an exciting season for 2012 with a three way battle between Vettel and the two McLaren drivers... we'll just have to wait and see.


My favourite recollection from the year is the resigning of Jenson Button to a multi-year deal with McLaren and how a few weeks later, Lewis Hamilton responded with a win in Abu Dhabi.

Button staying with McLaren is a no-brainer. He's performed beautifully, seems happy and will always be challenging for the title in the twilight of his career.

Contrast this with Hamilton. Martin Whitmarsh, showing the harder side of Formula One by publicly announcing that Button was doing Lewis' head in, responds by sorting out his personal life and coming back strong and smiling.

All good recollections in my book.


It has to be Canada, not for Jenson's drive but because it summed up the two men's seasons and differing styles. Lewis' impetuous nature and desperation to get past everyone as soon he as he could saw his race end after just a few minutes as his efforts to show he just needed a tiny gap to make a pass once again ended badly. Meanwhile, Jenson played the patient, long (four hours long!) game and came away with a superb, dramatic victory that had me bouncing up and down on my coach.

I imagine Jenson's cry of "What is he doing?" pretty much sums up most people's thoughts on Lewis' season!


For me, Australia. After the winter testing it looked a pretty gloomy season, but then came qualifying with Hamilton 2nd 'just' 7 tenths behind. Then the race where he it looked like Button was starting the year ahead of Lewis, but due to his penalty gave Lewis the 3rd place.


Lewis' superb drive in China sums up what a truly Senna-esque driver he is - inventing places to overtake - made even more amazing because at that stage in the season, the tyres were still a relative unknown.

Who can fail to be amazed by Jenson's win in Canada in a race that saw just about everything - a clash with his teammate, a drive-through penalty, an accident with Alonso, multiple safety cars and some of the worst weather F1 is likely to experience .. and yet he won the race. Utterly sublime!


McLaren moment of the year has to be Button winning the Canadian GP. It was an incredible race but what made it very special to me was the build up as well as the race itself. On the Friday I saw the Senna film (for the first time). Saturday afternoon until Sunday we had the epic Le Mans 24 hours. Then surpassing both was the Canadian GP itself. My wife left at the start of the race due to work reasons (Taunton to Bradford) but due to the delays made it to the hotel when the race restarted properly after the rain delays and switched from listening to it on the radio to watching it on t.v. And to have a change of lead on the last lap. Amazing! During the delays and safety cars I was keeping in touch with my partner. A different set of circumstances to watching a GP perhaps making the race even more memorable.


My favourite memories from McLaren this year are: Lewis winning in China (my heart was in my mouth before the race started). Jenson winning in Canada (haven't shouted at the TV that much since Lewis won the Championship). Aside from the obvious McLaren moments from 2011, JB made me smile in Singapore when the following message was published on the McLaren Pitwall as he was was on his way back to the pits after the race "Smell of bangers at turn 17 guys. If you're hungry get down to turn 17"........never thought I'd read (hear) something like that on the McLaren Pitwall. Love it!


The wheel to wheel action at the Hungaroring was amazing and epitomised all that is great about F1 and McLaren. It showed that the values of racing are still alive and that even in the age of team orders and conservative team strategies, team mates are still able to keep each other honest, keep it clean and provide great entertainment.


This has been a great season for Jenson, especially as he is in 'Lewis's Team'! So for not only turning McClaren into their team, he is the first person to beat Lewis. For that reason, my 2 moments would be Jenson's win in Japan which gave him one more race win than Lewis, and making it a great occassion for himself and his girlfriend. As before the japanese race, you could sense that he was really hoping to win that race more than most others because of all the circumstances that surrounded the race and what the country had gone through.

The second moment would be from Abu Dhabi, when Jenson claimed 3rd place that meant it was mathmatically impossible for Lewis to over take Jenson in the championship standings, which cement what a great year he has had in the McClaren team, and making alot of people change their views about him, including Flavio Briatore, Which in itself is remarkable that he would say that about Jenson, as he had no need to as it has been many years since he was Jenson's boss.

Lets hope that McClaren can produce a great car out of the blocks so he can have another crack at the championship.


Canadian Grand Prix - Jenson Button coming from last in the rain to finish first forcing Vettel to spin off under pressure on the last lap was the best Mclaren race of 2011.

Well done Jenson and well done Mclaren!


[i]"What is he doing!?"[/i] in Montreal.

Definitive moment this season as Jenson forcefully asserts he will not be the number 2 driver in McLaren and underlines it with an extraordinary win in difficult conditions.

Any remaining doubters were silent after this race and rightly so.


I'd like to be able to report that my highlight of the season was going to watch Jenson and Lewis talk to the crowd after qualifying at Silverstone, putting on one of the Jenson facemasks that I had made, asking him some "hilarious" question, like "Who are you, and what are you doing in my car?", then shaking hands with the great man himself amid much laughter and back slapping. However, as it was raining, I stayed sat in the grandstand at Club (wearing my Jenson facemask), hearing instead from my friends that had braved the rain that they'd seen the Mac lads in the flesh. There's a moral in there somewhere.


I guess I missed out on this one, but I'll comment anyway because my top JB moment was also my top F1 moment of this season. I got a chance to go to Montreal and jumped on it. It was my first F1 race ever, although as a 15 year old I tried to slide into the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona but got foiled by the dreaded Francoist Guardia Civil. Besides, it was a long time ago in a galaxy far far away and has nothing to do with Jenson! Montreal was just a beautiful city. It was a first time there and it seemed that it was such a wonderful counterpoint to my beloved New York. Fast forward to the race. I had general admission tickets but was able to secure a decent spot at Epingle. It started out in typical fashion, Vettel out in front. Then it started to rain, and rain, and rain...The race was stopped, people ran for cover and it rained, and rained and rained...The masses started filing out. I think most people thought the rain would never stop; the 2 hour rule was surely in effect so there was no sense staying. I was drenched; I came to the track woefully unprepared, although my girlfriend had the good sense to bring a rain poncho. My girlfriend pleaded with me to leave, but a little voice that sounded suspiciously like Bernie kept saying stay stay, you'll be glad you did. Finally the rain abated, sort of. By that time the place was practically empty and my girlfriend and I found an empty park bench about 20 feet from the track. The race started and we were treated to a tremendous vantage point, we got to see and hear the cars, literally a few feet in front of us come barreling down the straight into a Epingle, decelerating around the curve and then accelerating into the straight with a blast of speed. At that distance from the track our ear protectors were practically worthless and the mechanical arias produced by those engines were just spellbinding. A Vettel win was practically a foregone conclusion. Then in the last lap, with the few remaining fans fixed on the jumbotron Screen, Button did what he did and the cheers were almost as loud as the cars. A grand memorable moment for Button and a grand memorable experience for me.


My favourite moments from the season were theMclaren pit team's reaction to Jenson taking the lead in Canada having put Vettel under so much pressure and forcing the mistake, and equally, the way Jenson drove the last few races with skill and intelligence and the respect between Lewis and Jenson. Bring on 2012.


My wife bought me tickets as a gift for the Canadian Grand Prix. We were unable to attend, but we watched the race live on TV. The rain delay really changed the feel of the event, but it was well worth the wait. Jensen Button, after having a close call with Lewis and a strange series of pit stops, proceed to pass driver after driver in one of the best comebacks I've ever seen. When he forced an error on Vettel on the last lap and brought it home for McLaren my wife and I were jumping around and cheering like little children. It was a hard fought victory for McLaren. I only wish we had been there to see it live, rain and all. Congratulations on an impressive 2011 season!



I have been waiting 5 weeks to write a note of thanks....

Whilst 48 hours was very short notice about the visit to McLaren we had an enjoyable day. It was obviously a day put together more for corporate muppets rather than genuine fans but entirely understandable from the teams point of view. I would love to spend days chatting to some of the technicians but quite impossible from their point of view. Having said that it would have been wonderful if some of the older guys could have joined us for lunch - that would have made the day incredible.

Thank you so much for the day.

Many thanks for your efforts in compiling this website - here is hoping for another exciting season.


Jonathan Lodge

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