Video: Raikkonen speaks about his reason for coming back to F1
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Posted By: James Allen  |  29 Nov 2011   |  1:00 pm GMT  |  132 comments

Here’s a video that’s well worth watching of Kimi Raikkonen’s first interview since announcing his F1 comeback with Lotus Renault.

He says that he hasn’t really followed the 2011 F1 season or the progress of the Lotus Renault team and reckons that the biggest thing he’ll have to get the hang of is the new Pirelli tyres, on which his rivals will have a year’s head start.

He also says that he’ll have to step up his training and that he started a month ago on F1 level fitness.

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Great to see a Champ getting back in business. Hope we see more relaxed interviews like this…


It would also be interesting to get insight into, who is the best leader in the F1 teams!

A good CEO in the business brings out the absolute best from his staff.

Is it the case in F1 teams as well? what is your opinion, James?


Obiously Jean Todt. He is cool too.


Fantastic that Kimi is back in F1!

He is talking behind the wheel, while F1 needs different personalities when they’re not sitting in the cars. Would be interesting to hear views on Kimi from his former engineers!

I think you James knows more than most, please give us your feedback!


Kimi will face challenges next year and so will Lotus F1. I think the team’s biggest challenge will be Kimi himself! explains better and btw when Kimi last drove, he had movable front wings!!

Jacques Martaine

Great to see Kimi back in F1, but I can’t see him winning with Lotus Renault. However, he will be worth watching from a fan’s point of view…and, as many people have commented, him and Schumacher are likely to have some great battles for the lower points, so bring it on! Hope Senna is his team mate, showed plenty of promise and I think he is fundamentally faster than Petrov, but needs a full season and some winter testing to really make an impact. If Kimi shows very good form (a la his 2005 season for McLaren) then he is surely a contender for a 2013 seat at either Mercedes or Red Bull…he knows the Merc top brass v well and is mates with Vettel, so either is plausible…


Kimi has always stuck me as a driver from the 80s who drove in the 00s. A mix of Senna and Lauda. He showed in his earlier F1 career a natural gift at being plain fast. He didn’t seem to spend hours pouring over the data, set up and working with the team (a weakness yes) he was simply fast. I read that Coulthard once said Kimi would copy his set up and qualify even faster. He also has Lauda’s personality in the sense he can be cold and blunt (Lauda offically quit F1 as he was tired of driving round in circles, can’t imagine any of the drivers getting away with that statement!) He clearly doesn’t like PR and the media events but then neither did Lauda, Senna, Prost etc.

Motivation has been mentioned in terms of his performances around the time of 08 and 09. I think he did not work hard enough with the team. But one forgets in the second half of 09 in a crap Ferrari he seem to come alive with a run of podiums that had many debating if Ferrari would keep him and not Massa.

Going to be interesting to see how he gels with the Lotus team. The team clearly need a superstar to hover around and use a focal point. They had that with Robert, I don’t think they offered it to Heidfeld and Petrov seem to fade over the season.


If the current form continues for 2012 we will see a lot of Kimi Vs Schumacher fights which should make F1 viewing very interesting!!


James, serious question: if the 2012 Lotus chassis ends up being disastrously slow, do you think Kimi has any contractual clauses that would allow him to jump ship to another team? I think he needs the money too much to simply quit F1 wholesale, but I can see him making life very difficult at Lotus if that happened and they tried to prevent him from getting another ride (provided one came available).


No, I think he’ll do two years and, as he likes to say, “See what happens”


Thanks. While unlikely, if Lotus ends up mired down with STR and Caterham, I cannot envision Kimi not vying for a switch to a better team if a seat was available even if it added fuel to the whole motivation/commitment thing.

Anyway, I wonder if Kimi even bothered to do his homework on the nitty gritty between Williams and Lotus and factored in Williams’ personnel upgrades, some of the readily fixable problems that contributed to their anemic performance this year, the instant performance and reliability impact the Renault engines will bring after the terrible Cosworth lumps, the potential impact on chassis development a big new sponsor could potentially bring (a big if I know), etc. etc. vs the fresh departure at Lotus of factory supported chassis development, Renault’s deep pockets, a series of valuable personnel departing and team whose management and top brass are filled with folks of questionable characters and skill (from Boullier to Behar to Lux)…not to mention owner Genii Capital’s source of financing (Antonov) was recently being hunted by interpol before surrendering to Lithuanian police. A pretty long laundry list of red marks against Lotus IMO. I know he has a management team, but I bet they’re more interested in dollar signs than the gears and levers contributing to chassis potential.


Well thats just made 2012 worth watching!

Fantastic! now to sign up to sky


Can’t wait to see Kimi back in F1 in Lotus Renault GP. James if you can please interview him for us at Round 1 in Melbourne! That would be awesome.


I watch the 5 min Q&A with Kimi and I can help to think that he doesn’t care about anything, a really strange person but a great driver.

I wonder how much PR will he do in 2012?.


I missed most of that. I think I dozed off…


I personally wouldn’t expect much due to having such high expectations upon michaels return and being unrealistic of the impact he would have which was none to be honest.

I see Kimi following the same path, don’t expect miracles and you won’t be disappointed.

I for one kind of find Kimi over rated. Way too many ifs and buts at present and time will tell. I certainly will rate him over Petrov.

By the way who’s going and who,s staying I didn’t have time to read all of the posts. James you have any idea yet?


you just watched f1 and knew nothing about Kimi…!!! Go check the quotes on Kimi by all the F1 related people….you will know how good is he!!


I noticed that there is almost 300 comments on post below this one, it just shows how much of a character that Kimi dude is, and how many fans he has. really a pity he wasnt in F1 for 2 years.


Man, this guy is just too cool.


Like I said,

I wish Senna (B) had performed better…


It’s good to see him back. I’m a big fan of his since he is one of the most talented drivers to ever race in any kind of motorsport, if not one of the most polarizing.

Why do so many people dislike him? Because he has raw talent and those without talent see little value in it, especially if they cannot also see with their own myopic observations the obvious signs of struggle or effort to accompany it. (Genuine effort made by someone and that same effort as perceived by someone else are very often two different things).

Why has Kimi been farting around with rally, Nascar etc? Because he CAN. Most so-called F1 legends wouldn’t dare try different things outside their comfort zone, well knowing they might suck at it and tarnish their reputations. Not Kimi. He has the guts to be his own man and try new things, and the talent to pull it off.

Now that he is the underdog next year will be fun to watch.


James – any idea what broke off his negotiations with Williams? Which do you think was the better choice?


Nice to see Kimi giving an interview. The next time it will be just that thing in the corner speaking for him.


People are funny, clearly a lot of people know nothing about PR. It isn’t about what you say or even how you say it, it is about the interest that you can generate. Kimi has been trending on twitter the whole day long, Lotus Renault are getting more interest and PR then they would have gotten from any of the other drivers available. That is how PR works, you can be the most PR friendly driver of all time if people are not interested, then it holds no PR value whatsoever.

As strange as it might seem, Kimi hasn’t been sitting around playing with his thumbs these last two years he has been competing in WRC, most rallies and F1 races are on the same weekends.

And what is Kimi suppose to say about Lotus Renault? That it has always been his favorite team and he had a childhood dream of driving for them? That would just be completely fake and everyone would know it was nonsense. One thing about Kimi is that he is atleast always honest. I’d rather take that then people being fake just for the sake of PR any day.


I believe I had never heard his voice before.


If this is his place, Kimi must be a fan of American Mid-Century Modern. Good taste if a bit austere. Anyway, I suspect he will surprise doubters with his professionalism this go around. Montoya said the longest conversation they ever had was five minutes worth of advice during Kimi’s Nascar truck qualifying session!


James what are You think about comback Robert?



I’ve always thought it would be a miracle if he came back 100% from that nerve damage, so I have no idea


Vettel, Räikkönen, Schumacher, Alonso, Hamilton, Button…

The line up for next year seems to be the best in ages.


“he hasn’t really followed the 2011 F1!!!”

I find that totally astounding that he can say that in an interview regarding his comeback.

Prediction is that it will be a season full of ordinary performances by Renault and cold indifference from Kimi.

I wish Senna had performed better…

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