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Posted By: James Allen  |  29 Nov 2011   |  1:00 pm GMT  |  132 comments

Here’s a video that’s well worth watching of Kimi Raikkonen’s first interview since announcing his F1 comeback with Lotus Renault.

He says that he hasn’t really followed the 2011 F1 season or the progress of the Lotus Renault team and reckons that the biggest thing he’ll have to get the hang of is the new Pirelli tyres, on which his rivals will have a year’s head start.

He also says that he’ll have to step up his training and that he started a month ago on F1 level fitness.

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Why is Kimi, who is from FINLAND, sitting inside in a thick jacket and a woolly hat? Is he cold?


Polish media is calling the move a desperate one on part of Renault and they struggle to replace the mighty Kubica. I have to say it is a bit harsh, and actually funny.

Since when is an accidental GP winner better than a Champion and multi race winner. Never been a huge Kimi fan, but that doesn't change the fact that he feels the need, the need for speed.


Well they would wouldn't they, but I'm afraid the harsh reality is that Kubica might well not come back to racing and his manager is trying to hide it for as long as possible.


You won't hear me argue against that point. I always expressed my doubts about his return. Although I'm hopeful for him, because it is his entire purpose in life it seems.

But the reality is that he's got huge mountains to climb. First to recover, then to actual squeeze his way into the ultra competitive teams - which don't have margins for error in the next years. You hear that 2013 Kubica could go to Ferrari, as if Alonso is not their champion preference, or to Red Bull as if Vettel is forgotten, or to Mercedes as if Schumi is not one of the biggest names in the sport and with Rosberg this is clearly a German National F1 Team where he doesn't fit in.

It will be a miracle if he races in F1, and even more so if he somehow wins in F1. And the odds of championship - well, let's not even talk about about. It would be an incredible comeback story that's certain. There are just too many obsticles in the way in the form of very hungry, very capable healthy drivers with their own stories to write. And of course his health and ability.


Dunno, but thats the chattiest Ive ever seen him. I mean, I didnt even know he could speak!


Doesn't he usually change attitudes with the interviewer? If the interviewer asks dumb questions, he gives short answers. If they are decent questions, he talks a bit.

Maybe he's excited about racing, and we're seeing "Excited Kimi"...


He is the Iceman!


Yes, we are coldblood, come and look at finnish young school gangstars at summertimes, they all wearing woolly hat. Jacket is there because of sponsors of course..


Definitely a great news for the sport! Next year indeed an interesting years to have so many world champions on the track!


What a strange venue. What's that strange peppermint robot-y looking thing in the corner?


I thought Ingmar Bergman passed away a few years back. This is clearly his work!


haha I was wondering the exact same thing too, if Bergman directed that clip!


Best comment of the lot


That's Kimi Räikkönen!


Love it! But I think he meant the other inanimate object.


I think it's a stereo...


Most communicative I have ever seen Kimi, he said more in 5m40s than he has ever said before I think.

I am sure a stumbling block to his return was his lack of effort in the media side so maybe he has had to sort that out to get a drive.

Interesting to see how he does, not many come back and make a good impression and Renault have a lot to prove car wise.


"Most communicative I have ever seen Kimi"

No kidding! I can't believe he actually called NASCAR "utterly boring" like that, just before the comment about racing the clock in WRC. Am I the only one who heard that remark??? 😀


He said "Coming back to Formula 1, I think the main reason was that I never really lost the passion in the racing in Formula 1, but maybe all the other things around it.

When I did some NASCAR races this year in the States I was starting to miss more and more the racing side - to race against each other because in a rally you race against a clock, so that's what I was missing... and then I got a call from certain people in Formula 1..."

I take it to mean that he was doing rallying - (racing against the clock) and when he did some NASCAR racing he realised how much he missed racing against other people - then he got the call from Williams (& Renault.)

Nothing about NASCAR being boring - I think that's your prejudice filtering his meaning!


exactly what i was hearing out of it

.. didnt hear anything about nascar is boring ..


There you go, he smiles, he laughs, who says he's taciturn?! Great to have him back!


Awesome news, thanks James for the video!

Kimi is so excited that he smiled four times in 5 minutes 🙂


He says that he hasn’t really followed the 2011 F1 season or the progress of the Lotus Renault team


Uh-Oh! It appears somethings never change after all. Yes it's the same old Kimi from 2009, the same one who doesn't give a hoot about F1.

As far as am concerned, this is a money grab adventure i.e. Hit and run


Who cares whether or not he gives a hoot!....Kimmi is back and he's a full time racer not a part time media whore like many drivers seem to be these days.


Great news!........ So maybe Rubens will still be in F1 next year then?


Well, that really does mean that Robert's place is at Ferrari in 2013.

Who wants to bet with me that he won't score more points than Nick did?


He doesn't score more than average Nick? Well Nick couldn't even really beat Petrov, and points will be decided on how good the car is tbh, and the Renault at the beginning of the season was possibly a race winner in good hands, the problem was Renault didnt have a pair of good hands after Kubica's accident, whatever happens Kimi is better than Nick, Petrov and Bruno Senna combined.


Wow - the Nick Bashing Continues..... To only be 2 points behind Petrov with only 2/3 of the season raced tells me it wasn't his driving that was the problem. Give the guy a break


There's always an excuse when Nick beats his teammates.... Kimi, Massa, Webber, Kubica, Petrov, I pretty promise Heidfeld is rubbish!


Nick beat Kimi when they were team mates...


Lol, Kimi hadn't even been driving in a feeder searies at that point. I believe he was given a temporary super license


Yes and that's like an adult beating up a kid.

Kimi came into F1 from nowhere, scored a point on debut race and almost matched his team mate on the scoreboard at the end of the year. Nick had more F1 experience than the kid back then.

So who beat who to the WDC may I ask?


average nick ??

senna 2

petrov 37 all races

nick 34

no more comment


two times his car litteraly destroyed itself 🙂


Jem, it looks like an electric barbecue to me!


Its hard to see Lotus GP further in front than 6-8 places (Red Bull, McLaren, Ferrari, Mercedes) next year and it will be hard for Kimi to go for that positions, but great to have him back in F1 he still has plenty of excitement to offer.


Great video! Thanks James.


The only driver as good as Alonso is back in F1. Great news!!!!


I heard about this from Jake on early morning tv.

Can't help feeling Sir Frank made probably his worst mistake for many years. Some say it was a clash of personalities during negotiations, which would make it a BAD indeed mistake for such an experienced team owner.

I hope young Senna is Kimi's teammate, a driver who looks to have a great future under the right guidance.

James, can you tell us if eric B is staying on at Renault?


Re: Joanna

"James, can you tell us if eric B is staying on at Renault?"

I'd rather hear an answer to: James, can you tell us if eric B will be ousted by Renault / Lotus / Genni next year? 😀 😀 😀



I wonder about this too. Eric B is a controlling person but I don't think he'll have an easy time controlling Kimi. It will be interesting for sure if Boullier stays on!


Wow!! How good is this!! For whatever reason this guy's persona attracts a huge fan following.

I am from India and I am going to make it to the Indian GP 2012 just to see this guy drive.

Who cares if he wins or not...


Kimi cracks me up! The robotic dead-pan delivery, the minimalist house with the plastic 'toadstool' in the corner. I'm sure he's playing with us, as he always has, seeing how much intrigue he can create about his real personality so that later on he can push us (and F1) away in apparent disinterest. Despite the video, I'm still no closer to understanding who he is or why he is the way he is though!!


Yeah, informal Kimi shiftnig gears at a STIP club... I would also much rather engage first gear than promote insurance.

Another thing I appreciate about Kimi is that his answers are straight forward, Why the Return with LRGP? When they asked that question I was thinking, Oh here we go, "LRGP have a luctrative history, Multi-Championship winning team, incredible atmosphere, blah blah blah. But Not KImi - THERE WERE ONLY TWO TEAMS AVAILABLE, and this is the one we picked. (You couldn't paint it any clearer, I would rather be somewhere else but all those seats are taken, so call me again in 2 years time I'll be at McLaren or RedBull)


I'd recommend a visit to Finland. The dead-pan and the taciturnity are pretty common among the Finns. But if you compare his interviews and press conferences to photos or videos of him just minding his own business, you'll see the difference between the formal and informal Kimi.


How cool is this cat?


"yeeaah, I watched the last 20 laps of the GP"

Ps, has Kubicka punched him in the face?

Re nose, left side?


It´s great news to have the opportunity to watch 6 past champions, with 5 of the bests drivers in their generation, although Renault has to do an amazing job to give Kimmi a competitive car, he will hane practically zero tiime to acustome to the new tires, therefore he will have a good learning curve, but he is a sharp pilot that can extract a lot of performance from a car, in his days he was as fast as Alonso, Hamilton or Schumacher on pure performance, therefore i think we´ll see the real kimmi in 2013 as we have seen a most sharp MSC en the Mercedes being this some kind of a dog car.


... the odd one out being, in your opinion ?


MSC he´s from the previous generation


I hoped you'd say that ...


It is great to see him back but I wonder if he too will not struggle like Michael with the tires mainly. He seem genuine in his lack of knowledge what has been going on in F1 and I can't help but feel he just thought, oh well nascar I did not like, Rally is too difficult, lets go back to F1 and if I hate it again I'm gone.

Any word on the length of the deal?

I'm also not sure Boulier and KR is a match and for how long Kimi can keep up this new PR love offence, but time will tell and it certainly good for the show as Bernie would say.


So So So excited... on his day he was blindingly fast


Awesome news!!!


I wish him well, but I cannot help but think that he is returning to simply do a job rather than being compelled to be part of an incredible sport that he loves.

Lotus Renault need a leader to galvanise the team and I am not sure that Kimi is the man.


OK, in my mind, Kimi hasnt changed a bit, ok on his day he can be very quick. When asked about why he chose Renault?? Where is the passion?? eh, it was either here or Williams and here there was a nice discussion?? Dreadful from a pr point of view. I think Lotus Reanult are going from bad to worse with all the technical changes in the team and the morale is very low. Kimi is not that man to boost morale. Now Renault are still clinging onto signing Kubica. Stand up Williams and sign Kubica, snap him up.


You are assuming Kubica is there to be signed up. If he was in the game surely his guys would be besieging team HQs worldwide?


Over the moon to see Kimi returning to Formula 1 Motorsport, I am sure the team are thrilled with the signing. We work closely within F1 event management and promotion and are thrilled to see the iceman take control and drive a world championship team back to success.


"Kimi has more natural speed than just about anyone who has ever raced a Grand Prix car, and if he's coming back it's because he wants to do it, he misses F1, and he believes he can do well." - Alesi


I'm afraid I can't share the excitement. A great driver maybe, but a publicity millstone around the neck of the owners. Not a good choice.


Totally agree. A waste of space and a disaster for Lotus Renault.


I have to agree. Lotus Renault will not be able to provide a car capable of winning and KR's lack of development skills will handicap them. (Grosjean will be left to do the heavy lifting during preseason testing.) Watch for even further diminished performance under Boullier's 'leadership'. I laughed to read comments by Lopez about Renault: "...a setting that has always been known for its human approach to Formula 1." This is the same sensitivity which sees them twisting the still-damaged arm of Robert Kubica (who's well rid of the remains of a once great team).


Well said. This team is going nowhere. Kimi is hilarious. Would have loved to see him at Williams. If the Qatar sponsorship comes through Kimi will most likely be seeing the back of Sutil's Williams at many points. Wonder how much Williams will have saved not signing Kimi and if the money will come in handy for development. I'm sure, however, there is money to be had from sponsors wanting to attach their logo to the cool image of the iceman.


"human approach..." apart from when Boullier made comments about the arrogant English and the way he treated Heidfeld and Petrov... but yeah, Renault's always been known for its human approach (apart from the way Briatore treated Button, Trulli, Fisichella and Piquet Jnr. but yeah... human approach).


Oh yeah! Uphill through Eau Rouge, through the smoke, pedal to the metal!

Can we begin the new season now?


'Nuff said doubters!

We need more racers like Kimi....and I don't care if he's not chatty to the camera, he does his talking on the track.

At least we have some good F1 news...what with the BeeB choosing not to cover 50% of live races (shame on you BeeB!) Brundle decamping to Sky F1, Ferrari retaining Massa and Kubica unfit to drive this item about Kimi is like a ray of sunshine!


He hasn't been following F1 and he knows about Pirelli and DRS. That's it. He is coming back to F1 and he hasn't done his homework even. Talk about enthusiasm.

I have serious doubt about his motivation for racing. It could be only $$,$$,$$$.


Yer yer doubts...

everyone doubted his ability and superlicence in 2001 and look what he done to shut up those doubters.


Even if you didn't like him before...

One look at that first shot of him sitting on a stool in the middle of some monastery with a zany stool in the far corner has got to make you love him.

And the way they'd cut to title cards and then his answers... I found the whole thing almost hillarious and SUCH a departure from the glitzy, wealth soaked imagery that usually dominates these kinds of announcements.

If you don't believe me just watch it again and have a smile.

Welcome back, Iceman. Can't wait to see you on the track. And I will be rooting for you.


James when do think Kimi's first ride in a LR car may be and how much actual track time before Melbourne 2012?


Good question. Will he wait until 1st test of 2012 in February with new car, or try out a 2 year old car to get back up to speed?

I think he'll see from Schumacher example that catch up track time is very important, but will also be focussed on understanding the Pirellis


James, do you think tyres will be the biggest issue for Kimi?


Yes, but also getting back up to speed. The final couple of 10ths.


Renault said they have a 2 year old F1 ready for kubica..


Right! Forgot about that. No reason why Kimi can't jump in for a day or two...

Or do I see a "media day" scheduled for the near future? Clearly they need to take advantage of the marketing opportunities that signing a former WDC now provides... and a few extra laps in a more recent car can't hurt. 😉

Oh, another thing he'll have to adapt to is the full fuel loads... though it didn't seem like many drivers had issues with that when refuelling was first banned.


I could see a bit of time in a GP2 car first (same as Schumacher). Then, I could see a day or two in an old car, just so he's roughly in shape for testing to begin.

He's mega-talented... so I'd bet that it won't take him long to get back into it. Tires will be the only thing that I could see him having to adapt to, but even then, I think he'll adapt quite quickly.


I was hoping to get your thoughts and insights on Kimi returning... I think the fact that Kimi is a natural quick driver will really help him out, moreso than Schumacher


Kimi is not really convincing, isn't he?

He has not been interested nor followed F1, nevermind LRGP, which he joins only for being the most suitable opportunity out of two - the way he explains it, it appears that he would have been as happy in a backrunner Williams - and overall he looks more excited when talking about Rally and NASCAR. And finally becomes defensive and starts justifying his motivation when asked about racing other WDCs...

I hope all Kimi fans here turn out right, but to me he looks as (de)motivated as ever!!!


Just coz the guy's quiet, doesn't mean he is demotivated.

If you keep to your own business at school with a very quiet personality but mega boffin and need to do little to achieve A grades, does that make you demotivated? I wouldn't say so.


Refresh any good memories, Allen? 😉


Yes, of course. He gave us many wonderful moments

Edouardo Valentino

Great to see Kimi back behind the wheel of an F1 car for 2012. LotusRenault certainly seem to be going places.

Another return for 2012 that I would love to see is a return to the British com box for James Allen. Please come back James, Sarebbe buonissimo!


Where does this leave Kubica?

He now is a free agent for 2012, isn't he?

Is LRGP still interested in keeping him in 2012 (provide testing, etc) only if he signs for 2013 also?

Or will Robert bridge 2012 as every team's first driver replacement-option on his way to Ferrari in 2013? Or will he recover and have the self-belief to do all that as a free agent?

By the way, I see Rubens in HRT next season. That is for exactly the same interest (i.e. urgency and despair) that brought together De la Rosa and HRT. And why should precisely HRT afford additional risks with a rookie driver?


He was a free agent in 2012 anyway. My feeling is that if and when he gets back in a car he'll be carefully monitored and if Ferrari think he's 100% and ready to go they'll take him. He's on the radar of a couple of other teams too, but only if he's going to be 100% fit


I don't know if in Robert's situation it is a good thing to be a free agent. For sure many teams will be monitoring his comeback (no one willing to sign him not having seen him perform first) but before that it remains to be seen which team will take the risk of providing him some testing without his further commitment. At least LRGP isn't.

The ifs and whens on his recovery put Kubica in such a weak position he anyway will only be able to make up by an impressive comeback.

I imagine lots of pressure building up on Robert!


sorry, was reffering to K


So what is happening to Massa is merely coincidental? The team presently is build for Alonso that's why he's struggling....


Will Kubica really consider Ferrari as they have a nr 1 driver with the team build around him. I think not, he's too talented to play the supporting role...


do you ever see a so call no.2 driver is faster than the no.1? NO!! They are slower than the no.1, and that why they are no.2. No team will ever ask a faster driver to support a slower driver.


No one suggested whoever partners Alonso will play second fiddle other than those who send our rumours or speculators, or casual viewers even.


Wouldn't someone that has the hunger for F1 actually follow F1 and watch more than the last 20 laps of the final race? Or do drivers just generally have little interest in watching races?


That's like parents are very interested to watch their kids do drama or whatever at school coz they love their kids do it, but the kids don't re-watch their own drama plays or whatever, doesn't mean they don't love doing it.


well kimi is a proper racer, and there's been hardly any racing in f1, especially this year with DRS.

hes just realised that rallying is an entirely different discipline, no matter how good your car control, and he belongs back in a single seater.


I am so glad Kimi is coming back - F1 will be much-much more interesting with him. Sadly he is coming to a team with no future...


Well hopefully, he creates a future for the team.


For the ice-cream companies rather:-)


For those talking about the lack of enthusiasm of Raikkonen in this interview, remember how he reacts during the FIA Press Confrence when he clinched his title in 2007 :

And it applies to all his press conferences after a win (I remember the BBC F1 Forum after his last win in Spa, how he amazed EJ, Humphrey, Brundle and DC about his sheer placidity on the podium and during the press conference).


Gotta love his answer here:

This sums up Kimi so well...


this is awesome news. him and schumacher battling again, just like in 2003.

it won't be for the championship because the top 3 will still be far infront, but who cares? should provide some good racing.


What a stupendous waste of time and money. He couldn't be that bothered when he left the sport and he's just indulging his ego now.

Lotus will go nowhere fast, Boulier is clearly rubbish at selecting drivers (based on their crop to date and not forgetting Kubica was outward bound from way back).

Snoozefest people!


"he hasn’t really followed the 2011 F1!!!"

I find that totally astounding that he can say that in an interview regarding his comeback.

Prediction is that it will be a season full of ordinary performances by Renault and cold indifference from Kimi.

I wish Senna had performed better...


Vettel, Räikkönen, Schumacher, Alonso, Hamilton, Button...

The line up for next year seems to be the best in ages.


James what are You think about comback Robert?



I've always thought it would be a miracle if he came back 100% from that nerve damage, so I have no idea


If this is his place, Kimi must be a fan of American Mid-Century Modern. Good taste if a bit austere. Anyway, I suspect he will surprise doubters with his professionalism this go around. Montoya said the longest conversation they ever had was five minutes worth of advice during Kimi's Nascar truck qualifying session!


I believe I had never heard his voice before.


People are funny, clearly a lot of people know nothing about PR. It isn't about what you say or even how you say it, it is about the interest that you can generate. Kimi has been trending on twitter the whole day long, Lotus Renault are getting more interest and PR then they would have gotten from any of the other drivers available. That is how PR works, you can be the most PR friendly driver of all time if people are not interested, then it holds no PR value whatsoever.

As strange as it might seem, Kimi hasn't been sitting around playing with his thumbs these last two years he has been competing in WRC, most rallies and F1 races are on the same weekends.

And what is Kimi suppose to say about Lotus Renault? That it has always been his favorite team and he had a childhood dream of driving for them? That would just be completely fake and everyone would know it was nonsense. One thing about Kimi is that he is atleast always honest. I'd rather take that then people being fake just for the sake of PR any day.


Nice to see Kimi giving an interview. The next time it will be just that thing in the corner speaking for him.


James - any idea what broke off his negotiations with Williams? Which do you think was the better choice?


It's good to see him back. I'm a big fan of his since he is one of the most talented drivers to ever race in any kind of motorsport, if not one of the most polarizing.

Why do so many people dislike him? Because he has raw talent and those without talent see little value in it, especially if they cannot also see with their own myopic observations the obvious signs of struggle or effort to accompany it. (Genuine effort made by someone and that same effort as perceived by someone else are very often two different things).

Why has Kimi been farting around with rally, Nascar etc? Because he CAN. Most so-called F1 legends wouldn't dare try different things outside their comfort zone, well knowing they might suck at it and tarnish their reputations. Not Kimi. He has the guts to be his own man and try new things, and the talent to pull it off.

Now that he is the underdog next year will be fun to watch.


Like I said,

I wish Senna (B) had performed better...


Man, this guy is just too cool.


I noticed that there is almost 300 comments on post below this one, it just shows how much of a character that Kimi dude is, and how many fans he has. really a pity he wasnt in F1 for 2 years.


I personally wouldn't expect much due to having such high expectations upon michaels return and being unrealistic of the impact he would have which was none to be honest.

I see Kimi following the same path, don't expect miracles and you won't be disappointed.

I for one kind of find Kimi over rated. Way too many ifs and buts at present and time will tell. I certainly will rate him over Petrov.

By the way who's going and who,s staying I didn't have time to read all of the posts. James you have any idea yet?


you just watched f1 and knew nothing about Kimi...!!! Go check the quotes on Kimi by all the F1 related will know how good is he!!


I missed most of that. I think I dozed off...


I watch the 5 min Q&A with Kimi and I can help to think that he doesn't care about anything, a really strange person but a great driver.

I wonder how much PR will he do in 2012?.


Can't wait to see Kimi back in F1 in Lotus Renault GP. James if you can please interview him for us at Round 1 in Melbourne! That would be awesome.


Well thats just made 2012 worth watching!

Fantastic! now to sign up to sky


James, serious question: if the 2012 Lotus chassis ends up being disastrously slow, do you think Kimi has any contractual clauses that would allow him to jump ship to another team? I think he needs the money too much to simply quit F1 wholesale, but I can see him making life very difficult at Lotus if that happened and they tried to prevent him from getting another ride (provided one came available).


No, I think he'll do two years and, as he likes to say, "See what happens"


Thanks. While unlikely, if Lotus ends up mired down with STR and Caterham, I cannot envision Kimi not vying for a switch to a better team if a seat was available even if it added fuel to the whole motivation/commitment thing.

Anyway, I wonder if Kimi even bothered to do his homework on the nitty gritty between Williams and Lotus and factored in Williams' personnel upgrades, some of the readily fixable problems that contributed to their anemic performance this year, the instant performance and reliability impact the Renault engines will bring after the terrible Cosworth lumps, the potential impact on chassis development a big new sponsor could potentially bring (a big if I know), etc. etc. vs the fresh departure at Lotus of factory supported chassis development, Renault's deep pockets, a series of valuable personnel departing and team whose management and top brass are filled with folks of questionable characters and skill (from Boullier to Behar to Lux)...not to mention owner Genii Capital's source of financing (Antonov) was recently being hunted by interpol before surrendering to Lithuanian police. A pretty long laundry list of red marks against Lotus IMO. I know he has a management team, but I bet they're more interested in dollar signs than the gears and levers contributing to chassis potential.


If the current form continues for 2012 we will see a lot of Kimi Vs Schumacher fights which should make F1 viewing very interesting!!


Kimi has always stuck me as a driver from the 80s who drove in the 00s. A mix of Senna and Lauda. He showed in his earlier F1 career a natural gift at being plain fast. He didn't seem to spend hours pouring over the data, set up and working with the team (a weakness yes) he was simply fast. I read that Coulthard once said Kimi would copy his set up and qualify even faster. He also has Lauda's personality in the sense he can be cold and blunt (Lauda offically quit F1 as he was tired of driving round in circles, can't imagine any of the drivers getting away with that statement!) He clearly doesn't like PR and the media events but then neither did Lauda, Senna, Prost etc.

Motivation has been mentioned in terms of his performances around the time of 08 and 09. I think he did not work hard enough with the team. But one forgets in the second half of 09 in a crap Ferrari he seem to come alive with a run of podiums that had many debating if Ferrari would keep him and not Massa.

Going to be interesting to see how he gels with the Lotus team. The team clearly need a superstar to hover around and use a focal point. They had that with Robert, I don't think they offered it to Heidfeld and Petrov seem to fade over the season.

Jacques Martaine

Great to see Kimi back in F1, but I can't see him winning with Lotus Renault. However, he will be worth watching from a fan's point of view...and, as many people have commented, him and Schumacher are likely to have some great battles for the lower points, so bring it on! Hope Senna is his team mate, showed plenty of promise and I think he is fundamentally faster than Petrov, but needs a full season and some winter testing to really make an impact. If Kimi shows very good form (a la his 2005 season for McLaren) then he is surely a contender for a 2013 seat at either Mercedes or Red Bull...he knows the Merc top brass v well and is mates with Vettel, so either is plausible...


Kimi will face challenges next year and so will Lotus F1. I think the team's biggest challenge will be Kimi himself! explains better and btw when Kimi last drove, he had movable front wings!!


Fantastic that Kimi is back in F1!

He is talking behind the wheel, while F1 needs different personalities when they're not sitting in the cars. Would be interesting to hear views on Kimi from his former engineers!

I think you James knows more than most, please give us your feedback!


It would also be interesting to get insight into, who is the best leader in the F1 teams!

A good CEO in the business brings out the absolute best from his staff.

Is it the case in F1 teams as well? what is your opinion, James?


Obiously Jean Todt. He is cool too.


Great to see a Champ getting back in business. Hope we see more relaxed interviews like this...

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