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SKY start making moves with launch of dedicated F1 channel
SKY start making moves with launch of dedicated F1 channel
Posted By: James Allen  |  25 Nov 2011   |  2:36 pm GMT  |  320 comments

This is the last F1 race before Sky come into the sport and start their blanket pay TV coverage which will run until at least 2018. It will be a big change in the way F1 fans in the UK watch the sport. Meanwhile BBC has released details of the 10 races it will cover live.

Sky wants to appeal to F1 fans, giving existing subscribers another reason to continue paying, avoiding the dreaded “churn” as it is called when subscribers cancel.

And it hopes to attract at least 150,000 new subscribers, which would be roughly the break-even point against the rights fee and production budget spend.

And as part of their offering they have, as predicted, announced a dedicated F1 channel which will be available to subscribers who have Sky Sports package, which costs around £45 per month, or an HD package, which costs an additional £15 a month on top of a basic subscription. It will be found at channel 408 in Sky’s on-screen guide. It will carry all the F1 practice sessions as well as interactive features which allow fans to access on board cameras and as much data as Sky can get out of FOM.

All the live coverage will also be available via internet on Sky Go, through online, mobile or tablet devices, accessible by those with a Sky subscription.

Sky Sport boss Barney Francis said, “We have big plans for live shows and a rich line-up of Formula 1 programmes; getting to the drivers, exploring the technology and lapping up the drama.

“With a dedicated channel for Formula 1 we can also give all sports fans the depth and breadth of sports they demand every weekend, right through the year.”

I believe Sky’s rugby presenter Simon Lazenby will front the coverage and it doesn’t take much imagination to guess what their commentary line up is going to be. It should be announced in the next week.

Sky will have a good run at establishing itself as the BBC will start its live coverage at the third event in China.

It will then broadcast Spain, Monaco, Valencia, Britain, Belgium, Singapore, Korea, Abu Dhabi and Brazil. At these events there will be qualifying coverage as well as practice online and on the Red Button and a highlights show.

For the 10 races which are exclusively live on Sky, a 90 minute highlights show will be on the BBC starting at 5-30pm, while for Far East races and Australia it will be a two hour show starting at 2pm.

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Boycott the entire season, every race inc. BBC coverage. It is a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon but it will never be worth £120.00 minimum!!!!!!!

I will not watch 1 minute of F1 this year.

If enough people refuse to pay/watch F1 / Sky will have to answer to their sponsors


The 3 day teaser for the channel 408 sky sports f1 was disgusting and i told sky about it .i said it was the same as bullying and would be seeking legal advice about it. They cant torment us like that then turn the channel off hoping that we would rush for the phone to order HD or sky sports both resulting in them gaining more money absolute bully boy tactics and if anyone else reading this agrees please say so. Not owning a HD tv or wanting to watch endless crap football, i cant justify the extra money for a service that was promised the british public could watch for free forever i think stinks and F1 are going to lose viewers ,which means they will have to charge existing viewers more who will eventually get ******** off at the increases then they will leave so resulting in the death of F1. Good luk Bernie hope u can survive (sarcasm)


Hi all

just a word to say how DISGUSTED i am at sky with all this F1 pricing a new channel which is great but at a time when the average person is finding times hard sky find another way to bleed more from its loyal customers SHAME on you.


Does anyone have info on F1 coverage in New Zealand? I spoke to a sky representative earlier about signing up for sky if they had the F1 channel but the woman on the phone simply told me that she didn’t know and that if it was I would be sent a personal TV advertisement to let me know (whatever that means haha). So far it looks like I am heading for the same boat as many others in that, for the first time since 1993, I will be unable to watch the F1. Not entirely through a lack of trying as I may well sign up to sky if the F1 is covered. So far though it seems like there is literally NO option to watch Formula one here in NZ. I know we are a small market but come on, this is supposed to be the 21st century.


I’ve just come over from the UK to NZ, and whilst I was happy to find someone else in NZ struggling to find out about coervage, I was hoping there might of been an answer.

I haven’t found a single scrap of information about F1 in New Zealand for 2012.

Guess all I’ll be without live coverage this season!


If you are in Wellington give us a shout, we usually find a way to watch it on Monday evenings. This sadly means avoiding the TV and internet for 24 hours or so lol.


Hey StuFoo

Funnily enough yes I am in Wellington!

Had a few conversations with sky (phone and email) seems like they’ve got live coverage of the first two races but won’t confirm anything else (which means i won’t be signing up to them!)

I’m trying to find a way to get UK coverage here. Either way drop me a message on twitter. (my website link)


Unfortunately this is going to be the first season in almost 20 years that i cannot follow.

i cant afford to get sky, so i have resigned myself to geting a few highlights from time to time, and aslo seens as the beeb has only got 3 decent venues,,the interest will simply not be there.

i used to follow everything from practice onwards on bbc, so i am not sure i will get as involved when its not as in depth.

cheers Bernie


Sky is good for F1 – anyone see the football at the weekend? – nearly every ground had the hordings advertising the Sky F1 channel – premier league matches are shown to billions around the world.

BBC never had that level of advertisement for F1


Oh yeah, there’s an F1 ad, let’s suddenly take an interest in that. Not much scope for a pitch invasion.

Paint this as gaily as you like it still says Murdoch along the bottom. Sky finally get a foot in over the BBC as has been their ambition for ages.


No, it says sky….

Sky was formed from 50/50 from BSB (which was 100% british, nothing to do with Murdoch) and Sky – which was 50% owned by Murdoch company news corp (of which he/they doesn’t own 100%).

Fast forward to present day, the Murdoch’s own less than 45% of sky, and that “less than 45%” is owned by news corp, which isn’t entirely owned by by the Murdoch’s

Granted, they may be the men pulling some of the main strings, but BSkyB is a great british success story – be proud of it.

Sky were invited into this deal by the BBC – they have a long history of saving the BBC money on sporting events – for example, Sky provide the footage for most of BBC MOTD (the BBC provide some back to Sky, but it’s Sky are the big player in this), but it’s far cheaper than for the BBC to send their own crews.

Anyway – back to F1, the extra advertising it is getting is fantastic – F1 needs to branch out to new markets (hence Bernie making new race tracks left right and centre around the globe) and what better way of advertsing that than by putting it on one of the most watched sports around the world.


Sorry – I should have said “something to be proud of” – just because of the bad apple murdoch’s, doesn’t turn the whole company full of hard working individuals into a thing of hate.

I don’t know if you have sky or sky sports, of have even watched any sports on sky? Sport on Channel 5 and ITV is far more commercial than sky (or at least just as commercial) – but Sky is Sky sports, it’s in their interest to appeal to the grass roots fans. Look at what Sky punditry has done for football analysis (if you don’t know, it’s gone from 2 blokes in a studio talking to high tech video screens and stats), it can only improve F1 – if the BBC spend X on F1 coverage, the public will be “outraged” – Sky has no such issue. Any sport that Sky has covered, they have done well – just go ask Cricket and Rugby fans if you won’t want to listen to a football fan.

As for advertising, I’m talking about the premierleague matches broadcast live on ESPN and Star Sports in India (who are just getting “in” to football), and the 600million viewers in 200 countries, including massive uptake in Asia, Africa and the US.

Anyway – I think we are nit-picking. I’m more interested on how people really can’t see that this is a long term forward step… TV channels as we know it are on their last legs, the BBC won’t be able to last much longer in it’s current format – TV – well, internet TV is moving at a rapid pace. Soon it’ll all be on demand, PPV and an endless amount of channels – no longer will it be BBC1,2 etc that show a mish-mash of stuff, soon it’ll be channels dedicated to the show (or genere) people are watching and people will just pay to view that particular show (or similar subscription).

The advent of a dedicated channel to F1 is the way forward; I honestly don’t think it’ll be long until the sports federations (the FIA, FIFA/FA/UEFA) just run their own channels with people paying them directly to view something.


I’ll choose what I’m proud of more selectively thanks. Amount of ownership doesn’t naturally equate to amount of string pulling.

The extra ‘advertising’ seems pretty negative to me, not sure where you’re looking James, maybe outside the UK (or possibly on Sky?). Sky have a long history of taking sports and putting a coin slot on the front.

Sky were invited into this deal by the BBC who have an ex Sky man at the helm.

New markets like India for instance? Bowled a googly there as far as the local sports fans are concerned. I think you meant to say ” Bernie’s back pocket needs to branch out”

Yep, F1 is dead. The name was bought and attached to this new ‘sport’ that keeps Bernie’s babies in wardrobe fillings. If only we could have kept the real F1. I suspect it’s only a matter of time before we get oil puddles, crossover jumps and one stint per race on cross-plys. Sky will no doubt be campaigning for a half time interlude for some of that lovely marketing.

That’ll put the grate back in great Britain.

Channel 5 were the people saying they wouldn’t be ready until 2013, not Channel 4.

Grreat. SMH.


I was at Fulham vs Liverpool last night and they were promoting the heck out of it on the electronic pitch perimeter hoardings


I have Sky and will be watching F1 on Sky when I can. I dont agree with the move at all but there is nothing really that can be done regarding this.

My worry was that Sky were going to dumb down the excellent BBC coverage to the lowest possible common denominator. I mean if Sky had any brains, they would see that the BBC are winning awards for what they do, and would use that as a basis on what they will offer in the future.

The first step is in getting the right team. We know Brundle is going to Sky but what about the others?

Brundle – Sky

Jake – Staying with BBC (wouldnt go with olympics round the corner)

DC – No Idea

Eddie – No Idea

Lee – Staying with BBC

Croft – Looks like Sky

Ant – No Idea

This leaves us with Ted Kravitz. Sky IMO would be nuts not to get him in their team. Nobody seems to be saying much on what Ted is doing, so any idea on this front James?


I dont think they will be getting bigger viewing figures. I for one cannot justify getting sky installed and subscribing just for F1. I dont watch football or any other sports. I have watched F1 since being small and never miss a race. I am so annoyed. People are tightening their belts and believe me sky tv is one luxury which almost always goes when people are budgeting.

Thanks bbc for charging me a licence fee when i now watch almost nothing on your channel.


I have read and reread your posts.

It is some what illuminating that you have a bias against certain commercial companies.

Would it ease you pain, as a matter of argument and no more, if the rights had been taken by Mirror Group or Richard Desmond?

The BBC have stated that they need to save money (probably as they signed a very expensive building lease in the good years…) and need to be seen to afford it.

My bias would be for someone else than SKY, but they do bring experience, resources and we have to admit, great marketing to the party.

Partnership in business are common, far more common than most know. It is easier and more cost effective to sometimes share the profit than lose the sale.

Ultimately we are discussing the ultimate symbol of capitalist endeavours – F1 – and we cannot complain nor deny its route to market.


I presume you are replying to me Capt. I certainly do have a bias against Sky. Have you not been aware of the News Corp debacle(s).

Your reference to my “pain” would appear to be a ploy to make my comments seem petty. I don’t have a bias as you suggest, I am totally polarised against Sky/News Corporation. I felt the need to comment as many contributors were only discussing the personal cost to themselves. I understand that is a major consideration but we still have to be aware of the more sinister implications of having this develop whilst disregarding the alternatives.

Another of the ultimate symbols of capitalist endeavour is News Corps belief that they can interfere with the messages on the phone of a missing person thereby giving false hope, to name but one of the things they will stoop to.

F1 is still about being the pinnacle of motorsport. Unfortunately the racing is becoming more and more the cabaret to draw punters to the bar. Ultimately F1 is being prostituted out to the detriment of the sport.

I will suffer no pain watching F1 on an alternative medium. However, the facts still remain to be scrutinised. Those that wish to selfishly roll over and accept whatever are free to do so.

Johnpierre Rivera


From reading this post it looks like I will be able to access the coverage as long as I am singed up with sky go dispite the fact that I live in Los Angeles. Is that correct?


Lets remember a few things.

TV is not a human right, it costs and it is something that can be opted right out of if you do not want it.

F1 is not a human right. It has to be paid for somehow. It is a luxury.

The BBC (wrongly in my eyes) has decided to spend the money it has on game shows and not F1 sport. It obviously thinks more people will enjoy, be educated or entertained by them than F1.

The BBC will not do full coverage now for at least 3-4 years, fullstop.

If SKY do not see a profit on this, they will walk away – again. SKY’s only requirement is to make money for shareholders, as are Ford, McDonalds, Nokia and so on. They are businesses, without them our lives would be IMHO, poorer.

I hate this “I want it all for free, all others are B*****s if they have it if I can’t….. coz I’m worth it…” rant rant

There are things I wish I had and cannot afford. Simple. I work harder and in a sector that pays and I will get it. If not – tough on me.

If you do not want to pay Murdoch, don’t!


If you want 100% live coverage, pay twice.

If you can live with 50% live, 50% recorded, pay once.

Finally,there is always the choice to pay nothing and live with none at all.


Glad to see you are aware that Sky are involved in this though I’m not convinced you accept why that could be wrong. The full story is not about being able to afford. I haven’t noticed any number of contributors saying they want it all for free or complaining about what others CAN afford. I also think the BBC have got it wrong and am interested to see how that relates to the other options that were apparently not given a chance to participate. How did this ‘partnership’ come to be? Do we just adopt the pose?


VERY sad that free-to-air live coverage is apparently over – the BBC did a great job this year. I’m a Sky subscriber but I’ll not be upgrading….


If this deal is going to start a puerile football-style debate over whether those of us who object to the cost of following the entire season live more than doubling overnight are “true fans”, then I’d rather have nothing further to do with the formula I’ve followed religiously for the last quarter-century, quite frankly. If the rumours of Sky’s new channel turning up on terrestrial turn out to be true I might be tempted, but there’s plenty of other motorsport out there. F1 isn’t the be-all and end-all.

And to those who bleat about nothing being free and the need to pay for what is, after all, an expensive sport, I don’t disagree. But remember that the Sky deal was cooked up entirely between it and the BBC, with Bernie himself only learning about it relatively late in the process. This is all about the BBC paying the IOC, the IAAF, and the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club; not FOM, the FIA, or the F1 constructors. If you’re happy about that, then fine: knock yourself out and pony up several hundred quid to Sky. But don’t fool yourself that you’re supporting F1 to any greater extent than you have been for the last three years (and more) by paying your TV licence.


To be perfectly honest, I have never, and will never pay for Sky. Having been to people’s houses, I already know it’s a worthless waste of money.

And their sports coverage is really poor. So far I’ve not yet seen anything they have covered even as well as Channel 5. And that’s not a compliment to Channel 5. Sorry.


James, any idea what this will mean to the coverage in Canada? TSN (The Sports Network) broadcasts the BBC’s F1 feed. SpeedTV also broadcasts F1, but the live feed for quali and the race is blacked out (they have a replay later on). I like both, and tape and watch both. Both have their pro’s and cons: TSN basically dumps the F1 feed right after the post-race unilateral, while Speed does full commercials during the race and has missed out on some big moments in some races, which is quite annoying as a viewer.

I’ll assume if TSN loses their rights, that Speed will show the races live.


Just a query that has come to mind.

Who will be ‘host’ broadcaster providing local director/production/cameras for the live OB race feed for the 2012 British Grand Prix.

$ky or BBC ? ‘cos surely they both can’t do it?


FOM is host at Silverstone and most of the races


Well, after 35 years of F1 that was my last race today – shame it was so boring. To be honest I’m kind of relieved as I’ve been chained (no pun intended) to the sport since I was 10 years of age.

But enough’s enough. I can afford Sky, or I could choose to download the races from torrent sites later on the Sunday. But I will not, I’m walking away. I’m sick to the teeth with the [mod] money grabbing Ecclestone and to be honest the teams are no better.

We’ve been diddled ladies and gentlemen and for me they can get stuffed (I’d like to say it harder, but…)


First I’ve heard about the channel being part of the sports or HD bundle (although I haven’t looked that deeply in to it). Would make far more sense to have it available as a stand alone channel as they would only(!) cost an extra £14.50 a month on Virgin which I’d grudgingly pay for a dedicated F1 channel. If they show old races, interviews, test sessions, etc. during non-race times it could be awesome. There’s no way I can or would stump up an extra £40 – £60 a month for the Sports package especially as I’d only ever watch the F1 channel! It’ll be RTL online and Radio 5 live for me then next year.


[mod] Here in Australia we enjoy excellent free live HD coverage of qual and races plus they’re shown at night so we don’t waste our beautiful sunny weather siting inside watching sport all day like in UK when there’s nothing else to do due to rain. And anyway F1 is not one of life’s necessities, it’s so elitist that average fans gain absolutely nothing from it, so bad luck to F1 if people stop following – it’s not like there aren’t any other sports to follow out there…


been watching RTL’s coverage of F1, I’m really impressed to be honest. Might have to learn German, but hey, as long as it’s free. It is unfortunate that BBC didn’t share F1 with Channel 4, looking at their advertising campaign I was really impressed with Channel 4’s presentation. Then again, I’m not that surprised with the continuing Marketisation of Sport. The only things I’ll miss from BBC F1 are the pre race build up and the commentary, though I am sure Heiko Waßer and Christian Danner will impress me 😛 I will still watch the 10 races on the BBC, but on principle RTL will do me very nicely!


Andrew, I’ve been a fan for over 50 years. I’ve followed the drivers, the teams, the technology, even the politics. The first year I followed the racing there were, according to my scrapbook, 9 races with a total of 22 drivers entered from the UK alone.

There is a degree of “die hard” apparent but for some reason it appears to be die hard Sky fans.

The chap that suggested that 90% of those complaining will be paying for Sky by the end of next year didn’t understand the principal of daring the determined. His smug comment polarised me further. I’m confident we can follow our sport of choice by choosing other sources.

To think this is ONLY about cost shows an inability to see the bigger picture.

In the beginning there was Pathe News….


I don’t agree with the 90% figure. The fact is most of the BBC viewers are casual fans – or those taking advantage of the free to air scenario. These aren’t all fly by night fans by any means and some will find other ways to watch which will demonstrate their commitment. A number of people will also just fall away. Will F1 benefit overall? Time and not speculation will tell.


Amazing how many so-called “die hard” fans are complaining about this! I would expect that “die hard” fans go to races. Well that’s not cheap. (A decent seat for the weekend is 200 – 300 pounds and that’s before you get there, accommodation, etc.) Can they really not afford the one pound a day Sky would cost even if buying it for the first time? Of course they could! A die hard fan of F1 would not be poor since as a sport it is not cheap to follow to such an extent. I go to most European races and have done since the early 90s. You need money to do that.

No, what I think these fans are is fair weather friends not “die hard”. They want F1 on the cheap and were prepared to watch it so long as it was free but now it isn’t all they can do is complain. Their free ride has been taken away. They are the opposite of die hard, they are die all too easy. A die hard fan, a fan who goes to races and who backs the sport with time and financial commitment, would certainly have the money to pay for Sky even if he had to miss attending one race to do it (as I will).

So these fans aren’t die hard at all. The only argument that makes sense is the moral one if you find that Murdoch’s business practices offend you. If you do, fair enough – although I wonder how you manage to find your way in the world since Murdoch is hardly the only underhand person in the world or the media.


Agree with Dave that the previews of the sport coming to Sky were utterly cringeworthy. Sky have a proven track record of waiting for a production to become popular and then simply buy it out. They’ve done this with all manner of TV shows. Then (with sports) they take it down to the lowest common denominator.

If the F1 coverage wins a BAFTA on Sky, I will doff my cap and stand corrected. However (see comments above) I do not believe that Sky offers quality in the realms of sports coverage. Gloss over quality is their aim in almost all senses of the word.


The moral argument is not the only one. It is however the main one and just because others may be doing the same thing does not mean you stay silent – All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

I have seen the light of SKY on F1 and it is not a pretty sight. Sky talk down to their audience one only has to look at Fox News and the supposed F1 trailers featuring SKYBET. The F1 enthusiast is on the whole well educated and probably more knowledgeable than most commentators that TV throws up. The Beeb were getting it right but their coverage has gone downhill since they announced the Sky deal.

Having looked at the Channel 4 proposal it would have been preferable but the BBC in their infinite wisdom chose to drop a programme that ticked all the boxes regarding viewer value for money.

I am a die hard enthusiast but I’ve never been to a GP – to many non motor-sport suits and hangers-on around for my liking, but I’ve run a motor-sport team since 1998. F1 is needed to let the masses know about motor-sport but on Sky it will soon be forgotten like Cricket and Boxing. I’ll watch BTCC next year and keep up with F1 as and when on the web or from the news.

I have already turned down Vodafone for company mobiles and told them why and if possible will do the same with other sponsors and informing them of my reasons.

Again My Gaff, My Rules. NO to SKY and the Murdoch family.


“The F1 enthusiast is on the whole well educated and probably more knowledgeable than most commentators that TV throws up. The Beeb were getting it right but their coverage has gone downhill since they announced the Sky deal.”

So you are saying that a priori it is impossible that Sky might offer decent or even better coverage? You are saying that is impossible? That is a very bold claim. Pretty much every sport they have ever covered has received more and better detailed coverage as a result. Now of course it was at a price but they are offering a premium product (i.e. you pay for it) not a free to air service. Every free to air service has had to up their game since Sky appeared. That is very widely and egenrally acknowledged even by Sky competitors.

Go back to the 80s when terrestrial TV covered sport if and when it could be bothered, coming to events when they were already in progress, not having forums, data or different camera angles. What changed the broadcasting of sport in the UK? What forced other broadcasters to do a better, more professional job? Sky did. If you have a moral argument with their shareholders that your choice but I find it highly unlikely their coverage will be at a lower level than the BBC. It is simply not in their interests to do that and I think you will find they at least make an effort.


I don’t see SKY offering better coverage, how can they? They will get the same feed as the BBC get so where can they improve? The race coverage will be the same but I can’t see them getting it right with the enthusiasts Sky’s way of doing it is LCD and that will reflect in their coverage. Yes It is a bold claim but I believe I’ll be proved right in the end. Have a look at the Sky previews of this year with Tony Jardine where its all about SkyBet. Sorry but I and a lot of people watching F1 in the UK at least do not watch it to get a bet on-line and who in their right mind would bet on a sport where team orders could turn your bet on its head.

Motor-sport depends for its existence on new talent and if you reduce the size of the audience you reduce that talent pool. If you can’t see that then you must be blind. How many people can name the UK boxing champions now, How many know the English cricket team now. BTW How many pubs are going to show F1 when the football is on?

If their coverage was so good why did they drop it before? If they are so good why do they get such miserable audience figure in Germany and are looking to drop it?

One other thing if I pay a subscription for something I don’t want adverts as well. And we all know that the Murdoch mob are out to take as much of your cash as they can.

ITV4 has adverts during the days racing for the BTCC but I don’t pay a subscription for ITV4. So next year I will watch BTCC and the odd F1 race as and when but I will watch it on RTL, and I don’t need 5 live to know what’s going on.


With respect, I think you miss the point. Many people love F1 but cannot afford to go to the races so they rely on the TV. I’ve met loads of people like that, we entertained many at the Fans Forums and we sent 14 readers to Grands Prix this year most of whom had never been before. TV is the only way they can engage live with the sport.


Indeed. Actually, since I can’t afford an F1 race, I go to grass root motorsport events which are considerably cheaper. Like a weekend at Donington for less than £20. Pop in a travelodge £19 deal (or alternative cheap hotel chain!) and you have an affordable weekend. Those who support the grass roots are true motorsport fans in my opinion. F1 wouldn’t happen without them!


Well said Dan82, and incentives like the Renault World Series days are another great, and cheap (meaning free tickets!) way for people who can’t afford to attend F1 races to see the cars. And that promotes an interest in the lower formulas, which might lead youngsters into karting, and then who knows?

If obsessing over pre-season testing, pulling all-nighters over the Australian GP weekend EVERY SEASON and risking getting into trouble at work to follow the Friday practice times live, as well as having an encyclopedic memory of the sport from about ’92 onward doesn’t count me as a die hard, then I’m obviously not rich enough.

Maybe I should just casually follow football on TV instead. But then I’d have to – oh, wait.


Thanks for the reply James and I do realise this. I just don’t wish to pander to the label “die hard fan” for this sort of person. Watching a “free” TV broadcast is relatively easy and something many people with only a passing interest in the sport manage. For this term to mean anything it is better reserved for those who sacrifice things and make choices to support the sport with their cash. F1 is not free as you know all too well! It only exists because people pay for it.


@Lewis Jones, didn’t you mean after ‘not’ reading all these anti Sky comments? The selfish ones here are probably those that will give the Murdoch’s coin for their own selfish ends.

Fighting their corner to any degree immediately negates any point you may have to make.

Likewise the “all those extra channels, phone and broadband” adverts that people insist on posting. Common decency isn’t your thing.

Decent people cancelled their Sky services over the recent revelations.

Yes, it appears the BBC have followed the leadership of an insider. Well some are working for a final resolution to some of these matters that won’t just go away.


Got to find a way of hooking up to Rai Uno and watching the Italian coverage for free. Not going to give Sky a penny.


For sure, don’t miss the lovely Stella Bruni!

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