Massa: “I have nothing against Hamilton”
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Posted By: James Allen  |  30 Oct 2011   |  1:48 pm GMT  |  269 comments

Felipe Massa spoke around 90 minutes after the Indian Grand Prix in which he was penalised with a drive through for colliding with Lewis Hamilton.

It was the sixth occasion the pair have collided in a bitter season.

Speaking after the race Massa said, “I don’t have anything against him. Zero. If I saw him I would tell him what I’m telling you now.

“I don’t understand why I have the penalty. I braked later than him, I was in front and on the grippier part of the circuit and I didn’t see him on the left. So he was behind and he touched my rear wheel. If it was Lewis or not I would do the same.

Asked how he did not know Hamilton was there when he turned in, given that he appeared to look several times in his mirrors as the McLaren closed up he said, “I knew he was on my side, but when I brake this is the important place and he was not on my side. I braked later than him. So am I supposed to back off and let him through? He was on the dirty side, I turned, he touched me at the back. If we were wheel to wheel I would not have turned.”

Asked if it had become a feud with the Englishman, Massa said, “Maybe for him. All the incidents are him touching my car. So I didn’t do anything wrong.

Hamilton said that he had stood next to the Brazilian on the grid at the minute’s silence and put his arm around him. Massa said he simply put his hand on his shoulder and said “Have a good race”.

Said Massa, “This is trying to do what? ‘Have a good race is not part of talking.’ ”

The pair have not spoken since Singapore where Massa challenged Hamilton in the pits and again in front of TV cameras.

The feud is real and neither driver seems to want to back down. F1 is in need of some eye catching story lines at the moment with the title settled and Sebastian Vettel continuing to win at will.

This spat will carry over, but it’s not enough to encourage many journalists to go to Abu Dhabi in two weeks. There was a decent media presence here in India, boosted by many Indian media. But with no storyline and no championship, the media turn out in Abu Dhabi is expected to be very small.

Meanwhile Hamilton fell further behind team mate Button in the drivers’ championship. He now trails Button by 38 points with a maximum 50 left to gain. Given the form of Sebastian Vettel, he will need to win at least one race to overhaul his team mate with Button not scoring in either race.

Hamilton has never been beaten in a championship season by a team mate before.

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You really make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this matter to be really something that I think

I would never understand. It seems too complicated and extremely broad for me.

I am looking forward for your next post, I’ll try to get the hang of it!


To me it all comes back to whom was doing fastest times on previous laps.I insist if Hamilton was quicker overall Massa should allow him to pass him , and the track stewards should have put a Blue flag on Massa. It should not be allowed to a driver with a car faster on straights but slower on the whole track to slow down a faster overall driver.


I feel very strongly, since it is crystal clear that HAM is behind, that MAS has the right to take the racing line. Fullstop – its HAM’s fault and he should have been penalised. He failed to get alongside and on the dirty line into the corner he had no chance to get around the inside. I don’t care if the telemetry said that MAS braked later than usual – he still had the racing line and still got easily around the corner even after being banged up by HAM. In my view, not only should HAM have been penalised for that pathetic attempt at a pass, but he should have been hauled up in front of the stewards to be told he must desist these insane undertaking overtaking attempts at corners where he is behind. OK, if he gets alongside, let them fight for it, but behind is behind and you have no rights to bang wheels and bodywork with the other car. Get out of it, if you can’t get alongside. HAM should be in trouble. I cannot for the life of me see why this is MAS fault. Particularly because if it is in any doubt, which this incident surely is, then the car behind must be at fault for the contact. I can only say, MAS keep fighting, and HAM – loser. Get real or get out of F1.


Lewis always stick his nose at behind and try to push other away, this is his [mod] trick of all time. I think he is good to drive a bumper car instead of F1. Look and the link below you get what I mean.



exactly same situation happened with hamilton and kubica in japan 2007, kubica was on the inside and he got a drive through, watch!


you must have the wrong link because it’s nothing like what happened on sunday….


I’m a Hamilton fan but think that Massa should not have got a penalty had not Lewis previously received several for similar racing incidents before.

We are now in the era of investigation if anyone sneezes. 10 years ago the stewards would have been laughed out of the track for what they are doing now. Very soon drivers will have to complete a risk assessment form before getting in the car.

Black White Grey & Brown

Massa seems bitter.

maybe- therein lies the problem.


Hi James,

It seems that this Massa vs Hamilton case has blown the fans. I saw it on TV like everyone else, from two different shots. The wide-angled normal footage suggests that Massa was in front and had the corner. The second footage from Hamilton’s camera car suggests that Massa cut off Lewis’ racing line. I think in case of doubt it has to be treated as a racing incident. The FIA needs to revise some rules and this is one of them.

A lot of people say that driving on the road is much more dangerous than on a racing track. Then why not introduce some traffic regulations in motorsport as well. For example: in an accident, the one behind is always to blame (whether it’s Massa or Hamilton, or anyone else). Very simple!


If a penalty is given it should be given in such a way that the affected party should regain the advantage. A pass thru penalty didnt give any advantage to Hamilton as he had suffered major damages to his car.

I agree to some of your thoughs that the onus is on the driver who is taking the risk to make it stick. But there is nothing Hamilton could do as he was on the inside and no where to go. If these accidents are considered lightly and written off as racing incidents, we donot need stewards anymore.

Imagine such incidents happening at 300 kmph could end in disaster.


My take on the incident was that Massa deliberately caused the accident because he could not accept Hamilton passing him. We’ve seen this many times in the past where Massa has always been more aggressive in defending his position against Hamilton than any other driver. Maybe it’s because of how he lost the title to Hamilton in 2008 [mod] Either way, I have no respect for Massa and the next time this happens Hamilton should just punt him off.


Can anyone explain to me how the Massa/Hamilton accident in India differs from the Webber/Hamilton incident at Singapore in 2010?

From memory, so it may not be totally 100% correct, Lewis was said to be in the wrong and was the cause of that incident in Singapore. However, in retrospect if you apply the logic of the Indian race stewards you could argue that Webber didn’t give Hamilton enough room. Or am I missing something? Was Hamilton a further back at Singapore.

I would like to see the FIA explain some of these decisions, with maybe a video and or diagrams. Just to make it clearer. It will also satisfy the geek in me.


Absolutely agree! how there explain the case in Singapore last year? Hamilton close the door and didn’t give Webber enough space? double standard from steward anyway.

see this


On a separate but related note, Martin Brundle has said that he still does not agree with the penalty, and added that a number of drivers, team principals and other paddock figures cannot make sense of it. It’s on the BBC’s website now.


a simple question, why does lewis feel the need to attempt a lo percentage pass like this one where he is relting on the nature of the driver in front. he was quicker than massa, and if he had waited another lap or so he would have nailed massa with a high percentage pass.

lewis is one of the sports naturally gifted, maybe the best, but racing is thinking and he’s not so good at that.


When are the likes of Massa, Alonso and Vettel going to make some apologies? I have never heard of them doing that — and Hamilton does it with some unnecessary exaggeration


I feel that some people are missing out some points.

1. Lewis only needed to pass Massa because he made a silly mistake in practice and then lost a position at the start.

2. Lewis did not have to make that move there and then, it wasn’t like his race was going to be ruined if he was behind Massa for another half lap. If Lewis had some patience and engaged his brain he could have passed Massa on one of the two straights with DRS.


…or Hamilton had engaged his brain and realised he needed to pass somewhere other than the DRS zone because Massa was fast enough in a straight line to resist the overtake using KERS – he had already tried to pass on the previous couple of laps – that’s 4 DRS zones worth.

Recall how Webber was held off at the last race? Over the lap, a faster car, but didn’t have the speed in the right places.

Hamilton has always invented passing places in unusual places. He’d tried it out the lap before and worked out what he needed to do. It wasn’t going to be pretty, because it was marginal, but that is the difference between those at the top of F1 – they can make a pass in unexpected places. Schumacher used to do the same thing – he used to explore the track, even going off line for a couple of laps to clean the track up. I think Hamilton had been exploring the grip the previous lap.

F1 cars are not identical and have different strengths on any particular track. This time McLaren went for grip over absolute speed, that means that they will be faster in different places.


IMO all Felipe needed to do is to leave some more space as Lewis was already giving up on that corner. he would still have ade the corner and kept his car intact. i have two photos in my possession clearly showing the Red car veering left leaving space only for the two to collide!


Absolutely agree with Matt W, post #88, a great one!!

The main problem is too many silly rules, so subjective, applied with no consistency. They should get rid of them and stick to a little set.

To me, Massa perfectly knew that Hamilton was at his side and Hamilton knew that Massa would surely shut the door. They both took a big risk and they lost… a normal incident race.


Wow, there are a lot of comments on this! To add my $0.02…

Massa was on the racing line and was clearly in front. Hamilton should have known that the move was doomed and by his own admission tried to pull out. If I were to apportion blame it would be mostly Hamilton’s fault, but I don’t think any penalty should have been applied.

Sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong is a common incident in racing. Many drivers try it, some are successful, some are able to poke their nose in to see if the other driver will flinch while still retaining the ability to avoid a catastrophe.

I believe it is incumbent on the passer to ensure that a collision does not happen, just like the passee should not be overly aggressive in blocking.

That being said, it seems to me as if the stewards are being a tad punitive in their application of penalties between Massa and Hamilton. Perhaps they are trying to send a message that this sort of incident will not be tolerated at this level? Maybe they are right…


Racing incident, no questions. Both were aggressive on their driving actions, but, well, they are all racing drivers.

Hamilton decided to a late break on the dirty side; Felipe has also decided for a even later break on the clean side of the track.

Hamilton’s maneuver (breaking late on dust) was clearly avoided on early similar actions by Mark Webber – who in fact failed to accomplish any overtake.


Quoting from MW:

“I probably could have gone down the inside of Turn 4, but it was still very dusty. I thought I’d have a bit of a poke round the outside, but he fixed me up on the outside, which is fair enough, as I fixed him up in Korea. That’s the way it goes.”

Different approaches for a similar situation.


As for Hamiltons fan it is incredibly frustrating.

We have seen some fantastic overtakes this season where there was ‘just enough’ room given. Webbers move on Alonso in Spa or Sebs move on fernando in Monza beeing just two examples.

On each ocasion driver making the move could be acused of lunacy, yet it was down to driver beeing overtekent to decide: Do I want run other guy off the road and ruin his race and most likely mine, or should I leave enough room and thry to fight back.

And this is a think I do not get about Felipe. Even if on occasions Lewis was taking it to far, Massa NEVER left enough room for Lewis. Every time he just turns in and blames the world. Imagine what would have happened if Rather then Mark and Fernando it was Lewis and Felipe at Spa. It would have been a massive crash and someone could have got hurt. After all you could argue that Mark shouldn’t have done it there and… Massa would argue.

On that point alone I think it was good that Massa got penalty. It takes two to tango and he seems to have forgoten it.

It is sad in a way that from inconsistent but quick guy Massa has changed in to sorry picture of someone who is past they best and doesn’t have a strenght for one mor fight. I think his days in red car are numbered.


I don’t believe Massa was as much at fault as many here have been saying.

That particular corner only has room for 1 car, Its not a passing point which is why no other driver attempted a pass there.

Had Massa given Lewis more room he would have gone off the track because there is simply no room there for 2 cars.

Go back & watch practice, Every time a driver turned in a bit wide offline he went off track & ended up bouncing through the grass which not only caused issues for himself but also everyone else as it threw grass/dirt/dust all over the track.

While true that lewis was 75% alongside, In a single file corner such as that you really need to be 95-100% alongside or indeed ahead for the pass to work.


Agreed – Martin Brundle was saying it was a one-by-one corner for at least three laps before the crash, and even made a “told you so”-esque remark after the crash. If Lewis was going to make the move stick, he needed to maintain his position and not try and back out of it – it would have been touch and go, perhaps, but ultimately a fair move and certainly better than what happened.


I don’t agree, please state where it says in the rules that a corner on any of the tracks is a ‘single file corner’? All corners should be a possible overtaking place. It just needs the driver being overtaken to show a bit of respect for the other driver – something that is lacking here.

Hamilton gave Massa room during the start on the first corner, shame he didn’t receive any from Massa.


Hi James, in my opinion many of the collisions this year have been nothing more than racing accidents, incliding most of the Massa vs Hamilton incidents, do you know why the stewards are so keen to investigate every little incident and hand out penalties like sweets this year?


I think any collision needs looking into. If the collision damages someone’s race and there is fault on the other side it’s only fair to penalise the culprit. There have been 600 overtakes this year, more than any year since 1984 and that inevitably means more attempted overtakes too. Hence it must also mean more collisions.


It’s been mentioned on the BBC Practice coverage a few times this year that the drivers have asked the FIA to investigate every incident regardless of how minor it may be & that the drivers have told the FIA to continue doing this.


I see it this way: Hamilton had once again chosen a gap that wasn’t. A gap that had left him no chance to pull a successful move. Even if they both could have managed to fit through that corner side by side, which is next to impossbible, the next corner is a very narrow right hander with Massa in the advantage. What did Lewis think he was doing? Even then, Lewis wasn’t far enough in front to have conquered the line at all. Massa was blamed by the stewards to have turned right, inviting Hamilton and then shutting the door again. What kind of a twisted logic is that? Massa has taken the racing line, which is perfectly okay and reasonable when you’re expecting no opportunistic Kamikaze move from your opponent there. DC and Brundle, both usually on Lewis’ side, both racing drivers, thought that is has been a mis-judgenment by the stewards, after seing the move from different camera angles and I tent to agree them.

What some of the comments here don’t understand is: When you’re on the brakes, you’re committed. You can’t just brake a little more and opening the steering in this corner would have taken Massa onto the grass in into big trouble. So the decision has been made at the braking point and from this point of view Hamilton has made, once again, a blatant misjudgement. So did the Stewards!


I’m sorry but this time it was Massa’s fault. Far too often you see Massa closing the door on people and not leaving room. The fact is, driver’s have to at times be smart and acknowledge when a place is lost, something Felipe never seems to learn. Hopefully after this incident he will be more mindful that it isn’t worth risking a DNF to defend a position so hard.

However, I don’t think it deserved a penalty. The new regulations mean drivers are going to go wheel to wheel more and accidents are inevitable when cars are alongside each other at high speed. Sometimes accidents just occur and although blame could be determined you also have to accept that it is part of the nature of racing.

I say, keep the stewards out of incidents like this and let things settle themselves on the track. The only time they need to intervene is in incidents like Jerez 97 or when Irvine caused that crash at Brazil in 1994. The culture of giving penalties for every battle on track that ends in contact is really frustrating and to me just encourages a processional race with drivers waiting for pitstops to overtake.


I don’t know why but I have this nudging feeling that won’t go away. I don’t know why but looking at replays and all, it just feels like Massa deliberately went in to the corner intending to cause a crash and get Hamilton in trouble. I don’ know why but it looked like that….Somebody pliz get our pint sized Brazilian a Torro Rosso; maybe then we will appreciate him more being better than his teammate. His attitude and anger of late are eating him up….pliizzzzz….

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