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Last chance for a UK fan ambassador to go to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi
Posted By: James Allen  |  08 Oct 2011   |  4:22 pm GMT  |  16 comments

Our exciting social media competition looking for a Fan Ambassador to join other bloggers from around the world ends at midnight tonight UK time. So now’s the last chance to get your entry in.

We are looking for a Fan Ambassador to go to Abu Dhabi in November to have the experience of a lifetime at a Shell V-Power Network of Champions event at Ferrari World- you will be invited to travel business class to Abu Dhabi from London, stay in a 4 star hotel, ride on the fastest rollercoaster in the world and then experience the Yas Marina GP Circuit just a week after the F1 cars have raced on it and days after the Young Guns test. And then we want you to report on the trip for this website.

All you have to do is tell us before midnight tonight (Saturday) – using the comment boxes below – why you (or one of your friends) deserve to win and why you are “as passionate about power and performance as Shell”. Only one entry is allowed per person. Please keep it brief, no more than 300 words

Your entry will be reviewed next week by an panel of bloggers and social media experts and the five most convincing and creative entries will be announced on October 16th – each of the five finalists win a free tank of premium Shell V-Power fuel and a chance to take part in the final stage of the competition, getting a chance to create some content.

To be in with a chance of winning you must:
– Be a resident of United Kingdom
– Be 18 years of age or over
– Have a full UK driving licence
– Be available to travel to Abu Dhabi on 18/19 November until 21 November 2011
– Have a reasonable level of fitness

Good luck and thanks to everyone who has put in an entry already.

For terms and conditions click HERE

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I love Formula 1! I love Ferrari!


Hi James,

I would like to be considered as the UK Fan Ambassador purely for my passion and support for not just Formula 1, but other racing disciplines alike.

Unfortunately I do not get to go to many events for a number of reasons, mainly financial, but have been an avid follower of Formula 1 particularly since Damon’s Championship Winning year, so an opportunity such as this would really be a big deal for me so your consideration would be much appreciated.

All the best



Can I have a second byte ?

My daughter has entered me in last years event,

which I only found out when your runner up prize – signed book – turned up under my Xmas tree !

You said my ‘love long adventure with cars and motoracing’ was amazing, so I won’t repeat that. But you are looking for a F1 fan, I haven’t missed a GP since 1968. I have many storries relating top F1 / racing and drivers and have been urged to write them up, so trip to AD would be a good trigger.

My latest project is to get a Ginetta Junior car for my younger daughter who has some jarting experience. This could be a good encouragement for her too.

Beat regards,



F1 has it all. From limit stretching engineering to a few unique individuals with staggering amounts of car control. It has something I can’t define. Something which makes me check James allen on F1 and many other F1 websites everyday. Something which ignites a burning passion inside and occupies a small but very significant part of my brain. F1 is the only sport, which through the good or bad performance of my favourite drivers, can drag me through and Eau Rouge of emotions. But, what I love most about F1 is that it still compels me to watch even when I know my favourite drivers can not win, just because of the brilliant entertainment and intrigue each race provides.


The fantastic, futuristic, and forward-thinking Yas Marina circuit is the perfect allegory for modern day F1. With its science-fiction-inspired aesthetics, its epic vistas and its abundance of technological showcases it perfectly symbolises the cold-calculated-science of F1 as well as the flair, beauty and knife-edge-brutality of my favourite sport.

I can think of no better place to experience an F1 circuit for the first time in all its glory and splendour. And as the sun sets on this grandiose showpiece, with the fading echoes of an emotional Christian Horner and a sobbing Sebastien Vettel still ringing in my ears, over a year after their maiden World Championship successes, the opportunity to get that close to Nirvana is an opportunity of a lifetime and one I would savour and remember for the rest of my days.


Shell and Ferrari, two parts when combined together epitomises the dedication of power and performance, the sum of the two really is greater than the individual parts.

Like Shell and Ferrari I too have a passion for power and performance both in and out of work.

Power and performance doesn’t always have to mean maximum power or performance, The goal at all times is to ensure that power and performance is delivered in the most efficient way possible.

Away from work I have a passion for all things Formula 1, being born and brought up in Norfolk close to Hethall the home of Lotus. Through the thrills of watching Ayton Senna driving the JPS lotus to the trials and tribulations of seeing a once great team fall into obscurity the one thing which has never changed is the race for power and the desire for performance.

The chance to be a fan ambassador and to go to Ferrari world to witness and experience both power and performance together would be an experience of a lifetime


Ferrari in the blood, Power in the name! Passion for the red racers needs energy to embrace the beauty of victory. Ha, I may be a poor wordsmith but I’m a committed F1 fan. My prancing horse tattoo may need a matching ‘Shell only’ filler on the other hip… Thanks for reading, I’ll do the Brit F1 fans proud. TOM shell v POWER


I’ve followed F1 and other formulae for many years and have seen many changes over the years. I find your website one of the best sources of F1 information and opinion and regularly contribute my opinions here. I would welcome the opportunity to visit Abu Dhabi as a fan ambassador and can claim to have a little inside knowledge of motor racing having had a go at racing myself in the Caterham Academy and Roadsports. Since then I have maintain my involvement in motor racing by being a marshal. I have had the privilege of marshalling at a couple of British Grand Prix and also marshalled at Abu Dhabi for the Aussie V8’s.


Matt and I have been friends since school, we are now both 40 years old!! Still both huge Ferrari fans who arrive at silverstone every year to support a driver on the red an yellow. Evoking tears of joy and sometimes disappointment we have shared these times together. Matt deserves to go to and see Ferrari world and experience the shell hospitality…… If he does go it would be a shame not to take his best friend….. Me???


Incredible performance by an incrodible man, Mister Jean eric Vergne. Despite mechanics issues in qualy, he manage ti put his car in P9, and did a phenomenal race to finish P2, setting also the fastest lap. The two passes for the P3 and P2 are just masterpiece, without technical problems tomorrow, let’s hope JEV can do it. Come one JEV, all France is behind you.


Hi James, been an avid follower of Formula 1 since 1998- the Belgian grand prix. Despite having to find a job and go through education i’ve made sure i only missed a couple of live races in that time! I love Formula 1. Out of my 8 most visited pages 5 of them are F1 related! I can’t spend enough time looking at forums and reading about the latest developments of teams and drivers. This would be a dream come true for me! Thanks for your time James. Jake.


from lauda to liuzzi,hunt to hamilton thats how long formula 1 has been my and emotion drive this sport along with excellence at the cutting edge of this racing breed.


I believe I deserve it as I am a passionate Tifosi and have followed Ferrari for years in F1 and love their road cars. I only use Shell V-Power for my cars as I can feel the difference in performance. This would be a once in a life time chance as I am not very well at the moment (in & out of hospital – not man flu) and this would definitely lift my spirits!!!


I have tremendous passion for this sport, and in particular for the sort of power and performance that was demonstrated by Ferrari & the Great Michael Schumacher for so many years. I am a true fan of both and would so love the chance to see both at my firat GP outside Europe, having previously been to Monza for a dominant Schumacher victory and jumping at the opportunity to book a trip to Spa, a great circuit and a Schumi favourite, on the news of his return out of retirement to replace Felipe. Sadly he would not be driving there due to the neck injury :-(. Following my attendance in Hockenheim to view Schumacher’s return ‘home’, it appeared Schumi would maybe never get his ‘mojo’ back until some recent positive signs including in Montreal & Monza that Michael, and more specifically Mercedes, do in fact have the power. To go and follow Felipe & Fernando


Michael & Mercedes as well as (Felipe & Fernando) in a new age track such as Abu Dhabi would be a dream come true. (NB text followed on from above!)


As a huge F1 and Ferrari fan it would be honor to retort back on the side F1 we don’t normally get to see. I’d take my HD camera kit along so video blogs to take everyone to the heart of the F1 experience.

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