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Posted By: James Allen  |  30 Sep 2011   |  3:46 pm GMT  |  71 comments

JA on F1 is delighted to launch a very exciting new F1 competition in partnership with Shell.

We are looking for a Fan Ambassador to go to Abu Dhabi in November, the week after the F1 Grand Prix, to have the experience of a lifetime at a Shell V-Power Network of Champions event at Ferrari World, then experience the Yas Marina GP Circuit and then report on the trip for this website.

If you can convince our expert panel of your passion for F1 and performance, you will be invited to travel business class to Abu Dhabi from London, stay in a 4 star hotel, ride on the fastest rollercoaster in the world and experience the famous Yas Marina GP Circuit in a high performance race car, just one week after the F1 cars have raced on it.

And as if that wasn’t enough, JA on F1 will run your reports about the experience!

In Abu Dhabi you will meet bloggers and social media gurus from the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and the Philippines who have been taking part in the Shell V Power Network of Champions programme this season, going behind the scenes at Ferrari’s HQ in Maranello and at Shell’s F1 fuels laboratory in the UK as well as at a Grand Prix.

How do I enter?

All you have to do is tell us before October 9 – using the comment boxes below – why you (or one of your friends) deserve to win and why you are “as passionate about power and performance as Shell”. Only one entry is allowed per person. Please keep it brief, no more than 300 words

Your entry will be reviewed by an expert panel of bloggers and social media experts and the five most convincing and creative entries will be announced on October 16th – each of the five win a free tank of premium Shell V-Power fuel and a chance to take part in the final stage of the competition, getting a chance to create some content.

To be in with a chance of winning you must:
– Be a resident of United Kingdom
– Be 18 years of age or over
– Have a full UK driving licence
– Be available to travel to Abu Dhabi on 18/19 November until 21 November 2011
– Have a reasonable level of fitness

For more information on Ferrari World Abu Dhabi click HERE

For more information on the Shell V-Power Network of Champions, please check out #SVPChamps on Twitter.

Shell V-Power Champs Competition
-Terms & Conditions-

The competition is open to residents of UK other than employees and their immediate families of Shell Group companies, independent contractors operating Shell Service Stations, their employees and agents, and other persons professionally connected to the Shell V-Power Network of Champions.

Participants must:
– Be aged 18 years or over
– Have a full UK driving licence
– Be available to travel to Abu Dhabi on 18/19 November and stay until 21 November 2011
– Have a reasonable level of health and fitness

The competition runs from 30 SEPTEMBER 2011 to 1 NOVEMBER 2011 (inclusive).

– All entries for the first stage of the competition must be received by 9 OCTOBER 2011
– Names of the five finalists will be announced by 16 OCTOBER 2011
– Finalist entries (videos) must be received by 23 OCTOBER 2011
– Finalist video entries will be hosted on JamesAllenonF1.com from 24 to 31 OCTOBER 2011
– The overall winner will be announced by 1 NOVEMBER 2011

The competition consists of two stages. In the first stage entrants must tell the promoters [VIA THE COMMENTS BOXES BELOW] why they deserve to win and why they are as passionate about power and performance as Shell. Only one entry per person.

After the first stage, five finalists are announced who each win a tank of premium
Shell V-Power fuel (gasoline or diesel) and a chance to take part in the final (second stage).

The five finalists must record a 30-60 second film that encapsulates their passion for power and performance. All entries will be judged by the independent SVPChamps Panel.

All entries will be judged by the SVPChamps Panel and this jury will decide on the finalists and winner. The panel will base selections for both stages of the competition on a combination of creativity, passion and popularity and all decisions made by the SVPChamps Panel are final.

The panel consists of a group of independent motoring bloggers and journalists involved in the Shell V-Power Network of Champions who, throughout 2011, have shared an exclusive Shell V-Power experience which has taken them to Shell fuels laboratories, behind the scenes at a Formula One Grand Prix and to the home of Ferrari in Maranello, Italy.

The winner will be notified by Edelman (on behalf of Shell) within 5 days of the date of the jury’s decision.

The winner’s name, city and country will be posted on JA.com between November 1 and November 6 2011.

Each of the five finalists will receive £100 of fuel vouchers to be used for purchase of Shell V-Power premium fuel (gasoline or diesel).

The overall winner will win a place on an all expenses paid trip (for one person only) to take part in the Shell V-Power Network of Champions activity at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi from 19 to 21 November 2011. Business class return flight (from London to Abu Dhabi only), 4 star hotel accommodation in Abu Dhabi and adequate subsistence costs (determined at Shell’s sole discretion) will be covered by Shell). No cash alternative is available for the prize nor can a prize be exchanged for an alternative prize.

The winner is required to – in correspondence with the promoter – record his/her experiences during the activity in Abu Dhabi which will feature on the promoter’s platform [INSERT MEDIA PLATFORM].

The promoter may: i) extend any time limit; ii) waive any of these Terms and Conditions where a person might otherwise be disqualified (without obliging the promoter to waive these Terms and Conditions in any other case whatsoever); iii) where a prize becomes unavailable for whatever reason, substitute for that a prize a prize deemed to be an appropriate replacement and of equal or greater value. The promoter reserves the right to use all entrants’ details and photographs/video filming and image rights for publicity and in advertising, marketing or promotional material and all intellectual property and moral rights in respect of the same vest automatically and entirely and exclusively with the promoter without additional compensation to the winner. In entering the competition, all entrants consent to the same. The promoter reserves the right to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the competition or these terms and conditions at any time, in whole or in part, with or without notice or compensation due to circumstances beyond its control. The promoter’s and SVPChamps Panel’s decision shall be final and binding and no correspondence will be entered into.

These terms and conditions are governed by and shall be interpreted in accordance with UK law and any dispute arising out of or in connection with them will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of UK courts. In entering the competition, participants consent to the same.


The promoter shall not be liable under or in connection with these terms and conditions, the competition or using a prize for any indirect, special or consequential cost, expense, loss or damage suffered or incurred by any participant even if such cost, expense, loss or damage was reasonably foreseeable or might reasonably have been contemplated by the participant and the promoter and whether arising from breach of contract, tort, negligence, breach of statutory duty or otherwise.

The promoter does not accept responsibility for (1) lost, late or undelivered entries or (2) any technical or access issue, failure, malfunction or difficulty that might hinder entry to the competition or (3) any event beyond its reasonable control which may cause the competition to be disrupted or corrupted (4) save as expressly set out herein, any costs, taxes or expenses incurred by any participant in connection with the competition.


The promoter is JamesAllenonF1.com, registered office Finsgate, 5-7 Cranwood Street,London EC1V 9EE No Shell Group company is acting as promoter of the competition nor accepts any liability under or in connection with it.

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Behind the Scenes at the track
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James, we need this across the pond! Don't forget about your faithful followers over here. Put my name in for ambassador for Austin 2012!


Jip, please don't show this to people in Africa, if we are not part of your plan. Shame.......


So frustrating! I really want to enter! I meet all the entry criteria except I live in Ireland and my license is Irish!!! 🙁


Also, from Dominican Republic. James your blog is read around the world and has a lot of crdibility.


My Entry.

Shell are clearly at the leading edge of motorsport fuel/power technology and with a particular emphasis on the environment worldwide. Therefore, it would be a pleasure to attend as an F1 Fan Ambassador at the Abu Dhabi/Yas Marina circuit. My interest in F1 was captured originally by Ferrari drivers such as Gilles Villeneuve, Clay Regazzoni, Jody Scheckter, Niki Lauda, Patrick Tambay, Michele Alboreto etc. The scarlet cars have always been the ones to watch. Surely one of the most successful and greatest partnerships in the history one Formula One.


I'm afraid you missed the deadline. Thanks


I too am unable to take part due to the timing (and the fact that I am out of leave allowance at work!), however this is a great website created by a guy who devotes much time and passion to fans of F1. As such I would like to take part by offering an entry to show support for the competition even though I could not accept the prize.

My 'entry'

Shell and F1 are a partnership that share a vision of the future. The vision is one of power, performance and achievement without sacrifice or compromise. The F1 Shell partnership look for ways (both together and apart) to protect the resources of the world they serve. Whether fuelling the global economy or satiating the desires of ordinary people from every walk of life, this partnership has heart and conscience. That, and a burning love for F1, is what I have in common with these guys and that is why I (would have) deserved a chance to win!


I'm sorry, you'll have to bear with us on this UK based competition. Thanks for the support


We will have some cool US stuff then


While we're at it don't forget Montreal!


I sure hope so ..we want to be part of F1


I really don't think its fair that you need a Full UK driving license?!!


And it should be a clean license!!!


Can I just say... in the spirit of F1 I would like to exploit a loophole that doesn't exist.

You see, I'm technically an Australian, but we have the queen here too.. the same one! And until some time ago we sang your anthem... but then we moved no but we're still mates yeah? We let you win the ashes 😉

Oh well, even if that doesn't work, atleast whoever gets it should have a better time than going to Bahrain..


hello james,

This competition is exciting enough for me to make my first ever post on your wall, but i read all of your articles.

i am a first year sport's journalism student living in london, so if i was to win and be featured on what i would describe as a blue collar news site it would be a fantastic coo for me. i have been a follower of F1 ever since lewis hamilton's championship year and have done my best to research the history of the sport through archive footage and reading up on it. Formula one has become the sport which intrigues me the most through the passion, noise and the daredevil nature of the participants, alongside the need above all else to squeeze out every bit of performance available. all this contributes to one of the truely worldwide sporting contests.


Coup, actually. Of course you'll know that being a Journo.


ah, fair point i must have missed that one


I deserve to go because nothing stops me watching F1 and other motorsport, it is the only sport I am truly passionate about. I can't afford to and have never gone to a race, although I have through the World Series by Renault seen an F1 car in anger for a couple of laps. I would just love the opportunity to go behind the scenes of the circuit, experience the Shell V-Power Network of Champions event and then report on this exciting experience. Please let me go!!!


... it breaks my heart... I live in Switzerland... and I have so much to say about F1 passion...!!!


No chance to participate from Spain.

As usual.

Tried to make a comment about this.

It was moderated.

As usual.


Goodness sake people, there are more complaints than entries! This is a UK based writer, pundit and journalist. I do not go through Spanish magazines writing in to complain that they do not offer their competitiion in the UK. Besides, JA takes part in events all over the world for the benefit of fans everywhere. Quit the whining.


That’s very kind from you, James. Thanks a lot for your suggestion.

Obviously I was wrong. I though that you mean another thing when you wrote “This site is global, only 40% UK, so a growing number of fans around the world to compensate for any drop off in UK” but I clearly misunderstood it.

I remember a certain contest to offer a free copy of your book to the top ten comment leavers. We both know how that finished.

Thanks again and excuse me, I didn't mean to offend you.


It ended with 'me sending books all over the world, including several copies to Madrid..


I have been an ardent F1 fan for over 20 years and it is an exciting competition. But I don't think I want to join. I would have entered if it was not related to Ferrari.

I never appreciated how they work, the number one and number two driver status, the dirty tricks they played over the years and their team culture. I also didn't like the way they pushed Schumi and Kimi out and now treating Alonso as if he is the messiah who could bring them back the championship.

Even now they are playing dirty games. Why is Stefano praising Adrian Newey suddenly and then going on to say Vettel is not a leader? All these are mind games ... to create conflicts among team mates and upset drivers at this crucial time of the championship.

I don't think this affected the Red Bull guys much probably because the team managed the situation well but the McLaren drivers got caught. Button wants to show he is the leader and a confused Hamilton is struggling to prove who the better driver is.


Unbelievable, you run a great competition and all people do is bitch about not being able to enter....

Sounds great James, i will be sure to enter 🙂


AGREED! It's such a shame so many people give James a hard time despite all his great efforts. It's only natural there will inevitably be geographical limitations to such competitions on a global website that originates in UK. I'm a Brit in USA and simply accept that I'm 'outside the range of this competition'; I'll still look forward to the winner's reports, and still enjoy all the other articles James writes.


I second this sentiment. I too was excited until I read the conditions. Still if you have nothing nice to say then keep it to yourself. This site and the people who run it, write in it and pay to have it on the web are not obligated to do anything for anyone but have been able to run a very good competition. Sad to say I can't enter, was I live in AUS but I did consider moving back to the UK so I could enter. My wife soon put a stop to that idea.


Why am I as passionate about power and performanceas Shell - well its all in a bunch of flowers - read on.

I dont promote my own product nor am I part of F1. I have never been to an F1 race nor do I look at which petrol I put in my car..

but.. if you ask my Wife am I passionate about F1 she will reply "hell yes, how may bleep bleep saturdays have I spent on my bleeping own whilst he watches cars going round and round in bleeping circles and dont mention the Fridays watching them bleep practice going round and bleeping round, as for Sundays well my god I may as well not bleeping exist - 3 hrs of bbrrrrmmmm bleeping bbbrrrmmm and then the red button, I may as well be bleeping single".

Passion and performance - well my wifes language is as colourful as the shell logo, is certainly passionate and is delivered with performance - isnt that worth something?

As for the flowers I have interflora on standing order most Sundays.


On sunday I dream of racing wheel to wheel in a Ferrari against Hamilton or Vettel. Shell fuels powering me to a close and exciting finish. On Monday I daydream in the inevitable M25 jam. My minds eye once more imagines what it would be like driving at 200, rather than 20 miles an hour. How amazing the same liquid alchemy delivers mpg, that gave those pilots unbelievable mph just hours before. 

I have been following F1 for 20 years and believe I could capture through photography and words the excitement of the experience to you audience.


A fantastic opportunity. I hope the winner (a younger person than me) enjoys the privilege enormously and that the whole exercise works not only for his/her interest but that F1 picks up on any learning points too.

That this site can offer such competitions when others can't speaks volumes for its deserved standing. As an F1 fan for more years than is fashionable to recall, through minority papers to ever improving (well, until next year) television coverage, glossy magazines and the internet, nothing has quite had the feel of this endeavour.

Aussie Rod (with UK passport!)

Power and performance are about pushing boundaries. Shell and Formula 1, are about pushing boundaries. And this is why I am entering your competition, because I too have been pushing boundaries. The boundaries of being an F1 fan in Australia.

Down under, F1 races routinely run past midnight, and when I got hooked on F1 at the ripe old age of 12, that was well past bedtime. So I recorded each and every one and watched them over until I could regurgitate the commentary word for word. At 16, when my brother and I went to our first F1 race in Melbourne, our grandstand seats cost a fortune but were terrible. So we climbed the fence of another and stayed for the day, not leaving even for the loo, in case we couldn’t get back in. I hassled friends to record qualifying for me as we didn’t have pay-TV, subscribed to every F1 magazine I could find and played F1 video games until the keys on my keyboard wore out…

Years later and now married with a baby daughter (first female F1 WDC watch this space) my enthusiasm has not mellowed. I watch every race, built a racing simulator in the lounge room and watch small, pixelated live video of practice sessions. I even attended my first Monaco GP last year and with my wife’s encouragement, found a hole in the pit-lane fencing and took a self-guided tour, taking pictures and shaking hands with my hero’s.

I am an Aussie, but I do have a UK passport and can get to London in November. Please accept my entry and allow me to be part of this amazing opportunity. Yes I am pushing the boundaries of your competition rules, but that is what Shell, F1, power and performance is all about.


Nice entry 🙂 Rather than complaining about 'limitations' you seek a way around them. The very spirit of F1!


I would love to be able to enter this, but alas i'm an Aussie.

I would however to thank you James for your input into our coverage especially pre-race it really helps with the to build up.

I thought it important to thank you, rather than criticise you for terms and conditions of a competition which are probably out of your control.

Thanks for the brilliant well-balanced coverage and bring on Suzuka (with a Webber win)!!!


I'm as just passionate about power, performance and Ferrari because although I've only been alive for 20 years and Shell has been providing the very best for Ferrari for over the last 60 years I've done my best to show my support for The Scuderia.

This year I showed my support for the team when I attended the FOTA Fan Forum at Woking (The McLaren home) dressed head to toe in Ferrari merchandise. I was literally the only Ferrari fan there in a sea of McLaren fans. Despite numerous comments, and the odd spout of abuse it was worth every moment of it as having eye contact with Ron Dennis, nemesis of Ferrari is something I'll never forget!

I'd love to make it over to Abu Dhabi but realistically without this chance from Shell and this website it wouldn't be possible me.

Although this year has not been the greatest for Ferrari I am very confident that Shell & Ferrari can work hard over the winter break to come back stronger than ever for 2012.

Many thanks, Jeff.

Mohammed Al-Momen


I'm from Saudi and I have just received my Yas Marina F1 Tickets on Wednesday. My Birthday is on the 11.11.2011 this year and it my gift to myself. Shame I cannot participate in this event as me and my Wife are already going there tickets and everything already booked. We need some competitions for the international reader James.



Aw Shucks! I am from India and I am pretty sure I am as passionate as any other F1 fan!

Still, I would like to throw my hat in the ring if at all need for an Indian GP ambassador arises !


As and when we get that opportunity we'll take it


That "resident in UK" sentence broke my heart. No one is more fan of Ferrari in this blog than myself.

I know people who work for Shell Tunisia and know a bit about the company in my country. I'm an engineer and love F1 more than anything.

I don't see who deserves it more than me besides people who had driving experience (biased sentence I agree).

On top of that I'm Arabic which makes it easier to chat with locals and foreigners there.

What a shame !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dear James and panel,

I’d love to be a fan ambassador in Abu Dhabi as F1 is my life. A weekend for me without F1 is like Felipe without his Rob. I watch live (or record!) every session over the course of a season. When the sport I adore is not on the TV, I’m hoovering up every little extra nugget of paddock gossip I can from sites such as yours. Alternatively I’ll play F1 on Xbox in my pants with the curtains drawn pretending to be Luca di Montezemolo whilst eating a pizza. It’s a tough choice.

I’m a keen amateur writer and would love nothing more than the chance to blog and report back to the JA on F1 readers on the opportunity of a lifetime presented. I dream of writing professionally and the whole experience would surely be a great way of getting a foot in that door. I can hear the daunting Ferrari World rollercoaster calling my name, whilst the opportunity to take in a few laps of the Yas Marina circuit is also a mouth-watering prospect.

Basically I’m as passionate about power and performance at Shell as Fernando is about long silky flowing locks and groomed facial hair. I’m an F1 nut job - send me to Abu Dhabi or section me.


Jamie Cottage


Can I be the one to ask for entries only being posted?

It is hard to find the entries among the unfounded complaints. This site of all F1 sites i visit gives back the most to fans. Accept that some competitions are from a sponsor targeting a market and are out of James' hands. No point complaining about it. Let's give room to the entries and lets enjoy watching the competition.


I would love to be a ambassador for Ferrari World, as I have supported/followed Michael Schumacher since 1991 and i would like to see him again for the 4th time. he has helped me write a book about him, without his help i wouldn't of dreamed about writing a book for a great celebrity such as him.Also i have never been to Abu Dhabi.And maybe i might get a chance to chat to him.

Rupert Richardson

Here's my offering - enjoy! and see you in Abu Dhabi (I hope!)

“…and we start the last lap of the last race of 2011 – STILL with four drivers in with a chance of coming second, in the race, and in the Championship. Webber is leading Button by 4 points, who has Alonso breathing down his neck just 2 points adrift, while Hamilton, with a 10-point deficit, needs little short of a miracle to ensure that the runners-up spot is his. As Button flashes over the line at the Yas Marina circuit, Alonso looses a burst of Shell V-Power aided KERS to push his nose alongside – but on the right, as Button defends hard into the first corner; there’s nowhere for the scarlet Ferrari to go. And, as Jenson & Fernando wrangle, Mark aims his Renault-powered steed at the tiny gap, finds traction that others miss and rockets alongside the McLaren into turn 2. Turns 3 & 4 might have been drawn just for the Newey-designed chariot, and he bustles through 5, 6 & 7 to take a comfortable lead onto the back straight. Alonso, however, has gathered it all together and with KERS, V-Power and DRS forces his way onto the tail of the flying Bull, past a frustrated Jenson, now with Hamilton closing fast. Nose-to-tail, they hurtle down the next straight, wiggle frantically through turns 12-18. Turn 19, and, disaster. Jenson, uncharacteristically, misses his braking point, catches the rear of Fernando’s car; both pirouette into last-minute retirement. Mark avoids the melee, but loses momentum. Hamilton is with him into 20; still there in 21, side-by-side. Wheels bang, carbon-fibre flies – and the unfortunate Webber meets the barrier instead of the chequered flag. Hamilton crosses the line. 2nd is his. Afterwards, he quips: “I’ve been practicing that one all year; about time it came right…”


How about this, I am such a dedicated fan of F1 and the Ferrari team I will pay for my own airfare from New York City to London if I am chosen as the winner of this contest.


Given that you have to be UK based does that mean you have to be a McLaren supporter as well 😉

That was tongue in cheek but seriously there's a big worldwide audience here James.


No you can be a fan of 70% of the frid as they are mostly all based here 😉


Well, I think I have all the key qualities to be chosen as the lucky guy. Aside from loving Ferrero Rocher, which is a clear prerequisite, obviously, my first car actually WAS an Ambassador. With its 1.7 litre British Leyland power unit I've been evoking scenes of power and performance on the mean streets of Fenland since 1987.

So, am I passionate enough about F1 to qualify? Yes, I think I am. I love ALL the classic tracks, you know, the ones with some heritage - Monza, Spa, Monaco, Silverstone. That lot. Obviously as a real F1 fan I've no time at all for the new charmless breed of samey monstrosities that Hermann Tilke has inflicted on the F1 faithful.

Come to think of it I don't really like the look of Yas Marina at all. Yes, I know it's got a roller coaster and a tunnel, but it hasn't got an Eau Rouge has it?

So, in many respects I'll concede that I'm perhaps the worst person you could possibly send there, but does that conversely make me the ideal candidate? Can they win me over? If a fella named James Allen can manage it I think they're in with a shot.

And that concluded my entry. Fingers crossed everybody for the 'reverse psychology and mildly sycophantic' tack. 🙂


I believe i deserve the chance to go as i am a massive Formula 1 fan since 1996 and watch every qualifying session and race live no matter what. I would love to report in Abu Dhabi at the Shell V Power Network of Champions programme as i am very keen to be a journalist and to report on my favourite sport of all time would be a dream come true.


Hi James,

i live in New Zealand and obviously do not qualify for this, but i just wanted to let you know that you site is worldwide and of all the f1 news sites out there, JAonF1 is the most credible, i read a lot of stories but i never ever believe anything till i read it here,

Looking forward to some competitions as cool as this one for people in my part of the world.

Keep up the awesome work


Karma is a powerful thing, and we are passionate about it.

Our passion about karma increasing tenfold after the Italian GP with a performance rivalled only by doomed explorers such as Scott and Laika the doomed Soviet space dog.

So passionate were we to watch the race when we landed on the Sunday morning that we selflessly grappled with Italian public transport, toiled against shoddy footwear and suffered with resulting barefoot runs across the harsh Italian terrain knowing that our fortitude would ultimately be in vain.

Indeed, and akin to our beloved Hamilton, we were diverted off course and, in what can only be called a racing-incident, we were robbed of a perfect start to the epic race that ensued on track. Fear not though, our passion persevered and though we only saw the last 10 laps, our voices were heard to ring around Ascari corner as we took our seats, my barefoot and blistered feet leaving their own marbles on the hallowed tarmac and by god we left our mark and took our photos in the pitlane with smiles radiating from our faces.

I submit to you, fellow fans and believers, that Karma will provide a powerful reckoning and justice, nay passion, will be served in Bahrain.


Hi Guys,

How about out UK countries like philippines?


I have been a fanatic of Ferrari and F1 since the late 70's. I'd only grown out of shorts by that time...

I have attended all British GP's since 1982 and several European GP's when funds and a young family have allowed.

I have followed Gilles Villeneuve whilst still a boy and the legendary Ayrton Senna since he competed in British F3

Constant over all these years has been my all consuming passion for Ferrari and my sadness that we never had Senna drive for us.

Ironic, as being Italian/ British I hated the Mclaren team and yet Senna was a hero to me. That beautiful Shell logo, proudly placed on the nose of Senna's cars and on my beloved Ferraris. Fernando joining us has left me in rapture.

I have raced at amateur level and found that in my Formula Ford, what Ferrari and Shell have developed for performance fuels actually give unbeatable performance and improved efficiency.

To this day, I only ever use Shell fuels in my road car. I'm proud to follow Ferraris lead, as every Italian is.

Passion? I suppose being Italian suggests a certain passionate nature, but I well remember, Bahrain 2006, Schumacher being overtaken by Alonso into the 1st corner after the final pit-stops. I got so animated, that I leapt up off the floor, swung round to kick the suite cushion, except my balance at that point was completely off..

My right foot connected with the base and I broke 2 toes. My screaming hadn't changed from the initial TV feed and intially my wife and children assumed it was just Daddy watching the race!!

F1 has made me cry tears of joy and happiness over the years, from the highest highs to lowest lows. Very much a roller-coaster, which is another reason why I'd like to visit Abu Dhabi


Hi James,

They say power is nothing without control...be it a wave in the ocean, the splitting of an atom or the fiery marriage of hydrocarbon and oxygen unless, of course, the latter is consummated in the back of a Ferrari at up to 75 times a second, at which point Power becomes Performance. Ferrari is synonymous with passion and it infects their suppliers and the people who drive their cars which is why, after years of saving, I joined the religion earlier this year as the proud owner of a 360 Modena and I would be the ideal correspondent to send to Abu Dhabi.





I am not sure I 'deserve' to win anymore than others on this website, but I would give my left leg to win this competition so I'll have a pop!

F1 has been my sport since childhood, watching Mansell, Senna, Alesi etc with my dad before I really understood what was happening (although that often continues to be the case now, in my 30s). I continue to be an avid fan of F1, just as interested in the technical stories as the races themselves. My love of F1 even took me to working for an F1 supplier and I got involved behind the scenes in F1, although there was never an opportunity to see my work in action; (the case for 1000s of people who work behind the scenes in motorsport).

I do not have the skill, coordination or wallet to participate in motorsport, so in my spare time I am a keen triathlete. A key aspect of triathlon is fuelling your body correctly to get the maximum out. The wrong food the night before, or the wrong hydration on the day can be the difference between a new best time or a bad day at the office. The attention to detail I attach to my diet shows how passionate about power and performance I am, getting the right mix is just as important to the human body as it is the 150 Italia........although I should stress I am NOT comparing myself to a Ferrari !

Love the site, keep up the good work!



Comapring yourself to a HRT....or a bicycle then?

nice post!


Well, well, this may just be the fastest lap in this qulifying session so far.


I deserve to win because of my long term passion and enthusiasm for Formula1, eagerly glued to the TV, attending as many races as I can and participating as a marshal in a few races each year.

I am as passionate about power and performance as Shell because I look to continuously refine my involvement in the sport in as many ways as are available to me, from personal involvement through exchanging views by email, facebook, twitter, linkedin. I exchange views with many friends who I have met throughout the world.

On a personal note, I enjoy participating in track days in my Mac#1 Type ZR which gives me limited experience of the forces that F1 drivers experience but also the technical input of refining and adjusting the cars settings in engine, suspension, aerodynamics, braking, roadholding

I write regular contributions for Newsletters and Journals

I am available to travel to Abu Dhabi on 18/19 November and stay until 21 November 2011

I would be THE ideal candidate to be the Fan Ambassador to go to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi in 2011



I deserve to win this fantastic competition because of my 15 years of dedication to Formula1. I mean real dedication, the sort that only the real fan can give. In March 2009, I underwent a major 17 hour heart operation, after 2 weeks totally out of it, I awoke to the delight of my family. I had no idea where I was, who I was or why. But I knew that Formula 1 was less than 2 weeks away in Melbourne. When I regained concionous, my first question was, how long until Formula 1?

This is 100% true I am totally honest. On Thursday night before practice I ordered my doctor to wake me at 2am for the first practice. I watched every on track session live on the BBC.

My doctor began to understand how important F1 was to me. Cars and motorsport is what drives me.

I also write post race reports on the grand Prix. You can read these on the following website. http://www.formula1-com.blogspot.com

I am an avid F1 photographer. I have been to every British Grand Prix since 2005. I always take part in any fans forums or fan input sessions. I am extremely passionate about this sport.

I would be upmost greatful if you could consider me.

Many thanks


Hi James, I submitted an entry to this competition a few days ago but it hasn't appeared on your website so I'm going to resubmit again hoping this entry will reach you ok.

Firstly a question, I'm living in Ireland but my mum still lives in London so I still have a UK address - problem is the drivers license i have is Irish - but its a squeaky clean one without any points or endorsements!

It's been a dream of mine to visit Ferrari World with my 8 year old twins since I first heard of in 2009. I was all ready to book a trip to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and of course a visit to Ferrari World this year when I lost my job. My dreams of visiting Ferrari World naturally evaporated as well.

I've been a Ferrari fan for over 20 years... been a supporter in the late 1980's when Ferrari weren't the most competitive, remember Ferrari giving Alain Prost the boot for saying the car was a truck, watched Gerhard Berger join the team, celebrated Jean Alesi's winning the Canadian Grand Prix on his birthday in 1995, and shared the joy of the the Schumacher / Todt / Brawn dream team years. Seem Eddie Irvine, Barrichello and Raikkonen come and go. Now we have Alonso with an uphill climb ahead to be champion - but if anybody can do it Alonso can!

So James Allen & Co... let me fulfill a dream/fantasy... that is to let me visit the hallowed grounds of Ferrari World. 🙂

PS I can be in London within an hour if I win!


Power is essential to a good lap time, to beating the competition. The performance of every component, from the engine to the front wing, has to come together perfectly for a car to be the best. Therefore it’s no surprise that every company and every person involved in motorsport are passionate and excited about power and performance. You can’t win without these two vital ingredients, it drives them forwards as they strive to find that extra tenth of a second.

But a look at Shell’s involvement in motorsport reveals that they have been powering and performing with Ferrari – the most passionate of all the manufacturers - since 1947. This kind of longevity and commitment can only come from a company that lives and breathes competition and has the crucial, untameable desire to win.

That’s the passion that surrounds Shell. So if I tell you that my passion for motorsport is even greater than that, it gives you some idea of what I’m talking about. I love Formula One. I have a model of every World Championship winning car since 1950 and I have an encyclopaedic knowledge of the sport. I like to think I can write a good bit of prose about motor racing too, and my work is published on an online fan site – although I don’t think I’m quite up to James Allen’s standard just yet. Meeting other bloggers would be a great opportunity and I could do justice to the task of reporting back from Abu Dhabi, and putting the readers of my reports into the driving seat of that high performance race car as we take a lap of the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi.

James Bolton, Hitchin, England


Just a comment, Shell were not part of Ferrari between 1973 and 1996


From the first time I watch F1, I was hooked. In the intervening 14 years my passion for the sport and for power and performance has only every grown.

Formula One is about achieving the very best by maximising every single element of the car and race track. This is demonstrated 19 weekends of the year, and on these weekends nothing else matters. I may have missed family bbqs or visits to grandparents but I have witnessed some of the best racing in the world.

Periods of domination in the sport, such as what we are seeing this year with Red Bull or from 2000-2004 with Ferrari have shown that when you can get it right and maximise every tiny little thing, it looks easy, but clearly isn't.

Seeing the details of F1, like the feature on this site about Shell fuels, goes to show the level of precision required to be the best. Elements of which I take in my own life, work and most importantly in my following Formula 1.


Hi James

Firstly can I go?

- Be a resident of United Kingdom - YES I AM

- Be 18 years of age or over - YES I AM

- Have a full UK driving licence - YES I DO

- Be available to travel to Abu Dhabi on 18/19 November until 21 November 2011 - YES I CAN

- Have a reasonable level of fitness - YES TO THAT AS WELL

Do I want to go


Great competition! Good luck everyone.


At an Antic Furniture Auction, an elderly Russian man was caught in a bidding war, and he ended up paying way more for the item than he initially had planned, when asked afterwards if he doesn’t think he overpaid, he replied: “Love has no price”.

Love indeed has no price, it’s not something we can buy, nor something we decide. It’s an emotion, and this is something we can’t control. It’s like the passion driving all here to enter this competition, a burning desire to be something more than just a normal fan, the ultimate fan! This passion drives us, motivates us and controls us. None of the people entering miss races, none would be caught anywhere else on a Saturday or Sunday, and most would be caught with the FP sessions open in their web browsers at work.

Why do I deserve to win, well, I no more deserve it than any other true fan, and if I had the power, I’d make sure everyone would get to go, but alas, it’s also about performance, and I hope to be leading the pack!


Hello James,

I do not believe it is right or fair to enter into the debate as to who is more deserving of the competition win. The very fact that we are reading and following is proof enough that we are all F1 fans (regardless of your team persuasion and allegiances).

I would be over the moon to win the competition though, so please?

Passionate about Power and performance – I have followed F1 as the pinnacle of motorsport from a very young age, then focussing on the love of cars, speed, sound and characters within the sport. That remains today, with the added interest and sparse understanding of all the technical aspects, (hot and cold blown diffusers for example) which all adds to the spectacle, enjoyment and entertainment provided by F1. I believe the combination of all these aspects epitomises the passion of all those involved in F1 and the attention to detail required. This provides a unique facet to the sport that only adds to the excitement, following and enjoyment by those that follow the sport.

I am extremely passionate about power and performance and in the current climate with greater Global responsibility for CO2 emission I strongly believe it is important that we do not eradicate a future and history of motorsport, while ensuring we manage and meet those commitments through technology. Shell are in a leading role to develop better fuel efficiency for products, that can be utilised and incorporated into all fuels. I watched in disbelief at the similarities in F1 and ‘standard’ fuel in a piece earlier in the F1 season. I also believe the compromise for new engine regulations is a step in the right direction in this regard, the loss of V8s, to be replaced with V6s (not 4 cylinder engines) is a compromise that retains the ‘beauty’ of F1 as a sport, the reason why myself and many others have watched since they were young but also recognises the current climate.

As F1 fans we all have a responsibility to present and share this passion so that the sport we love remains true to the history for years to come.

Cracking site - keep it up please!




Knowledge is V-Power

In life we are often judged by our performance. In school we are measured by the grades we achieve and our driving test performance will determine a pass or fail.

Formula One holds the microscope over the notion of performance, demonstrates the fractions involved in success and represents the human endeavor for performance in the pursuit of victory.

Formula One demands a constant response to changing requirements through innovation; this is a challenge that technology alone cannot solve. The quest for performance is driven by the people behind all aspects of the sport; the fuel in a Formula One engine is one such aspect.

Ferrari and Shell have a long standing relationship that encourages collaboration. Knowledge is power: through sharing their expertise both companies can bring power to their designers and technicians. This shared passion for power and performance is also relevant in the wider world.

Shell are winners; for performance to remain consistently high they must utilise people power. Promoting their products through education ensures that people understand and have knowledge. The Shell Champions Network provides an opportunity to deliver a wider understanding, very much in line with their collaborative relationship with Ferrari.

Shell understands the importance of people beyond the world of Formula One. Shell provide power to the people through their range of fuels, they understand that people demand more performance.

Being a ‘Fan Ambassador’ for JA on F1 would be an honor and a privilege. I will create content giving my unique perspective of events, telling stories that people will enjoy and relate to. I deserve to win: like Shell, my passion will power a successful partnership with JA on F1 and provide a winning performance.

Gareth Taylor

(Passed driving test on his 4th attempt)


You ask why I am passionate about Formula 1, but how can you answer that simply? How can you separate out the different parts. I love the cars, the sheer power as they go by, the beauty of the cars under lights or glinting in the sun. The engineering levels that are reached to drive the continued performance. Then there's the intrigue and suspense of the sport, how there's always some kind of news.

I watch each race, each qualifying, each practice, surrounded by screens full of data, so I can understand what is happening rather than just watching it. Having just watched for years, my passion has increased as the teams - and their sponsors - have connected over the web, allowing the human side to come through. I went to my first live race last year and loved it so much I went to 4 this year. I thought getting involved remotely was superb, being there is even better, you feel the sound as the cars go by.

Even more importantly, you get to meet fellow fans, by their thousands, all sharing the same love for the sport, who understand exactly why you you are sitting in the cold and the rain for 8 hours to watch those machines speed by.

So why should I else should I win, it's not just because I love motorsport - and F1 is not the only event I've gone to this year, local hill climbs are just as enjoyable - but also because I just love spreading the passion and getting other people involved. They may never be a full on fan, but leaving them with an understanding is always my goal.


I was born of gasoline and thunder, conceived in a cauldron of white hot competition. I exist to serve the gods of speed and victory; an agent of the fastest and most passionate of all. Whip-crack sharp at the command of eight mighty generals, I push the limits of possibility. I am of past, present and future champions. I am power and performance.

But, enough about V-Power. What about me?

I have followed F1 all my life. Through FISA and FOCA, turbos and team orders; from privateers to manufacturers and back again. I celebrated with Mansell, Hill, Hamilton and Button; and marvelled at Schumi, Senna, Prost and Piquet. I stood trackside as the banshee wail of seven hundred angry horses screamed past, and smelled the heady mix of petrol, rubber and white hot brakes. I cheered many passes, wept with joy for maiden wins, and with sorrow at the passing of too many young lives. I saw the meticulous plotters, the gung-ho daredevils and the flamboyant showmen; and wondered at their skill, verve and passion. Formula One is the place where power and performance are felt most in the raw. I love it for that.

But it’s not just F1. I regularly give up my time to marshal for rallies as well as Lord March’s monumental motorsport marathon, the Festival of Speed. I am active at my local motor club, helping youngsters get their first taste of competitive motorsport. I love to drive myself, and am certain that had things turned out differently, I could have been the UK’s first quadruple world drivers’ champion (in my moments of flightiest fantasy).

I suspect that this is my own trumpet sufficiently blown, and I should consider bed, for tomorrow I must be up early to watch proceedings at Suzuka. Forza Formula One!


Here are a few things that I have done for in the name of power and performance in the last 18 months:

Driven from New York to Boston in a ferrari

Driven from Boston to Montreal in a Lamborghini

Abandoned colleagues on the Canadian border in order to get to Montreal GP quali

Tried to look humble in a Mclaren SLR whilst getting yelled at by a State Trooper in wide funny hat (I wasn’t speeding - that was someone else in an identical Mclaren)

Completed nearly as many laps of Spa as Hamilton did at the ’11 Belgium GP - he was driving, I was walking

Stood on the rooftops of Moscow cheering on Jenson Button as he zoomed past the Kremlin

Arrived (almost) first at the Monaco circuit for quali just to listen to pit stop practice - those air guns sound ace reverberating around the principality.

Spilled a beer at Rascasse

Chased Martin Brundle though departures for a photo - gave up and settled for Mark Webber, damn that Brundle’s still quick

Hung on to a Radical race car for dear life with Brundle hotlapping me round Spain’s Ascari track.

Raced same Radical around Ascari with an instructor clinging on for dear life

Convinced a 3 year old to come to Silverstone GP by promising that “lightening McQueen will definitely be there”, the red Ferraris almost pulled it off....

Sat in the British rain, just after Silverstone quali, without an umbrella drinking champagne while getting drenched. So that’s what the podium must feel like....

Left a business meeting, in a suit, and gone go karting (many times......)

Taken skid pan training in a Lotus

Eaten sausage and frites at the bottom of Eau Rouge

Riden Stealth at Thorpe park 6 consecutive times - no queues that day....

I think I deserve to add “riding Formula Rossa”, “driving Yas Marina” and “blogging about power and performance” to this list. Especially as I will be adding “watched the Abu Dhabi grand prix from the grandstands” just 7 days before......


Planning on visiting Ferrari World on the 19th November. Also at race the previous weekend...

Is this something we can watch or is it behind closed doors ?


F1 & motorsport is all I think of. Ferrari is proabably the only team people reconise. I must go Sheel & Ferriari are a awesome combination.


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