Unreachable Vettel within touching distance of the title after Singapore win
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Posted By: James Allen  |  25 Sep 2011   |  5:44 pm GMT  |  155 comments

Sebastian Vettel is just one point away from clinching the world championship after another dominant performance in the Singapore Grand Prix. Only Jenson Button stands in his way, but a single point from any of the remaining five races will do it for him.

It was Vettel’s ninth win of the season, he joins Michael Schumacher and Nigel Mansell as the only drivers who have won nine races in an F1 season. It was also the 19th of his career. Amazingly, having led almost 600 laps this year this was the first time this year he has led a race from start to finish!

Jenson Button had another strong weekend with second place, which consolidates his position behind Vettel in the drivers’ championship and takes him further ahead of team mate Lewis Hamilton in the points race.

Button, who jumped Webber for second place at the start and was untroubled thereafter, was reeling Vettel in at the end here, but he didn’t really have a chance to attack the champion, especially after being held up earlier by Kobayashi, who didn’t observe the blue flags and was given a drive through penalty. He also lost time at the end behind the two Williams cars which were battling for position.

“I was in control,” said Vettel of the closing stages. “Obviously I faced the traffic first, had to slow down, but then Jenson has to face the same problem once I’m through. I found myself on the last lap with five seconds lead. We had turned the engine down towards the end of the race. Jenson looked like he was flat out, nothing to lose, but we were in control.”

Mark Webber finished third after a good battle with Fernando Alonso, whom he had to overtake once again. But once again he is left ruing his poor starts, losing two places off the line here to Button and Alonso, albeit he did start from the dirty side of the grid.

Paul di Resta had an outstanding night; he chose a different strategy being the highest placed driver on the grid to start on the (harder) soft tyre. It set him up for a career best sixth place, with Force India’s joy being completed by Adrian Sutil picking up more points in 8th place.

Force India knew they didn’t have the pace to compete with Mercedes on qualifying pace, but believed they could get from lights to flag faster than the Silver Arrows using the two types of tyre available. So it proved, Di Resta beating Rosberg, who once again was not able to finish ahead of his grid position.

Ferrari saw Alonso come in fourth on a day when Technical Director Pat Fry admitted that their car didn’t have the pace on either tyre compound. This is a big disappointment for Ferrari, who were very competitive in Monaco on the same tyre compounds.

And it was another of “those” races for Lewis Hamilton who lost four places at the start, then had a collision with Felipe Massa in which he broke his front wing and for which the stewards gave him a drive through penalty. In total Hamilton passed through the pits five times.

Massa lost out hugely in the incident; he had a puncture and had to tour slowly back to the pits. He was furious with Hamilton after the race and confronted him privately, but Hamilton rebuffed him. So he raised his objections in front of the TV cameras and later lambasted the Englishman,

“He cannot use his mind,” said Massa. “He could have caused a big accident. He is paying for that, that’s the problem. He doesn’t understand, even paying for a problem.

“The problem was that I was in the middle so I had a puncture in my tyres and I pay a lot. It is important that FIA is looking and penalising him all the time he is going in the car because he cannot think about it,” Massa added.

The pair had had problems the day before with Hamilton forcing his way past the Ferrari driver on an outlap.

Hamilton fought back through the field with a series of overtakes to claim fifth place at the end and following the confrontation with Massa, did not face the media for comment.

The race once again featured a safety car around half distance; this seems to be the time when it happens here – possibly as a result of tyre wear and driver fatigue – and it maintains Singapore’s 100% safety car record. It was annoying for Vettel in one sense, as he had built an 18 second lap, largely thanks to a mesmerising opening stint.

But in another sense it was helpful to him as traffic was a big problem today and by bunching up the field behind him, it meant that he didn’t have to lap as many cars as he might have done in the second half of the race without a safety car.

The safety car was triggered by an accident for Michael Schumacher, who misread the body language of Sergio Perez’ Sauber and hit him. Perez was able to continue and scored a point for tenth place.

SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX, Marina Bay Circuit, 61 Laps

1. Vettel Red Bull 1h59:06.537
2. Button McLaren + 1.737
3. Webber Red Bull + 29.279
4. Alonso Ferrari + 55.449
5. Hamilton McLaren + 1:07.766
6. Di Resta Force India + 1:51.067
7. Rosberg Mercedes + 1 lap
8. Sutil Force India + 1 lap
9. Massa Ferrari + 1 lap
10. Perez Sauber + 1 lap
11. Maldonado Williams + 1 lap
12. Buemi Toro Rosso + 1 lap
13. Barrichello Williams + 1 lap
14. Kobayashi Sauber + 2 laps
15. Senna Renault + 2 laps
16. Kovalainen Lotus + 2 laps
17. Petrov Renault + 2 laps
18. D’Ambrosio Virgin + 2 laps
19. Ricciardo HRT + 4 laps
20. Liuzzi HRT + 4 laps
21. Alguersuari Toro Rosso + 5 laps

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Lewis needs to get on the front row in order to win and I am sure he will, these five GPs will bring the true Lewis back, well I hope so.

Lewis will probably do better with a mentor on his side, i.e. Jackie Stewart or other great F1 legends like Nigel Mansell or Damon Hill (his 1995 season was his worst but look at 1996 a true racer). This is what his new management company do for Lewis.


I am getting extremely angry at McLaren for the way they are treating Lewis and I am mad beyond all comprehension for the way many of you are treating Lewis. These people include:

+ drivers (both current and past)

+ many commentators and journalists

+ many F1 followers

Many members of these groups just cannot see what is happening and have very short memories. I do not fall into this category and I will tell you why and how McLaren have let Lewis down.

McLaren have made so many mistakes with Lewis this season that it is beyond belief. In my opinion, there have been ONLY 5 RACES THIS SEASON which I can say that McLaren and Lewis got the best possible result from the car. These races were:

Australia: 2nd

China: 1st

Turkey: 4th

Europe: 4th

Germany: 1st.

This leaves 9 RACES(6 DEFINITE and 3 QUESTIONABLE) where McLaren have made a variety of mistakes that has cost Lewis dearly. These mistakes have cost Lewis a total of 105 POINTS. Have you ever heard of a driver losing 105 POINTS or the equivalent through no fault of himself or his car, James?

I certainly have not, and this puts Whitmarsh squarely in my line of fire. He should be gone from McLaren. He has performed badly as team principal and has not helped his drivers in any shape or form in my opinion. Against a powerful opposition like Red Bull, you must be at your very best every single race, every single session, every single day and you simply cannot make any mistakes. For 64% of the races in 2011, this simply has not happened. If Donald Trump was in charge of McLaren, Whitmarsh would have been gone a long time ago. Those are the facts.


I think McLaren has had a mixed year and Lewis admits that he has too, but don’t you think that MW hiring Sam Michael to oversee operations (a role he had at BMW Williams when they were winning) is as clear an indication as anything that McLaren need to improve in this area?


I think hiring Sam Michael is very good thing for McLaren, especially for Lewis. It is like having a caddy in golf where you can bounce ideas off each other, as well as reassuring the athlete that she or he is doing the right thing.

My frustration just stems from the facts that I felt Lewis was the only driver that had the car to give Vettel and Red Bull a run for their money in terms of the championship. I felt their were many mistakes that were made that should not happen in a professional sporting team, eg. Malaysia, Monaco, Canada, Great Britain, Italy. I also felt there were opportunities where they could have beaten Vettel, but didn’t make the right decisions, eg. Spain, pit stop No.2, should have pitted 3-4 laps earlier.


Hopefully for next year Sam Michael can bring some 1st and 2nds providing that Mclaren create another winning car. As most Mclaren fans I was too hoping that Mclaren could have won both championships. I feel that this year Mclaren weakness is mainly on race startegies, and in some cases they were lucky. Even though Mclaren have a valuable Tyre analyst who use to work for bridgestone is helping Mclarens cause, so I think with Sam and this analyst can help Mclaren hopefully win the championships.



In your opinion, is Hamilton cutting a bit of a lonely figure these days in the F1 paddock because of his repeated on-track incidents?

Thank you,

Peter Jones


He’s under the cosh a bit and looks pretty miserable when in media briefings, but I’m sure it’s just a phase


how was massa’s season in 08 any different to hamiltons, who became champion through ultimately a spurt of rain from the heavens? massa would have been equally as worthy a champion as hamilton.


I don’t get this lewis hamilton drives like senna stuff …he is just a more successful version of Takuma Sato..I am sure takuma san would give equal “entertainment” if he was driving for Mclaren


Yeah ….and you probably think Karen Chanduk is as good as Fernando and should be at Ferarri


Good race by Seb and Jenson, especially near the end..I was expecting a good battle between Seb and Jenson, but who knows what would have unfolded. As a Mclaren fan, Lewis’s drive from falling back in the start was going good until catching Massa and trying that overtake. Lewis had slowed down and locked up and Massa turned into the line of Hamilton’s, similar to last years Singapore GP (Webber and Hamilton). We all know that Massa was angry with Hamilton in qualifying but nevertheless, Lewis seems to make these careless mistakes now and then like in desperation, he is driving in frustration. If he can control is frustration we will defiantly see Lewis of 2007 / 2008 and 2009. However after the drive through Penalty, Lewis’s drive was one of his best and what a shame with all that effort spent he could have got a podium if he had not made contact with Massa.

The frustration was when Hamilton tried to go for second in the start, which could have been done, but was out of luck. I believe this starting frustration was eating him up and hence after hitting Massa’s car reality kicked in. Lewis needs his Dad to manage him and support him, then we will see Lewis of 2007/08 winning again.

If Lewis can control his frustration like after the Penalty where he drove so well, I am sure he can gain well from these odd mistakes or bad luck starts and climb back thru the field like Senna could do.


All of a sudden jenson is the golden boy .

He has had years of practice and has only just started to have belief in his talent, but for years he was just another sunday afternoon recreational driver moaning about understeer , oversteer while still picking up a great deal of money.

Felipe had his chance in 2008 and was unlucky after winning the final race to lose out by one point while in the fastest car.

And that is his niggle against Lewis.

While they were on equal terms they were best of mates but now Massa is on his way out he doesnt seem to be able to accept that Lewis is a far better racer than him.

All drivers depend on others to give them room and consideration ie Mark , Fernando but when someone is past it like being too slow and breaking too early you are going to get incidents.

Michael is the most dangerous driver in F1 followed closely by a lunatic ……kamikazebasher!

Leave Lewis alone.

Do you want to see boring drivers ?

Would you pay good money to see Lewis or Felipe ?


Driver of the day is hard to point out. However, Di Resta is worth a mention above all. The race was boring to start with. I think it’s fair to say that in some races, there will not be a driver of the day. Period.


There is inbuilt inconsistency in the stewards penalties. Any system that lets you off with a slap on the wrist just because you’ve knocked yourself out of the race is inherently flawed.

If you would got a drive through if you’d continue after causing an accident, then you should at least be looking at a grid penalty at the next race.


Again, schumi providing some excitement in this race with his take off show and getting the safety car out to bring the pack close in to race eachother.


‘Bull’ fighting have been banned in spain. Something to do with vettel domination over fernando?!!


Firstly, what an exemplary season Seb has been having.

I have to be honest and say last year I didnt think he did that well, but this year he has really raised his game. He will be an absolutely worthy double world champion.

Secondly, as a massive Jenson fan, I’m just really delighted with the way he’s carrying himself at the moment. I had (almost blind) faith that he’d do well at McLaren, but he really has settled into the team well now.

Jenson seems to be getting that extra tenth or two in quali that he always lacked last year, and some of his drives this year have been great.

Who cares if he wouldnt have won yesterday, even without the williams pairing getting in the way a little (for what its worth I didnt think it was too bad, but clearly held him up). What most F1 fans love to see is a driver pushing another, and closing the gap.

He could have quite easily have coasted home in second , but the fact that he didnt had lots of my twitter friends going absolutely nuts yesterday.

Great job jenson. You’ve won a lot of new fans this season. I’m going to bet on Jenson to be WDC 2012. He’ll sort that young whippersnapper out. 😉


Hamilton still seems to have the edge on Button in qualifying. Although Button ended up just ahead in Singapore, on their first Q3 runs Hamilton had been faster, and was unfortunate not to get a second run.


Vettel has dominated this season for one reason or another. Excellent car and excellent drives. It is interesting to see Vettel start to climb the tables in all the various F1 related records


Another record he could have by the end of the season is most GP wins in a season. With 11 wins already this season and 5 more races to go he could smash Schumacher’s record of 13.


I think Hamilton deserved the penalty but only just. He made (yet another) mistake and he had a big impact on Massa. What I found worse was his attitude when he got on the radio and asked his engineer if it was worth continuing! Hamilton is so immature, he probably would have parked up and got an early flight home if he had his own way yet by getting his head down and driving well he got a good points finish.

True champions never give up, they fight for every last point.


Hamilton was down in god-knows-what postion, he’d just had what he perceived to be an unjust punishment for clipping Massa, and he was obviously lacking information about who he was racing and what he could realistically expect from the race.

I think we can forgive him a little grumpiness in the driving seat at that point!

Life and F1 would be boring if everyone had total self-control and dealt calmly with every extreme situation that was thrown at them.

Let’s give the guy a break… as you say he drove extremely well in the end to finish 5th.


Regarding Hamilton’s penalty, I do think on balance it was undeserved. Surely the determinative factor is culpability, not the result of the incident? Here Hamilton clearly misjudged his braking in relation to Massa’s position. From where they were in the corner, Hamilton was not going to get past- the move was over and Hamilton was cutting back in to follow Massa through. There was simply no advantage in getting closer to Massa at that point, whereas there would have been if they had been higher up the road and the corner was approaching. So in my view, in terms of culpability, I don’t think you can say it was any more than a mistake. As Hamilton’s father commented, it obviously wasn’t intentional, there was simply no advantage to be had. What about a reckless piece of driving? Well, reckless as to what? From that position there was nothing to be gained, as the move was over. All he was trying to do was follow Massa through the corner. And as Schu apparently showed with Perez, and as DC commented throughout the weekend, in those conditions some of the drivers were having problems judging the dimensions of their cars.

As to the result of the mistake, I am of the view that if something is a mistake it shouldn’t be punished, whatever the result (and as unfortunate as it was for Massa). Reckless driving, resulting in damage etc, should.


Crash Kid? Did anybody mention certain Crash Kid?


As a big fan of Hamilton, I have to say that I am losing faith in the guy. F1 is not touring car racing and driving into the back of Massa was just plain stupid. His driving is just far too impatient and he needs to learn that the race is not won at the first corner. He had a brand new set of supersoft tyres put on and he would have easily overtaken Massa in the DRS zone – instead he pulls another clumsy move that puts him at the back of the field and with a deserved drive thru penalty.

Anyway.. The other extremely frustrating part of the race for me was the safety car. Why the heck is there 3/4/5 whatever cars between Vettle and Button at the restart – this rule is completely ridiculous – ruins the racing and is not that good from a safety point of view either. Cars are frantically trying to pass backmarkers and they don’t know who they are racing and who they should be letting through and it basically promotes carnage and a real possibility for another crash and subsequent safety car period. Also it basically gifts the leader a comfortable cushion of 10 seconds or whatever Vettle build up and therefore be able to control the race again. Very disapointing race – aside from Hamilton having to come through the field a couple times, which wasn’t even that entertaining as his car was so much faster than those around him basically the race if you can call it a race was nothing more than a procession with the only threat to Vettle being quashed by the stupid safety car rules.


He’s having a bad spell of incidents. Not getting the maximum out if the weekend, as Vettel is


The thing that bothers me the most about going to the F1 race in Singapore is the HEAT. Imagine stewing in your own juices for hours on end, cramped together with a couple thousand others stewing in theirs.

It’s not nice.


James, can you please help us understand why the safety car rules are the way they are, with lapped traffic being improperly in line? It didn’t used to be this way. The racers after the safety car should be in positions 1, 2, 3, etc. Is this not obvious? It seems to have caused discontent last year as well… so why haven’t the rules been adjusted? Instead of the opportunity for a good battle between front runners, we instead only have aggravation with overtaking slow “backmarkers.”

I have no say in F1 and I don’t get to attend “fan forums,” so here is the only place I can think to make myself heard. Let me say as an F1 fan: This rule is frustrating as hell!


The lapped traffic is where it is in the safety car queue because that’s where it was before the safety car came out. I know some people think the safety car is there to “spice up the show” by negating any gaps that have built up, but that’s not the purpose. It’s there to close up and slow down the field so that marshals can have a suitable gap to get on the track and work in safety; not to artificially create a “good battle.”


Safety cars area mare! They changed it so lapped traffic stays behind leader for safety, as they’d race around to join back of pack and extend SC period




watching these 2 videos i wondered what the experts think of massa’s outburst. in my humble opinion it was way out of proportion and really nasty when he got personal. it was a racing incident, it was out of order to bring lewis’ relationship with his father into it. i could imagine the outrage there would be if lewis mocked felipe’s relationship with his own father in public.

i just think his outburst is because there are 3 things that keep felippe up at night. 

1) singapore 2008 

2) lewis beating him to wdc by 1 point

3) how 1) helped 2)

when renault crashgate details emerged i remember reading felippe talking about how the singapore result should be negated and how lewis should be stripped of the wdc and it be given to him and even more shocking to me; how everyone in the paddock would have preferred it if he had won the title instead of lewis.

i just think today, his outburst was almost nothing to do with the incident, but that he was at his most hated place in the world, singapore and that he had the incident involved the person he hates and envies the most – lewis – because he feels lewis robbed him off the title that should have been his.

i used to have sympathy for felippe for 2008 and thought he dealt with it with class. that was until i read his reaction to crashgate. and i lost a lot of respect for him today, that was really out of order to get personal about lewis and his father. lewis bashing is really popular these days, some of it justified; he has not had a great season on or off the track. but i dislike massa revelling in kicking him when he is down because he knowns he can get away with it in the current atmosphere.

lewis was trying to get the undercut on massa, but his wheel locked up and he slipped into the back of massa. racing incident, nothing much more. massa’s manic interrupting of lewis’ interview, his personal attack on lewis relationship with his dad – the extent of felipe’s obsession with singapore 2008 and lewis’ winning of “felipe’s 2008 wdc” was evident today.

Felipe Massa believes Renault cheats cost him title

The 2008 Singapore Grand Prix result should be scrapped, Felipe Massa insisted on Thursday, saying Renault driver Nelson Piquet junior’s deliberate crash and team-mate Fernando Alonso’s subsequent win had “robbed” him of glory.

by Tom Phillips, guardian.co.uk

October 1st 2009

The Ferrari driver Felipe Massa yesterday described the staged crash that cost him last year’s Formula One championship as a “robbery” and questioned the decision not to review the result of last year’s Singapore grand prix.

Massa was speaking to Brazilian television for the first time since it emerged last month that his compatriot Nelson Piquet Jr had been ordered to crash to benefit his team-mate, Fernando Alonso, who went on to claim victory.

Massa described Renault’s actions as “ugly” and said he would never hire fellow Brazilian driver Piquet again if he was a team principal. “Everything that happened was robbery but nothing happened [in terms of] the race. The result didn’t change,” Massa told the Globo network.

“This is not right. This robbery changed the championship. I lost by one point. I am not, nor will I ever be, a driver who thinks: ‘Oh, I could have been champion.’ Even if they were to now write that I was champion on my CV, one year later, this would not be something that I would go around saying, that I was champion.”

Massa said that those behind the cheating incident had not been sufficiently punished. “I have seen a case of a football referee being paid for stealing a game and every game that he influenced was annulled. The team that was responsible was relegated to Serie B. I saw this in Italy. Juventus were relegated three years ago because they paid the referee to steal a game.

“This has happened in Brazil, too, in several places. But with us all they do is send [Flavio] Briatore home. I cannot understand this and I do not think what happened is right.”

Asked to describe his feelings about the incident, Massa said: “In general it was a very ugly attitude – for a team to come up to you and say that you have to crash in order to renew your contract. A driver who knew he was going to be fired. Nelsinho knew he was going to be fired. I believe that admitting a mistake is a good thing, because the guy told the truth. He shouldn’t have waited so long to tell the truth. He told [the truth] because he was fired, this is not cool.

“He is in a very difficult position in Formula One,” Massa said of Piquet. “You can be certain that if someone from a team says, ‘Let’s hire Nelsinho’, it won’t go down well. I don’t think I would do this. I think that I would have to think very hard about it [and] I think that I wouldn’t be able to do it.”

On his Twitter site, meanwhile, Piquet wrote that he was “working hard on options for next year”. He said: “Thank you everyone for the love and the support, as usual. Soon we will have more news.”

Original Page: http://www.guardian.co.uk/sport/2009/oct/01/formula-one-felipe-massa-nelson-piquet-junior

Shared from Read It Later


Something I’d point out regarding some Hamilton fans feeling there is often some grand conspiracy where Lewis gets penalty’s because of bias against him.

To believe that you have to believe that every one of the race steward’s (2 totally different stewards each race) are biased against Lewis & that every driver steward is also biased against Lewis & I find that very hard to believe.

Incidently the FIA have bio’s for race stewards each weekend on there site:


Don’t also forget that the race stewards have far more data to go on (Plus the benefit of an race driver’s experience) when making decisions.

Does Hamilton get more penalty’s/reprimands than most, Yes. However the reason for that is that he gets himself into incidents deserving of investigation more than the rest.

BTW it was mentioned on the BBC Radio practice coverage a few times earlier in the year by team members that Pre-Season the drivers asked the FIA to investigate every incident which takes place during a race & that this is why even small incidents get looked at & why we see more investigations now compared to the past.


I can sympathise with the Hamilton fans’ view though. Often, if you look at individual incidents in isolation, Hamilton seems to get punished while other drivers get away with misdemeanours of similar severity. For example Rosberg’s corner cutting at the start, and his hard move on Perez.

You could argue that Hamilton sometimes gets punished because his actions are perceived as part of a pattern of behaviour. Meanwhile someone like Rosberg escapes because a minor incident is seen as an aberration from a driver who generally keeps things clean. You can see an element of punishing the man rather than the crime there. I’m sure there is no conscious bias on the part of the stewards, but they read the same press we do and will no doubt form similar impressions of people.


I think when it comes to marginal decisions the ex-driver amongst the stewards is very influential.

Nigel Mansell has openly criticised Hamilton in the press for being too agressive – I’m not saying that makes him biased, but it does create the perception of being biased, yet he is still allowed to influence whether Hamilton he gets a penalty. Unacceptable to me.

Alan McNish had THREE opportunities to give Hamilton the benefit of the doubt on marginal decisions (2 at Monaco and 1 at Hungary) and on every occasion he got a penalty.

The conspiracy theories will die down when at the end of the season you can look at all the 50/50 ‘racing incidents’ that Lewis has been involved in and you calculate that he got penalised roughly 50% of the time. ie sometimes judged to be his fault and sometimes it isn’t.

At the moment it seems to be ALWAYS his fault – not only is he never getting the benefit of the doubt on his own incidents when other drivers break the rules and impede him (Schumacher) they don’t get penalised! (Steward Derek Daly even came out and admitted they got that one wrong!)


Look it does seem improbable but go back over the course of the last year and you will see that LH has gotten penalties and reprimands for far less than what other drivers get away with.

LH is also that quick that he does get himself into places where other drivers don’t even if they wanted to. I for one hope he learns to be a bit more patient with his driving.

I used to like Massa but I’ve lost all respect for him, for the amount of times that he has ‘chopped’ others (incl. LH) taking of their noses he should rather keep his mouth shut. Even after a drivethrough LH still outdrove him by a mile.

I’m stunned that Perez didn’t get a penalty, because what he did was really dangerous.

All I can say is that if the inconsistent stewarding continues F1 will lose another couple of fans for sure!


Seems that, contrary to reputation, Ferrari are harder on their tyres than others.

Alonso’s tyres looked breathless at Monza and here.


No, i think they were trying something new this race and last to get over the decade long problem of trying to generate enough heat in it’s tyres.


Yes, especially the rears here. Worse than they had seemed in Friday practice


I am glad that they do not award points for qualifying. Imagine the upcoming Japanese weekend if they did!


Respect to JB for making an unlikely charge at the end. Why couldn’t Webber do that too? he was 5 seconds behind after last pit but finished 25 seconds… huh, where was his fight?


From the coverage I saw, it looked as if Kovalainen came close to hitting Vettel in their last pit stops. Is that true? And it seems like Webber takes perverse pleasure in passing Alonso when he least expects it. The apex at Eau Rouge and Turn 10 are not exactly classic overtaking corners.


That was unsafe release of Jarno Trulli by team lotus(fernandes)

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