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Change at the top of FOTA
Posted By: James Allen  |  09 Sep 2011   |  2:29 pm GMT  |  7 comments

It is three years since the F1 teams got together to form FOTA, here at the Italian Grand Prix weekend and this weekend also marks the end of the tenure as Secretary General of Simone Perillo.

His role as secretary general is being taken up by an British lawyer, Oliver Weingarten, who has extensive experience as in house counsel at the English Premier League, dealing with clubs and with a wide range of issues such as illegal video streaming.

He will be charged with steering FOTA through the next delicate phase of negotiations with the FIA and FOM over the new Concorde Agreement, working alongside FOTA chairman Martin Whitmarsh and vice chairman Eric Boullier.

Whitmarsh, said, “I’m delighted to welcome Oliver to FOTA, where his experience of Premier League football, together with his commercial, legal and public policy expertise, will be extremely valuable to all member teams.

“The next few years will be a crucial time for the sport of Formula 1 – and, working in close collaboration with the FIA and FOM, FOTA will play a very important role in shaping the future of our great sport. Oliver will play a significant part in that process.

“Finally, I want to pay tribute to Simone, Oliver’s predecessor as Secretary General, who is leaving FOTA in order to pursue an exciting career in a very different field. Simone’s wise counsel, political savvy and phenomenal work-rate have impressed Formula 1 stakeholders across a wide range of disciplines, and on behalf of all of FOTA I wish him well for the future.”

Perillo was brought into F1 by Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo, with whom he worked at the Italian business federation Confindustria. He has been a great ally of JA on F1, together we launched the Fans Forum concept, which recently had its fourth iteration this week, with an event in Italian at the Pirelli HQ.

We wish him well in his new career.

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I like many others will refuse to pay sky. I will watch the bbc only.

I am switching to motogp.



This is a strange appointment in light of the answers given regarding the 500 Euro ticket price for Monza as raised at the Fans Forum this week bearing in mind the high ticket prices, bizarre kick-off times and pay-TV only coverage of the EPL…Is it a case of actions speaking louder than the words of F1 bosses


Don’t agree. I met Oliver last night and he seems up to the job. He knows it won’t be easy..


Considering how many sites there are for “illegal” football streaming I can’t see why this is considered a good appointment


I hope he’s not too good at his job – there’s no way I’m paying Sky an extra £20 a month for a set of sports channels I won’t watch anything except F1 on. I was rather counting on illegal video streaming for the races the BBC won’t cover.

My only alternative will be buying equipment to pick up RTL and then listening to the Five Live commentary over the top.


I have lost much respect for FOTA since the SKY deal. All their supportive words vanished as soon as they saw SKY’s money. They have been disgracefully silent on the issue thus far. And I’ll say again that out of the four organisations to whom I wrote a polite email of complaint, FOTA was the only organisation to completely ignore me.


Well what is going to happen to 5Live? Will we still get the proper realtime commentary from them? I normally listen to that with the tv sound on mute and the subtitles on. But what is happening to 5Live coverage next year? I have not seen it mentioned anywhere. Will try Crofty on twitter later on.

FOTA runs in almost as much secrecy as the FIA in its negotiations. Let’s hope there will be a new more open policy in future.

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