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Buy yourself a Ferrari F1 simulator for the home – €300,000
Posted By: James Allen  |  09 Sep 2011   |  8:03 am GMT  |  21 comments

Ralph Lauren and Jamiroquai’s Jay Kay are among the first names on the order book for the new F1 simulator launched yesterday by Ferrari here in Monza.

The simulator is essentially the same as the one I drove at Spa(above), which Shell had purchased from Ferrari’s supplier All in Sport, which is run by former Ferrari and Red Bull electronics guru Anton Stipinovitch.

I posted on it at length during the Spa weekend. It’s a great tool, with stunning graphics and gives a real sense of how the tyres work and how the downforce comes in at speed and bleeds off under braking.

Essentially this is the same device as Shell will be touring the world with for fans and guests to use and as the sim used by the Ferrari Driver Academy. In other words it is a training device, rather than a full sim on which you can try out the latest aero developments. It has the F1 ECU and a real Ferrari monocoque, steering wheel and pedals, but it does not have the full electric rams, rather it has mini actuators which give a sense of movement and G force, but not the full experience. The benefit of that is that it’s less tiring than the real thing, so obsessives can drive it all day without their neck giving up.

There is a catch, however. To be able to buy one of these you must already be a Ferrari owner….

For those with a more modest budget, how about the Codemasters Ferrari replica Steering wheel, also launched yesterday? A snip at €199, which can be used on all game platforms.

* One final note – Ferrari engineer Rob Smedley’s F1 charity auction last week in aid of Zoe’s Place children’s hospice in Middlesborough, raised £50,000. Thanks to the JA on F1 readers who bid for the fantastic auction lots.

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I want one and I’m gonna’ get it 🙂


Put a bid for Fernando’s gloves on 900gbp… some lucky b… got it for 950! Im still recovering from the blow… Those were the ones he used to win Monza last year, with me in the first chicane shaking of emotion…

Ah well, get over it, at least I raised the bid quite a lot for a very good cause!


Great that this Ferrari F1 simulator seems you could set up something similar, just not Ferrari badged, much much cheaper.

As someone who enjoys sim racing online greatly it’s good to see more and more coverage of racing simulators.


Sticking a Ferrari badge on something and tripling the value seems to even apply to console steering wheels.


Not really, the Thrustmaster (not CODEmasterS) Ferrari wheel is modestly priced compared to Logitech’s G25/G27, which itself is a bargain compared to the Fanatec wheels, which seem positively affordable next to Thrustmaster’s GT500 and well at that point you sort of run out of mass-marketed and well-distributed options but I’ve been told there’s a whole pro-sim niche out there where nobody bats an eyelid at wheels costing as much as an entire used Mazda Miata.


Plus add in the full size flight simulator which I want, so a serious lotto win would be welcome.


I have an idea James. You could run a competition on this website and the lucky winner gets a Ferrari and a Simulator. I’m a busy man but I will throw my hat in the ring to judge the competition for you mate;)


That’s big of you

Grayzee (Australia)

Excuse me while I nip down the road and pick up a Ferrari, so I can buy a simulator.

As if that’s gonna happen! 🙁

okay, I’m jealous, alright…..


Tell me looking at the data from the speed traps Mclaren are quite down, which would suggest they are running quite a lot of wing! Where did they get this time from in todays FP1?


Obviosuly going to be offered as the next prize give away on the great JAF1 webiste 🙂 But we’ll need a Ferrari to go with it apparently James!


Completely off topic James but I’ve finally got my hands on a copy of your “Michael Schumacher – The edge of greatness” book and so far it’s brilliant!!


“The Edge of Greatness” was the first English book I ever bought for myself. It’s still one of my favourites though.


Thanks. New chapter needed!!


Wait till he wins his 8th James….


maybe a whole new book needed entitled – Michael Schumacher, Beyond the Edge of Greatness?

Matthew Somerfield

Hi James

I’d check that info about being available on all platforms as I’d very much doubt it will be available to XBOX 360 users.


Cant find anything about the Codemasters wheel. Links anyone??



Yeah, i’d like to see this wheel

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